Ubisoft Connect

Social Networking
4.7 (16.4K)
35 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ubisoft Connect

4.69 out of 5
16.4K Ratings
3 years ago, dagasaric
If your into video games more specifically Ubisoft games this is a must have you get way more out of your games and best of all it’s free and sure if your new to Ubisoft games or just started using Ubisoft Connect p.k.a Ubisoft Club and Uplay you may not have a lot of credits to buy certain items that you may want for a certain game but all you need to do is complete the listed challenges in the appropriately named “challenges ” section if the game is compatible with them cause some don’t have any but when you get enough xp to level up your account you also get credits for that if I remember correctly but you can also earn badges to display on your profile but some items are locked behind badges or watching Ubisoft live events you can also connect your PlayStation and Xbox account but I’m also pretty sure Ubisoft connect is also available on PC so in the end you don’t have to use this but definitely worth it to get exclusive in-game items like weapons clothes or skins and occasionally even a DLC which is always pretty awesome
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4 years ago, GotWurms
Great App
This app is awesome as it allows you to access your Ubisoft club account, see the games you have, enroll in challenges and allows you to unlock items using your Ubisoft credits all within the app. The bot gives you your daily stats and provides information, videos, and information towards your games. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I wish they made more challenges to access each week with all of their games. AC Odyssey and GR Breakpoint are a few examples of games lacking in this area as The Division 2 and Rainbow 6 Seige have these extra challenges which earn you Ubisoft club points. I find myself wanting to unlock all the extra items for the games I play but you don’t always get all the points in the game to purchase them all. This stinks as some games have these challenges and takes away from playing other games. I also think there should be challenges each week for games individually and I think Ubisoft would benefit more by hosting a weekly challenge globally for a specific game. Like this week would be D2 challenge of getting 5M cleaner kills and whoever plays the game that week and gets kills/points would get a prize at the end of the week. This would promote this app even more and be a win for Ubisoft in promoting the less popular titles as they can rotate a game or multiple titles each week.
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5 years ago, DelTorre74
Probably one of the only good Game Developer App
The quality of this Application our Classes every other Gaming App in many ways from its Simplicity, speed, and Content plus accessibility. meanwhile on the Psn app of EA they take literal minutes to load a page. The Program really helps with accessing the challenges as well as the Ubisoft Club Rewards where I’m in a match in R6 and I can claim my Awards from a Challenge like that; or while I’m exploring the new AC Odyssey, I can see what the Ubi Club has to offer. And the Sam chat thingy I thought it was gonna be a mediocre chat bot but it’s very helpful and really actually shows me insight on my gameplay especially on the pvp modes. Very Good App Highly Recommend-5/5
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2 years ago, BigD Bodybuilding
Disappointed in customer service.
Is there a direct phone number? I called the one I found on Google and it says to submit a ticket. So I did. And all customer service has done is respond with bulk messages. I’m not a computer guy. I expect games to function when I purchase them. I’m having issues with AC Valhalla with opals being zeroed and Reda’s hit not working. I’ve tried unlinking and redoing the link and it didn’t help. It’s giving me a connection error at the title screen. I’m able to play the game but forget the opals, festival and in game purchases. Ubisoft, sorry but you won’t receive a cent from me on purchases. A customer should be able to login to a game and go trusting you’ve built the game correctly and are maintaining it. Customer service is expecting me to give them router info, server info, they asked to check DNS settings.. etc etc. One has to have computer training to get professional help from the people that are trained. After I sent pictures of everything they said to send pictures again. They didn’t acknowledge my info I did send, after asking them to look at the pics and messages.
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4 years ago, Ello#1
(Just for rainbow )
So today was the new season (steal wave) and everyone ping was really high, next round we couldn’t pick out operators because of ping. Everyone chose there ops but I could because I wasn’t existing? We couldn’t connect to match so I was asked to leave by another teammate, so I left and I tried to connect back but I couldn’t I asked my friend to no try that hard so I don’t get banned for leaving. He said the ping was really high most people left the game. If you could figure out what happened because some of my teammates got banned for not connecting back that would be nice
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6 months ago, PearlGirl123
Linked accounts
I would give it four or five stars but this problem is why I’m giving it three I joined with ubisoft for three years on my old account I got a nintendo and wasn’t able to log into that account so I made a new one and then I got this app and tried to log into my new account but it kept logging me into my old one so I close that one then I tried again then I said that I had already closed my account the one I had on my playstation the new one is on my nintendo both accounts have the same email address so thats why I closed that one because I thought it would log me into my new one but no it will still log me into my old one
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11 months ago, NbaJordanharris
Good app but One problem for the login
I’m on a PlayStation platform and I haven’t log my account in with the old Account that someone has/hasn’t used. I only Wanted my own account because I don’t know what happen to it until Suddenly it’s been compromised, I don’t know when or where I suppose to have my ps account. I don’t know what to do. because of that, I don’t know the old one. surely enough it’s linked with my PS Account to it, I was trying to Unlink that crap but Suddenly I don’t know the password to that. And ofc I tried another account to link it but it Saids “It’s Already linked to another user”. This is totally making it harder for me for logging in. Pls Update the app.
