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User Reviews for TextBehind

4.22 out of 5
394 Ratings
1 year ago, Goddess Supreme
First time Experience was Great!
I’ve used several different communication apps I’ve the years but my first time using this particular one. It was super quick to set up, instructions are easy to understand and adding account information & payment accounts is simple. I’ll give it 4 stars simply based on me being a first time user. No complaints this far.
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2 years ago, Always Just me
Wonderful app
The customer service is very helpful, the app works great, I have always lost track of time when it came to writing letters, the hassle the time the paper the stamps the envelope making a trip to the post office just always seemed to get away from me... I’ll do it tomorrow or later and the guilt just piles up and your loved one feels abandoned and forgotten... now with TextBehind, when you think of them , or see something that you want them to see or share your day or your smile with them , it is as quick as a simple text and a snap of your picture for them . Upload it and text out a quick note to let them know they are on your mind. And it takes less then 5 minutes, and it means the world to them that they aren’t forgotten and lost, that now they are part of our everyday lives and sharing photos and long voice to text letters about how much you love them and miss them or what your dreamscapes look like with them sharing it with you ... thank you TextBehind for including our loved ones into our lives, together with us once again!!
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4 months ago, Fhcxghhncxsfujbcxdjbcft
Great experience!!
My boyfriend is incarcerated, and over a phone call he recommended this app to me. He told me i could use it to write letters, but I was so surprised to see there were options to write a cards and send texts as well! Previously, I had handwritten two letters and sent them to him through usps and when I talked to him a week later, he said he still hadn’t gotten the handwritten letters even after 8 days. I still don’t know if he received them. So with how slow usps is, I decided to use textbehind. I ended up creating two cards for him instead because there were some cute and funny themes i wanted to use. Hopefully this will put a smile on his face and make him laugh a little :) I had contacted textbeind to ask them a question, and they emailed me back so quickly with a response. They even provided a follow up email stating that my cards had been processed! My boyfriend can’t call me every, so I won’t be able to get his reaction immediately but i’m sure he loved it and will be just as excited to tell me when we talk. I cant wait!!
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11 months ago, Nicole Middleton-Cummings
This app puts a smile on my incarcerated loved ones face!
There is many reasons I ENJOY this app! When my husband was in the county jail we had to use different app. The jail texting app was always crashing, (removing all my text so I would have to rewrite it), I could not use emojis, & I could not send cards or pictures. So you can only imagine me and my Husbands excitement WHEN WE FOUND THIS APP!! I can send him 4 pictures at a time, awesome cards, texts, and they have doodles for kids (me as an adult I use it, it is so much fun lol!). My husband is hours away from me and our kids, but this app keep us well connected. Also customer service is amazing, any issues I have had they fix it immediately, never had any issues! Download this app, yesterday!
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1 year ago, Jschampa
Thankful for this app!
I am completely grateful for this app right here. My husband has a stretch to go but to just know that I can type up my letter and he’ll receive it sometimes the same day if not the next day is awesome! It takes the hassle out of me having to write pages and pages of letters, having to go buy stamps, putting it in the mail box on time and waiting at least a week before he can read my letter. By that time I have completely forgotten what I even sent lol. I have had no issues with using the app. So far so good!
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4 months ago, Weeshie-wee
Great App!
This app is hands down the absolute best app to use as far as having a loved one that is incarcerated. I’ve wrote so many letters to my significant other but using this app gives you so many different choices to choose from! You can create a cute post card, type a letter, send pictures and other things. My favorite part is, he gets the mail in a day or less!! He don’t have to wait over a week to get a letter in the mail. So I 100% recommend TextBehind if you have a love one that’s away!!
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1 year ago, mtn neet
Very pleased!
This app has worked great for sending messages and cards to friends. Unlike mail, messages are usually received within a day. It is fairly cheap to use as well. Recently I was having an issue, the first in 2 years of using the app, loading a new location for mail to go to my friends. Within an hour of sending a help text their customer service contacted me, requested the information and added my friend. I didn’t do anything else which was fantastic!
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9 months ago, Lulu💜💀
Very happy it’s legit!!
I wasn’t too sure if to trust this application, but I can now. My dad told me he received my mail with pictures and he really appreciates it. It keeps him connected and looks forward to reading my letters. I try to send him letters the old school ways but sometimes life gets in the way and that’s when this app comes through. Thank you so much for this and also can’t wait for the books to be added to send him some books to read.
