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User Reviews for Talk360: International calls

4.65 out of 5
11.1K Ratings
3 years ago, H@ppygrl60
Excellent app!
I wasn’t going to write a review but when I read someone saying Talk360 pays people, I had to write. I am definitely not paid other than getting the service promised and beyond. I am so glad that I happened on this app. I talk with my friend in Nigeria often. Talk is so clear. It is as if we are sitting in the same room. When I wasn’t sure about how to do something, customer service provided was excellent. Also, FAQs is a wonderful help. My friend says that purchasing data for WhatsApp cost more than buying talk time with Talk360. Wow! I was surprised to hear that. Something to consider if you’re low on cash but still want to chat up someone. Again, I’m really glad I found this app. Try it. You’re like it if you understand how to use it.
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3 years ago, Bee gee's
Lucky I have this app to use
Since using this app, I can call back home and speak to family and friends and sort other things I need to, with internal calling , as the call itself is very cheap, if I’d had gone with my phone provider, it would have cost me a lot of money to do this, and since you can top the phone up with 20$ as I do, or less, or $50 i can make a lot of calls too, at 4 cents a minute, leaving me a lot of time to talk and still have a lot of talk time over, I say if you are looking for something like this, we’ll, give it ago, I did, and I’m very happy I did, being out the country, you still need to talk even far away. I give this 10/10 😁
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3 years ago, Bolyiana
Seriously, I love this app. I recently moved to Japan and I didn’t want to change my U.S. number. I still need to make the occasional call to a local Japanese number and this app is so helpful. All of my calls go through, the revision is great and clear. Calling international is so easy! I tried at least 3 other apps before finding this one. They all had hidden fees and weird memberships. This app was straight to the point, no word memberships or hidden fees! Making calls is so affordable & they are always offering great deals for buying minutes. Honestly I could not be happier :).
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6 years ago, Cortesh77
Almost 5 stars
Well-designed and easy to use. Some good features: 1) Unlike most calling apps, contact phone numbers are imported with any custom labels you entered in your iPhone. 2) Unlike most calling apps, the menu bar appears at bottom of almost every screen including the keypad. This makes navigation easier and more intuitive. 3) At top of the keypad, your credit balance appears along with a “Buy credit” button. This is a helpful feature that most calling apps don’t have. Here are 3 suggestions to make this app even better: — in Contacts, display the calling rate next to each phone number. Calling apps such as Skype and Vonage have this feature. It’s helpful to see exactly what the rate is before you initiate a call. — At top of the Contacts screen, add credit balance and Buy button in the same way they appear on the keypad. — On the keypad, display the calling rate after a phone number is entered. Calling apps such as Skype and TextNow have this feature. It’s helpful to see exactly what the rate is before you tap the call button. Adding these 3 additional features would help make this a truly 5 star app.
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3 years ago, dspiry
Deception, fraudulent
It’s a obvious to me now that this company is buying ALL the good reviews it has! there’s NO way it would have that many good reviews, prices are double what you can get else where, simply go to a local foreign goods store and you can buy $2 cards that will give you double the value. Quality is bad, need to call multiple time to get thru, has moments or interruption or freezing. (I was using 11 pro iphone on 50mbps cable internet, can’t be my setup) finally they display rates in a strange confusing format where they use commas, no doubt to confuse the consumer with there promises of rates as low at 0.02 cents. E.g. when they say rate is $0,2 it means 20 cents not 2 pennies. This is deception they know it and are using it to take advantage, they need be removed from App Store, I would never havevused them it if had not been cause Apple approved this app.
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3 years ago, JasEltareb
I usually do not take the time to write reviews but foreal this app has helped me out so much just in the past day. I’ve tried apps, phone plans, phone cards and it’s all so expensive but THIS!!! My husband is in Yemen and I would use a phone plan with AT&T but they charged me almost 2$ a minute and tried to charge me 1900 one month even with the plan I had. I was able to talk to him just today for 10 minutes for only 1$!!!!! We would’ve talked longer but since the time difference I had to go to sleep. Thank you so much you have no idea what a reliable app this is to me now. Thank you!!!
