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Tumblr, Inc.
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11 months ago
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15.2 or later
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User Reviews for Tumblr – Fandom, Art, Chaos

4.13 out of 5
319.9K Ratings
1 year ago, ShylaVids
Very minor issues
Oh, I love Tumblr, but there are a few things that make my experience less enjoyable. The top thing contributing to my dissatisfaction would be the bots. I get two or three follows from robots every day. I like to post and re-post things designed for a target audience to also take inspiration from my vision boards but instead most of the only interaction I get is from robots. It’s come so far to the point I don’t think I should block them anymore. If I’m gone from the Internet for long enough, it will take me too long to go through the entire list of robots and block them all. Number two would be ads. I am not going to pay for a no ad experience and that is no reason for me to dislike ads more than I have to. Every time I’m scrolling through my feed I accidentally land my thumb on an ad because I am scrolling so quickly. But because of this Tumblr thinks I am clicking on the ad and it takes me either to the App Store or my browser. I don’t like that I have to have to back out of a different app so frequently in a five minute time frame purely because Tumblr thinks I’m clicking on ads. Other than that I love my Tumblr experience. As I mentioned, I love to make vision boards. All of the pictures and videos. I see on the app are so inspirational and aesthetically pleasing. The messaging aspect is very nice and works well, i’ve had a great experience with it too.
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3 months ago, Eclipse-Nightingale
A Genuine, user-friendly experience
I truly believe that Tumblr is one of the least toxic social platforms on the internet. Tumblr is just a fun place where you can destress after a long day at work or school, most of the communities are super wholesome and the platform is just an overall uplifting place where people can talk about fandom, Comics, Fanfics, The latest shows, Art, Etc. I’m finally at peace with myself after they removed “Tumblr live” because now that it’s gone I don’t have to worry about accidentally hitting the useless button on my feed. Another thing to mention is that there are so many fandoms to find and explore with so much creativity and love put into each one. It’s also a great place to post your own art and fanfics with genuine nontoxic feedback unlike Reddit or Twitter. The only thing to note is the NSFW (not safe for work) content but I do appreciate that the site doesn’t show you that kind of content unless you search for it, yes once in a while your dashboard will show you a NSFW pic but it’s genuinely minimized unlike Reddit which will show you a NSFW post every couple scrolls, another thing I will warn you about is that you will get scam messages asking you to join NSFW sites but these messages can be deleted and in my experience will go away after awhile. I genuinely rate the app a five out of five and highly recommend for anyone who’s new to the internet or is interested in a genuine, wholesome social media platform.
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1 year ago, EmoKid1102
I love the h3ll site but there’s an important issue
This has always been a fun site to post about niche interests and build fun communities, but there’s one major problem. Lately my three accounts have been targeted by bots and nothing I do is stopping it. I tried clearing my cache, changing usernames, and utilizing the block and report option as always, but the three accounts keep getting artificial mass follows by porn bots. It’s annoying because I get spammed with notifications that new accounts are following me and it’s always accounts with generic stock images a women, weird emoji filled bios that say random things as well as innuendos and they have zero posts or headers. It been plaguing the platform as others have spoken on it and it’s annoying that y’all have done nothing to stop the artificial creation of accounts and mass following. It’s annoying to have to block and report several accounts everyday only for the same thing to happen because multiple artificial accounts are being created. Please do something to combat the issue and confirm that users creating accounts are genuine and not fake. otherwise I love tumblr and appreciate how it’s the only genuine social media platform that’s not trying to conform to the corporate, capitalist, tiktokification or social networking.
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3 years ago, Zamalie Lamms
God help me
I could frankly care less about whatever features the app has or what kind of content is allowed in the rules. As long as I get to scroll mindlessly through my dash and occasionally spit out the odd text post that nobody will read, I’m pretty much set. So here’s the thing: I’ve got a phone and an iPad, both of which are ancient by technology standards. Probably not a decade old, but they can’t be far at this point. The app works fine on them. Glitchier than most I’ve used, but I can still do all two of the things I usually do on tumblr with ease, so I can look past it. With all that said, WHY does the app crash incessantly on my brand new phone? It’s the only app I have that does this, so I know the phone itself isn’t the problem. It freezes if I exit out of the app for a bit, sometimes if I reblog a post or look in the notes, it’ll freeze if I look at someone’s blog too long. The only thing I can do that doesn’t have a chance of crashing the app is scroll - and even then I can’t go down TOO far. I’m genuinely confused at how this app functions perfectly fine on the oldest devices that I have, and yet can’t seem to stay open for longer than ten minutes at a time on a two day old phone. I’m open to any reasonable explanations for this, because I’m honestly at a loss, but mostly I just hope this gets resolved soon. I can’t use my iPad out of the house and I absolutely refuse to redownload Twitter. This hellsite is my one source of entertainment, man, cmon
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3 years ago, Hangry Uber Customer
Let’s cut to the chase
TUMBLR is, at least to a large extent, a very good porn site. Adults ought to be free to make their own decisions about the content they choose to view and contribute. TMBLR is free to set its own moderation policies. The way TUMBLR has approached this reality- and I understand the choices it has made, and why- has been an attempt to reach a middle ground, but it has been lackluster. In the 21st century, there are ways to set age limits for certain content, to moderate very highly offensive and illegal content reasonably well, and to do so without punishing the conscientious and law abiding adults that want to exercise their perfectly sound inclination to engage porn. Content providers should tag content as porn and the app should filter pornographic content for all accept those that opt to view/contribute porn. For those users that opt, require some authentication that has a reasonable association with age, and make it binding. If the user is caught lying about their age, ban them- ban their isp# or whatever number IDs their device, etc. If the content provider fails to tag content, ban them. If a user posts illegal content, block them, give them an opportunity to appeal, and then block them if they don’t or if the appeal fails. TUMBLR is a great app- for all things, not only porn. It’s a worthy contender, and more than anything it can support the (legal, ethical) interests of everyone… users, advertisers, TUMBLR, and even the US Congress.
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1 year ago, ripleysbelief
It gets worse
I’ve been using this app for the better part of ten years. I can assure you, every single update (with the rarest exceptions) makes it even worse. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve felt a sense of dread when I notice another update ready to be downloaded. I loathed the change where the search tab was replaced with tumblr’s weird version of IG reels so you can’t search for anything easily without remembering to manually turn it back to search every week. (Yes, every week. There’s no option to permanently change it back.) With this most recent update — where they move the profile tab in lieu of the tumblr market — it makes this app nearly unusable for me. Gone are the days of being able to easily access your own blog, settings, etc. Instead, you get a whole section dedicated to a store that you have zero interest in and will never ever buy from. The profile button is now hidden on the dashboard. You click on it, you cannot save your scrolling on your dash. You cannot switch over to another tab without completely exiting out of your profile. If I ever use tumblr again, I’m only using the online site via my computer. I can’t stand the way the app works now and I know this is going to cause issues for so many other people. I doubt any of these problems get addressed either. In the past decade, staff has shown no interest in listening to what their user base is needing or asking for. Terrible updates always stick around. This time, I refuse to.
