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4 months ago
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User Reviews for SpoofCard

4.66 out of 5
30.7K Ratings
5 years ago, Spoof This!
I have used this app for 8 years in my profession as well as my staff. It is a shame that I am having to do a review this bad due to just my last 3 purchases. I always continued to get excellent customer service until now. I have sent a total of 5 emails to you and only told that the staff is out of office and that you have a high number of inquiries. I am sure you do, with the same issue as I. I am being charged 3 to 4 credits per 1 minute call. All my calls are recorded and there is a call log with the seconds or minutes of call... most of mine are under 1 minute. I want my last 3 purchases reimbursed on what I did not use just what I actually used is what I should be charged for, or I will inevitably broadcast on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram if your illegal practices. I will contact the BBB and The Consumer Affairs which is at no cost to me by the way. Yes I will and can do this with free assistance from Dept Of Consumer Affairs or if I have to pay to do whatever it takes to get this taken care of. It takes a lot to make me mad and I am tolerant of many things but when you push I shove!
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4 months ago, MrGuyAndMsLady
It’s good only if….
If you have an old grand fathered account then you can choose any number to call from without verification. So basically that’s the only way to actually use the app like I’m sure you’re intending to. Otherwise you have to confirm the phone number via OTP in order to “spoof” call from it. Makes nooooo sense lol. If you have the old grand fathered account like I spoke of then you’re good. It works perfect and calls like every single number. I have not found one black listed number yet. If you don’t have one of these old accounts try logs or …idk I’m sure there’s somewhere you can buy one? It’s way better than trace bust even just gotta get that old grand fathered account without it though like if you just make a brand new account this app is completely useless and pointless. Completely and utterly
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5 years ago, MVPisGOD
Don’t download this app
If you know what’s best for you, don’t waste your time to download this app. Someone lied on me and my life was basically on the line if the truth doesn’t come out. I called the person, recorded them and after the call, the recording was not appearing on the app but it was showing online as “still processing.” I contacted customer support and they told me they can’t do anything about it although the website indicated the call was recorded but not available. I asked them to escalate it to their engineers or developer if they could retrieve the recordings cos my life was basically on the line here and if I don’t get that recording, I’ll be in big trouble. They came back claiming they can’t provide the recording cos it’s not appearing available on their end although my call logs online shows the call was recorded but I couldn’t access the recording. This thing has cost me everything and I can’t believe I wasted my time, energy and money on this app when nothing works. How do you have a recording feature but doesn’t work. Or when something is recorded, we can’t access it. I regret so much and the fact that I couldn’t get the recording to prove my innocence has cost me a lot! Please save yourselves from this app.
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4 years ago, Tenacious Customer
Anonymous User
It’s the best app for calling/texting back those calls/texts I receive that are not in my contacts, without exposing my real number. With all the fraudulent activity going on today via our personal and business cell phone numbers that have been exposed on various websites, along w all our info, I use this app quite a bit in order to make sure people are who they say. Security & confidentiality are essential in my business and it begins with our cell phones. If I find it’s scammers I know to block & report. Even though legally Telemarketers can’t be reported (IF no FCRA laws are broken) I can still block the robo calls. If you answer a call not recognized your setting yourself up for more “spam” calls which can be from anyone anywhere in the world yet show local. So 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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6 months ago, Barbie_Bella
I USE to LOVE this App
This was a 10+Star App at one time, && I was a FAITHFUL USER for over 12yrs , but recently this APP is USELESS! It WAS the onLY app that ALLOWED YOU TO make calls from ANY NUMBER I wanted to call from, making it fun to prank someone by calling them from their own number && watching the confusion on their face, I always used it && now it’s no longer useful because it’s just like all the other apps that make you choose from their list of random numbers or from your own verified phone number. 😒 I just want to say to the creators of this app, you USE to be the only spoof app with the features that no other phone app had, there’s enough “Second Phone number” apps out there, you didn’t need to change any of your previous features, because now your not at all the APP that you WERE, && I don’t find any use for having money on this app anymore && now your just taking up space on my Home Screen. Please bring back the original features, or I’m gonna have to delete Spoof from my APPs forever ♾😫
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5 years ago, bpacheco431
Helped me catch my cheating ex
I never thought I’d be using an app for this especially for a reason like this but it worked. My ex told me to not be worried about this guy that I had more than enough reason to be worried about. She had already sexted him over the course of a month. She tells me shed block him. Bam plugged his number in and called her from it and it goes through. It goes through over and over. When she blocks him again it goes straight to voicemail. This app works perfectly everytime. Tested with multiple numbers, even fictional numbers and it worked great for this purpose. While I’m sure theres other great reasons to use it - it can honestly be used to save you some heartache like it did me. I hope this helps!
