Talkbox Messenger

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3 (24)
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Current version
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Talkbox Messenger

2.96 out of 5
24 Ratings
7 years ago, SleepGirl94
It freezes every time I go to listen to a message after I've closed the app. I have to completely get rid of it and open it again. Please fix! Other then that the audio works great.
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10 years ago, strongshar8
Great app but...
I absolutely loved the app until the IOS8 update. It freezes every time I try to play message so I have to restart my phone every time to hear a new message. Please fix this because I love the app!!
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10 years ago, Mattnamstyle
App rules!! Love it
So I'm gathering that this app was given some attention in 2012, then devs lost interest. Then it seems they picked up again this last month, updated for 7, and got it going again. I love it, works flawless so far, simple, easy to use. Now.... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!! Don't mess up a good thing with some horrible update that ruins it all. This seems to happen with every app I love. PLEASE KEEP IT CLEAN AND SIMPLE! I love it, don't ruin it!
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10 years ago, LorenGH
Doesn't work well with iOS8
This app is nice but freezes a lot since IOS8. Also doesn't play messages all the time. And please add an option to mute the sound affects. I HATE the send and receive sounds!
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10 years ago, 055566665
Pretty good but missing a few things
Works well. Signing up is a bit lengthy. Wish it would use my contacts to let me know who's on tb.
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9 years ago, 1bdreamscapes
Cool app but not quite there
Fun app and is quick. But crashes when doing minor Things like deleting sent pictures. Plus not many people using app. Also ios seems to have borked the app. Please fix.
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13 years ago, talo1019
Great app, but trouble connecting
It's not very consistent when it connects. But if it wasn't for the connection issue, this is actually much better at sending audio notes than whatsapp. It's actually easier to use. It's too bad it doesn't use phone numbers or contact lists on the iphone. The ability to use Facebook is descent. Stable network first, features 2nd.
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7 years ago, Mr.Babu Alwakil
Kindly update
Need to update the app cuz i have many memories lovely voices ..
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9 years ago, HanokuKay
Apps Great But Freezes
I like the features of the app, but you can't do anything without the app freezing.
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10 years ago, ShaeSuicide
Love it!
Great, I use it to talk to my boyfriend all the time :)
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7 years ago, Heavenly Locked
I talk to a lot of friends and family from this app so you guys need to make an update soon for iOS 11 not sure if you guys even work on this project anymore
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10 years ago, carbajal26
It will disconect you while you are sending a text and it wont conect again untill you close the app completly and open it back up
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10 years ago, AZIZ Bu Adel
5 stat
One of the best application in apple store
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8 years ago, Subterfuge194
Bad app
It won't load any messages at all or keep me signed in
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10 years ago, Jinjerphish
Please fix !
Won't work after the iOS 8 update :(
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10 years ago, Cris&2204
Locks up constantly having to restart update please
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7 years ago, DerekTeng
Not compatible with iOs11
Please update.
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7 years ago, Neeneenee504
Please update....
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13 years ago, GregMcD5
Nice app but concerned about privacy and terms of service
Without a doubt, this is an elegantly designed and functional app. However, I'm concerned about privacy issues and terms of service. Unless I'm simply looking in the wrong place (I've been all through the Green Tomato website), I am unable to find any privacy statement or terms of service. Since this is a non-U.S. company not subject to American law, continuing to use the product gives me pause. What is the data retention policy? Does the company claim ownership of the voice clips and underlying message data? Does this company guarantee to not redistribute the user generated content or contact information (both app user and user's contact list) to third parties? Green Tomato seems to be a contract developer and mobile advertising outfit. I must wonder if this app is truly intended as a data mining tool disguised as a productivity tool. I'd very much like to see the publisher address these questions.
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13 years ago, Vintagenarian
Fantastic. Been waiting for this a while now.
TalkBox is superior in most meaningful ways to other products (HeyTell is nice but has downsides, as users point out). TalkBox is simple and efficient, with a clear UI and immediate gratification. I especially like the ability to see the other person's incoming message as it's being created, and of course having the message history. And international voice messaging is free, unlike your carrier's IM charges. That said, I understand the dev's TOS give them ownership of recordings with the right to redistribute (and for which you are liable). While onerous, just be careful what you say, obviously. Like someone once said, never put in an email (or text) what you wouldn't want to see on Page One of the NY Times. Great technology otherwise!
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12 years ago, TekkenFan
Very good app.
