SCRUFF - Gay Dating & Chat

Social Networking
4.4 (24.6K)
188.8 MB
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Current version
Perry Street Software, Inc
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for SCRUFF - Gay Dating & Chat

4.44 out of 5
24.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Snowcoolio92
Keep it Social, Make it Slutty, No judgment for all
Grindr, Growlr, Jack’d Scruff, Squirt, have all been rites of passage for us since I was beginning college back in 1992. WIth HIV and the AIDS epidemic, a generation of us was literally taken from the world, the generation that was the whole reason we can be who we are today in fact, and with them the art of cruising, bathhouses and all the kinky mysterious outlets dwindled into almost nothing. This is not from lack of necessity, mind you, so fast forward to THe social dating application age. I definitely am one that has no issue with them, and I see them for what they are… social apps. This may generalize them for some, but yo make of them what you want, and SCRUFF is definitely my favorite. In all the time I have had SCRUFF, I can say that it has rarely been something for me to hook up as much as the rest, but that is not a dig at all. I have made and still have several good friends that I met on SCRUFF, and that meansmore to me than anything else. It’s user friendly, not too set in its namesake niche, and always keeps it interesting consistently. with out being bigger than its competitors like to fancy themselves to be. THats about all .
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6 years ago, Bukouras
Great App!
I recommend this app for scruff guys and all guys of every kind. I don’t view it as a “hook up” site, and believe although the option is there, it’s also a great place to make new friends. The “venture” feature is amazing and unique for these types of apps. It allows you to search guys in any area around the entire world. If you plan on traveling, I definitely suggest utilizing this feature to meet guys online before you arrive. This enables you to meet potential date, no matter what intent, and allows you to learn about the good spots friendly to our sexuality! I did this when traveling several times, and all I can say is I was very happy and fortunate to have this app. I believe you can get a free trial before upgrading to “Pro”, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with Scruff, and realize why upgrading is not only the best route, but is fair in features and price. Try it out! It’s undoubtedly the best tool out there for meeting new guys. I’d just like to add (because it’s happened to all of us), men on here are way more friendly and courteous. They try to constantly out-do themselves, and will even ask for your opinion or suggestions on any potential changes, but it’s unlikely as this app provides just about everything! Xoxo
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4 years ago, ih02912
Grindr on steroids
Scruff is just Grindr on steroids for some reason. People talk about Grindr guys being creepy and awful, but at least you deal with a wide variety of men. This app just has the worst of the awful guys, the lowest of the low in our community; it’s disgusting. This app is geared towards ‘masculine’ men, although it claims to be inclusive (more on that below), so you get all the toxic masculinity that comes along with it. I have been using this app for about 5 years and I’ve only hooked up twice from it for the first time this year. I’m not going to pretend to be a stud, but I’ve always had much better luck on Grindr. It’s only because the personalities of the guys on Scruff make me want to vomit so I lose interest quickly. Even if just for a quick hook up, it’s still not worth it. The app allows you to write more stuff on your profile than Grindr does, which makes some guys write entire essays about their likes and dislikes and that’s where you start seeing all the racism, and internalized homophobia even more. I could go on for hours writing about the kind of guys that get on the app, but it’s clear they only cater to a very particular audience. The app claims to be inclusive and what not, but even the staff is prejudiced. It’s clear that the good reviews mostly come from the same people who contribute the worst our community has to offer. To top it all off, the same guys will message you on Grindr, but not on Scruff. It makes no sense.
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5 years ago, Hank 68
Young gay hot men! Try Scruff!
Without a doubt Scruff delivers a daily feast of gay men. You can spend hours reading the profiles and viewing face photos of aspiring young gay men on your Smartphone in the privacy of your home or office. You are allowed to “woof” any man that you might fancy. This is purely your individual choice. You can even contact any of these individuals if their profile offers any interest to you. It is up to the individual you try to contact to message you back. It may be problematic as to whether you receive a message back because that is based on mutual interest of looks, hobbies, business interests and numerous other factors. These factors can be included under the very general term of “chemistry”. The basic plan is free. You are limited on the number of guys you can view. It is still very generous on the number of men you can view. For a nominal monthly fee you can upgrade to the “Pro” plan. With this plan you can view many more gay men along with their profiles as well as message any guy you might want. It is very addictive to browse the guys. It is very entertaining as well. I would highly recommend this app! If you are a gay man I guarantee you will enjoy yourself!
