Skout — Meet New People

Social Networking
4.4 (174.9K)
275.3 MB
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Current version
Skout, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Skout — Meet New People

4.36 out of 5
174.9K Ratings
6 years ago, its-so-so-here
About to lower your rating
There are way too many pop ups ... when your looking at one profile and flipping threw the pictures almost every other picture you look at there’s a pop up advertisement... I understand you need them because it helps pay for site but if on one profile way to many... turning off my notifications doesn’t work either because tried to turn it off or on for live streaming neither works get one after another while surfing profiles because I have them favorite as live streamers... getting to be more and more a pain to use this site.
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2 years ago, Krebs_A
Collusion between developers and adult websites?
The scam operation operates between Turkey, India, and Bangladesh. They have automated bots that notice you’re online and notice when there is inactivity and you’re conveniently sent an automated message. If you reply or even come online again, you get a nude picture and a link to a p*rn or cam site. This is by design. The app has come under fire for sex trafficking, minors falsifying their age, and users have complained that women use the app as a hub to market OnlyFans, adult content, fake Snapchat adult business accounts. It’s a shady operation. It can be examined and laid out just as I have very quickly. The bots that drive users back to the app and generate eyeballs and user time and ad views/revenue as I mentioned make money for people in impoverished countries. There is a sales market for those bots. The nonexistent moderators do not deal with that issue because it drives revenue. There is a reason that ‘moderators’ are elected by users on livestreams. It’s a corrupt operation. It’s part of Match group. Look up their business. A little piece of a business making that kind of money pays a fee for their violations and continues to rake in money. You’re a fool to use this app and you’re a fool if you don’t see what’s going on. Devs - I have an exposé coming out about these issues and how SKOUT/MeetMe make money. You should focus on correcting these issues very soon.
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2 years ago, WhyBotsHuh?
They randomly banned me out of nowhere for no reason. Couldn’t sign back in at all so I deleted the app. Few weeks go by and I figured I’d try to download it again. I download it and sign back in and continuously nonstop keep getting these spam bot accounts messaging. One after another after another. Well I was talking to someone on live and was trying to figure out a way to get rid of all these bot accounts from messaging me. It was getting VERY annoying. Well I decided that I’d report and block them all, thinking maybe that’ll help. I get off the app. The next day I try logging on and have no access to my account. I had the app for a whole 2 days. Something tells me this app is purposely allowing these bot accounts to be on there in order for them to make money. There’s a lot of people on this app but no as many are you’d think. Half of them are fake/bot accounts, half are old accounts, and then there’s real people. This app is completely trash and whoever runs/manages this app is doing a TERRIBLE job. Imagine only caring about money and not your business. I’d rate this app 0 stars if I could.
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5 years ago, LiyahChristine
Sooo many bugs!!!
Waaay too many bugs right now. My app glitches, it freezes, it crashes. When I open the app after switching between others, music will play but I’m not sure from where? The only way to make it stop is to either force-close the app or wait about 30-45 seconds for the music to stop looping.... Even worse? My phone volume is OFF, so I’m not sure how you’re making the music blast through. My messages don’t send right, I constantly have to restart the app, I’ve noticed the Match section glitches a lot and will show me usernames and profile pictures do not match up... Another issue is that I can’t seem to type out a buzz on the iPhone app, I had to log onto the browser to do it. That would be a great feature to be added so the extra step wouldn’t have to be taken every time... I like the app but the bugs are CRAZY! Please fix this, it could be great! I used to have an account a long time ago and the app has improved since I’ve been back, but it’s not going to be any better if we can’t even use it.
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2 years ago, honestyis important
Entirely to many bugs and fake profiles
This application has entirely too many bugs. You cannot delete any of the so-called profiles that look at you. So in a couple weeks you have 100+ profiles you cannot delete. When you go into match, it will show you profiles thousands of miles away. When you reach out to the company they tell you it’s your GPS locator on your phone even though no other apps you use have a problem like this. The company continues to make excuses for its failure to deliver a good product. As far as profiles, as a straight male you can expect to deal with 40% of the profiles around you being transsexuals. Of the remaining 60%, you can guarantee that 55% of those are fake or spam profiles. The company does not take them down even when they are reported. They like being able to say that they have a lot of people on their platform. Even though they are mostly spam and fake profiles. This is a complete waste of time. Do not pay for any service provided by this hack company.
