Tagged Dating App: Meet & Chat

Social Networking
4.5 (407.9K)
238.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ifwe Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tagged Dating App: Meet & Chat

4.48 out of 5
407.9K Ratings
2 years ago, live streamer lost 89k
Be cautious
This app for me was the best of both worlds in the beginning of the pandemic it gave me both a chance to stay in my house and be safe but meet and greet with people make new friends all across the world and have laughs and jokes while staying safe however the rules and policies of this app are traveling to me you get gifts from viewers that turn into coins that you can eventually cash out for real dollars and on two separate occasions my live stream app had been reported and was banned keeping all of my earned goods and not refunding they don’t give you a chance to have an arbitration to prove your case they simply cut you out and you have to start all over again from the beginning really wish they could find a different way to figure out if accusations against your conduct or the lack of proper conduct is false or not but have fun sit back stream watch others make new friends cash out as soon as you can
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9 months ago, Krash Reportuh
Absolutely love Tagged!!!
The app and website are great for combating boredom! I play Pets on my computer, but haven’t been able to play it on my iPhone for quite a while through the app. However, if I can get into the website via a Tagged email, then I can continue to play Pets on my iPhone. It took me a long time to discover that “workaround.” I chat with people through direct messages. I watch people’s live streams, but haven’t done any live streaming myself yet. I enjoy meeting people from my area in person at local restaurants. I get a kick out of communicating with the money-grubbing scammers and those seeking sugar daddies. I have a variety of methods for letting them know that no money will be forthcoming from me unless they show up in person at their own expense and actually look like their attractive photos. I’ve noticed that ever since iOS 15, the Tagged app sometimes freezes on the opening screen. I can’t find a way out of that without powering down the iPhone and then powering it on again. Due to the technical glitches, four stars.
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2 years ago, Amazon501
Strong 0 stars .. lost of investment.. trolls
Hello , I invested a lot into Tagged reached a very high score started promoting the app on All platforms & started making money Quick .I ran into some mean people that ran a group in Tagged that wanted me to join . I declined so the group of 15+ reported my page till I was removed for weeks!! Not to mention the hate you get from locals & people that stalk you , literally follow you to report until your removed… I’m strongly giving this app a -100 due to the money time &Effort I used to build my platform on this app which was taken away from false reports. You can’t appeal anything on the app which is zero security to people that invest money on Tagged . You literally lose touch withPeople you’ll never speak to it again because this app has no type of security for the users…. And then if your plus size everything you wear is considered nudity… but it’s a adult site where children aren’t allowed so I don’t understand all of the rules but anyway….If they create a safe spot for investors on this app to not get robbed i good help center I would give tagged 5 stars … but it’s a strong 0 stars bcz if u run into trouble on this app all ppl have to do is report u till yur kicked off & that’s not fair
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11 months ago, HcLasS76
Where my coins at?
I’m on the app causally and then I was like okay let me get some coins and gift these streamers. Few weeks later my coins disappear. I contacted Tagged and they didn’t want to resolve it. They be scamming. I am not with it. Thank you Tagged for opening my eyes. I’m canceling you and others. This ain’t entertainment ========================= I’m going to write a review now with a cooler head. I spent $100 on coins and felt comfortable with it after spending $20. That $20 lasted me months. I gift prudently. I had a high amount of coins for about a month after paying $100. Then one day I was down to zero coins. This had to be a mistake. I contacted Tagged and they showed me that I sent gifts all in one day. This was wrong. I was not even on the app that day on a Sunday afternoon. I asked for a refund. They said no. So I contacted my bank then got my money back. Tagged then shut down my account. I told them I must of been hacked. Now after this experience, I am no longer taking part of any transactions thru apps. So I thank you for waking me up to all this nonsense. I am cancelling a lot of things now and I do not want to be dependent on lame apps for entertainment.
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2 years ago, KibasRain
Prostitution/ scammers/ fake profiles
I use to really love this app. But it has dramatically gone down hill as one of the worst dating apps. I can tell from being on there that the developers don’t care anymore about what goes on much on the app since they’re getting money off of people buying gifts on the app. From being on there. The live feature. So many people will only respond to you. If you get on their live. And even then they won’t respond to you unless you send them a gift. Which you have to pay real money for. They dress up scandalous on their live pictures to get attention. Which is crazy because tagged won’t allow you to upload certain pics. But yet they’ll allow that because they get money off of it with the live feature… A lot of women on their are selling themselves with prostitution. A lot of fake accounts. I’d get probably 20 messages a day from fake profiles wanting you to sign up for a sex website. Or a snap where you pay for videos or pictures of themselves. Tones of fake profiles. So for me if I could. I’d give this app negative stars. Because it’s never going to change from what I see. The developers don’t care.
