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4.4 (23.1K)
90.3 MB
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Current version
Appsverse Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Text Vault - Texting App

4.41 out of 5
23.1K Ratings
6 years ago, ManEater13
Good app works very well. I don’t like that you have to pay for text credits, however they may or may not have stated that before I dowloaded the app. I I thought it was totally free but they do give 5 free text credits regardless of u buy any. The text credit pack are pretty good deals, semi cheap. Oh & FYI your first free 5 text credits.. one is used each time you send a text out and another will be used for the other parties text back to you. Thanks!!
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6 years ago, lookingforFREE
Don’t waste your time
Most apps that offer free text and free phone calls will let you pick out a phone number and they have free texting and free calling with an actual dial pad with numbers. This app is so greedy, after you sign in, it takes you straight to the pay options displaying all the paid plans available and they have it worded so that you think it’s not a free text app and the only option is to pay for their service. To me, that is like a homeless person coming up to your window and begging for money. It’s a deal breaker for me... Once you back out because you thought it was a free text and calls app....then it declares you have 100 credits (5 free texts) with your anonymous number. Just try and find the dial pad, waste of time going thru their menu which I stupidly spent 10 mins . I’m not sure you can make calls because I entered a number and hit call phone and it didn’t make a call. How this app got the #1 most popular spot when I searched for free text is a mystery to me ? There is no faq ,or help section... only an option to email their support which ...why bother emailing because that also takes up precious time. Hitting delete and going back to textnow
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2 years ago, Zanesworld1
Oh- it’s sneeky!!
Seems so wrong- feels so right! Block me? Block me just because you don’t want to hear how horrible of a person you are? Oh , you’re going to hear it- you earned it! You’re lucky it’s just a text! I hope you get the point this time! But I don’t care if you’re still too dumb to understand!!! - awwwww , man, I feel better. Ya know, sometimes all we need is to know our message got across- dosent have to fix anything -not threatening anything- don’t even want a reply- but I want you to hear this last thing!That’s what this app does — at least that’s what It did for me- ‘I’ got the last word because ‘they’ turned out to be terrible people. And I feel better- and between me and them and this chair— that’s all I need to care about right now!! I’m sure there are a lot better ways and reasons to use and for this app- but for me- it was mental health healing! Thanks guys !
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6 years ago, klovrien
Canceling the subscription is not allowed
If an issue arises or in the event a subscriber wishes to cancel the subscription, the Contact Support does not reply to the email. The only way to cancel paying the monthly fee is to send an email which I have numerous times and have not heard anything back. I don’t appreciate getting charged for the monthly fee since I am not using the app. There should be an option within the app to cancel the subscription, but since there is not that shows the lack of integrity this company has towards its customers, as well as the confidence that the app will being satisfying. They clearly know customers won’t want to keep this app which is why it is nearly impossible to cancel. This is my fault if it stated in the app details that this would be the process of canceling. So, shame on me for not thoroughly reading the details. I won’t be making this mistake again for such a poorly manufactured app. I suppose in a way, I should be thanking the company for cheating me out of my money so I learned the lesson to be more aware next time to prevent this from happening again.
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4 years ago, BeBe's Mommy
Unclear fees but good customer service
I originally posted 1 star but came back to revise it. The app & reference site lack basic information, but their customer service quickly responded to my email (like within a few hours) & hooked me up w/ an extension that wasn’t necessarily due, as a courtesy for the lack of clarity. I did previously purchase for use, & everything worked as I expected. It’s still not clear, however, if you have to purchase a phone number subscription (or certain amount of phone numbers w/ limitations) AND credits for each text sent & received (2 credits for pictures). So kudos on customer service & please add more detailed info
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2 years ago, Gh0st_fac3d
My second favorite text app, and that says a lot
They’re only fault by me is that they are too concerned with insisting upon importing contacts, literally have prevented me from texting at times because I’d refuse. I understand they have security concerns, of peoples interactions. However, they are designers and builders of technology, not a moral authority, nor law enforcement. It is likely intended with the best of intentions, however, not all of us play or abide by the same codes or worldviews. They would do far better sticking to what they do best and is their businesses purpose. Slippery slope between good intentions and know it all fascists and dictators
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10 months ago, Billie1016
Text vault
Oh sorry I wrote everything up top. Any way I give it a 5 star Text vault has help with the burden of renewing minutes or with bills every month by not charging. As long as you have Wi-Fi then your good and can make free calls. You might have to watch commercials but who cares if they dont charge for it. If you don’t wanna watch commercials then you can pay each month. That’s cheep also. I like text vault!!!