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10 months ago, Lightanddarklove
Tumblr content is good, features are bad
For a while, tumblr has been trying to get engagement from people on tiktok with a feature called tumblr live. It is incredibly unpopular since the button to make it not appear in your main 5 buttons on your dashboard has been something you have to snooze every week. Most users disliked this but dealt with it. Most recently, that snooze button no longer gets rid of this icon, but the pop up on the top of the dashboard is no longer there with this feature. I just don’t want to see it at all, on the older version I have, it takes the spot of the search feature, which means I HAVE to search on desktop. Incredibly inconvenient and the announcement of this feature has been loudly criticized. Other features, like polls, are good and free for everyone, unlike twitter (and it isn’t run by a drugged out fascist apologist). I haven’t heard anything about api changes, so things like xkit rewritten still help in the features that tumblr doesn’t have the budget to implement. They could have been the one mario party meme where luigi wins by doing nothing, but they had to make poor layout choices and add features few are interested in. I won’t be supporting add free until changes are made for user comfort. They can make things better, but recently they’ve made it worse. It really needs a lot of work in order for the site to be the internet home most of us would like it to be again.
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2 years ago, Any lauryl
Bring back the OG format
Tumblr used to be so cool Bc you could look at all your posts in a grid and even set up 🤤 infinite scroll 🤤. The grid view was even better than Instagram's because you could have more columns and control the view size of your posts. Everything you'd posted or reblogged, everything that made you you, was just right there in a huge collage and you could control its aesthetic and theme. But now there's no way to control the look of your page. It's just a buggy slow-loading scroll of your recent posts interrupted by adds and overlain with banners on a white background whether you like it or not, one post at a time. Everyone I know personally who has abandoned tumblr has abandoned it for this specific reason alone. Stop trying to mimic other social media sites. Realize what you are. Even Instagram has a grid for you and even Pinterest lets you create boards and Blogger lets you control the whole look of your page. If you want tumblr to have a resurgence stop looking to what others are doing and remember what made tumblr tumblr in the first place. Everyone loved designing their tumblrs so much that WE ALL LEARNED BASIC HTML in order to make the changes we desired. That's how important the web design of our personal collections was to us. That's how big a part of the tumblr experience your own gallery was. The people who made these devastating changes completely missed that part.
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2 years ago, Razir_3
Gets worse with every update
Don’t get me wrong, I like tumblr. I have been on this site since 2011 or 2012. I like the art community and the chronological dash and being able to show or hide my likes and following lists. Your experience is fully what/who you follow and what you search. That said, the tagging system that used to make the site so good has been screwed over yet again in the most recent update. Tumblr has added more banned words and suppressed more content supposedly in the name of following Apple’s guidelines. This ruins the search function and will prevent people from tagging things appropriately and will defeat the entire purpose of tagging and personal filters. They want to hide “unsafe” or “explicit” content and yet everything they do with the tags does the exact opposite. Why would anyone use the correct tags if it will immediately be suppressed? Also the old system of giving a warning on explicit blogs worked fine. Now on iOS you don’t even get the choice of continuing with that search or not. You get booted back to the search function. I don’t know the exact age demographics of tumblr but especially these days it seems to be a site for adults who grew up with it so the fact that they treat their user base like children needing to be censored is frustrating and useless. If they keep going down this path of censorship and incompetent search functions I might be forced to abandon it all together rather than continue trying to make it work.
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12 months ago, Icaruru
Potential to be great- selling out
I’ve been on Tumblr for at least 10 years and it’s a social media site I adore. As it existed before they started making broad “improvements”. Tumblr has been recently making some nice changes (adding polls, streamlining old features, attempting to highlight some of the artists using the site). But more so, it’s been making a lot of ‘improvements’ that make the site a lot worse. Tumblr Live was added to the site despite no one using it. It can’t be opted out of, and it also data mines information from those who do use it. There have been updates to the video player and the photo viewer that make it impossible to zoom in and WAY too easy to swipe into more videos I didn’t ask for and didn’t want. Most importantly, in an attempt to “streamline” the application, they’re trying to collapse Reblogs. So instead of being able to have a conversation with other users and share a sense of community, the website will function like a comment section on Facebook. I adore Tumblr, for what it CAN be. A unique, chronologically ordered dashboard with so much interaction and creativity. And I’m terrified that it’s hurtling towards what’s “trending” (ie: what makes other social media so annoying and unusable for me) to try and gain some of the traffic from those websites. I think allowing Tumblr to stay as unique as it is is the healthiest possible thing for the site. Because if I wanted anything else, I would’ve just downloaded Tiktok.
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12 months ago, GhostOfAGhost
You shouldn't bother, staff doesn't care
Don't download the tumblr app. Staff just keeps making it worse and worse for the user base. They haven't done anything meaningful about the bot problem or the hate-speech problem in years and anything they have tried tends to just punish vulnerable people in the end rather than fix anything, like LGBTQ+ people, as an example, although it negatively affects a lot more people. If you can think of any person who is not cis, white, straight, neurotypical, and abled, then Staff's incompetence and lack of action will negatively impact your experience. They've also been making changes to it that only benefit companies and shareholders while making things worse and less accessible for all users. There are too many ads. No one actually uses tumblr live. Stop trying to be tiktok. It's annoying. Why can I only snooze it for a week before I have to turn it off and back on again? That should be a permanent setting. And why can't I double tap to zoom in on images anymore? Why will it show me random images I didn't ask for when I'm trying to view a specific one or a photoset on a post? Stop trying to push stuff I didn't curate for myself! It's the only reason why I like tumblr compared to other soc media these days! Stop trying to push algorithms! Let me curate my own stuff! Actually listen to us when we tell you something is messed up, Staff! Don't give tumblr your time, attention, or money. It will be wasted.
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10 months ago, terrythetangela
iOS’ censorship damages an otherwise great app
I’m an adult, who uses my credit card to pay for an ad-free subscription. Having deselected every option to ‘hide potentially nsfw content’ there is no reason I should ever see a post censored with “iOS has decided to hide this potentially nsfw content” (like that isn’t the reason I’m on this app on the first place), and even less reason to GIVE ME NO OPTION TO VIEW IT. As a longtime user (10ish years at this point), I really hope that staff doesn’t decide to force a worse content algorithm on the user base trying to chase impossible profit margins. I use tumblr because it hasn’t turned into the site formerly known as twitter yet, and the more features they copy from other social media sites, the closer I get to quitting them just like reddit and facebook and twitter. If Apple’s idiotic policies force you to arbitrarily censor content, at least give your adult users a way to view the post in browser, instead of just removing the content I pay for from my user experience. Otherwise, there’s no point in continuing to pay for a subscription that deliberately hides the content I’m looking for. (I’m not even going to start with how censoring tags made the search function go from ’mostly useless’ to ‘completely worthless’. :\ I love this site, and I’d like to see it succeed, but that will never happen while they’re focused on chasing a new trendy theoretical user base over listening to the core users who pay to support the site.
