TextFree: Second Phone Number

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Pinger, Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for TextFree: Second Phone Number

4.68 out of 5
374.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Studiorich
TextFree app is an Awesome app that can save you lots money
If you have cell phone service that is pay as you go where you pay ten cents per minute you can use your new phone number from this app as a WiFi phone and enjoy unlimited voice calling and not worry about racking up minutes on your prepaid or pay as you go cell phone plan also if you live in an area with poor cell phone service but have a strong WiFi signal then you don’t have to worry anymore about dropped calls using your cell phone as you are using WiFi to make and receive calls. Note No 911 Calls can be made with this service so you must use your cell phone or land line for 911 calls. This feature full phone line comes with voicemail, text, and so much more for $4.99 per month. Calls are clear using your speaker phone and uses less power using WiFi then using a cell phone tower. Plus if you own other cell phones or iPads with no cell service they too will all work using the same local phone number just download TextFree app on all your other devices and you have phones that you can use throughout your home even on locked phones and iPads. You will not be disappointed this is one truly amazing app well worth $4.99 per month and you can try it for free if you don’t mind ads but you risk losing your phone number after 30 days. But your subscription guarantees you can keep your new phone number and is ad free.
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6 years ago, BRIT ICONZ
Best pals
This is been a success story also a struggle story me as the reviewer have been using Textfree for over six years close to seven and when I had no way to have a phone service from my iPhone I was able to always have access to people calling me and having textWhich it being a American app I had no idea I’d be able to use it in Europe where I went and subsequently suffered a heart attack still having no phone service tax-free had allowed me to call and text my friends and family in the USA with no extra surcharge and really no problem this was a great thing now if this doesn’t come with the bells and whistles but it still was pretty forward thinking for time it came out it’s still one of the originals and one thing about it it’s stable sometime to glitches but it’s stable overall and I’ve still been able to use it we talking about six years of service that I use pretty much every day I am an original thank you tax-free you really helped me expand on so many things and yes I do have phone service now but I still use this as one of my secondaryNumbers one of the best apps ever invented because it works
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1 year ago, Alineberry
Was great, now I can’t use it
I’ve been using this app on and off for years when budgeting down on phone bills temporarily, and I’ve never had any issues with it. I even had TextFree Plus. However, today I’ve realized that none of my outgoing/incoming calls are going through. I realized this while trying to make an outgoing call, so I contacted a friend to try to call my number to see if it would go through, alas, nothing. I turned my phone on and off again, same with Wifi. I have a full stable internet connection and am having no other issues with connectivity through other apps or internet access. I tried to call the number again on another line, and it wouldn’t even ring. I’m not sure how long this hasn’t been working, as the reason I was trying to make an outgoing call today was because I had been expecting a call back from a doctor’s office since last Thursday (it’s Tuesday). I went to go uninstall/reinstall the app because I’m all about troubleshooting. I went to go confirm that I knew my password by changing it before uninstall because I didn’t want to risk being locked out of my account, however, I can’t change it because it’s showing up as a server error/no connection if I select that or forgot password, so I’m at a loss of what else to try. I’d love to continue using this app and keep TextFree Plus, but if it doesn’t work I obviously can’t justify doing so.
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5 years ago, BRO 77
Glitchy, freezes, auto directs to safari/appstore
When I click the message it will often freeze up and I will have to close out the app, double click home, swipe up, and then restart the app literally 4-5 times before I can click one of the messages and it'll take me to the message. When I type it will often freeze up so I can type or mid typing it'll freeze and unfreeze so I'll type one part of a word and finish the last half of a word or two later and then I'll have to use auto correct and rewrite the couple words it froze for. Sometimes it will take me to the message and the box to text won't even be on the messaging screen and I'll have to close out and reload the app for it to go back to normal but then the when I do it freezes up and I have to close and reload it a couple more times to get it to unfreeze. Sometimes it'll take me to safari or the app store even if I didn't click the ads, and no my finger doesn't slip and accidentally click the ads, it just does it by itself sometimes. I'll sometimes have the text box glitched out at the very top of the screen so I can't see the other person's message, or the text bar will just be frozen 3/4s from the bottom inbetween the ad that's covering up half the screen and the top. Paying to get rid of the ads may help with the ad related glitches, but it won't help with the rest of the glitchyness with the app, my advice would be to GET ANY OTHER TEXTING APP!
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12 months ago, DesAndCoty
Glitching & keeps changing my phone number
Hi, so I have had textfree for years. I do have an original phone # but I use this so that my actual phone # doesn’t get spammed. As of yesterday, I tried using it to get texts to sign up for quotes & I literally watched it as it changed my phone number several times as I would open the settings, to see my #, go back & then go back into settings & it would be a different number. I logged out & back in & now it’s saying my account is inactive change my #, so I did, sent a text, & it still keeps coming up the same error. The reason I’m irritated is that the # I have given to also a few relatives that I am not 100% close to so I don’t want them calling & sending texts when either 1. I don’t want them or 2. I can’t respond or 3. I don’t want to respond, so now I have to figure out how to achieve a number that will stay again & “give them my new #,” by means of contact that I did not want to do. Also my # did not go inactive, I just sent a text a few days ago because I opened the app & saw a message to a phone # that I did not recognize as if somebody else had sent a message. Maybe I didn’t send one in time & it gave the number to someone else & they were having conversations but I also feel like that is invasion of privacy as I can see their texts still for say if that number was no longer mine but belonged to someone else.
