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User Reviews for SendOutCards

3.86 out of 5
345 Ratings
3 years ago, Shan922
A great way to connect
I love the simplicity of sending a card through the app. Everything is accomplished from my mobile phone - from selecting, creating, designing the kind of card I want. However, I wish there are more of the humor displayed in long gone hallmark cards of the early days. I tried to get others interested in SendOutCards but most people are too busy in sending cards out. Anyway, it works for me and I’m sure for a lot of others out there. Keep it up, guys and please bring in more traditional card designs of long ago days before technology surfaced!
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11 months ago, lchoyce
Search option is garbage
First off, I’ve used this app for many years. I thought by now there would be some major improvements. When you want to search for a certain type of card (Father’s Day), more than half the time it doesn’t work. I’ve changed the search term from “father” to “dad” to “papa” to “grandpa” and I get nothing. There should be categories within the Holiday category and filters for such as “blank cards” or “funny” or “sentimental”. I think the organization of it and filtering could be WAY BETTER. It has no filtering other than the search term you use and you’re lucky if it works and bring a anything up for you. Better selection is needed and different language cards should be another category. I have many Spanish speaking family members I’d love to send cards to. Anyway…if it weren’t for the brownies that I send with my cards that everyone loves, I would have stopped using this app a long time ago. Not to mention the gifts are outrageously expensive.
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6 years ago, Cooperville5
Never made a card without a problem
This concept is great. If they actually took the time to fix their IT complaints & problems, then SOC would have tons of clients. It is expensive to send even a small gift with your card because you have to pay to send a gift, pay for your card and then you have to turn around and pay for the points to be able to send a gift which is absurd. That’s a scheme in and of it self. I thought I’d love this company, but I am so frustrated. Cards won’t save editing changes you make and you then look like an idiot. It takes entirely too long to create a card anymore. Most pictures are “ too large” to upload & they don’t offer an auto re-sizer. I paid to have my handwriting on the cards just a few months before they changed to the new system & now I only get a few s signatures. I received a 100 point credit for the extra $100 I spent for my handwriting font. The last card I sent was damaged when the person received it. Did SOC card or even offer to resend a new card in place of the damaged card? No.
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6 years ago, Bconfree
Absolutely The Best
I am a user of SendOutCards for over 13 years. I tried but failed to get others to join but they weren’t interested in sending unique cards to all they know. They don’t understand about getting a card to someone on time, because nobody reminded them. SendOutCards delivers a real card to a real mailbox that people love. And everyone loves to get a real card today as much as yesterday. And if they’re picture is on the front with you? Nobody ever throws away a picture of themselves. If you’re a sales person up the line to corporate, your clients will never ever forget you. To anyone that would write in a review of the app and SendOutCards in this venue and tells everyone that they’re too stupid to understand points or credits, obviously can’t hear OR read. Bill from Fort Lauderdale
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4 years ago, Mikegovikes
Good idea lousy interface
I like the idea a lot. We used to be able to amend the card and picture size etc... easier. It’s gotten difficult. If I make a card Friday it doesn’t go out until Monday - so it takes the card 7 days to arrive. I think if they got some people who could actually improve their site -it would attract more users. And, have a timeline so if you made a card lets say by 10 am, it would still go out that day. I don’t think their support folks have ever used it - or they would know better. And you can’t upload pics from other sources like google photo’s - so I have to download pics to my computer and then upload one at a time... we used to be able to upload groups of pictures. I like the product- but there are probably better easier ones to use... maybe I’m lazy for staying w/ them - I have names built in and there are times when I’m on the road its easier to just use what I know.
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2 years ago, mmegratte
Love the App Now!
I’ve used send out cards for years because I can easily send pictures and family news to my mom and other relatives and friends via snail mail. You can create your own personal handwriting font (for a fee) and choose the date you want to send things. I opened the iPhone app a few years ago and it was nothing compared to their site… great news… they have fixed that! It is now as intuitive as the in-line version. I used to subscribe, but now just pay by the card. My last one was $3.85 and had 8 pictures in it. This includes the card, the stamp, and the lovely act of mailing it. (I tend to write letters and then not finish and this helps me overcome that.) A+ company?