I upgraded to 5 stars as I found out that there IS a way to play the messages continuously. Now perfect. I've used Whatsapp, Voxer, Zotell, Heytell, and this app. Here's the comparison. Zotell was no good. Very slow to start up. Push the walkie talkie button and it takes 2 or 3 seconds to start up. Heytell is good but has a 20 or 30 second limit. No text capability. Also plays the file automatically. I want to be able choose which file to play and when. Voxer is great. User interface is a little weird and it keeps nagging you to enter your phone number. It also adds strangers to your Voxer address book. Whatsapp is a pain to register. Good for texting. No good for audio chat since you have to download the file before you can listen to it. Finally, Talkbox is great. Interface is clean. Can do text, pics, and audio. The only thing is that if you have multiple messages it doesn't play the next message automatically. Otherwise great!
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11 years ago, Nee504
One thing needed......"Option"
I love this app,however it's been crashing for almost 3 weeks now!!! I keep sending crash reports but it hasn't been fixed. Also sometimes messages disappear one I click view to open. Maybe it's time for another update. Please fix this app. I've had this app for a long time now & I'm always up to date on the update...Unfortunately,it's been having a lot of glitches going on now. ;-(
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12 years ago, Westyco broncofan
Great App!!
It would be even better if you had th option to have messages that people send play automatically rather than taking the time to open the app. Maybe play the message, then get to choose to open the app directly in the conversation that the message came from? Just a suggestion for improvement, but still an incredibly useful app.
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12 years ago, ambarcova
Very easy. Very fast. Takes over texting.
I'm a girl that gets bored of texting and talkbox does the job. I can talk to anyone from a droid to an iPhone for hours instead of calling or texting. Now I can even send pics and quick texts. I love this app and have it for 5+ months now. Better than Voxer!!!
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13 years ago, PlayingDoctr
My new favorite way to send quick messages to my wife
I dont like bugging my wife when she is at work with phone calls, but she finds it rather romantic that I send her little voice messages via TalkBox when I know shes having a rough day. Even sent her a pic of some flowers the other day through the photo feature. We love it around our house!
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12 years ago, Jenniebeee8
Great! But needs improvement with languages
This app is great and I'm keeping in touch with friends from all over the world however it's getting harder because the languages are sent backwards and it is hard to read.... Hebrew is written normally on the text box but when it's sent it is backwards and it is hard to communicate please please fix this
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13 years ago, Tyr808
Simple, fast, effective!
Love this app, really like the gps location share too, basically like a virtual long range walkie-talkie with a chat log :) excellent for communicating internationally as well! P.S. Being able to block broadcasts would be nice I'm sure. I only have a few contacts right now, but it would be quite annoying to be spammed with nonsense all day
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13 years ago, appfan02
Love Not Having To Text!
The best part about this app is getting my point across to my friends right away. I love the group chat as well so a group of my friends can have a conversation together while being in different citites. I could see this taking over text messaging and everything will be all voice commands!
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12 years ago, LoveSoutPark
The best app off all times
App is so fast it's shocking the only thing this app need is short video message option just like voice 1 min at the time but if it's going to slow down the app than noooo. What ever developer decide to do in the future with this app just make sure it stay fast like it's now. Hands down best communication app ever.
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13 years ago, SirSneeksAlot
Better than HeyTell! But can you add...
One feature I appreciated in HeyTell is when someone sends you their location it would zoom out so your location and theirs is on the screen automatically. If I needed to zoom in to see exactly where they were I could. I have made the switch though. Love the interface!
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13 years ago, Little Jau
Excellent! I love it!
Talkbox is sooooooooo cool! Trust me! It's excellent! The best thing is that it's totally free. It definitely changes the way of chatting! It's more fun and enjoyable. And it doesn't cost much data! I enjoy talking on Talkbox! Jesus, how can you guys invite such a great application! Even if it would charge in the future, buy it! It's definitely of great worth! It's the best free app ever!
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12 years ago, .....iPhone.
Please update
Hi just would like to note that I love this application as I use it on a daily basis. I have recently updated to the iPhone 5, and as you know the screen is bigger on the 5. I would also like to see some type of locking to this particular application as many others tend to use my device for various things. Some conversations do not need to be seen by prying eyes.
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13 years ago, Necro1989
Great great app!
