Tango - Live Stream, Go Live

Social Networking
4.5 (55K)
253 MB
Age rating
Current version
TangoMe, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tango - Live Stream, Go Live

4.51 out of 5
55K Ratings
5 months ago, Mr. loulou0921
Biased and unfair practiceS
I would never recommend this app for anyone. Tango protects its broadcasters no matter what their actions are. I.e.. Everyone knows your Tango turns blind high to what goes on in these private rooms. Hey bro, has to come by steel manipulate or scam a viewer out of their coins, which they purchased and simply left to the bank. When the viewer decides to retaliate and chat, his opinion is censored and frustrated. Deborah laughs to the Bank also. Tango laugh to the bank . I. E. Me I’ll buy coins time makes money. The broadcaster steals the coins, by scamming lying manipulating then lashes out with tango greedily takes its cut. Tango makes money so you wonder why Tango protects the Brooke has and the viewers who buy those coins it’s a crime it’s murder. It’s a sin in Tango laughs at the bank.
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2 years ago, amog-
Customer service ignored and no response
Why are low account holders treated badly with bronze, silver and gold connections, and no response is received from the customer service that exists within the application? They are answered at lightning speed and solve all their problems that they are suffering due to app errors. There is clear injustice to low account holders by customer service. My account categories were canceled from gold to bronze, and I had already unexpired days left, and the shipments that I did were refunded for no apparent reason. I only received a message that I had refunded the amount from the bank, and this is incorrect. There is an error in the application. Please mention the correct and fast method of communication for those Fatal and unsatisfactory errors, or this will be considered theft by Tango, and the application will have a bad reputation, as I will publish with evidence that I have validated my words on all social networking sites and websites if the problem is not resolved or there is a faster way to communicate and solve the problem by the application customer service I want Tango to return the purchase transaction that was unlawfully withdrawn by the application due to a problem you have and return the remaining days to my account category. It is supposed to compensate for this bad damage
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11 months ago, Grondxxx
Horrible service
The customer service of this app is garbage man I got both of my account suspended indefinitely and they won’t tell me why I tried to verify the both accounts the first one before it got blocked so I created another and the al same thing happened not only that the blocked both of my phnes for the app and they have the audacity to say they didn’t blocked my devices not only that the keep telling me to send them an email regarding my concern so they can just ignored the email and never get back to me the first account within two months I spend more than $1500 and I was using it to stream and to gift the streamers and tango didn’t let me verify my account now my second account I didn’t put any money in the account and I ferias to verify my account on Saturday and now it’s Monday then send me a message their unable to verify my account right now and all of the sudden today at 3:10pm I get a message from tango saying that my account is suspended and to contact customer service for further assistance but what they really mean by that is to go screw yourself because where not going to answer any of your emails.
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1 year ago, 82MaNoMi
Occasionally used app to view live shows but noticed that often my returning coin balance was lower than balance from prior day viewed. Specifically, on September 20, 2022 - my initial balance was fraudulently reduced from 3,700 to 2,000 coins. I repeatedly contacted customer service and received no assistance (only automated bot). SCAM ALERT - Please please do not download app - they routinely allow scammers or others to drain your account ….no response from auto bot customer service SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM - no support This is how scam appears to work: STEP 1: App developers run various promotions to entice users to buy coins STEP 2: users purchase coins and occasionally give to performers STEP 3: after your coin purchase has accumulated to unspecified amount, developers allow performers access to your coin account ..either slowly or suddenly your coin account becomes drained STEP 4: customer complains of unauthorized coin reduction and App developer via auto bot sends you message that they cannot assist … PLEASE BE WARNED - I can’t speak to others but this app is a SCAM
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3 years ago, AJN7356
Please fix the issues with latest update
I mostly use this app for messaging and has been great. The previous version was working fine. After this last update where the design/layout was changed, I noticed 3 things that bother me. The main thing is that it works fine for hours then the messages start getting delayed. Sometimes it’s not until I open the app that I receive the new messages. Or I get the messages automatically only to notice they had been sent to me 15-20 minutes ago. Sometimes a restart of the phone fixes this and sometimes it doesn’t. Second issue is the fact that it keeps saying I have 1 new message but there is nothing. The 1 just stayed stuck there. And third, please bring back the heart/loved feature on pictures. By the way I am using an iphone 12 pro with the latest ios version. Thanks.