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6 years ago, Urban Panther
Rude support, not responsive to customer requests
The developer needs to learn that a feature may be working as designed, but if it doesn’t work the way their customers want it to, it’s not working correctly. Paid version only allows a maximum of 2000 blocks and hides, because (according to Scruff support), more than that causes app performance to degrade unacceptably. Other dating apps have solved this problem, but Scruff support were adamant that it’s not a problem and therefore they are not going to change how this works. Instead, they directed me to use their search feature, which also isn’t as robust as it could be, and doesn’t solve the problem I have, which is that the only way to get different guys to show up in my feed is to block or hide the ones who are already shown (so that there is room for other profiles to be displayed). Again the answer from Scruff support was “this is working as designed and we’re not going to change it.” These answers would be unacceptable from the company I work for, and pretty much any other company I’ve encountered. This developer needs to learn that their paying customers are their most important customers, and the customer is always right. Again, “working as designed” is not the same as “working correctly” if it’s not working how your customers want it to.
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1 year ago, d.o.t.h.e
Get Scruffy on Scruff.
A noun and an adjective? A stimulating montage of beards, hairy chests, scrappy fellows, muscle dads, tattooed pigs, pups and varied interests run through my head and I’m here for it. This app is my go-to for not only sex but comradery (no joke!). I’ve met so many men with similar interests without hang ups and insecure jealousy who have become good friends. I mean, with Scruff there’s plenty to go around, right? And it’s much safer than any dark alley (as much fun as they are). If you just want to chat, let’s chat. If you want to hang out, let’s hang out. If you want to indulge in some WS with three different friends on a hiking trail, so be it (dibs on the middle)! In a Post-pandemic, PrEP-era, Queer-embracing, Shame-dismantling world I’m no longer apprehensive to say to anyone, gay or straight, “I’m getting Scruffy on Scruff.” (Side note reason for 4 stars: Sometimes unread messages get marked as read. It’ll be weeks before I go back to chat and see an old response that I missed. And I wish there was a sort of bulletin board for day to day updates without having to change my profile.)
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5 years ago, connor from da hood
Paying member...update ruined experience
I’ll start w/ saying Scruff for me has easily been one of my favorite hookup/dating apps, both in ease of use, selection of eligible great guys, and features for lying members. I deleted my Grindr soon after joining as a premium Scruff member because I felt I only ever easily found what I was searching for (with actual follow through) on this app. But all withstanding, this recent update has been abysmal from a technical perspective. Woofs and photo unlocks only seem to work half the time, often you have to fully back out of a chat & profile to see a new incoming message, and don’t even get me started on the photo viewing experience. The best part of premium IMO was the ability to quickly, easily, and fully see a members photo album; to get a better sense of if someone is your type. But now it is almost a pain to view a members full album. If you zoom too much or in a slightly careless way, it completely bumps you out of a user’s photo album back to their main profile, sometimes happening over and over. When you aren’t completely forced out of an album, half the time the zoom feature stops working all together. And will also frequently bump you to a completely different picture than you were viewing. It’s a mess to say the least.
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5 years ago, NailedOne
It’s like that gay version of Facebook
When I decided to find a new man in my life I joined Scruff and started chatting with guys who live nearby. Seeing how close some guys are is nice because you can both choose whether or not you want to develop a relationship with someone before you get to know them. Something that takes a bit of getting used to though is that the distance that this app shows you is as-the-crow-flys distance. In other words, my boyfriend lives 37 miles away according to the app, but in actuality he’s about an hour’s drive away from me. It might be nice if Scruff utilized Google maps to give you the driving distance instead of what it gives you because it can be misleading. I ultimately found the man of my dreams on Scruff and me and my boyfriend now use Scruff to communicate with each other. We also have an agreement that we can flirt with other guys as long as we’re not looking for potential hookups. Scruff has been wonderful. I have met a lot of new friends in addition to finding my new boyfriend. This app has changed my life for the better!
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4 months ago, JaredHylton
App Quality Dropping, & More Conservative Countries Block Native Access to Scruff
The app has fallen DRAMATICALLY in quality, as shown by the fact it’s almost out of the top 200 apps from Apple…and also, this has basically merged all the Hairy and Muscle community into one, so idk why Jack’d is even running anymore… they probably won’t be for much longer. Adam4Adam is still, imo, the best option to get to know others, and it’s free. Unlimited messages and more, as well as more pics at full size where as on Scruff that’s a subscription fee. I don’t know who thought it was a smart idea to smart pay-walling the gay community out there, but it’s starting to backfire now. I know almost no one that uses this app anymore, unless they go to SF or PS, or go overseas and often they use other apps or sites in Europe, not this… I just don’t know what is going on with the app and company. Seems to be going downhill slowly over time, and I know the former co-owner had to step away because of his sex and cocaine addictions… but then randomly there will be a surge of new users, so idk 🤷🏻‍♂️ if this’ll be around in 5 years or not but I feel like not since many of the options that are pay only now, used to be totally free of charge. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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3 years ago, Erik D. Phillips
Great Guys But That’s Changing
So this is by far the best app I’ve found to work for me. The guys overall are mellow, it is much more so than Grindr…And silly petty disconnects etc. happen much more in frequently. It is, however, changing at least in the city I live in and that probably has to do with the demographics of our city changing. We have had a lot of people from the West Coast moving in who are used to a different style and pace of life and although we welcome them it’s sad to see the friendliness we’ve been used to and becoming more impatient as well that is way way too specific in the types of guys they are looking for. In fact I think guy types should be much less of a feature than it is. Just like Facebook (Meta🙄), the fewer people we allow into our little world even just for chat, the more specific and less friendly people become when someone outside of their limited preference range tries to say hello. My opinion.
