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iconic hearts holdings, inc.
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2 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for sendit - get it now

4.78 out of 5
1.5M Ratings
5 months ago, Justin Degryse
I love this app but…
I love this app a lot because a lot of people can get to know me from around the world like who I am, my cultural background, religion and other of my personal life. The only problem with this app is I can’t set my location on my public sendit profile it shows that I’m in Greenland but I downloaded this app when I travelled there but in reality I live in the Philippines you need to fix that and another thing is that you should be able to see the person who messages you when they reply to your Ai link because I don’t know who is calling me cute and asking me weird questions like; “Can we make children? Your hot…” and I’m sitting here confused because I already have a fiancé and I don’t have her snap because she don’t have it. This app should add more features such as making a bio and what your job / business is (if you work) I also think there should be more to the settings and I feel like you should be able to have the chance to post videos of yourself to entertain your profile viewers. I hope this app improves and that’s all I have to say!
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2 years ago, sunflowernelly
the subscription is NOT WORTH IT
i generally love sendit, it’s a cool app and i love doing the different things! but the diamond subscription thing… def not worth it. the only main thing is useless hints.. all i got from it was bad hints and a new app icon. (wow.. 😐) it says you get “no ads” but i already had no ads even when i had the free version. i think having trophies or different app icons are pretty useless, like no one really cares about that. but the only reason i bought it was for the hints. it really tricked me into buying because it said “hints include first initial of the name, eye color, hair color” but i didn’t get ANY of those out of the 20 sendits i got. all i got was “this person is cool 😎 they’re friends with (someone i have on snap)” or “this person lives in (town) and has an iphone” and even “you can bike to this person but you would be tired” like how are those helpful!? wow i know that they’re mutuals with one of my friends.. 🤦🏻‍♀️ i canceled literally a day after i got it. AND DONT GET ME STARTED ON THE PRICE. 10 bucks a week!?! what a scam. it should be 10 a month OR actually TELL you the person is instead of giving those useless hints. i actually wrote a lot bc i’m really not happy with the subscription. so basically sendit itself is amazing but the subscription is worthless!!!
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2 years ago, hrjs if fdjsjs of idufvdod
So cute 🥰
I love this app all of the different games are so funny it says “send me two people and I will pick my bae” and the wording is so cute and there is so many different ones and you can edit them so it you don’t really like the wording of one you can edit what it says and still keep the cute font and background and stuff. The other thing I love about this is when you post it on your story for me it’s my Snapchat story I get a notification for when someone sends me a sendit and it shows different emojis for when something happened like there is a trophy 🏆 for when you get a trophy and you get this really cute blue heart 💙 when someone sends a message and you can’t see the name so you won’t be embarrassed is you confessed your feelings but they can guess who it was which might take awhile if you have a lot of people responding. 100% RECORMEND!!!!!
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1 year ago, -serenity- <3
Please get rid of this this is sick
The app itself is fun but there is a major issue , there are automated messages that the app will send you convincing people especially people new to the app that these messages are from actual people. It’s honestly annoying and completely ruins the app and every time I get a sendit I have to check the dice to see if it’s another automated one. The worst part about it is their not just simple things like questions such as what do you do in your free time? Their things like secret: I have a crush on you and I like you which can trick the user into thinking that those are genuine questions sent by real people when in reality it’s just a sick joke . Please get rid of this it truly ruins the app. I think that if you changed this the app would be a lot better but this is ruining it. In general the app has potential to be really fun and on itself it is very fun but the automated sendits just ruin the purpose of the app completely. Also the messages are just notifications to keep people coming back to the app but honestly it makes people upset and less likely to come back to the app when every notification they suspect is just another false one .Just simply fix these things and the app could truly be fun.
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2 years ago, TrueARMYS
It’s okay but…. Needs more work
I love Sendit, it’s really especially if you have snap or Instagram. But not a lot of people have this for Instagram so it a lot better for snap, but on to the but part. I always get someone notifications from them and then when I go check I don’t really have anything thing all it says is get more messages. But it’s a really good app to use when your bored or just wants to talk without talking? I don’t know what that was but, they did add the diamond member thing and I think that it should cost lest or not exist and also why have prizes when you can’t even get the prize? That’s so not good, but it does glitch every now and then but they fixed that problem. But they keep on advertising there other apps that they made and it gets quite annoying, like you just see it every single day, but it’s really fun to customize them and have like try to guess who sent it, that’s really fun to do with your friends. And I love all the others sendits that they have made like keep or throw away sendit.