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4 years ago, tommy robles
Ubisoft has the best games, and the best customer relations
I have always loved Ubisoft’s games. And I very much appreciate how in tune they are with their loyal players. This app is very helpful, and I use it all the time instead of having to go into the in game club menu. Besides, the fact that Ubisoft rewards you for playing any of their titles and allows you to get rewards for other ones is astonishing. Other developers and publishers should be taking notes! And Sam is a very useful and also very fun tool to have. Thank you for your hard work Ubisoft. Love your work
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6 years ago, DaveTheJoker
Love the app!!
The app is very helpful in many ways! Sure it doesn’t have in app chatting and all but I’m okay with it, because I’m a console user where talking to people is not a problem with the PlayStation messages app. But this is app is great for when I complete challenges and to keep up with what I need to do next! I don’t like the in game app thing because it does take long to load and all. This is more convenient because it’s a couple swipes away.. love that app keep adding more challenges for all the games! I enjoy hunting them down! Old and new games!
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4 years ago, Megami1981
Rating would be better if...
They had worked out the Sam’s Axe quirk that is still apparently ongoing. I’ve been using this app along with playing the game for about two weeks now and have yet to unlock that reward. Not too worried about jumping through hoops to get it that badly though. Otherwise, it’s a handy little app keeping me updated on what I’m doing in game and answering simple questions about stats, personal Ubisoft rewards, and some lore. Just don’t expect it to be your personal in game GPS, or detailed quest guide. It sometimes gets confused by what you want to know and throws in tidbits about games I don’t even own.
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2 years ago, thisKIDhere
Used to be 5 stars but…
I have not been able to log in for the past two weeks. I have to use the browser on console and enter my credentials in order to use UbiSoft Connect. Something is severely wrong because everything is correct and after just my first attempt to sign in, it says “you’ve been locked out of your account for too many failed attempts”. Please fix this bug asap. Super annoying and makes the app unusable and 0/5 stars
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5 years ago, Aarskringspier
One of the better companion apps.
An app for a game that actually works and is useful. If you care at all about tracking your uplay account and points this is a must have. Makes redeeming rewards and extras easy and convenient. With one click you’ve got access to every game you’ve tracked and it’s associated rewards. Also tracks your points and when they expire. All though that is a whole other story. Your points should stay forever. You earned them and the fact they now expire is garbage.
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5 years ago, spottedprism380
Worth 5 stars but it’s Okay.
So the reason I’m giving this app 5 stars is because it is a useful app. I first got the app when they first announced it’s release on ios. The problem with this app is that every once and a while I get signed out and that’s not really a hassle. THE ONE THING THAT THEY NEED TO DO THOUGH IS ALL US TO BUY GAMES ON THE APP SO WHEN WERE ON THE GO AND WANT A GAME WE CAN PURCHASE IT WHILE LEAVING AND WHEN WE GET BACK START THE DOWNLOAD. I just wrote this review hoping that they would read this and allow us to buy games from the app. 10/10 recommend getting the app.
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10 months ago, rododksksksksk
Some stuff for me can’t be unlocked
If you like Ubisoft than this is a great way to see all of the games you play and unlock stuff easily but for some reason I can’t get some stuff even though I have the game for example I own watch dogs 2 and watch dogs legion and I can’t get marcus’ jacket it just loads then goes back to normal and when I load the game it’s not in my inventory and it does not say I own watch dogs 2. It could be because I got it after I got legion but it should still work. But other than that stuff it is great for keeping track of stuff and getting items
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5 years ago, Some1 else 123
Great idea. But it doesn’t always work?
