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Securus Technologies, Inc
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1 month ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Securus Mobile

4.47 out of 5
19.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Ambey11
Just a few suggestions. Not a bad app.
This app works pretty well on my phone. I haven’t gotten to try and use any of the video products yet all I use is the emessaging part really. But beside the occasional but getting more frequent “We are experiencing technical difficulties please try again later” message that pops up when I try and send a message by the way it also loads for like 2 minutes before it even pops up that message. It just kind of freezes and I have to close out of the app and restart it and hope that it works after that. It works pretty well but sometimes even restarting it doesn’t work to fix it. I just wanted to give a few suggestions as to things they should add to make it better. Like instead of me having to log in each and every single time (It’s annoying and time consuming). Make it to where we can use Touch ID with it so we can log in with a finger. Also I would love for the app to notify me when I have a message from someone. So I don’t have to constantly be checking my emails to see if I have any emails that I have a new message. Please please make these two things a reality on this app and it would make it better and easier for us who use this app. But I am very grateful for an app like this.
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4 years ago, MysticalGLee
Great but now Trashed
Firstly am glad that this app was created to stay in contact with loved ones but this past month or so its been a nightmare..Whether I use the App or the main site. At first it was great didn’t have no issues with my calls my visits but then the issue started and it came directly from Securus Technology monitor service provided by Securus Technology hasn’t not been taking this seriously like your IT department needs better workers that can actually fix an issue on hand instead of making it worst just like with this App you place an update to fix bugs etc but it hasn’t at all and I use my hard earn money that your company is so quick to take from my account and yet can’t fix all the issues on hand I had lost so many video visits phone calls etc because of you not me everything in my end is working perfectly great..This isn’t a cheap cost so I don’t understand why you can’t get it together and please don’t give a poor excuse because as a business company if you can’t handle such problems then you shouldn’t be in this field of work. Yes I do understand that at times things happen but at the same time it’s ridiculous of how much and how many times the same things are happening constantly that just mean you don’t care bout nothing but money and sadly that the wrong way to go bout it business wise if this continues I will be placing a review in the BBB knows as the Better Business Bureau website.
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5 years ago, Tabs nicole
Skeptic here proved wrong
I never write reviews ever, but seeing so many poor reviews I hope I help someone reading. I have an iPhone 8 and this app has been wonderful to me. I’ve been able to schedule video visits and as long as you have headphones, and a good connection you should be fine. It crashed once during the visit but I had multiple things on my WiFi connection and once I disconnected everything else it worked fine. The sound quality COULD be better. My only complaint is the deputy got him there 20 minutes late, so I paid for a 30 minute visit and only got 10 minutes. Was on hold for 30 minutes and it’s a super long process to get a refund but at the end of the day it still was a lot cheaper than a phone call. I’ve scheduled 3 more visits and will update through out the week! Three day update: Every visit has been amazing! We really enjoy this! I scheduled one everyday for the next week and we’re both excited. Like I said before as long as you have a great connection, and if using a phone an updated version of iOS, you should be good! I really hope I help someone reading. My only complaint is the time should start once the inmate and visitor actually connect! The process of getting a refund/credit is way too complicated.
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10 months ago, Supreme Leader 1
Good app
The app interface is a lot better than the last app. When my inmate told me that they were changing I thought “oh great”. But it’s been great. The only problem I have right now is with this new update a couple days ago. Now whenever I login it keeps telling me I have a message but it’s not a new message. It’s the old message. So every time I keep logging in it’ll have it as an unready message but really I read it. It’s just not marking it as read. That’s a big that’s annoying and needs to be fixed. Also they should make the notifications show as a number on the app icon like all the other apps from the App Store do. Like the push notifications. But either way. Still a good app. Just fix that bug.
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3 years ago, KatelynFlower
Good but now it’s horrible
I was using the app for about a month and a half and then I got blocked because apparently the birthday I put in did not match my photo id, well there is not one place in the entire app where there is a spot for a birthday. I cannot change it because it doesn’t exist, I have been blocked from messaging my loved one for over a month now and customer service is “offline”? I don’t know what to do because there is nothing I can do, I would really like to be messaging my loved one because it is cheaper then the calls every day. Please help me get unblocked. It’s been over 2 months and there is no one to help me, ever, I am still blocked from emessaing. I just need help immediately to be unblocked, I have done nothing wrong and I cannot fix anything. But there is probably no one seeing this that can actually help me because customer service is still offline. Still no help and nothing has changed. I am very angry with this app. There is no one to help me at anytime. There is no reason I should still be blocked. Very unprofessional and unacceptable to have a broken app and no technical help to help people. I will probably never even get my money back and that makes me super angry too. And once again there is no one to read this review so my problem will most likely never get solved. Great, for an app trying to help people you sure do a bad job at it.