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12 months ago, Festen M.
The new updates are concerning.
I love the community on tumblr, and it’s absolutely been an incredible experience. However- with the recent changes on Twitter, Reddit, and Tiktok this app has been changing too. It’s been changing to take on more of those apps “good features” to make it more palatable to audiences coming in. Those that have used tumblr for a long time are becoming increasingly annoyed with the updates to the desktop and the mobile apps. Many tumblr users don’t want collapsible reblogs, or to log in to view anything like on Twitter. It’s a severe deviation from how tumblr has consistently thrived off of old web functions. Taking away some users abilities to access the original post from their url is a huge issue that comes to mind, as well as the change to where the post button sits. Tumblr has a lot of amazing features but making something like “tumblr live” a thing that you can’t permanently turn off on your dash, when it’s nothing but clunky and as tan is concerning. I urge tumblr to look at the concerns that your og user base has. The whole reason people are coming from other apps is because they are rapidly seeing the functionality of these apps go down hill. Tumblr has been an amazing community for years now. I would hate to see its customization and community worn down due to add ons NO ONE asked for.
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1 year ago, fl-owl
update: profile and market are back to normal
update: 5 stars for listening to feedback. thanks for restoring the profile tab in the bottom right. Now we can easily view our blogs again my one minor complaint is that videos now must be fully opened on your entire screen to play, rather than just unmuting without opening them. but this seems like its probably a temporary glitch, so 5 stars Bad update. Aside from the lil wizard icon- which is nice i like when icons have eyes- this was an overall bad update. for some reason it was decided that on the blogging app where you manage blogs... to make it harder access your blogs. Now you cannot view your blog at the same time as the dashboard, search, or notifs. you cannot easily switch between these tabs but must use the top right of the dashboard to access it. The dashboard is another main reason to go to tumblr, why is it now the only path to go to your blog. In the settings you cannot even adjust this to make your blog next to the marketplace in your tabs or to switch places with the marketplace again. the website is great and gives a lot of freedom, the app on the otherhand has only become more stifling and less about the main purpose of tumblr
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1 year ago, nerd-in-converse
staff is no longer trying to hide how little they care for their user base
i turned off autonatic updates on my phone Specifically so i wouldnt get this layest update and it STILL went through. since tumblr became more “profit motivated” or w/e the quality of the app has taken a STEEP decline. first there was blazing posts, which, for $10, allows you to submit your post so that 1000 random users will see it. since theyve rolled this feature out, theyve allowed proselytizing, multiple forms of bigotry, SU***DE NOTES, nsfw, and pointless venting to be blazed, all while claiming they have actual people review all the posts that are submitted before theyre blazed. after that they added a feature called “post+” i have no idea what it does because no one uses it. after that it only went downhill, with the addition of the tumblr store, an addition of a “tumblr live” feature that collects MOUNTAINS of data on you in an attempt to emulate tiktok, edited the image format so you can no longer zoom in and the video format so you cant rewind or fast forward videos, and replaced the account button on your toolbar with the tumblr shop button. the userbase has been telling staff over and over that we dont want any of this, and they wont listen. meanwhile theyll ban people for even slightly insulting anyone on staff while allowing LITERAL N*ZIS AND T*RFS to run rampant and refusing to do anything about them no matter how many times theyre reported. but sure, they added polls. great job staff.
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2 years ago, sonosuser7
iOS update ruined things
Listen, i love tumblr. However, the new iOS update changed the way and number of banned tags that users on the mobile app were using to help make the site a safe and fun place for everyone. The fact that this is only for users on Apple products makes me more than a little annoyed, and I no longer want to use the app if it means that the content I used to engage with isn’t there on iOS. A lot of my mutuals and I are into horror, and so blocking tags like ‘scopophobia’ and ‘body horror’ means that I can’t see ANY of the fan art when I’m on the iOS app. I’ve looked through the list of newly-banned tags and I’ve gotta say, I’m disappointed. None of them actually will work to ban the harmful or hateful content that might be uploaded, because they were being used in a way that I don’t think Apple understands. When someone is being transphobic, they do not end their posts with ‘transphobia tw’. Those tags are used by ACTUAL TRANS PEOPLE, who are talking about their life experiences or calling someone else’s transphobia out. Blocking that tag and removing the content means that we no longer get to share those stories anymore, and it does nothing to the actual transphobic content one might come across. The same thing can be said for racist and antisemitic posts. Additionally, some of the banned words are flat out ridiculous. Why is #girls banned? Or #long post? It doesn’t make sense, and it makes me not want to use the iOS app anymore. :(
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1 year ago, Jane Apfel
A Weird, Wonderful World
Tumblr is not for everyone, and it isn’t meant to be. It’s a weird place where people let their freak flag fly. It’s for people who want to immerse themselves in stories and ideas. Some of those stories are NSFW. I, personally, won’t let my kids on Tumblr until they are mature enough to navigate away from things they aren’t ready for… or when they become adults, whichever comes first. I actually appreciate that there are a lot more filters than there used to be because, unfortunately, there are people out there who will exploit others and Tumblr should not be giving them a platform. That said, I would recommend that Tumblr add a filter for creators to choose for their content only to be seen by 18+ (or age of adulthood in a region). I, personally, enjoy reading/writing fiction that would be inappropriate for younger audiences but, like many content creators, am responsible enough to indicate that it isn’t meant for children. Most writers include disclaimers on their work stating that underage users should not engage, but for many kids that just makes it seem that much more exciting and harder to resist. Let’s go ahead and give content creators the tools to help protect kids, most of us would use it.
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3 years ago, KelM95
Always partial to T.
Been using this app since long before Yahoo & the pedos ‘ruined’ it & it’s taken a few years but I love this site just as I did in 2012. It’s not quite as unmonitored as it used to be, but for gods sake there was a TON of child pornography all over the site. I would hope that if my child had lewd photos/videos leaked all over the internet, other adults would empathize and prioritize making Tumblr safe for kids over having an unmonitored blogging app. Yeah it can be irritating that certain things are no longer ‘okayed’ by the site, but to keep CHILDREN safer, it’s totally worth it. The content posted on my blogs hasn’t slipped in quality, ever. I have always been able to keep up the aesthetic I want on my blogs & if that’s the case, idk why people are mad over being monitored more. The app works just as it was designed to do, and it appears Tumblr has made an effort to correct the design flaws that allowed for so much child pornography to be distributed while tactfully keeping the same atmosphere that made tumblr the best social media app in the first place. This app is a happy place for me to recollect myself mentally and put myself into the mindset I want, and for that I am extremely thankful.
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5 years ago, Why do you need to know, cop?