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1 year ago, Bngbngshootshoot
Privacy? I’ll protect my wallet instead
So this is my second review. My first didn’t go through and I’ve wasted all that time. Soooo I’ll keep this short. I love scambaiting. To waste a scammers time, play around with them, and try to convince them that what they’re doing is ruining peoples lives, it’s pretty fun and fulfilling to me. When I heard about this app, I thought it was what I really need for wasting scammers time. However, they gave me 5 free credits. I saw pricing and, even though it seemed way over priced as it’s a credit per minute plus more if you use a feature live voice changer, I was considering just getting the $100 package for the most coins. One time then that’s it. I tried calling and it was dead. So I tried again. Changed the spoof number. Changed the calling number. All it did was make my credits go away with absolutely no luck. My 5 credits were gone within 2 minutes. And I didn’t even call anyone successfully. Then I thought I would just give my opinions to their support team. They only have a chat. And I got a message saying there’s no one there to chat with. Ha. Imagine if I paid $100 and the app took my money, and no one was there to help? This app is a great concept. But it’s WAY overpriced and for me it was extremely unsuccessful! Maybe you’ll have better luck. But after this review, I’m done.
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4 years ago, DanFromAtlanta
The best phone spoof/ prank app out there.
I have tried other apps and this one and works, it’s easy, and has all the features I didn’t know I wanted. I called my sister and thanked her for her large contribution to the political campaign that she’s against. I use it to send people a quick text or a call when I don’t want them to have my cell number. What I really wanted it for was to call my girlfriend from a guy’s phone she had been sneaking around with to see if she would tell me that he tried to call her. She did tell me and she showed me that she never wanted to talk to him again. It really helped our relationship, and she never has to know. Thank you!!
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5 years ago, Mrflavus
This app is appauling.
So I used this app for a few prank calls to my friends. They knew it was me so it wasn’t against the legal notice. They typically were under a minute, so I didn’t spend any credits on those. Now I wanted to send a text to a friend to test on how that worked, but I wrote a typical sized text and I ran out of credits from that one text. Then I looked to see if I could watch an ad for credits or something, but I only saw that I had to buy the credits. So I wanted to buy some credits so I was able to keep using the app. Turns out, 45 credits are about eight dollars. I can send about four texts with that. How do you expect people to keep using this app if you’re running them dry just to use it. I say lower the prices for the credits, but that’s your choice. I would like to be replied to because this is entirely unacceptable. No one I know will be recommended to this app unless they have about one hundred dollars lying around to send ten texts.
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5 years ago, why cant i pick any name
AMAZING BUT expensive
You get 5 free Calls, but after that you have to pay $10 for every 45 calls. Also if you call and they don’t pick up it charges you for like credit either way. It also charges you credits which when you are on hold which is not good. It works like a charm, but here are a few improvements suggestions: Give the 10 for calls for a five star rating, find a way to make it so you can text people from any number, and don’t charge credit for calls that people do not pick up, that just makes me not want to buy more. Overall I love this app so far and plan on continuing to use it, but I also think there should be less expensive options for instants five dollars for 20 calls.
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5 years ago, ridasawa
You pay for what you get!!
It’s the best App for its purpose compared to the dozens in its category I’ve sampled. Although, it’s more expensive than I hoped it would be, it’s the best program used compared to the “free” alternatives which are’t “free” as they are littered with spam, scams, and limitations that void the purpose of using it overall, so as they saying goes, ifs it’s too good to be true, than there’s a catch, so paying on here actually works, and offers all the tools needed, but could add more options, lower usage cost, and improve on the voice disguise as it’s too robotic fake and hard to understand, anyways if there’s a better option share the knowledge folks
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5 years ago, 25 cats no problem!