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2 years ago, rezjamarie
Pricey and way to many issues
More the amount of money I spend on here to communicate with my loved one plus loading funds for my loved on to personally use himself. This app has way to many issues. Having to reset statistics in my phones settings bc I’ve used over the amount of data the app can handle is a big issue. After resetting that I was able to log on but only for 1 single time after the login I’ve constantly having to uninstall the app then reinstall the app just to be able to log back in just 1 more time. I didn’t have this issue at first but after 2 months has gone by it’s gotten worse & worse and for someone who’s loading hundreds of dollars on here an havin more & more issues arise it’s a little beyond ridiculous and needs to be fixed asap and if not the correct thing that should be done to fix the ongoing issue would be to make things right and credit the account owner back for the money an time wasted and aggravation spent on tryin to log in tryin to figure out why I can’t log in an im getting a Error an my account info can’t be found then constantly uninstalling and reinstalling just to get logged back in one single time all day long til the evening til the next day comes this shouldn’t be happening and it’s been one thing after another.
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5 years ago, jetpack3
Country cowgirl
When I first installed it on my iPhone , it worked pretty good. Then it started always asking for my password which would be wrong almost every time & the answers to my questions changed. Called them the other day and they were supposed to reset my password. And how come u have to give them so much personal information. . I have been waiting weeks to hear something back as far as having s home video visitation, before I install this crazy app on my phone. And now when I open it up from home screen it says update now or update later no matter which one u pick it just goes to the sign in page and before you can do anything, it jumps back to the home screen. Or s quick flash & tell u to open in store but it don’t . Will ask all the same questions. But won’t do nothing. In the fine print it’s says by installing or is signing in to this app u agree for them to share ur information with third party marketing group. No way not me. I also set up. A commissary account , an inmate debit account, and a phone account, and it’s been a month and a week now and he hasn’t been able to get through to me. It’s too much to have to do and remember. Especially for what little it does and a lot it don’t do . All of everything these days is a scam or fraud. The government, the Antichrist, the devil. Be ware
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6 months ago, Doonby
Bug fixes??
I downloaded the app and tried to create an account. When I went to log in, with a password I literally just created and an email I had just entered, it said it wasn’t valid or didn’t match. Now I know my email was right because I received an email from the app verifying my account. No problem, I’ll just answer the security questions… well apparently I couldn’t remember what I had just written maybe 2 minutes prior because for some reason they didn’t match. Are you seeing a pattern here?? But, no problem, right? I mean I could have temporarily lost all cognitive function and can’t remember what I had written just a few minutes prior, right? Let me reset the password. That should fix it….. have you noticed the previous pattern? I will have to say, I got the email very quickly when I chose to reset my password. Now, it wouldn’t let me copy and paste. So, I typed in the new password I was given. It didn’t work, I tried again. This time taking time to verify it 3 or 4 times over. Didn’t match. Now, I don’t know a lot about these apps (mainly due to the fact that I cannot access an account I had created just moments before), but I would imagine they make money on just about anything you can make money on. Messaging, calls, photos etc. Maybe they could invest that money into a half decent IT department??
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4 years ago, katheine alexandria
Please continue to update the app for better service.
When I first downloaded this app it was working really great. The audio sound could be better but it does the job. Yesterday when signing on for my visit the app wouldn’t load. It kept crashing. I deleted the app and downloaded it again multiple times and still nothing. I turned off my phone and turned it back and still nothing. I called the help line to get my money credited for my scheduled call and they did which I appreciate. They also said they had received a few reports of people having issues with the app. What is the update? Is there something missing from the app? I do really Rely on the app for communication and if it’s a bug fix please try and correct it. I am not even able to log on my regular browser when I open it. I also had a friend in another state try and sign on and she was getting the same “network error “ connection message. I have never used WiFi for this at it is not needed because the app allows you to be remote but I did try to log on with WiFi and it still doesn’t work. Please try and correct this issue. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Theendingiscake101
Why it’s one star
This app is a great way to keep in touch with your incarcerated loved ones. The thing that irritates me the absolute most are the video connects because for months now they don’t wanna work. I’ll join at the time I scheduled it for and it still says “pending” for 15 minutes then it’ll start and connect us both. One time it didn’t start at all so I’ve spent so much money to get half of it wasted. I don’t know why they can’t just make it to where the app works. Another thing that irritates me is when I send a message and it doesn’t go through (nothing bad in it) and I don’t get my stamp back. If my message doesn’t go through due to a glitch or the app being slow then I deserve my stamps back because I payed for them and that’s not my fault they didn’t go through. Another thing is, on the calls sometimes it doesn’t work, I pay good money and then I cannot hear the other end so I have to hang up and have that money spent even though I couldn’t hear. Or when I’m paying over the phone to answer and the other end hangs up but it still makes me pay for an entire call, why would I have to pay for an entire call when there’s NOBODY ON THE OTHER LINE? That irritates me the most. We pay so much money to contact our loved ones but half of the time we’re wasting our money. Do better Securus.