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2 years ago, grndmstrdiallo
Used to be good now it’s ok
It used to be a decent network where u could share stuff to your page to showcase more of your personality and communicate more freely. Before live the newsfeed was the way to see what was happening locally and that’s a feature they really should bring back. At one point I met girls off the site effortlessly just from my feed they might say something that inspires me to spark a good conversation. The live feature takes this out of the equation and replaces it with a multi speed dating type feature where the loudest voice is noticed and people who prefer to be more low key miss out. The live feature is cool but shouldn’t replace the feed and the blogs were cool too but now it’s so overrun with fake profiles and other genres with female profiles, scammers and other bad actors it really should be cleaned up a bit and i know the app has to generate money but there are better ways than charging for everything especially when there were more useful free features in the past.
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6 years ago, Uyggyuuyu
Love the app but wish it had some filters for going live. For fun and to make me look a little Less gross when I’ve had a rough day. A lot of older men going after younger girls which is pretty gross. It’s not the fact that they want you it’s that they offer to pay you for things and make you very uncomfortable. Also I don’t think you should just ban a live because someone reports it. You should be able to watch it and see if it’s really inappropriate or what not. I have a good friend who goes live and y’all banned her from going live because someone reported her when she did nothing wrong. Other than that I love the app and hope you’ll take into consideration the filters.
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2 years ago, O ski
Prices and hackers
I’m a black vip I feel like to have gotten that status you have spent endless money to even have reached that status. But yet if you enter someone’s like and don’t send a gift you get harassed and someone stuff which is pathetic. You make it extremely hard for us to win bonuses even knowing that we already spend that bag on here!! On top of that you guys had the audacity to KEEP YOUR PRICES THE SAME AND TAKE AWAY FROM THE PACKAGES!! There is NO such thing as a good gold day anymore!!! How is that fair to people who buy the larger bundles because I can tell you in not gonna but like I use to because I’m being cheated for sure and there are many others who feel and that are gonna do the same. Atleast if your gonna give is 300,000 for 100$ have Atleast 2 days out of the week you do the 400,000 or maybe even a bonus day to make people want to purchase more gold. All I see is you guys struggling if you want to keep your customers and make more money BE FAIR!! I’ve been in here too many years and it’s just getting worse your trying but failing miserably!!! Do better!!
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1 year ago, King_swamp__
The app is alright, I give it a 3 star because for ones there’s way to many spam accounts messaging you a day. The live feature is the same from every other app. I strongly dislike the fact that you can’t post statuses anymore thats absolutely garbage & I strongly dislike how if I’m watching a live and I forgot to fav them I can only hope to the man above I find that account again at some point. There should be a recently viewed tab in the live feature( don’t steal my idea without a check tho) where it shows maybe the last 10-20 people’s lives you’ve views. & there should also be a feature for the streamer and people who watch the streams where you can go Picture in Picture so that you can still use your phone and while also continuing the stream normally. Listen I got a plethora of idea you guys can always email for more ideas to help
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6 years ago, PossibleUpdates
Great app
I like the tagged but it has a lot going on. With that being said I use the app on my phone and I would like to be able to delete messages all at once not one by one that is driving me crazy. My inbox be to full for that. Secondly, you have to pay for gold ok i get that. Have specials so you can get more for the price sometimes. I feel the gifts should be lowered or the price to get gold. Also find another way to earn gold instead downloading all these games and taking up people storage on there phone. Like you can earn gold daily by doing certain things on tagged. Thirdly, on live when people enter you live they should be counted but it should also have another list of people who is still lurking in your live. People crazy these days so they can be stalking the person for real. As a woman I would love a feature like this so I can see who’s watching me. Other then that tagged is cool. Hopefully these things can be fix or work on.