Totally works... it gives you 5 credits too.
If you find the need to go to another level of finding out clues on what is really going on under your naïve little girls nose. See when he blocks you! See when he is lying to you. Get the point across when he thinks your your best friend calls. My correct caller id is blocked I get 1 short ring and straight to voice Mali. Then call from a common # both he has & I have. What happened 6 rings, 6 long rings then to voicemail. I love this app. But I Also hate it because it will being so truths to the surface. It in inevitably going to happen.
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6 years ago, vulcansHammer
Spoofcall is a spoof on the subscriber
When I try and make a spoof call the number just rings and rings but there is no answer. I have only been able to successfully use this app one time out of ten or more attempts. Also there is no live support. UPDATE: I was able to contact phone support at a later date and they were helpful in resolving my issue. This app works great when it works. You just have to be patient with it sometimes but it is the only app I have found that both allows you to change your voice and your phone number.
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5 years ago, lorirosas
Look at auto replenish when you sign up!!
I downloaded this app a few days ago and I bought some credits to send some texts. I signed in today and saw that I had an extra 25 credits that I didn’t authorize payment for. Looking around in the settings, the auto replenish feature was turned on and I did not have a clue that there even was an option. Apparently whenever you download the app it automatically turns this feature on without asking or telling you, and when your credits get low it will automatically give you more. Shady! If I need more credits I will buy them. I’m glad I figured this out now instead of being charged 9.99 every time my credits got to 20 😡 and what’s the point of arguing with them for my money back
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3 years ago, Maddniss
Cool app, but also a rip
This app could be so awesome, I have had some real fun with this app and I have no problem paying for credits. But when the call doesn’t go through and I still get charged my credits...that’s really dirty. I feel scammed when I pay for credits and then lose them with out even getting to use the service I have paid for. I can’t and won’t spend another dollar on something that’s just going to scam me for my hard earned money. If that problem was fixed then this would be a Great 5 star app. But the way it is now I have a really hard time giving it the star I did. Be nice if you guys would do something about this problem. Instead of stealing my money. All I want is what I paid for nothing more nothing less.
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5 years ago, Bamboozled08
Free Credits
My account never renews free credits like advertised on app website and other app sites info, my understanding was that I would be automatically receiving free credits after every 30 days I have the app downloaded along with my valid active account and I believe that was a misrepresentation used just to get the customer interested in downloading the app. Very disappointed and I feel mislead and bamboozled. I love the app and everything it offers when I am able to utilize it, thanks for letting me give you my input.
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2 years ago, pat2ey
Greatest app to contact people avoiding you
Really great app which I am sure there are many prank type uses for , but I have been using for years as a contractor for when customers owe money but duck or stop taking your calls. They just cannot resist answering the phone when the caller ID shows their own telephone number. Works everytime , and not one person has ever asked like “how did I do that” , they assume it’s a malfunction with their phone.
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5 years ago, Lukeminecrafter3
This app is great! Until you realize that you can only call for five minutes. Why? Because of the new, innovative credits system! One credit for one minute of calling time! No free credits regenerated over time. Nope. Once you are done with your five minutes, you literally have no choice but to pay $20 Just so you can get two hours of calling time. At most, $100 for 1000 minutes. The worst part is that you start with five credits, and you receive no warning when you have few credits remaining. As a result: I have been charged with money I had no clue I lost. Why do you need to pay for a glorified voice disguiser? I just wanted to prank call some people, but this is a bit much. So much for having fun, because even ‘business apps’ are freemium now! :D
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5 years ago, kells785
Can’t even try it out for free??