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5 years ago, Lettty V
A GENIUS way to pour Love into a client or friend
I met a woman networking, Vickie K, who sent me a box with a brownie & card with our picture from the event we met at on it. I was in awe. Then she sent me a card with a pic of me & a famous actor at an airport in DC when my flight was canceled, & then to seal the deal when my mom passed away last year she sent me a “Minions” card with a pure message of condolence & I texted her that night crying & asking how did you know. Her response was “I listened to you & wanted you to know I’m here for you.” I’m a client now & I give love to my clients, my friends, family & targets. People are moved beyond belief & all it really is making it about loving & appreciating a person & letting them know the difference they make. Send out cards Founders YOU are GENIUS, thank you!!!!!
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1 month ago, trombaby
The Best App To Stay In Touch!
The SendOutCards app provides a convenient platform for creating and sending personalized greeting cards and gifts. With its user-friendly interface, users can easily design custom cards with photos, messages, and various templates to suit any occasion. The app offers a wide selection of designs and allows for easy customization, making it suitable for both personal and business use. Additionally, the ability to schedule card deliveries in advance ensures timely arrival for special events or holidays. SendOutCards is a handy tool for sending thoughtful and personalized sentiments to friends, family, or clients. I know all your friends and family have enjoyed them!
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5 years ago, Sueinmass
Unlimited Heartfelt cards including stamps!
This app is incredible! I can sent totally personalized cards using my own pictures and messages (or I can choose from a card catalog if I’m not feeling creative) in under 2 minutes from my phone ?! It’s a No brainer for me! I am sending cards like crazy and touching base with customers AND with so many friends that I lost touch with over the years. Anyone who is everyone needs this app on their phone. Even if your send one card once in a while it is a fraction of the cost of a card from the drugstore or Hallmark store ! Payment comes directly off your CC when you send a card. Thank you SOC for creating this amazing product and app!!
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6 years ago, Leedsly
Love this app
There are so many things I love about Send Out Cards, I hope I remember everything...1) I can set up to send cards in the future even if I’m not around...2) I can immediately send a card (i.e., sympathy) without having to go to the store...3) there is a great selection of cards and you can view your history so you don’t send the same card to someone that you sent before...4) I have had wonderful, and quick, response from Customer Service...5) I can send a card from anywhere...6) I can send gifts or gift cards for special occasions. I could keep going, but I’d run out of room. I highly recommend this app.
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1 year ago, JonesStyle
A great tool and time saver for busy people
I’ve used SendOutCards personally and professionally since 2010. I love the birthday/ anniversary notifications! I’m know as the person who always remembers and always sends a card! Professionally it’s a great tool to quickly send a thank you card on the fly from my phone to clients. Easy to use and create customized cards with photos. I like that I can brand the back of the card with my contact information. This app has helped me connect with the people who are important to me, saves time and helped me follow up with and retain customers.
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5 years ago, Ginalyn67
I love technology and SOC Mobility is Awesome!!
I have been a Send Out Card fan for over 10 years. Back in the old days we had the website, which was at the time, a fantastic tool and worked great. Years later the Mobil app was launched—a total game changer. Being able to send out cards “on the fly” is not only a huge time saver, but makes smart business sense. As with any good wine, in the app world things get better with age. On a side note, I’m almost finished with the new book by Kody Bateman, THE POWER OF HUMAN CONNECTION and all I can say is WOW. What a powerful tool you have given business owners and business builders. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Tylernick1
Love the app but....
When I updated my credit card, it started charging me for cards even though I am on the unlimited plan. In addition, one day I changed to a new plan, rethought it, and changed back to unlimited and it recharged me for the unlimited plan even though I’d paid it only a day or two before. Still has its glitches, but it is still the best way to send out love.
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6 years ago, #scatterkindness
Best app I own!
This is by far the easiest and best app I own. I love how I can be thinking of someone and immediately send a card letting the person know I’m thinking of them. We used it for my husband‘s business that was in a slump. Just by sending a few thank you cards and we appreciate your business cards we have gotten numerous orders from clients we haven’t heard from in years. I recommend it for anyone who wants to Scatter some Kindness to friends and family and in my opinion it is a must have for anyone in business!!