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2 years ago, Upscalebohemian
Nearly the Worst
These apps are changing peoples interactions, and not for the better. There are studies that people no longer have empathy for other people, and decent people who still believe in treating other people the way they want to be treated, what used to be called common courtesy, or driven off sites like this in droves as the bad behavior of others becomes the norm, and made acceptable by scruff thanks to no consequences. I told someone off for their bad behavior and I was the one who got the warning from scruff, not them. That's perfectly normal behavior for scruff and me deciding not to be a doormat is not. Then they want me too pay for premium scruff, meaning premium abuse, nonstop. when scruff adds a means of the community voting on the people using their app so actions have consequences just like in real life, then it would be worth considering. Its insides are also messed up. They would lead you to believe that you're only interested in certain types, but the reality is what it's measuring is your reaction to those types writing to you in the first place.. The site is a real mess, and I'm not gonna support it. I actually deleted it from my phone today and won't be looking back.
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4 years ago, SuePositori
beards and butts
is what we’re looking for on here, in the end. why not come down to the one of most popular spots in town where you can get attention and validation from people who are seeking attention and validation from someone that isn’t you! bored? hop on Scruff. horny? let’s go! sad and having an existential crisis about it you’ll ever meet someone while continuing to engage in toxic social media habits that further distance us as a community by having us pick one another like fresh meat, well then this app is for you! you’ll love when you have a great conversation and then the person disappears. you’ll have such fun overthinking! and if you’re looking for something quick and easy, this is the app for you! careful though, the eager ones get a little clingy.
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7 years ago, J_C.
Three reason... +1
I dislike the amount of people that use scruff. That’s it, truthfully, I can’t thing of any other grievances. At first glance the interface is wonky (Being that all gay boys start on Grindr). However, Scruff has amazing capabilities! Everything I could ever ask for in an app of this sort is there, it’s very well thought out. Some of my favorite things are the private photo albums •You can quickly catch a guys attention by unlocking, rather than a nearly invisible ‘hey’•The human body is art, one should capture it is ways that communicate that and share often• I also love the fact that you can jot quick notes about someone for yourself •I don’t have PRO at the moment but this would be something I’d us after every conversation•He likes/dislikes... Don’t talk to him he... *giggles*• Lastly I enjoy the match sectioning the app •I think it’s super cutesy•It keeps me coming back just about every day, there aren’t very many profiles that catch my attention in my area [What can I say, I’m out of their leagues]•It’s an awesome way to see profiles that I do not come by on a day to day bases• Okay, okay, okay; This is really the last one. The ability to search lNo need to elaborate• Truthfully Grindr gets more attention than it deserves and I wish more people would use scruff. Pleeeaasssss make it happen some how!!! But only allow the men... I like men not boys... MEN 😍
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11 months ago, RPNow
Paid subscription was a waste/deleting app
This app has been down for days with no response from support. I get “network unavailable” messages when attempting to log in. I have a paid subscription and I still can’t get answers. I’ll need reimbursement for this issue. Please don’t give a pre-typed developer comment that’s not relevant asking me to “contact us directly”. I’ve already done that and it’s gotten me nowhere. Update: Thanks for the response. It’s as vague and unhelpful as this entire experience has been. It turns out my profile was blocked because some reject “reported me for impersonation”. Thanks for the compliment but I’m me. Once I proved it by sending in a selfie holding the date, I now have access again with a “sincere apology”. BUT you can keep your useless app. I’m deleting it as soon as I let my friends know. Your apology doesn’t make up for the accusation, lack of communication AND stolen subscription. I hope this helps others avoid wasting time and money on this kind of experience. Guys- there’s way better apps out there to spend your money on.
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6 years ago, valued custmr
So much better than Grindr!
