tellonym - anonymous questions

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4.5 (120.4K)
48.7 MB
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Current version
Callosum Software GmbH
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for tellonym - anonymous questions

4.5 out of 5
120.4K Ratings
5 years ago, kkanurii
Add a few buttons plz
I post my tells on my instagram for others to see and it’s really difficult to save a large amount in my camera roll since I need to press two buttons, but out of the 91 tells I have, I accidentally pressed “delete” when I didn’t mean to, therefore deletes the tell I was going to save. It would be greatly appreciated if you could add the “are you sure to delete this tell” button. Another thing I wanted to say was when I save the tell onto my camera roll, the whole thing goes in instead of ellipses, I sometimes explain or people who sends me tells writes a lot so it would be also greatly appreciated if you could make the font smaller or the bottom pfp or something smaller so that the whole thing fits?? I’m so sorry but this would make me happy and I don’t know if anyone think so too
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2 years ago, 10 minutes in the last
It’s Fine and It Works
First off, I downloaded tellonym when curioiscat suddenly disappeared. It’s been an adequate replacement to let my followers send in ideas and comments and the like. The problems I have for it are 1. The app itself frequently prompts you to add personal information you may not want tied to an account online (occupation, gender, phone number). This may be fine for people who use it casually with friends attached to a personal account, but it’s not so good for online creators who stay somewhat anonymous. 2. The bot questions the app generates on its own are VERY annoying. They’re very basic question that are not fun to answer and just exist to help get tellonym’s name out there. If you delete them, another will come in a few minutes. These need to be gotten rid of to not clog up the inbox or send a notification that there’s a question when it’s just a boring question generated by the app. This is my BIGGEST complaint with tellonym. Get rid of the bot questions. If I want fake questions not sent by friends or followers that badly, I can just anon them to myself. It’s the same amount of genuine interaction with followers 😑
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5 years ago, Reviewer 5280
The short version: Tellonym is toxic. Kids should not have it. Detail: This is an app that allows anyone to post anything about other users, while remaining anonymous. It is heaven for trolls who want to post the most vile, graphically violent, racist, misogynistic and sexual messages imaginable. Some messages seem to taunt users to consider suicide. (“Why are you even alive? Nobody likes you.”) In addition, Tellonym allows plenty run-of-the-mill cyberbullying like: “You think you have friends, Sophie, but we all really hate you.” And because the company promises it will never reveal who posts this garbage, there is nothing you can do but request to delete it (which they may or may not), and then calm your devastated child who installed the app behind your back, because “Everyone has it.” Oh, and it’s the perfect haven for pedophiles to contact tweens and teens, masquerading as kids themselves and asking your child seemingly innocent questions like where they go to school, or requesting that they post a photo! Found some of those, too. This does unbelievable damage to kids’ self-esteem and mental health. There is nothing good that can come of having this app. Check your child’s phone and if it’s there, talk to them about why you need to delete it.
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6 years ago, Ithinkinroyce
I like it😂
It’s a good app. I also seen some comments about how y’all should make it possible to log into multiple account at once cause lots of ppl use it through Instagram and some ppl like me have more then one Instagram account so I wanna make more account but don’t wanna log in and out of them all the time. Plus my bf has one and I can log into in form the website but I can’t like stay logged it yk. So ye I think that would be cool.
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2 years ago, CodenameCristata
A few issues :/
I've been using Tellonym since CuriousCat went down and I've had a couple issues. Since CC seems to be back now I figured I'd send a review detailing those issues since if these things aren't changed there's a decent chance I'll just be going back to CC and I'm sure many others share my thoughts. First of all, THE BOTS. GET RID OF THEM. Everybody is saying it! The constant fake tells that are always being sent in are ridiculous and shouldn't exist. It's obvious that they're just trying to make the app seem more active than it is but all it really accomplishes is annoying people. Second of all, if you have your filters set to the lowest settings, then nothing should be being filtered? Right? ...Right? Well apparently not. And the app doesn't tell you what words or phrases aren't allowed nor does it tell you if something you send isn't allowed through. Instead it acts as though it sent the tell even though it didn't. It is very frustrating. Why would you have so much unnecessary filtering on an app made for anonymous messaging? Let people choose what gets filtered rather than deciding for them. You already have an option to filter specific words and phrases as well as different levels of automatic filtering so why not an option to just turn it off altogether?