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4 years ago, llortretsam
Used to be great, now it’s just intrusive ads.
As the title states, this app used to be great, but they did an update that slows it all down by displaying a huge ad everytime you go to the app to respond to a message . The old version had ads, a banner across the bottom and ads that would look like texts, but now it freezes the whole screen for a full page, intrusive ad that ruins the whole experience. Look elsewhere there are hundreds of other apps that have less ads and work better. UPDATE: after reading similar canned responses from this company regarding why they choose to continue intrusive ads, I strongly recommend ANY other texting app available. They will be FAR better. AND THEY SELL YOUR INFO TO SCAMMERS, THUS THE THOUSANDS OF ROBO CALLS. They give the typical greedy response “ it’s free ads are how we make money” they make plenty with the ads they had before, now introduced huge intrusive ones to “coerce” you into paying for their premium service...at that cost, just go to metro pcs. UPDATE 2: after more canned responses from them most seem very catty and pretty condescending rather than actually admitting mistakes of the company they also toss out “pandemic” excuses. Everyone seems to have the same issue, they made plenty of money from the non intrusive ads, before they had even less users...so I don’t buy that excuse for a second. With the latest update they also blocked texted verification for specific sites.
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2 years ago, Jazzy_Jazz :)
great but a couple of things (PLEASE READ
this app is good and i enjoy the unlimited texting. a couple of things though: 1) app is glitchy/slow. i’m trying to navigate to the home screen and i have to tap it a couple of times. also when i new message comes in, it takes a while to load. 2) time limit on calls is VERY annoying!! i’m trying to talk with my friends and family over the phone, and i have to say “i gotta go” because i am going to RUN OUT OF TIME. i’m trying to have an important conversation that you shouldn’t have to pay for! 3) PLEASE ADD A DARK MODE! please, please, PLEASE add a dark mode to the app! it will be so much for efficient and appealing! the light mode is not very good (my opinion and i’m sure others agree) 4) the ads get very annoying, it would be recommend to lower the ad amount, even though it might be out of your control. 5) random numbers keep calling me: make it stop!! every day, i’m constantly getting random calls, and it’s annoying cause i have to block and remove each one! other than that, i enjoy that you can change the pic for the home screen/convo screen and that you have your own phone number. i will love the app more if you listen to my requests, thanks for reading this! 😊😊
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5 years ago, Mmcvey98
Great free App
Best free app for texting for when you need another number. I hope that none of you ever have to have another number for the reasons that I have had to. The only complaint I have is the fact that you have to buy minutes and the cost but on the same token with that; If someone tries to call the number you have the option to have a call go directly to voicemail, so if the Caller leaves a voicemail you can still get the communication, along with the ability of an automatic text response to let them know that you cannot receive telephone calls on that number and make them aware of that fact. So I still give it five stars despite the downfall of having to buy minutes. They give you some free minutes to start, and methods/other ways to gain free minutes IF you want to take the time to go through all of the surveys and marketing etc. When I have used the actual calling function of the app, the quality has been great. So overall for being a free app I give it five thumbs up :-)
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2 years ago, Slappyzsgh
Loyal customer for 7 years…then this happened 🤬
I loved this app…it was my go to for a US number while traveling internationally. Then one day after 7 years using the same number my number stopped working. I was really confused. I looked at my account - I was a paid premium member and my number had changed. Not only that, when I looked at my new number it would change to another number everytime I logged into my account. I assumed the app got hacked. So I texted my old number and it came back saying that number was no longer in service. I replied Why? Another text came back saying STOP. I again asked Why via text. Another text came back saying #leave. I was furious. Not only had this app discontinued my number without warning, they were now telling me to leave while I was a paid customer. I contacted support which was hard to find their contact info and then took them days to get back. Finally after two weeks and a couple of email exchange they told me because I was abroad they didn’t have service there and it was a violation of the terms and agreements…but I had been using the app and number for 7 years without one problem. It’s has been very frustrating especially because that number is attached to all my personal accounts. I moved to Google Voice
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4 years ago, Graceland kelly
unlimited talk+text to any phone number regardless if they are a text now user or not
okay so i’ve tried talkatone and almost every free calling and texting app out there but i always come back to this one.. one thing i love about talkatone that this app lacks is that talkatone you only need the calling “ credits “ for international calling... on that app you can send unlimited texts and calls to anyone without calling minutes... regardless if they have the app or not and i LOVE this app but i do think that dark mode should come to this app it would be BEAUTIFUL i’d suggest also “ read receipts “ and i think we should have unlimited text and calls... the calling credits should just be for international calling..so basically we just have unlimited texting and calling to any number regardless if they have this app or not with ads to keep it free just like the talkatone app does!!! other than the whole calling minutes thing that’s the ONLY thing i don’t like other than that this app is amazing and the best of the best but please give us dark mode and give us unlimited free calling i’d appreciate it! and so would do many other people!!!
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2 years ago, You are kidding me!