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Thank you
My dad left me 11 years ago and never came back. I never got to see my other 3 siblings. Because of this app, I can talk to my dad, my brother, and my 2 sisters. Without this app I never would have been able to. Thank you crew members. Without you and you app, I wouldn’t be meeting my dad in a couple of weeks. Or my sisters and brothers in a while. Thank you so much this means the world to me and without this wonderful app I never would have known about them. Again thank you so much I thank you with all my heart. This is a true story please read this. When your feeling bad about yourselves and not sure, come look at this comment for self confidence. Look at the miracle you have made happen.
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2 years ago, Trickster_CA29
I hate how the Tango Customer don’t like their users that are providing feedback no one reaches out too your or no one gets back why have a customer support if no one is going reply and you have this dumb automate bot helping or why even have email if no one is going respond. I hate how if you use one account it affects the other account. So if I use an account and I get banned from the person lives it also affects my other accounts. Also, I hate how if someone is violating the tango policy there is no consequences no coins taken away, no permanent ban no nothing. Also, I hate how customer service is horrible on this app. No admin accounts on this app to reach out too if you need help. I also hate how people can just broadcast whatever they want and get away with it. If I want look at a wall, bed etc I can do that in my own room with out wasting my coins. Therefore this is why you get a 1 star rating and that’s just me being nice
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6 years ago, D. J. Djay Touch M. D.
Bug’s, Bug‘s, Bug’s!
I have always liked this app because of the fact you can play games with friends, family and love ones! It is so sad to see that this app has so many bugs in it now… When I receive calls I cannot answer because the talk button does not appear, I had issues with the microphones, Sometimes the video is lagging and it is not because of a Wi-Fi issue it’s just leggy and choppy, sometimes the app crashes and drops calls, etc., etc., etc.! And for anyone who is curious I am on an iPad Pro 12.9/ first generation. The experience on this device is horrible now! I don’t know if it’s because of a bad update or because of iOS 12 but this issue needs to be addressed and fixed immediately!!! One of my main reasons for being dedicated to Apple is because of the smoothness and fluidity of its apps and this one right here as well as countless others makes me feeling bad about being such a loyal customer for the quality of such Apps! Let’s get it right ladies… SMH!
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6 years ago, ello m8te
Did not like it
I signed up with Facebook and have a picture of my mom and I as my profile photo. I used to have this app so that I could face time my parents ( they are divorced) whole I was away or at the others house. We could play games while talking and do other stuff like that, but I got into the app for not even a minute when some old guy started to send me weird messages hat were directed towards my mom! The man thought it was my moms account and I was insanely creeped out! And he was hitting on me thinking it was my mom. I couldn’t block him and I had to Change my profile just so he would leave me alone. He worst part was he is 45 and my profile says that my age is 22! (It’s not) which is even more gross. I couldn’t do anything to make I’m go away and now the app is much worse than it was a few years ago. I don’t recommend it and I hate how it’s changed over the years. I miss the old app where you could only face time your contacts and talk to your friends
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2 years ago, Krystian M.
Love this broadcasting gifting app
Downloaded this app now , Major improvements - Sexy Beautiful Girls - All types of Women from USA etc - Whether you want a sexy time in premium or 1 on 1 with the gal of your choice or video call or if your just the conversation are they have it all - Tango doesn’t disappoint, keep in mind this a gifting app in my option the best one of them all - I have a few sugar babies here & even met 2 Acrually Suprised they don’t have more reviews A+++++ if you have some extra money to spend & can afford to spoil you won’t be disappointed. What are you waiting for
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4 years ago, andrewstran
I dont like the new version
Tango cannot automatic update new version without my acceptance. Last night they updated new version while I was sleeping without notices. And for the new version I cannot post my articles or read my friends’s article posts. I cannot go into my homepage or my friends homepages. New version only allow people have private chat, calls, mostly they focus on people like livestream videos, broadcasting, following people, singing or trying to making money on tango, waiting for people give them gifts. How about the others people like us, we just want to trade more knowledgeable and news or communicating with friends that we trusted? Why they took all our choice to choose. When I tried to contact them, there is no phone number for customer service or supportive, no email to write. If you’re aware to loose all your timelines memories, don’t update the new one
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10 months ago, @Coraleon2014
Honestly don’t get the point of this app?
The app constantly begs to buy more coins nonstop. You will almost never meet any of the creators and women. I flew from Washington DC to Medellin Colombia and by chance the girl im dating streams on this app while she looks for accounting jobs and earns some money which is the only reason i even downloaded it to surprise her but idk. If you have time to kill and your somewhat of a desperate guy, then I this app serves its purpose. There’s also mature content similar to onlyfans and webcam sites. Honestly, the streamers are working. It’s a bit hard to describe it but in some of these countries, the income does help. Again, im in Colombia and the girls im friends with and one im dating breaks down the business model
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2 years ago, bardic97
Do not use this app.