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2 years ago, doublecluck
Comedic levels of blatant lies
First I’m pretty sure it’s a known fact that they send bot responses to keep you interested. Secondly and hilariously, I’ll get a notification that says “new message” when I haven’t posted one in WEEKS. And when I open it, to nobody’s surprise it’s empty because why wouldn’t it be, I haven’t posted anything. Why would it lie about something that I will immediately see is false? Also it’s pointless, nothing to gain on there part except I opened there app for a second. To the more gullible people who are excited that they got a response it’s kinda just a cruel joke. Like haha you thought. Makes you wonder, if they're ok with lying about something so obviously false, what else are they willing to lie about? The subscription is also apparently a lie, it doesn’t actually tell you who sent it which is there main selling point so hats off to them on that note. According to another review it gives the most vague hints ever like “you can bike to there location, but you’d be tired afterwards”… for $10 a week. Lol some streaming services charge less get your head out of the clouds and recognize you are not selling something worth near that lol your a Snapchat add-on act like one.
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2 years ago, Hippiepotatoo
Please read, creators of the app
I really enjoy this app, but obviously everything has flaws. I received 2 very disgusting messages on it and I don’t know who sent it. I don’t mind the whole pay thing to see who sent it but it’s ridiculous that you have to pay to see who sent you horrible things. Or with the block option. You can block them on sendit but not Snapchat. You shouldn’t have to pay to see who harassed you to take proper steps. I understand having to pay but it’s not worth almost $30 let alone anything. But the problem is that you should give the option to see who sent it if it’s inappropriate in any manner or to be able to block on the app as well as what platform you use it on. That person who sent them is still in my friendslist somewhere and I can’t do anything. Please change that option. Some don’t have the money to spend on it to know something so simple. I really need to know who sent me those things. This is a serious issue so please try to write me back or change the option. Thank you.
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2 years ago, sqxbchl
Good but…
Sendit being just strictly anonymous is great! I love that i can say and ask questions to people when normally i have to much anxiety for that.. But- do NOT pay the $9.99 for the diamond whatever so you can get hints on who sent it. i was told it “can reveal the name and bitmoji of who sent the message” and “see hints” about who it was. i got “hmm… the person have an iphone” 4 times out of 8 sendits all together. none of the hints were helpful at all and none of them were as advertised. it was extremely annoying cause all i wanted was to see if it were my crush telling me they wanted to be with me! i’m out $10 because of that stupid thing. but everything else is fine and fun, just the diamond membership thing is a scam.
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3 months ago, xoAngelgirl2010
Depressing, honestly. I downloaded the app because all my friends had it, and it seemed fun to try. I’ve only had it for maybe 2 days. A few messages were sent, and it was all fine until I was sent those bait messages. Reminder, it’d only been a couple days and so of course I hadn’t bought the diamond member, I wasn’t planning on it. I was sent messages like “I like you”, “we should date”, “I’m in love with you”, so of course I wanted to find out who sent them. I thought about it and decided to purchase the diamond membership, and it only revealed the other messages and who they were from. It was obvious the bait messages were sent by bots, which is their way of making their money by making you want to purchase it. In other words, they had gotten my hopes up, wasted not only my time but my MONEY, and scammed me. Would recommend for maybe light fun between you and your friends, but wouldn’t waste your money on it, instead of putting it to something more rewarding and/or useful.
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3 years ago, faithiana😋
Very weird experience, read this. ⚠️
When I first downloaded this app it was working fine like it was supposed to, but over time when I would post sendits on my story Weird messages will come up, so one day I decided to get to the bottom of who it was I added three people to a private story who are my closest friends and a girl who I thought was sending the messages and I made my friends swipe up on it and say stuff to make it look legit because I was trying to catch her saying weird stuff because I thought it was her so then I got a message and it was a weird one, and only my closest friends seen the story at the time so i knew it wasnt them, but only 4 people were in the story and the girl i thought it was hasnt even looked yet - i bought the $9.99 subscription to see who was sending the messages and i definitely knew it wasnt my friends because thwir messages came back to the city they lived in while the others were from another, i looked back at all the weird messages and they came back to the same city but i don’t know anyone from there.
