Transgender Dating: Translr

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Translr Limited
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4 weeks ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Transgender Dating: Translr

4.62 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
2 months ago, Khareceweb
Maybe you will like it. I know it through my friend. My friend met a really nice trans woman up there. I was actually skeptical about it at first because I felt like most dating apps were pretty much the same. And I've been lied to once before, so I'm being cautious. I just downloaded it, but I haven't opened it yet. It wasn't until one night when I was bored; I suddenly remembered that I downloaded it. Then I opened the app and registered, and everything went smoothly. But the free function is not a lot; I simply tried it, feel OK, but did not let me want to pay. Later I talked to my friend about it and he laughed and said I was stingy. He showed me his app page, which was really different from mine, with more features and more people nearby. That night I filled the membership, thinking it was not expensive, try for a month to see. It now gives me a good feeling; the page is very clear and simple, not complicated at all. I haven't found a date yet, but I've met a good friend. We had dinner last week and it was great. Other than one night when the app crashed, I felt it was fine.
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1 month ago, Drrcoock
My dating experience.
This is the first time I've shared my dating experience online. I once met a trans woman who really liked me, but at the time I didn't like her at all and even thought she was a little disgusting. I'm here to apologize to her and to the transgender community. It was because of her that I came to know this group. I saw in her the courage and strength of transgender people. Slowly I was attracted to her and wanted to date her. But unfortunately, at that time, she was already with another transgender man, and I was sad for a long time. Later found this app by accident, downloaded for a period of time, was very busy, no time to use, and then uninstalled it. Then I was talking to my friend about transgender women, and I suddenly remembered this app. I've been using it ever since and it's still working. It is not as complicated as other dating apps, and the interface is very clean. But the problem is I haven't found a date yet. I met a trans woman who I like here before but she didn’t want to date. So I still want to find a serious relationship. Hopefully I can find it here in the future.
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10 months ago, saguilarxo
Conducive concept but also needs Improvement especially the free trial
No doubt, concept is fabulous. Contributing lonely people to getting together makes a difference. This app welcomes users from all walks. It is user-friendly. But the advanced version seems to be more conducive. Saying hi is difficult when you are just a free member. The best way is to get verified so you add comments on posts of other people. Well, this is a better way to find verified people only on this transgender dating app. Contrast, adding posts and getting attention are more helpful. Exited to find some beautiful locals, once you get the premium, you’ll definitely meet someone thats not going to flake. But the free trial is also a good way to attract locals. I find so many users have the same complaining about free trial. Three days trial is need here. I know Taimi dating app, which allows users to get this. But compared to so many ads on taimi, I prefer it more. I am tired of annoying notifications and ads online.
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11 months ago, SindrellaM
have had it for a week but Getting free trial will be exciting for our new comers.
Most users are real. Being a free member for a week, I ask the team if it has a free trial. I don’t want to waste money online. There is no way to get the free trial and the team tells me they will consider. On Taimi app, I can also get three day free trial. I am willing to pay after I find this transgender app helps. As s comnunity gathering trans people, it needs to be more friendly to them. In terms of the free version, matching and getting response are easier than I think. Had this app for a week, there is a specific number of “friends” you can message in a day, and some of them replied. I don’t want to be so busy handling messages here. Speaking of the filter, there are less features. I like to add hobbies. This is because I want to meet the people who hit off. I love climbing and going ski. I am also willing to give five because I can find verified people here. It is a not a bad site but I need free trial now.
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10 months ago, shahzaib786788
The only problem is crashed once
it crashes once on my iphone so I had to reopen it. Such a problem has been told to the translr team. I have seen other users complaining about this problem. About filter, I would add the "role" options. Nothing is more exciting than being told “you match a trans single nearby". Have been here for two months and matches are not as many as I imagine. Of course, it is a transgender dating app for most people especially in US. If you look for people far away, I suggest your giving up. But find some local new trans singles is not a problem. However, I’m tired of notifications because I find they bother me. I ask the team to reset but this problem still has. I admire new friends with same hobbies. I scroll and scroll to see new posts sprinkled in between old posts I've been looking at for same day But getting verified to leave comment is wonderful so I know real phone only.
