TanTan - Asian Dating App

Social Networking
4.6 (18.4K)
390.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tantan Cultural Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for TanTan - Asian Dating App

4.6 out of 5
18.4K Ratings
3 months ago, Christian Abadilla
Scammers and fake profiles/hackers with pedophiles
Honestly, I don’t like this app, all the guys just wanted money. And I met a guy who played me with sexual harassment. The guy video and recorded me. Blackmailed, taking advantage of a person innocence!! This is app is an absolute fraud. Don’t use this app or you will have a ruined life like mine. The guy wanted to exposed nude pictures and manipulated people for their own personal benefit. I don’t like that it and all the guys in the app took advantage of me!! There are hackers that will use to take advantage of your body on video using not just this app but on WhatsApp!! The guy not just ruined my life it took advantage of my innocence while also a victim of a scammer/hacker of a syndicate!! I absolutely hate this app! The app is an absolute disgrace and faked all the people want money for their own personal gain. Recommendations to delete this app or your life will be ruined like mine!!! Also a lot of pedophiles and nude trafficking that can ruin many lives!!!
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1 year ago, Hondarider125r
5 star scam
I have been on the app for a few days to see how it works, it’s the typical you get 30 likes and conversions a day everyone wants your what’s app #. They don’t want to video chat or even go out in person… every single conversation leads to them talking to you about liquidity mining crypto… The App Store should completely remove this app it’s kinda horrible that this is the only intention of the app… Like for one thing crypto mining is the dumbest most useless thing a person can spend all day doing. Men and women are suppose to use these apps to have a connection to meet eachother not talk about how someone sits at a computer all day making a $1000 mining crypto- it’s hilarious actually, they give you a deal which is not much $ for a 3 month subscription which probably makes this company a ton of money. There is no purpose in this app it doesn’t work it is only making the company who uses it richer. Even more sad…every fake user is claimed to be Chinese and for China… that just looks so bad on a country who thinks they are #1 in the world. This app is probably a great way for them to extort money from people back into their country. How can an app as horrible and terrible as this one get removed? The person who is behind every act of this app is a complete criminal and should be prosecuted.
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3 months ago, Red Mist Nero
Deleted my Account without word
My account was deleted, and now you guys are trying to push the subscription and I can no longer login to my account. So what have you guys the idea it’s ok to take money and do that. Seems your app runs on scams, bots and when you reported enough of them, you get booted. Don’t trust this app. Mostly fake women in random places posing they’re 12miles away. Pointless to play with people money, and not have any support what so ever. Report it your shady app. Here’s the extra on top of that, didn’t bother to post my review. Obviously trying to hide the truth about your app. No I won’t change my review. No help from the developer and your website for help is in a different language that no one can understand. The fact your trying to help after the review, what does that tell you as a developer, your scamming people for their money. When I subscribed I got more bots and scam artist than with a standard non sub, why is that? do you target those with money per say? Your app is shady, I wouldn’t recommend at all. In fact I was scam fairly bad and your app doesn’t have an option to report that person. Your probably working with them.
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1 year ago, Wasian Soft Daddy
This app is full of scammers and fake people…
When I first got on this app, I was super happy because I would finally be able to find an Asian girlfriend to what I like to call my Wasian Soft Daddy, but was quickly shocked by how many sexual extortionists there are on this app. I work in the field of cyber security, so I took on a few myself but it truly is ridiculous the amount of them is absurd. Pretty much every pretty Asian girl you see on this app that is somewhat pretty, is fake. The verification should be mandatory, however, I don’t even think they really care about that because I attempted to verify myself 3x and was failed every time. There is also a huge problem with people being on this app for crypto mining related things and investment banking… It’s all they talk about, and it gets very obnoxious very fast. I was hoping for this to be a good app to transition to from Tinder since I was banned for “breaking tos” even though I double checked on that and I passed. To this day I still don’t know why I’m banned. But if you are in the same boat and looking for an Asian girl or guy, look somewhere else. This is a dangerous place, and I seriously mean that…
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5 months ago, Victim of romance
5 star scamming app
Don’t download , lots of fake profile , multiple names and same profile pic. Scammer lies and say phone camera don’t work , always has the same excuse . their intentions is to steal your money and leave you broke . They have quick schemes like get rich quick, learn investing from uncle , want you to send them money, iTunes, cryptocurrency,etc . Scammer claim to use translation app to speak English when claim to from the states Use broken English and bad grammar. I reported them on the app only to see them again, their penalization is a joke, I feel like this app is in an the scam and get a portion of the money . They do a horrible job and don’t verify .