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3 years ago, Snops 228
Great App fast to sign up Connection smooth and clear fantastic price
This app is great It was so fast to sign up and add credit I called England from Maui Hawaii where I live My parents still live England but my plan doesn’t cover international calling It went through without a problem and was very clear I am so pleased I could talk to my Mother from my Cell so efficiently and for such a low cost I was pleasantly surprised I would highly recommend this app for anyone who wants to call outside US As well as using it for The states too if you have limited plan Mahalo
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3 years ago, O'bookie
Call to Nigeria
I had stayed off this app for a while because I never enjoyed my calls to Nigeria. However, after getting several notifications about the improved call quality, I decided to give a second chance and to my amazement, I made a call of almost an hour to Nigeria and the clarity was second to none. There was no single glitch throughout the call and I now believe those persistent notifications. I’ll surely get many of my friends to use this app as long as the service quality remains top notch. Cheers.
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4 years ago, Juliettefarrell
The best
In 8 years of going between types of call cards, sim cards, phone plans and apps for my international calls between europe or US and vis versa, this one is the absolute best. Calls are clear, its easy to use, you see your recent calls as if it was your usual phone interface and dont have a bunch of random numbers to dial before dialing out to your person. ITS SO GOOD. Not to mention most competitive price ever - I loaded 10 dollars ages ago, been making so many calls and i somehow still have money in there. 😍 Wish I could give this app 6 stars
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6 years ago, Missyriss27
Sick of contacting support and they are taking too long to respond
I’ve had so many problems with this app and I’m so shocked at all of the stars. I’ve tried to call soooo many and it stated I didn’t have funds and I had plenty of money. Other times, the call would still be ringing and they are charging me for the call. That is absurd to charge and call isn’t answered. I’ve also had problems with the call going through to the person so I had to download another app called boss revolution to call and the person answered right away. Soon as I use the rest of my money I will NEVER USE this app again! I’m sick of all the problems. On top of that, their support contact takes days upon days to respond and many times it’s a generic response. I wish I can get my money back because I’m so done with this app. Ugh!
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3 years ago, Chryselya
Highly recommend
I have been living away from home for almost a decade now, and I always had to consider so many options when it came to reach out to my family and friends who didn’t always have access to the internet. It was a hassle to find prepaid cards or an affordable phone plan that would include my country for overseas charges, but that is no problem anymore. This app is so affordable and extremely effective. I highly recommend it!
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1 year ago, stripe no more
Credits expire
The service was OK. However, if you buy credits for future calls, you only have a certain amount of time to use them or they’ll expire and be removed. If you’re going to use this every once in a while it’s not worth wasting money on. UPDATE: developer responded by stating they’ll restore credits if I purchase more. When I contacted them, however, about the removal of my credits before I wrote this review, they did not offer to restore credits. It’s a waste of time and energy to do this. I would suggest to developers to not remove customers’ credits in the first place. I already deleted the app and won’t be going back. App not recommended.
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4 years ago, Ms. Lily's Pastor Don
First time User:
This is my first time using international calling cards. Normally when I travel my phone plan is fine. Now I need to call the Philippines and I need a card. When I signed up the rate to the Philippines was .04. After paying I was informed that there was another charge of .05. Total .09. The going rate is .10 per minute. This company should be clear on all charges especially since they advertise no hidden fees. Also I have to call 2-3 time to connect and my minutes are reduced each call attempt. I worked as system engineer for MCI telecommunications and fully understand this process. Yes we all need to make money. Just be upfront and honest.
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4 years ago, leavemealobe
Quite of surprise
I had a different company’s account, but that company went out of business with my money still in the account. I couldn’t contact my mother for a long time, who is not familiar with modern technology (89 yrs old). I tried another company, and that didn't work. Then, I found this company. I called my mother in Japan, and the call was clear and cheaper than the company that took my money. I am glad that I found this app. I would recommend this app to anyone. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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4 years ago, Susan M. E.