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4 years ago, Wintersummerspringjoy
I love the tagged app I’ve met plenty of cool people on it but what I hate the most is there are perverts and violent people on the app I’ve been threatened by many man saying they would kill me and get me kidnapped people was giving out my number and address to everyone I don’t know how they got my information but that was happening and it’s very dangerous because I might have a stalker so you guys need to tighten up the security and accounts on here you have sex traffickers on here two of them cans my way but I know what a fake account look like so I escalated that fast you guys need to really see who is making an account but besides that I actually like the app I just don’t understand why can’t we smoke on the app your always getting banned from the live because someone showed a child or something not to serious that is very annoying it’s like i have to put on a huge sweater and pants just so I won’t get banned because I choice to show some skin!!!!
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2 years ago, LF-4
Deleting accounts without cause
I have seen multiple streamer accounts get deleted by tagged without properly informing the member of the specific reason. Streamers are losing whatever currency they have and not getting reimbursed. All tagged does is send an email saying you have violated the terms of service and poof everything is gone. No specific reason or an explanation of what rules have been broken. This seems highly criminal and this company does not value its streamers or gifters. I would be cautious not to leave diamonds sitting in your account so cash out quick. They can quickly take everything away without giving a single reason why your account has been deleted. If you give to a streamer and tagged deletes that streamer account without that person cashing out first, tagged is basically pocketing your money that was meant for the streamer. That’s called stealing and they should be shut down and criminal charges should be filed against them.
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9 months ago, Nevertfagain.
This app can be very useful for dating and matchmaking in finding new people as soon as you don’t get on the app though or as soon as you really start personalizing the app, they delete your account it doesn’t matter how many times you try to reinstate your account or appeal, whatever the reason that they deleted your account for because every time you create a new account, they will just keep deleting it . every time I create a new account with this app for a week I will have it or a couple days I’ll have my account and then I’ll be deleted and blocked from using the app ever again . I will never suggest this app to anybody because of how trash the software is and how bad the service is , how do you continue to delete peoples accounts for no reason that or not going against the community . I’ve had a total of six different accounts with this app, and every email every account I had has been deleted.
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9 months ago, 0 % CHANCE
Stop begging
This app isn’t good. All your matches will be super far away. Like 500+ miles away from you. Every 30 seconds your interrupted with irrelevant adds. Telling you to buy there gold to make the adds stop. 90% of the profiles are fake. And the fake profiles spam your inbox asking you to click links to other nude sites and web video sites. Blocking doesn’t matter because the system allows people to make thousands of profiles with the same name. There favorite is called “Free dating site”. It’s useless to try and have conversations in the live setting because every 15-25 seconds your spammed with the adds i mentioned above. It’s a complete waste of time. I give this app 0 stars…..
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5 years ago, CodeQueenLove
Account cancelled
My account was randomly cancelled and I didn’t receive any prior warning or anything. I had over 345+ people interested in meeting me. Then I had a ton of matches I updated my age requirements and then everything pretty much disappeared. I got a Message someone that I added to my Facebook page and they said they couldn’t see me on tagged. I updated my age range back to what it was and still I couldn’t get messages or anything that was a few days ago and then today I go to check it out again and I get a message saying my account was cancelled. But there’s a ton of people who send pictures of their penises and who are only looking for sex and saying all kind of crazy things or just asking for sex. I had the app for maybe 2 weeks and I’m sure I’ve blocked over a hundred people because of that. Maybe they have a limit on how many people you can block or something. Anyway with my experience. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this app.
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7 years ago, 11-Year Tagged Veteran
Gets worse each update.
I discovered Tagged 11 years ago, met tons of people; met most people through chat rooms back when they had chat rooms. Ever since they’ve taken off the chat rooms it’s all gone down the drain. Spam bots killed the chatrooms and they even said at one point that they were going to bring it back (Never did lol). However, this app on the other hand was doing alright, the UI update was alright, (I started using the app back in 2013 btw) everything was fine— well somethings, there’s a lot of bugs that still exist but i won’t go into that. One thing that really bothers me is this app being battery-hungry, it’s ridiculous and it heats up my phone really bad. Ads that pop up and play automatically, live cams, and the app crashing randomly is just the icing on the cake. This app needs to get optimized, especially with the power consumption, I’m considering uninstalling and just use my pc if this is going to be an ongoing thing.