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6 years ago, omegac
Pretty sure they sell your info to third parties
This was a one and done deal. Sent a free text, then removed subscription. But since I did it, I've been getting calls from random numbers in various states. I googled a couple of numbers and some people have had complaints of telemarketer calls from these numbers. I am on the do not call list. This app more than likely gives your number to third parties. DO NOT DOWNLOAD! I did not see this in the ratings nor did I see a general statement like Facebook uses to access your number prior to download. Now I've got to deal with a bunch of random calls. Good thing I'm changing my number soon....
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2 years ago, magarent lee
Credit me with a coins so I’ll start be using it
note that you may have to adjust your app open ads experience based on your loading experience for example if you have two types of loading experience (first open experience vs switching back to open app),you may have to implement app open ads differently for each experience
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3 years ago, Pizza907
Good for business
I work at a pizza shop. Sometimes I need to text a customer to let them know that their order is ready for pick up. It’s nice to not use my real number because I’ve done it before and some customers have later texted me when they were drunk or just to talk to me, so this is a great alternative to stay anonymous.
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7 years ago, PacketSnifferSniffer
F minus
Misleading title made it seem like it was free. After downloading I realized I had to pay before I could even receive or send one message or call. Obviously I don't want to be linked to this number. Now it's linked to my iCloud account. On top of this, it was difficult to set up. Doesn't show the number on the app. Doesn't receive some text messages even when I have plenty of funds on my account. Not user friendly. I ended up frustrated and out a few dollars with a useless app. I'm sure with a few small changes all this can be improved.
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4 years ago, thewriterrrrr
There are better apps
Maybe somewhere they may have stated that you need to pay for text credits. But once downloaded I could not send text at all until I paid. At least other apps you can call and text for free, they give you the option to pay for credits to text and call. There are better apps out there then this
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5 months ago, Bwithit2796
Solid app
Super secure and discreet, use with a vpn and you have yourself a good chance of being able to be secure. Vault number changes when you delete the thread and each thread has a different number until you delete it it’s seriously the best!! Highly recommend
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2 months ago, Asola magic
Very Cool texting App
At first I thought it was like all the other texts apps, you will have to purchase before you can even send a message. But unlike this App, it’s Fast secure and so nice, am being able to text as much as I want. J will prefare everyone to try and use a minute to check this App and trust me you won’t regret installing it.
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3 months ago, Stylist78
It’s by far one of the better free texting apps out there!!!! All of us don’t use free texting apps for normal usuage, like everyday usage. Soooo, I like the fact that I can pick a number of my choice as well as have the option to the free texting number and it can generate a new number every single time I use it!!! Thanks~
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6 months ago, Gameretroz534454
So far So good. Although I just downloaded it today, it did more then what I even expected it to do!
Like I said it’s a pretty neat App, a lot of thought process has went into this & just bravo to the fellas that developed this… Loook all I’m saying is if your searching and searching how to get a random working Phone Number ON YOUR OWN Phone WITHOUT causing any interference & while being anonymous. 8/10 just because nothings perfect. NOTHING
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4 years ago, abambyh
Terrible Customer Service
I paid over $10 to be able to text someone... when the person’s one and only text came through, the app said that I needed to pay more money in order to view the text. I tried reaching out to customer service to request a refund since this app is clearly only money hungry and not what I was looking for...and they said that because the person messaged me (a message that I was not permitted to see), I could not get a refund. 1 star for high costs and poor customer service. I encourage you to look elsewhere.
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3 years ago, essencelynn615
The Best Burner Around
Not only do they give you more then enough time to demo it, its about the easiest and mist user friendly app you can get, just excellent in every aspect, i highly recommend it for whatever your personal reason is for needing it, ive used about all of them, 5 stars and didnt even have to think about it.
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4 years ago, Michael@networking
On initial sign up screen app ask for email address and password. Pressing send button produces error massage and,...nothing happens. This would be very consistent with malware which doesn’t work at all, which under pretense of being app is specifically designed to harvest valid email addresses of unsuspecting people providing it while trying to sign up for service. When entering address don’t give your main one. Use disposable one, which you will be able to discard, should you all the sudden get flooded with SPAM, phish or/and email malware.