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2 years ago, Nah shay
Ok so my friend told me to get sendit so I did. And it is readily good. The only reason I put 4 starts is bc it’s causing drama wit my friends And I don’t associate with drama. I would post a sendit on my story and people would see it and either respond or not. And some sendits say “secret: I want to get with you” or it’ll say “what if I asked you out would you say yes -R” and it only said that once. My friend said it might be an NPC but we weren’t sure. Those responses kinda messed me up and keep messing with me. So I would prefer if there wasn’t any NPC answers and my friends answer themselves. Because they do answer them but it’s hard now with knowing some might be NPC or fake people and not my friends. And I’m looking like the fool trying to answer some of them or figure them out and they said “that wasn’t me” when in reality it was one of them. But some I feel like is a bit to much to be my friends.
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2 months ago, alex4rmsd
Disappointing Experience with SendIt App
I recently tried using the SendIt app and unfortunately, my experience was far from satisfactory. Here are a few reasons why I would not recommend this app: 1. Poor User Interface: The user interface of the SendIt app is confusing and not user-friendly at all. Navigating through the app was a hassle, and I often found myself lost in a sea of options. 2. Unreliable Delivery Times: Despite promising quick deliveries, the app failed to deliver on time multiple times. This inconsistency made it difficult for me to rely on the app for time-sensitive deliveries. 3. Lack of Customer Support: When I encountered issues with the app or my deliveries, reaching out to customer support was a nightmare. Responses were slow, and the support team seemed ill-equipped to handle even basic queries. 4. Hidden Fees: The pricing structure of SendIt is unclear, and I was surprised to discover hidden fees added to my final bill. Transparency regarding pricing is crucial for users, and this lack of clarity was highly disappointing. 5. Limited Delivery Options: The app’s delivery options are limited compared to other similar services. This restricted choice often meant I had to look for alternative solutions for specific delivery needs. Overall, my experience with SendIt was underwhelming, and I would advise potential users to explore other delivery app options that offer a better user experience, reliable service, and transparent pricing.
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5 months ago, fuzzysquirell
Lost half of function for app.
It seems I have lost the ability to share the little “ask me anything”. I might have glitched it somehow when I accidentally clicked instagram. But either way it won’t work, it’s stuck at the loading thing for it and it won’t allow me to change the game or whatever it is. I also have noticed that after I deleted and redownloaded it to try and resolve that issue, a bunch of things popped up in my inbox from days ago that i never saw. It also put my responses to the sendits in my inbox. I would like to send feedback, but I do not want to add them on snapchat. I can send things to others, but I can’t make my own and the only way to make my own little ask thing is to use an old message from my inbox. Please fix this issue as this is my only means of the ability to be up to date with things children my age do these days.
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2 years ago, jsisufuekfifowodusue
Why 10$? Not getting again.
I recently got the subscription option, and in no way was it worth my money. I’m hoping to get refunded of this, but I doubt it. What is the point of getting the subscription if you aren’t gonna tell me anything close to what I want to know? I see many people just get the same answers as I do on the: “hints” when I check it out. I feel scammed and disappointed in this app. To anyone reading this, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING OFF THIS APP. I am hoping that I am not charged anything else off this app, as 10$ is just a ridiculous amount to have to spend on things that don’t even work. None of the hints that I got were close to useful, and told me nothing about the person who sent me the message. I am seriously considering deleting this app so it does not get worse than it is already. I’m not a pessimist or a negative person, but this is just stupid. There is no reason for all this unnecessary things this app provides, and I hope nobody has the problems I have in it.