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9 months ago, Imerida mehu
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!! IF I CAN GIVE THIS APP, LESS THAN A ONE STAR, I WOULD, THIS DESERVES ZERO STARS,‼️‼️‼️‼️This app is full of fake people, scammers and catfishes. this app allows people to be verified, even though they are not real. I have seen many accounts with the same pictures but with different names and different locations, but still all have the blue checkmark. you are lucky enough if you find at least one person who is real and genuine, but that is like a needle in a haystack. And even if you do find someone that is real, they are mainly perverts and weirdos. Avoid this app at all costs. I shouldn’t be surprised because this app is made by China. The other thing that is crazy is they make you pay a ridiculous amount of money just to find authentic verified users, when it should be the norm, because, even if you do find verified users they end up being FAKE… this app is a joke and if you’re looking for love, this is not the app to use, they are trying to scam real people out of their money… AVOID THIS APP AT ALL COST. RUN FROM THIS APP IF YOU CAN. ‼️‼️‼️‼️
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2 years ago, Xbite9
Do NOT download/use
This is the absolute worst app out there. You will not find any serious people here, those who join will delete this app in two weeks max. Full of scams, fake profiles, investments scams like crypto and other investments, and lastly those rendering “personal services” are in this site. IF you can filter through all of this and maybe more crazy stuff, then maybe you can make a connection with someone. Good luck! For the developers, you need to focus on quality not quantity. You have zero quality controls in place and the little you tried to build is not working. I would give you zero stars but cannot post a review without giving you one star. Reply: If your app feedback worked you would see more then two or three dozen messages sent and some with attachments and screen shots. Not a single reply from anyone to my messages. What good is a feature that does not work? So, don’t ask for people to submit issues via your app when it does not work.
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7 months ago, Sasa Sasa sasa Sasa
Scammers only on this app
If you want to meet a scammer please look no further this is definitely the app for you. A lot of them claim to be “doctors, marine engineers, engineers, lawyers, etc. Also they’re “single fathers” whose wife died from “cancer”, it’s always cancer and the child is either in boarding school or living with a “registered nanny,” because the “fathers “ are abroad either in Venezuela, Australia, or some random place like that. I even had one who was in these United States like me and still wouldn’t let me text them on regular text, but wanted me to download and app to talk to them 🤔🤔. Anyway the one star I gave is so undeserving, but it is what it is. Again if you’re looking for scammers please join, you’ll be frustrated at the end of the day. I’ve only been on this app about 3 days and I’m going to delete and deactivate the account, the scammers are tooo much. I think majority of the people that matched with me are all scammers, I’m not sure if I’ve meet anyone genuinely.
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6 months ago, Ekthegre8t!
