SmartPost - Post Scheduler

Social Networking
4.5 (370)
36.9 MB
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Current version
Smart Post App, LLC
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for SmartPost - Post Scheduler

4.48 out of 5
370 Ratings
7 years ago, BeaLundy
Photo issue...
This app meets my needs with the exception of the photo glitch. I edit a photo but it reverts right back to the original every. single. time. I can’t use photos for that reason. Multiple photos are great-except for when I can’t use them the way I need or want to. Overall the app is easy to use and I didn’t have this issue until the recent update. Please help!
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3 years ago, sds2965
Impressive App; equally impressive customer service!
I have been using Smart Post app for approximately five weeks. I use it to post daily memes for one of my business pages. Before I committed to loading the app to use, I reached out to the developers with a couple of questions regarding the functionality of the app. I was astonished, in a good way, when they replied within an hour of sending my inqury! That is a rarity in the world of apps, and it impressed me. I had been using FB Pages Manager for my scheduling of posts needs, and had to find an alternative when that app suddenly became unusable with no explanation. Smart Post app provides the same scheduling functionality, with the added benefit of a truly nice group of people on their development and customer service teams. They go the extra mile with response time to any issues or buggy problems. I had been experiencing a minor glitch with the app, wrote to them today with a description of the issue, and they responded, again, within an hour. They requested further details, which I provided, and they replied that they have isolated the issue and are working on a fix. In the meantime, they suggested an easy work around solution for me. If you’ve found this app, I encourage you to load it and begin using it! The Smart Post app team is head and shoulders above any competitor I have researched, and their dedication to their customers is top notch!
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4 years ago, K8Met
Fine but not great
The app mostly works, and if it’s a little fussy, I wouldn’t normally complain. I wish I could thread scheduled posts on Twitter, to make an easy to follow chain of tweets for my followers (my project is a page-a-day calendar), but I can just hashtag it, fine. It doesn’t allow me to schedule a retweet of a post from one Twitter account to another, okay, that’s just too much to ask I guess. This app limits you to 50 posts loaded per day. Fine. But it also limits how far out you can post. It seems to be 2 months. This is annoying. I’d like to load a whole month as I finish the pages for the month, but I’m stuck having to remember to go back and post later, which is the entire point of the app.
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6 years ago, see-low
Exactly what I was looking for...
All I really needed was a scheduling app, and this does it perfectly. I use a few other free scheduling apps, and although this one isn’t the prettiest, it’s quickly becoming my favorite because I can schedule an unlimited number of posts (at least I haven’t hit a limit yet), and I can post more images per post than the others.
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1 year ago, bohoexplorer
Fixed my issues
The support team did a wonderful job of fixing issues with my 60 or so Facebook pages that wouldn’t link with the app. This was caused by Facebook having a tech issue on their site. Had I shown a little more patience, I would not have given them a bad review the first time.
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1 month ago, h kgd f jk
App is perfect and look clean. The only problem is Pinterest, the main reason I downloaded this. It doesn't show up when I try to schedule a post, even when I reconnect the account many times. If it doesn't work why have it as an option?
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6 years ago, DesertDiL
Just learning about posting. I tried another app recommended by a friend but it only allowed one post a week?! This Smart Post is so easy to learn and use, even for geeks like myself. I have recommended it to everyone. It might seem a little premature cause I haven't checked for the posts yet, but so far I love it!
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6 years ago, Bdylan22
Signing In issues - Loading
Currently having sign in issues. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing is working. I really liked this app. I have several fb accts. I scheduled a post for one and a post for the other. First one posted. 2nd one didn’t and now I’m having sign in issues. It won’t take my info though it’s correct. Now it’s saying loading issue, having trouble loading my data. Hope this gets fixed ASAP. I really loved this app til this issue happened.
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9 months ago, Mo Diddy66
It’s simple & smart
I always look for the next best thing to streamline my work and love of social media. I’m here, there and everywhere.. so I tend to forget some platforms, focus on one.. but this app and it’s bargain pricing completes with other more expensive options out there. Love it!