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1 month ago, BlueJazz24
Terrible app experience
This app is very hard to get around the gui is bad and when I go to pages it pop ups with ask me anything. Also the randomized questions are very romantic it’s like the app wants there to be drama. Also I don’t want to answer questions like that when there not sincere and random questions from random people. It would be way better if it didn’t add people when you go on there profile and didn’t have stupid questions. Also the constant pop ups are very annoying it’s always trying to get your to ask someone something or buy something. Another thing that annoys me is the ai. No one wants a Ai version of themself. It’s supposed to be used to see what people think of you but that’s pointless if everyone knows about it. I feel like if this app wasn’t trying to be something it’s not it would be a lot better. It’s just way to complex needs to be simple and quick
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10 months ago, ShadowKitty669
Could be a lot better
The sendit app can be a lot better. It’s completely anonymous so if you get harassed, you don’t know who it was from unless you pay $10 a week, which would equal go $40 monthly just for a Snapchat third party app for stories. Then you get annoying notifications saying “a girl/boy just viewed you from (location)” constantly and you don’t know who it is that viewed you. Then there’s no way to hide your account completely so people can’t find you. You can’t even remove your school you set, at least on my end anyways. Then you also get new messages when you don’t even have a story posted. There’s not even a good support system, you have to add their account on Snapchat and hope they respond to you. Sendit overall can just do better with how their app operates. I am tempted to delete my account and start fresh just for these notifications and viewers to stop.
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6 months ago, q2erfjfmrmckf $jrndijen&fjnfjr
It’s okay
I really honestly do like this app, because I like the idea of it and the idea of being able to send things anonymously but I do have a few complaints. 1. this glitchyness of this app is crazy, i’ll get the notification that’ll say “4 new messages” and then i’ll just have one. 2. you can obviously get who the person sent it to you is WITHOUT the membership so either take away the message that says “this person has sent you _ other messages see if your close!” or take away the membership. 3. last night i got a notification saying “34 new messages” and all these random sendits that i haven’t answered appeared, and then this morning when I went to answer them they were gone. A little work on this app would be nice but overall i think the idea of this app is amazing it just needs a little work.
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2 years ago, LayLay#Queen
#what the app does to me
I just love how this app can tell you about and what and who people are and stuff and I’m just very happy that y’all came out with it cause if y’all didn’t have this out by now I wouldn’t have fun on Snapchat anymore cause with the app it helps me with Snapchat and tells abut and how I like people and can’t wait if there is a new update and I hope everyone on this has the best time on it cause it’s the best app for Snapchat. The app does a lot of things to me like makes me happy when I’m bored and sometimes sad when people say names and they are my best friends and I don’t get to see them often so this app changes a lot of things to me and I’m thankful for it . Thank you so much for this app .!!!❤️‍🔥
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4 months ago, 1234567890gast
This is a great app!
I love this app lots of people on Snapchat ask me A LOT! Of questions and I like to answer them! It’s really fun! And I like to answer questions it’s fun to answer questions. And a lot of people give great reviews so I wanted to try it out! now every night I get on it and answer the questions people give me on Snapchat! And some of them are personal so sometimes I’m like I can’t answer that! Just in case something happens. And the best part is when you can tell your AI to answer some of your questions! But I don’t get a LOT of questions to answer! But I still get questions to answer! So it’s fun and you can tell people about your self! So that’s why I think this is a great app!!!
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1 year ago, 🌼🦋🧸❤️
Why I live sendit
I honestly love sendit! There are many reasons why I love sendit and her is why. First, the way you can’t see who writes the letter to you makes it so much fun. Next when someone writes something to you! Next, when people text you the sendit you can answer true questions + answers about it like that is what can make that so much more fun! Also, let’s say you have a crush on someone you can easily tell them and not feel bad about it! Lastly, you can’t not only do Q+A you can do TBH’s witch you can talk about people! These are some reasons why I love sendit and I would definitely recommend it!!!
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8 months ago, No app like this awesome app
AI responses
Got this to screw around with my friends and after i posted my first question I started getting some weird answers to it. The first one was strange but not to weird but as I got more answers they got stranger and stranger. It is very clear they are from some sort of bot as they are unrelated to the question I asked. The first question I asked is “can you see this?” And I sent it to 2 friends and I got responses from both of them. Then I got another answer that made no sense. It said “remember when you cheated on that test lol”. I didn’t think much of it and posted another (this time a joke one), the question was “opinion on the fall of the Soviet Union?” And I got even stranger answers. They are of the following. “I like her”, “nerd 🤓”, “are u insecure? If so u shouldn’t be” and “does size matter”. It is very annoying trying to sort through AI responses and real ones.