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2 years ago, Ezmerelda2019
Terrific app that doesn’t require purchases
I’ve looked for other apps like this, but they all cost money to do anything. This app only costs money if you want to upgrade to premium, but all the functions still work if you don’t.
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4 years ago, 9374$&585803&3&:&
Free Trial Bait and Switch Beware
The app works well, but if you sign up for a free trial and then come back to the app a few months later it prompts you for another free trial. If you sign up for the free trial again Apple will charge you even if you didn’t intend to sign up after the free trial expired. Seems to be a bait and switch tactic. This will then turn into the blame game. App blames Apple; Apple blames the app. Either way I’m out of $20 for an app I was barely planning on using. Now I’m also receiving all kinds of calls from Asian restaurants after signing up for this app. Not happy!
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6 years ago, PoloPhil
It’s a good asset
It’s great I love using it and it’s especially helpful if your beefing with ppl and they block you cuz you can still get through it’s expensive but worth it when you need it spend like $5-15 per month buying more text credits like I said it’s works and is worth it good tool for the Down Low missions
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5 months ago, sdshehnejfurbhbrjxhxbf
I used this app to prank my friend and…
This is a pretty good app and you dont have to pay. So i used this to prank my friend by telling him to guess who i was. He had no idea and thought I was someone else. I gave this 3 stars because I didn’t realize that it sent a notification that said text to stop. Besides this, great for pranking friends, using as a verification number, etc. Good luck 🙃
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6 years ago, btb26
Total waste of time!
Its selling texting from a random number which can easily done with a computer for free. I downloaded it under the impression it was a caller ID spoofer. I could not figure out how to make a call. I struggled to send a text. It is poorly designed visually and it's only working function seems to be too bring the user to the "buy credits" page. They try to side hustle by pushing to download soon vpn app I would assume is just as bad. Pass on this. There are better texting apps around. This one is absolutely garbage.
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3 years ago, JBond006969
Nice to have
I like I can use text vault to call back those weird random numbers that call my real phone. Plus i have a girlfriend with a wife on the side and neither know about each other because of this here app…Thanks Text Vault
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9 months ago, EUSMHF
The best app I have ever used!
I am loving this app. Everything from signing up to actually texting and/or calling is very simple, user friendly and easy to use. (🤍 and really love the fact that my screen is not covered with ads🤍)
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7 years ago, Jsayb
App is fire
This app is great it allows you to use your phone with continual service under the same provider under a new discrete number. It has allowed me access to things i never thought possible! Download this if you are in need of this amazing service!!
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7 years ago, _Olu
I regret getting it. All the other reviews must be fake. I'm only doing this review cause I want to see if it'll get me text credits for free because APPARENTLY, you only get to send & receive TWO TEXTS for free and then you need text credits for any thing else. What type of crap is that ? Very disappointed, I would've never started a conversation on this had I known.
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7 years ago, -DeRo
Not bad at all
Not a terrible app.. Think it would be a lot more successful if it were more competitive as far as amount of free values offered and ways to earns because the app itself is higher quality in my opinion but has inferior apps being chosen over it due to wider variety of offers
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2 years ago, Dolphing^rl
Some glitches here and there, other than that...
For the most part the app runs smoothly. I use it on my MacBook Air and I have had relatively good experiences, thus far. However, the only issue I have is the app sometimes closes out of no where, with a message, "Text Vault has suddenly quit." Other than that it is a pretty good app!
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6 years ago, Rheum
Expensive non functional app
After luring you with a free trial, you have to pay to send messages and if you want a number you also have to pay extra for it. Furthermore, some texts will NOT get through ( for example some of the verification codes. Yes the main reason why a lot of people get this app). If you have the free trial and believe that paying will fix the app issue...stop in your tracks. Paying will not solve this app issues. (I hope the 25 dollars I spent here would serve you as good advise )
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3 months ago, AndieLeigh727
User Friendly
After having downloaded 3 text apps that were not what they had advertised... I found this text app that is uncomplicated and free I'm deleting the others now. This app is go-to! Thank you!
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7 years ago, briswood27
Text burner review
Like the general purpose of this app but the idea that the app is free is misleading. Sure to download the app is free. But in order to get ur number u have to purchase it and to get credits to call or text I have to buy credits. Not free. So maybe not the best app in the world if ur looking for a second number to use for free.
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9 months ago, JmeSolor
Still trying to send a couple messages - app is very busy and requires more effort than it should. It’s just texting people, calm down. I’m sure review will be better when they allow me the time to finish instead of popping up for a review every seemingly moment. Change in review expected (for better)
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11 months ago, JGeaein
This works great!