I have used Scruff nearly for ten years! I have nothing but positive compliments about the company. And it’s not only in comparison to Grindr, who is awful. Scruff’s professionalism is evident in their quality of the app and customer dedication. With scruff I have encountered the following : - dedicated customer support - a response in a timely fashion - a follow on customer/product request - a follow on abuser reporting - service dependability, as for example messages being delivered by either parties, sender(s)/receiver(s) - a human connections when following on on issue - relatable advertising, no Christian mingle or similar no sense. Just product that enhances the livelihood of our community LGTBQ community! No just anyone buying/selling something. I don’t give this praise because I despite Grindr’s platform so much, I know quality when I see it. I can’t wait to see Scruff’s market value and presence exceeds that of overrated Grindr. I would be more happy paying Scruff’s extra service in comparison to unlimited blocks and whatever other nonsense that comes with “Xtra”. * I don’t and never have been employed by Scruff, nor was I compensated in anyway for this review. I enjoy there product and service and will continue to be their valued customer, just as they remember who their real customers are. Thank you, Valued Customer
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7 months ago, Leroy Westerling
Scruff isn’t what you think
Scruff was one of the best gay social apps and hookup sites, but they don’t seek to serve that community. They aspire to be something else. The latest step? Banning all profile photos of men in... bathing suits. Boxer shorts. Underwear. Leather jocks. You can wear it on Instagram or Folsom Street. Wear it to the beach or poolside. Wear it to one of the parties Scruff ceaselessly promotes. But not on Scruff. What are the values they are promoting, exactly? A culture of shame. We’re all just heteronormative buff guys in sweaters and jeans. Nothing to see here. Don’t bother. You’ve already got the newly sanitized, anti-male Tumblr and the relatively libertine Instagram. Update 2023… Scruff clearly has relaxed their rules on photos in the last year or so (probably because people were engaging less), but with a twist. Their AI algorithm doesn’t detect nudity or sexual arousal in profile photos when you post them… it just automatically rejects your photo if you are hung. Otherwise, you can see relatively small guys in underwear, jocks, or even nude. But I have trouble posting pictures wearing jeans.
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4 years ago, Wombatmatty
After 8 years...
After eight years, I’ve deleted my profile and the app. The guys on here are just duplicates of nearly every other app. And since there aren’t as many here is there are another apps, you have more success elsewhere. Wow I get hundreds of messages, many of them from all across the world, I’ve only met a handful of people in those eight years. Ultimately, the app has been suffering a lot of bugs and glitches in the past few months. The developers are great. Yet the glitches that I run into are beyond annoying. Even when I try to submit feedback using the app for why I deleted my profile, the app kept sending me back into the feedback form. I could never even submit it. That’s my point. Add to that the constant messages I get that say my messages were not delivered even though someone is responding to them… it’s a very niche app. The user base is smaller than others, and generally I think friendlier. It just feels more like a penpal app than anything else. A big factor for me is a limit on blocks. I do love how you can have a large profile.
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7 years ago, DJJOEYP
Scruff is Great But!!
Scruff changed several methods of filtering and blocking in wanted messages. I wish you could set up the app to where when we set up our profiles we only see similar attributes so if I set my profile to Single because I am then when I go to Global I want to see only the single guys Not married not Polyamory not Dating Also if you had more than Global and New maybe have chat rooms where we could then access to do group chat by state, city or continental region. For that matter have one for singles by city married by city. Need more than seeing everyone it’s too much and doesn’t allow one person to use the app like we want from it. I’ve met you guys in NYC several years ago and asked me my opinion back then and I told you that I love what your doing so nothing At the moment comes to mind. But now I’m starting to see several needs. The bar scene is gone and now this is it. So now let’s take it to the next step and create the retro bar scene in Scruff with streaming video chat with Video Bars for men with certain ages. I would love to see you take a FaceTime approach where if you were in a chat and wanted to real-time chat you could. I know that it requires bandwidth for streaming and it’s probably a future release
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3 years ago, ScruffHappy
Scruff Good, Scruff Sexy!
As apps like this go, I have found more real and quality men, overall. I enjoy the use of other apps too, but each provides differently, which is great. Sometimes I like a meal of my favorite comfort foods and sometimes I want something with more spice or....ok, with men you might not take home to Mom because while I’m not ashamed of that debauchery, I don’t want my intuitive mother to suddenly blush and/or choke mid meal, Dad trying not to “get it” and using all the wrong life saving techniques but wanting to just watch the game but not being able to hide a proud smirk (oh god, why is he really smirking like that)! I’m messing this all up, but now I’m hungry and HUNGRY! Guys, I think you’ll get as much or more here. Not confused, but more good solid dates and fun with sexy men. Now, go forth and multi...well, go getcha some...
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7 years ago, Puccinissimo
Out $60 on In-App Subscription
So I made the mistake of taking out a 12 month subscription. All was fine until I updated the app and was presented with a screen that said a new security policy was in effect and you must either "accept" or "decline". I read the new policy which gives Scruff the ability to be Big Brother and mine all the info about you that they can - including your device IP and MAC id. So I decided to "decline" and found I couldn't enter he app. Contacted Scruff regarding some sort of refund for the balance of my subscription and they said they couldn't do anything and to contact Apple. I chatted with Apple support and explained my situation, but Apple has a No Refund After Two Months policy. I asked them what I should do and they said to contact the developer. ..the runaround... I asked for Apple Legal contact info and sent them off an email and of course no response. I'm out sixty bucks, but decided that that amount was fine to pay to keep whatever privacy I have left intact with these thieves.