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5 years ago, Nicki Martinez
Easy and economical marketing tool
Send Out Cards is the number 1 tool I use to keep in touch with clients, vendors, and subcontractors in multiple businesses. It’s easy, economical and the cards always show my contacts I/the company cares. You can spend hours designing the “perfect”card, quickly use a photo from your phone to make a personal card, or pick one from the pre-made catalog. It’s never too late to say thank you and the thought of appreciation makes any card the “perfect” card. Love Send Out Cards!
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4 weeks ago, Ryjeni
Use this app every day!!
This app lets me snap a photo and add a message, press submit and an actual real card goes out in the mail to the recipient the very next business day!! Genius! Being able to upload photos from my phone from ages ago and share them in the form of a card is such an amazing service. Making the world a kinder place - one card at a time. No one prints photos anymore so this app is desperately needed!
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5 months ago, princessoftheozarks
Easy to use and so affordable!
I have been using this system for 12 years now and all I can say is WOW! I love the fact that I can send a REAL card, not an e-card to anyone in the world! I’ve been using this system to send greeting cards to my daughter while she’s studying abroad in Europe. I always add a photo in her cards and she loves it! She says her friends always talk about the cards she receives from me! I highly recommend trying this app out.
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6 years ago, Elzainc
I have found this service to be so helpful as I try to stay in touch with my relatives on the mainland. Living on Maui sometimes a phone call in a different time zone can be tough. I feel like emails are only for business. It is so very nice to find something in the mail rather than a bill or junk mail. If my mom knew how to review an app she would also give SOC five stars. I only wish it would send a confirmation email after the order is placed. Aloha & Mahalo E
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5 years ago, nessaroo83
Great concept
I like this concept a lot but I’ve had some issues when trying to create a card via the app. There doesn’t seem to be a way to retrieve your card if you accidentally exit the app or go back if you’ve forgotten something. Am I missing something? Also, why can’t you edit the back return address from the app? Just seems the app needs a little TLC. I’d love to be able to do as much from the app as from a computer because I always think about a card when I’m on the go! Great idea and will continue to use.
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5 years ago, Cardkween
Since the last iPhone update I’ve had nothing but problems that shift back and forth and are not corrected. Photos won’t fit or the cards that were previously created ready to be sent; the photos shift out of area and you can’t adjust them. Just today; a whole new issue. I went to look at an older card that was sent but can only get to the most recent cards I sent show up.
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4 years ago, jimmackey
Love send out cards
I signed up for unlimited cards and send 2 or 3 a day. My friends are touched by getting a card in the mail. It reminds me that we still need to connect. It’s the best subscription fee that I have. The app has several levels of use; including a pay as you use. But unlimited is my suggestion if you are in real estate, hair saloon, insurance agent, church office; or any business that has a repeat client base to stay in touch with.
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5 years ago, OxKnick
It’s great if all you want to do is add text.
I’ve tried a few times to use this app, but the images that I want to put in the cards (like my logo and word mark, custom created image, etc) cannot be size adjusted here. I can use them fine on the computer. I would need to make smaller copies of my images to use this app. That’s fine for my logo and word mark, but for all the other stuff, it seems like it would take too much time. Besides, I don’t want duplicates of all my images to sift through. Seems way too annoying.
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5 years ago, resarfddot
Business owner at PHP.
Absolutely love the SOC system! My customers absolutely love getting mail and gifts from us. Most feedback we get is: no other business shows us this much appreciation and we will always be your customer. It’s also great for marketing to new clients. Family is another amazing way to stay in touch. Thank you SOC for giving us great tools for showing so much appreciation and gratitude!
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3 years ago, Irish0eyes
I love this app it works so well with my iPhone
This app works so well I use it almost exclusively I never use the website anymore for anything just once in a while I was using it for card history but I found card history on the app they must’ve updated or something If you do send out cards and don’t use this app you are crazy.
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6 years ago, Bsplhcb
From Average to TERRIBLE
The concept is great but implementation is poor and the last update a few months ago has made the whole thing worthless. The new platform was rushed and just doesn’t work, literally! On the computer or the app. Cards don’t display, pictures don’t display just see the placeholder section, picture manipulation is a decade behind. Cannot italicize your fonts, system times out.... I’ve spent an hour trying send one card on a number of occasions this past month only to give up. They know the system is crap because you can’t get a hold of customer service.
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3 years ago, NukeSub
Used to love this!