VPN block prevents usage/ no prorated amount if you want to cancel service
I’ve been using this service casually for many years and finally decided to upgrade from the free version to the paid premium version last year. Aside from the occasional hiccup everything was fine until recently when my reserved number was automatically changing every time I logged into the app. I figured it was a temporary bug. Contacted customer service a few weeks after the problem began ( a few days after my 6 mo. Plan auto renewed) and was told the problem was with the use of a VPN. Problem persisted even once I turned the vpn off. Several emails later customer service removed the block that was causing the problem. I was advised not to launch app with VPN on. I explained that I hadn’t been able to use the service for X amount of time and asked for a refund. No refund was given. A week later I accidentally opened the app while on VPN and problem arises again. I tried to cancel my subscription but because I paid 6 months in advance for “premium service “ all I can do is change my subscription level to month to month which will only go into effect after the 6 months is up.
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3 years ago, 💘🍪😆😄
Love it! But needs changes......
Okay, I need this app. Because I don’t have a phone, and my Apple iPad only texts to other Apple products. With this app I can text my mom and dad who have Samsung phones. Also some of my older cousins. (The younger ones don’t have phones.) The changes that you should make is that you get a lot more calling time. Because my mom and dad are going to be working a lot over the summer, and I’m gonna be home alone with my older twin, and little sister. And they are gonna be gone a lot! (My Mom has to go in for training for a new job, and my dad is a truck driver, hauling stuff and farming.) And 10 minutes of calling time. AWWW HECK NO. Okay... I know you can also earn calling time, but I’m too young to make any purchases, or subscribe, or start a free trial for anything. If you wanna know how young it’s younger then 14 but older then 10. And there is no way I’m BUYING CALLING MINUTES. So that’s part is stupid. But I love how you can customize the background colors of the text and stuff. That cool. Welp that’s all I have to say. PLEASE CHANGE THE CALLING MINUTES! Bye!
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6 years ago, cobalionandzelda43210
5 years, 5 stars
I have had this app for 5 years (yes, 5 years) so it is imperative that I write a review! I got this app when I started college and did not have phone service yet, and I used it for over a year constantly. I've kept it ever since, and I still have the phone number that I started with. I moved to a rural area, where getting cell service is nearly impossible, and this app came in handy for actually being able to talk on the phone without needing to be in specific corner of the house or outside. This is the best free texting and calling app I've ever found. There are, of course, things that annoy me (like the amount of ads, not being able to make calls for free and only receive them, and the phone number going away if you haven't used it in a while). This is a completely free app, though, so I couldn't be happier. If you want more capabilities, you could either pay for the app or pay for phone service. For everything that this app does, I can't help but to give it 5 stars.
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9 months ago, Braille Bug TVI
It was better a while back
There are good things and bad about TextFree, but things are getting out of hand to destroy a fine app. I got this app back in the day to avoid extra charges from Verizon, when they were counting messages on the ios built-in texting app. The free app was never great. It would defeat the purpose to pay monthly to TextFree. I might as well pay Verizon. The fact that the app doesn’t screen rotate landscape is a huge setback, but I dealt with that. That’s on me. The entry block now goes off the page to the left, which requires a rotation to vertical to find it. Each update added more and more ads. The ads used to be contained in a single line on the bottom of the screen, now they totally obliterate the screen. This last update — that I did, I don’t always update — added full featured videos with loud sound! Developers—you’ve made a monster out of a mainly functional app. I’ve waited for the app to improve for years. To gain rotation at the very least. It’s so much worse now than it was a year ago, and fathoms more annoying than it was in the very beginning. Actively seeking an alternative. After all these years, I finally give up.
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3 years ago, Fototico
Stop the begging!
They keep begging to allow the. To track me across apps. Hey Pinger, get lost! There is bo reason to track people. Not tracking people do not prevent you from displaying lousy apps. Which makes my old review still true to this day. I’ve been using this app for something like more than 10 years or so. I’ve seen it grow from a dumb little app to what it is today. Unfortunately with dumb full screen ads it has gone down the path of cheap junk apps. I used to pay to remove ads when it was only a few bucks per year, but once they went to the monthly fee I stopped subscribing and stopped using the app as much. Now with the full screen ads I am seriously considering deleing the app. Sad but if there is one thing I am not willing to put up with is full screen ads. I was a paramedic for ten years and now I’ve been a patrol officer for three years. In all those years I’ve recommended Textfree and Pringer to thousands of people, but now that will stop and I will wait one or two updates to see if one of the developers regain some sense of common decency stop with the greed for more and more money. The app as not advanced much, if any, in years to justify the move to full screen ads.
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3 years ago, PB&J721
ALWAYS saves my BE-HIND whenever I’m in a BIND!
I have truly unlimited everything with my phone plan so I’m not the one who needs to save data or minutes and texts because I use my plan’s monthly allotment too early...I’m also not the one who needs an extra number to give out to handsome strangers I meet at the bar and have to make sure my wife doesn’t catch me! **not judging btw just saying this app has several uses for an assortment of demographics** No I’m the air head that misplaces their phone and always needs to log in to the computer or iPad to send messages alerting my best friend I accidentally left my phone in her car...AGAIN...and then beg her to drive back over and drop it off...AGAIN!! Anyhow, I appreciate that I can log in from virtually any device and have my contacts readily available to me for calls and texts because there is no way I could remember all of my contacts phone numbers or call for help without this app!! Thanks guys and gals at Text Free!