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4 years ago, Anger Player
I don’t like the fact that your profile can be reported and blocked for anything I don’t recommend this app to anyone I use to think think this was a good app until I got blocked and they haven’t done anything about it. Where do I start well I was talking to someone today making plans to finally meet the an all of a sudden my email was blocked so I’m waiting to see if they restore it if not I will not make another account I’ve had my account for a few years now...... I’ve heard from other ppl that once they block your email there’s no getting your account back which is horrible...... if they do not fix this issue I will update my review n let everyone update....... so update email them still waiting on a response...... new update so they said I violated terms an conditions but they can’t tell me so i tested another person situation I made another account have my friend report the account n I was blocked right off the back so basically they will block you account if anyone reports it for any reason which is dumb I don’t recommend this app to anyone
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4 years ago, naomikey2008
Bad Support center
This app is fun to use i really like it because we communicate with people all over the world. But i have to admit that their support team are so mediocres on providing information to the users when they are being blocked of their services. Skout tends to block accounts for no reason and when users appeal bu email asking the reason why their account are being blocked all they say its that the account has been blocked for violating the terms of use. Ok be more profesional please and explain with details because we all users have the right to know specially when we have not done anything wrong. They should literally do a better on that other than pretending to be so strict. The app is free which is good but i would rather pay a premium and not to deal with such mediocres team support. Would definitely not recommend this app. And another thing is that so many perverts using the app and they do not get their account blocked but yet we who receive these pervert messages and photos are the one who pay the price.
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5 years ago, Kolohekahopena
Performance Issues & More
I recently got the Skout app because my friend was on here looking for a relationship. I went on because we are both young and inexperienced, it gave me an opportunity to look for new friends and possibly a new partner as well (since the person I am currently seeing is shallow). A few issues regarding the app’s overall performance is it’s glitches. When scrolling, the screen constantly glitches up or down and makes it difficult to reach a specific chat, possibly because the ads they stuff in there are always moving. Along with that, the live feeds are very cluttered, the search bar that allows people to look for live feeds near or around their area is hidden under the live button, which makes it more difficult. From what I know there is no possible way to contact Skout’s team in order to report disruptive behavior or bugs, which would be very helpful in a case of glitchy bugs.
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6 months ago, Mike Jackie
App spy your conversation,Delete profile for no reason
This app is monitoring every conversation, so if you give phone number to talk private , you will be deleted, if you give instagram they also will delete you, there are also people who are 24/7 on this app and if you do not respond to them what they ask from you to send they report you and your profile will be deleted , the app is not place where people can freely talk because the app owner monitor conversations and delete you if he disagree with your conversation, private chat between people supposed to be private , also people who spend 24/7 here looking for sex especially males they will report you if you do not respond to their request, they call you fake and app owner will delete you. The App should be freedom of choice and speech with anyone without app deleting you because you disagree with other person that is why block button exist if you disagree with someone or bothers you block it …
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5 years ago, MyNicknameIsJ_
Average App, But Lots of People
I like the diversity of people using the app. Tons of people and a good mix. Plus, you can be listed on MeetMe and see people on there too, so it’s a big community. The tech is the downside. It has features you’d expect- swiping, matches, etc, but a lot of it is non-functional. I get a “hi” or similar message roughly every 3-5 mins while logged in, but half the time, The person’s name displays as “someone” the message shows as “sent something” and I get a default profile pic. Ergo, even if I’m having a great conversation with someone, I might never find them again in my inbox unless I open dozens of letters. Plus, I can’t search by interests or age or anything- and when someone doesn’t answer their interests, their profile literally says “leave blank.” Sorry, guys, shoddy development. But, it is free, so I will shut the heck up and thank you for letting me use it. It has good bones.
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3 years ago, Aristafaye
Warning the people: last night I was informed by a friend that my fiancé had an account on this app, at that moment I had said that he was online. That was at the same time that we were both watching TickTock on my phone and his phone was across the room and I have been like that for hours. He opened up his phone and showed me all his apps, even looked on the App Store for this app and it had said that he hadn’t even download it it wasn’t even on the cloud download. I have tried to make several attempts to contact customer service about this issue I even tried making an account and messaging them I also tried messaging them on Facebook and I’ve gotten no response. I have talked to multiple people on the app and they said the same thing has happened to them or friends and I have proof as I have screenshot it all of it. The next thing I can do is go to the authorities and to the police. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS SHADY APP!