I am so sad to say that I used to absolutely love this service and I adore the concept, but for two reasons I do not feel the same any more. 1. It is no longer user friendly. I tried from my computer, my phone and my ipad to make changes to my campaign and was unable to from any of them. 2. The gifts have gotten way too expensive. I appreciate that there are one or two things under $5, but the majority cost much more than I am willing to pay.
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5 years ago, The Social Sherpa
Best marketing decision of my life
$97 per month is all I pay to send unlimited cards with NO postage. So my average cost to send a custom greeting card is about $0.70...again, that’s total, printing, fulfillment and postage. If I decide to send a gift along, it’s easy and in my opinion very reasonably priced. I hear there are new options since the 2019 conference and I’m looking forward to learning more.
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5 years ago, TraciRunge
Best Business Tool!
We have been using SendOutCards for over 9 years and this app is a GAME CHANGER! We own a window tinting business and this app allows us to take a picture of the vehicle, house, building, plane, tractor...whatever it is we have tinted and send a card right on the spot! Customers LOVE receiving cards and brownies from us and they tell ALL of their friends! Thank you, SendOutCards! You ROCK!
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6 years ago, Defensman
So Disappointing! Don’t Sign Up. If There Is A Problem, they Don’t Follow Up
I originally thought this was one of the greatest ideas of all time. I began my Membership in July and it worked fantastically. Then, on Sept 25th, both the crop function to size a photo and the preview function stopped working properly. I called. I called. I called. They asked me to send screen shots of what I was seeing. I did. I sent “test” cards to myself to see if they formatted correctly. The cards came. They had the same errors. I was charged for another month at $99. I asked for a refund since it would not work properly. No can do. They kept my money and gave me a free month. But so far, in the 20 days since I first raised the issue and called in several times, no one reached back out to me. The update mentioned in the notes did not correct my problem. Save your money. Don’t buy this service. Jim Ogle
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7 years ago, Coryann8
I don't understand this ridiculous points/expense system. I keep adding money, and my previous expense disappears, even though I was charged for it. After spending almost $30, I've only been able to send out 1 card with no gift attached. Customer service takes forever and it takes about 6 correspondences to get one answer. Extremely frustrating. I had such high hopes for this app because the brownies are delicious. I wish I could send some to my customers! But for $30 spent, I still have "insufficient expense" to send any. 👎👎👎
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1 year ago, suef040
Love it
I have been using SendOutCards now for about four years. It makes it so easy for me to keep my contacts from my salon with birthdates anniversaries whatever the case may be to be able to send cards to let them know I am thinking of them often best business tool there is.
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5 years ago, WesTheKing
Quick & Easy
This app is fantastic. User friendly and out of the box intuitive. Not much of a learning curve at all. I can create a custom card, filled with appropriate pictures in under 5 minutes. This is a game-changer for my business. I lacked that personal touch, customers fell through the cracks, contracts lost, not anymore! Thank you SendOutCards.
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5 years ago, Jenysmyley
Works ok.
So, I go back and forth between the website and app. It’s easier to make cards and campaigns on the website. Then it’s complicated to send them. So I save the cards and go to the app for sending. If I’m making a quick and easy card I can make and send easy in the app. But the card is not always displayed correctly for me in the app.
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5 years ago, Johnoaz
March 2019 update
All the kinks have been ironed out of the system that were endemic last year when they migrated from one system to the newer, better, one. Works flawlessly. I can send gifts and cards in seconds, especially on my iPad or iPhone. I am on the plan were I can send unlimited personal cards for free, including postage.
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5 years ago, PeteKane2012
Love the mobile experience
It’s so easy to create card using the mobile app and with the camera roll and Facebook on the mobile phone you can personalize it and make it very memorable. Since I’m in Marketing I’m always evaluating programs and the $97/month plan is the best value in marketing today, nothing close. It rocks
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6 months ago, Scoobers mom
Saved Campaign Not There
As a small business owner relying on Send Out Cards to touch our clients has been a joke. Ever since they started their so called upgrading service has been a nightmare. I have had plenty of cards saved to my campaigns, now Send Out is saying I have no cards saved. They want me to redo my campaigns. It was a pain to do them in the first place. I will look for another service to send cards or do my own. Just frustrating!
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2 years ago, piggletpie
Great app! Just needs a little more touchups.
The app is pretty decent, it just needs a little bit of touchups. It works well and everything but for some reason on iOS, you can’t create a new campaign for your cards. Love the app would definitely recommend it!