Great app. Great idea. But it doesn’t always track. I don’t know why but I’ll activate the challenges for r6 and then play and achieve said goals but it will not apply to the challenges in the app on my Xbox or mobile. Get 10 headshots for a charm. I apply it in the app and go play. Get three headshots in one match. Go look and nothing is applied. Look the next day nothing is applied. This is just an example but I hope it makes sense. Maybe fix this please? Thanks guys! Other than that the idea and the app itself is great! Btw, the SAM bot really does a great job at hyping me up! Those stats she feeds you are a real morale booster!
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4 years ago, cheessauce
Really helpful in the ways I need it to be.
I am a r6 player like many of you. If there is one thing I love more than top fragging it it flexing my 1.1 kd to all my friends. This app will show you ACCURATE playtime. Win loss rate, kill to death rate, and level. What I mean by accurate is unlike steam which shows how long the application has been opened, this shows how long you have been playing. Steam shows I have been playing for 700 hours, and the app shows 500 which shows what I want.
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4 months ago, Daybed1223
Ubisoft your the best!
Ubisoft I appreciate everything you do for us, I personally love your games, they are my childhood, my personal favorite game you’ve made is watch dogs 1. I know that not much like the watch dogs series but I do, and I wish you could make at least one more watch dogs game, but if you do could you make it more like the first game not to unrealistic, and not too realistic, anyways I love you Ubisoft yours truly. Damien Bednarik
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5 years ago, Acebacklash
The app is not working as of late, can’t sign in
So I have had the Ubisoft app since release and it was wonderful to have. Being able to monitor and track your progress and activity in games yes. However, as of late I have not been able to use the app. Trying to login through PlayStation does not work. If I try to login theough xbox, well that does not work either. Something Is wrong and if the app is not working then one can only question what the point of customer service or support is even built for. I have been trying to access the app for weeks and no go. It fails to connect yet their website has nothing for receiving or requesting support for the app. This really needs to be fixed ubi, I can only say other gamers are not happy as well with the lack of feedback and support 1 Star for I loved the app 2 star because I have used it greatly in keeping track of progress and stats The next few stars will be earned when the app is fixed so please listen and help us
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5 years ago, AnxiousBog1334
Great App, One Problem
I absolutely love this app, and it’s great to be able to check on my challenges and progress while I’m not on my Xbox; however, I haven’t been able to use this app for the past few months. Whenever I try to log in through my Xbox account, I’m met with an infinite loading circle. I’m able to use it while on the Xbox just fine but I can’t get it to go through on my phone. I’ve tried everything including deleting and reinstalling the app to no avail. If someone could help me, I’d appreciate it.
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5 years ago, Lit Lucky Luciano
It’s amazing... but not the best.
So, I love Ubisoft Club. I know other games have stuff like this, where the more you play you can get rewards from it, and that’s nice. Sam, the robot assistant thing, some how can answer all my questions and tell me a joke, it’s basically a free video game version of Alexa. However, compared to other portal apps, it’s not the complete best. I wish they had things like Nintendo App, where you can edit and change gear of the stuff in your games, (Splatnet, SmashWorld.) They could do this for stuff like Siege and Ghost Recon. It’s great though.
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5 years ago, SpikeGonzo
Ubisoft you rocks!
I have been looking for good app to sync all my play progress on PS4 and I am member of social club under Rockstar but it is available through website not app. After owning Assassin’s Creed series especially when got Origin and Odyssey, I ended up loving this app because it helps me know the progress of my games than to log in all the time on my PS4! Thank you! Collecting coins and get rewards are great bonus where nothing of else even like socials club had.
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4 years ago, lukecucaracha
Ubisoft is wonderful!
This app is probably a main reason I play Ubisoft games, other than there being amazing stories and great ridiculous characters (Far Cry series). This app gives you a great sense of challenge and accomplishment after beating the challenges and getting coins to go towards a new mission or a cool cosmetic item for your character, even weapons to use in-game, and resources to help you progress further and faster at the start. Thanks Ubisoft!
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2 years ago, Glitch4tw
This might be amazing for serious gamers. For a family that just wants to access content on a game across all profiles on their Switch, it is proving to be a PIA. We get logged off every time we take a break, there is no function to save the log-in details or use a mobile device to log in, so navigating that on Switch is tedious. If my kids go to play under their profile, they are out of luck. It forces us to go through the original profile, even though we are linked as a family. That would be fine if you could access the content without signing into UPlay, but you can’t.
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3 years ago, Bill bp
Oculus Quest 2?
