ROMEO - Gay Dating & Chat

Social Networking
4.4 (8.5K)
82.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
PlanetRomeo BV
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for ROMEO - Gay Dating & Chat

4.36 out of 5
8.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Idreno
Friend/Saved Contacts Search
I’m asking again for this because I think it would be one of the most useful features, but can we PLEASE have a way to search only for our contacts? In the main search it would be great to have a friends/contacts filter so you can see who you’ve friended or saved/chatted with that’s in the geographic area. It would save a lot of time and help facilitate things. I hope you can make this a feature soon! Thanks so much!
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3 years ago, @peace always
Dear admin,
Helping us to see beyond our circle and getting to see and know not just friends within our reach but also beyond us, I appreciate the admin I never expect, meeting amazing guys Once again I urge you to please unblock my acc so I can get to text again. Firstly, I want to thank you ( admin ) for unblocking my acc. In this great app. It hurts when you’re almost there but can’t do more. I think I have a limited access, I can’t get to see more, just the same few pictures ( profiles ) and I can’t get responses neither do I think my text gets to the few I like. It’s nice here, having gat to see great people same as you and having to be your self and not feel unwanted is to me best thing. I will be eternally grateful if you can make me have a unlimited access and my texts being delivered, I will appreciate it. Thank you guys for putting this great app up, you may not have known how happy I am. Thank you as I anticipate your loving response I’m still stuck here, you guys should please help me out, I tried to go for the Plus but still can’t. I’m getting tired already, I can’t get a plus, I mean I tried but it’s taking ages and my friends can’t send in messages across neither can they receive Maine. Thank you already knowing you will attend to it 💋
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5 years ago, dixiechloe
Some good points
This site shows some improvements over other similar sites and seems to draw a different crowd. But the instructions are limited and in many cases it is not user-friendly. For example I have searched all over and cannot find the button to simply delete unwanted messages. The other buttons are not labeled and you have to press them to find out what they are and by then it may be too late such as the share hidden pictures button and then thereIs no way to undo that action. Worst of all is the list of professions. It is woefully in adequate. I am a geneticist. I don’t expect to see that. But there is no health, medicine, public health, or anything remotely related to science. The items that are there in many cases are never used. Please redo this list with actual professions in mind.
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1 year ago, Bruno Geddo
I very much appreciate the quality of your customer care , which I thinks sets the gold standard for gay dating sites. On the other hand, unfortunately, Romeo does not seem to be fashionable/have much traction in the North Western part of Italy where I live. There are hardly any new entries, and you can go on for months without any contacts made or received. A real pity, because I also find - on average - users of Romeo to be better behaved that those of other dating apps. Not sure how you could create a buzz around yourself and exponentially increase the number of your followers in a country as prone to useless fashions as mine. Food for thought …
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3 years ago, Raamayya
Free user of Planet Romeo
Planet Romeo Compared to other sites or apps of its natures - Is more user friendly, has a better and appealing layout, has more features for free users, like being able to see last five users, able to type more in the profile page etc. I feel that if one tries it they will like it better than the other apps, like I did. Happy searching.
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6 months ago, divljan-mandusa
Definite downgrade from the website
The app has some convenient features but ultimately suffers in comparison to the website. It is much more difficult to search and filter results on the app, with text searches being unavailable. Some traditionally popular features such as searches by language are also unavailable. Additionally, the distance perimeters and ability to look in a particular location seem very off - a search in Korea may return results in China or the Philippines, for example. Overall the app is a bit of a disappointment.
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6 years ago, Darren Dao
Best gay dating app
Planet Romeo should be crowded the best gay dating app and more guys should check them out ( instead of grindr). User experience is very good, fast and responsive! Though it was a free app and sometimes you do see ads, they don’t distract! And basic feature is pretty decent and good enough if you would like the freemium things! All in all, i would totally recommend this to anyone! And it should be crowded as the main hub for gay guys!