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5 years ago, walbert3223
Thank you very much
I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Jeff R. and he introduced me to SendOutCards. Now I’m new to this but I’m having fun just sending out cards to family and friends. I get messages from them on how it makes their day. Now I have to take the next step. Thank you very much Jeff for showing me wonderful opportunity
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4 weeks ago, Jimncindy
The Best Tool Everyone Should Have!
This has been the best tool for letting people know they are loved and appreciated! Hands down the most impactful way to reach another’s heart, even long distance. Who doesn’t enjoy being celebrated and loved on? We all crave human connection; this is an amazing connector. The recipient gets a surprise that makes them smile and feel special and the sender gets a warm fuzzy feeling from the heart for doing something kind for another human. It’s a Win Win for all. Send to give, love on others and create joy for all! What are you waiting for? Cindy in Arizona
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3 years ago, ICOR13
Love love love Send Out Cards
I’ve been a member since 2008 and I especially loved the features where I could put borders and themes on my cards. I was sorry to see these features removed - but I still love the ease of using my own photos to surprise and bless others! Thank you for a great product and service.
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4 years ago, 38dog
Send Out Cards
This application is ok. It has a few issues that take a while to figure out. The support staff tries to be very helpful in getting you started; even thought it took 5 contacts to get info that I could use. When all is said and done the system seems to work well. It will allow me to be in contact with my list of clients and update them on issues or concerns, yes even birthdays!
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3 years ago, scottskare
App is just OK
Having been in the software space, I’m always noticing how easy (or hard) apps are to use. This app is so-so intuitive. I can’t seem to get the right formula for putting a friend in with his birthday, adding his wife with her birthday and then sending a combined card to both of them without having to modify the name. In the mobile app, it also doesn’t appear to be possible to remove a duplicate entry.
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3 years ago, AnsonCosio
I use it everyday to celebrate people in my personal and business life. I really love to find photos that my friends post on social media to make personalized greeting cards to send them. I also make sure to include words of appreciation, encouragement, and gratitude. It’s so fast and easy to mail cards with SendOutCards.
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4 weeks ago, This is The Bri Man
Send Cards & Gifts on the go!
To be able to send someone a card anytime you think of them, to send cards while you’re waiting in line, and attach a gift is a great thing! This app lets you do all those things - amazing!
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4 years ago, eatit123
Mobile app doesn’t work quite right
I have used the mobile app a few times. Sending a brand new card with a new address and unique message, it has tried to charge me full price three times out of five. I am on the unlimited plan. The only way to get it to stop trying to charge is to go on the desktop site and clear the drafts. Seems a little pointless when I have to go to the desktop site anyway.
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5 years ago, The School House Rock
Love this app
I am very bad about sending cards and this app makes it so easy. You have hundreds of cards to choose from with different themes. Simply type your message, upload your contact, and SendOut Cards does the rest. So simple and I actually look good to my friends! 🤣.
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6 months ago, CSmile92
The app needs work!
The program is great. Let’s make that KNOWN. This review is for the mobile app. The mobile app needs a lot of work. It doesn’t allow you to preform all the features as the website does. That is a huge downfall. Doesn’t let you see drafted card. Doesn’t allow you to change the card color themes. You cannot search for all the cards that the desktop version allows you to find. It is very frustrating having to go back and forth on the mobile app to the desktop computer to make the card personal. So for the company and mobile software team … I hope it changes because $100+ dollars a month is an investment for my business.
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3 years ago, Scott Palangi
This company continues to amaze me 20 years later
Stop searching. Get on board whether you wanna crush your competitors with genuine communications that show you care, or build your own card biz, Cody and this team of relentless professionals will serve you like your their first customer ever, always.
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4 weeks ago, Barb in Akron
5 Stars for this app!!
I’ve used SendOutCards since 2007 and it’s a quick & easy way to send beautiful real cards and gifts from my cell phone to my recipient’s mailbox. Perfect tool for both business and personal use!!
Show more
4 years ago, amydisneyfan
Fabulous way to stay in touch
During this global COVID-19 epidemic and ‘social distancing’, SendOutCards has been making a big impact. I’ve sent out dozens of cards from my phone or computer. Best way to stay in touch that’s different from just a text or FB msg. Love this service!
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