I love Tumblr, I hate this app
This app has so many issues that have yet to be solved after at least a year or two of them existing. Despite the messaging system, which I’m sure has been critiqued plenty, inconsistently and unreliably updating or not updating while you’re using the app- you also can’t click on asks or even keep track of your asks in any way through the app. If you want to go look at one of your apps, you had better be keeping constant track of whoever asked it because all you’re going to get is a notification, and clicking on the notification (if it was answered) only takes you to the person’s profile. The app will randomly crash for seemingly no reason, even while under little to no stress. The double-click-to-like feature doesn’t work unless you tap a large body of text or an image and even then, it may not register properly (maybe user error but still inconvenient). You also can’t keep track of submissions in any way unless you just miraculously remember- I think you get notified but I don’t even think you get that much. Aside from all this, there’s a myriad of other functionalities and nuances that are almost entirely unimportant (like how if you click on a person’s name that’s attached to a post, it’ll take you to a dedicated page with nothing but that post and a couple other posts from that person’s profile below it). This was a poorly-thought-through review but I think it covers most bases. Otherwise, it works enough.
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7 months ago, popphenny
The app is really interesting and it has a interesting flow given the algorithm on every trending item used to have a bunch of unregular weird people that would just want to message you over the site the site they weren’t really artistic at all so I don’t use Tumblr as a dating site. I use it as a blogging page right now I’m shooting on the FX 30 on log so I’m trying to get really serious with connecting apps into with my business so I understand how other people really wouldn’t want networking to turn into hook ups that aren’t going into anything wise you know, my morals and respect and as business owner I get disrespected all the time, so the site really helps it limited amount of traffic that’s coming through my inbox. If my content is looking student aka professional wise, then I will get more people who are applicable to understand my art and not the people that would just look and keep going. It’s all a social standard to what we’re creating so the same type of person that just watching is the same type of person with a social status is just watching. We have to wait for the people who are really wanting to view my content and see me grow as an artist🍾🎉
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5 years ago, zhanmvsi
Brand New Review
I’ve reviewed before but gave it the same rating. Before Tumblr was a mess because of their bad coding — crashing after a little while of use, GIFs and images refusing to load almost constantly, videos not playing correctly, the list goes on. But the new algorithm for detecting NSFW content to be “kid friendly” when it was never meant to be a website for kids is lazy. Staff are condescending and don’t listen to the user base. Not only that, but a large portion of users are here for nsfw content. I understand that there is legal trouble and it’s not necessarily tumblr’s fault, but what is their fault is not doing anything about actually illegal content and instead punishing everyone whether they were involved or not. Porn bots are still rampant, neo-nazis and white nationalists and pedophiles are still free to roam while artists and content creators suffer greatly from the way this algorithm works. Up the age requirement to be on and keep your safe mode thing, it wasn’t perfect but it was way better than getting my post removed for having a single pixel of skin tones visible on a selfie or a piece of innocent fan art. The only reason this isn’t one star is because I’ve been using this site for years and years and it is honestly my favorite social media platform. It’s niche, doesn’t invade your privacy, and has a lot to offer within its user base. It has so much potential wasted by a terrible management.
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2 years ago, imjuskittying
Tumblr inspires everyday artists to see the beauty in simplicity. Whether it's a random picture of some mundane thing or a few simple words strung up and pieced together. Art inspires art. And everyday that I go onto my Tumblr account, i not only find things imjuskittying about (ha) but I find people who find my cheesy humor endearing instead of trying to belittle me. It's good vibes. It's a place where quirky individuals can find some solice. A place where people who are extremely factual and weirdly eccentric can come together and take a picture of a pine cone and call it art because it really is. Have you ever thought of the magnificent ways pine trees add to our planet? Think about it. I challenge you to see the beauty within a picture of a pinecone. What will you find? That's Tumblr. A place where art and thought collide. Tumblr is about taking a policial stance but learning the facts first. As you scroll through you'll find intellectuals discussing major issues and tons and tons of pictures. Art inspires art. I find myself writing a poem every time I open the app. I'm writing a novel right now and I know who I'm making it out to- Tumblr. For inspiring artist everywhere to see the beauty within a pinecone.
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10 months ago, when will the suffering end
i’ve been on this site for 10 years and all i got was this crappy 1-star review
ever since the premier of the collectively-loathed ‘tumblr live’ feature, the tumblr app (which has historically been fairly unobtrusive as far as battery usage goes, i’ve been using it for several years across several phones and never had these issues) now causes my phone to overheat and drains battery to an insane degree whenever i use it, even if my phone is plugged in and on wifi. nothing else i’ve ever played or ran on my phone drains even a FRACTION of the battery that browsing tumblr does - i’d genuinely be better off playing pokémon go at full brightness for eight hours a day. there’s no way to actually ‘disable’ tumblr live, only the option to ‘snooze’ it for seven days, and even that doesn’t seem to actually stop the livestreams from being loaded in the background anyway as the performance issues stick around even when live is snoozed. the userbase has collectively been asking for the option to turn it off for good ever since it was added, but to no avail. it seems that pushing tacky, resource-hogging features that could maaaaybe bring them some more money is more important to tumblr staff than actually listening to the feedback they’re given by the userbase. i just want to be able to scroll for more than a few minutes without my phone getting so hot i can feel it through my rubber phone case 😬😬
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12 months ago, Blahblahbahshdhdjdnfhd
13 year user - bad tumblr policy
I don’t support the changes recently outlined to come by this app in their recent news post. I want reverse-chronological newsfeeds based on who I follow only. I don’t want suggestions. If you insist on making suggestions, then you should apply those changes strictly to the “for you” tab. It’s a click away. Even the people you seem to think too stupid to use the platform, which you are somehow trying to lure to be content creators, could figure that one out. It just makes the site absolutely worthless. Tumblr itself is not a subreddit or facebook or twitter page showcasing “the best of tumblr” or something. The claims about trying to showcase newer users just seems incredibly stupid. If they are humans that want to connect with other people, then they should be making posts that you can connect with others of its kind through pre-existing functions. For example: tumblr search, tumblr tags, recommended blogs, recommended posts, because you liked! posts, liked by people you follow, for you page, the list goes on. On top of that, the bot problem is horrible and the blogs most likely to be promoted by this stupid system will be bots. Guess there’s that to look forward to. Tumblr will not beat out competitors or gain interest by copying other social media platforms, poorly. Fix the assets you have and make them function, stop building a treehouse on a tree with dying roots.