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11 months ago, Ralph laure H.
l like this app updates but it's a bit long winded at first.
Cannot deny that it still learns well. Translr tarted off incredible, features not seen anywhere in the dating market. But for me, it is a little winder after signing up. I uploaded some pictures but one of them was deleted so I asked the team for reason. It replied that I added a photo containing my tiktok account. Well, I was not sure if it was just disturbing. Fine, I deleted this photo. Later, I never met the same issue. Noted with some anti-fetish articles and slogan, clearly the company thinks ahead or wants to be out of the box. I feel developers of this transgender app today seem to have a full time realizing user focus. Feeling the company helps more trans singles. I am into the filter but hobbies can be more noticed in this plan. People are eagered to find local matches which are hitting off. By the time I find another functional app, I won't give up this friendly community.
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4 days ago, Melly21x4
Translr is great and safe.
I don't use many of these apps and websites myself before, so I listen to what my friends say. I have good friends around me who often date some trans woman on trans dating apps. Because they don't have so much time and opportunity to meet the people they like in the real world. According to them, Translr is fine. All of them found trans women up there. The number of users is relatively large, and the system is also very secure and will not disclose user information. A big reason I don't use apps before much for dating is because I'm afraid of being cheated on. Some dating apps will take users' data and sell it to others for profit. But they say this app is safe and they don't have to worry about being scammed. You can rest assured. So I give it a try. I feel great. So far, I haven't encountered any scammers. There are indeed many trans women in the app, I have met a good one, hope to have further development.
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11 months ago, mehrinnnm
Decent experience so far.
By the day I started here, it has been seven days. This application creates a positive atmosphere where people celebrate true connection. About the free features, when you sign up, you add some basic information like other dating apps. which ensures that I establish connections with those who are not only attracted by my appearance, but also by my personality and quirks. When I delved into this application, I was introduced to a series of dynamic and personalized trans friends. Noted with most verified profiles! Some people tell me they are eager to get local matches instead of international people. Before sending messages first, you need to pay. I am lucky to have a free trial but the paywall is high for me. I don't think I need to be a premium. Verified members account for 80% on this LGBT dating app. At the same time, some crossdresser are more active than I think. Dating with no discrimination is the goal of the team
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2 weeks ago, Anabel Mecias
Looking for my love
As a trans girl, I was always looking for my love. When I first officially became a woman, I was very afraid that I would never love in my life. So I did the stupid thing of hiding the fact that I was transgender before the date. Things went well at first, and I successfully started dating. But we both knew that wasn't going to work, and it wasn't long before my cover was blown. Since then, I have decided to stop hiding the fact that I am a transgender woman. Then I didn't date for a while. It wasn't until later that I met several transgender women who were just like me and we became good friends. They recommended this trans dating app to me. Then I met a lot of friends on the app and also met people who liked and wanted to date me. I feel happy and I don't worry about my love life as much anymore. I hope that in the future I can find a person who can accompany me all my life, just like my friend.
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11 months ago, Big Barns
Great app
While the app is a bit buggy at first, it still learns well. Just download it and find some basic failed here. For me, I love its UI page. I enjoy the yellow theme, everything is easy to navigate. Before signing up, I was impressed by the slogan: find fun with pride. Although it is a new transgender dating app, I feel most features are mature made. Besides, customer service is fast and I get reply in 12 hours. The team resolved my profile issue quickly. My question is not enough gender selection here. I was confused about this. By the way, the timeout for swipes is not frustrating compared to some famous dating apps. In a nutshell, not a bad idea. I never want to waste time online. I used to find taimi and tinder but now, noth of them just ask me to pay. I don't like those apps at all. Picking up this new site is jsut a wise choice for me. But how to get free trial? I ask the team and wait for the reply.
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3 days ago, making my head hurts
Start dating.