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2 years ago, wHaggerty
Don’t get the app!!!! (WARNING)
The app was all good and all but then my friend sent me this review and before that I got a question and it said would u get a tat and then she sent me this review and it said that this girl was getting personal questions and I was getting it to and it said she got the one that asked would u get a tattoo and then I read the review and I answered that question and I kept on getting personal questions and I definitely got questions that were from my class/my friends but after a couple days I kept getting really personal questions that were definitely not from my friends and class and people I knew bc I got questions that had peoples names that I knew but ones that were like what is your worst personality and would u get a tat and what was your worst pane so just warning u before u get this app look bc it’s really weird and I think there looking through your phone so yea good luck. Screw this app!
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3 weeks ago, 👍🏻🌵
Love the app until I updated it
I’ve been using sendit for a while now and I love doing the Q&As and my profile. The only thing is right after I updated the app it wouldn’t let me click on my profile. Of course the Inbox section still worked, and I could still see my friends profile. At first I thought it was the service or something, I was partially correct, only when I was at home I waited my profile to load while sendit logo was showing. To my surprise it finally loaded to sendit icon along with terms describing the app for example saying how can make your own wiki page. I’ve tried everything I logged out deleted my account made a new one, nothing worked. Is this just me? I really hope sendit fixes this problem overall I enjoy using this app.
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2 years ago, fierypasta
Full of fake realities, plays with your emotions, and just CRUEL
This app is a worst more cruel version of ig q&a boxes. The 🎲 shuffle feature when reacting, randomizes reply’s to be the fakes things, made sound real, and are personal/will make the recipient feel a certain way. Then telling you that a subscription is required to see who sends stuff is absurd. That’s how they get you. They allow people (or bots), to fill your inbox with messages that say things like “i have a crush on you” and “i like you, if you want to date, text me back” (Exact randomized phrases). Then a curious person thinking they have an admirer, will buy the subscription to see who sent it, only to find out it was a random shuffle message that took a click of the 🎲 button to mess with your emotions. CONCLUSION: If you want to use question boxes, just use IG. It’s free, most people have it, and it isn’t manipulative and messed up like this app.
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1 week ago, supercell fan boi
I love this app to use when bored but it’s like a never ending problem with this app. First the app just crashes when I try to answer stuff on Snapchat, instead of taking me to snap. It won’t let me connect my snap after I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and there’s nothing online for this issue. Even now when I hit the button to bring it to snap it still crashes, and it’s made a random account on there which I don’t want. There’s no login button and it’s made extremely difficult to manage the settings. If there was an actual button to connect the snap instead of a one time auto connect thing maybe this would be a good app. There’s too many issues for me to even use it currently and I absolutely loved it before, but the problems actually make it impossible for me to use it.
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2 months ago, jabfigoeb baby
Continuous notifications with no purpose
I have been getting notifications that I have messages without posting on my story, that my profile has been viewed by 'boys' and 'girls' in my area, there are fake profiles sending me messages (that have photos of people attached to them), and i'm receiving notifications for messages from profiles i have blocked. whenever i block someone it doesn't always work. i've had this app for a couple years without using it much. today i attempted to delete my account, and when i pressed the delete account button, it instantly took me back to the beginning screen where you input your age- no confirmation, or anything. so i input my age again, and bam, all the information was still there, just with a different user name. why wouldn't you just delete it the first time? the app is a money and private information grab.
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5 months ago, IcecreamGirl73🍦
The app just makes up things to keep you on it. It said I sent messages to multiple people when I didn’t, one of which was to my ex that I don’t talk to or want to talk to. I also can’t unadd or block people, it sends friend requests to people whenever I just view their profile and when I try to block someone it just says “thanks for letting us know” but doesn’t block them or remove them from my friends list. Also, most of the messages are fake and there’s no way to turn off the fake questions. It’s also not anonymous, and the subscription is crazy expensive. It sends random notifications that someone posted a sendit, and when I click the notification it sends out a sendit and a notification to everyone. Edit: now a bunch of random people go i’ve never even clicked the profile of have shown up in my friends list. Please fix this.
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2 years ago, jacobthe_kid2005
Lying to your face.
In the past three days, I’ve gotten two responses to a question that I haven’t asked, nor have I even used the app in the past three or four months, which should mean that it would be impossible for people to see any post I would have made, if I had even made one in the first place. I’m curious of who the app would tell me sent them, but I’m not going to pay the unreasonable $10 A WEEK to find out. Not only that, but on your “inbox” page, there is a menu prompting you to add the app’s widget to your Home Screen, saying that X number of my friends have done so already. Yet every time I open any message in my inbox and then close the message the number changes, I’ve gotten ranging numbers from 11 to 23, which is obviously fake. The app works fine and as it says it does, but it also completely makes up data to try and convince to give them money.