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4 years ago, HNii
I’m glad that there’s an app to connect with inmates. I just wished that it worked better. The part that seems to work best is the phones. The emessages are also okay, but if you type in it for too long in the app, the logs you out and it loses the message - always select all / copy before you try and send! The most frustrating part is the video visits. It’s so fickle as to whether it will work or not. Half the time the audio does not work. It suggests that you use headphones, but usually the headphones aren’t recognized. It’s so disappointing to look forward to a video visit with an inmate and then the audio just doesn’t work. I called customer service, and they say that the inmate has to ask officers in the facility to do something about it. Do you know how low on list of priorities that is for an officer? It’s so hard to even get officers attention - they’re not trying to get kiosks fixed for video visits. Listen to the people paying for your services. Also, make it easier to get money / credit back for missed or messed up video visits. It is 2020. We should not have to print out a form to fill out to send in. I’ll make an online document for you if you wish. It has to be made easier. Please make your video visit service better. It truly is a letdown. Thank you.
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1 year ago, kaleibaelee
Sad I cannot communism with my loved one
Guys I appreciate the purpose of the app . Our loved ones are incarcerated and this is part of the sentence for their actions .. BUT ! I’m getting so sad and depressed trying to communicate to him through this app . I was previously using JPay when they switched to securus which from my understanding is a sister company ? but it seems like this app has SO MANY bugs . Errors loading every single time I log in . Messages not loading, videos not playing , videos not sending . It also seems as though there is a HUGE delay in messages . I will sometimes go all day without receiving any of the messages my loved one has sent . An then at the end of the day right before I go to bed everything is all of a sudden there and I’ll see the times they were sent an they are from all hours of the day .. I’ll even get messages show up that were from days ago .. I can tell there’s issues with the app when things are giving errors ill try to close the app to refresh an when I reopen it, it’s on the same screen it was prior to closing. It’s as if it does not properly communicate or connect to servers I don’t know but it’s just been a headache of an experience, very expensive and depressing that I cannot communicate effectively with my husband.
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3 years ago, federal review
App not useful. Terrible.
Terrible app beware of using it. Heads up for those who do not know of this company and its past. Securus has had more than its share of negative headlines. In the past few years, company, which provide technology services to prisons and jails, have been slammed by inmates ' families who say theyre charge outrageous prices to phone love ones. Controversy has extended into video call and email services, two other places company has stake claim. In October, company was hit with 1.7 million dollar fine for allegedly misleading the FCC during regulatory maneuver. By May, attention shifted to another scandal, as companies took heat for enabling warrantless cellphone tracking around the country. Additionally the company’s own documents reveal that they also appear to offer additional Location base services that exploit incarcerated individuals and their families. When a person incarcerated in jail or prison that contracts with Securus makes a call to cell phone outside, Securus is able to obtain the location of that cell phone from the cellular service provider. It then provides that location data to jail or prison for its unrestricted use. This company is headed for a class action lawsuit and violates the constitution of the United States.
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2 years ago, Amy m 413
Useful but not perfect, but let’s be fair…
So I read some reviews that I feel aren’t fair so I’m adding my own. So yes, sometimes the audio isn’t the best but its nearly impossible to blame the app for that. There are a number of things that could be responsible for that. It could be YOUR internet connection, it could be your phone / tablet not working properly, it could be the jails internet connection, it could be the equipment at the jail, it could be the number of people utilizing the service at the same time dragging down the bandwidth- OR, it could be this app. The thing is, you just don’t know. I too experienced trouble hearing with video chats but I couldn’t say why. I also don’t like that you have to fund things separately. BUT, again, who makes that rule? The jail or this app? Why can’t I just put money on this account & buy stamps, phone time or video chats from the same pool of money? That’s absurd & results in more fees for them. But, again, who makes that rule? Securus or the jail? I’m betting the app decided that. Either way, its a garbage rule.
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4 weeks ago, mjax68
Getting pretty irritated
You know what’s bad? When you constantly already have to pay a $3 fee anytime you send any amount of money yet you still can’t access the app that you’re kinda paying to use! All day I’ve tried to login to no avail. Today until around 2:00 pm it kept saying “can’t access your data. Please check your network settings and try again.” It’s NOT my settings as nothing has changed! Now when I try to login as of 7:57 pm it says “Unable to retrieve user information.” You guys need to seriously fix this as it’s quite unfair to keep charging us fees for this and fees for that yet we still can’t talk to our loved ones even after depositing money and stamps to their accounts. Come on now people , how many of the app developers want to shell out money for something useless that is unusable??!! Please either fix this or stop charging so many useless and ridiculous fees for a service that remains useless! People are getting pretty frustrated as I see by the reviews that this has already been reported numerous times over the past several months!