I’m not sure how it is in different countries but I’m from New York and I have not spoken to a single real profile yet. I’ve used it for a week and every day I get 30 plus matches and not a single person is verified. Every single person immediately wants to get off the app and speak in another app. No one has social media of course.(scammers) everyone has the same exact lines and want your phone number within 5 min. “No one uses the platform” even though they match and talk to you within seconds. It’s a joke. Very disappointing. And when I finally changed the settings to verified members that are within 50 miles of me, there was only about 10 profiles. Trust me, I’m on a bunch of dating sites. This one by far is the one I’ve ever been on I would like to get my money back, but I highly doubt I will. It’s garbage… great concept/ideas but all fake ppl
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7 months ago, Mike_G4life
Text free without membership 🙏🏾
I been on lots of date apps that have texting locked behind a paywall or membership but not TanTan, A membership is only to see who liked you, and boost your profile for easy matching and the one month membership for premium is cheaper then most dating apps Kippo and TanTan got a cheap one month three months not bad either just $30, The only thing I hate is every woman I met wants to go to 3rd party apps like WhatsApp, Telegram etc. to talk about crypto and bitcoin trading like I’m not here for that looking for my soulmate. 😂
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1 year ago, PNAEGLE
Tantan is surveillanced now by phxPD from wire fraud - federal crimes
Constantly beautiful women and even male profiles constantly ask for whatsApp messaging and Telegram messaging but then lead to their family mentioned or coworkers taught they to trade crypto and then leads to scams and even wasted time mostly each profile never plans to meet for dating or relationship in-person. Don’t pay either; you’ll have same results but just more of it. This app reported to App Store to shut it down, police reporting each incident from tantan, to WhatsApp and telegram bouncing, until they can show proof of in person meet up results with USA people, if this is only CHINA people to live stream and chat then they shouldn’t even be in our USA Apple App Store. It has lead to heavy-weighted case of diluted social expectations and criminal scam activity. I am still on it archiving the reports but it is growing into a final report to Apple Store.
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5 months ago, Ycmouefhurdghj
Biggest joke ever
So the people at the app are the scammers. Report a fake profile and they say they penalize them. Yet they can write me still, but when I was penalized for a few choice words to a scammer I couldn’t do a thing. Seems about right. All the decrepit Asian women’s pictures on there are ai done, TanTans “system” doesn’t catch that but says mine is fake, to which I sent them showing it was a Live Photo. Didn’t get that message again but my attach button as well as my info was been gone. The Asian guys that run the fake women’s profiles now think they are cute using face swap apps. Like their looks, not cute. I even have messages in Chinese they sent me by mistake about people coming to China to get them. And several others that were not for me. That’s the thing none of them have more mental acuity than a toddler. I have months of irrefutable video of profile changes and everything I stated above and so much more. They tell me they ban these fake profiles, their is a reason why they remove them out your list, but I have other profiles that those banned people are still on. Same member numbers and still active. It’s on video. They handed me everything on a silver platter with very little effort. Now they go down.
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3 years ago, Frustrated, do not update
Banned for no reason
I’ve been using this app for a while and have been a paying member. Here is the reality of this app: yes, you can match with real girls, but there are SO MANY fake accounts pitching all kinds of schemes and scams, it is not worth the time to sort through the matches. And here is the rub: these fake accounts can report you and then you are banned from the app, even as a paid member. No refund, just a permanent ban. I believe this is what happened to me, I don’t send offensive messages, even to the scammers, and then one day I’m banned with a generic message from the app. It’s just ridiculous. So if you are going to pay for “premium” features, do the month to month or 3 months at a time, because you may get banned anytime. Or use another dating app because this app just isn’t worth tour time or money.
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8 months ago, Edilbekov
Dear Tantan Team, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to bring to your attention a serious issue that I recently encountered on your platform. It pertains to fraudulent activities involving individuals of Asian descent, especially women, who engage in deceptive practices to lure users into cryptocurrency schemes and subsequently steal their money. I personally fell victim to such a scheme, losing $4,700 in the process. I believe it is crucial to address this matter promptly, as it not only affects the financial well-being of users but also tarnishes the reputation of your platform. It appears that there is a systematic problem where individuals of Asian descent are engaging in these fraudulent activities under the guise of legitimate users. It is in the best interest of your platform and its community to thoroughly investigate and take strict measures against those involved in these scams. Users should feel secure and confident when using Tantan, and such incidents undermine that trust. I hope you will take this matter seriously and address it promptly. I am willing to provide any necessary information to aid in the investigation and prevention of similar incidents in the future. Sincerely,
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12 months ago, dslrf
Scam central!