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6 years ago, Brgonz
Couldn’t even use it!
Update 9/5/18. Developer has “responded to my review” twice asking me to email them so they can help . I’ve emailed three times and NO response. There is NO support. Be careful because you may sign up, post your pictures and then never be able to access your account again. They reply acting like they want to help but when you actually email support, you get no response. Completely useless!!! I signed up. Went to log in and got the message that they could not find an account with that email and/or password. I had JUST signed up. I knew what my password and email were. So I clicked forgot my password and it said I’d receive an email in about a minute. Never received the email. Tried multiple times and never got an email. I emailed support but never got a reply. I don’t know if my account got hacked or what but I don’t like the fact that my pictures and stuff are on there but I can’t log in to even cancel my account. Very frustrating! I don’t recommend.
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5 years ago, Cashking888
Used to b ok
I used this app and it was ok at first but now it’s weird , so many spam accounts and fake accounts with just “model “ type photos and it’s all robotic how they send you a link with some xxxxxx meet me on here for free blah blah ! It’s spam ! Then you have the problem when you delete your account and remake it for what ever purpose and when you select that you a male looking for a female and bam it’s showing you guys after you finished your profile wth??? Then you have to go and change that stuff feeling all worried if any guys are gonna think your on that side of the grass so you have to quickly go and change it or dudes gonna be checking you out and that stuff ain’t cool. I’m looking for females ! Women ! Chicks ! Not dudes ! It should keep guys off the females section too that’s awkwardly weird scrolling down and bam some dude with a beer lame as hell after seeing some chick that’s cute . Idk!!!
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6 years ago, Mr.cornsaidit
Legit I’m on here friends with many; A military man so I carry myself in such a manner however, it boggles how I’ve been suspended once??? For no reason and just now I’ve been put on “time out” for live but I haven’t done anything but support the app and make friends so my question is who’s the actually moderators and why is it innocent individuals profiles are being subjected to this Bs?? When I have financially supported the app and then some. The app automatically kicks me off based off a group of people who I’m not even sure off who banded together to screw me? What kinda mess?? This will forever be a major setback in your app development. The app social status/ credibility cannot develop because the creators lack the care to progress in the aspects that matter making your app creeper and biased proof, that should be your foundation and main focus, it shouldn’t have been adding a live. I hope you seriously reflect and look into this flaw, or you will continue to lose many loyal Patriots.
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4 years ago, jayoftheopera
A scam of a social app
Join SKOUT and defend into despair. What was my yearbook has now devolved into SKOUT/Meetme. Aside from the breading ground of sex workers who are even disenfranchised by the misery they’ve invited into their own lives, you have to deal with a constant barrage of scammers and bots. If you are lucky enough to find a real person you’re still left with that awkward dance where you try to figure out if the other person has any chill left whatsoever after being traumatized by the sheer horror of only attracting fake profile of constantly being asked for money. You could go over to the live streams where there are at least real people who seem to just want smiley face emojis or jet plane gifs, and will do almost anything for them. You can report them but them come immediately back, seemingly with a vengeance. My advice is that online dating is dead much like society’s decency. They’ve even disabled the feedback button cause they just don’t care. Run just run away
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4 years ago, Please Read Everything
Don’t do it!!!! Bunch of fake profiles
Several years ago SKOUT used to be fun. Now that I am single again, I decided to give it another try. It’s the worst. Everything changed. You have all these live videos that people use to self promote. I set my search settings and I get results from UK. I don’t know what’s worse...the commercial ads or the SPAM/ads of fake profiles asking you to either text, call, email, Snapchat, kik, Instagram and other sources for you to go and continue a conversation, isn’t that what this app is suppose to be about?? In reality, it’s a bunch of people soliciting for sex. Is this a dating app or an escort service??? If your looking for an app that will waste your time, or if your looking for a lead to a sex webpage or a prostitute, by all means go ahead and download this app. How is it that these people right on their profile write the word prostitute and it’s not flagged. Don’t bother wasting your money for their premium services because it’ll only get worse.