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2 years ago, Forever addicting
I have so many issues with this app. It was working fine in the beginning then the app just kept crashing and having so many technical issues. Now before you say delete the app and try install it again i already did many of times and same issue. For one when i set up my app i put in my correct address but now it changed on me and i didn't change anything it says i live in mexico but i dont. I would change it back to where i actually live and it would change it right back. I use to get notifications when my loved one messaged me but not anymore. My phone has 5G connection. My settings for this app has notifications on in my phone settings and the app has message notifications but still not getting notified. I uninstalled the app many of time in hopes that it would fix it but nothing. I restarted my phone many of times just in case there was a network issue but it wasn't even that. Its like this app isn't a reliable app. Is anyone fixing the app or trying to make it more reliable? My Loved ones tablet games dont even work and securus doesn't even help him fix the issue.
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8 months ago, Fumito01
Does not work, confusing and complicated
Every time I try to schedule a video call, it shows a message stating there are technical issues at the moment and it won’t allow me to schedule. After 2 days trying, it finally allowed me to schedule one for 3 days ahead, this means 5 days without being able to communicate through this app. Also, the call and messaging options don’t show the facility the incarcerated person is, so is not even an option. Weirdly the video is the only option and have to wait 5 days. There are also several issues in the app and too may option that takes you no where because they don’t work. The chat assistant is a computer that doesn’t know anything and gets you nowhere. Theres no customer service to call and theres no one you can talk to about the app issues. This is the worse app I have ever come across in my life. I have added so much to the account trying to make it work and i don’t even know where all that money is at because it doesn’t even tell you the correct balance in the account. This seems like a scam.
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5 years ago, Lynell26
Issues with the app
When I first download the app it was working fine. I was able to check my account to see how much money I have left to receive calls. I was able to sign in with no problem. But now when I’m trying to sign in it kept saying wrong password or user is invalid when I know my password is correct. When I go to forgot password it tell me to do the security questions like fist pet name etc. I know I answer them correctly cause I picked the questions myself and it tells me that one or more answers is incorrect. I even tried to create a new account and it tells me to call customer service. I also deleted the app and installed a couple of times and still no help. I feel that this app need to be updated. I downloaded the app so I don’t have to keep calling Securus everytime I have to put money on the phone to receive calls from my husband. The app is suppose to make it fast and easy and I see I’m not the only one who’s going through the same thing.
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4 years ago, Mom In Bristol TN
I just want to tell Securus how much their services mean to me! I am so thankful for Securus video visitation and their e-messaging! I love all of their products but those 2 are my favorite! With the Covid 19 Virus they have made it possible to still be able to see our loved ones that are incarcerated. Without them I would not be able to see or communicate with my daughter!! They made it to where I don’t even have to leave my house or my couch! In fact the only issue I have ever had with Securus is they triple charged me for one visit almost a month ago and I am still waiting on credit or refund! I am sure I will get it eventually! Thanks again Securus for all of the products you offer and making it possible to still see my daughter even in the middle of this Epidemic! Forever Grateful!, Mom in Bristol TN
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2 months ago, JITT$$
Telephone services
Whenever i add in money to my account even if its a valid debit card number WITH enough money in it, and i know everything is correct because i have double checked, and literally reinstalled the app many times, etc. it literally always has issues and always says it cant process my request to just pay for collect calls. I wait hours to just try again and try so many times in a row, and spend so much time just putting all this information in just for it to say “We’re sorry, we can’t process this request” which is really frustrating. I’m not sure if securus is buggy, i’ve even used the securus number to try put in money. ive been using it for the past 3 months, it only works every now and then properly. But I dont understand how it cant even let me put money in, let alone the fact how pricy it is. Me and my boyfriend’s mother have spent hundreds of dollars on the calls and it does not seem to even work properly. Is securus just really buggy or is there an extra step or something.
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8 months ago, skwedlesse
Worst company to deal with
You can never reach them if there’s a problem, and the app is so frustrating and difficult to figure out. Just read about Securis and their lawsuits if you have any doubts. It’s frustrating because they want you to give money but they give no support and it’s obviously a very emotional process because you’re dealing with loved ones. I do not believe this app has five stars there’s no possible way and I’ve used it on and off for over five years. Finally taking the time to write a review because the app is apparently broken now be very hesitant to use it and don’t put too much money on it one time because if anything happens any kind of mistake you are going to lose that cash and you will not be able to contact customer support. I don’t understand how they can be the only method to contact an inmate, but they are allowed to have the app, literally unable to choose a facility. It’s beyond frustrating and should actually be some kind of anti-trust thing, I think.