Start dating. To be honest, my life has changed dramatically since I became a transgender woman. The first is my circle of friends. My previous male friends have stayed away from me because they couldn't understand my choice. But then I met some new friends. I hang out with them a lot now, and I'm thankful for them. And then there's my dating change. Everyone knows that dating can be a little difficult for transgender people. So I didn't date for a long time after I became transgender. I was upset, too, and I kept thinking the date was out of the question. Then my friend recommended me this transgender dating app, and I meet many people who like me and want to date me. I have more confidence here. Slowly I was able to start dating again. I hope that one day more and more people can understand us and would like to date us. If I could give this app more than 5 stars, I WOULD.
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1 year ago, apriledward
Finding local hot trans singles on Translr!
Not very sure why some people say this trans app is bad. For me, a free user, the experience is not very bad. At first, getting messages here is not a task. Most people come to say hi to me. But I think this is because females are more popular here. Like other famous dating apps, female users are more active than others. I just add my travelling photos and I get many likes here. I clearly know if you want to find match quickly in real life, being paid member makes it happen. But I think the transgender team should consider adding some ads so many people can watch ads and get more free chats and matches. Ads can be an important way to get money here, too. I was attracted by the ig account of translr. I think team cares ts. The slogan is good. However, more free features should be open so more and more people will like it. I like its slogan and hope it can be better.
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1 year ago, Mymyray21
Amazing way to meet great new people!
To tell the truth, I guess this is the common problem for many local top dating apps. You need to be a paid member so you can enjoy real matches nearby. It is s a pity on most apps. However, as long as I can find real dating people, I can pay for this. The best part of this trans dating app is the concept and slogan. It welcomes all friendly and real people all over the world. In my city, I find many amazing new friends who I may never know in real life. Life is an adventure and I enjoy myself now. Speaking of the advanced function, I want to point out the gift feature. I cannot check who send me gifts. When I click their profile, I cannot see anything. I am not sure what is wrong with this bug. I have already told the team. I also want to know who cares me here. What's more, if this app wants to attract more people, free trial should be open to all.
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11 months ago, Kaskeye
Great app
I rate this higher then positive if i could. Many people real the pay wall to talk to people are hot surprise. I mean come on they are all local people and they are all see pasted blocks of text talking about different apps too I'm planning on flying to NYC for a date, or marriage. After I came back home, I realized it is a dating app for us. I went to UK last month and downloaded this trans app. Well, I need to say it is not helpful. When I turned on the spark feature, I just found ten people near to me. What's more, I just got two messages back. I went to UK for work. I was upset at that time. Three days ago, I came back to NYC. I found thousand of people who are very close to me. The system prioritizes recommending users in my area. I love dating with real people only. Meeting some nice people here is not a bad idea.
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1 year ago, meshachaudhary05
Profiles seem to be real
After noticing some fake profiles on Tinder, I start to find another way. Chatting with verified people makes me real dates wonderful. Most people want to find real dates in real life like me. If I juist chat with trans online but do nothing in real world, it is a waste of time. The navigation is good but chatting with matched tg should be frree. I am curious about transgenders now but dating with them is just a choice I may not choose. SO many people believe that this site should be free. I also have the same idea. Free trial is needed here to make people more active. Just adding moment here cannot expand your exposure into an ideal extent. Translr seems to be the no.1 app in this area but it is also with many problems. With great slogan and concept, the team should take more actions in the future.
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5 months ago, Baggyh
10/10 dating app for the trans community
This has to be one of the most user friendly apps I’ve used. It provides a welcoming space for individuals to connect and build meaningful relationships. Its user-friendly interface and inclusive features cater specifically to the trans community, fostering a supportive environment. The app's emphasis on privacy and security enhances the overall user experience, making it a reliable platform for those seeking genuine connections. Overall, it stands out as a valuable platform for trans individuals looking to explore relationships in a respectful and understanding community.
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2 years ago, RockSolidRC
Not very good and most likely fake
A lot of scams on the site going after your money. The site is full of Cis females and some you wont know if the checked the box right. Very little activity. They kept removing a photo of my in my shorts and tennis joes working in my back yard and saying it was nudity yet there are 100’s of other accounts with same type of photos and they allow it. You can look through a few pictures a day and there is no way you can filter for surrounding area etc. the app quality is poor and if you're stupid enough to pay for it than you might as well burn your money. If you really want to meet trans females than use grindr free they will flock to you that’s how you know you met a real girl and not a algorithm or bot. I could make a better website and app over a weekend save your money it’s fake.