I tried this for one week. I noticed right off that multiple profiles were using the same girl’s pictures. In one week, I had 232 replies all of which lead you to a different chat app. 197 of them were running the crypto scams! They won’t stop talking of their vast riches and how you need to invest. 33 were running the hookup scam sending you to adult pay sites, asking for gas money, fix their cars, need iTunes card to make their camera work!!! 2 people seemed real but eventually they revealed the scams. I even had 3 admit they were men told to pretend to be women to sell the investment schemes! That was my test week. And please, look up how these scams are done. Never send money to anyone you never met or know. They prey on people’s desire to find someone. That is sick.
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1 year ago, fake Binance
Scams fake profiles and crypto
Five star to make this review on top. Been on this app for months now and have over 100s of likes and their all fake people wanting to talk about crypto and trying to get you to send money. Asking for your number and Instagram trying to black mail you and get you on other sites. People use the same pictures on other profiles and doesn’t even try to stop the scamming. Then they have chat rooms that they want you to send money for what? Because they talk ? Terrible app
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3 years ago, nycnj8888
Thank you Tantan
I met the love of my life on this app and we are forever grateful. We would have never met each other if it wasn’t for you guys. I totally agree with the other person who said use this app if you want to find a “smart cute big and tall” boyfriend LOL. I would use the very same words to describe my husband now of two years! I wish I can go back to see our conversation in the beginning. Thank you Tantan for helping me find the love of my life within the first few hours of using being on the app 💕💕
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1 year ago, Empty fear poop
Fake profiles,Bots,Scammers,Crypto sellers
99% of the people are computer generated profiles to look as if there many users to match with. The load of people that will match with are bots designed to sell you crypto,ask for your WhatsApp info to sell for marketing,trying to get you to buy premium features. The few real people 1% of the entire app honestly are just looking for a sugar daddy or validation with no intent to meet or date at all, just waste your time with small talk questions.
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8 months ago, Mister Smith and Family
SCAMMER CENTRAL… Do not download !
The “girls” on this app are so clever. They are using pictures that they have stolen, and taken their identities. So when you research it, it looks legit. Make you fall in love, then all of the sudden they need you to buy a gift card to send to them. That happened 2 times in 1 week. Another one I actually went on video call with for about 30 seconds. But she was so far in the background that I couldn’t even tell if it was really her. A few hours later, she asked me for a Steam Card so she could pay for an App in iTunes. Both of there were “verified” users, so I assumed I was choosing from the good ones. I want all of my money back. Because I feel like the app scammed me out of my money. It is a waste entirely.
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12 months ago, J-Dub2305
Scam likely
So I had a bunch of matches and I would go through and kind of pick my favorites and everything was cool until you get to “what do you do for a living” and soon after on about 4 out of 5 would tell you to invest in a website and then show they made all this money. I played along and kept declining just to see how far it would go and EVERY day two or three times a day I would get the question! This is the only website where girls actually msg you first and you might even get into some engaging convos but if you show no interest in “investing in whatever” company then it is a disaster. I had one girl get so bad I had to report her and block cause I ignored question and she started talking crazy.
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4 months ago, A L E S O F F I C I A L
Abuse Ignoble desires Envy Envious
Dear girls, You must know about guys of this app. When I downloaded in TT my own photo of myself at Times Square Screen, they started to report my account. TT texted Me that users reported that I’m a f(a)ke person though I’m real. In 1 day, after the photo of Me at Times Square Screen was downloaded, TT has blocked my account. It shows that they are envious and evil men. Dear guys from TT, work on Your bad emotions. Plus to that, abusing behaviour against women is acceptable for TT. TT men / guys only think about ignoble desires. If You ask a cup of coffee from a TT guy, You’ll hear very bad words about Yourself. They think that a cup of coffee for a girl is an unacceptable thing, but they think that it’s normal to offer s*x to a girl with an unknown person at the first meeting. Draw conclusions.