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1 year ago, handkfmsomd
I’ve had a tumblr for essentially all of my teenagerhood and adult life
I’ve waited 13 years to review tumblr. It was the first social media account I was allowed as a 14 year old (not really the smartest choice given how easy it was to find certain things on old tumblr lol) but I can honestly say that in my 13 years as a tumblr person, as my account has shifted from moody black and white couples, to witchy emo stuff, to entirely avatar the last airbender, and finally to a horrifying mixture of all of these things plus memes, I love tumblr. I never feel like my self esteem is at risk. I find the community fun and engaging and I love the amount of anonymity it provides me in a world of other very self focused social media outlets. People on tumblr joke about different bugs over the years, but overall I find it to be consistently great to use, allowing me to make my page look (and sound) exactly how I want it to. It’s a little time capsule of my journey through adolescence and one of my happy places. :) I like the little twists the dev team puts in like fun new graphics and icons. I don’t utilize “live” at all but that’s just preference. In summary: after 13 years of mulling it over, I’m happy to report that tumblr is great
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1 year ago, Agent Mal
Basically where I live online
Tumblr is hands down my favorite social media platform. The tagging system is unbeat by anywhere else and allows me to find any post I have already seen quickly and easily. There is a culture of citing sources, providing links, and challenging misinformation. There is NO individual tracking for advertising, and there never will be. You don't get endless suggested content clogging your feed like on so many other platforms. In fact, unless you choose to, you don't get any. Your experience is YOURS to create, entirely based on who you follow and what you seek out, not what some algorithm is guessing wildly at. And unlike short-form platforms, you can have actual discussions here. And you don't have content shoved in your face that you don't want to see. This makes it far less of a hotbed for polarization and heightened antagonism than, for instance, Twitter. Been here since 2013 and the current corporate owners seem to be the first in a string of them to actually care how the site is used and want to serve its userbase. The developments since then have been largely positive, so far, and I expect that to continue.
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12 months ago, dingus_dongus
The Tumblr app used to be mediocre. It was an okay way of accessing the website. Chock full of bugs but at least functional, and the UI was similar of that to the desktop website; streamlined and intuitive. However, since Twitter was put under new management, Tumblr has been trying too hard to emulate Twitter. Staff consistently ignores what existing members of the website want. They keep implementing new "features," ALL of which are broken and genuinely unusable, and ignoring all feedback. For simplicity's sake, I'll just type a list of what I, and most existing users, want out of the app. 1. Roll back the "lightbox" update. It is broken and inaccessible. 2. Get rid of Tumblr Live, or add an option to INDEFINITELY mute it. 3. Put the post button back to the bottom center of the screen. The blue pencil bubble is an obvious Twitter rip-off, and it is permanently in that corner, which is annoying to look at. 4. Make the "following" tab the default tab for all accounts. The "for you" tab is obnoxious, and nobody is on Tumblr for its algorithms — Tumblr is for curating your own dashboard. 5. Stop with the constant layout changes. The way the app was around 2019 was great. Intuitive and easy to read. Changing it constantly drives away old users & scares away new users. 6. Fix the bugs. Just. Please. Add an easy-to-find bug report button and let us report bugs. And fix them. In a timely manner. Please.
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11 months ago, killianspark
Going downhill fast
I’ve been on this site for over a decade and not once has search been fully functional, needing work arounds in order to find what you’re actually looking for. That should be the first priority. But instead of working on that developers decided to collapse reblog chains, making conversations that made the site fun to use take a back seat and leaving everyone who doesn’t expand a reblog chain open to even more misinformation than there already is. They’re talking about expanding the notes button into replies, reblogs and likes, similar to another failing blue website that enjoys playing numbers games with users, whether or not it may affect their mental health. They changed the photo viewer into a ux nightmare that’s impossible to leave unless you know how to get out. the video player has transformed into a tiktok clone where if you swipe wrong you could end up on another video from another post that’s not even on your dashboard. STOP trying to be twitter STOP trying to be tiktok and WORK ON THE SITES ACTUAL ISSUES. If people don’t know how to use a site just TELL THEM. If the site rolls back these changes and dedicates themselves to bettering the platform they have rather than cloning another one then I’ll put my money where my mouth is and buy as much merch and ad free as I can. If your investors want a bad product then they can be my guest, but I’m not sticking around for it.
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1 year ago, amc12321
Updates are awful
I ignored updating my app for the longest time because I saw other people complaining about all these things and I knew that I wouldn’t like it either. Unfortunately I clicked ‘update all’ on the App Store for my apps and completely forgot about tumblr :/ first of all the new Home Screen app icon is so gross I’m embarrassed to have it on my phone. Second of all I absolutely hate hate hate hate hate how that new storefront took the spot of your account/blog- I have severe adhd and used to heart stories to read later and use the account tab, home page and search tab to have two different things set up to be able to help keep me entertained and be able to explore the pages and work I love more but now with the account tab being on the home page and having its original spot be taken by a money grab scheme (something that insta also inputted that made me leave it!) , obviously can’t do that anymore. And third (I’ve had this update already) tumblr live is sooo freaking annoying like for the love of everything I already have lives for every other app I don’t even watch, I don’t want another app like that. Seriously I’ve been on this app for 12-13(?) years now and this is honestly the first time I’m considering deleting the app and just leaving tumblr. I understand needing to keep up with it’s competitors but tumblr is doing the opposite and getting worse and worse
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7 years ago, Dchen78998
Crashed in big time
I have being using tumblr for over a year now and it crashes me in big time. As I clean up on blogs that I follow the number stays on 514 but nothing to click on follow or unfollow and dashboard did not move at all as I tab for the update. Both web and app absolutely failed to move at all. Social media site like tumblr needs to be significantly improved on the platform. I am working very hard on my leisure to develop tumblr society for the world. The system video, photo, and multiple formats are very restrictive. We need tumblr to admit that most of there users are not children in fact very small percentage and so the platform needs to be a whole lot more adult friendly and at the same time more true society interactive social friendly. It is being existing for ten years already right? Please completely redesign and turn your app to be minimum 18 years or older and preferably 21 years and older. It doesn’t make any sense to do what Twitter or Facebook can already do and in other format alright. Seriously, can your team member truly just listen and truly make that difference? Most of your tumblr user don’t mind of paying for subscription, however, all of us care about all the inconvenience. This cannot wait, please make the major redesign and changes at once and not waiting at all. Your teams technology is too outdated, it needs completely overhaul and be five thousand times better and I mean it.
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12 months ago, Alicialoraine
app gets worse every day
idk man…. ive been a tumblr user since 2014. i really enjoyed this app when it worked. but it is hanging on by a thread. this app is basically unusable now. after the app is open for a few minutes, my phone will start to overheat. i dont even have to scroll or use it, just having the app open turns my phone into a furnace. the dash board jumps and skips around randomly as the ads load in and out. dash is very laggy as i scroll, not even deep in the dashboard. the longer you scroll the longer things take to load. this was always a “feature” of tumblr mobil, but it’s gotten a lot worse. videos dont play easily. you have to scroll so the video is closer to the top or bottom, and even then its finicky. the volume icon on videos doesnt always react when tapped. tapping on the video itself enters full screen mode, but that always pauses the video and its hard to get it to play. if you do manage it, the video will pause itself every few seconds. cant listen to music on your phone while use the app- the ads override the audio and make your music pause and play and then pause etc. bots are still there. except they have the trashiest, most plastic porn on their front pages for all to see, including minors i assume. could be a plus depending on what you like lol. but its mainly strange and offputting AND MORE! 😀 idk what is going on at tumblr headquarters.