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2 weeks ago, Al_monsurii
Translr is the Best dating app Ever
A friend's positive experience led me to try Translr, despite initial doubts. I found the app easy to use and intuitive. Upgrading to a Trans dating membership connected me with someone special, and we shared a delightful dinner. I'm impressed by Translr's inclusive environment, which fosters authentic relationships. The app's simplicity and effectiveness have won me over. I highly recommend Translr for meaningful connections within the transgender community. It's a valuable platform promoting understanding, acceptance, and love. Translr has exceeded my expectations, and I'm grateful for the connection I've made."
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3 months ago, David Extravaganza
Amazing and one of a kind
I stumbled on Translr and It's been like a breath of fresh air for transgenders from the moment I signed up. Talk about being welcomed into an accepting community that feels like home and a space to be myself. I'm looking forward to finding love and friendship. Plus, their commitment to safety and privacy gives you peace of mind as you navigate the exciting world of online dating. Highly recommend! It's more than just an app, it's a supportive community ready to embrace you with open arms.
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4 months ago, chinwachukwu
Love is a beautiful thing
It's more than just a platform; it's a haven for love and understanding. Navigating the world of dating as a transgender individual can be challenging, but this app has truly been a game-changer. Love truly knows no bounds, and this app beautifully embraces that philosophy. It has opened up a world of possibilities, allowing me to build genuine connections based on mutual respect and shared experiences. If you're looking for love within the transgender community, this app is a beacon of hope and acceptance.
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2 years ago, That0neDudeBillyBob
One of the worst dating apps
All the bots and scammers on this app must be the ones leaving all the 5* reviews. That explains it because there’s a ton of them on this app. Believe the 1 star reviews. They’re accurate from what I see. If changes are made I’ll update this. You’ll have to subscribe if you want to actually message anyone. If you don’t pay your profile will get maybe 1-2 views per day so matching anyone is quite unlikely. The messages you do get will be from bots and scammers. It’s very sad because this could be one of the best dating apps and a great option for a community that already faces a lot of challenges, but unfortunately the greed of the creators has made this a totally unusable garbage app.
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4 months ago, Jenksul
So Far, So Good
This app is easy to use and quick to figure out. I like the simplicity and how I could just get started right away. It was straightforward to use and I like the way you can set your profile for whatever your looking for. Sometimes friend and connections are more important than a date. I appreciate how inclusive it is and that I could just be honest about myself and what I’m looking for.
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1 year ago, InvincibleUSA
Playing Games here
I reported a user who is rude to me. To be honest, this is the first time I meet abusive people here. Most users on trans app are friendly. The support team answers me quickly and I find this profile is deleted. Well, this is the reason why I like this ts team. I have got many angry words fromTinder but its team does nothing. I had a great time playing along with their games until they asked for my pic. Pretty cool for me.
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2 months ago, nada123215643
Great for the community!
The app is very straightforward to use and has several features to enable me to connect with others in a community that is not targeted well in other dating apps! It has many of the features I expect in a standard dating app from matching, chatting, and connecting. It’s refreshing to finally have an app that is dedicated to our community and lets me connect with others like me!
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1 year ago, robo not
What a waste!
I purchased a 3 month subscription because that is what it offered me! No other choice. But after I used the app 4 hours I deleted my account! Only scammers asking you to cash app money for sex! Non of these I originated contacted with! Other communications were with people from other states or countries! This app does not save your changes! Ever! I corrected my location 50 times and it never saved it! You can not see how long it has been since someone was active on the site. Not one person I messaged ever responded even though they show near me and recent on the search filters. Horrible app! Fake Fake Fake!