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1 year ago, Tuikb
Everyone on here are the same people with different profiles same con sweetheart cons ask you to use telegram or WhatsApp act like they like you then try to talk finances and buy coin many scams even sell you a book on real estate then try get you invest. Same people many accounts, fake photos too look how beautiful and airbrush every girls photo is. The verified girls are usually in on the scams they had many accounts too, if you try talk to them on verified acc they won’t reply but they click like on your photos, don’t pay they will be 10 girls with different names but same photo. If they live 10 miles away they say in California, or say leaving tomorrow, many won’t webchat they delete u if you ask
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1 year ago, Laincloud
Free but needs improvement
There are no search filters. You can express yourself quite a bit on your profile, but most of the guys i see on here have theirs blank, or they don’t speak english. There are a lot better dating apps out there, although none that i know of specifically for asians. However, some dating sites will let you set race filters. Anyway, i’ve found that it seems to be asians who are most likely to be crypto scammers. So beware. If they have an empty profile and they ask to chat on another app like whatsapp (their favorite for some reason), they’re probably not real.
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1 year ago, Mike P H
Too many bots
I switched from Tinder to Tantan because Tinder has so many bots. Tantan makes Tinder looks favorable now. The amount of bots on here is alarming. In 1 day I have over 50 matches. Around 40-45 of them are bots. Even when I swipe, it’s like for every real person there are 6-7 bots. And it’s really easy to tell. They’re all from China, have a Chinese name or some generic name like “Candy” or “Kittie”.. and the red flag? They ask for your whatsapp or ig and try to get you off the app. I’m disappointed.
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2 years ago, Thomas Urbina
Nothing but scammers and fake accounts. They all try to get you to move to WhatsApp to continue talking. When you do the pictures from tantan and WhatsApp usually don’t match, different people in them. They all own some type of clothing business, if you look up the business you won’t find it. Eventually they try and talk about investing into crypto currency or FTX or they ask about your credit score. And the more you don’t want to talk about it the less they want to talk you. And if you call them out they try to turn it around and make you feel bad and multiply account have the same person in the picture and when you report them nothing happens
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3 years ago, bugs from time to time
Custom support is terrible
The app has a bug that, my chat history disappeared suddenly. I contacted with support email and they asked for my detailed infos. But, when they received my info, they did Nothing just sent me some useless, unactionable and irresponsible words. Like: ur chat disappeared maybe because the one unmatched (that is totally wrong, as if u unmatched, they history will still be there). And I replied to ask for more info and a number I can call for help, then there is no reply anymore, I think there is totally no customer support and the app is buggy. Terrible experience!!!
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6 months ago, JadeThePandaPrincess
It’s all fake
After using this app for over a year trying to give it fair chance nope. Literally everyone else is right all your gonna run into is scammers creeps and fakes. Half the scammers are using pictures of men from insta and some are real believable with it. They’ll ask if you wanna talk off the app by either snap, signal even WhatsApp then it’ll be bitcoin cash app etc. it’s all fake, fake name fake number everything. Even if you do report them and their account is removed they just make a new one with the same name like nothing happened. If you do get someone that maybe real and verified they probably won’t talk. So best bet your better off staying far far away from this app.
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7 months ago, Meichowchow4
Lots of fake profiles
The app makes alot of fake profiles and bots I am not sure why as if you genuinely want to make a dating profile what is the point when you don’t end up dating anyone you just get catfished by bots. All the profiles are too pretty and have suspicious chats, they also are never verified and work for the same company PwC. I don’t know what the intent is to hire people to catfish, like if you don’t ever meet up with someone they will not talk about how good this app is if they don’t find real people to meet with, the whole app made me feel suspicious of everyone and everything and now I will have to tell people this app is a scam. Should have just had less people than people angry of fake profiles.