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2 years ago, trammmq
Bot Questions
The bot questions are incredibly annoying. As a creator, I look forward to getting questions from those who read the things that I post, so every time I get a notification from the app I get excited because I’m expecting to see a genuine question that has something to do with what I’ve posted, but 99% of the time it’s just another auto generated question that is basic and not personalized at all. They questions are boring and pop up frequently and there’s seemingly nothing you can do to opt out of receiving them. At least with CC they gave you an option to stop receiving those kinds of questions but this app doesn’t, and it’s the most irritating thing in the world. I think I’ll take my chances with CuriousCat again or try out another platform/app because this one is hellbent on trying to get you to interact with it by sending stupid questions all the time.
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4 years ago, Faith A. Wright
Used to be good, but now unusable
I used to like this app, yes people can be negative but that’s what happens when you let people talk to you 100% anonymously 😂 here’s the problem, I can’t even get through 1 tell without getting a “we need a break” pop up. This used to not be a thing, at least for me. Now I literally can’t use the app, can you please get your app together tellonym? Also, I’ve received hateful tells before and I address them respectfully. Sometimes I get a bit sassy, but I never say anything inappropriate! Then I’ll get warnings telling me to not answer those tells because those people were inappropriate, that should not be my fault! I answer all tells good or bad, and because people decide to abuse your system shouldn’t be my fault. If somebody tells me to kill myself or something I’m going to reply, I won’t be inappropriate like they were, but I will reply most likely with a sarcastic answer with a lot of laughing faces 😂
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5 years ago, _redlotus
Please get back to me ASAP.
Last night, a student took a screenshot of an anxiety-inducing message sent anonymously to her Tellonym account. The sender of the message threatened that he would bring his guns to school, and commence a shooting during first period. This worried many students, who quickly spread it across Instagram as a warning to their friends and community members. Even the principal was alerted within an hour of the message posting, and the state police department was notified. If the developers could make this a reality, I think many situations like this could be prevented. Regulating the anonymous messages via flagged words or phrases and having a way to keep track of who sends the messages would be very much appreciated. I know it may be difficult for the developers to implement because of privacy rights, but this would be a great call. It is hard for the school administration to determine if this is a legitimate threat, and it would make it so much easier for us to solve this problem if these suggestions can be implemented. If this is possible in any ways, then please. Make it happen. We need to protect our schools and our students. I myself am a student, and I do not want to attend school with the fear that we could be next.
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1 year ago,
Huge bot problem, don’t buy Tellonym Plus
I’ve been using Tellonym for probably 6 years at this point. It used to be a decent app, but for the past 4 years you’re constantly getting bot questions with no way to discern if they’re from real people or not. It was fine at first as it was one tell a day, but nowadays you get bombarded with multiple tells at all times of the day that stop if you don’t answer any questions for a few days. Tellonym then rolled out their subscription service a year or two ago where you can pay to see sender hints. I was curious and decided to subscribe to it to see how it works, and it turns out Tellonym has been adding sender hints to bot tells to make you subscribe to their service. On top of this, they make the bots like/react to the questions they sent in to make it seem as if a real person was sending them in. This has turned into a scam service, so it’s a shame thiscrush shut down.
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4 years ago, Mu5icsam
Please keep this in mind
This is a great app. I really do enjoy using this app because I can ask my friends questions without them knowing that it’s me asking. But after a while, I started getting some tells that contained some personal information that are very sensitive. Then a week later my friend started to get some tells saying things like “go kill yourself, no one cares about you” and “I heard you tried to hang yourself before. To bad it failed.” My friend, already being suicidal, started to believe these negative comments and has since began to question her existence. I am trying my best to help her, but these negative tells just coming in and it’s making it hard to convince her that she is wanted and that people do love and care for her. Please use caution while using this app.
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4 weeks ago, Crimsonghost138
Love the app.