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2 months ago, Drone#917NARCANDROP
Nervous at first. After checking out, the monthly subscription, totally satisfying, highly recommend
If you’re truly interested in meeting someone, this is the most reputable site I’ve ever seen completely satisfied and I highly recommend I mean I’m totally attracted to trans women I just don’t know why I have never been able to approach one or go to parties or go to clubs I need someone to take me
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2 years ago, Kayla in Virginia
Not Much to Offer
It’s a bare bones application with limited search functionality. State names are not included when flipping through views nor when looking at who viewed your profile, so you will wonder a lot where people are located. Very few members bother to complete profiles and overall impression is there are just not that many people on this app. Non-paying individuals cannot respond to you, even if you are a paying member and most people using the app appear to be non-paying, which means there is only a handful of people with whom you can connect. Save your money and save your time and look elsewhere.
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1 month ago, ZH.8.8
Really enjoying this app
I've thoroughly enjoyed using this app; it's fantastic for meeting and conversing with transgender women. The free version has been excellent, but I'm planning to upgrade soon. I can't praise this app enough—it's been a great experience overall, and I'm looking forward to exploring more with the paid version. Highly recommend this app for anyone looking to meet or chat with trans women.
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2 months ago, Ivyxxing
My new favorite!
I absolutely love Transir! It's more than just a dating app - it's become my go-to community for connection and understanding. l've met incredible people who truly get me, and the support here is unmatched. If you're in the trans community and looking for a safe, welcoming space to connect, I can't recommend Transir enough. Give it a try! You won't regret it!
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3 weeks ago, princevince90
I purchased the one-month membership, and even though I have full access, it’s extremely hard to engage if they’re not VIP themselves. For example, I’ve liked 574 profiles and have only received two matches. You can send gifts, but I don’t because every gift emoji is eluding to something sexual. For example, all emoji gifts are a mask, lingerie, whip, and lips with a tongue licking itself. Trans women are already so sexualized, and it’s already so hard to find decent guys. This is only pushing the narrative that trans people are only good for pleasure. It's very disappointing and a waste if you’re trying to find a normal interaction.
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2 months ago, Keysail8162
Ripoff dating site
I’ve had a subscription for this site a couple of days now. I’ve sent messages to about twenty members now. Can’t believe I haven’t heard anything back not even a sorry not interested. Seems like they aren’t able to text me back even when I paid for a three month subscription. Probably auto generated or bots. Not happy at all. Might cancel my subscription and not recommend it to others. They also keep getting my location wrong. I put country, state and city in three times. It still only lists my country and city. No state.
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4 weeks ago, Ultraxxxb
Positive Experience with Translr: Clear Interface, Welcoming Environment, and Meaningful Connections
Introduced to Translr by a friend who found a wonderful connection, I hesitated initially but found the interface clear and simple. Upgrading to a Trans dating membership, I made a good friend and enjoyed a great dinner. Highly recommend for the welcoming environment and meaningful connections.
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12 months ago, The Don G.
Not a single real person
Had this app for 2 days, got the VIP for a month. Not only is there a specific number of “friends” you can message in a day, but NOBODY responds. The responses you do get end up being scams. I mean there are profiles with BACK to BACK same photos and names spelled differently. If there were actual real people on this app it would be cool because it’s simple, but it’s a hub for people just trying to make a buck. At this point I’m only keeping it for the month since I paid and I’m messing with all the fake profiles. 🤷🏾‍♂️
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1 year ago, Hawk_333
Terrible customer service and app issues!
I tried to restore my subscription after more people signed up in my area, and it wouldn’t work kept saying to try again later. So I tried to subscribe for one month, then the 3 month, and both say it will auto renew June 10th and won’t let me send any messages! And then to top it all off, you have to wait two days for someone to get back to you! Horrible customer service and ridiculous app issues causing me to still be billed and I can’t use it!
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2 months ago, 2AM4PM
Great app, needs little adjustments
So far I love the dating app, simple for me to use and I’ve chatted with lovely people. It does need some few adjustments, i would like the option to use the VIP for free just to try it out but the free version is good too! Recommend it if you’re trying out a new dating app :)
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3 days ago, Nirjhola
Fantastic Trans Date App
I just heard about this app from a friend of mine got curious and downloaded it from App Store and just fall in love with this app, it’s just awesome to find a partner you looking for to share same feelings and can have fun, also the time you spent here I must say it’s very much enjoyable!