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2 years ago, 22glam
Too many fakes
The app itself isn’t bad. Just like other so called dating apps it’s rife with fake accounts which astounds me since the fakes stolen accounts are photo verified! There are very aggressive men that if you dare say no to anything they start trashing you calling names and after you block them they return with another account. One guy has at a least 5 accounts just to send me messages and call me names. There is too much leeway on what guys are allowed to say and if they are reported skout either bans you completely or rips your account apart removing pics etc. i suppose if you are a live-streamer it’s worth it but if you just want to chat and meet people don’t waste your time there’s just so many rude and fakes that it ruins the app. Nothing is ever done so either accept it or don’t download it . Sad it used to be great.
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5 years ago, coatedcoco
Getting worse
When I first download this app it was fun. Met a lot of cool people which I knew over a year now. However, not that it combined with meetme and tagged it gets worse by the minute. You lose favorites, so many under age kids on here, and they banned your account over anything. I done seen girl dance half naked and half naked pictures and nothing happens. I don’t seen little girls who look about 12 on live and it be grown men in it. Nothing ever happens. I don’t spent money on this account and everything. I think the more money you spend and the more diamond you get the more they take your account. I know so many people accounts who gets deleted and I know for sure they never did anything. If you download do NOT put any money on here. You a get all the promotions and stuff in the beginning which is to drag you in more then BOOM deleted. And let’s not talk about the foreigners who be sending and saying the most nasiest stuff online and nothing happens
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5 years ago, OnlyRealSpike
App is a joke!
I have been having nothing but problems with the app & support completely refuses to resolve issues/problems I have been reporting! Most recently, I am getting notifications for messages that do not even exist (saying I had 3-6 or more minutes when I can’t find them at all! It has been displaying a “3” all day today (July 17) even though I have none....of I happen to get an actual message it says “4” (or whatever) but then it goes right back to “3” when there are NOT any messages! That doesn’t even cover the fact that it is filled with fakes & scammers....I have had & been using the app for at least 2 or 3 months & have NEVER met a single real person....either fakes/scammers that want to scam me with websites or expect me to pay for sex (which makes them prostitutes which the last time I checked was illegal)! With all of these issues/problems I am about 98% close to completely deleting the app & never using it again!
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6 years ago, LoliJuku
Can’t change my location/I have two accounts
I like this app but for some reason it doesn’t give you the option to put where your from or change it. When I first made my account, I put where I was from. Just today I find out that it’s showing me people that live in an area that way farther than where I’m from. I don’t know why it all of a sudden changed my location and I’m trying to change it. Also I have a MeetMe account and it says that MeetMe is connected to SKOUT so I decided to make one thinking that it’ll connect to both. For some reason, I have two accounts that show on both these apps. This bothers me because if someone were to see a second account of mine, they’re going to think that my account is fake. I wish they would just have one account that switches from app to app.
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4 years ago, real415
Enhancing user experience
There is basically no information on the profile pages to draw your interest. Other sites do much better. The idea is to make this an experience. Pictures should be required and the profile pages make the site look totally generic. Add more color and flash. Remove all the fake ads, spam, and bots that represent most of the traffic it seems. Enhance the live experience by allowing up to 4 people to be added to your live instead of one. Allow more interaction. Live dating game format where you can have 3 people participate in answering question for points. And keep going until someone knocks him off. Try to connect folks in local area so they can really believe there is a chance to connect. Let the top users help sell ad space. Run ads
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4 months ago, Teareado
Nothing but scams
95% of the people are fake and nothing but scammers. I get over 200 messages a day and at least 199 of them are all fake users that send you Hey or Hi!. You respond and they want you to go to kik or add their snap to send you a link to a porn site or they just send you the link. Theirs a lot of sex with minor scams to where you talk to some one who claims their around your age and after a few days you get a call from the so called father claim the girl is a minor and she got into a bad wreck coming to see you or her mother walked in wile she was taking nude photos for you and killed her self out of shame and they want you to pay the damages and what not. That happen to me once and I just laughed cause Ik it was a scam just by the way they talk and hold a conversation. This site use to be great but now it’s a joke. What real people are on here don’t even respond cause they they think your a scam or something. It’s horrible
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4 months ago, enchantedsummer84
App is great. Has some glitches but that’s life.