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5 years ago, FBIMANSr
Bill Kaatz
I enjoy the text free app and calling like watching the adds even joined a few to help with free minutes although it requires internet to use phone and text I really appreciate it helps me very much I have told several of my friends about the App and If you are down on your luck or just can’t afford a phone bill, try the text free app , watch a few adds get minutes for phone you can pick your own number, from an available list of numbers , and you are back in Buisness, yes it requires you to use WiFi! But so far my quality of call’s have been good ,and best of all as long as you use your phone a few times a month you can keep your number, and if you do need to change your number ! Well you simple request for a new number and you can change it and you can even keep your unused minutes!! Wow how great is that ? If after all I have just told you how great text free phone and text app is and you don’t get it , then you just don’t need a phone ! I Love it
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6 years ago, Zimukusa
Can I give it 7 stars?
Okay, so let’s ignore the fact that three of us in the company mis-dialed the number and that was the problem, not actually a bug... 🤦‍♀️ ...when I reached out to the app developer I half expected no response as I’ve had really negative experiences before with other app developers. We were getting messages that our number had been disconnected despite having paid for the number (again, this was entirely user error as we were misdialing but didn’t realize til later). Frustrated, I sent about 5 messages in quick succession. Got a response within an hour of my first message from someone who clearly knew to calm me down and get tech support. (Instant 3 stars). Tech support tried calling and it worked for them but not for us. Tech support escalated the ticket to second level and provided frequent updates as we were dealing with different time zones (4.5 stars) Second level tech asked for some basic info and quickly spotted the one digit we were dialing incorrectly. (5 stars) I wish I could give two more stars to make it seven, cas I know from many tech friends that these kind of basic errors are ridiculous, but both tech support and second level tech were so good humored about it, I could almost hear the chuckling through their emails as I gulped in horror. (It’s been a rough week, I knew there’d be an error somewhere!) Truly appreciate the highly professional and good humored support on this app. Seven stars if I could give them!
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1 year ago, BlaqueKophee
After 7 years of using this app and buying the yearly subscription no problems. I use it as a back up service and business line. Actually I rarely make calls from it unless I am somewhere that only has internet calling available . Never had any issues. Well after my last payment was made then the system logs me out. I tried several times to get back in. Finally I reached out sent and email and was contacted saying they shut my account down for abuse purposes and they cannot tell me what the abuse was and there is nothing they can do. I want to know how did I have abuse from a number that is meant more for these stores that always want a phone number. This was that number for me . Now if they checked the logs ,which I am told they can’t share what abuse was done , they would see I rarely talk on this service and mainly receive coupon codes and updates on the number. Of course no one can tell me how to get my refund, if my account was hacked. Someone some where should at least have sent an email or alert stating something suspicious was going on . Not just locking me out and still taking my money. So if there was a lower score than 1 star I would give it
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5 years ago, BSmooth512
Text free
Best VoIP App ever. Love the service and most of all the best deal ever. Why? Because it's the best and cheapest service to sign up with if one wants to have phone service at your convenience. In addition, Thanks to Text free I survived with out phone service for three month and they didn't pressure me to sign up. As result can't wait until I sign up for the service as as form of appreciation. In addition this is now what I call greatest cp service of all time. With great concept while enhancing technology by providing optimal solution when needed. Thank you so much cuz you Rock Textfree...and most of all I use your service as my primary iT service for my company as well. Reason - if I’m not available then the customer can even leave vm even when I’m off line. As result what an amazing/brilliant technology. Much love and respect Goes our to the creator of your organization and employees as well. Thank You Everyone... BCS inc.
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3 years ago, Kikizawa
Not working for me
I have used this app mostly for verification codes and being able to send images to classmates. I am a foreigner living in US and I dont need a sim that much because of my short stay as a student, I use WiFi mostly. If it wasnt that most of classmates uses app like telegram andthat app ask for phone numbers, I really dislike I have to pay for a month to be able to see verification codes. I dont wanna risk money and the service doesnt work after paying it, I dont make calls and I think it is unfair you have limitations with texting. If you wanna charge for codes, I think you would let us watch ads or charge for a week or something similar for verification codes. I suggest to give trial period of the monthly plan to be able to see if it really works because not everyone has a good WiFi and devices. I also dislike the images I send to classmates cant be seen in their phones and this one a feature I liked of this app. Not everyone needs a monthly plan for codes if they dont use unlimited calls and lots of students dont have too much money so we choose this kind of apps for needs that USA asks to verification or keep in touch with close people to us.
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1 year ago, Mnt. Wolfie
Look elsewhere
I have use this Textfree app by Pinger for over three years. I pay for the premium service which costs me something like $15 a month, which is not at all cheap. However, if you want to have your number, remain the same, and not be plagued by constant ads. This is what you have to do. I am OK with that. As long as the service is quality and the user interface is kept up with an updated regularly. This fall I have been forced to delete and re-load this app about 10 times. Each time I do this I am also forced to change my number. This makes me look like a real fly by night gypsy, instead of a solid AAA rated business with 20 years of local experience. I love sending out the fifth email to all my clients saying “I am sorry, but my number has changed,… Again…. “. At some point they just delete me from their system and that is that. I am convinced I have lost several $3000 jobs because of this nonsense. If Pinger would reimburse me for all of this, I’d be ecstatic and would delete this review and sing their praises. Pinger,… Please get your updates out before your app crashes! I need to be reimbursed for my premium service at least.