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5 months ago, Sltootle
Lousy support
I have been trying to re-authorize my account for sometime and I keep getting this error message. Limited support for login: Only parts of login are supported on this device. Functionality in the app might be limited. I have emailed tech-support several times no response. Is there any human beings for this company or they just don’t value me as a customer?
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2 years ago, Aramys Michelle
Functional app!
This app is doing exactly what I need - scheduling posts to my personal social media pages! The ONLY issue is having to push the content manually 😩 why oh why! I’m trying to not be engaged at this time only through scheduled posts. Is there anyway to get around this?
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3 years ago, thnkful29
App doesn’t work properly
The app did not post my content at all I set it for three post! And none went through I am in good hopes someone will get back with me through email or this review! Due to me trying to grow my brand and my cause it’s very essential that the functions of this application works I can understand some issues but to not post it at all is another kind of issue that needs to be fixed Hope it gets fixed soon
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11 months ago, Cbarner3
Now need premium:(
I will be uninstalling this app now, due to needing a subscription now :/ not that it’s their fault, it’s probably Twitters fault but I’m not paying a subscription to post. Sorry guys, you lost a customer.
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3 years ago, Tirayjones
Does what it says
Don’t normally write reviews but this app is great haven’t had any issues yet. Been using it for a few days now. It’s definitely making my life a lot easier!
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1 year ago, TennesseeMomma9727
Better than Twitter
So far I have no qualms with this platform. I hope it stays around, Twitter is probably going down. Meta is part of Facebook I believe, I hope I like this one more than the other.
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6 years ago, amazinglipsjody
Love it!
I absolutely love this app! It allows me to schedule out my posts for the day so I can spend more time on my family. Thank you for making such an amazing app that is simple to use (and that works consistently!)
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6 years ago, Peanut0828
I have such a problem with spacing my posts out for my business and this app is PERFECT! The limit on free posts and pictures is t a problem and it’s super easy to use!
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4 years ago, Tracy from LA
Game Changer!
Smart Post has enabled me to schedule items and info in a timely manner. I no longer worry about blowing up social media and alienated my friends and customers.
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2 years ago, Josedmitri
Good APp
It works great and simplified the complex art of social media posting. You can schedule posts.
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6 years ago, Soxnshoes
Excellent app
I love this app for pre-scheduling tweets. It lets me post more than one image (tweetdeck only allows one image in prescheduling). I am glad I found a tweetdeck-like app so I can do this from my phone.
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5 years ago, LiliCLove
Great little Program
Easily schedule tweets. No longer necessary to post 12 times per day. Highly recommend.
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5 years ago, Dalasnekcihc
Lack of social media platforms
I was looking for an app to schedule my business’ posts on Facebook and Instagram, and there were three different options for Facebook platforms, but the only other platform offered was Twitter. With so many social media platforms out there, it’s disappointing that this app offers so few options.
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5 years ago, itsmenickg
Can’t post to Facebook
I think this works well if you want to schedule for Twitter but soon as you select Facebook you Get a pop-up that says that Facebook has changed it’s policy and you can’t post from this app. Bummer
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6 years ago, Amanda Goodwin
Update broke group posting
The last update just broke group posting. I was booted from both my personal and group account and was able to log back into my personal account but I can moonget add my group. I enter my credentials and it just reloads the page but doesn't add my group. Useless without the ability to post to groups..
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5 years ago, Gustavo156
Great customer service
This product provides great technical support. They gave me personalized attention to help resolve my issues. Great app!!
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2 years ago, Gen3cleaner
Fewer and fewer benefits over time.
Every time I open the app, they have removed features or lowered number of posts to force you into a subscription.
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2 years ago, kabongse
Not publishing accounts on instagram
This app is not publishing my account on instagram please the app manager to get it fixed so account can be publish my client can’t get in touch with me because the can’t find me on instagram meanwhile I have created a multiple personal instagram accounts
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5 years ago, jess leigh harrington
Why is this so hard
I added my Facebook profile and wrote a post. Selected the time and realized there was no profile to select. I went out came in nothing showed that this account could be used. I wish there was more assistance. But this app came of no use to me and I didn’t really expect that.