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1 year ago, aries1581
Quick and Efficient:)
I have been writing through this app daily to my husband… it is usually very soon after I send the message (if late sending then it is done the next am) that they process the message and upload it to the prison. He typically has my messages the same day (except on weekends bc the prison is only M-F mailroom). Encountered only one problem over many months which they quickly and very nicely fixed for me. Excellent communication from TextBehind staff:)
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9 months ago, SquirrelyMomma
Hearts to Hearts
Whoever created this app must know the pain that family, friends, and the incarcerated feel. This simple app has opened the doors to sharing my life with a loved one who is incarcerated. No longer just a cold letter once a month . Not with this app! I can now share photos and a quick text on a weekly or even daily. Very, very affordable as well! I am so very thankful that I stumbled across this app. Thank you to whoever created this app! I have been so absolutely blessed by it.
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10 months ago, KUROMIXKITTY
Sending for a week and NOTHING
I don’t understand how ALL these reviews are good. I have sent about 20 photos and 6 texts over the course of almost 7 days since December 7th. It is the 13th and my lover has not gotten a single letter or picture from me. He uses a kiosk to view so I do not understand why he can’t freaking see ELECTRONIC messages from me ELECTRONICALLY. I’m starting to get very angry and impatient and am considering requesting my money back. We NEED to be able to communicate with one another especially because this way seemed cheaper than paying for calls and I work full time so I’m often missing his calls. I need help! I NEED TO KNOW IF THERE IS SOMETHING THAT CAN BE DONE ON THIS SIDE TO SPEED UP THE PROCESS OR REDO IT TO MAKE SURE HE STARTS GETTING SOMETHING.
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12 months ago, queenmayhem
Very pleased and Thankful
I’m thankful for this app so that I can write my husband and it only take a few days for him to get the letters versus up to 2 weeks to get mailed letters. Customer service has been great when I’ve needed to find out information. I sent an email because my husband hadn’t received a letter I had sent and they emailed me back letting me know they were reprocessing the letter and my husband got his letter within hours of customer service contacting me back.
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9 months ago, Mirandaj88
Great service
This app is one of the best to use to contact ur family and friends who are incarcerated. I’ve never had a issue using it not once. My husband was moved recently the same day I sent him a letter and pics and I contacted customer service about a possible credit bk to my account bc he didn’t receive it. And they immediately gave me the credits used back without question!! And in a very timely manner! Thanks so much much recommended!!
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1 month ago, Dazzling GiGi
It’s great to be able to send some love.
I was unfortunately in a position that had a loved one incarcerated and thanks to this app I was able to keep my sister updated with lots of pictures and information on her son so she didn’t miss any important milestones. This app really bridges the gap of distance in a way and helps send love in the most needed times. Also the customer service is above and beyond helpful and prompt in addressing any concerns.
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2 years ago, gbrown93053
Text Behind
This has been the most useful app for staying in touch with my loved one. It’s very easy to use. Whenever I’ve had a question and sent a text, they have been quick to reply and always able to give me clear details to resolve any issue or request! I wish everything and everyone was as easy and friendly! Thank you Text Behind for making contact with my loved one so effortless!
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1 year ago, Kurvy1
Amazing Customer Service!
First time using Text Behind App and I was having trouble finding my loved one on there. Sent a email and got a response ASAP! The agent was so helpful, polite, and made instructions so simple and easy for me to understand. Was able to find my loved one and connect. It’s affordable. Easy. And gives many options from cards, pictures, and other items for your loved one. Thank you Text Behind ❤️
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2 years ago, Pistol Ben 608
Great customer service & timely delivery
I recently misunderstood the process for adding recipients to my TextBehind account. I reached out to customer service and received a swift, courteous reply, even though I had already discovered my mistake in the process. I received word from a recipient that the letter came swiftly, neatly and that the pictures were printed with great quality. Thanks for the great service to your customers and to our loved ones “behind bars.” God bless!
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2 years ago, demarlos24
Great services!
I absolutely love this service! My father is incarcerated & they can’t receive regular mail anymore but this service has been such a great help on keeping in contact with my loved one! They are also very quick with delivery and give you lots of good options to help keep families in good spirits as they deal with life! Thank you so much for this service and all employees working behind the screens to ensure processing and delivery! Thank you all
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10 months ago, bvfgfvvvg
Text behind app
I have only used the app once so far but it was very easy to set up and buy the credits. Once that was done I was immediately able to write my son and even send him a pic and for all you’re able to write and the number if pics you can send .99 is pretty affordable I think. And the customer service is quick and very friendly. A+++++
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1 year ago, Ron.Diggity.21
TextBehind App Review
I’m so thankful for this app and the opportunity to quickly and effectively get in touch with my family member! My favorite part of this app is that I can attach up to four photos to any letter at no additional charge. The 5000 character limit also seems very generous compared to other similar apps I’ve had experience with. This app allows families to stay connected in the darkest of times.