I actually really enjoy this app. I get a lot of random questions and whatever I don’t want to answer I can just delete. Honestly my only complaint is this-after answering/posting tells I close out the app and then I get a notification for EACH tell that says “Done sharing? Pick up where you left off” and there is NO WAY to turn off that particular feature without turning off all notifications. Can you find a work around for that so we can turn off that feature? I don’t share my tells to my social media pages, I prefer not to. The extra notifications feel pushy and unneeded for the platform. Some people like to share to their platforms and that’s great for them, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who chooses not to share to Instagram. Please allow us to turn this feature off in the future 🙏🏻 other than that I love the app, and I have fun with it!
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2 years ago, kohaibun
Horrible & Toxic
this app supports toxicity to the max. all this app allows is for people to be anonymously toxic to you and get away with it. and their membership feature is a letdown. it supports toxicity because why would i want hints on who is messaging me unless they were being toxic or getting personal with me? i have been bullied so much that i ended up paying for membership, just to get ridiculous tips like 'sender is in another city' 'sender's first tell in a while' like thanks for taking the last $1.99 out of my account. this app has caused me nothing but issues for years but now i am bringing this to light after being spammed multiple tells in one night by complete strangers of how awful i am and how gross i am. do not use this app if you have a sensitive mindset. and definitely do not give them money and support this. it's so toxic.
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5 years ago, Ogabidenskuev
I like this app, I think it’s cool. BUT, most of the questions you get aren’t really from your friends. There are questions that are so clearly from the app itself and not a friend, and it’s frustrating. Questions asking about bands I know none of my friends have ever heard of, and all my friends seem to get the same question asking if you could live without the internet. The app is a cool idea, but it’s stupid if most of the questions and tells aren’t even real. If you guys could just get rid of that feature my review would be higher, it just makes users feel stupid, like we can’t handle going a day without a tell so you slip us a fake one. Just remove it. It’s pointless.
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2 years ago, ᗩᒪYOᑎᗩ
This app kills people, kids, adults, and everyone when they are targeted. What is said is that the users behind this app can send you NASTY, EVILL, VILE AND THREATENING messages to the user. This can be "completely" unknown users that hide or they can directly follow you. The app says they don't reveal information, but legally if the police are involved with this then the app legally has to reveal information on messages and the user behind it. It's against the law to cyber bully. Please parents and adults be aware of this app and the damage it causes. May seem like just another fun little app but Apple should not be allowing this on THEIR name. This app is killing kids, because of the way it's used and how it is used. It's sickness in this app behind the users that bully!!!!!!!
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2 months ago, Trea Arguitrez
Would be way better without all the bot questions
I don’t understand why you don’t have the option to turn off all of the annoying bot questions. It’s ridiculous to have to filter through all of them and figure out which questions are real and which are not questions. I use this as an author to answer questions about my story and it’s extremely obvious which questions are created by Tellonym and which are real questions. At least give the option to turn off the bot questions. I understand you want people to use the app more, but it’s extremely annoying.
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4 years ago, mandyslayer
Don’t even download
I had originally downloaded this app, believing that it was a good idea for my followers on instagram, and twitter as well, to ask questions. I thought this app was going to be friendly and a good environment, but boy was I wrong. Almost immediately, I was receiving negativity and hate towards me. It continued for months regardless of how many times that I had asked to PLEASE stop sending negativity and hate, but it continued. I even EMAILED these people who created this app, but they had said that there was nothing they could do if their name was anonymous even when their policy is against that type of thing. What do I recommend? Save yourself the time and effort and do not download this. Its just another toxic environment.
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5 years ago, delete app now!
This app is not good at all! Being able to be anonymous while posting things on here resulted into something that was probably not meant for this app! But it is one way for people to send threats. And this is happening to my school right now. Someone sent a message to a student at my school and said that they are going to shoot up our school, and kill everyone and anyone. This is no joke! This app should be deleted! This gives people a way to threat someone without being found. Now we may never know who this person is threatening our school. And we won’t know if we are safe until someone can get to the bottom of who is in charge of the threats! DO NOT USE THIS APP. They need to delete it ASAP!