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1 year ago, Honesty Works
Very Poor Customer Support
I decided to ask Scruff’s Customer Support a very basic question. So I sent them an email in the Customer Support section. I got a response saying that ‘the answer to my question is below’. But there was no answer, just blank space. So I sent a return email telling them that they never answered my question. What did I get in response? Another email from them saying that my answer ‘is in the space below’. Again, there was just blank space. So I sent the email back (which said to send a return email if I had any further questions) telling them that they are not answering my question, just sending a return email with blank space. And what did I get in return? Yet another email telling me that my answer is ‘in the space below’. Again, it was blank. So, after the fourth time of doing this, I just gave up. Really Scruff? I would have hoped you could do a heck of a lot better than that! Shame on you.
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1 year ago, Ahmad5446
Biased and Impersonal Customer Support
I’ve had multiple profile photos with me with just my shirt off be flagged “Too Hot For Scruff” or whatever, and you can see DOZENS of men without shirts, in underwear, in thongs, there are some that are nude and showing off their bare butts and that was deemed okay. I’ve taken this issue up with the support team numerous times and I get ignored every time on every app that I’ve messaged them on (Twitter, Instagram, their own app, etc.) unless it’s an issue concerning the functionality of the app. It’s incredibly evident those who are running the app have biases and refuse to address them when questioned about it. I would recommend Grindr over scruff. P.S. only reason I didn’t say Jack’d is because that app’s run by the same team as well. Update: and then they’ll offer to chat with you like you haven’t had the same discussion with them over and over again every time your photo gets banned. Just admit you guys are biased.
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3 years ago, theKimothy
Good community, okay app, but terrible service
I’ve enjoyed how they’re fostering a sense of community with the events page but the app isn’t as intuitive to use. For basic chat functions, yes. But when you find a feature it’s hard to go back to it or train yourself to use it right. Also, I subscribed to the pro version and on the same day (within the same minute actually) my profile got suspended for no apparent reason. I’m assuming these are unrelated but I wrote to support and haven’t gotten a real response, just things shuffled about for the past two days. Hope it’s not the case that they let me upgrade on an account that was suspended as I literally was locked out right after I hit the upgrade button. Even worse would be that the upgrade set some automation that triggered something suspicious that caused the suspension. Seems like a simple investigation but still no reply.
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2 years ago, not free618
Removing features and reducing quality
Recent updates have both removed the ability to see who you viewed and woofed, as well as changes the match from singles only to everyone. The first features are important so you don’t unintentionally harass someone that you may have forgotten you woofed or viewed, while the second removes the ability for people to match with other singles. I have no problems with couples or partnered people being on the app, but a lot of guys are looking for their own relationships, even if this is primarily hookup oriented. Opening the match to everyone makes it harder to find another single person. I think a lot of the recent updates are unnecessary and make the app worse. Changing the interface around is also annoying, as you become used to clicking on one part of the screen to access certain features.
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3 years ago, RainBeauWolf
Everything Grindr wishes it was
This is a top notch quality app. It’s well-thought and user friendly. The guys are definitely more reliable when meeting (and I use multiple apps). Customer service is responsive (and quickly). Profiles have freedom for more detail. The only change I’d make would be a face requirement and profile verification to weed out posers using fake pics. I never have issues with ridiculous cartoon ads for childish games. I never get spammed or scammed. Grindr needs to up their game. The only reason its more popular is because it’s been around longer but it’s absolute trash. Scruff is definitely worth the money but it’s still great as a free app. I’ve had it for many years and recommend over every competitor hands down.
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2 years ago, LoopTheSheep
Too limited if you don’t pay
Scruff used to be an app that offered way more for free users than the competition, but now if offers even less than them (and considering the state of other apps, that’s saying something). Now you can’t even see messages from a day or two back unless you pay, which not a single other app I’ve used has done. It would be one thing if Scruff had a large community of users, but compared to competitors like Grindr and Tinder it’s fairly limited and there’s just not that many people using it. That wasn’t as big a deal when the quality of the app made up for it, but now now that it doesn’t offer anything not already done better by competitors (and in some ways does even less) it’s hard to see the point of Scruff. Unless something changes, I wouldn’t recommend anyone use it over other options.
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4 weeks ago, Idkwtyouwant
Like every other app keen to white people or white looking necessities, they always put them on top, it’s ironic how they always require diversity to make their next big step in political arguments, and to push new lgbtq+ laws but moment they get what they want they’re wiping their backsides with those same people of color, and tossing it down the toilet once they get what they want, nothing new after 10 years of witnessing this nonsense, and it’s very unfortunate for those who came before me that all their hard work doesn’t pay off for them included, doesn’t help that there are people of color so mentally lost that they self loath themselves, and will side with the same very people that are solely in it to use them just to feel included, which doesn’t make it better for ones like myself that don’t want to be just an object for benefiting only one certain culture of people.