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1 year ago, Kandace Kandace
Great app
This is awesome way for me to keep in contact with my loved one ! They allow me to start messages and come back when it’s convenient for me ! Option to create cards and send pictures are less of a hassle ! My loved one was recently relocated and I didn’t see the facility I provided them all the information it was updated immediately! Customer service has been great !
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1 year ago, Samaya H.
Easy And Fast!
The prices are cheap and great deals! My Love one gets it the very next day. Also when i ran into an issue with his information when he transferred to different facilities, they were so kind and patient. They always fixed his information for me, and helped me the best way they could. You should definitely get the app! And my love one says the pictures are so clear !!!
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3 years ago, Shary7816
It’s a really nice app. Sending messages, photos and Text cards is very cheap! They get to the inmate in a day or like today four hours (as long as it’s a weekday because they don’t deliver my messages on weekends) the inmates receive the images and they look so good. Very very impressed! I’m ganna have to give it a 5 star Rate. Thank you for giving us a app to be able to contact inmates as fast as I do. Thank you, again!
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7 months ago, yellowkitty14
Great app
Once I was able to get my credit card loaded things were great. Customer service was helpful and prompt in addressing my problem. It was very easy to use this app and I like that the recipient receives the letter quickly. Sure is easier than hunting an envelope and a stamp and then going to the post office. I am sure my son appreciates receiving letters from me quickly as well.
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1 year ago, ToyLadiosa
Outstanding Customer service
TextBehind makes sending photos easy from the comfort of your home. In the beginning there were issues with the process of the photos due to the correctional facility address. The customer service team response immediately & began working on the issues until it was resolved, not one email was ignored Im very satisfied with the outcome
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6 months ago, DJ Crazy for the oldies
Satisfied User
This App is soooo helpful in communicating with our incarcerated loved one. We have been using snail mail for a long time, and were elated when TextBehind came along. I couldn't be more satisfied with their customer service. We recentl had an issue with a document and it was not TextBehinds fault, but they helped, and fixed the issue. We appreciated TextBehind very much.
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8 months ago, Lisssaaaa
Update information
I had to update my information and I was having a issue doing it on the app. so i sent a message and they responded very fast and assisted with my infornation update very friendly and helpful never had a issue with my app either great app to have an easy to you thank you text behind for always keeping me connected ...
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1 year ago, PrisonersGirl
Love it
This app is amazing! It sends the pics within normal mailing time frame so I know my loved one will get it in a few days. I can add more then one person in my contacts. If u end up not wanting to send the email after u hit send you have the option to cancel it as long as it’s BEFOR it’s processed. I can’t wait for the other things are open for me to use for my loved on.
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11 months ago, ADGHLRV
Excellent Tech Support!
In the process of learning how to use TextBehind, I’ve needed to email tech support to resolve several issues. I have always received prompt response and help in resolving my issues. I appreciate their kindness also. Being able to email my loved one and he receive it the same day makes a difficult situation a little easier.
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2 years ago, KMS526812011
So convenient and fast
I love this way of contacting my loved one. This way he can get more real-time photos and I don’t have to decide what to leave out. Also, it gives me a warm feeling that I can just pick up my phone and send him something at anytime not having to worry that he won’t get it for a week or that it will be refused and get it back after a month.
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6 years ago, MegFinn
This app is great! Super convenient and easy to use and every time I've had a question or concern, their customer service has been super helpful. They even called ME back when our call was disconnected. They respond with answers to my questions within a couple hours when I've emailed them and within a few minutes when I've called. Great job TextBehind, keep up the good work!
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11 months ago, Sandyb95
Great app
I was a little frustrated at first with my loved one coming from a facility with tablets and ability to Text, my impatience got the best of me. However since I’ve become very fond of this all and hands down their Customer service team is the best. It’s simple and easy to use the pricing isn’t bad and you can send pics while avoiding the usual mail delays
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1 year ago, snowflakejd
To be honest I was sad when we couldn’t write letters to our loved ones and we needed to go through a separate company to have it done. I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised! This site makes it easier to send pictures, letters and cards. If something goes wrong they do an excellent job correcting, and quickly handling the situation! Thank You !!
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2 years ago, Yates9020
Great Service
I had an issue with the letters not getting to the inmate. I reached out to text behind and they responded quickly with steps to take to get it resolved and even followed up to see if there was anything else they could do to help. Most services that help inmates are inconsiderate and don’t care so it’s a relief to get some assistance and take some of the burden off.