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2 years ago, FisherRoxMySox
Good, but due to sensitive nature needs to be better
This app does a lot. I’m impressed with its functionalities. However, family members using this to speak with loved ones during one of their hardest times in their life deserve better audio/video quality. My experience of this is possibly just tainted due to the equipment limitations of Illinois jail systems, but talking to my loved one in jail over this was very frequently painful. The audio quality was decent, but echoing occurred frequently, especially on video calls. This makes understanding each other soooooo hard during an already hard time. I also experienced lots of difficulty adding funds to my loved ones account through this, though again it may be due to Illinois jail systems and not the apps fault. I leave this review with good intentions and I think it’s a good app, I just wish it was better/the jail system was better.
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5 years ago, mrseliasx5
Visit did not go through
I signed up for a visit today It was confirmed and everything I waited for 30 minutes and nothing happened. I had my children ready to see their dad on the video visitation and everything I was pretty bummed out that it didn’t work. I think if there was a problem on the other side or with the facility they should send you an email explaining what happened so you’re not wasting your time sitting there for nothing. I’m trying another video visitation tomorrow in hopes that it works. I hope you guys get this problem fixed and I don’t think it should OK your visit if there’s a problem on the other end and there’s a chance that your loved one doesn’t show up. Communication is everything especially when we’re paying for these calls. There’s a problem I think we should be notified and our money refunded. Did call customer service and they were very kind to refund my money. Won’t lie it was a bit emotional waiting all day for that car and it didn’t happen.
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1 year ago, daniland52
Very ineffective
I’m in awe actually at how this company continues to maintain their account with corrections. Nothing about it is helpful. I’ve intended 5x now to connect with my loved one via “video connect” with no success at all. I’ve tried on my iPhone, my iMac at home, no luck. I’ve installed software on my computer in which I have no idea what it maintains to run in the background of my system, ALWAYS. I feel I’ve given a lot of money, time, effort, diligence… all of the things.., with no success on my end. I hate to say that I’d rate this app one star, 2 stars officially as to hopefully stand out more. If I’m responded to this review to contact customer care again at whatever email address, I’m going to lose it because I’d rather do anything But contact them another time at this point. It’s a joke, a straight up runaround. It’s too bad there’s no way to route around them because they seem to have a monopoly here.
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4 years ago, jessylopez
These people always stealing money . They have they tricky ways of trying to give excuses of not having to return your money back . It’s always different excuses . Some customers service says and does one thing and the other switch up . They are no help . They want you to go and do the most in order to get a video chat refund . I been in a situation where my video chat accounts was cancel and i had my money return for credit of other video chats that has nothing to do of the day that my video chat was cancel . Usually if you book video chat for the next day and it has nothing to do with the day your video chat got cancel they always cancel and put it as credit . I book so much videos and did not get not one refun back . This is all the time they never give money back or at least credit they will steal your money on this app and make you do so much for nothing ! Ya can keep the money this app and employees need it Anyways enjoy .
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8 months ago, Crazy Town Tara
Fix app
The app was great at first and now it won’t open and I can’t even sign into the website. I’ve had a couple missed video visits due to court dates & messed up kiosks and they appear as me being a no show when I had the video open the entire half hour & now I have to print out forms and send them in to try and get credited back. Many of our video visits have been spent closing out and opening back up because there’s no sound or loud noises thru the phone or screen freezing up. Just lots of issues that definitely need fixed when some families spend HUNDREDS of dollars. I do 2 video visits a day 5 days a week usually. And lots of texts & calls. Lots of the inmate calls don’t make it thru to my phone he gets recordings that I don’t answer when I’m actually not receiving calls at all on my end.
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2 months ago, RosannaB82
multiple stamps taken away
It’s a very nice system so we can communicate with our loved ones. I appreciate the technology but there are a lot of bugs. It times out and sometimes you have to rewrite the whole thing again. Then if you go to drafts to try and salvage what you wrote it sends it duplicate times and you get multiple stamps taken away even though you only sent one message. This has happened to me and my loved one twice so far. It tells you can report the issue but you do not get the stamps back. Also on the weekends it always tells you there are technically difficulties and your messages do not go through. Again it is a great way to communicate with your loved one. It’s their lifeline to the outside world. It just has a lot of bugs but that does come with technology.
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4 years ago, mica060285
Needs improvement
It works ok sometimes but the video lags with audio and it cuts out a lot also freezes quite often. The quality is pretty poor, the phone calls are over priced and also have a lot of technical problems. I’ve spent more time in hold trying to get things fixed than anything else. When I receive phone calls the automated system they use doesn’t recognize when I push 1 to accept the call which is frustrating. Maybe 1 out of every 4 phone calls comes through with minimal issues. Everytime I call to report problems the tech support people are nice but always say the same thing... they’ll put in a ticket and ask if there’s anything else I need help with and the problem never really gets resolved. It’s quite frustrating to pay for something that doesn’t work properly.