I’m a new OQ2 owner and I downloaded this app to link my Oculus Quest 2 and be able to play Star Trek: Bridge Crew. Ubisoft makes linking the two impossible, almost like they are deliberately excluding the OQ2. There is no option in the app to link. I have issued a refund request for the game. Ubisoft needs to take their issues seriously. This problem has been an issue since at least Oct. 2020 and it’s now the end of Feb. 2021, yet there is not one serious answer to this major problem on any forum, anywhere, only obfuscation. You need step-by-step instructions in a clear and concise order to make the process accessible and possible. PLEASE!
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4 months ago, stoneyoriginal
They need a phone number or can someone help me. I had an account I no longer have the email
They need a phone number or can someone help me. I had an account I no longer have the email and I would like to sign in. I can’t play avatar frontiers of Pandora to the fullest until I connect to UBI soft connect, so I need help anybody wanna help please help me.
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11 months ago, Dom32491
Limited Data and Functionality
I downloaded this application in hopes it would be similar to that of what is used for Destiny. In other words, I wanted to be able to view and change my gear combinations and experiment with various sets. I also hoped to be able to see stats on what I’ve accomplished in the game. Kills by weapon type, kills by method, accuracy, etcetera. None of this is available in any useful manner. Division is a title that could and should have it’s own fully functioning application for these features and much more. Ubisoft Connect seems like it’s purpose is to promote all the other titles they produce.
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2 years ago, T I A G O
Unable to connect Online
This is really terrible for gaming experience. Forced to download an app and create a login with password and also verify in addition to your gaming login with password . I would rather play all associated games without Ubisoft rewards. The service is totally unnecessary. Tom Clancy Wildlands Unable to connect to online services and now I can’t play with my friends after being forced to download and sign up for Ubisoft . Terrible . This makes me want to turn my console into GameStop and actually commit to Bodybuilding. Frustration with frivolous things will have you overthink and make better decisions.
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4 years ago, JamminDarkJC
Needs more
I’ve been using this app for a few years now over several different games and, though I really like using it, it’s missing out on opportunities and there are some bugs. Bugs examples: on Assassins Creed: Odyssey there are a couple of locked rewards that no matter what I do they don’t unlock. Also, one of the earlier versions of the app you could browse games that you haven’t played from the Ubisoft library, but no longer can do that. I like the app, but some things need to change/get fixed.
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3 years ago, Cold forge
Bad choices
Far cry 6 looks good but has many issues component prices and console prices are 3-5x times the normal msrp and yet you make performance of the game worse with a drm that resource hogs. You need to release gift cards same with epic game store or release on steam as some people want to buy the game anonymously due to nosy spouse and the government “look at the news they are teaming with banks to spy on us for 10k purchases it will slowly lower the amount so that we slowly lose our privacy” I understand this is not the place to make a review but to my knowledge Ubisoft and epic do not have review page like steam.
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3 years ago, canine gaming187
It’s great but there’s a way to do better
I love this app I can see what my friends play as suggestions and I can give suggestions to my friends but, I have 2 Ubisoft accounts by different platforms and different email addresses. Currently I can not merge these accounts, so switching between accounts can be difficult because I have to remember the email address and the password.
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4 years ago, CharPars
It tracks your stats well, and you can check if your friends are on, edit your profile, and just about anything you could want from such an app. It comes with a virtual assistant (Sam) who you can ask questions about your account or about Ubisoft and Sam will reply almost instantly. I haven’t encountered any issues yet, and I’ve had it for over a year.
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3 years ago, woodworthti666
It’s not letting me do it thru the app so I thought I would here. My brother and I never had trouble playing on the same WiFi before and now when we try to get on one can and the other gets a connection error. Please fix. I want to be able to play again with my brother. I’ve shut off our WiFi multiple times and it still isn’t working.
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3 years ago, MercAgentVinny
I love it and I use it for Rainbow Six Siege
The reason why I enjoy using this app so much is compared to Ubisoft club (the old system they used before Ubisoft connect) it was really hard to use on anything other then my actual PS4, but now I can check all my challenges and it keeps up in real time for Rainbow. Super easy to use and easy transition to learn. It’s great in my opinion.
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2 years ago, lolaensjd
A must have if you play siege
The app is really good it gives you tips for the operator you play the most and it even lets you check your stats also it connects to other games made by Ubisoft so u can do the same for not only rainbow six siege but other games have not had an issue with it so far
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4 years ago, bubbawannabet
Pretty good but lacks some features
Not a bad app. I like the Sam assistant that gives you tips, and overall the app works well. Slow to start up though. Also, I’d love it if there was a feature that let you access the Uplay chat messages. It’s kinda lame that you can only communicate with friends from the Uplay desktop app. Other than that, pretty good; a nice way to see if friends are online and get info about Ubi games.