Some morons on here, like to say that this app has bots, but I can tell you right now that I have been on mini live streaming apps, and MeetMe/scout have the least amount of bots out of any live streaming app out there the money stays in the United States as well not sent off to Arabic or Chinese to steal your biometric data. Arab and Indian users have been upset about the bots on the site but there aren’t any bots on the site they’re mad about women being independent and having only fans deal with it just cause you don’t look good and can’t sell your pictures doesn’t mean you have to get your panties in a bunchbecause somebody else does
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1 year ago, 38527572
Awful app
This app is really bad. It has been around many years and apparently they just can't figure it out. I have had it a few times. The locations are wrong more often than not. Sometimes it will say they are somewhere and next time you open the app it says the same person is in a different state. My locations are turned on and it shows "people in my city" either in San Francisco, Pennsylvania or Texas. Nowhere close to me. The adds are horrible! It never used to be this bad. Within all the pictures there are adds and then they randomly pop up at the bottom as you are going to text and then it opens up as if you wanted to touch the ad. All in all this app gets less than 1 out of 10 stars. It's a complete joke. Also there are so many fake profiles it's hard to get a conversation with someone close. Out of 100 profiles I think 3 are real and not scammers.
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4 years ago, funkyorgan
Profile keeps getting wiped away, no support
This app is great in concept, but clearly has major bugs. I used the app at first only a week ago on my preferred email. I was enjoying it; meeting nice people and even going live. However, one day I was logged out and for some reason it said my email was blocked. Was I hacked? Was it a glitch? Not sure. I contacted support and a week later never heard back. I have an additional email, so just a few days ago I created a new account with said email. Everything was going smoothly until today when voila, I wasn’t logged in. This time, I could log in but all of my profile and all of my chat history has been completely wiped out, like it’s giving me a brand new, empty profile. I emailed support again but my expectations are low. I enjoyed the app but I personally don’t find it worth the frustration to give it a third try.
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5 years ago, Slender55
The older version was better
I starred using this around 2014. It was great, you was a feature where you can shake your phone to talk to a random person or type in someone’s name that you know and want to talk to. I can’t find that here anymore, also the points you get for unlocking people’s photos to see is more challenging. Back then you just have to watch or download things to get points. Not anymore. Also there’s this bug or something where I keep getting messages from my old account and I forgot my’s annoying. Really wish they would have the old version and also it’s really hard to find your support team since your name is SHOUT. Would like to talk about how to get my account back that I lost in 2015. I think that’s the one that’s spamming me random messages.
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3 years ago, GradeyGrade
Account Blocked And Support is Nonexistent
Was a member of SKOUT since 2011. Recently I went on SKOUT and as I was using the app I was signed out. When I tried to sign back in my account was blocked. I emailed support and I didn’t hear anything back. I didn’t do anything that would warrant a block and think that once someone reports you …you are aggressively blocked. Hopefully they will be able to send my photos and personal information as requested. I tolerated this app and would not recommend because most of the people on this app (that contact you) are very questionable. However, the live feature and the Date Me features are good. If you are looking for quality on SKOUT be sure to seek it out. Otherwise, be prepared to be bombarded with unseemly 🙄messages. Also, don’t get comfortable with the Service… the customer support is nonexistent and you may be blocked for a trivial reason🙁.
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3 months ago, yawhateva1029
not great
This app has a lot of technical issues, and it is also filled with bots and catphish. Recently, my account was flagged for some reason, and I have to verify myself every time I sign on. All of my previous conversations vanished, and it was doing other very strange things so I sent an email support request, which was never responded to. I waited several days and sent a second email and again, no response so I tried one last time and let them know that if they did not respond I would share my experiences with them through a review which is what I am doing now. I would not recommend this app. It is basically not monitored or maintained and is filled with a lot of fake accounts. Mine happens to be real yet I was flagged, and even verifying myself over and over did not solve the issue.
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5 years ago, Jamesh160
I like the app but
I like the app but I’m not a huge fan of the Admin color coding in people’s live-streams. Why can’t they be anonymous like on the liveme app? Because now when you see them in people’s live-streams it looks like they have a higher threat level then the normal people talking. It kind of ruins the app. I like everyone’s names showing normal and if there’s a admin then it’s better if they’re anonymous with no color coding and admin badges. Also why are admins called bouncers? Bouncer sounds so ghetto. Lol. Other then that both this app and meetme are good. However there are some streams of people that are really rude and or ask and beg for castles and or have like premium snapchats that they send for diamonds. Which is pretty bad. However there are some people that are nice on this app and the other one. Which is good.
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2 years ago, Megamiami!