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5 years ago, ddddv79
Will stop using
I’ve been using GR for probably 13 years now and I’ve always been a fan. I’ve been paying member every once in a while and in general I found that there was an acceptable balance between the features of the free account vs the subscription account. Right now I live in the US so makes no sense to pay for a subscription (almost no one uses it here) but I usually pay for a subscription when I travel to Europe. There have been many changes over the years, sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worst... But just recently they have implemented new restrictions on the ability to locate your profile in random cities... this for me is a total deal breaker as I like to prepare in advance for my trips, but also just randomly explore some areas. This limitation has basically made this app a twin version of grindr... so I see no more value add to gayromeo, as most of the guys are the same anyways... I’ll just stop using the app!
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3 years ago, Levi0s
Unable to verify my email
I have been on the app for over a week and I can’t send anyone a message or reply to anyone because it kept saying I should verify my email which I try doing every time and never have been able to access your website. I think it’s best for programmer to work more and do a better app or just stop.
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2 years ago, bunnylu69
Can you rate it less than one?
I do. This is thievery at its best. Nobody is real. They lead you on and take your money.!!! They leave you with nothing. I was hit on by 15-25 “guys”,some of them out of the country, some in this country. Before a week was out, I challenged 10 of them to prove to me that they were real. None of them were, and they admitted they were just guys trying to make a living! The results were predictable and there were tell tale signs that identified them as frauds. They all wanted to go to WhatsApp. They wanted to argue about why they were real. Guard your soul…they will try to steal it.
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7 years ago, mc4asia
Badly timed ads, poor performance
Just when you click on to see a message or profile, an ad pops up. I know it pays the bills but it makes the app slow and frustrating to work with. Also, there are many times when you simply can’t access a message despite clicking on it - lots of lag time. The newest message also doesn’t seem to want to scroll all the way down - you need to drag it down and click at the same time to open it... and be delayed by yet another add. Clunky interface, and a non-intuitive layout make this app last choice in my experience.
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5 years ago, Ballowood
Thank you Planet Romeo for giving all of us men and women around this amazing planet a chance to connect with someone to make our lives more special...I would like to upgrade my Planet Romeo account but I don’t know how the way you suggest doesn’t work ..any Ideas?Thank you again...Big Romeo Hugs...John Ballow
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5 years ago, Come_See
Not user friendly
I am used to the classic version and I want to have the distance in metric not imperial and to do so you suggested I change my location on my iphone to a European country. That is not good coz it affects all my other apps and I am stuck with it. I know you had to take the classic version out which I have used for more than 10 years. Having a hard time adjusting to this version and honestly it is not user friendly like other Gay Apps I have. If I don't get used to it I willhave to cancel my account sadly...
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5 years ago, myster-e
Lots of guys from Asia messaging me
Apparently, this must be the app for Asian guys looking for “husbands” in the US or Europe. Constantly having to block people 7,000 miles away saying “hi” or “hi daddy”. They don’t read the profile, and it’s very annoying. Very very few locals use the app. You’re lucky if you have two users within 20 miles. I live in San Francisco, and there’s only about a dozen. Imagine if you were in a flyover state. Skip this app. Pay for awful Grindr Xtra or less-awful Scruff Pro instead. Unless you enjoy feeling like “the only gay in the village”.
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4 years ago, Spirit-Wolf
It’s OK if you’re younger…
As a 50 plus, I’ve noticed a thing: My vision is not what it used to be. There seems to be a trend that in order to look appealing or cool, you have to have a lack of contrast; a blending of sorts. And that’s fine if you have perfect vision. And although I see quite well at a distance, my arms get a little shorter every year, and things are not as sharp as they once were close up. It would be useful to have an option for us older folks. Other apps don’t have quite the parity in color scheme; some have a theme change (Scruff as an example). I’m requesting a change or an option. There are other issues but most people don’t want many issues, just one. Thank you for thinking in our direction, and I look forward to an upgdate as a paying user. There
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4 years ago, Waspilot
Great App and socially responsible
One of the only apps where you can feel that it is not only about business, there is a social responsibility attached to the core business. I have been a member for a long time, have always had a good experience, prefer it to the most of the competition.
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9 months ago, Egypt D
App Crashes
The app used to work really great, however, I’ve noticed in the past two months that the app keeps crashing in Cuba… I’ve had the app for almost one year and never had an issue up until two months ago. I’ve updated the app to the latest version, but it does not seem to help… Is there any thing else that I can do ?
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3 years ago, Houssam Dubai
This app is crAPP. I am not able to take new pictures and send unless I upgrade and pay.