This app is one of the best IM apps out there. Is fast, easy to use and works fine with 3G or edge. I used pingchat and whatssapp and none of these apps are good to use like a radio. Also the images and location are fine! (high recommended for talk with the girlfriend without leaving nothing) and not to cold like text message. Keep working!! Best! From Argentina :)
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12 years ago, Ronstev
Great app. Use when driving instead of texting. Anytime, better to hear someone rather than read.
What a terrific new way to connect with family members scattered around the US. So easy to send a voice msg like you send a text msg. Can't wait for continuing new features. I would pay for this app, it's so good!
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13 years ago, Uday
Great idea...even better implementation
I'm giving it 5 simply because its one of those apps that has such a simple idea but taken to the next level by its implementation. I love the hold to talk button...feels like im on a walkie talkie and also helps the conversation to be really fast. The UI is brilliant...efficient and beautiful...full points on that. Of course there can be lots of possible updates but Im happy with just this too... If I had to suggest something would be to have this app across different platforms...cause that would just mean that many more people could use it. Great job!!!
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13 years ago, shaneliew
Lovin' this app
This is a great app and I'm enjoying it really well. Good job!! One thing I would like is to have a "Mark As Read" or "Edit" button on the group conversations cause it gets a little annoying and there's too much lice clip o catch up on. So yeah.. Other than that,this app's perfect. *two thumbs up!*
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11 years ago, Crn7
I Love It!
I have an older iphone-3gs and have had very few problems with this app. I love it and want all my friends to get it. However, I got someone I work for to add the app and its not notifying her when I send a mssg and she has aniphone 5. Hope it continues to work great. Keep this app updated and it will be a top pick I am sure!
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11 years ago, Freeze4me
Good but needs tweaking
I like the program but the alert is not load enough when someone is trying to contact you. If it could be integrated using one of the alerts one the phone and able to open the program like when a text is received that would make it much better.
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13 years ago, ButtersJJ
taking this on the mountains this winter with me for sure
Love this app. Definitely taking it snowboarding with me this coming winter. Walkie Talkies are always too bulky to throw into my jacket, and I hate having to type a text with cold snow fingers. I think it's going to make keeping track of my friends on the mountain way easier.
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12 years ago, WordsWithFriends Fav!!
Good but could make some changes
Overall it's a good app. There are just a couple of things they could update. My friend got 2 pictures from me that I didn't even send but they won't upload. It's a little slow and keeps canceling messages for no reason!! Please fix this!
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13 years ago, B_theDestroyer
What I would never do with this app:
I absolutely do NOT use this app to respond to text messages while driving. If I did though, I'm sure it would be incredibly convenient and much safer than texting while driving. Which i also definitely do NOT do.
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13 years ago, Ice Leo
This is a really good app!
You don't have to make a phone call to ur friends anymore if you have this app! You can talk to ur friends whatever you want,even in the different country. It really makes our communication easier!
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13 years ago, AdamRi
Awesome application
Great app all of my friends got it. Just one thing that bothers me... I think you should do something about the release of the button so that the massage won't cut the end some delay or something because it happens a lot to people.
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13 years ago, JB11862
This app is awesome! If you haven't got It I suggest you get it now :D it's MUCH better than Skype because on there the it always crashes and stuff but on here it send messages SUPER QUICK and crystal clear hearing quality! It's a REALLY good app! The new design is amazing as well! Stop reading and go get it!
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11 years ago, kenny9029
Great app until now....
I've used this app for a long time without any glitch or problems but today it just decided to stop working. I cannot login, cannot delete to restart. And it's not only my phone it's happening to everyone that I know that have the app too. Please fix!!! This is a really great app!
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13 years ago, Pinkfloydshineon
I love it! The only problem is that a lot of Facebook friends have this app now, and I don't want to know about each one of them. Please let me choose when to get push notification (like, only when I receive new message)
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13 years ago, appsrock4
Handy app that is easy to use!
My friends and I use this app all the time... it's more fun than texting to be able to add your own personal touch. I love that you can send pictures and your location as well. Works perfectly!
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13 years ago, Aegyogurl
It helps me talk to friends in different countries. I don't know how to write it. But I definitely can say it! Also helps because when I have too much to put into a text. And don't have the chance to call
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13 years ago, B S C
Better than HeyTel !
Great app! Love that it let's you leave 60 second messages and conference calls. Only downfall is I don't believe there is a way to delete unwanted messages. If that update could be provided by history per contact then this would be a 5 STAR WINNER!
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12 years ago, ImJust_Reggie
Working great after trouble with update
Wasn't working after update kept crashing but after I deleted it and reinstalled it it's working great again!!
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