I put 5 stars so this is visible but this app is trash. It deserves 0 out of 5 stars. It’s full of girls flaunting themselves sexually but reporting them does nothing because the owners of the app use those girls for all their profits. The girls make less than 50% of all gifts. And tango’s auto moderator will block you from chatting for saying tame things like “I like the way you play” or anything that could even remotely be sexual in nature, enveloped though I was complimenting a musician!!! This app is terrible and the moderators are only interested in themselves and making money. DO NOT USE!
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4 years ago, qpalmzg
Not happy
I have no idea what happened last night I updated tango and totally change the whole thing can’t find my friends and family instead im getting live streamers from Asia and india im Spanish so its not working for me, the app doesn’t even have a search section and its says the “none of the people I fallow are live” when I know for they are. So I contacted customer Service they told me Apple forced them to disable some features absurd I don’t think Apple would ask tango to take away friends and family to impose new people.
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4 years ago, Cabg cabg
Worked fine till last night. Sent a message no problem. Then tried to text again and touch would not work for texting. Could delete but no response when trying to text. Received messages but unable to open. Deleted app several times and turned phone off several times. Still no response with texting or trying to read messages. Tried contacting support help this afternoon and no answer so far. Have had this app since 2012 and rarely have problems that usually can be fixed by rebooting or reinstalling but not this time. Hope this gets fixed ASAP
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7 months ago, FRITZ SAUL
I have been on many different apps over the years and they all have good and bad just like everything. You have to take the hood with the bad.. and I must say that this app has one of the best features so far that I have experienced and that is automatically translating the speech over so you can have a smooth and easy conversation with anyone anywhere. So thank you very much for the small but yet Huge convenience…
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6 years ago, shadowclone_
My location still showing even after I disabled on settings
For iOS: I did turned off location services for Tango by going to the Settings app >> Privacy >> Location Services >> set Tango to Never When I visist my own profile it show no location BUT when friends and none friends and acquaintance and unknown persons from my area look up my profile it still shows my location. I do LIVESTREAM sometimes and I had severals people’s harassment me on live telling me: —I am from your same town I want to meet you, tell wich street you live I ll come now. That’s creepy. most of them didn’t followed me, so I can’t block them all, it is uncomfortable feeling that you’re looking for privacy turning off your locations but tango still show it to other users. When I am trying to avoid especially that.
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1 year ago, Quintin W
Too controlling.
This app is a great & phenomenal way to connect to others, build friendships, and possibly develop a network individuals around the globe. However, the dynamic of the terms and guidelines makes it extremely, incredibly difficult to express who they are as a person or even mature adults. I see this app possessing the potential to be one of the most financially wealthy platforms in the business but disciplining (or banning) individuals for the simple use of profanity and labeling it “abusive language” will inherently mitigate the chances of that happening. This platform will never reach its full potential and WILL lose countless amounts of revenue if individuals are not allowed to be the essence of who they are as grown adults. Please allow more leniency to people who freely give their well-earned finances. Thanks!
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5 years ago, kells91113
I love Tango! It is the way my boyfriend and talk when we can’t be together and want to see each other but Tango seems to be having some real glitches lately that I hope get fixed soon. Even though all my notifications are set it tells me that I can’t make or receive calls sometimes and I have to go to my notifications and turn it off and back on again. Even after doing that I still don’t get a sound when a message is sent to me. I’ve checked all volume controls and they are on and all the way up. Please help!! I hate missing messages and calls because of this.
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1 month ago, K.Baako
This app is by far one of the best! Some of the best features you can find here on Tango. I rated Tango a four (4) because I would like to see Tango add more features, such as family challenges. In order words, the top ten (10) families on the leaderboard at the end of the month will win diamonds reward. That reward will vary depending on your place in the top ten. That reward will also go to the leader of the family who will distribute the diamonds reward fairly to those in his or her family. I believe that’s a good idea. However, I love Tango! Thank you family!