Used to be my favorite application. Now i can not add, manage or take a photo and send. Too much ads. Cannot even manage favorites. Absolute crapp.
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2 years ago, davidjohnarmond
Not Worth it
This app is like every other app. If you don’t pay for their service, you only see people who are always off-line. They stick you in a particular group normally around your age and your age only and like I said, they always only show people who are off-line all the time and they do not allow you to email and chat to the person that you’re looking at unless you’re giving them money all the time
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4 years ago, rpt777
Not a useable ap
Very clumsy interface and most of the search and save functions are not available. I hate it. A few months ago the desk top version was eliminated, all is left is the ap that is very useless in the USA. Almost no members here so what good is it. I used it before in Asia, but now all the profiles have almost no info other than out of date pictures and almost zero info on the person. The subscription are grossly overpriced for the USA where there are no members. Don’t waste your money.
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4 years ago, zwisschef
Worse than before
Since they I introduced the new version they also cancelled the email notification! How hard is it to keep that ?! Was a nice Feature! Too bad !! The new online version is so much worse than the old one ! Many asking to keep the old version, but they don’t listen!! Will cancel my plus subscription !
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4 years ago, pearlbeam
Not completely accessible using VoiceOver
After the latest update, many features were lost for blind users. Namely, usernames on the Radar and Messages and Visitors sections are not read. One is left to clicking profiles at random trying to find whom one is looking for. It really is a shame, because this app used to work just fine.
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4 years ago, Limerickcityboy
Update on previous review. Stop sending me stupid messages from the owners account. I have blocked the account, that doesn't work. No amount of asking to stop messages help. They clearly don't read their reviews, but someone might. Previous review This app keeps sending me advertising messages at 7am. I'm asleep at that time. I have tried to block the profile but messages come thru because it's owned by app. There is no way to stop this.
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4 years ago, moderatelyexcessive
Best gay dating app out there
Of all the dating/hook up apps I've used GayRomeo is by far the best and most user friendly out there Especially if you're not going to pay That said you should invest the modest fee if nothing else to support such a positive gay site
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5 years ago, cwhiten
Uselessly slow
This app is generally useless because you need to wait and wait a long time for any of the profiles to load. It used to be ok but one day not that long ago it started this. I’ve tried to contact support but they’re not helpful. Generally going with their script and never asking any real questions to find out what’s up. I would never recommend this app. Go to the web version if you want to use this site.
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6 years ago, Myangel2008
Good app , not yet excellent
Many options as missing from the app , like being able to delete messages the we send or receive. Also the filters are limited in the app. We love Romeo. Just few tweaks would be great.
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7 years ago, TimFlynn812
Too many messages from SPAM
I had so many messages from guys over 1000 miles away from me and most had broken English which leads me to believe these were phishing. Asking me personal information just after saying hello... and leading the conversation to asking about stuff like investing money in projects or they were in a financial bind... all sounds like BS especially since none of the guys were close to my location.
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1 year ago, Matt2777
No Members in My Area
Now that the site restricts non-subscribers to view only a limited number of profiles, 95% of the profiles I can view are from Cuba. The USA has no relations with Cuba and I have no realistic chance of meeting them. If the site insists on restricting the number of profiles one can view, there should be a way to see only profiles from my country.
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1 year ago, Germantopsf
The app works well. This is where the majority of gay people are in Europe, Asia and Africa
Unlike their website, which is not designed in a way that it could be useful, the app is very user friendly.
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2 years ago, Dannie60
Does not give you search Properly
This app is not what it said it was it actually said that you can search for people in your area unfortunately it doesn’t give you the age range that you put in it gives you people much older or much younger and the visitors are the only ones that actually respond to you. Dr. Daniel
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5 years ago, MrRE3Nemesis
Not good for Dating
If you’re looking for friends or maybe a relationship this isn’t for you. About 5mins it’s clear it’s an app for hook ups. I’ve been receiving countless messages and what not. I decided why not try one time and it was bad. I knew I had to delete my account when not one but a few people legit offered to pay me for sex. Like NO! I’m not a prostitute, I immediately deleted the app! Totally gross! If you’re looking for work or sex this is the app. Not for me! Bye!
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6 years ago, dudz@
Interchangeable gps location!