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11 months ago, stylinxitalian
5 Star Scam
Like all of the other reviews, I have many matches in this app. Have not met a single real person. Everyone has been a catfish, or a fraud. They will add you insta, telegram, what’s app, Snapchat, whatever and screen share some girl naked and try to get you to show yourself and then try to blackmail you. Luckily, it’s so obvious from quality of the video you should be able to catch it. All you gotta do is talk and they don’t talk back. Or they try to get you to invest into crypto, they are real persistent on it or they have no interest in you. They want you to invest into things or download things that don’t even exist. Why is this in the AppStore? TanTan is doing absolutely nothing to stop these frauds.
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2 years ago, warmcuddle
80% is spam/fraud account / no control
Tantan allowing just pay and can change their location and it hard to find the right person. Mostly is spam and fraud account. Mostly I looked at their profile it said 6 miles away from me so I thought they live close to me but later I found out they came from somewhere I don’t know. Yea tantan is a app that you pay and can change any your profile information including location which fraud can easily get target. Hope tantan can protect user more like not allow them change location than just make money. Tantan make money, fraud make money! Also tantan send you lot of junks messages daily to phone notifications.
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2 years ago, vitaliya konvicka
I don’t hate it but plz don’t be transphobic. N I’m not talking about the people. I’m talking about the app itself. I have attempted to change my photos and my profiled MULTIPLE TIMES just so it wouldn’t get deleted. Everything I put in is moderate and conservative I have been extremely respectful and I expect the same respect to be paid back. Thank you! I have limited my bio to only one word just in case it’ll be taken down again, which I have a feeling it’s highly likely. I really want to have a respectful experience using tantan before I delete it AGAIN so thank you:)
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2 years ago, Lunalsss
scammers & fake profiles
There’s ton of profiles with just one pic, blurry pix, blank profiles, and of course fake profiles too. Everyone that matched me logs out of the app as soon as the match is paired. Like people seriously just get on there to swipe, match, and log out. Save yourself the time and money, it’s not worth it at all. It’s the lowest quality of all the dating apps and I’ve used all dating apps out there. I just deleted my profile after 3 days. I reported a profile with an actor’s pic 3 times, they banned the profile really quick the first two times. Now I just reported another one, I even included a screenshot of the actual’s google image and info, they didn’t do anything.
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6 months ago, tyersafh
A lot of fake profiles
The owners of this app need to make it so only people with a blue check mark can use it ,the amount of fake profiles and cam girls on the app is out of control,I would of bought a prescription to the app if only blue check marked people were allowed to use it ,so far this week I have reported over ten users with evidence of fraud from fake users and profiles using facial recognition software,please make it so only blue check marked people can use it ,I will not buy the premium version till this is fixed
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1 year ago, Read The Recent Reviews!!
Fake! AVOID!
I have made 72 matches in 2 days. Every single one is fake. This doesn’t include the HUNDREDS of profiles I swiped left/reported upon seeing. They follow such and obvious and pathetic pattern, that I have come to believe it isn’t a matter of the app neglecting to monitor profiles; rather, I believe the app must be using pathetically predictable methods of mass-producing fake profiles with distinct characteristics. This app is an absolute waste of time. I have tried to give it a chance, but there isn’t a chance for anything to come of it. (Notice the developers only copy/paste the same 3 responses to EVERYTHING. It’s disgusting, dismissive, and disastrously negligent. Let’s see which of the 3 responses I will get— if any.)
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3 months ago, mosfree
100% scam.
I have no idea how this app has any stars unless all the fake accounts on Tantan are also writing fake reviews for Tantan. I hesitate to describe all the ways you can spot fake accounts for fear of cluing in the scammers who must also be working at Tantan. Some of the things other reviewers have already mentioned, all the matching accounts just want to talk to you on another platform. Whether AI or live people, all the fake accounts have an inability to conduct a regular conversation. they either stop responding, or don’t respond correctly to questions. So many of the profiles are fake, as in ALL of them, I don’t see how the people at Tantan are not behind or supporting the entire scam.