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12 months ago, AprilStorms
Stop trying to make tumblr into other, worse websites
The website’s always been a bit buggy. I can deal with that. But right now it’s under active sabotage. It’s getting harder to see people’s previous tags, an important way that users talk to each other. Custom blog themes are being axed, which has already forced some historical photo blogs I liked to shut down. Now they’re trying to kill reblog chains, which are THE thing that makes the site unique and where the best posts usually come from. Why do I have to log in to see stuff?! Searching my tags on my own blog from within the mobile app doesn’t work - buggy, but I could deal by searching “#pose ref” in a browser tab. Now? No. Intentionally made nonfunctional. No one likes Tumblr Live (illegal in many countries due to privacy violations) or the For You page (now the default for new accounts). If I wanted TikTok… I would use TikTok. TikTok is a better TikTok than Tumblr. But I don’t. I want a low stress place to look at cool art and see my friends read Dracula. All staff has to do is remove these features that are getting on the user base’s nerves and reallow porn and Tumblr would be booming. As the rest of the Internet moves towards being an ad-packed, data mining cesspit where grown adults are deemed too stupid to decide whether or not they want to see a nutsack today, Tumblr has the chance to be different. And it should take it.
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10 months ago, soberdenatural7
Once great, now it’s not even close
I’ve been on Tumblr for a very long time, so it pains me to have to rate it so low. However, I want to caution new users of what the app/website has become. Firstly, despite marketing themselves as the “gayest place on the internet”, Tumblr staff continuously bans openly lgbt+ accounts, and will even mark completely sfw selfies/personal images as nsfw. Whether this is deliberate by staff, or an error in their system, staff has done nothing to right these wrongs. Secondly, Tumblr is trying to turn itself into a Twitter/Tiktok copycat, despite the majority of the userbase disliking the changes. Tumblr has been an extremely unique platform since it’s start, and that drew in most of the current userbase, so I don’t understand why they want to change it so drastically. Thirdly, the new Tumblr Live is a major breach of privacy, to the point that (if I remember correctly) it’s not even allowed in the EU because of it sells massive amounts of data from those that use it. Also, once again, the complaints from the userbase about Tumblr Live have fallen on deaf ears, and, instead of allowing us to turn it off permanently, staff has now made it an integrated part of the website that cannot be turned off. Overall, this website used to be great, despite its issues, but now it’s become nearly unusable because of the changes Tumblr staff has made without consulting any of their userbase.
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10 months ago, Eidnbbsol
Just getting worse
I’ve loved tumblr for over a decade and they just keep adding worse and worse features. Tumblr live? I’ve never seen anything but scathing criticism over this feature and they roll it out in more countries? The app is extremely glitchy because of the new video ads (that play audio without your prompting!) and the apps actual video player only halfway functions! It glitches out, won’t play, won’t play the audio, won’t play the video, won’t allow scrolling through time stamps. It’s honestly a toss up, the glitches are random and rarely consistent. Tumblr needs to shape up and go back to its roots. The last year has just been bad change after bad change. If things don’t start back pedaling soon I will delete my account and find a new place to spend my time. Just today I had to scroll through 3(three) ads per single post! I know that this is a glitch but the fact that they have enough ads now that that glitch is even possible is insane!! I remember a time barely a year ago when tumblr ads were not whole screen videos, did not actively disrupt my experience, and did not make me just close the app in frustration. This is an app full of people who do not care for the normal functioning’s of the internet. How could you think that changing to conform to the likes of twitter would do anything other than shrink your userbase?
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11 months ago, NE0NKATE
extremely upset with the proposed + recently implemented changes
i’ve been on tumblr for years, and it’s the only social media where i actually enjoy creating my own posts and engaging with others rather than just lurking + endlessly scrolling. there’s a reason why i hate twitter (which i haven’t used in 2+ years and i’ve never looked back) and enjoy tumblr for its unique UI, quality media sharing, flexible personalization of blogs, lack of invasive algorithms, etc. so with all of the recently implemented updates and proposed upcoming features that aim to turn tumblr into the same tiktok/twitter/instagram/etc amalgamation that EVERY other social media is becoming, im extremely displeased. nobody wants tumblr live. nobody wants to see “liked by your mutuals!” (there’s a reason why everyone disables the public likes tab on their blogs). nobody wants to see notes split up by interaction type. nobody wants a video player that’s harder to use, or a photo viewer that is less accessible. if you really want to get your site out of debt, stop making changes to strip tumblr of its strengths and uniqueness just to become twitter 2.0. nobody wants it, and you’ll lose a hearty chunk of your userbase very soon unless you work to reverse these changes and start fixing the site’s ACTUAL problems. starting with, i don’t know, making the search function usable after years of it being borderline useless?
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5 years ago, Desssssssssssssi
I used to love tumblr
I’ve been using tumblr since 2010... my best friend put me on to it. I’ve been on and off for a few years now since i graduated high school. The app used to be good but now it’s just annoying. Still has funny post and is very informative but i hate the auto-reload feature. Since i don’t get on often, i like how i can scroll til forever without getting bored or seeing the same thing... but if i were to screen shot and send the funny or motivating picture to my friends or boyfriend, it refreshes as soon as i get back on. Small issue but highly annoying, i end up just not coming back for awhile again. Instagram i think is the only social media that doesn’t automatically reload. Yes you took away the NSFW content due to child pornographers which i 100% agree, get rid of the creeps! BUT to get rid of all nudity even if it’s pictures that are tastefully done or meant to be seen as art and not porn eh.... i think there should be a filter process... tumblr was great for expressing and exposing talent and creativity. You can’t put a limit on that. I don’t want porn back, but i don’t want my pictures being taken down because of an exposed nipple. Tumblr just not the same. People that were on before ALL the many many changes, know what i mean. Tumblr was a different outlet from your regular instagram or Twitter... it felt more private.. it felt more free... a place for creatives.... now it’s just.... blah. 🤷🏾‍♀️
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1 year ago, rave spencer
Extremely frustrating new layout
Listen, I love tumblr. I only joined about a year ago, but the environment on the app is so weird and welcoming and I use this app every day. But the last few update have been extremely frustrating. I get that you’re trying to optimize the app to be able to make a profit so that you can rely more on the community and less on ads, but you’ve now made both searching and looking at your own blogs completely unintuitive. While I don’t think the live function is useless, the fact that it took the place of the search bar at the bottom of my screen (a function I’m WAY more likely to actually use) made it feel like I was being tricked into clicking on a feature o never asked for. But that was the last update, this time, it got so much worse. My sacred corner of my screen where I could go to access my blogs has now been replaced by an internet storefront. It feels like blogs have been devalued in the face of selling features. Now that both the search bar and access to my own blogs has been moved to the top of the screen (the hardest part to reach on your average iPhone) it feels like the app only cares about you seeing your feed (so more ads) and selling itself to you. I hope you change it back.