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2 years ago, Baby Kair
Just one thing..
So everything is great with this app .. it has allowed my husband and I to stay connected thru messages .. and video chats only issue and his as well is the connection with the video chats or rather the sound quality thru the video chats . Not sure if that’s within the jails telephone system or within the app but it is absolutely horrible. You hear only every other two or three words the other person is saying and it’s delayed so bad that it’s coming thru double time and speaking over the last thing said by u or the other person and it very’s just AWFUL! Too many today .. we have had to end our video chat early because we cannot hear or understand what the other is saying . Other then that it’s a great app to be and stay connected with ur loved one who is incarcerated but please improve the sound quality and clarity with the video connections . Thank you and God Bless
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4 years ago, A mad black mother
App needs to be better
At first it seemed to ok but the more we used it, it seemed like neither party could hear each other. Then it’ll just log out during the visit, and you have to log back in and please don’t let it be two minutes left by the time you get logged back in the visit is over. Another thing is when it’s down or broken inside the jail the families have to miss those visits but yet are not reimbursed for the inconvenience. I think there needs to be a better upgrade version or something because there has been too many problems trying to have a video with your love one and can’t but still have to pay. Not to mention Securus will not take any of my cards talking about fraudulent activity and I have a brand new card. So I tried to get the situation resolved multiple times and was at a dead end each time. So I end up having to create a whole new account to be able to see my love one.
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1 year ago, mikko_rolo_sioux
Bug/poor network
I absolutely have the best service wherever I’m at no matter what I’m doing. I always have no bars and the Apple out. Let me check my messages or get on it to see if my fiancé has messaged me it keeps saying you’re having technical difficulties or network error. Try again later and I think it’s ridiculous that I pay a decent amount for stamps and I don’t even get to use them. Neither does my loved one that’s incarcerated that I never get to talk to other than on paper or through E messaging on Secures and I personally think that the bugs that are still wrong with the app needs to be fixed and I will be contacting somebody to figure out what I can do about getting a refund or talking to them about fixing it or something because it’s not right for me to not be able to use the stamps that I purchase to be able to talk to my loved ones and I am beyond mad.
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2 years ago, sway marie Mccord
Credit card issue with updates
It is absolutely stupid that you will not allow an update on an app, a free app I might add. A free update at that! If there is not a credit card linked to your account! If you do not have money to spend on games or apps or you don’t have a credit card or you don’t have a credit card that has money on it. It will decline the update the free update and that makes no sense!If the app is free and the update is free why does it matter if you have a card with money on it?? How can it decline you the right to install needed updates on apps??He says right there your card will not be charged unless you authorize it so if the updates free then why isn’t it going through you should be trying to charge my card
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3 months ago, Jeaa323
Horrible app money hungry
This app is the worst app these people are taking advantage of family with loved ones in jail and can only use this app to communicate with people first they put my account in the negative and blocked me from receiving calls and messages and stopped me from scheduling visit after saying i was disputing charges which i never did i then paid over 345 to get the account back current and active was able to talk to my loved one just for a day later to find it was blocked again and now closed out “by the owner” so why is my account closed after paying to get everything active they are robbing people right in there face and are getting away with it because they know that this is the only way we can keep in-touch with our family in jail like this is horrible I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau
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5 years ago, Djdannybhhhhh
EDITED:::Upgrade from Website
The app doesn’t work any more. Let’s me pick a date and time but when I click to confirm it says Invalid Time Slot. Doesn’t matter what date or time I try to schedule. I’m hopeful the developer will see this and tell me what I’m doing wrong! ORIGINAL REVIEW: I only use the app to schedule on-site visits. Though initially frustrated that I couldn’t schedule online any longer, I got the app, applied, and then waited for approval from my local jail. Once I got approved, I found the interface with this easier than the website. And I can do it on the go. As an added perk, I’m not sure why, but with the app I can now schedule visits the next day, whereas I had to schedule a few days or even a week out with the website. So works great for me. Hoping it does for others as well.
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3 years ago, niftux
Half built or worse
This app is half built or worse. Not sure how an app that is meant to be connected to a bunch of locations can’t or won’t tell you whether or not the service you’re selecting even has support there. It literally showed up as options being available for emessaging, allowed me to select who I wanted to message, purchase a message plan, and even send them a message, but did not tell me this wasn’t available even after everything was paid for?! I found out after I called and spoke to my friend that it wasn’t actually an option! Not to mention there’s almost no support and no way to contact them for a refund - nothing helpful at all. Better to send your person money so they can buy calling cards to call you through a different service instead. Extremely disappointed.