The best app for discreet gay like me. As I mentioned above there’s an option to change your gps location as it would help to avoid those judgmental nearby location.
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2 years ago, Alexisz88
Great App
Unlimited filters and distance. No ads, and fast performance even on old phone. Much better than other apps.
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4 years ago, Malidepar
Best way to find locals and international mans.. always use it when i travel.. met lots of wonderful people through this app. Definitely recommend this app
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3 years ago, Nicholas_456
Cheaper Version of Grindr
Planet Romeo is a pointless cash grab hoarding low-quality features and technology at a discount. No Face-Pics; creepy old guys; pic collectors and fake profiles even as a subscription holder. I never met anyone „my type“ for your discreet jock/guy next door and I have the receipts to prove it. I think I broke it; over 300 messages and now bots are claiming Romeo just came out with a new website ?
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4 years ago, Bali visitor
Needs work
Clunky interface. Limited search options.
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6 years ago, heheieehehdbdhs
The best site for international travel
I have visited Iceland to Cuba and was I 7 countries last year this site has found me friends in every port I have gotten a premium membership as they make it happen!!!
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6 months ago, Dr. Manners
Based in Louisiana?
It might as well be, it’s got nothing but catfishers. I had over 100 hits in the first week. Over 90% we’re people from other continents. Huge waste of time. They also make it difficult to quit it. It took me half an hour , following their directions, repeatedly failing, and finding my own work around. Avoid this scam site.
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1 year ago, Davide1985
No instant messages/no messaggistica istantanea
L unica cosa negativa è la messaggistica. I messaggi non arrivano all istante ma sembra ci sia un auto refresh ogni x secondi. Odio chattare con le persone tramite L applicazione. Fate qualcosa. You can’t send messages instantly, but it looks like there is an auto refresh every x seconds. Using the app to chat with people is very frustrating. Do something please.
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1 year ago, Shakespeare’s Ghost
Romeo - Shakespeare’s character and in real life history
Downloading this today. I am the 3rd cousin of William Shakespeare and someone in my family tree has tbe last name of Montague. Makes sense .
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3 years ago, watcher100000000
Better than Grindr
Very user friendly and the service is outstanding. I wish this was bigger in America than Grindr.
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3 years ago, Gleime
Needs distance limits
One needs to be able to put distance limits on who can contact them. Even if you upgrade to their Premium version you still don’t get this option. Most people don’t want to travel over 100 miles tops.
Show more
3 years ago, nozuka_ch
Needs better filtering
Needs an „unspecified“ option. For example: If i enable the „versatile“ filter, i won’t see anyone who didn’t share the position info in the profile. other popular dating apps have this.
Show more
6 years ago, Vashonm
Great till the ads
Full screen add freezing the app and you have to close it and open it back up for it to work.
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3 years ago, Btm4Hairytop
Profile name
I think app is great but very hard to change your profile name
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5 years ago, Rdeekster
Frequent Crashes
The iOS app is prone to frequent crashes and the notifications are slow to sync. You can open it three times before it stablilizes and even then the notices of messages or visits is not updated.
Show more
3 years ago, gibgjn
Bad New UI
The new version is not user friendly. 1. Fonts has changed which they are smaller and harder to read now. 2. The whole flow of the profile page is just uncanny please put those buttons back to where they were.
Show more
6 years ago, Just Sal!
Invasive Ads
I understand and respect that this is an app to make money, but the invasive ads that take up the whole screen are really destroying the app experience. Especially when you are in the middle of typing a message!
Show more
7 years ago, Anand Panicker
this is a beta
if i might say this distance, activity is all not a good design. i liked your classic style. if i might suggest a great design - that would be the scruff app. simple, easy to comprehend and navigate, no geo coding (i really hate this - when you see a guy online in your area - his profile gets tagged to the location - while he is in some country 5000 miles away) this app seriously needs a lot of work - and i know you guys take feedback and can do better. i have been using your site for over 15 years - from when it was gay romeo. i have to rate it poor for now - not a fan at all of this app
Show more
8 months ago, Xunt1234
The app was fine for so long, but as of late the creater is pushing hate messages and body shaming to things people can’t change about themselves. it doesn’t matter if it’s skin color, the size of your privates, or how big your feet are. You don’t make fun of people for things I can’t change. Massive loss of respect.
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