Locked out of my account
I’ve posted a review about this recently but I don’t know where it is. Seems to been deleted like my account has been blocked. I love this app and I have been on it for several years. I have many friends on there and this is the only way I can communicate with them. Over the last few months I have tried to login and it says your account is blocked for breaking community standards or whatever. I’ve went back-and-forth with customer support and they remedied it once and I got to login one time. But each time it happens I have to start over and I’ve only been able to login one time for a few minutes over the last several months. It’s a shame because I love this app. Repeating the same steps and processes we go through each time and only one time was able to get in so please fix this Skout.
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5 years ago, kbreezybro
Going bad
I’ve had this app since 2015 and I’ve had the same account up to this year when recently I have been blocked from the app ? I don’t understand because I don’t do anything extraordinary on the app. I’ve made a new account with a different email I own and that account was blocked too... my last attempt with a new account and new email with only 1 picture had gotten blocked too! Not sure what I’m doing wrong because I literally use the app to socialize but this issue makes it frustrating. I’ve never used any other apps like tinder or any other app.. I had a great time using the app but I guess my time is up for no reason. 🤬
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6 years ago, cloud!?$
Horrible service and app
The app constantly gets bugged all the time either not letting you see the chat on live streams when you join one. The account info from users gets stolen all the time due to poor security causing people to have to make a new email and hoping to reconnect with what friends they have made or fan base Incase of streamers that mostly lose in this case. The support staff is none existent as I personally have had my account now stolen twice and they just bot email you back with account not found. If you wanna use a social app like this one use the original called meetme as this is just a off brand of it using the same server with no real interest in maintain its users as the app never gets updated will meetme gets updated monthly they push fake update that you can read in the version log with minutes apart from each other with no real changes xD
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4 years ago, JamieNicoleG
Email blocked
This app is horrible! I literally was only on here for two hours and when I went to go check back on some messages, it logged me out and said my email has been blocked!? Like why? Did someone report me or something? Like this is ridiculous. I’ve read a lot of the reviews on here about this happening and I do think it’s crazy that someone can report you for anything and they literally don’t check into it just block you out! The app in my opinion is very buggy and glitchy. Even when I was on it I had to constantly refresh it because it was always freezing. It’s full of nothing but creepy men wanting to do nothing but talk about sex or sending nudes. Definitely not a place I belong. I’ve sent a email to support but not confident they will say anything back. I don’t recommend this app and I definitely will never use it again!!!!
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1 year ago, Bigazbrat
Wrongfully banned too many scammers
First off you guys have a absurd amount of scammers running around your app constantly but because someone got but hurt because they got rejected my phone gets banned from even signing up on your app. MeetMe your sister app just plain doesn’t work on my iPhone redownloaded it many times. But you guys will ban my phone but do absolutely nothing about the fake profiles, scammers who keep using the same stolen photos an last but not least the people selling drugs an women selling their bodies. But I get banned from your app because someone got but hurt. Also the apps are almost always glitching an you can’t turn off the pop up livestream crap that comes up when you go on the app. I just don’t understand how I get blocked from using the app but these scammers an druggies can keep making profiles.
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5 years ago, Scottlarox
skout totally is munipulated
you would want to get on a singles app to meet someone in your area , And the fact that Skout is free is the only good thing but the fact that as a male I go on the site and there are nothing but fake profiles and 80 tranny or cross dressers having no shortage in my area now as I continue to scroll down the further ppl are more women appear , the women I would message are always far away , do i put my theory to the test as well as asking admins if the programmed there app to do such a thing no surprise they denied it so i went on a journey about 50 miles away from my location and this i prove to myself that I am completely right about my theory for the fact now athe area i was from now suddenly women i never saw apear and where i went now have profile that are none of which i would nih want anything to do with but that's why u i rate it 1 star
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6 years ago, Firedrgn
If You Like Being Redirected to Ads....
If you like instantly being redirected to spam ads without even touching the screen, then this is the app for you!!!! Total piece of crap. Has gotten worse over time. Used to open up with an ad right in the center of your screen that you’d have to use ninja like maneuvering skills to avoid touching to prevent being redirected. It also does this totally cute thing when you touch the text bar/ field to reply to someone where it automatically moves the text bar up and replaces it with an ad banner so you're basically “tricked” into touching an ad and you’re redirected. I guess people got too smart and found ways around it so NOW....oh now it’s SO MUCH you don’t even have to touch the screen to be redirected. So basically, it’s a pop-up ad site that’s disguised as a chat app. Will be deleting after this review.