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7 years ago, Jonathen_crow
Not A Good App Anymore
I’ve seen countless people complaining about their issues with this app. Mostly that they’re able to send text messages but not receive them. And I’ve also seen that through my own efforts their response team for help is completely unresponsive. In a lot of places on the website you’ll see that they take a short time to respond, but in reality they take upwards of weeks, it’s been several weeks since I submitted my first request and I still have no response. Most other people cannot find responses, or solutions to their problems. They seem unwilling to respond anyone that is not buying credits. This was once a good app, really great for people who possibly lived in bad areas were their Wi-Fi was stronger than their cell phone signal. And were unable for whatever reason to use their actual cell phone services to contact other people. It used to be really great especially when you were trying to do multiple things at once, or you were unsure of someone having your real number. Now it’s not worth the amount of time it takes to download.
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2 years ago, Hawktime12
Do not Download. Terrible service.
I am writing this review to tell you to choose a different texting app. I opted for the paid version for a while to reserve my number, et cetera and when I cancelled my paid membership and reverted back to the free version due to time off work due to surgery, I found that Text Free decided to actively SLOW DOWN the app because I wasn’t paying anymore. This company actively slowed down my phone at all times when this app was running, on purpose, because I stopped paying them money. This slow down affect did NOT exist before I stopped paying them money! It lasted for a few weeks and then miraculously disappeared! Do NOT do business with this company! Apple should NOT support terrible developers like this, but then again, apple has been sued before for doing the VERY same shenanigans with slowing down the phone in order to get you to buy a newer iPhone! Look it up! The Truth will set you free! Do NOT use Text Free! Thank you for taking the time to read this review, I hope you take it seriously. We have to stop supporting these terrible apps that cheat us like this!
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2 years ago, mamaAvoidsSpam
Two Months of texts and calls
I use this app to shield my new number from spam and garbage and for that it does the job. But I switched over all possible non-personal calls to the text free number including the public library, businesses and retailers I have rewards with, and even potential financial advisors that I plugged my name and number online and the website “finds local matches”. The text part of it is acceptable, even with the annoying ads, but incoming and outgoing calls are unbearable. I paid $1.99 for some certain amount of outgoing call time and I hear clicks and constant bad service type interruptions (I hear only every other word) to the point where I have to call back on my regular number. This happens 100% of the time I use the app for incoming or outgoing calls. I’m going to have to say goodbye to this app because of it. But for text I would say this app is satisfactory especially if you are trying to avoid Google. But overall, as is, it’s gotta go.
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1 year ago, SeeChe11e
RESPONSE TO DEVELOPER ADDITION: The spammy emails I referenced literally have NO “unsubscribe” button; there’s a link to contact “customer support” and then some social media logos-that’s it. I’m not going to waste my time sending you screenshots of what you all can easily figure out yourself. *Maybe* you can claim technically one can unsubscribe from the emails that no one signs up for to begin with, but one has to figure out HOW first. FIRST REVIEW: Yes, this app will give you a phone number with a range of payment-for-service options ranging from “free”(ad based and limited calling), to paid-by-actively-watching-more-ads, to paid-with-real-money (no ads). The catch? You will NEVER get off their customer retention mailing list if you stop using the service or use it less than someone in marketing wants you to. It’s a CONSTANT (at _least_ once a day) flow of emails trying to play cutesy with a selection of animal photos reminding you to use their service. Sure, there’s an “unsubscribe” button, but it’s not going to stop them from sending more spam.
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5 years ago, Cass 7678
* Love It * Easy to Use * Super Convenient *
I’m generally not the type to use an app like this (40 year old, woman, with a home phone & cell phone). But, I recently decided to shop around for cell service to save some money. I canceled my current service, planning to switch providers the following day. Then I saw a few more ads & decided to hold off to do more research. That was great until I realized I had no method to text certain friends & family. This was the first app I found in my search, so I signed up (not expecting much). To my surprise, it’s been super easy to use. I really loved that I was able to pick my own, local number. After that, I was able to start texting right away. The return texts came back quickly & there was no noticeable delay in speed. I would definitely recommend this app. I’ve been using it for a few days now & am very pleased with everything.
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4 years ago, Jengih
Why I like and possibly love fried okra
I would like to share with you my honest and overwhelming feelings for fried okra. It’s something I have harbored inside of me since I was a child. I have never shared these feelings to anyone before now and I wish you could understand to what depth these happy sensations of love and warmth battered in a perfect amount of coziness and placed in my grandmothers perfectly seasoned skillet. A skillet that has the unbelievable amount of exact proportions of normalcy’s a child needs. I grew into the person I am today bc of that skillet and I am able to give and show love because of all those perfect little pieces of fried okra. I’m just pulling your chain!!! What in the world am I even talking about!!! But in a serious note...this APP is AWESOME!!! Love it!!! It could t be any better and I want to say thank you to everyone that has had anything to do with it:) Have a wonderful night and smile bc Text Free App is my fried okra😉
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7 years ago, T0Ne3e
True Story ...
I own a iTouch 5th Gen, Current Mini iPad & iPad Pro. When I discovered your App on the online store and tried it out for a week without adding any of the subscriptions to do a little App Test Drive, I knew right away Textfree was an App paying subscriptions for. It’s Easy, Works with all my gadgets, and I can keep in touch everyday all day with everyone I know. Before Textfree, I used an old Flip Phone for my communications and it SUCKED. It was ancient, I haven’t seen anyone flip anything for anything in our present time and I wasn’t a fan of Contract Mobile Carriers, I did good with what I had though. TEXTFREE is 👍🏼 GREAT ! Voicemail to Text feature is the best feature E V E R ! It’s changed the way I communicate from not caring to caring. I recommend TEXTFREE to Everyone Out There. I haven’t had any issues and App is up to date and running smoothly all the time so Thank you everyone at Pinger.