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6 years ago, Miss Soul Virgo
App needs work
I’ve been on Tagged for awhile, and have actually met real people. However the recent app updates are making me consider deleting it altogether. Suggestions: 1. Get rid of ads! Or find a better way to incorporate them into the app. It’s 2018 and pop up ads are really not necessary. 2. Privacy/Security: do you all actively monitor live feeds?? All kinds of inappropriate behavior going on! Guys are stalking women and crazy people pop up and create fake profiles after you ban them. 3. If someone is on your friends list they should automatically show up as a favorite in the live videos. Why do I have to scroll through millions of profiles to find my friends video when they are on? Also make it easier to get to people’s live videos from your inbox or when clicking on their profile. 4. Put the add friend button back on the profiles in the live video section.
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1 year ago, BLAQJUSTICE
Save yourself
I wish I can give a negative star rating. This app is ran by milk roaches exploiting black people and running them dry of all their money. I want every black person on this app to save theirselves because at the end of the day, they just want your money. Please don’t swipe your card on this app, they always going to take 20% of your money. Everyone flips their diamonds and not making any real money on the app and the people who are making money are just scamming you please don’t be fooled. I was deleted after swiping my card for no reason and they claimed to say I violated the terms and conditions when all I did was log in? We put so much money on this broke down app and they always having maintenance issues. Where is the money going? To the white people! They don’t care, they make the rules and we have to follow them. I want better for our black community please DONT DOWNLOAD THIS SCAM APP!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Too many Fakers
Too many Fakers on here!
There are so many fake profiles, duplicate pictures with a different name, age & place of residence, & scammers who try to get me to buy things for them on here and sexual perverts which I always report! I am grateful you have a way to take them off my chat when I report them but some have come back saying the same nasty things or asking why I am hiding from him! I really thought this site was all fakers until I wrote a guy I know locally & it was really him! I wish you made people take their picture to verify it is the same person as their profile pictures! I don’t recommend this site to anyone, because I don’t want them to have to deal with what I have on here!! Frustrating! Also, the video chat doesn’t work for people using their computer. Most of the time if the video chat works on my phone, I can only hear them & not see their image.
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5 years ago, ForeverNayaa
Tagged was a great app at one point until they dont want you to be great anymore. They are beyond unfair . They are picky and have their favorites. I was a top badged streamer and a paying subscriber and my account was deleted because ive asked for a password reset . They told me I didnt have an email associated with my account which makes 0 sense because theyve emailed me with the email I signed up with . My streams never lasted long because of how unfair they are . They let many break the rules how ever they please ..And let me not start about how many drug dealers , prostitution, harassment, sex buyers , and scammers that are on this app . Yes you can stream for earnings but they legit scam you at this point . You put in money for gifts and subscriptions and then your page is gone . Like I said it was fun until they start picking favorites . oh and if you dont want to be bothered by the disgusting horny men and scammers then I say to stay far . Horrible app.
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5 years ago, Barbz910
I am sick of being kicked from trending and out of my friends favorites. I streamed for 11+ hrs yesterday and followed all the tagged rules and without any reason Tagged decided that’s enough. My time is valuable as well as the viewers that are with me all day everyday. The mere fact that a person can sit in someone’s live without their knowledge and hit report a 100 times if they choose is freaking ridiculous! I would suggest once a report is made that person should be removed from the live seeing that they are not fond of it anyways...then if multiple reporters are made on the streamer most definitely some type of action should take place. But please give the innocent streamers a chance instead of recruiting other ppl from other apps. I’ve worked to hard for a top badge to be told I’ve been reported too many times and not being told as to why I’m reported in the first place!
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1 year ago, plus84
My account is locked!!
I don’t like how if I put down my phone and don’t log in for a couple hours it just kicks you out! I logged in with my apple information and it use to work! I use it appropriately I don’t understand I contacted them several times No response! I’m not going to make a new page it’s not that serious! I just feel like the app has many bugs and they steal your money after making so much anyways! I was on there for positivity but, it’s not always positive. They should change the app bugs because it’s always giving me a message saying authentication failed like why??
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3 years ago, ShAeK47🥴
No. Real. People.
First and foremost, there’s a lot of scammers on Tagged. ALOT! There’s sugar daddy scammers, sugar momma scammers, unemployment scammers, etc. There’s people on here asking for all types of info like bank account information, pictures of your photo ID, and all that. I know it’s a no brainer to not give people those details, but some people aren’t as bright. Another thing, I feel like you guys should completely take off the video calling feature within the chat, or the camera feature. Here’s why: there are MANY men who are sending unsolicited photos to me and other women on the app. Asking for hookups and sexual favors, men are prostituting females on this app for money. You all need to set something in place to get this app under control, because it makes no sense, at all.