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1 year ago, Hashem4040
I downloaded Tellonym and was initially excited about the prospect of asking and answering anonymous questions. However, my experience with the app has been disappointing. I have received random messages even though I never shared my link publicly, which makes me wonder about the security of the app. Additionally, the app prompts users to purchase hints in order to reveal the identity of the sender, which seems like a ploy to extract more money from users. While I appreciate the concept of anonymous messaging, the issues I have encountered with Tellonym have left a negative impression on me. I cannot recommend this app given the concerns I have outlined.
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5 years ago, thiccccccccccccccqueeeeen
I downloaded the app in hopes of curing my boredom, and I got a lot of tells. However, I don’t know if they were real or not, considering that the app kept pressuring me to repost the questions and answers on my other social media platforms. When I didn’t repost, the questions kind of stopped in a way? So I kind of think that this app might just have a bot controlling the whole thing 🤷🏼‍♀️? Other than that concern, this app is kind of hard to navigate, but it’s good for q&a’s and curing your boredom.
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3 years ago, Germiah Wilson
I need help
I need help getting back into my account but it doesn’t have an option for your phone number for me to just put my Instagram information in instead they want information that I no longer have because I got a new phone I do not have the same Apple information which is really stupid because you can prove that you on the account just my regular login and that one of the extra stuff and too complicated for somebody I just want to get inside their accounts because I do not have a Twitter or my old Apple information and I can’t just log into my account need help getting back in too complicated
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3 years ago, badassloser
Love it! Except..
Love the app, the only thing I despise is the “are you done sharing?” Notification. Can’t find a way to turn it off, and I’ve seen others couldn’t either do I don’t think it’s possible. I don’t mind the boys asking questions, but that one notification drives me up the wall. Might not be as bad if it only asked it once a day, but I hate having it come up every single time I exit the app. Otherwise, it’s a fun app! My followers seem to enjoy asking me anonymous things.
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5 years ago, CadetTHEwerewolf
My views on the app: pros and cons
There’s are many cons as well as a few pros about this app. In my own personal experience I can surely tell you that I have gotten a lot of tells with threats, homophobic and transphobic rants, and other harsh things. This is very bad for those who have already bad mental health or children. Parents my suggestion is highly monitor this app on your child’s phone if they have it and if they get any bad tells delete it from their phone. The only pro I could think of is my friends now boyfriend flirted with her using the app and now they’re dating so yay for them. Other than that this app is bad for children or anyone with un stable mental health my own.
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5 years ago, JAOEO
It’s actually good
It does what it says and it’s really simple to use and I never had any problems besides one it says I have a certain amount of followers but when I check it only shows I have certain amount which is less so idk if it’s a bug but other than that I get the messages and it’s easy to use
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5 years ago, Kamitara
Could be dangerous
While I have received nothing but complements and fun questions, it has the power to devastate others. One of the people I’m following is getting nothing but hate and death threats and overall serious cyber bullying. To make the app better, all people should be forced to create an account before sending tells in. One of the bully’s stated in his tell that he couldn’t be blocked or banned because he didn’t have an account. It is a serious mishap to let something like no account into the app, and I have to wonder what the creators were thinking by allowing it.
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5 years ago, starchild702
Love this app but it’s missing a few things
1) Can you PLEASE make it an option to turn off the suggestions of people to follow? It’s really obnoxious. 2) Also, I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but my notifications on my phone and on the app say that I’ll get badges/banners/etc when I get a new tell but that never happens? I don’t know if that’s a glitch or it’s just me it’s happening to but please look into it. I really do love this app. Aside from the occasional rude or judgmental tells I’ve received, it’s a really good distraction for me!
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2 years ago, Tyler Pavlik
This app is great but if I want to login to another account it will delete the account I am into!!! If this app let’s me log out of the account I’m already in without deleting the account I’m already into and I can log into another account that will be better!!! It’s nice you can login to it with Google but if it will let me login to another account without deleting the account I’m already into that it used to let me that will be better than before!!!