How do I know I wanna buy credits if I can’t even test it out first and see what I am paying for ? Also does this let u put in anyone number for the caller Id? Otherwise I won’t be impressed no apps have that option anymore and no one ever has the use any number for text either I will pay for an app that works and offers to put in anyone number in the caller id area for txt and call , the whole point is to prank someone right so let us choose the number we wanna put in the caller Id especially text no one has it like I said so if u add that option then many more people will spend money on your app
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5 years ago, Missedmisty
Almost awesome
I called my bff and put in her number as where originating from but her caller Id said voicemail -I also called hitting straight to voicemail Yet she answered saying she thought she had hit call her vm by accident- so I lost 3credits of the 5- then the female voice sounds like Alvin chipmunk’s sister-so fake —bad fake..and I had no idea what it would sound like until making a trial call....then when I tried to do my actual call it rang so long that before the vm beeped I ran out of token:( so maybe give 15 - 20 tokens to try it or make an option to call your own phone as a trial/test.... I think this had so much potential- change female voice too -thanks
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4 years ago, Massapequa Dan
Waste if time and money
I downloaded this app and bought 20$ in credits. I was able to place one call. I chose to prank a friend. I selected the female voice w the crowed room background noise. It took 15 min to get it to work and when it did the background noise was so loud the person i called could not hear a word i was trying to say. Thats the only call that went thru. Ive tried 20 more calls and each time all i get is a setting up tour call screen. This goes on for hours. I keep trying to connect and the app just spins that message again and again. I called their customer service and all you get is a ringing phone that hangs up on you. Im calling my credit card today to put a stop on the $20 i spent for the credits.
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5 years ago, DyanaSilver
This App Can Lead To Bad Things.
I like this idea. You guys are very creative... realize this though, this disguises people and it can lead to serious things. If people use this app for bad things you can be to blame. This isn’t a threat.... but users be cautious. Make sure that why your calling is tame and doesn’t Lead somewhere. This is how children are kidnapped and taken away. I don’t want anyone getting hurt. I’m surprised by reading these reviews that no one has actually thought about this.
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3 years ago, cmmarich
Works mostly as it should
I’m pleased with the features offered mostly. You can’t senda SpoofCard to us number from any number join must choose from a drop down list I f numbers. If you make a call and fail to entre a caller ID number it will show your actual phone number- I learned that the hard way. About 30-35% of spoof calls I made failed to give me the expected result . The call would disconnect prematurely or never connect at all. I was satisfied with cost and free trial is awesome of 45 credits. This app works well enough that I spent another $20 in credits. Background noises are pretty believable.
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4 years ago, N m j-b
I purchased my monthly subscription yesterday. Signed in today and had nothing available to make a call with. When I tried to reach an agent via chat because that’s the only way besides email it said “sorry no agents available try again later”. Immediately I looked into canceling my monthly subscription. I followed the directions accordingly and a message pops ups and says my subscription is cancelled by my account is not closed. Whatever that’s supposed to mean. I’ll be keeping a close eye on my account for any fraudulent activity. Thankfully I’ve been with them for years and have a great relationship so it will not be an issue. Matter of fact I’ll give them a heads up.
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2 years ago, nnofool4 itt
Wife blocks me when she’s cheating and out being rediculous and all I need to is call from a number she answers. Once called he when she supposedly was talking to her boyfriend and she answered really sweet and went to his dads that night for a bbq that didn’t exist because I invited her when she thought I was him. She came home real upset and took her a week to tell me she was mad for being stood up love this app
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5 years ago, gsnxb ycke
Awesome App!!!
This app is great for keeping your calls Anonymous! The customer service is top notch as well if you ever have any questions or issues with this app SpoofCard’s customer service will get back to you immediately and fix your problem no questions asked! I definitely will keep using this app and refer my family and friends! Thank you so much again Amanda for your 5 star customer service !!!
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5 years ago, valiente911V
Won’t allow to use own Spoof # in U.S!
This app is miss leading, as I wanted to use someone’s specific number to appeared and it won’t allow me. It allows you to use a number from some presets already in the system. It apparently allows to use your own number of choice if you dial a non U.S number. If you don’t care about using someone specific number it does work. It did not work for me and this app was not very clear.
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5 years ago, Brad's-A-Winner
Can’t choose number to text from!
When I downloaded and bought credits, I thought you could use any number as the “from” number, but you have to choose from a list. Kind of defeats the point if the person receiving the text knows it’s not the number of the person the text is from! Hello! Dead giveaway it’s a spoof call.