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4 weeks ago, Johnma5900
App is poorly run/managed and WILL lead to spam
Well to start off with basically everyone on the app is either currently, or has previously been a man. The few women left are all either streamers or scammers tryinna sell something. Despite that my biggest gripe is the fact that I have repeatedly attempted to stop all push emails (I always turn off ALL notifications) and yet despite that for the past year I’ve gotten about 10 emails a day from the app. The unsubscribe button doesn’t work (it’s literally just a link that send you to the app, which does not have the button), and my push notifications have been set to off since the beginning. I even contacted text support and sent pictures to show I had do e everything, and they said “I suggest you try doing again. If that doesn’t work I can’t help you.”
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2 years ago, Purplereign2113
Too many fake accounts
Annoying fake accounts on your platform. I get excited to receive messages but they are all from accounts asking me to send them my number or go to a link where they sell sexual contents. This is not cool and you should have some sort of verification feature to fix this issue. This is a huge safety issue and there is no trust because people are using other people photos to scam users. What is to stop someone from using my photos to also scam someone. You guys need a verification feature. Put more care and work into your platform because trust me if you do this, it could put you back on the map on large scale where everyone will run to tagged.
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12 months ago, LoudKoala
Really they fell off!
Tagged used to be like Facebook where you can interact and stay in contact with friends and family and now it’s just a bootleg horny tender and I’m out! 💔 If you’re black and you stream don’t show any skin you will get banned. Block the trolls don’t entertain bc tagged will ban you and not them. Only the wyt girls get to dance if you do wear sweats and don’t turn around for God’s sake. If you like a anti dating dating app this is it. It’s not very social anymore it’s more of a hey beautiful can I f&@$ you tonight? Lol like I miss being able to post funny statuses and making folks laugh. It’s just too different now and you can’t see people the way you used to.
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6 years ago, sandranate
Portuguese Queen ❄️
I like the site because I meet some great people. But then you get all the foreigners that send you a lot of nudity and talk trash to you in those of the things I don’t like it’s the people from the different countries that come on your live and disrespect you and always want to see parts of your body and tell you to take your clothes off those kinds of things and that sometimes you can’t block certain people they keep coming back and disrespecting you I mean I’m 45 up here I’m not a child I am not looking for games just trying to see if I can find someone to be with me and take it from there that all
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1 year ago, Baddie👿👿👿
Diamonds not being accurate
I have been going back and forth for a week with admin dealing with accuracy issues, I have never made a cash withdrawal and I’m 80,000💎’s short, I have earned over 100k💎‘s and only converted 500💎’s to give gifts to my supporters and I’m constantly being told i don’t have what I have earned!! My 💎count was only accurate before I started streaming this past week! I’m extremely frustrated with this situation, I’ve sent screenshots to show the discrepancy and I’m still not being taken into consideration, I feel like this can be a great app if this corrected but as of right now I feel like played and scammed. It’s sad because I actually enjoy using the app and the people I get to interact with but admin/support team is not being helpful at all.
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5 years ago, Enjoying the App/Site 👍🏾
I’d love it if when I’m playing “meet me” the swipe game and my feed and I put in specific city, state and milage, if it could show my city and surrounding cities ONLY. Like, everyone in my city not just a selected few then venture to numerous states. Not everyone I match with shows up on my "match" list. Also, when I'm on someone's live and send a message it doesn't always go through, rather the streamer nor a viewer, sometimes. On the app I can't view my picture likers or commenters and I can't change my birthday either. Thank you for listening. Enjoying the app/site. -Marquel
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1 year ago, Yonny Badazz
im clear as day sitting on the floor with the light on fully clothes still with a hate
I just got banned for sitting on the floor looking at the camera When we go live for starters -when you ban or remove someone from the stream it doesn’t remove the view for that individual when you get rid of them ——plus you can’t even see who really on your live There should be a setting for lives so that I can have specifically “real” females because it’s a million & 1 fake pages nd scams going on in the app I as a male would only like to talk to females on this dating because that’s what the app basically is It’s too many wrongs about this app it’s a disappointment because being be cool sometimes talking to the ladies until a whole bunch of fake pages pop up and then I got 100 different scam messages for porn or sex sites everyday It’s ridiculous Y’all need a super update this app with more features and settings ‼️‼️YALL NEED A REAL IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM‼️‼️ ITS TOO MANY!!!!! Fake accounts on this app yall should be ashamed This app is basically a catfish scam like porn/sex site for thirsty overgrown people lurking on everyone page nd most of the time it’s unwanted people/attention… Please fix this app!!!!!!