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4 years ago, ToBIGWillie
Works ok when it works...
It works just ok when it works. The video visit audio is garbled most of the time almost as if you can hear someone else’s conversation in the background. It’s almost like when you’re tuning your car radio to a station and another station is bleeding thru. Frequency issues maybe? I don’t know, but it oftentimes extremely difficult to understand the conversation. A new problem has popped up as well. Haven’t been able to utilize this app on occasion for over a week now. I try to open the app on iOS and it stalls on the title screen and won’t open to the sign-in screen. I’ll wait 5 minutes, try again, and it’ll open (sometimes), but I get an error popup that says unable to retrieve account details when I try to open my scheduled video visits. I also get this popup sometimes on the phone call section. Hopefully they’ll get this ironed out soon.
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10 months ago, Paje16
First of all, I appreciate that I am able to write someone who is incarcerated through this app. There are, however issues that need to be addressed. Since the most recent update, all the messages I’ve received in my inbox show unread, even though they’ve all been read. There have been several times I’ve been writing a message and had to stop for one reason or another and when I went back, the draft that saved was a previous message I had sent. Lastly, lately when I open the compose message feature, it asks if I want to edit the saved draft or compose a new message. Why is there a saved draft if I already sent the message days prior? This is all very frustrating on top of an already stressful situation. Please fix.
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4 years ago, PickyTendor
Happy to have communication.
I will day I am over all happy with Securus.. now. But to get to this point was very defeating and difficult to put it politely. I can appreciate the fact that with everything going on right now this is available but, I was at the point of giving up truly. Securus customer service blames the facility, then the facility blames Securus... I literally called in 7 times and still got no answers. Thank goodness the inmate I was trying to communicate with got me a specific lady's phone number to call, that had never been provided to me, and she was amazing and handled the issue in 10 minutes while we were talking on the phone.
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2 years ago, Iovelistenlive
Messages and Videos are a MESS!!!
I don’t know whose idea it was to get rid of JPay and have this but the interface for messaging is horrible, there’s too much going on in this app and you cannot access any videos from your loved ones without scrolling through months and years of prior emails. A separate app for the messaging and video (think like JPay) would be much more user friendly, with a separate section for written messages and videos. On top of it, they charge a $3 fee in ADDITION to what you already pay for stamp purchases. What a disgusting money grab. They didn’t even try with this one. Every time you think Securus can’t sink lower, they do. I wish I could give it 0 stars. I don’t know how these people sleep at night doing this to people who are just trying to stay in touch with their loved ones, it’s shameful.
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Very Disappointed
I would leave zero stars if I could. I sent a total of 20 pictures to an incarcerated family member distributed between 4 separate emails because only five attachments are allowed at a time. Family member in Kingman Arizona did not get any of my emails or pictures. Also sent two 30 second videos of nature using their videogram option and nothing has gone through. I wasted about 40 stamps ! I feel as if it could have been an issue possibly resolved over the phone except the customer service is terrible ! No one picks up and I was on hold for over an hour. And to think we waited months for such below average service ! Incarcerated does not equate worthless customer service ! Especially if family on the outside are spending their hard earned money. Please please please fix these issues and value customers!
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4 years ago, loulou0713
Greedy company
It don't make no sense how greedy this company is charged me 6.75 for a call but as soon as the automated system said the charge was successful the phone hung up but they still took my money for a 15 call I never got to have. Then you can't get in touch with them at all by there support number/email or online. A 15 min call is 3.20 plus a 3.00 fee smh and I live like 15 steps from the actual jail he is at. But my calls from my sister in a whole other county 35 mins away and is only 1.25 and no connection fee through icsoultions plus icsoultions have been giving their customers 1 free call and 1 free video visit a week. It's so SAD this company is robbing people's pockets and can't even provide their customers with anything like that even when the jail it services is not offering in person visits at all since March.
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3 weeks ago, T954
I don’t know how a system could have so much business all the money coming in but yet the service is horrible. The app is down constantly on top of that they do updates throughout the day so at any time their system can be down and we cannot receive any phone calls or add any money to our account. The inmates are getting an error on their end. Its ridiculous that we depend on this service but yet it does not work properly. Customer service isn’t even available because when you call it says error and hangs up. Oh, and their video service is even worse. It cuts out breaks up and has a huge delay and they never want to reimburse you. I have put in serval request for reimbursement and apparently they just get ignored. They should have a lawsuit by now. Smh
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3 years ago, Serving2Masters
When it works it is ok.