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4 years ago, herngonz
Total rip off on the credits
I went through all 5 credits and each call was barely a second long. One call didn’t even connect... it was dead air. The other 4 calls, the person ( same person each call) hung up each time he heard me say “don’t hang up” so that literally was a second.. not a minute call. I am entitled to credit on all my credits... I believe this is a complete rip off and I’m completely disappointed. Otherwise this would have been a great app. To pay your charge for credits is ridiculous, your fees are ridiculous and just to be ripped off. I feel this must be reported to BBB AT THE VERY LEAST!!
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4 years ago, Verynoice
Don’t trust
This app is a scam, maybe it used to be good but these people charged me 25$ for the monthly fee that I agreed to then for no reason whatsoever denied me membership and will not refund me my money even tho they said they would and I signed up over a week ago. I emailed to ask a specific question about the app itself and got a response back that they couldn’t provide service to me. What?? And no reason listed. The quality of the phone call is trash and the features they provide are a joke. Dishonest people selling trash for a good amount of money. There are much better options available, check them out
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5 years ago, tuy51
What good is it when the person I’m trying to reach can block SpoofCard? Is that a possibility? Because even with the fake phone numbers, I’m getting “we’ve encountered an error; please contact customer service” each time now. As if the person blocked the entire app. Dumb and I spent some money on it too. Also when I make a spoof call it just rings forever with no answer or ending. And charges one credit per minute? Those credits should be refunded if the call never placed.
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5 years ago, king taycrockett
Scam of taking your money for membership
I’ve used this app in the pass and had no problems. Now when I purchase a membership and spend my hard earning money they never gave me my membership. After sending email and doing everything nobody at there office ever contacted me back. But it’s ok because I’ll be contacting the BBB and I have over 15k followers on ig I’ll make Sure I blog about this and post this on my page so everybody can know how this will scam you out your money and never receive your membership. App has always worked great that’s why I told others about it but taking my money is not cool.
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2 years ago, CEO OF GRACE AGENCY
Spooftel is awesome for business
Yea f you have a virtual office in another state Spooftel you can forward that office ph you forward calls one to your cell phone then if you need to call some back from that Office you have in another State you can make your out-of-state office phone number show up on their phone so they answer!
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3 years ago, Renzo5050
Credits being used for calls not working
Anytime there is a problem with the calling system no matter what I lose credits on calls not placed. 47 to date since I have used this app. Very disappointed there is no way to contact customer support about this issue.
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1 year ago, oncalltech
Great app!!!
Have been using this app as an on call service tech. It’s been a great alternative to blocking my number from the customer. They see our company number and pick up our call, before they would just let it go to voicemail, even though they called us with an emergency.
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4 months ago, citygrrerreel
Used to work
This used to be such a good app for pranks and other usages to protect your identity. Now it looks like you’ve done away with the ability to select any number you want to appear on the caller ID and instead have to pick one of your numbers. Is there a way to get that feature restored as these new numbers only result in “potential spam” being picked up on the caller ID of Apple iPhones so no one would pick up a spam call . Rendering this pretty useless now . Is there’s a workaround or a way of restoring that feature ? Please let me know
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4 years ago, James27771
Great app but...
This is arguably the best app on this store you can do anything from change your voice to Having a sound in the backround its Really Good! But, You need credits for all features Its 1 credit per one call they give you i belive 4 credits Thats it And the lowest Option to but credits is almost $8 Its a good app dont get me wrong But i just dont like How u get like to Do 5 calls if that And then the app has no more use
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2 years ago, DamionDice
10/10 If you ever wanna have the edge on that unknow number; here you go.
If you ever wanna have the edge and keep your number secured from those you’re not sure about them this app right here is a girls or an entertainer traveling overseas best friend. Love this app and how they do t try to nickel and dime you for your talk time. Some apps have expiration dates on when you can you your minutes. I’ve had my same minutes going strong for months now and when it runs out I’m for sure buying more. Amazing works guys, keep it up. P.S don’t get greedy, simplicity is the way for your business model to survive - Damion Dice. 10/10
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1 year ago, Mark M. Winer
Best Spoof App
Here’s why I give only one star. I have had my app for years and I love it. However I recommended it to a friend of mine and he downloaded it. When he went to use it we found out that you can no longer put any number that you choose as the display number, only numbers that the app selects for you. This completely ruins the app. So if you have the old version, it’s FANTASTIC but I cannot, in good faith, recommend the new version until they change it back to allowing you to choose the display number.