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8 months ago, CuteLittlePati
Weird ads
I absolutely love this app I can connect with my friends on here but I don’t know if it is a bug or the company or who ever is working this app might be fixing it. When I press to reveal the name it say either buy the subscription or watch an ad so of course I just bought this app 1 day ago and I need to trust the app before I do anything .So I press on or watch an add to reveal I press that and it says loading and it takes a long time to load and I think it’s an bug. I don’t know anything about it taking its time to look for adds but I pretty sure it’s a bug. So developers please fix this bug because someone had been also been stalking me so I would like to see who it is. Thank you
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3 months ago, calsmxisme
Zusnsisbsnsidnksiskxnsbzby I am so sorry to read your comments but you have no right or right or to say you have any other opinion about the matter but you have a very valid opinion about the situation in this matter and the way we are talking about this matter and you have to be careful about this matter because I think you have to do something about the situation that you may not be comfortable in and that you are not able to do it yourself so you have a good life to live and you can be in your own and you will do what I mean that is your life and I hope to be able to be able to do that you are so much more than you can be honest and you are you
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2 months ago, a.y.l.a.
Needs features
I had a girl harass me FOR HOURS on my AI chat and you're block button does not work. I eventually had to disable it and I can't turn it on because the messages are still there and are rude and I honestly don't want people looking at my AI chat and seeing that. I also cant use any of the "Ayla's red/green flags" features because they are all affected by the chat. There needs to ne a feature to wipe the account memory. This is a good app and I like posting sendits on my snapchat story but this app does NOTHING to prevent harassment, unwanted sexual harassment, or show you who sent things so you can properly handle it. I even tried to delete my account and make a new one to wipe the memory, but again, the delete account button does nothing. Programmers should be fired or actually learn how to program. 😒
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10 months ago, eiifjsoskfnbsoxpcknsoapxnjeia
Cute at first, but it’s hollow.
I thought this app was kinda neat for a while. It’s the perfect way to send your friend or crush an anonymous message (as long as they don’t have premium). I only just discovered this, but there’s an option to send someone a randomized prompt - and the developers made it look like it was written by an actual person by having internet slang and not capitalizing things. There’s an option in settings to filter out the randomized questions, but from what I’ve gathered it doesn’t work. I was able to still receive pregenerated questions. I had actually thought for a while that people were putting the time and effort into sending me questions, but they don’t. I’m not mad at my friends, I’m mad at the developers. Why add this feature in the first place? I feel really bad right now, like my confidence has been shot down. Why??
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2 years ago, poptart י
Nothing works
All my friends had been using Sendit, so I got it. Before then, I had noticed that some people’s Sendits weren’t working, but I thought it was just one person glitching. Now that I have the app, I’m having the smae experience where I can’t do anything. The only thing that works is responding to the “Ask Me Anything” game because that doesn’t require moving or tapping something. The “Are We Close?” game doesn’t let me slide the liquid stuff inside the tube, even though I’m trying to do it the smae way it shows me, and the “Word-it” doesn’t let me type any words or make sense because it tells you the five letter word that was sent. Those were only some of my problems. Please either explain to me what I’m doing wrong/how I’m supposed to play the games or fix the bug if it’s glitched. Thanks!
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3 years ago, kylebubba
I downloaded this app only had two people on my private Snapchat story I got two messages from the app so I’m thinking okay bet people are seeing it & responding well I paid the $9.99 to see more info so I could see if it was really the people on my snap well it says it was someone in Decatur ( no body I know or have on my Snapchat lives in that area) so I canceled the subscription bout an hour later I look on my Wells Fargo app and it shows I didn’t pay the $9.99 I used my thumbprint to “buy” so I could see who was leaving me messages. Turns out the app itself was amending me messages and made me think it was real. CREEPY PART one of them said “are you gonna get a tat” I have two tattoos then an app just asked me that to me that seems like the app is stalking people & going through there phones when downloading this app. Shame on the people who made this app
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4 years ago, DaSplice
great! but...
hi! I actually started using this app because other related apps weren’t working. or were running slow. but what I really feel like should be done is a ban on bullying. nothing negative has ever happened to me using this app, but I’ve been seeing friends or friends of friends get hated on for stupid reasons. sometimes, for NO reason at all. I really like how Sendit allows you to block a user. but I feel like the app should automatically detect negative words, & block the user immediately. you guys should also not even let the negative texts come through to the user — just auto-block them for the user, & then not even let the user see the message.