Worst Experience,
I was very disappointed with this app because after purchasing credit, I tried calling for more than 2-hours and the calls kept on failing. First, it kept giving me a message that the person I was calling had turned off their phone, meanwhile that wasn’t at all true. Because my sister called the same numbers that I called with the different service and the calls went through without any problem. I have emailed the customer care support twice and no one has responded to my concerns. This was a very frustrating experience with this app. It was the worst mistake and decision I made to go with this app. I will not recommend this app to anyone else. I could have just gone with another international call service and not have this problem spending several hours trying to make calls and it’s not getting through. What a total waste of time that I could have used to do something else. I will not recommend this app to anyone. It’s very disappointing and the worst experience I have had making international calls.
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3 years ago, boros_fan
Great App
I can honestly say I’ve never had an issue with this app — however you still need a decent internet connection to make it more enjoyable. Nonetheless I’d recommend this app to all those who are in far and wide places who find it difficult to use their mobiles due to costs etc. Lastly the company also gives discounts so you do get a little bit extra unlike the mobile companies!
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4 years ago, Kiran Ryan
Great first call experience !
Earlier I used another app where the mins started counting the moment I started calling someone and the receiver would receive calls with a different phone number. But this isn’t the case with this app. The receiver wasn’t surprised to receive the call since they saw my actual number and the minutes started only after they picked the call and post call I see the charges info for the call
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5 years ago, Krisrob
Works perfect
I had been trying to make a call to Themaltake in Slovenia but their phones are set up to not receive calls from international cell phones so I downloaded this app and it was perfect! Worked flawlessly plus the talk time is Cheap, only .20 cents a minute. The international plan with AT&T was .86 cents/min but this app is only .20. The volume was just a little bit quieter than normal but was definitely good enough. I definitely recommend!
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3 years ago, Reithe
Consistently work
I have a monthly subscription to Rebtel , it’s good but sometimes calls does drop off so I have Talk360 as a backup when that happens . I don’t know what’s the backend story with this app but it’s the only app that works consistently with Crystal clear sound . If it wasn’t so expensive , I would use it daily . Thanks to the developers for keeping us connected , I appreciate it.
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6 years ago, 4evarighteous
Not so good
I stopped using this app because of poor sound quality. Every time u laid a complain, they never responded and when they reached out through email, they always blame you for having poor phone network. There was never a compensation or anything. They just charge u and they don’t care if the app works well or not. I used to love the app years ago, but that is not the case anymore....I guess they make so much money and forget to care about the customer.... I’ve had $1 in my account for over 1 year, I’m afraid to use it because I know I wouldn’t hear what the other person is saying so I’m gonna end up wasting my money.... Terrible phone experience!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Jesusistheanswer
If you don’t pay direct(risky) you pay more
I have been using this app for a year now. They keep hiking the price up because I chose to pay via Apple Pay and not provide my credit card number. It’s the less risky way to pay so in response my rates get hiked up twice. I’ll soon be not using this app anymore. In the beginning they were recording calls then you would hear only the conversation you had just minutes prior and you would think e person wasn’t hearing you...meanwhile all your credit was being wasted. This happened repeatedly and I got a small credit once. Now they hike the price. I’ll just find another app.
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4 years ago, TheUni_Corn
Affordable International Calling
I’m glad to use this service. A few things to note. Each time you call, the number the recipient get is different. Also the sound quality is quite poor. You can hear, but the sound is not good-it makes it quite difficult to hold conversation. Nonetheless, calls are still affordable & contact can be made
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3 years ago, larry elie
Really good for Family Back home
This app is really helpful for me because it gives opportunity to talk with my families back home without no worry and I don’t even pay a lot of money for it. I hope it stay like that or they can give more opportunities to continue help people who have difficulty with phone card or whatever.
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4 years ago, happyX10
Absolutely terrible
I sent three messages to be answered, so far no answer in two days. Question one: where is the tab or heading: make a call. This doesn’t exist. No listing to make a call but this site is designed to have you do. Two: to begin using the site they give you a $3.99 bonus, and then you are to add money to this if you like. Following that promise and going to the side where you add money the additional $10 I sent for them to operate show no $3.99 credit. It disappeared before it ever was populated. Like one of the reviewer, the four-star reviews have to be from people that were paid. Beware find another site.