I really enjoy using this app. But I have a question. When someone use one of your numbers that we get on here could somebody look it up and find out who is using this number?
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2 years ago, manmanman222
It is good
The app is good the only thing it that you need to pay money to text more or put a noumber but if you don’t have one that’s why I got this app but I don’t know how to use it with out spending money because I don’t have a noumber
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6 years ago, Stuckinashittycity
Temporary number for a temporary purpose
This is a brilliant solution to be able to have a number to give out to someone you need to communicate with but you’re not ready to give up your real number...and the ability to disappear at a moments notice.
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6 years ago, Motorbrat217
Text burner
Awesome app I'm enjoying it right now very happy I installed this today thank you. Update kinda boring like watching Sesame Street like it was fun for the first time but now I grew up and realized it isn't free make more credits for it and I'll move to the next level of experience thank you
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7 years ago, SMHOQUE82
This app is sooo amazing not only is it easy to use, it does all the work for you. Whether your texting your friend, family member, or someone unknown texts you they have the answer, even when it comes to different agencies and judicial systems. I don't think there is anything this app cant do
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3 years ago, Cyngibby
Free and great quality!
Most other apps require you to buy credits before you can text or call, but this app doesn’t. Use this one for a few free texts and calls, purchase more if you need.
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3 years ago, Gamer 5152 Sadie the bro
Stupid game don't buy it
So I have a iPod and I can't text my friend cuz she has a tablet so I got this app and I texted her two time and then it said I have to buy more texts like I can't text anyone if I don't buy more if you have three pieces of grass or some thing and every time you want to do something with it you take a one away when you're out you have to buy more it is so stupid so don't get this app cuz it suckes and I can't do 0 stars but if I could I would that's how much I hate this app
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7 years ago, Caligirl1973.th
This app is a complete rip off & very misleading. In fact, I'm contacting apple to see if I can get my money back that I paid for an additional number. Even after I purchased that, I still couldn't text, I had to buy credits. Which I did and STILL CAN NOT TEXT! If I could give this app ZERO stars I would. I truly believe all the other "good" reviews are from friends or family of the app producer. Or worse they're paid for. Sad to see just how greedy and misleading the app producers can be. 😒😖
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7 years ago, gjatkins
Like App but confusing
I purchased a premium number thinking that would give me the ability to text but then only to realize I have to purchase text credits on top of that. Make it more clear about premium numbers and having to purchase credits.
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3 years ago, vccobra68
So far so good
It’s amazing it works good and para lo que ocupo perfecto this number keeps me safe and not harassed by anyone anymore and if anything I’ll just change it just try it and you’ll see . Stay safe with this crazy Fauchi lies of Covid and so your part
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6 years ago, L3gend 86
Cool App
I like the app. It's very easy to navigate. It would be better if incoming text didn't take away from your text count. 5.99$ for 100 a hundred text. Kinda expensive, that equals out to be 1$ per 10 text messages. That is of course if the person your texting, is texting you back.🤦🏼‍♂️
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8 months ago, Gn kfdsd
Really good app
App Was quick and to the point I need an extra number and it was very convenient all you need was simple otp verification and it had me on the way with a new phone number
Show more
1 year ago, Daddykins0078
Love it!
Great amazing app! It ended up doing more than I thought it would and it’s very simple to operate effectively and properly. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a secure second number.
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3 years ago, unhappy with a bad product
They just take your money and you can only receive text messages. You need to pay in order to text people. You can’t revive texts from friends unless you text them first. This is a ploy to get more phone numbers so they can sell the other person numbers as my friends received spam calls after I sent them a text.
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3 years ago, Bptme2
Bait and Switch
They charge you for sending texts, but after you buy them, you can’t use them unless you upgrade for a very expensive premium plan. What is the point in buying credits when you can’t use them? You don’t learn that until it’s too late. So I’m sitting on expensive credits that it won’t let me use. They need to be much more clear about the limitations of a standard plan.
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11 months ago, Misty pepp
Such a scam. They make it seem like you can send a text and then it doesn’t go through. Then they try to sell you on a bunch of stuff. 50 dollars for a subscription?!! And 5 dollars for a “one time” use but can’t even use that once you pay and they demand more money. Then paid another 10 for a certain amount of texts and it still doesn’t work. Will be reporting them.
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