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5 years ago, Cutey putute💞 💗💗💗💗 💞
I like it but there's a problem
Overall this is a really good app, but the links are no longer working. The only way to post things is to do it directly in the app now. I post my link in my Instagram bio so people can comment but the links are broken now for some reason. Please find a way to fix this or there's no reason for me to even have the app. Anyways, besides that, this is a really good app with a lot of potential.
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6 years ago, aztecnemo
No notifications???
i love this app and it runs great and everything but i’m not getting any notifications when i get a new tell...? i’ve turned the settings in the app off and back on again and i’ve turned them off and back on again my phone settings but i’m still not getting them? if there’s any way to fix this it would be much appreciated! i love this app and keep up the good work!!
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2 years ago, littlesnowyone
Word filter doesn’t work
I have nine words on my word filter list (all relating to romance and dating, which I’m not interested in), and yet I keep getting Tells with those words in them (ex. Stuff about “what do you look for in a boyfriend”, “what to do about my ex”, etc.). It’s been this way since I put the first word on my word filter. It is annoying, and I’ve begun to block people because of it. Please save me the use of the block button and actually have the app enforce my filter list.
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5 years ago, meeee555667
Report System is Too Dumb.
Why are tellonym users banned for answering tells sent to them? A user should not be afraid to answer tells. Point blank. I have gotten 12 accounts banned because of people sending me “kill yourself” messages, and i would keep replying with “id rather not.” Why do i get banned for that? Im not sending nor replying with anything rude, or mean. why not ban the one who sent me that tell? Why punish users for being victims of the cyberbullying your app allows? Why allow the cyberbullies to be set free while the victims are shut down? Fix your report system. Its ridiculous.
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5 years ago, Benjamin Hutton
Pretty okay
Not a bad app. I like it! Only downfall being when I try to share my profile on Snapchat when I try to take the picture, the widget goes away so the only way I can link it is through the paperclip. Also I wish the questions of the day or whatever they are were marked different so I could tell a question that someone has asked me from a question the app gives me.
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9 months ago, shikolofika
Help me
I cant believe myself I swear I install this app daily and delete it.. haha the company knows.. I always check if a new tell from my ex appears but unfortunately it’s been more than a big while 💔 I hope one day I will open it and see one💔
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3 years ago, I'm super duper cool
No longer a fan
I loved this app for a while but when I first opened my account, I logged in using my Instagram account INSTEAD of creating a password. When my phone reset, I was under the impression I could use that same information to get into the account. Somewhere along the line, that was changed without my knowledge and I hadn’t created a password or linked to an email. Customer service was no help whatsoever and I’m now permanently locked out of my account. Like I said, used to love it. Now I’m not a fan
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4 years ago, BlaZerBlaze92
It isn’t thriving so user interface isn’t what it could be
It’s flooded with mostly high school kids. Hard to find someone my age range,(27), so I dont feel like a creep. There are not search filters. If you want to switch from anonymous to showing who you are then you have to unfollow and then refollow but then allow it. It’s just annoying. Also, it seems to be a trend that ppl like being asked questions to asking. So a lot of pages jus have the lame generated question from the app.
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2 years ago, Zazaza_
Great app!
The core of this app is an excellent idea, and I do like communicating here from time to time. I have noticed a rendering error or two when using the app on this iPhone SE (2020) running iOS 15.6.1. Looks like it has something to do with the aspect ratio on these devices being different from most other iPhones currently. Anyway, overall good stuff!
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3 years ago, gkrwjgayjtjaykraiyq
It seems fake most of the time
I’m 90% certain that most of the tells you receive are pre-written/made by the tellonym team themselves. They word their questions in ways that sound like a textbook. They even send some that seem like they are from friends by tweaking some words into text slang. They fake, this is fake. They are lying to you. Most messages are from Tellonym themselves. You be oversharing your stories and info and in a way making yourself look like an idiot. I wish Tellonym was 100% genuine.
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2 years ago, Jaysgae
Automated Tells
There's too many bot/automated tells. I don't like these and I really want to disable them. They make me want to just uninstall the app. There needs to be an option to turn them off. I just find them annoying and a waste of my time. When I see a notification that I got a new tell I expect a REAL one from a REAL person. The bot ones are just annoying. Please make an option to remove them asap.