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2 years ago, 1Dei
Not Worth It
I posted a background that said, Is prayer your steering wheel?!. They deleted because it is violations to the terms or something BUT, they don't delete or block MINORS getting naked and/or selling themselves on the app. I have been trying for MONTH to delete my profile. It doesn't work. No customer service and the email they offer doesn't work and they never answer. I wouldn't download this and i definitely wouldn't invest money on this app. SCAMMERS Update: I have sent TONS of emails to that same email address and NEVER get a response. I would like to have my profile PERMANENTLY REMOVED from Tango. The process of the app DOESNT work. It says my profile would be removed in 24hrs, lies IT IS STILL THERE. I have sent emails with the links and NOTHING.
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2 days ago, PinkyNicky@&$7!?7!(6(
Selective Response / Withdrawal Issues
I’ve been trying to contact your support and I didn’t get any response then I tried with another account and you responded immediately, look into your customer service response please it’s very discouraging that they choose whom and when to respond. I’ve been restricted from withdrawals till I verify an account I’ve been using for years and the Verification toggle is not working on my device… Also it keeps getting hard for people in other countries to withdraw their earnings as you keep changing payment method and options, there should be a standard process that favors your streamers irrespective of their locations…
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2 years ago, OriginalRez
No longer fun
This app was amazing before Payoneer went public. It seems that as a result of that news Tango has chosen or been forced to “Clean up” their appearance. This includes monitoring “Private” broadcasts and blocking members for adult content. That doesn’t sound very “private” also there are many scammers and pedophiles. On the flip side, there unfortunately are minors who have gained access to this app and they will in fact try to broadcast adult content. The stringent rules have created an unnecessary pressure and broadcasters now actively beg for diamonds outside of their broadcasts. It’s turned into a real crap fest. At this point, Tango is best used periodically if you have nothing better to do for the evening.
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1 year ago, Lovely brat.5
Thank you for listening
UPDATE: Thank you for listening to us and bringing back the old settings. Only 4 stars still because tango is very racist when it comes to people of color. The new update is trash !! You’re now forced to watch people’s live now when you first open the app. It’s confusing to navigate and not user friendly. Everything is just bunched up together If it’s not broken why “fix” anything. CHANGE IT BACK TO THE OLD VERSION!!!!!!!! PLEASE! The app was good before, besides the racism Tango have for certain streamers and not for everyone
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5 years ago, DragonSpears
If I could give this no stars i would, like many other people I downloaded this app to talk to my friends because I didn’t have a phone number yet”I was 10” it was normal until about two months later I started getting creepy messages from random guys with the profile pics as private parts and they were sending me porn saying it was something else like a new my little pony episode so when I clicked on it it would show intense porn and I was scared for life I, also became a victim of grooming and I gave into sending a pic or two to old men I was such an idiot, but it’s been 2 years now I’ve been and still go to therapy because of this but I do not recommend this I want this app shut down forever so no kid has to go what I’ve been through
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4 years ago, 4fimc56
Can’t see friends Feeds
This new Tango won’t allow to see your friends post. Used to be so easy to see all of your friends post, all you have to do was go to your friends profile and all of their publications would be there for you to see and comment on if you wanted to. Now all you can see when you go to a friend’s profile are gifts that Tango wants you to spend money on.
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2 years ago, lls2018
do not use this app
I’d been a streamer on this app for 2 years and used to make amazing money and never had any issues. Until the last two months since they changed their rules. They’re now STEALING MONEY. I had money go missing from my broadcasts and tango claims they can’t locate it. For weeks they told me they would look into the problem and fix it but it’s now been 2 months and they won’t get back to me. It’s super obvious that they started stealing money once they changed their rules which led them to lose a lot of their income. Highly do not recommend anyone to ever use this app because they WILL steal from you and won’t do anything to help you if you complain.
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5 months ago, freddyrobb
This is one of the mast sexiest app I have ever seen all the women on here do real bad low budget teasing and showing there body and nothing is said but soon as someone say something about their body they get banned when them showing their body is the start of any sexual response then you’re even monitored in your private live and regardless disrespect works both ways your app is tired and boring and a very unhealthy app to be apart of just disgusting all away around. I’m not trying to tell you how to run your app but it is definitely not the platform for me. What ever you do don’t download the app unless you’re ready to spend your life saving for nothing at all
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3 years ago, pete the greek god
Games on here are scams including the pinwheel
You are never intended to win on the pinwheel. I won 160,000 jackpot and they gave me 12,000 saying it was a glitch on there end. It goes to show you that you are never intended to win. I snapshot the winning wheel and they have no other explanation but a glitch on there end. They offered me to be a cop royal and or reimburse me. If you win the jackpot on a casino, would you get reimbursed a quarter??? Think twice in downloading this or purchasing to playing there games!!!