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4 years ago, Getm44
A app which used to be the gold standard
This app used to be amazing then they merged with meetme, possibly even other apps. The gps is utterly broken therefore many people who aren't even near your location will be listed therefore disincentivizing usage for meeting other people close to you. Most people use this app now to go live which kinda ruins the application, if they could fix the problem with the gps then i would enjoy this app again. I met many people on this app years ago, but i feel these apps are all merging to stay financially solvent which I understand but the quality has been lowered. Hope a mod will see this review and fix the app. If you add a chatroom based on major cities that would help as well.
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5 years ago, Taverec
Rewriting my review
Originally i’d given a 4/5 however I’m upping it to a 5/5. The app seems to be more widely used for streaming and watching streams then what i’d originally thought it was. While the other features work fine after a little over a month on the app i’ve become a regular streamer and I love it. Not only do I love to stream which I never pictured myself doing but I like watching others streams. On top of all this i’ve made some great friendships through this app in the streaming community. If anyone ever reads this and wants to stop by my stream just look for 🌝Justin🌝 on the app I’m always streaming these days!
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6 years ago, Non-pundit
There seem to be periods when message arrival is very laggy. The ads are located to optimize for accidental taps. Either location data is incorrect a lot or there are a huge number of folks in Nigeria using it. I guess that’s plausible because there are a really larger percentage of users who seem to be scammers looking for money in the form of gift cards who promise they will drive to you from places too far for that to be practical. Nigeria is of course infamous for online scams. Some other locations seem to n unlikely preponderance of users. E.g., Linton Hall, Virginia. Sometimes pics fail to display in profiles then reappear in another session or even within the same session. I guess you can’t blame app for the fact that it attracts a lot of scammers.
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5 years ago, Animewowza
Dear god the glitches
If I were to give a negative I would this app has done nothing but produce glitch after a glitch every time I logged on! One pretty much every time someone texts me it would send me constant notifications saying that I have 99+ unchecked messages when really I don’t I only just have two sometimes when I load the app the screen will be all warped and either be in the very small corner where I can barely see anything or it will be half there. The worst part is is that if I’m out the app for too long it would lock me out in the first signed me out then when I try to sign back in it’ll say oh this is not the matching account that we have even though it is and when I go to re-do my password or make a new one I can’t because the link does not work anymore so I am literally locked out my account.
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3 years ago, Vinnysaysso
Terrible app
Don’t waist your time downloading this app. Haven’t used this app in so long and when I finally tried it tells me I defied the terms. Haven’t been on in a month. How am I gonna do something wrong if I didn’t even use it. When i did use it you can barely tell who is real and who isn’t a bot or catfish. This app is loaded with stupid profiles like that. I don’t even message people anymore because it’s a waist of time. I’ve only been using this app to talk to people when they go live. I use my real pictures, i don’t curse or do anything inappropriate because i don’t do that in real life anyway. I can say i found a good life long friend on this app but that’s about it. Other then that this app has no redeeming qualities. I would give it zero stars if that was an option.
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5 years ago, jasontruth
NOTHING BUT “TRANSGENDERS” & fake accounts98% all fake
This site is filled with more TRANSGENDERS then actual women, and the profiles you think are not TRANSVESTITES are fake and collecting your information. This APP is all fake and trust me it’s not worth the download. So many fake profiles and covered with MEN pretending to be WOMEN. This has turned into a TRANSVESTITE APP, horiable Also this APP creates thousands of fake accounts and once a day releases these fake accounts onto the site. When flooded with fake accounts all the fake profiles/accounts will have a AGE of 18, I’m talking thousands, page after page all fake and all will state they’re 18, caution these are 100% fake. Thousands
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5 years ago, cutefacess
Hello skout my account Akiyo now says someone and is gray I can log in but can’t see my page... I had just hit 330k diamonds I’ve been working hard because my dream is to become a top streamer badge. This has left me feeling depressed and my self esteem is low. I feel my dream is slipping away.I was not doing anything when this happened I was lip singing on my live. I had also sent a message few days to you expressing concern for my account before this happened ! About having false reported filed against me when I was simply talking by people asking to see perverted things or asking to be unblocked. I had been under attack for 2 days by someone. Whom am not sure but 100% the report was false. Please how can I have my account back. Please help me someone !!!! Thankyou so much for your time Sent from my iPhone
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7 years ago, Blueberry_llama
Glitching out and location problems
Pictures are taking forever to load not loading at all, and all the texts I delete keep coming back, and it tells me I have messages when I don't and sometimes won't show until the old texts came back and it was actually ones I've already deleted. Also when I have the search for a specific area like city, state or country I tend to find that the majority of the people I'm shown don't even live in my country. I Don't mind meet international people, but I would like if I could also be shown people from my country and state so We could potentially meet up. Please fix 🙏🏻 its a great app but recents bugs are turning me away.