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2 years ago, ginger chesnutt
Dear app makers
Please make people proof they are who they are by having us take a photo of ourselves and upload proof of identification for safety there’s allot of fake Chris young accounts on here that needs to be taken down so far 4. You guys need to take those down or ask for id proof of who is using his identity for wrongful doing. I rather have my account verified so people know it’s me but you guys didn’t give us that opportunity to make it have a check mark to prove your who you are. I’m getting allot of scam / fake accounts bugging me. Please update the safety center for users to use the app safely.
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1 year ago, nenahnicole
Give me my account
I really use to like tagged but every since I got closer to the 80,000 point they have been randomly logging me out for a couple months now, and started continuously banning me from live when I’m not doing anything wrong and now they are sayin my account isn’t active though I was just on it texting (still banned from live ) but I clicked on the app to follow up on messages and it’s saying my account isn’t active and I’ve contacted support on this issue not once but twice but they I’m guessing can’t respond 😂 also they are banning me but keep allowing people to constantly make more accounts to Harass people granted on the other hand some of the people our nice and when I did get on live I had great conversations with the people to the app has took my account for no reason
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5 years ago, Ashh504
If I can give this app ZERO I would‼️
This is the most horrible app I have ever downloaded on my phone. It’s has been a terrible experience since day one. Whoever is behind the “monitoring” of this app needs to be fired. My account has been deleted more than once a And to this day I have yet to know why. I went live in the app once and it booted me out and deleted my account and it stated that “I can’t go live for 3 hours because too many people has complained about my live” Funny part is I never did anything that would cause me to be deleted such as nudity, violence and or profanity or gang violence etc. nothing that would have caused me or my account to be deleted. This has happened more than ONE TIME I had to make three accounts since I downloaded this app! It is insane! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP‼️‼️‼️ IT IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME THEY WILL DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT FOR NO REASON AT ALL‼️‼️‼️ WORLD MOST HORRIBLE APP EVER‼️‼️‼️‼️ I tried to see if maybe I was mistaking that’s the reason I went along and made different accounts to see if maybe I was doing something wrong on live on the app but NO IT BOOTED ME OFF WHEN MY VIEWS AND GIFTS/DIAMONDS REACHED A CERTAIN AMOUNT. SO DON’T THINK THEY'RE GOING TO PAY YOU CAUSE BEFORE THEY DO THEY WILL DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT BECAUSE “TOO MANY PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR LIVE” DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP‼️‼️‼️‼️
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4 months ago, Big Daddy9
I once gave this app a 5 star review but the free app has gotten very annoying with the ads. I signed up for VIP. It worked for awhile and it seemed worth the price but then it stopped working. My account still shows the subscription both in ITunes and in the app itself but when I try to use the features the suscribe screen pops up. It’s a total rip-off. When I hit the suscribe button it says I am already subscribed yet it won’t let me use the feature. Very frustrating. I doubt if they are doing this on purpose but in the rare cases they have responded to my requests they didn’t resolve the problem. I even sent them a screen shot as proof but they wouldn’t do anything. I had to cancel the subscription but I still lost my money. They sell you something and do not provide the service!
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3 years ago, bo$$Lady19
Bitter sweet
Tagged is filled with bots and scammers however I decided to utilize the live feature and it has helped me find some real genuine friends and as well as an amazing man. Going live you can receive gifts that translate to diamonds; if you earn 80,000 diamonds you can cash out $200 usd 200,000 diamonds get you $500 usd and 400,000 diamonds give you $1,000 usd redeemable through PayPal. So yes I get a bunch of texts from disturbing men, yes people try to scam me, but I met a man who I am falling for; we have been seeing each other for 8 months now and just moved in together, I made some good friends, and earned $200 so over all I can’t really complain.