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4 years ago, razvan 12345
Great app, too bad the payment system is down.
I’ve been enjoying this app for quite a while now, but the payments do not go through anymore. Very well designed, easy to use, I would get back on using it but you can’t really do that anymore. Support does not reply, live chat is disabled, that’s the reason for my review.
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12 months ago, Ivandio
Used to be Great now it’s Garbage
I can’t believe you went away from all the features that got you so many customers !!! Now we no longer can pick our own number !!! That’s the whole purpose of why I got this app !! Don’t use this app it used be good now it’s garbage
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4 years ago, JeseniaD
Waste of time
I tried using this app n it rang twice after tht nothing!!!! Wasted my money I’m sooo very annoyed . Is it that calls into Jamaica are banned? I really need to know because I tried using it and my credit is going down yet I have only spoke to one person within the country. Please let me know and I would like a refund for the rest of my credit. The automated machine comes on everytime I try to call within Jamaica and tells me to type the number I’m calling and all of that after I already put that in before calling. I’m just not understanding
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6 years ago, nouozy
Can't make a phone call
I don't understand, I subscribed to the membership plan, I have being charged twice, being busy so wasn't able to use it. For the past 3days now I have being trying to make a phone call, it just rings endlessly and no one picks. I tried calling my friend a while back and same old, keeps ringing and the call doesn't appear on my friends phone. I just don't get it?? Y'all be charging me for subscription even thou the app isn't working? Can you guys fix this? Otherwise would be forced to cancel my subscription
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4 years ago, aslantas21
Wow just wow.
Truly an amazing app where you can hide your information to keep you safe. Also I like to use it with my friends i pretend I’m a scammer to my friends and they don’t know it’s me because of the voice changer. And I totally understand that you have to buy the credits but it’s all good because it’s worth it!!
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2 years ago, Dylansmith007
All good but female voice sounds like a robot
The app is really good but the female voice sounds like a robot while the male voice sounds perfect, every other features is superb. Can you please work more on the female voice to actually sounds like a female instead of a robot
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2 years ago, paultodd22
Not working anymore and charges for calls no one answers
I’ve been using this app for years and it’s worked quite well my biggest issue with it is they charge you when charging for calls no one answers is a bit of a rip off no one answers a call But even worse over the last 3 to 4 weeks more than 70% of the people I’m calling see my actual real phone number and name on the calls were the app is not working correctly at all anymore
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5 years ago, longlivethe80s
Very unhappy
Does not work If the person you were trying to reach has a phone that is screening for unknown numbers because even though you can choose the display number which I have done because I know who the contacts are the Call itself is coming from only one of three US phone numbers that cannot make it through the recipients screening so this service does not at all do what I needed to do I need the number going to the recipients phone to be when it recognizes and not one of these 800 service numbers
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11 months ago, Arty411
Used to be good..not anymore
This app used to be wonderful. You could prank call your friends and family I having specific numbers show up on their phone while you’re calling. Now you can’t do that. Because now you just have to pick from a bunch of random pre-picked numbers to show up on the receiver‘s phone… rather than entering an exact number that they will be see show up on their caller ID like before. Lost all its fun and value. I would pass.
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2 years ago, bookah butt
Not a happy customer
I’ve been using this app for years but it’s charging me 5cresits to send a text and 1credit per call per minute. I paid 9.99 for 45 credits and they were gone in 5 text! Extremely too high. Wouldn’t recommend!
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4 years ago, Tattoojeni75
This is a great app
This app is great and works on my iPhone just as great. It has a lot of features and quite frankly there’s no other app like it out there. And yes you have to buy credits but it’s worth every penny, people worked hard in developing this app and deserve compensation for it. WAY TO GO keep up the good work, just ♥️ this app!!
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