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1 month ago, JT2060
The Paywall Dating App
So I used to use this app quite frequently back in the day (2016~2018) and I remember it being a decent app. Hot men, great features, and profiles with a little more substance. Now that I’m back on it in 2024 it’s a different story. These days, it’s one giant paywall: Do you want to: - Review a conversation to reference a piece of information like a name or look at past pictures exchanged? You gotta pay for that. - Find an old conversation you had a week ago with someone? You gotta pay for that. - Use search filters to better improve matching up with your type? You gotta pay for that. - Send more than one photo at a time to a guy? You gotta pay for that. The list goes on. But essentially if you want to try and have better than a limited basic interaction with others you have to pay for pro. The match stack is a rip off of Tinder, and while there are no advertisements on the platform the functionality of other apps with adds are preferable over such a limited interface. Really the only redeeming qualities of this app are the hot men and theft protection of sent photos. Other than that it’s become a pile of garbage. If they actually had useful features and didn’t limit the basic features of a dating/meetup app then I would consider the price. Sad really.
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6 years ago, Prydain12345
Good app, disappointed about chat feature
I do generally like Scruff, as I think its better that many of its counterparts. However, I've always been disappointed that you want us to pay to be able to view messages and photos sent in chats after a certain point in the past, especially when this is such a basic (and FREE) feature in so many other dating apps. This is just my opinion, but I don't think I should have to pay to view my complete chat history with a guy, especially when this is such a basic feature of the app. I hope you’ll at least consider making that a free feature, as I think it would make a lot of guys very happy!
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6 years ago, Dystrbd
Better than its competition
Scruff is better than the ever so played out Grindr. But you can still do a lot with Grindr that you can no longer with scruff and vise versa. You see a lot of the same flaky people which is a drag. It seems to be faster than Grindr and a lot less adds. I like the ability of having photo albums but dislike the ability to hold onto pics that are previously sent to others. Would be nice just to hit the button and see the previously shared pics. But I see the point of making it only available to paid subscribers. Monthly cost is on the steep side. A cheaper monthly fee would make scruff even more competitive than the competition.
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1 year ago, Bismillah666
Being able to connect with others anywhere in the world is a gift. Otherwise, we’d all be in an echo chamber… unable to compare show sizes. I use this app to connect with other people in different cities and countries. It broadens my horizons. And I hope other people understand that there’s more to SCRUFF than other similar apps because it offers global interaction. Thereby broaden it’s capabilities and relevance… SCRUFF is more than a virtual bar scene. I think I’m going to write an Op Ed on this subject… Maybe SCRUFF can find a way to incorporate use of the James Webb Telescope… that’d be fun as a limited feature… do we have any openly LGBTQ+ Astronauts?
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6 years ago, David12534
I’ve been using this app for quite some time many years to be more accurate and have recently had a profile photo of myself in costume at a convention removed citing that the member is not in the picture basically saying that I don’t exist because the costume was from a specific fandom that all I can gather just simply doesn’t fit their mold and this is after having customer support tell me it was an accident that my picture was flagged and I should be able to post it and now I’m basically being ignored by the support team and my account is now on the verge of being banned for re posting the picture that I was told was ok to post , utterly disappointed in the way this has been handled , pretty much being told to go put my self expression back in the closet ... and by a gay hook up app nonetheless .... honestly I expected better but I’m not surprised
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4 years ago, The Creator's Creator
Support and pricing
I contacted support to ask why when someone send me a pictures I lost the ability to view them again after a few days. No response. Then I lost the ability to allow people to view my private album. It seems like the monthly subscription is extremely high end and not worth the price. And not just Scruff but most apps. Hell at least Grindr offer free use of their premium services sometimes. Sorry but the price to pay for premium service for Scruff is more than I would pay for a dating app especially when the people on the app, which has never to do with Scruff, are so pretentious. Geeze how many people feel they have to have a muscular picture of their body thinking that’s what the gay community is all about. But I digress! Bottom line Scruff offer your service with a little more control and lower your price.
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4 years ago, No Light Thing
It’s better than Grindr
I’ve been using this app on and off. When I am using it, I just love how it’s structured, the ads aren’t annoying at all, and it’s just made fluid and super not buggy. AND it doesn’t hog your battery hostage! When I’m paying the monthly, oh my goodness, it’s endless and worth it. I do find more meaningful conversations on this app compared to the others. I love it’s global around the world feature. I’ve talked to some pretty great guys there, hopefully one I’ll get to call mine forever after this covid thing. Uhhh what else... idk. It’s pretty great. If you can afford it, go pro. If you can’t, it’s still a great experience.