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2 years ago, savahana2
Finding love on Tagg
Tagg is an incredible community of many wonderful people. After posting my add over ten years ago I met and found someone I love and it has lead to more than a long term relationship. We share a home and all the joys love can life can bring we have someone to talk to someone to hold someone to share families with. I hope everyone has the same success. I received 10,000 letters from tag. I read and answered each one. I am in love you love whom you love. Tagg there is always someone near by just a phone call away. They also respect my privacy.
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4 years ago, LolaMitch2190
My Pro and Cons
Pros 👍🏽: You can see matches instantly, change location , view people’s profile with no cost Cons: profile views should be based on age preference (e.g my age preference is 25-28 ) but people in their 40s,50s,60s still view my profile and match me , Also the private account feature is no help , the browse feed shows the same people in area (remove it) , their are weird people on this app , some people are catfish ,hookers ect . Also if you are straight it still shows people who are bisexual 👎🏽, people can send you friend request like Facebook weird 👎🏽, THIS APP NEEDS Improvement!!!
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6 years ago, Jo37e787
Site has become nothing more than live video chat app
This app makes my phone overheat and drains my battery. Used to be a nice site but changed too much no one really responds to messages too busy on live video which should be limited people shouldn’t be allowed to go to sleep on video I know you can’t control that part it will create more creeps and stalkers. I used to feel like it’s an equal playing field but now it’s just about video views fans and followers. Instead of helping being more social it has caused many to be anti social unless you’re watching their live videos
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5 years ago, L kWh
Hello, every time I try to delete a comment on my page, end my live or if I’m insider someone’s box I can’t exit out unless I uninstall the app & then reinstall it. This has been happening for 2 days now and this is a very big inconvenience, and I am not able to use the app up to my liken. Tagged first had always took me off of trending and always slows down my broadcast, as if I’m going into slow motion, but I still go live and try to have a great time. I’m sick of this app messing up and also taking advantage of my kindness, because trust me this is not weakness and I will have no issue getting my attorney !!!
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6 years ago, Webbyfan91
Less Social Network, More Dating Site
This isn’t catered to people looking for people to chat with. This is more of a daring site. I’m looking for people to talk to, but the way the app/site is organized, it’s more for finding someone to hookup with and/or date. I get probably 5-10 messages a day that are all generic “Hi!” or “Hello!” or “Nice to meet you!” Just advertise it as a dating site since that’s pretty much the entire user base! Also really tired of the hundreds of notifications about who likes me and who saw my profile. I’m not interested in paying for your service, and I’m really tired of getting a notification every time someone goes to my profile. This app/site has really gone down the drain in the past few years. I doubt I’ll be a member much longer.
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6 years ago, kenntell
Music people and bouncers
Hey this app is the best app I have used meet different ppl spontaneously learn about jobs from word of mouth see ppl live at concerts across USA actually have meet some good ppl on here and there are always gonna be bad apples just block them simple. But I have a major issue I have told fifty of my friends to use this app now the latest version is not letting me play my music while streaming could some one please help because this is the only wY I can actually speak to my lover and friends with ease in one click and my fans love my music please someone from tagged send me a message this has taken a piece of joy I have left in my life
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5 years ago, swagtodamax365
Massive potential for something better
I’ve been on Tagged for as long as I can remember. I enjoyed the fact you could browse potential mates by gender, race, or age. Or see who’s in your area. It was nice talking to real actual people instead of worrying who was really on the other end of the screen. But over time, the number of fake profiles, obvious scams and bots constantly posting under every comment you make, and the p2p posts makes this site feel more like some kind of sex site than an actual dating app. But even then you could easily weed them out. It’s still annoying to see. And don’t get me started on the aggressive ads (Sighs) Anyways, this app has a lot of potential still, and can rise to the top. If they add in a few features, like stories, the ability to share videos, and what not. (Like every major social media app.) Then yeah, this app can make the comeback it deserves. Also, one last thing, your update caused the option to view feeds to disappear. I can’t see others posts and I can’t post nothing as well. Hopefully you guys fix this soon.