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2 years ago, Mᴏʟʟs/ᴍᴏʟ
At first I didn’t expect to like sendit I thought it would be really boring and just waste my time. After I got it, I didn’t use it for like two months because the first time I used it no one asked me any questions and it made me look dumb. I eventually used it again and it was so fun answering everyone’s questions. Sendit has helped me be more open with people and be more honest about things that I used to not be honest about. It genuinely helped me like I never thought it would. Please download sendit, it will change your Snapchat experience completely!!!!
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4 months ago, LooockDooown
Little use & poor design
It is fun how some people are able to utilize this on Snapchat, but the app itself is very poorly coded, almost seeming more like a college project than an actual app. The biggest issue I had was its inability to update properly, I answered all the questions for the AI and it still said there were three remaining, but closed when I tried to click on it again. Furthermore, when I tried to update my profile nothing would even register, let alone save, so now it still says that I’m a 5’5 seventeen year old girl, which is almost humorous how that’s an issue to begin with. The app would be significantly more enjoyable if it could even load properly, which is odd how it’s incapable of doing so given how long it has been running.
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2 years ago, Wacky_Monster08
the app itself is fun and stuff but the hints superscription definitely isn’t worth the 10 bucks a WEEK. the hints were like “they have an iphone” “they’ve sent you a sendit before” and “this is their first time sending you a sendit” like that doesn’t give me any information. i’m trying to figure out who this is, telling me they’ve used it before or it’s their first time doesn’t help me one bit. and almost all my friends have iphones so that doesn’t help. then it told me they were in this one place but when i checked snap map nobody was even near there, nor did it show up on the moves. overall not worth the 10 bucks, especially if it’s per week. don’t waste your money please!
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2 years ago, depressedmess
Fake Questions
At first the app seemed alright. There’s a glitch where you’d get notifications for new messages when you haven’t gotten any but it didn’t bother me too much. Then without me posting one I get a notification that I got one and it was one from “17 days ago” I respond to it despite it being super late. Keep in mind it’s 4am no one is awake or watching my story. I start to get more messages which is suspicious because only 2-3 people actually viewed the story but I didn’t think too much into it until I got the same message from “17 days ago” the exact same words. I look at my story to look at my viewers and the only people who have watched it are people I don’t even talk to. That’s when it clicked that some probably most of these messages are bots just trying to get more usage of the app
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2 years ago, HorrorNerd 5000
Loading screen
I enjoyed the app for a while. Especially this Summer when I have nothing to do. But until the day I’m posting this it stopped working. I can see the notifications that I’m getting responses but when I go to the response page. It’s just a never ending loading screen. I updated Snapchat. Checked for Sendit and I had updated it as well. But it still didn’t work. I uninstalled it and reinstalled and it didn’t work. I restarted my phone more than enough times and now I don’t know what else would fix this. If someone has a solution please let me know. I also looked at articles to try and see if anyone is having the same problem as I am. They are
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8 months ago, 🔥B E C A🔥
Slight problem
I love this app it’s really great and I use it all the time! But I don’t know if it’s a problem with my device or the app, but when I try to send the individual games to Snapchat, it loads for like 5-10 seconds then kicks me out of sendit. The only way I can use this is through my mom or grandma’s phones (my younger siblings don’t have phones) and they work there. I’ve tried deleting the app, restarting my phone, offloading it, and even googled a few other solutions but nothing worked. If anyone has a helpful solution suggestion, it would be really helpful. Thank you for reading this and have a great day 🥰
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8 months ago, fhdbxhcbx
It’s a good app
This is overall a great app you get to see what other people are saying to you like for example some people are gonna say you’re pretty you’re nice I like your smile me personally my first ever inbox was “I really like you” I have no idea who sent this but there is a way you can see I did not do that way but overall this really is a great app and there’s really no toxicity you can send things to people no negative things I don’t know I’ve never tried to send any negative things but you can send them to people and you can search for people to send stuff to but this really is a great app I do recommend
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3 months ago, Okalr1234
Good but
The app in general is really fun. I get to answer questions about me when I'm bored or ask people questions without them knowing who I am. The main problem I have is that when you click reveal and you have the free version, it gives you a hint about the gender of who sent it and where they live, but what it says isn't true. For instance, my friend once asked me a question on sendit and the next day I asked her if she had been the one who sent it. She told me that she had because it was a inside joke kind of question and she'd be the only one to answer. But when I went to check, it said that it was a boy who sent it that lived abt three hours away from us... 🤷‍♀️
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7 months ago, AKpimlico
some game issues
ok first of all, I LOVE SENDIT!!! It’s so fun especially if ur bored. If u don’t have a lot of plp added in snap then I don’t think this will be as fun for u but since I have a lot of people added it’s rlly fun and I don’t even know who sent it so no one has to “hide” whatever they wanna say. but there’s one issue when I didn’t even answer a question it had a check on it, causing me to miss a lot of questions and plp asking me why I didn’t answer it. But other than that I love this app I use it rlly often and have had it for about 1 and a half months.