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1 year ago, RSUSA21
Amazing Platform
Curious so much and i find many verified ts here. Cannot say it is perfect as some features are open to vip only. Seeing 10 people nearby is not enough for me. However, after getting some messages from tg makes me surprised. Not perfect but it is worth a try.
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1 month ago, CustomerFYI
I like it!
I really enjoy this app, it provides a positive experience for dating in the transgender world. It allows you to meet other people with similar hobbies and interests. It is very easy to use and navigate which is a huge plus and bonus for dating apps. I am a fan and very happy.
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2 months ago, Markeisha leee
Love it
Translr has been a game-changer for me. As a transgender person, it can be challenging to find genuine connections, but this platform makes it easy. The community is supportive, the interface is user-friendly, and I've already met some amazing people. Highly recommend!
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2 months ago, Fancylan221
Transir is hands down the best transgender dating app out there.
It’s not just about swiping; it’s about building real connections. The community is supportive, the features are intuitive, and the overall experience is exceptional. Highly recommend!
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6 days ago, Jades moon
It took my money and locked/suspended my account
I loved the features the app had to offer so I bought a subscription the same day I came across the app. The next day I go to log on and it says my account was locked for “ going against guidelines” I truly don’t think I did anything against the rules but I sent an apology and a review/appeal and it didn’t go anywhere I tried to make another appeal to the email linked to their support team and it went no where as well. :(
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1 year ago, JohnnnyV
The worst
I’m a trans woman and this is definitely the worst app/dating site I’ve tried so far. My biggest issue is that it formats your pics by zooming in to the point where the picture is blurry/no longer flattering/cuts off part of your face. There’s a lot of other issues with the app as well. It’s clear they don’t care about creating something that will connect people. On cis apps I wake up to tons of messages after I sign up. Not here. Don’t waste your time.
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1 year ago, Link2728
Great app!
This app is fantastic. There are a lot of people that use it and a lot of people searching. One of the best features is being able to post a status like a feed on Facebook with likes and comments.
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3 months ago, PaulAnderson111
Great app
The community here is so welcoming and supportive. The setup process was stupid easy too. Just uploaded some fire pics and the matches started rolling in. I've already gone on a couple of dates with some really cool people.
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1 year ago, ash whole peeps
One of those
It’s one of this app where unless you subscribe you really can’t do anything . Every time you click to do something it asks for an upgrade. Plus I have had for a month and not one person has messaged me. Any other app, at least within in like a week or so I would have a couple message. There’s no one on this app. It’s all a big scam. The people responding to the bad reviews on here can’t even write proper English.
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2 weeks ago, sfarns1
Couldn’t launch once
App never let me get past account setup and kept crashing on the splash screen. Tried deleting and reinstalling and made sure there was plenty of available memory. Then tried to contact support and every time I hit submit it deleted what I had typed in comments and told me that I needed to fill out the required comments box. Needs to be a negative stat rating for completely wasted my time.
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4 weeks ago, mrplayerprops
Translr Wins Big!
Struggling with "trans dating" on mainstream apps? Translr solves that! Detailed profiles help you find compatible matches, fostering genuine connections within a safe and respectful environment. It's the perfect space for anyone in the trans community seeking love or friendship. 5 stars all the way!
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3 months ago, Arianne01221
A lifeline for the transgender community
It has user-friendly interface, diverse resources, and a supportive community, it's a must-have for anyone seeking validation and connection on their journey. Kudos to the developers for creating such a transformative platform.
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1 week ago, lawrence aden
Game changer Transgender community
I was blown away with the inclusivity and support this app offers! As a transgender individual, I’ve often felt isolated and unsure of where to turn to for resources and guidance. This app changed that. Here is like a safe space to connect with others who understand my journey. The educational content and expert advise helped me navigate my transition with confidence . I finally feel seen and heard. This is really for any transgender who is seining support and validation.
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2 years ago, Jaymola$$$ 1 st base in bx
This is one of the best sites to find a nice trans girl
This site has some wonderful trans girls after searching a few other apps, this app is perfect to find the right girl for me. I suggest you try it.
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