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3 years ago, its_johnkat
This app is terrible and I don’t really recommend it if you get easily frustrated by broken assets that you can’t even use even though they’re everywhere. An example of this is the search option on everyone’s blog. When I go to type something in on someone’s blog so I can search for a tag that they have, even if they have a lot of posts in that tag it’ll give me the “Oops nothing here in this tag! It just doesn’t exist!”. This has been an issue for YEARS. I have never been able to go in someone’s blog, manually type a tag and be able to click search to get me all the posts in that tag. This is also an issue for my personal blog. I haven’t been able to search a tag by manually typing it in. I have to put the tag on a post that is COMPLETELY unrelated to the tag just so I can get into it, and then I have to remove the tag from that post after just because I wanted to find it...... it’s a lot of extra work because of a bug that has gone unfixed for a long time. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted having to scroll far down to a miscellaneous post so my followers don’t see a weird tag on an unrelated post, typing the tag on the post so I can click on it, and then deleting the tag from that post after I’ve gotten into the tag. Why is there a manual typing search option for specific blog tags when it doesn’t even work???
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10 months ago, PinkBC
One step forward…
Two steps back. They occasionally add a useful or wanted feature like polls. Then there’s things like Tumblr Live (which cannot be turned off, only snoozed for one month when you must turn it on and off again, and includes a permanent “new” bubble on the bottom row of tabs), the new dashboards, the continuous presence of bots and bigots, and things are just as annoying. Ads take ages to scroll past and are so sensitive that attempts to bypass them send you to the app store. They occasionally have sound, which will stop anything you are listening to and won’t stop until you pass the ad. The new post button has been moved from its typical center-bar place to a bubble above it like Twitter, meaning not only do I accidentally tap it often, any time I try to go to my notifications or the search bar I miss what I’m trying to tap because of their new locations. The tags button has been moved. Why? I cannot tell you how many times in the last week I have attempted to add tags to a post only to have a pop-up for ‘community labels’ appear. New tools don’t mean you have to reorganize the whole bench. I am also very disappointed in the appearance of tags. If I tap a tag to take me to the tag for the whole site, the format is drastically different than a standard search and cannot be filtered or sorted other than by ‘Top’ or ‘Latest’.
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12 months ago, cactus.motif
I grew up with this website, and found it quite enjoyable up until recently, when I was forced to begin searching for alternatives. The website seems determine to rid itself of everything that makes it unique and worth viewing. For example, one much beloved element of the site, the ability to click on a reblogged post and then click on a previous version, reblogged by another user, was a key social component. Users would share detailed anecdotes, additional information, recommendations and even engage in conversation using this mechanism. Now, it’s gone, and unless there’s hope of it being restored, I’ll soon be gone from the platform. Furthermore, the total inability to permanently opt-out of Tumblr Live, which is widely hated and mocked on the platform, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If that weren’t bad enough, the website constantly adds new features absolutely NO ONE wants or approves of, while doing nothing about the things long time users have wanted solutions for. For example: the search function on most blogs is effectively useless. All in all, the recent changes have made Tumblr a horribly unpleasant and frustrating experience, not simply as bland as any other social media platform, but totally dysfunctional. I will be actively be looking for a replacement. I have no interest on remaining on a site so hostile to its long-time users.
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1 year ago, WidgetPhreak
App/Site keeps going downhill.
Ever since all the NSFW content was removed the Site/App has become less and less usable (with less and less valuable content). The advertisements are extremely invasive (aka on phone apps an advert will take up a screen and 1/2 meaning that you cannot scroll past them without inadvertently tapping on them, which ends up blasting audio and video that you cannot stop or mute, and it forces the user to force quit the app. In addition to this, even when there are no advertisements onscreen... the app still hijacks audio and makes any music or video I have running in the background glitch out, causing me to have to forcequit tumblr.) Now I don't know about other tumblr users... but the second I have to forced quit the app, I'm done with tumblr for the day. The content that remains since the purge is not worth me force quitting the app multiple times just to get to where I left off in the feed. So maybe if you want your users to use the app longer than 1 minute a day, you should get ride of advertising that autoplays videos and audio and advertising that takes up an entire screen so you can't scroll past without being forced to swipe across a booby trapped advertisement. (stick to jpg and animated GIF advertising, autoplay video/audio ads are aids/cancerous).
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1 year ago, kerxal
Love it here as per usual, but the new live feature ruins the experience.
I’m not often a review writer but I felt strongly about this. The live feature doesn’t sit well with me and other users. It forces content on you—content you do not follow, nor content related to what you follow. It doesn’t fit the rest of what tumblr has been about and is currently branding itself as (i.e. a place that’s not like any other place on the Internet, a place to find, follow, and connect over interests). It very much downgrades the Tumblr experience and feels out of place. Maybe it doesn’t need to be taken away entirely, but the way it’s shown on the app makes me want to not be on the app. When I’m shown irrelevant content that I do not want to see—that’s showing up under the following tab of my dash, without me having followed any of the users posting these lives—it takes me out of the moment and experience that is Tumblr. It easily pushes me out of the app. Y’all have felt like the break room of social media to me for a while now, so it saddens me to see this feature throw me (and many others) off enough to want to stop scrolling and hop off the app. It would be great if this feature could be presented in a less intrusive way, if the feature remains.
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3 years ago, Colleen Campbell
It depends how you use it
I’ve been on Tumblr since 2010, and I have seen the changes over the years. Tumblr is a great site and whatever you’re looking for you’ll find it if you look hard enough (the same goes for literally every site, though) and Tumblr’s attempts to create ways to block users, tags, and content from your personal feed is slowly getting better as the years go on. There are still some issues there (I have had to block at least five versions of the same tag before) but that’s more because the users themselves make up new tags daily and it’s hard to keep on top of for everyone. In all, it’s a great site for art and writing, as well as a variety of other things ranging from recipes to history to writing or drawing advice, with the only remaining drawback being it’s quite reactionary at times and the reblogging webs can lead to very different and isolated takes on the same thing without any cross-conversation. As a final note, instead of attempting a Tumblr+ system (which is only going to end badly), the site moderators would get more out of fundraising like Ao3 or Wikipedia does.