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2 years ago, jasonluck78
False information
I downloaded this app to possibly use it to communicate with online buyers since there are so many scammers. I ended up not using the app and I’ve only had it downloaded on my phone for about eight hours. I decided to delete it within the 24 hour period so I won’t be charged for something I didn’t use. However … they already charged me $9.99. I went to cancel subscription and it doesn’t even give me that option. It just says when it’s about to expire. So at this point I’m confused. So even if you cancel within the 24 hours you still have to pay the $9.99. Also … I hate with apps don’t tell you a price or give you all the information up front. So you go in blindly not knowing exactly what’s going on until all is completed. I’m going to contact apple and hopefully they can reverse this. Pretty uncool. I get they want to make money. But if you state you can cancel within 24 hours, then give that option. Don’t charge someone automatically. I won’t use this app so they are getting free money. Kind of shady if you ask me.
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1 week ago, ###The Truthful Writer
Did it's purpose but proceed with caution ⚠
I was using this number to text someone in India and NJ and it served it's purpose but when I started adding people from my normal apple contacts list it got very confusing and now there are weird ads, I feel there is really not much of a point and it would be better to get a phone plan than pay for unlimited... Also, there will be random people texting me trying to get my information sometimes. And then there's the notifications, which keep pressuring you(they're tryyying to warn you, but it doesn't feel that way) to use the number or "we will give it away" which I feel isn't very kind considering that I WAS the one who got the app and now you are just going to give away my number(ik it's because I don't use it, I don't need a reminder of that). If you could make this app a little more non-frustrating and confusing that'd be great. These are the points that I think should made if you'd like to get this app, but it did serve it's purpose.
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6 years ago, Winterstone007
Personal Fav
I am truly grateful of all that is allotted to me by this app and its creators n maintainers 🙏🏻 I have been using it, with the same uninterrupted or changed contact, for nearly a decade. It has saved me so much money and headache. I have been able to contact when no phone services work via WiFi. I have never had an issue to even need to contact customer service; if there even is one, lol. That is ‘top notch’ status quality to me. Not to mention being able to connect and utilize from any device that downloads apps or gets internet access. I hope to continue for another decade and beyond as the world moves more towards this kind of platforms. Thank you to all that are involved with this project for the outstanding results and complete privacy and anonymity (unless I myself connect me.) 💜🙏🏻👍🏻🤗
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11 months ago, BrainyWords
Reserved my number until Feb. 2023, but company number removed.
Reserved my number until Feb. 2023, but company number removed. Customer Service will not return my number, and kept my money. Online Chat claims it was a mistake that was since fixed. Still have no reserved number, and in fact have no phone number, at all. I paid an entire year, and only had number for 6 months. It is a scam, and a rip-off. I always had advertisements, too. Terrible company. When I had service it was okay but, not clear conversations, and often dropped calls. The ads I paid to remove still kept appearing. Now, 6 months left for a subscription and no phone service at all, and no customer service, either. Terrible company. I wished I could give 0 stars.
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Works well.. For a few days
I was looking for an app that would let me use the number for Twitter verification, and found this app that one of my friends has used before. It’s simple and easy to set up. You get free messages, but to unlock any verification codes you need a subscription. It’s about $10 per month I believe? Anyway, I paid it, no problem. The number worked fine and I was able to verify my Twitter easily. However, after about a week I opened the app again to copy and paste my number.. Only to be logged out. I tried all three login methods, as well as the “Forgot Password” options, but none yielded any results towards getting my account back. I cancelled my subscription through the App Store immediately, but it’s incredibly frustrating (and scammy) that I was only able to use the app for a few days, despite paying the subscription fee, before being mysteriously logged out of my account. I’m assuming it’s now deleted, because providing the only email I use for recovery has only led to the app telling me they can’t find my account. Now, the app isn’t letting me create a new account. It just.. randomly freezes and closes whenever I try. That was even more frustrating, because I was legitimately considering paying for the subscription YET AGAIN. TLDR: Great app for the most part! It gets the job done. However, be careful that your account doesn’t mysteriously disappear with your money like mine did.
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6 years ago, JF0333
Great app
This is one app that really is free! Yes, you can purchase minutes if you want, but you can also watch a few short (very short) videos and in return, you are credited minutes on your account, which you only need if you want to make an actual phone call - texting is free. The only downside to using this app is that not all SMS text messages are accepted by this app.....certain one time codes that a company sends you in order for you to complete their sign-up/account confirmation process, are not recognized and therefore will not come through using the phone number that you are given/chose when using this app. I think this is an area that the app developers are working on, so hopefully the list of comparable SMS texts grows soon. Otherwise, this is a solid app that works great!
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3 years ago, 26atom
Used to work
I used this app quite a bit. The old version worked beautifully. There were ads, but they weren't intrusive. For some reason I couldn't transfer my old number to my new iPad so i downloaded this new abomination. I was hit by 2 ads immediately. I also cant find Where to re-add ANY contacts. The intuitive usage is hidden. I have an update to add to this review. Now that i have used it for a few weeks there is one HUGE NUISANCE that has been included in the update. The ads now replace some of your contacts, crowding out your numbers. How did the EVER allow this? Also, there are ZERO ways to delete them. Someone left me a voicemail in error and i am unable to get their erroneous call out of my contacts. There used to be an "erase conversation" button, which because you now must scroll through ads, has completely disappeared. Ive been using the new updates for some time now. I’m convinced the numbers have been sold, as i now receive a robocall every 30 minutes and obscene messages daily. I’m looking for a better app. I would never recommend anyone download this. They offer no way to block or erase incoming calls, causing your contacts to be lost far down the list. Its truly awful. The 2021 update turned the app sideways so now you can’t use it in the normal landscape position, causing you to be forced to use the keypad which is now half as large. It keeps getting worse.