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1 week ago, cool.dash
Having Some Issues
I've been using sendit for a while now and the app is really cool. The issue that I'm having with it that when i tried to answer a question it would keep saying that it's experiencing some issues and to try again later. It never fixed so i deleted sendit and downloaded it again but it won't connect to my snap account anymore and it keep kicking me to snap saying the same thing that they're experiencing some issues and to try again later. I honestly don't know what to do but I really need to log back into my sendit account. Please help me.
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7 months ago, ana2good
Sendit and snap are amazing apps overall, there’s both pros and cons to both. Recently i’ve been struggling using my sendit due to glitching, when i press “play” or “share” it will load and then just glitch out of the app. It had just recently doing this, sendit worked perfectly fine on my old phone but ever since i got my new one it seems to be acting different. Another thing that is a con of sendit is sometimes when i want to reply to my friends sendit it will tell me “try again” and repeatedly says that. I love snap and sendit overall but I at least want to use sendit without it glitching out.
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1 year ago, Princessseahors
Sendit won’t work?
I haven’t had trouble with this app in the past, but recently I’ve been dealing with sendit turning black. When I open the app on my phone, it immediately turns into a black screen with a spiral loading icon in the center. I don’t know what happened and I’ve tried seeing if it’s because of the little space I have on my phone, but that doesn’t seem to be it either. To use the app, I had to use my iPad. I’m hoping that it’ll start working after an update or something so that I don’t have to continue posting sendits from another device. It’s a good app, I just don’t understand why it won’t work for me. Hope this helped in some way.
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2 years ago, BrenleyAlysseHiggins
It was Great….but
This app was truly an amazing way for me and my friends to joke around and have fun. It was all working fine until a week or so ago. What happened was when I would open the app and try to make a post using it, it would say something went wrong. So I would try again and I got the same message. So I deleted the app and re-downloaded it and tried again. But now whenever I try to make a sendit it loads then exit out of the app, like it glitches. I’m not sure if it’s the users error or if something’s wrong with my device. But other than that it is an amazing app.
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1 year ago, kleeraly
Fake questions, stupid notification spam.
The app does what it says, thankfully, but I’m bombarded by bursts of 3 notifications at a time of using it for instagram and “you made a post! Promote it” when I didn’t? And notifications for questions you never even received. On top of that, there’s generated questions you can get that are nonsensical and poorly formatted, and fake personal vague questions like “why u break up so much?” which I’ve watched fool friends until I myself got it and nobody could have asked me this because I’ve only ever broken up twice and nobody who knows this is on my snap. Fix your garbage app, add notification toggles for promotional stuff, get rid of the egregious fake questions and go back to the basics.
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2 years ago, mentallymarriedtojughead
A scam
Instead of allowing you to block certain words they block them for you. Tbh I don’t think you should be censoring anything because I want to see what people are saying. If I wanted them censored I would do it myself. Also diamond membership I refuse to ever get because it says it will reveal names but it only gives You hints. The guess feature is also useless because my friend and I tested it out and it will say you’re wrong no matter what. It also just stopped working for me. It’s sending me notifications but I’m not getting any sendits. It might be a bug because I see a lot of other reviews from a few days ago saying the same thing and I haven’t done this in a few days. Please fix it sendit!
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