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2 years ago, lilspooky👻
when i go to the website from a link in someone’s bio, it only shows one tell and it says to download the app to see the rest of the tells. so that’s exactly what i did. when i went on the app it still only showed me that one tell. i sent a tell to see if i need to send a tell to be able to see the rest but they still didn’t show. it’s false advertising because no matter what, you can’t see the rest of the tells and that’s why this app is sucky.
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6 years ago, Alphalis
I Love It
I mostly love the app, Its really easy to use and fun. But theres this bug which makes asks appear twice or thrice and it very annoying to delete them. I think there should be a choice if you choose to share your location or no in the app and if there could be a feature to allow askers to add embed links and pictures. Overall a good app.
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2 years ago, wieeeeerdd bunny
I have downloaded this app for so long and been using it without any problem but lately there's a problem should get fixed , I received tells and I'm about to answer but then the tells get disappeared mysteriously!! It's literally so annoying and make no sense why they're disappearing!! I literally read them and answering but also it's not showing on my account!! Please fix this issue because i like this app and i don't wanna delete it
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3 years ago, LoyalTink
Sometimes I wish
I’ll be getting some weird messages about certain stuff and I wish that there was an app where I can see who’s sending them because they’re kind of creepy
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5 years ago, Yulikos
Blocking does not work for Anonymous Senders.
Tellonym claims that blocking works for anyone who sends an ask, both logged in users and anonymous ones, yet it does not. I’ve gotten the same harassing message that asks for my location spammed to me multiple times, and I have added ALL of those messages to my blocklist, only to find no end to them being sent to me. It doesn’t work. Do not recommend this App if constructive criticism is what you seek. You will get many of these harassers and almost no positive feedback at all.
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4 years ago, olive7177
Very, very slow
This app used to be great, and it still is for the most part but it’s so slow that it’s nearly unusable. the buttons don’t work half the time, and it takes at least a second to type each letter. There are also a lot of bot-generated questions which are meant to make sure you’re still using the app, but they get very annoying.
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5 years ago, grandmamaic
I’ve been attacked multiple times by people on this app. Being told I’m ugly and that I should go die. Luckily I don’t take it to heart but someone out their will. Do not let your child download this. It’s terrible and people are cruel and ruthless. Being told to go kill yourself is never okay. I had to delete my whole account because it got so bad. Make it easier for people to block tells, and make it to where if it says certain things they don’t send. Make it a positive app to say positive things not negative.
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3 years ago, nekocatgirl38
There’s a problem with the tell when I share to my story on Instagram. There is no white box and the text isn’t black. The background is orange and the text is grey. Can you please fix this problem immediately thank you.
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4 years ago, bunnydacherry
p cool app i get quite a lot of tells some being hate & ive noticed that when you “block user” if they go through a different app & have the link, they can still send messages. you guys should block the persons IP from the account so they wouldnt be able to view it. its a very easy loophole to get around lol just leavin feedback
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5 years ago, 🌈Jocie🌈
Gr8 bUt one fix pls!
When u get a notification for someone liking ur comment it should say that someone liked ur comment instead of their name, if the person who sent it likes it it shows their name in the notification but not on the actual comment, so you know so sent it, which defeats the point if it being anonymous :/
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2 years ago, m.griffin2
I like Tellonym. I often read paper books. With Tellonym social media has words! Thank you. I do not like auto-renewing charges. I tried to buy a beer emoji, and logged in with my Apple ID. My account had insufficient funds, or I would have paid Tellonym one dollar. I will see if I can try again.
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5 years ago, Trey411
The color please!!
I absolutely adore everything about this app but the color is too harsh on my eyes honestly, maybe make it to where people can change the color of the post they save to their camera roll or just their tell account in general
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5 years ago, ty.runs
Not so good anymore
It’s not letting me post. I can type the responses but when I click share it keeps loading. It’s just not wanting to work I’ve tried resetting it and trying again and it’s just not working. I love this app and it’s easy to use but it’s just a new bug. I’d love to comeback and use this app again.
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