The jail I work with has used Securus for several years now. When I am actually able to connect on the app, the sound quality is better than on my computer. Often I am not able to connect to a visit on the app, whether on WiFi or my unlimited data plan. But it’s not just the app. I had a full slate of visits scheduled today. I was logged in on my phone, and could not connect to a single visit. After trying and failing on each visit on my phone, I logged on to my computer, where I connected with each visit, but the inmate never showed, and I was marked as missing every visit in my past session log. Very frustrating to mark out a day for visits and be able to connect on none of them.
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2 months ago, Chaparra 325
Prison calls
For months and months call drops or get cut off. Our L’s buy minutes and so does the family an in between drop calls or disconnections? We only get 10 to 15 second to talk and they have to continue to call back. They should at least give them Sundays to free or every other day. They can talk for free because I know I’m not everyone can get on the phone at one time on Sunday I guess or Credit $50 for this past month and the same thing is happening this month. Securus Continue working on it and that Was h they’re fixing it and it’s fixed and it’s not. Just posted a few days ago that all was good and it’s just worse. I gave it one star because at least we could talk 10 minutes and three hours with so many drop calls. But seriously thumbs down.
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4 years ago, luvcrystalgazing
Video visitation.
Enjoy having visit thru video. It’s much better picture and more live than looking thru a window. That doesn’t really give you the feel that your in the same room. I also love where you can easily schedule and pay for visits. Usually don’t have a problem. I do think you need to put out information on instructions. How to setup a visit. It probably hard for people up in age and aren’t geeks. One problem I had was no sound with my iPad and earplugs. Couldn’t figure out how to get sound. No one at jail knew anything. Well I figured it out. My earbuds have a control volume on the cord and also can be muted. It was muted. All I had to do was click on the accessory attached to the cord on earbuds. Simple fix. You might have a help access on Securus app. I’m just not aware of it. But, I’m not a geek either. Thank you Securus for the technology to visit our love ones. I’m 71 years old and it’s hard for me and more expensive to drive 1 1/2 trip to the jail. Thanks again Namaste’
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3 years ago, EmpressAqua77
I was excited to get this app thinking it would be a great way to see my incarcerated loved one. Only to be terribly disappointed. When I try to schedule video visits the app says that it’s unable to locate the inmate and trying to speak with a live Securus customer service representative is a total nightmare. After being on hold for 10 minutes or more sometimes, my call gets disconnected. This has happened several times and I have yet to be able to speak with anyone to resolve the issues that I am having with them. I really wish there was another option because Securus technology has been one disappointment after another. I still haven’t been able to even schedule not one video visit. Totally ridiculous. There should be an option for 0 stars because even 1 is too many.
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1 year ago, Vero 1975
So it’s actually a question I have
So is this app wrk for every prison in the USA? And what are the prices ? Is the price per word ,and if per word I. A text what’s the limit of words when texting at a time ? And how much is it to call? Per minute how much ? or per session. if it’s per session how long are the sessions ? What happens if a session is missed bc an un expected lock dwn? What happens is u add $$$ and they get out and have money there . Will we get it back and if so how long will it take you to return the money And what are other great important facts people needs to know
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2 years ago, RicaRashad3530
These issues are gonna turn into a lawsuit soon!
I have read so many reviews and we all are having the same issues not being able to login because it says we don’t have an account which we clearly do but it’s crazy that jpay made us switch to Securus which I had purchased stamps and clearly when it switched the didn’t transfer my stamps over to now switch and purchased more stamps now they say my email is invalid and I can’t login meaning that they are taking funds and we are not able to communicate with our love ones and there’s no way you can speak to someone because they only have certain options which I think they set it up that way just like Globaltel was sued for taking peoples money Securus will be next this is ridiculous!
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4 years ago, Zippypants
Horrible app & system
I use plenty of apps and this one is the worst by far! It’s been a few months since my stepson has been in the clink, but I’m sure we’ll be needing to use your services again. There are too many options presented that we were not able to use in our location. They’ve eliminated actual in-person visits, so this is almost all we have. We can still go to the jail & have a video visit from in the lobby, but you have to physically go there to set up an appointment for at least 24!hours in advance. Luckily we live about ten minutes away. I fell bad for other family meme era who live further away, because using this app is a waste if time. Very poor. It’s a shame. Especially for the service that it’s supposed to be giving. Ends up inhumane treatment if an inmate can’t see a visitor.
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3 years ago, mamavero02
This company and the app are absolutely ridiculous. No one to call, no one answers emails because no one cares if we can communicate with our loved ones!!! You add the person to you profile send some emails to each other and all of the sudden the person is gone. So you go to add them again and it tells you that this person is already added to your profile. The only thing this company does a great job and works perfectly fine if when it comes to taking your money for stamps and videos. Absolutely 0 stars does this company deserves but it makes me give at least 1 star to post my reciew. The facility my loved one is located was using the j pay company. What a great company they were they had customer service and answered all forms they had (phone, email or live chats) securus is a joke !!!
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