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5 years ago, Sweeney38468
Features are actually bugs
The “Insights” feature seems awesome—why bother someone who’s not into someone your age, or into bears, or what have you. Saves time and rejection, right? Wrong. The Scruff support team insists that the results are based on your last 50 interactions. Well, I’m here to tell you that 100% of my interactions were NOT with 36-45 year old boys next door. In fact, very, very few of them were. But all those 18 year old geeks looking at my profile? As far as they know, I’m not into them. And God knows how many guys I didn’t say hello to because I believed that the Insights know...insightful—and they weren’t into me. It’s one thing to have a dating/hookup app that could work better. Everything can work better. But this app actively works *against* you. Never seen *that* before.
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3 years ago, jordygordy13
Bring thirst traps back!
But before you do, let’s make some changes: instead of showing us the most recent pics, let us chose a cover photo that appears on the main feed when we put something new new in so everyone don’t always bombarded with naughty pics all the time. Also allow us to swipe between someone’s thirst traps photos instead of going back out to the album and then back in to the pics. Lastly, connect thirst traps to profile vs going into what feels like a separate app just to find a pic a remember who this person was lol
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5 years ago, Kdove98
Really? R-E-A-L-L-Y!
Just because there’s a beer can in between my legs while fully clothed I can’t upload a picture? Yet half naked people shirtless and being total thots or wearing speedos and empathizing there backsides is perfectly fine? Scrw you! If I paid for this app I’d be way more angry. You guys act like Puritans yet you designed an app for s-e-xxxxx! Why bother if you’re going to censor people for innocuous things like wearing all their clothes while others are fully naked? Don’t act brand new to appease some corporate conservative agenda when you know dang well what you truly are. I’m sick of this FAKE stuff with these fake people/companies who lean on community and “love is love” while making every attempt to steal the piggy bank and throw their loyal customers under the bus at every turn. To heck with you, Scrf. I ain’t paying for a lie!
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5 years ago, Lqqkn4me
Discover/global does not refresh like they claim
Many don’t like the global being removed. Comments from developers say it will refresh if you pull down. It does not refresh until after many attempts. The discover main page changes order but if you are viewing online around the world and use the see more that does not refresh on pull down. Shows the same people. The online around the world disappears sometimes when you pull down to be replaced with something else and you have to keep pulling down to get it back. Then it’s still the same guys when seeing more most of the time. I don’t care to see many of the items in discover so would be nice to choose which ones show in app preferences and the refresh was consistent
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2 years ago, Marcos & Dan
Easy to navigate
I definitely enjoy Scruff Pro for the unlimited searches and options to save profiles and have favorites folder of large size and ease of sharing pictures and history. I have met such beautiful, wonderful men on here both near and far away when traveling. I have developed incredible and long lasting friendships that have enriched my life tremendously. I am a much better man with my husband as my joy of life and love for others has expanded greatly. Any app that serves as a vehicle to transform you into a better version of yourself gets my vote 100%! 5 stars!
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5 years ago, JaysonW
This app is a scam
I find it funny how every time I attempt to upload a picture it’s characterized as “too hot for Scruff” yet I’ve seen multiple profiles with similar pics posted. Mine was a chest pic with no nudity or underwear showing. I saw multiple profiles with underwear and some in direct violation of scruffs “guidelines” yet they’re still posted. I messaged a few of the guys out of curiosity and learned that they all have paid profiles. Coincidence? I think not. So if you don’t want to post a face pic you’re better off not getting this app unless you’re gonna pay to hide your face. The things they’ll do to extort money for features that should be standard. Like being able to see previous messages in a convo, all the pics in someone’s private album and numerous other things. Such a ripoff. Can’t believe Apple allows this app in the App Store.
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2 years ago, Kevin1078
The app is bad but it’s not the fault of the developers
I deleted Scruff tonight and forever… not because it’s a bad app (it’s actually really well designed) but because of its users. I’m at this weird age where I am young enough to appreciate technology (early 40s) and old enough to remember when it didn’t exist. i’ve been on some kind of gay dating app and/or site for over 20 years and more recently I’ve felt out of touch, out of place… on a different planet where I don’t belong. Let’s just say the priorities have shifted and it’s time to move on. Thanks, Scruff. I gave it a shot.
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6 years ago, JV_SV_80_93
Good, but in need of work
This app's bones are fairly good, its quite a bit more stable then Grindr was, and the users seem to be quite a bit less on the creeper end of things. But that being said I can't do much of anything outside of messaging people without it being blocked behind a paywall. The app forces you to upgrade to a monthly service to even let you see your full message history, which is just ludicrous to be. It shouldn't require me to spend $10 a month just to see who I messaged or what I messaged to someone a few days ago. If they got loosened the reigns of the paid service a bit and gave free users a little bit more freedom without resorting to forking up every month, it would be a perfect five. Shame.