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6 years ago, AshelyMacyMcmullen
Why I love Text Free
I always wanted to text and I never got to text free is a really nice app Because you could pretty much text your Friends and family members I know this because I’ve always wanted to text and I never really got to so it’s like a new beginning really kind of because I could finally text so I really enjoy it and I suggest You get it because it’s really fun to text to people. And it’s why you should get it it’s really fun so whoever made it shout outs to you you are the best and this app is free no money just have to set it up and then you can text! I hope you buy this app is an amazing app and I just really love it are you a five star review because it is her of that so, I think you should buy it. That is why I think this app should get a five star review I do you should buy it.
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5 years ago, pleazando0611
I cannot have a standby number
Hello pinger, i am a huge fan of your app, TextFree I used it the first time and it was okay, in less than 2 weeks I had about 200 call units. I logged out my account from my iPhone, trying to login back I cannot. The app says my number has expired and incorrect password, I tried to recover my password through my verified email address it didn’t work out. I have been using same number to call and text friends in the United states, I deleted the app loaded it again to my phone but each time I get a new number, when I logout our of the app the number disappears and changes to a new one, and this is a routine thing that happen anytime I logout of the app and try to log back in. Even when I don’t logout but close the app, when I try to open it again the number changes. Pls try and fix it as soon as possible. This is my email. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks
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5 years ago, S.R. Rabbit
Great App! Have used it for over two years, but...
I've actually used this app multiple times, due to a damaged battery port on my previous iPad. Lol. I love using TextFree and recommend it to anyone who complains about their cell phones or minutes. However, there is one problem that just started July 23/24, around midnight. Right now, I'm using it to text my romantic other. We were discussing something important, but then I didn't get a response. It turns out the text I know I sent was never received. I had to text it to them again. I worry this will continue to happen. So I told them I may have to duplicate my texts to make certain they receive them. I don't know if it's on their end or not. If it is something to do with the app, though, please fix it.
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4 years ago, lisho0206
Was charged day after subscription canceled and deleted.
I contacted your help desk, although I’m skeptical after this stunt,To request a refund. I usually use Google Voice and was locked out of my account. I reserved the phone number through text free and hadn’t even used it. That was about 4 days ago and yesterday when I regained access to my Google Voice the first thing I did was cancel my subscription in Settings in my iPhone and all look to be successful it was no longer there. Then today I get notified through my bank that I was charged by you to reserve the number and it is showing back up active in my subscriptions. And I know that I canceled the subscription correctly and it was gone. It’s only $4.99 and that isn’t the issue. The issue is I was charged after cancelling. If you were to charge me it should have been at sign up. Very fishy. And the transaction is pending. It’s not as though you charged days ago and now it hit. Please rectify this situation because it is wrong and bad business.
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7 years ago, shivrs01
Decent app
I’ve used this app for quite some time over different versions of the iPhone. Overall, I am happy with it and would recommend it. A couple improvements that I think would be great to see. First, some additional ringtones. The current ones sound a bit outdated, like ones that were on my Motorola Razr back in the day. Second, I understand this app is supported by ads but it would be neat to see them less intrusive. By this I mean it would be helpful if the ads did not become a larger size once you click send on a message. If you’re having a conversation and sending multiple messages back and forth, the larger ads get annoying and do get in the way. I would have no issue with the banner size ads at the bottom (like the size when you are typing out a message before pushing send).
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8 months ago, MacLvr10
The ads make it near useless
I’ve been using this app since it first launched and it was great. Now, I understand that products need to turn profit but GREED makes the product sink itself. The ads are WAAAY too many and invasive too so to be able to use it you have to buy a subscription. But the subscription is WAAAY overpriced for what it is. I mean there are eSIMs out there that cost the same if not less, you can get an actual service for that money. (Tello no data $8/mo.) So it comes to a full circle where you just lose the will to try and stick with the app any longer and go out to look for something else. They need to keep the ads in check and offer realistic subscription options and the app would actually start making money. I know it would take time but how long before the few people who actually signed up realize that they taken advantage of and cancel their subscription?
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2 years ago, pixipoppi
Constant emails about expiring number
I downloaded this app for my daughter as a starter until I get her on my phone plan. It was to be a way for her to contact me while she’s at school or home while I’m out. It works fine, however we recently started getting constant emails about the number expiring in 30 days if we don’t use it. The problem is that we do use it. I constantly text message her and she messages me at least once a week. It’s not inactive. So I’m not entirely sure why we are getting emails saying that the number is inactive. I’m guessing it’s their way of trying to get us to upgrade since we’ve had this app now for a few years. I’m not doing that. We’re just going to go ahead and get her a full cell phone plan because no matter how much you use it, they’ll just randomly give your number to someone else anyway.