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2 years ago, west virus
Mechanics , set up, fake accounts
So first its a good concept. Looks cool commercial was nice but this app works awful unlike other dating apps u can not swipe at all u have to click the buttons which ig is ok for some , then u have to tap the screen to see new pictures of people which is annoying i end up going back and forth between two images. Then the report system is jacked up Because it says screen shot a profile and report it but soon as i screen shot it , a warning message says dont screen shot profiles which would be ok if i didnt wanna use it for the report on the profile 🤦‍♂️
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3 years ago, Cat12345568910
I could give it 0 stars if I could!
I feel like this app is lowkey racist, I had strikes everytime I uploaded a new picture and now my account is banned after I uploaded my recent picture! I’m black and there is mostly Asians on this app and I feel like the company doesn’t want me to use their app, I did not violate anything at all if anything the men on that app have said disgusting things and I just ignore it! I haven’t done anything to be banned. Wow. When I tried to figure out the reason I was banned they couldn’t even give me a direct answer and said I violated their rules, even though I provided proof that I was completely harmless and didn’t do anything.
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3 months ago, Angelitodfuego03
Fake profiles and scammers in there
To my experience, I was able to meet a lot of beautiful women there, but the only thing they ask you is to invest money in crypto they’re not looking for love. They’re only looking for investment or a person that takes away your money. That’s what they’re trying to do but they’re never talk about love or get to know you they really don’t try. The only thing they look for is money, and they’re not serious about anything they just love to steal money. So far my experience in there is really bad. I was looking forward to meet Asian woman, but there is no helping there. I just gave up and moved on from this website.
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2 years ago, Chin Nation
This app wants you pay for two premiums
The app looks nice, but you won’t get far with a free account. In fact, you won’t get anywhere with a free account lol. At any time a person gives you a like or vice versa. You both won’t able match until one of you two has paid for VIP. And then to see who likes you, you must pay for a separate premium. Everything is built to get you to pay for a premium account to access some features that other dating apps give for free. Besides that, being in the US is also kind of limited due to lower users in US. When you do find someone on TanTan then it’s probably a bot and scammer.
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4 months ago, Briwel
Coordinated scam to steal your data and money
THIS APP IS A SCAM!!! AVOID AND REPORT IT. Trust me, it's not that many scammers use the app. The app IS the scam! Every female account - literally every single one - is a fake account / catfish account designed to trick you into giving them money. You will never meet a human in person on this app, and they all have the same story - it's absolutely coordinated. I wouldn't be surprised if all these "ladies" were employed by the organization that owns the app, because they all have the same stories. The stories evolve and develop over time, but all their stories develop together on the same trajectory. If you try this app, I confidently say, YOU WILL REGRET IT. DON'T EVEN INSTALL IT.
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2 years ago, LaReneeH
Banned or Reported for no reason!
Hello, I recently signed up and was then banned less than 24hours. I didn’t have any matches and I only sent out a few likes. I was probably ban because of my race or color of my skin. I joined the app because I am interested in and have previously dated Asian men in the past. They this app did not give me the direct reason why I was ban. Upon looking at the possible reasons, I know I did not violate them because none of my pictures are inappropriate, I did not match with anyone to speak with someone, I did not make create a fake account because I made sure to verify myself. The reasons I was banned for did not apply to me.
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2 years ago, RosiePosie0788
It’s a great concept…but
Okay hear me out. The concept is a great one and I enjoy reading everyone’s profiles and matching with people in my area. However, since the short time I’ve been using the app, there have been several instances of people trying to run scams. I understand that there Is a lot that goes into developing and running an app but is there any way that scammers can be detected and removed? If not, there will be a lot of people uninstalling and making the people who genuinely want to meet each other suffer.
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2 years ago, Trischelle
The official catfish app! Yay!