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4 years ago, JUDY AR
Great 360 calling
It was so amazing!!!Great application EVERYONE CAN USE THIS 360 CALLING APPLICATION cos even how old are you and where ever you are in the world ( tourist, student, business people, poor or rich people) you can keep in touch anytime to your friends, families and it was a big help to save your money for calling as well. Try this 360 calling applications guys you won’t be regret and the most important is you can SAVE ALOT OF MONEY FOR CALLING as well,. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS 360 CALLING APPLICATION!!!
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4 years ago, JoyVickie
Being able to call Europe without paying through the nose, without frustrations and worries, finally! This app is working extremely well. Calling function is clear. Call quality is very good. Time usage and phone costs are easy to estimate and see. Thank you for developing this app with consumers in mind.
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4 years ago, bem11111
Think twice before using this app. Bad bad bad
I was using this app to call international, at first it’s great. then after couple weeks the taking out of money in my account with out connecting my call is ridiculous. I have money in my account t but every time I try to connect my call it kept saying sorry you don’t have enough to make this call where I still have plenty. And every time they hang up cuz of sorry you don’t have enough balance then they go ahead and take away money from my account. To me this is a total joke. Don’t even think to use this app you will be so disappointed.
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3 years ago, ft sheya
Had to unsubscribe from a newspaper subscription in the US and it’s only done with a call. Was thinking about charging up my phone and how expensive it would be. Signed up and called U.K. for cheap, would have cost me a few hundred dollars otherwise. No lag, nothing… 6 minutes solid. I was shocked
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4 years ago, lexysproudfather
Great app
The same phone call to the same number that cost me 30 in on t mobile bill cost me 30c on this app. If u have someone I love in another country. This app is the ish..... so awesome. Thanks to the developers for keeping loved ones connected at such unbelievable rates. I use a lot of apps. I give none of them reviews. This app deserves it. Even customer support is great 10 starts DOWNLOAD
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5 years ago, GloryHalleluyah
This App is fraudulent
I purchased the $10 credit,and my card was debited an extra $3.. I have contacted the support team three times and didn’t get a response till now. The most painful thing is that I have credit of $10 in my account and UNABLE to make a call. It keeps saying ‘low funds,recharge’ The worst app ever
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5 years ago, JLS..97
Thanks for helping Iranians
Texting and calling Iran has been impossible this entire week and extremely costly; thanks for providing us with promo codes and discounts to call our family and friends to make sure they are. It’s nice to see that some companies care! Your app is also very user friendly and easy to use :)
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3 years ago, Bri Chennel
This app helped me when I really needed it.
I needed to make a few international calls and this app really came through for me I just had to buy the credit and I made multiple calls and I heard everything clearly when I was on the call, this app really helped me so so much I love it 😭❤️.
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4 years ago, uruguasho-1
Great quality calls at a great price
I had saved hundreds of dollars a year by switching to tlak360. The quality of the calls has been impecable most of the time. I have only experienced a bad connection occasionally but overall I am delighted to have found a very affordable way to call my parents in South America.
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4 years ago, RenataFromFlorida
Calls to Russia. landline
Probably the easiest and cheapest way to call Russia on landline from iphone. And i tried a few other companies before trying Talk360. Compare to the other companies Talk360 is very easy to use! track how much you spent and a very good connection too! Pleasantly surprised and happy that i discovered it!!! Thank you!
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2 years ago, TheTallestTim
Super Easy
Needed to call Finland because I left an item on a connecting flight. Just added some money to the app and it worked right away. The ring is absolutely obnoxious! But the call worked and I heard everything perfectly fine.
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2 years ago, racybracy
Absolutely a game changer
I just lost my dad and to have this opportunity to be able to speak to my mum everyday is amazing. With my mum in England and so far away I feel a weight has lifted knowing she is just a phone call away. What’s even better is that it’s so reasonable. 😊
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2 years ago, manonfire20
They steal your money. Be very careful.
I had 16 dollars which I had in my account and it was all gone. I had put over the period over 20 dollars and a couple of weeks back got sms saying use your money or it will be gone. That is unbelievable how can someone take money for which you paid for from your account. They are thieves and they will take your money. Do not put more money than you need. They are truly mfers. Aholes of the purest form. I will post this also on Facebook and instagram.