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5 years ago, fadernader
Not how it used to be
This app has some good features, but now days it’s really annoying. I get emails daily. I get random calls when only a few people have the number, and they didn’t give it out. When you go into the area to view your calling minutes, there’s ways to earn minutes that don’t even work. I’ve done 3 things recently that were supposed to give me a lot of minutes, and they never changed. I only have 12 and should have about 200. This is very frustrating for me, because their programs don’t work. Also, you used to be about to watch videos and get 2 minutes, now you only receive one. That’s a lot of long videos to watch to only receive 1 minute. 2 wasn’t ideal either, but it was way better than 1. I’ve been using Pinger/TextFree off and on for years and years. It’s just going downhill and is less reliable. My old account had 500 calling minutes cause it would actually work
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3 years ago, Creative-nickname-#-1
Used to be great
I used to survive on this app, but the free version keeps degrading. The ads used to be just that: ads. Now they run the show, popping up full screen whenever you open the app...which, in consequence, makes opening it a 30 second process (even if you just had it open and had bopped out to check something else). It is also iPhone-friendly-ONLY now, in that it doesn’t offer the landscape view for us iPad users, which is a major sadness. Thirdly, at one point, they used to have it so that only part of the conversations loaded (making it a quicker loading process), but now alllll of your conversations, in their entirety, load...which just makes it run slowly. I don’t know if anything except the ads are fixed in the premium version, but...the slowness of the app and its inability to go into landscape make me hesitate to use it nowadays, which is a major bummer, because I used to absolutely love this app!
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4 months ago, How Bout Ya!
Got Past The Block
My lady friends daughter who my friend lives w/ blocked me on her mother’s phone for no ” good” reason but is determined to keep us from communicating. My friend is elderly so she doesn’t know how to do technical stuff otherwise she’s take the block off. We are very fond of each other. So after living together for six years I find myself in the unfortunate position to not even be able to call her to say hello and see how she’s doing. Can you imagine! Text free to the rescue! Problem solved. I paid the 9.99 so I can come up new numbers daily with no problem. Because I’ll be dipped if that first night following my first call (first contact ) in two weeks her daughter blocked the first number I selected. By the way there are multiple numbers as well as multiple area codes to choose from routinely. So yeah I wait until mid afternoon usually to call when the great percentage bet will be “Jewel” is home alone. We talked for 45 splendid minutes and caught up nicely. Thanks to “text free” I can know that all is well! And so can you!
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7 years ago, Speedy 409
Best For Preteens Or Younger Even Older!
I’ve used this app at the age of 10 and am still using today to talk to my friends,family, and sometimes pizza delivery (just kidding I don’t know if they have that feature but I hope they do). Great for those who don’t want an actual phone or doesn’t have one at the moment also for the ones who don’t like mobile companies that will rather stick to WiFi, but here’s why I give it a 4. There are two essential things you guys have to do that bug me! limit ads because every time every 15-30 seconds I see an ad pop up it’s not that annoying but I would love to see less. 2, from the day I got the app I’m not sure if this feature is there and that feature is groups! I haven’t seen or know how to do it please help and thanks if you read it have a good day
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3 years ago, ElephantCat1231
Pretty bad.
the ads are crazy! I would really like it to be a one time payment to get rid of ads, not a subscription. And I do NOT like the whole minutes thing. Also PLEASE make it so you can leave group chats! Sure you can delete the chat but then next time someone texts to it it just pops up again. I really think it could be a lot better. And it’s super glitchy and sometimes doesn’t send notifications so I miss messages. UPDATE: um so I had headphones in and went in the app, after listening to music so know my headphones weren’t the problem, and I heard a sound like a bunch of flies buzzing just while I was in the app though like what the heck that’s kinda creepy I want a explanation or I’ll delete this app Note: I’m getting tired of the purple, could you make the colors customizable? SPAM: y’all I have been getting calls from a bunch of random number idk. How the heck are they getting my number? Hmm? I’d like an answer please.
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6 years ago, Windbear2525
Perfect for my needs
I’ve found Textfree to be the best free text app out there even though it has a few glitches. I switched over from Talkatone when an update made it no longer compatible. I then tried a few other free apps which didn’t even compare to Talkatone’s quality. Textfree came close to Talkatone ‘s quality at the time, but had a few major glitches such as occasional dropped or unreceived messages, messages which were limited in size, sent out of order, etc. But most of those issues have been corrected by updates and patches over time, making Textfree the best free chat app I’ve found. It is now about 98% dependable in both transmission and receiving with an occasional (rare) dropped message. There are often noticeable delays in transmitting. One thing I wish Textfree would allow are Bitmojis since I love using them. For some reason, I can’t get them to work. I also wish there were a way to create group chat/mailing to send the same message to more than one person at time. There may be a way, but I haven’t figured it out. Other than that, Textfree works great for my needs! And, it IS free!
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2 years ago, Fernelius
Does what’s advertised with some quirks
This app does what it advertises with some quirks. Appreciate that the ad no longer covers up the message field. This made it quite difficult to type a message without using another app and cut and pasting the text in to the field. When connected to an external monitor, however, it still has some problems. Sometimes, it will try to put part of a landscape version in portrait format and then crash. Other times, it opens in portrait on a 1600 x 1200 (landscape) display; however, the trackpad operates sideways (moving left on the trackpad moves the cursor up, etc…). The developer might want to connect to an external display/keyboard, trackpad/mouse and do some testing. Using a 2018 iPad Pro 11” with 1600 x 1200 display, external keyboard, Apple Trackpad 2.
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