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2 years ago, KarissaMWT
This app cut off one of the only modes of physical contact (mail written and delivered by hand) I had with incarcerated friends. TextBehind not only charges more for an inferior “service” than standard mail, they also have the ability to mine every piece of correspondence and destroy it or censor its content - a massive surveillance overstep. They’ve found yet another way to make money off people already stripped of almost all their rights, further ensuring that mass incarceration profits the elite. This app is destructive both to my personal relationships and society as a whole. Don’t accept extortion as if it were a nifty gift.
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1 year ago, JenniferBell38
Thank you!!
Text behind is convenient and the support was helpful. Text behind makes it easier to keep contact with friends and loved ones. The different options that are available are nice also. Thank you text behind for making it easier to communicate through your app.
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5 years ago, methrelkeld
Super easy!
I love this app. Makes it really easy to write back and forth. The pictures I send get printed on regular paper not photo paper so make sure you picture is clear. When inmates write back I get an email and a text informing me. It takes a few weeks for inmate to get a message and a few for me to get one in return. I have not used this for $ orders just letters and pictures.
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8 months ago, Lalaoboh
Very Good Customer Service
I have been using this app all of about 2 weeks. I lost my info and emailed them to get help. They have a very fast response team that will help you get to the source of the problem. I like that! Also I was a little confused about how to use it. They explained every thing to me with ease. Thank You All
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1 year ago, Snoopytangtang
Very helpful
It was very helpful and fast to answer my email. my son was in one unit and they transferred him out so I was unable to do it myself , so I reached out to them through email and really fast they got back with me ,so they took care of it for me and updated his account so now I can write him thanks text behind appreciate you
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1 year ago, armiiya
Thank you for this service
I have an incarcerated family member that I wanted to keep in contact with. I never knew about this until he told me it’s affordable and a way I can keep up with how is doing and where he is located. Who ever created this thought about the people on the outside that has loved ones on the insides thank yoy
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1 year ago, Autumn 2022
Love This App- Happy Mom
Thank you TexBehind for this amazing app and for responding and solving my issue on adding my loved one to the contact list….Really saves me the trip to the post office and time to print pictures with this I can just add family pictures from my gallery Continue doing what you all do In Which is Amazing!…. Again Thank You
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1 year ago, gizzmo1603
Great customer service
This app is great! Helps me keep in touch with my husband and brother. During the week if I send my letter before 10am they get it the same day. Also anytime I have needed to contact customer service they have contacted me back the same day and fixed any issue or change I may have needed.
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1 week ago, AlliGT87
Can’t Thank Them Enough
Customer service always responds in a quick, friendly, and helpful manner. If anyone has a loved one in prison, they probably know how frustrating it is getting through to the prison, etc. and Text Behind‘s customer service really means so much. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Mrsprickies
Customer Service
Text Behind customer service is without fault. They are very kind and helpful. I was having so much trouble trying to register and they were their every step of the way to help me get it done. It was very easy to register, It was actually easy to register, I just was not understanding.
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1 year ago, Godsnewman
Great Customer Service
I had sent a card to my son and he didn’t receive it and when I emailed TextBehind they got right back in touch with me and handled the problem I was having ! They have always got back in touch with me in just minutes!! I have really enjoyed this app !! Thanks so much for all your help !!
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1 year ago, Monti@90
Im really glad that they have this app, no more mail getting delivered late to my love one, but what really got them the 5star rating is because my bf was sent to another facility and it had him as released i just emailed them and they fixed the issue immediately so professional, again im so happy they have this app
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2 years ago, #Noted
Awesome Customer Service :)
I reached out to customer service to add a friend who has absolutely no support system, and they were quick to reply and get him added. It’s really important to be able to send letters through this app so that he is able receive them quicker. So their help meant a lot!
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9 months ago, casscrusoe
Wonderful customer service!
I have absolutely loved this app so far! I had a minor issue with something, and received amazing customer service, and my issue was fixed very quickly! I will definitely be using this app over the others!
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11 months ago, Apryl777
Convenient and easy to use
I find the TextBehind app both convenient and easy to use. I love the available options to make cards for birthday’s and holidays as well as the doodle option g do or kids to draw and send. I also like that photos can be sent with the letters as well.
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5 months ago, Krystal7783
Best app for photos
Best app I’ve used for sending photos to your loved one, it’s much easier than any other, less expensive and sometimes your letter or photos are delivered in less than a day. I will choose text behind to send photos over any other app.
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