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6 years ago, Mario Lee Yang
5 star korean hostel
*True story* You will not believe how far the mind will travel to experience human pleasure and lust. Drugs got the better of me when I encountered a fellow by the name of Slim for the second time on this app. In the midst of the struggle in koreatown. I seemed to have dislocated my phone and my wallet. I am not pointing fingers but this person tried to harm me and my friend when we were at our most vulnerable. Glad the police arrived and I was able to retrieve my phone but the wallet is still in question. I have let go at this point. Thats the whole point for a hard learned lesson isn't it?
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6 years ago, pmayland
Sex Trafficking/Farming
Do not use this app. Nothing but scammers, ho’s and fake profiles. If your looking for a date or a relationship, hit the back arrow and try any other app but this one. They protect the prostitutes and promote them through swipe ads. It’s like backpage sex trafficking, only these dirtbags haven’t got popped yet. Who gave these guys any stars? I guess you have to use 1 eh? I’ve never seen an app with so many negative reviews in my life. Do children run this site or just lowlifes? Don’t give up your day jobs. Hopefully this isn’t it. “Companies” like this deserve to be hit with hackers. 007
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5 years ago, samara0402
Samara Harper
I have enjoyed this app for the longest time until about a year ago when it acts badly anywhere on me. Every phone or ops system i use, the app is bad now. With the ads popping and specially the ones that freezes completely this app. And they won’t have anywhere the X exit button at all. I don’t want to buy or see anything from these vendors and the only way to get out of their ads is by closing the app all the way down and download it back up again. The app has become really bad. Also when i have so many inbox messages, it won’t let me go down or scroll down to the first ones at the bottom because it jumps back up to the top in a 1/4 of a second. And they only way to get off this acting up thing is by deleting all of the messages at once.
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5 years ago, Borisk11
The worst app ever acts like a malware.
Update: The new annoying bug is when you receive message requests which are mostly spam bots and you attempt to decline or accept the window closes its self without letting you click it. And the number keeps growing. Also randomly the app will display some 5-6 digit number of messages and yes it displays that weird number in the app icon badge too. Again never seen such a broken and buggy app on App store. ————— Using it is the most annoying thing. 1. It offers you few people near by then shows you people 200 miles away. 2. Constantly crashing or freezing. Mostly parts of the app. Like the type text bar will not respond. 3. I understand they need to make money since its free. In the beginning was enough annoying that ad banners are right under the type text field and send button so you can often click on ads by mistake so they can make money. But now the ads are pretty much everywhere. Recently most annoying thing is it plays Ad videos on full screen without any notice. If you close it it will reopen again in 3-4 sec. 50% of the time using this app is about fighting the ads.
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5 years ago, Nellz420
Slowly changing
There’s a bug right now in this version . It keeps saying I have 33 messages I check my box and see 12 request. I go to open the request and it goes back to messages inbox . I have no new messages from anybody nor can I see the request . Making me want do kick this off my phone if I can’t perform regularly. W something simple as messages . SKOUT has had its days but a lot of prostitutes come here due to craigslist shutting down and money is starting to be a trend from women who does t normally perform that way on chat sites . Idk things are just changing and it’s becoming more personal ads and not ads /generic feeling. Compared to before . Hope they figure it out
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2 years ago, Aura Zamarripa
Full of bugs
I have been trying to get a mistaken block on their part taken off on this app for 6 weeks I give up. There are a million bugs, you can literally be in the middle of a conversation and it will throw you out of the app and not allow you back in for HOURS saying sign in error. It did this to me all the time at first so I'd switch to the browser then I got locked out of that. I then sent a message to support because id done nothing to get blocked and I've literally been sending them messages saying what I've said here and I get the same generic message saying theyve made an adjustment and it will allow me to log in and then I try to use the app and it says I'm blocked so make it make sense. Like do you guys read those emails or what?
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