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1 year ago, SirUmperous The Pirate
Trouble logging in
I had to delete tagged because it’s no allowing me to login to any of my accounts I have made for this app. I try to reset password it always say that “problem occurred or account could not be found”. First and foremost I don’t know why the app chooses to log me out when I’m automatically selected to stay logged in at all times. This is a problem that needs to be fixed so therefore this is going to have to be a one star. It’s like tagged is saying I’m banned from using the app( mind you I have no reports of any misbehavior)
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2 years ago, Software_Reviewer
Long term user
If I could go back in time and walk away before the woman told me about this app, that would be better. When I started there was super poke and a lot of fun. Real comradery around Christmas time. Ever since streaming and linking into World Star Hiphop etc it has been driven to the ground. The iOS does not even have a link to Pets game. I invested a lot in Cafe and it is missing. I’ve done some calculations and there appears to be money laundering activities being conducted via Live. I haven’t encountered any quality people since Mafia Wars. They were wiser jumping ship then and linking with me on Facebook. There is a major spam problem and pets as much as I started to play some will rejoice the day it all goes away for Tagged harboring all these copyright stolen identity's. They profit from it by selling gold.
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9 months ago, Daddiilongleggs
Humble them/Make it worth the challenge
Live needs the view count to go down as well while streaming so y’all top streamers can stop being so full of themselves sometimes. Like hypothetically with a 100 view count and 3 actual people in there & im not hating but trust me itll help See a TOTAL of view count at the end of the steam since you would know how many people are there while you streaming live. Add on: Bring back the status feed for mobile app it was never broken & also casuse its still on the mobile internet version come on now tagged. It’ll help with the fake profiles too.
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2 years ago, MrMooseKnuckle101
Spam spam spam
Sooooo many fake pages and scammers please tag come up with a verify who is real or not , and take down the pages that get reported I reported a page that tried scamming me with sex pictures and afterwards the person still added me again and tried again I’m thinking about just removing my tagged cause ya want us to pay for crappy programming and I refuse maybe if the algorithm was updated there would be better chatting and more traffic to the app but every single day serval times as well some scammer is literally chatting me asking to join their face to face weblink….like to me tagged is a dating app your page should allow nudity you have to be over 18 to join so why block and ban for nudity that honestly why people are using the app( aka cheaper more ghetto tinder)
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6 years ago, Mara_Lilim
Awful, just awful.
Not even three days of using this app and I’m already preparing to disable my account and delete the app. Not only is it a carbon copy of MeetMe and Tinder, I’ve come across some very questionable profiles. I’ve come across several users with drug paraphernalia in their profiles. There was literally a profile who put “pillz for sale” as their name. The age filter is broken and will still show you people outside of your preferred age range. Mine was automatically set to 18-28 but I was still getting people 40 to 60 showing up in my “Meet”. I have no variety in my matches in age or race. There are also several profiles I’ve come across where the user is clearly lying about their age. I guess if you’re looking for drugs or okay with dating men that are three times your age then go ahead and download Tagged.
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6 years ago, RustyRob96
Great platform but needs improvement
Hello, I am a user of this app and there tend to be minor glitches when live-streaming for too long will cause video delays and black screens when live. Please try to provide IPhone X optimization for better performance. I love this app and I hope to see great updates. Also, this app drains a significant amount of battery life and has a pop up advertisement every now and then which can be annoying to streamers. It’s all together a great app but due to the battery life drainage, the overheated phone and the minor glitches I’m gonna rate it a 4 altogether.
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6 years ago, ThornTrek
Finding a rose in the weeds
I have found 7 women in this country that are"friends", 4 of whom I have met and one of the other 3 I will probably meet. I have 2 good friends in Philippines which I would like to meet but know is unlikely to happen. I have had several hundred contacts from Latin America , a couple of whom I chatted with for a month or less, none of which I will ever meet. And , I have been "liked" by a plethora of young women that have not even read my profile and those that I have chatted with have all wanted money. I have found 6 roses and 3 rosebuds I have been provided by thorns many more times. Tagged can be fun and interesting but beware of the thorns and buzzing bees. They both sting.
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2 years ago, o1091
Help Accessing account
Hi good evening I just created my tagged account about 2 days ago now but I tried to access it after uploading more pictures and funds to my account and it wouldn’t allow me to. None of my pictures promoted drugs or nudity so I’am not sure what happened, I’ve also email support as well and waiting for a response with reactivating. I received an error message stating there’s no account with my email address, but when I tried to sign up again with the same email address it says an account already exists. Can you please help me resolve this issue so I can regain back access to my account please? Thank you.
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