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3 years ago, Tbone Chicago
An awful app with non existing customer's service
They have slowly converted this app from a place to find friends into an almost sex shop and the owners of this app are the "pimps" since they keep the majority of the revenue the "users" or clients make. If you want to cancel your registration to the app, it is not instantaneous, they "review" it first and takes someone physically to cancel your account. I've been trying to cancel for over three weeks and I've been ignored. I don't want to have an account with this app anymore but I can't just delete the app. They have my phone number and e-mail and can't delete those either. Piece of s... App
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6 years ago, The guy that loves everything
I’m scared to use
A friend requested this to me to use for him to call me and stuff. I don’t know if this is an app to call random people or just your contacts or friends. Either way I’m still afraid to use this. I mean I used this before and it was great. Great great app. Now come to think of it, I’m kinda scared to use this app. And I heard one review of people getting naked. And you know me I don’t wanna see people get naked. So that’s why I’m scared to use this app.
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3 years ago, ThatTwistKid💯
Tango doesn’t care about streamers
Tango has changed their private show policies which dramatically hurt the streamers themselves. A person I follow was banned for kissing his girlfriend on stream in a PRIVATE SHOW. Not a public one. This is absolutely ridiculous. Tango doesn’t care about the viewers either. I’ve contacted support about numerous issues im having and THEY WERE NEVER SEEN. Not even READ. They toss user complaints out the window and ASK FOR YOU TO GIVE THEM MONEY. They do not care about user satisfaction, only your money. Do not download this app! Go to their competitors instead. They actually care about the user’s feedback and help with issues.
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2 years ago, big account in this app
Stupid guidelines
Always notifications coming and blocking live always… and tango app inside workers also so rude when I send messages after blocking my account they talk so rude to me … always notifications I can’t at least move .. if I talk low voice notifications coming’ I’m doing sexy things’ I will very soon remove this app I really fed up this tango team ..
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5 years ago, erica wandemberg
i use to love the app
This used to be a really good app I could talk to friends and family no matter where they were. And then live came about and jumped on the bandwagon and I started doing live never got paid for it because the person that they do payments through which is the only one place called payioneer they be with me issues for several miles with paying me so there's no points for me to do lie. Are you still love the discover button and see who's local it was a good way to meet people and the chat with people locally I miss the old Tango bring the Discover me back
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6 years ago, jxde23
Problems?? Anyone else??
I’ve had this app almost 3 years. It’s an amazing app but when I just updated the app it’s been giving me problems about the notifications. When someone messages me I don’t get a notification on the home screen or my lock screen. It works every now and then but I have to constantly go onto the app to see if I got a message. I don’t understand what happened? If you can please fix this I would love to rate it 5 stars.
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7 years ago, Tab Jamerican
Keep the long distance relationships close ❤️
This app is a fun and great way to stay in touch with family & friends who are long distance. Great video quality and sound keeps that face to face contact fresh. You can play games while you chat or fun face masks. The only reason I didn't give a 5 star rating is with the new live feature there seems to be no settings available to turn it off. Makes me nervous to let my child play in the app.
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5 years ago, 💋Alice 🥰
Tango is great
Tango is just such a great app! Whatever you are looking for socially you will find here. There are tons of sweet people to get to know from all over the world and in a sense the community here becomes like a family. I recommend checking it out weather you want to get your feet wet broadcasting or if you’d like to just meet someone special to get to know.
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2 years ago, hippylez94
This app is awesome to navigate and easy to use I understand and respect the vast majority of the policy but I feel like it needs to be more blunt like instead of saying chest say breast and hugging is a part of life if people wanna make that sexual they need to be kick it’s not fair that everyone has to deal with something that dumb because others wanted to be stupid about it and 3 strike rule works this app can be so much bigger and popular if some things are fixed in the policy or at least more straightforward
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3 years ago, Tiger4456789
So overall I like the app except for the privacy feature. When someone go private the set an amount in order to get into the room, we’ll I have had this happen to where you go in and they end the live. Leaving you spending money and nothing. The problem is that they can do this and it is leading to a lot of people scamming people for coins. What needs to happen is that you should have a certain coin amount to enter and then gift later not upfront so people will stop scamming. Need my money back.
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2 years ago, unapanuna
Withhold your payout
It was cool until cash out time. Then they all of a sudden can dictate if you’re “approved” for cash out. I live the “investigation” into a main gifter line. Then they they ban you from going live, but say in order to try again for payout approval, to get your livestream up? You have people going into their bank accounts to gift the creators and you just withhold everything as you see fit. I guess the long CON is the name of the game. It’s too bad. I really did like this app.