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10 months ago, bond00713
Why won’t it post videos? 😩
This app used to be good but now it won’t allow you to post videos. Devs PLEASE UPDATE THIS APP bc this problem is driving me to find other apps that are competent
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6 years ago, alphonsoking
This help is just what I have been searching for . Pls app developer kindly fix the Facebook group
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1 year ago, BrubsA.
Free and Useful
Free and allows to schedule Twitter post which is basically all I need.
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6 years ago, Random326
Good start poor ending
Loved it to start. Let me post all my days tweets for my site. Now apparently it has me labeled a spammer and I can't post from my site anymore. I'm not a spammer! Only tweet for my site/business from one account. Disappointed I have to move on now! So much for unlimited tweets!
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8 years ago, Keeiks
Is there a groups option
Just got this app as I have been looking for a way to schedule posts to groups I've tried hoot suite, postcron and buffer. I was hoping that this app would allow me to schedule posts to several groups. But I have yet to find an app that will do more than three for me. Unless there is something I am not finding about this app.... Help
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5 years ago, Jaquia25
This app has not worked since the last 3 updates. It has failed every post i have created. What's the point?? Waiting for another update that hopefully fixes it!
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3 years ago, jorgep98
Simple but great app
Really like this app. Simple easy to use.
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7 years ago, MissMekMek
Love this app wish it had Instagram tho
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5 years ago, Purple-RedKoala
No capabilities for LinkedIn Pages??
I got this app to use for LinkedIn Pages, but it doesn’t have the capability to handle it. It has Facebook Pages and Groups, but not for LinkedIn. Please add this capability. Can’t use it otherwise =\
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3 years ago, Dreamlandia
Several issues
This app has several issues - when I go to write a message, I can’t delete what I just typed - if you schedule an instagram or fb post if you’re not on your phone when it prompts, it never does - posts to fb and instagram arent automatic - you can’t post to a sub account on instagram (an account you created under your main account)
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5 years ago, Blakkwene
It worked great until update
I can’t post to Facebook pages or groups now. I don’t even see my pages.
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4 years ago, Kkushinski
Great app
Works very well!
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6 years ago, DimesDimePiece
Can’t upload pics
Each time I try to upload a pic, there’s an error! Please fix!
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5 years ago, ianall
App no longer working
App no longer posts to the fb Page I own.
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1 month ago, allisonjinwonderland
Pay for Tweets
Twitter is the only “premium” platform. Complete waste of a download
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6 years ago, 144york
Not user friendly. Complicated and useless.
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2 years ago, mikemike396
Great App!
App works great!
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3 years ago, Codyjwhite
Why is Instagram not an option? 😞
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5 years ago, asdadbjsdj
justwakescott me this is it
we flick f
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9 years ago, lemonboy
Great app with great service!
This app is fantastic, and a better alternative for to Hootsuite in my opinion. Perfect tool for scheduling posts and managing multiple accounts. I initially had a couple buggy issues with this app, but when I reached out to the developers with feedback they were incredibly responsive and made the fixes right away and released updates. I can not say enough how refreshing that was. And the updates work great. Great work guys!
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8 years ago, LittleLibraryKoala
I just got the app and it has been malfunctioning already
Hello, I just downloaded the app and it has already malfunctioned. I thought this app will be very efficient for me since I have Facebook groups that I'm in charge of and I would like to post stuff to keep everyone up-to-date. But it seems this app doesn't have the capabilities that I thought it did. I hope you can fix the app because I had high expectations for it. It has many bugs and the loading page needs to have a way to contact tech service.
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7 years ago, Diaz_809
Needs Auto post every hour / day
Would like to see the option to schedule the same post multiple times thought the day without having to do it one by one. ie: select multiple hours/days that the post is shared. I have an artist coming to my city in 3 months and id like the option to auto promote for the next 3 months without having to keep adding it every hour/day.
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