If you like being “catfished,” 7 out of 10 times, this is the perfect app for you. I’ve mostly matched with losers who enjoy impersonating other men. The extremes to which men, in the app, will go to pretend to be someone else are insane. One must be kind of crazy to steal the images and videos of someone else just to attract and sustain chatter with women. Tantan, please do a better job of weeding out the catfishers. I shouldn’t have to play detective all the time. I had to submit a selfie to verify my identity. How are all of these men able to keep profiles full of photos and videos, of someone else? This app has been mostly a waste of my time.
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3 years ago, Aldehydeic
Weird mechanism against scams
Tons of fake accounts/scams. Their only attempt to solve this problem is popping up same warning again and again whenever they detect you matched with a scam. But you are forced to sit through for like ten seconds and can’t close the pop up. So every time you match with a scam you have to waste extra ten seconds reading the same meaningless message. Worst mechanism ever. Why are we punished when we’re not accountable for those scammers? I guess it’s true when no one’s using this app we won’t have to worry about scams anymore
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3 years ago, No stars at all time.
Please be aware and don’t use TANTAN.
I used tantan for dating and I met someone in a different city of mine in London. We were chatting online for few days and that person was fake. She was he and all this time he was stealing my personal information. I am very sad that Tantan can’t be trusted as it’s verified profiles are not actually verified. And people use them for wrong purposes. So that person called me on hangouts and made me do dirty things and recorded me. Then he threaten me to share that video with everyone I know, my friends and family etc. I would like to say that I will sue tantan for not verifying members correctly and putting others in danger.
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2 years ago, Trrriple A
One big scam
This is supposed to be the dating app, however, in reality, 99% of the accounts are fake. Most of them are bots who like you and never text you back, or catfish accounts run by guys who wants to steal any kind of your personal information. I was lucky I didn’t set my real name anywhere, but according to the reviews some people got in trouble because of them. What actually made me angry is that the app does not show you the real number of likes you received untill you pay for it extra. Which is absolutely disgusting. I used Tinder before and they never let themselves scam their users this way.
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2 years ago, Monkey2105
These accounts can be truthful sometimes, then one ask you to chat outside the app and look at the ones you follow on Instagram, then ask you to add her on WhatsApp so we could have an erotic chat, then blackmail you for money otherwise they’ll post it to the one’s on your Instagram, Ik it’s not their business on other apps but at least they have to know that they were the root of the problem, that’s how it started. I’m very disappointed, most of these people are call girls and really bad people who try and blackmail you … now the people Ik will have to look at me differently bc I refused to pay up
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9 months ago, AJUGGY
5 STAR SCAM don’t waste your time
This app is a real scam, I made the mistake of paying the extra money to get extra privileges. You’ve got these hot chicks with real strange names most of them like you immediately. I’m really curious as to where they get the photos from. I’m sure it’s like a Call Centre or something… They try to be really nice, you ask them what they do & they usually into some beauty business and definitely investment … sometimes they reply come straight from chat ai. If you’re seriously looking for a hook up, I would not bother with this at all it’s time consuming, energy draining, and a complete waste of time.
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1 year ago, drnine
Anything above a one star review is fake. I’ve “matched” with over 200 profiles and every single one of them is fake. They are either trying to get you to sign up for an online trading service or invest in bitcoin. There’s so many of them I have to assume that the creators of this app are behind these companies because that’s only way that this would make sense for them to keep doing it. So don’t waste your money and don’t waste your time. It’s all fake. **as you see they replied, but I already sent this information through the app to which they have not replied.
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3 years ago, not a bot 6789
A dating app where you’re censored
I was banned for using the words “friends with benefits “ ,” hook up” and “one night stand” too many times. This is a dating site that’s trying to censor casual dating which I’d imagine what a lot of people are on here looking for. Even if you’re not, isn’t it a good idea for people to be honest and up front with each other so you’re not wasting each other’s time? Can’t do that here because you can’t even use those words without it being automatically recalled and you get sent a warning. Stay away from this app!!!!
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