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2 years ago, CocaColaMabel
Thank you for existing!
This app makes it possible for me to talk to my friend in Key West from Germany for wayyy less money than I pay with my German provider. Id pay hundreds, now its a few cents per call! Thank you for saving my mental health as these talks are very important for me :))
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2 years ago, Siva Krishnajee
Cheating app and concerns only about money
If there was a 0 or -ve stars that is what I would have given to this app. My scenario is: I charged $20 with the app for international calls and was using the app once in a while. Suddenly, I received a email stating that if I don’t charge with more money, Talk360 will withdraw all the money from my account. The email didn’t specify a date also. In few days, Talk360 withdrew the balance $15 from account. This is robbery of my money from my account.
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4 years ago, alex ang 026
Sex tape hack!!!!!
If anyone here woman moaning while calling talk360, its a sex tape. i think this app got hacked easily while calling, i heard 2 times the same sex tape while calling, first time i doubt if they are having sex; second time i heard the exactly same tape, and while i hear it, my friend actually replyed to me says shes doing laundry outside. i vc her immediately after the 3 min sex tape ends, and confirmed she didn’t accept any calls from me and was at the laundry room with kids around her! sex tapes hacking is crazy, its been 2 times in 3 days!!!!!!!! and i got charge!!!!!! this is crazy!!!
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3 years ago, dannyg.06
Great service
This app is so awesome. I was alone in a foreign country and my plans to call were impossible with my current carrier. If it wasn’t for this service I wouldn’t be able to contact my friends, family and businesses. Thank you talk 360
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3 years ago, Eesytopleeze
Love the service but should not have spent money on the 399 deal because it doesn't seem to work with many phone numbers. I got the five dollar deal and it works flawlessly on my iPhone when my AT&T service is down for long-distance calls. I will be renewing and re-charging my account!
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4 years ago, chirpywest
Worst calling company ever!
This is the worst calling experience I have had since calling international call. They kept dropping and playing recorded calls making you think that you are still in the call while charging you. I should have given zero star if applicable.
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4 years ago, jamandbread99
Love it!
Just completed a call from the US to the UK to confirm a booking. What should have been a 5 minute call dragged on for 22 minutes due to computer system delays on the company’s end. That call with our cell provider would have cost $3 a minute or $66. With this app, the call cost .89 cents. Happy!
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3 years ago, Why did this Happen :(
Great service
As a study abroad student this helps a lot in the letting me call people/organizations that don’t use platforms like WhatsApp. Is a game changer when you need to call your bank halfway across the world. Super affordable and easy
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2 years ago, Jordan Toshpulatov
Just horrible
I use this app to call my family. Initially it seemed fine it was not give any headaches but past a few months it’s got horrible. They just stealing my money whenever I try to use to call someone kind of woman answers she is probably Chinese and they charge for this. They making me use up my credits without really getting promised service. I wish we had minus ratings it doesn’t deserve 1. Just horrible experience
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6 months ago, Johlljgfeh
Easy to use and clear calls
I love this app for calling my elderly relatives overseas. They only have landlines and we needed an affordable way to call. Easy to set up, easy to use and super affordable way to call whenever we want.
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6 years ago, No one wins
Worst app ever and bad customer service.
This app will drop more calls than you will be able to make. Every time the phone goes into screen saver mode it will act like you are still connected but it actually drops the call. Ohh and while you think you are still connected it is charging you for the call. What a waste of money. I asked for my money back we will see if that will happen. But if it’s anything like the way it makes calls I doubt I will.
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6 years ago, Gideon I
Don’t do it.
This is such a bad idea. The auto-recharge service that comes with 50% extra credit is a trap. For three consecutive days,I have barely used this service, yet they made multiple $10 charges to my account. I have sent multiple request online to merchant to help rectify this issue and they are yet to reply any of my messages. At this time, I am requesting to terminate completely my use of this service, plus my bank is working to retrieve every single charge made to my account.
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3 years ago, Missions in Palawan
Perfect for international wire transfers
I use social media for contacting family. I use this app on less than stellar internet connection in rural philippines to call my bank in the United States. Works great for that and I am thankful its only about $1usd for 20minutes of international time.
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