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6 years ago, Ddolney
Works well but sleazy
Using to communicate with my young daughter who is on vacation. Gave her a deactivated phone. Works great over wifi for calls and video. However don't care for the social media network especially the pictures of all the "most liked" folks. It all looks a little sleazy Ana's makes me wonder if this is some hook up venue. Had to give my daughter instruction not to click on those by accident and start messaging with strangers
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3 years ago, sierraleone30
I am actually stop using this site because the site bans you even in your premium you will get banned if you are being provocative and being an adult entertainer in your premium you still get banned what is the point of having a premium if you’re still going to block people also your site is too sensitive People have been getting then’s for a nip slip for the little stuff and you guys are banning people for a day and then the same people are back on in 20 minutes and then sometimes the same people don’t even get in trouble
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2 months ago, Oz-mo-d78
Stolen money
I signed up for a Tango account years ago using an email address. I just spent 50 dollars today on coins and Tango glitched, logged me out, and doesn’t allow me to log back in using that email address. If I try to login with a phone number or Apple ID they don’t recognize my device and show I have 0 coins because it’s not connected to my old email address. I sent an email to the tango support address from the developer response and after several weeks I still have not heard back. This app stole my money and refuses to refund it.
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2 years ago, dreplumb1
XXX site almost.
No one has said how explicit this site is in the reviews. This app is easy to download for any teenager. Husband or wife. If your husband has it most likely he’s spending that hard working Mo money on gifting those girls. If your wife has it downloaded most likely she on it exploiting her self while you’re at work working hard. Well if your kid has it then y’all both screwed. This app needs to be regulated a lot better thiers a lot of females half naked smoking cannabis and drinking. Making sexual noises etc. Once you download the app you could go live immediately also.
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6 years ago, ThicciNikki
Me and my best friend have been using Tango for years, and we loved it, until they removed our favorite feature. Before, you could use filters that would fully transform you into something such as a unicorn or a burger, and I absolutely LOVED it to the point where I would call just to get to use it. It was amazing, and now that it’s gone, I don’t see a point in using Tango. We haven’t used it since. BRING BACK THE UNICORN!! Not only that, but now it’s so glitchy and low quality. You’ve ruined this app. I will no longer be using this until you bring back the good features!
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4 years ago, QveenAlpha
Has Potential BUT...
There are bugs like streams barely load on wifi & mobile data... besides that the amount of coins we have to spend to gift is ridiculous, other apps at least have 1 & 2 coin gifts, y’all could at least have a gift thats 5 coins... it would be nice if there was an option to turn of the gifting sound, when someone is gifting the broadcaster the sound is so loud u can’t hear what they’re saying so if someone is sending gifts back to back it’s as if the broadcaster is on mute... other than that it’s ok.
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1 year ago, Jared2K17
Great app but I am having issues
I love using this app, however I am having issues with logging into my account through Facebook and it’s not an option anymore and I am having difficulties with trying to contact someone in customer support about how I can log in to my account.
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5 years ago, 1OfLovely
Love Tango!
Tango is great until you’re African American and can get banned or suspended during public broadcasting for showing cleavage. If we all can only dress appropriately on a public broadcast then fine! But, why are all foreign women not getting banned or suspended for it as well? They have their busty brazier taking over the camera and stay on for hours. Smells a bit prejudiced to me.
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1 year ago, Symonona420
Miss the good ol’ days
It feels like every month, sometimes every week, tango comes up with new guidelines. I used to love going live on this app! Now it has all these rules that prevent most of us from having any kind of fun. It’s losing all of its worth, taking so much of a percent of money from people isn’t even the start of it. I don’t know how to explain it, but the app just isn’t worth it anymore. I’ve been on here for a year, ever since the “families” started the app has been going downhill.
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4 years ago, MaskedBanditsaur
Many Scammers in Private Messaging
Private Messaging on Tango is very poorly regulated. There was this one lady who kept on spamming her WhatsApp number in messaging on Tango. I had to report her for sexual content and for spam. Please get rid of all this sexual content and spam in private messages. My experience with Tango's private messaging has been a terrible one. Bottom line: Do NOT download Tango. Most Tango broadcasts are just garbage, to be quite frank. Little to absolutely no content, and lots of twerking. Tango and its broadcasts disgust me. Remove Tango from the Appstore please... 👎👎👎
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