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4 years ago, Hendrijo
Worlds better than Grindr
Scruff is a strong app, and worth the upgrade price. Compared to Grindr which across the board is a garbage app. The only thing wrong with scruff is the picture dimensions, they’re extremely wonky since they’re taller than wide, making for a lot of low resolution crops and workarounds I the consumer side. annoying. But beyond that I would recommend in a heartbeat, plus you can go global or local. Set up plans with that guy before he gets to your city. Instead of chompin at the bit with thirst when he simply appears in your town on Grindr.
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5 years ago, Lilturdboxer
Outdated, poorly designed, bad customer service
Update: The price has continued to rise to $19 a month. Not worth it at all. Sorry, but this is no longer a “community app”. The reviews on here are totally fake btw. They hire a marketing firm to write them. You’ll notice that most of the reviews are in broken English and are often copied and pasted over and over. It's too expensive to use the "premium" features. It's just the same losers on here day after day. Why should I pay extra or features that are commonplace by now, and don't guarantee that you will meet high quality people?
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6 years ago, Monty G
Discriminatory Business Practices
After nearly 3 years of trouble free membership, Scruff appears to be very biased when choosing to enforce its picture profile guidelines. I have had two previously used photos (for months) flagged for no apparent reason. There was nothing salacious or inappropriate per their guidelines, but the censors still chose to flag my picture - even after submitting the pictures from fellow scruff users for comparison with identical poses and clothing. My tickets to scruff support remain unanswered and they continue to flag my previously used, publication safe photos now out of spite it seems. Needless to say, if you are a minority, steer clear of this racist company! If the person screening the pictures do not like the way you look, you too will find your picture blocked and it will have Nothing to do with their policy.
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4 years ago, adavila90
New update took away key features
When my app updated to the newest version it now longer allows me to save pics or videos while I have “scruff pro” and it won’t allow you to screen shot anymore either to “protect” users which I guess I understand but if someone sends my a video or pic and I can’t save it to my device anymore or even screen shot it I feel like there’s no point to even pay for “pro” or even use the app anymore on top of “scruff support” being non responsive and this isn’t the first time this has happened I paid for three months and one month my app didn’t function at all and I got no type of compensation for that so I paid the price of three months and only got two fully functional months lol now I get no response and it’s the same issues what a joke
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2 years ago, Dark_bender
Great benefits from Basic to Pro
Of the apps that I have used. SCRUFF is by far one of the better ones, up there with Recon. Comparing to the all famous Grindr, SCRUFF offers more features with your free membership, features that you have to pay around $40 a month for on Grindr. Speaking of money, the PRO membership in SCRUFF is by far more reasonable and unlocks quite a bit more. I have found the SCRUFF is less likely to have one time hookups and instead allows you to make friends that you may or may not have repeats with. Overall it’s a great app!
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4 years ago, -GayDude69-
Not Safe
I met a guy from this app when we originally talked and then ended up found each other from one of the dating sites and we decided to meet and we had a good time until he ended up choking and beating me up that night. I made a report to the police however they said the name and address he gave me was fake and the property was someone’s else and they said I should have write his license plate so they could pull up who this person was. He caught so many lies and they recommended me to report all the apps and sites he used and they all banned his account except this app. I submitted the pictures of us before and after what happened to me. Murf and Marcos from support team did nothing to help to protect people like me. I highly do not recommend this app to anyone otherwise you are on your own risk.
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5 months ago, jalfonsogarciaramos3some
I’m locked out of an old account that I made here in scruff so I made a new one. The problem is that I don’t want the pictures I have up of myself on the first account up there anymore. I don’t want a picture of myself that I don’t control up on an app that I get nothing but creepy invasive people trying to contact me. I’ve reported the old account of mine and contacted customer support multiple times and I’ve gotten ABSOLUTELY ZERO RESPONSE even though it’s a simple request. I was never gonna leave this app hence why I made the second account, I just wanted my first account taken down due to me not having any control over it anymore, but with this recent experience, not only do I feel heavily uncomfortable but also feel very violated.
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6 years ago, Atlguy31
Suspended Profile
After being a paying PRO member for close to 5 years, my profile was suspended yesterday after sending a visitor a website link (I’m guessing that’s what it was - as the reason was vague, said repeated abuse - which there was NONE) who had asked a question about his stay. I’m still not certain what the issue was - filed a report 24 hours ago - ZERO response from Scruff. And my profile is still suspended. Lost several conversations mid stream. If this is how Scruff treats a longtime, paying member, without ANY HISTORY of abuse with nonexistent customer support, I’d hate to see how terrible others could be treated. Of course, Scruff can be a great tool for meeting people, especially traveling, but an issue like this is COMPLETELY unacceptable. Worst customer (non) service I’ve experienced in a long time.
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