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3 years ago, Klause1
Chill place the majority of the time
Yeah there’s occasionally a lot of discourse but you can block posts with the discourse tag in your settings if it makes you uncomfy. A lot of reviews are angry about how staff took away all the porn on the website, staff did that a few years back and the people who are angry only came to Tumblr to find pornography instead of using an actual porn website or just going to reddit. The apps got a lot of glitches i know, but that’s because staff isn’t the best at managing the app, they’re doing their best but every update there’s an even bigger bug which is kinda funny. Somehow this is one of the only apps where straight people are actually a minority, LGBTQIA+ thrive on the app which is so fun, being on tumblr was one of the first times i got to see people actually like me. The ad’s aren’t as bad as some people in the reviews say, there short and easy to skip even though they pop up frequently, also sometimes they’re super obscure, the most common ad I get just says “my wife told me to put vinegar on bread and leave it in the trash can” and I always chuckle whenever I see it
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7 years ago, Standpoor
No Excuse for this App
For one of the most popular social networking sites in the world, and after all this time, and given that most people access it through their phones, you'd think Tumblr would manage to put together a decent app. Alas, their army of nerds has failed. If you follow more than a few active users and only check your account a couple times a day, you have to scroll and scroll and scroll, waiting for each new page to load, to find the specific kind of content you're looking for (say, videos, images, etc.). If the app crashes, you have to spend another five minutes scrolling to get back to your place. It's 2017. How is this still such an issue? There should be some kind of comprehensive, accessible filter that lets you fine-tune your feed. And automatically brings you back to where you had last scrolled? There's not even a reliable workaround: the archive button doesn't exist or the user has to choose a separate app theme or something with that specific function? It's definitely not there by default. And the ads. They're so large. Again, it makes infinite scrolling a chore; a quarter of each scroll is ad space, meaning more pauses for loading and less easily accessible content. I'd happily by a reasonable subscription to disable the ads. Is programming really this impossible?
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10 months ago, AnimeForLife;)
Changing the entire site to accommodate Twitter users that aren’t coming
Honestly after all these years I was truly taken by surprise when Tumblr decided to chance everything for around 4 thousand people. Screw the hundreds of thousands of people that have been here for years. And as we’ve loudly protested and complained the Tumblr staff has had one thing to say to us. "This is what you asked for - this is what you want." Sorry but it most definitely is not. I don’t know who said that but they are a definite minority, assuming they exist. Way to destroy culture. And to say we’ve been given every opportunity to put in our thoughts? When reblogs are disabled? The very thing designed to spread and share information in this god forsaken (not affectionate) site? Last I checked only 300 people had even seen them. It’s a cop-out. This app/site/company is destroying itself just like the first time, except unlike the first time, it’s not some group who have no idea what they are doing. It’s the group that’s possessed tumblr for so long that they actually are tumblr now, not just site ruining imposters. Well we thought they weren’t sure ruining. Guess there’s no learning in the pursuit of money. Anyways I’m leaving and I’m not coming back because I don’t like it when a potential few people (cough, dollar bills, cough) are put before decades of culture and love.
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10 months ago, RandomBeef97
Love tumblr, but things need to change
The app runs terribly. It constantly closes out of itself, is slow, and it heats up my phone to degrees that are higher than the hottest thing in the known universe. The app doesn’t allow for certain, very important, features that the desktop version contains (an example being: blocking blogs from side blogs, as the app only allows users to block through their main blog. This doesn’t stop blogs you’ve blocked on your main from viewing and interacting with your side blogs). New features are constantly being pushed out as well, and while I do appreciate the innovative approach, these features are not wanted or enjoyed by the user base. Most “new features” appear clunky and as if they didn’t do proper testing. The staff doesn’t seem to listen to the user base’s wants on the app, or the desktop version either. On top of that, the staff runs the app, and the desktop site itself, horribly as well. Blogs are terminated via user reports that are not reviewed by staff, the staff doesn’t take harassment seriously, and they list sfw queer topics as “mature” (while tumblr prides itself on its queer rep and acceptance). Overall, I love the community of tumblr and I don’t think there isn’t anything like tumblr that’s out there. However, I have not appreciated the approach that the app, and the desktop version, have been taking.
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6 years ago, Keytothetruth
Sadly disappointed in a once amazing app
Tumblr has been a place I’ve come to for years to express myself. It’s somewhat my secret outlet. Having an app available is super convenient and I honestly prefer to use the app versus a desktop. If there wasn’t an app available i probably wouldn’t even use tumblr anymore. It’s extremely annoying when you’re in the middle of using the app and it crashes out of nowhere exiting you out the app. It seems like every time you guys update the app to fix bugs etc. there’s just another bug that’s created. How difficult can it possible be to finally get this right. Don’t update the app if you’re not sure it’s absolutely going to fix the problem. Sometimes posts are missing from my blog or others. I can’t even refresh my notifications without it freezing and me having to exit out he app and enter into the app again just to see new notifications. I can’t even view my drafts on one tab without exiting out my blog, which was one of my favorite features. Now I have to go to settings to view my drafts which is INCONVENIENT! Would be 5 stars if I didn’t have to exit the app 20 times a day just to use it. Using tumblr shouldn’t be a job people. Fix it or you’re going to lose people’s interest in a great website.
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5 years ago, jo irwin
This app is... frustrating on a good day. When everything seems to be functioning properly, it’s fine but that so rarely happens anymore. So many things go wrong on any given day, it’s hard to keep track. Right now, asks seem to be busted for me and several others. We’ve gone through batches of “test asks” to see if they’re sending and receiving properly, after noticing a lack in our normal ask activity. I’ve also noticed a lot of trouble with posts disappearing after hitting send, not postings at all, connection issues, replies not showing up, and more. Most of this was noticed prior to the update but have shown no improvement after updating. I’ve had numerous issues with the app, especially after the December 2018 update. Please please please take your user base into account in a more interactive and comprehensive way. I’m sure you’re doing your best, but I think it’s time to re-evaluate your tactics. I’ve seen nothing but complaints about user interface for years now (to the point where it’s become a sarcastic joke) and a huge lack of addressing those issues from staff. I can’t see myself not using the app for good, just bc it’s where so much of my own following and work is. But I do frequent it less and less, due to these issues. So only two stars for now. Hoping to bump it up in the future.
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1 year ago, Haven Crowder
New updates are painful.
"Tumblr live" is something nobody wants. If we wanted to use Tik Tok then we would use Tik Tok. The fact that we have to snooze it every few days shows that you already knew we'd hate it enough to want to get rid of it, so why did you add it in the first place? The new trending page is horrible too. People go to the trending page to see the actual trends at first glance. Not "today" and "staff picks." If you're going to add those pages you should still have the trending page open first when clicking over. I don't get the point of the "today" page, it's needlessly cluttered. And now Tumblrmart? Are you seriously covering up where OUR personal blog pages should be with a merchandise mart. I can tell you right now that NOBODY is going to look at that and say "What a good update, tumblr!" If you want money from your users then make better choices because nobody is going to pay for using this website when you've been destroying the entire layout. The people who've been using for tumblr for years are the people you want to appease, not this imaginary audience you've made up. Keep making this website unusable and people are going to leave - not purchase your merch. Why is it so hard to focus on the issues people have been begging for you to look at for years instead of adding things nobody wanted?
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