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2 years ago, BJPNKE
Good app for all things ubisoft uplay
Not really about the app,this app is great and brings u everything ubisoft.. i been a subscriber for like 5 months now is there anyway u could make the prince of persia titles work on windows 11 i would love to play them gems i played as a kid and maybe add control support and thats about it
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6 years ago, THE BOSS 319
Good app needs work
I sometimes run into problems like I add challenges and they don’t add to my list they still say add and I try to redeem rewards and it won’t let me, i love the idea and I have been with ubi sense I could remember and I’ve been disappointed by them several times but that still doesn’t bother me because in the end at least I’m getting something. Pleas work on the app and keep working on Rainbow six siege
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2 years ago, Maki_san
Can’t access my account info
I mainly play Ubisoft games on my Xbox, and I was so happy to hear one of my favorite games was going to be free for the weekend (Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory). But when I went onto my ubi connect on pc It wouldn’t give me an option to log on with Xbox, so I decided to use my other account which I initially thought was my primary, so I was sad to see that I could not access my email or password for my Ubisoft account, because I have the correct account on my phone.
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3 years ago, Legionmast3r
App doesn’t work right. Had to create a new account to link to my Xbox even though I’ve had an account for nearly 10 years. The app on Xbox won’t work to let me log in and do any challenges on Valhalla. It makes me reset my password before I can even attempt to log in, then when I log in with information that I know is right it tells me that it’s invalid and ends up locking me out. Ubisoft needs to quit trying to make their games online because it is a massive failure every time. Uplay barely worked for years and now their new app is absolute trash.
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9 months ago, WayTooManyAds14
common L
just like all game ubisoft makes this app is buggy and laggy. dont know if its me or Ubisoft but you cant view stats. i try to see them for siege and it wont load. its been happening for years. i have been through androids and iphones and it still doesn’t work. and when i click the game cards ( or the bar at the bottom) under “ my games” it take 2-3 seconds to register the touch . all around horrible app horrible ui. not sure how this app has a 4.7 star rating would not be surprised if they botted reviews!
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4 years ago, Dartian
Very helpful
This app has been very helpful in allowing me to access the Ubisoft database in order to get items that are part of DLC or part of wearing an outfit in a game and I thought it was very useful it also is very useful in knowing the news that’s coming out about other Ubisoft based games
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6 years ago, Greatest dog game I like it
Needs more features
The app was great and all, but the sad thing was that you couldn't chat with friends. Not being able to chat with your friends on mobile just made it more harder to do because every time you need to notify your friend about something, you have to turn on your computer just to message them the thing you want to notify them. If this message has been acknowledged, Thank you and have a nice day!
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6 years ago, bill farren
Sam AI feature is broken
I was really excited about the app when I first downloaded it but many of the features that I downloaded the app for are not present. Such as showing challenge progression. Also the SAM feature is broken because it doesn’t answer the questions that I ask it. For example I asked SAM to tell me my most played operator in Rainbow Six Siege but it told me that I needed to use the website even though I initially bought the app so I didn’t have to visit the website. I wouldn’t recommend.
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3 years ago, ChristyP
App is not loading data
The app fails to load any of my Ubisoft games. I’ve tried launching the app not only on WiFi, but on 4G LTE, still doesn’t load anything. It behaves as if I haven’t played any. My friends listed in the Ubisoft app who also play the same games on the same platforms are missing statistics. Comes up empty saying “We don’t have any games in common” and we do. Gone as far as deleting the app and reinstalling it, same results. Tried loading the Ubisoft Connect app on the Xbox too, same results.
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5 years ago, Sticky Matt
Helps keep you up to date and organized.
I hate nothing more than selling a game to only find I didn’t unlock challenges that where just within my reach. This app not only keeps you up to date with your stats, it challenges you to push harder and unlock achievements and perks. I likely.
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3 years ago, CONSTANCIO1
Absolutely Horrendous
First off, I can not even reset my password (which I didn’t want to in the first place, you all just decided to force me) Therefore I can not access my account whatsoever. The password reset that I have attempted to send to numerous different emails will not send. No matter what I do, it will not send. As if this wasn’t infuriating enough, I attempted logging on from several different places with no success. The website has a never ending loading screen, and your app has one of the worst UIs I have ever seen. Lastly, I attempted making a new account to hopefully connect my Playstation that way. Nope! The app gives absolute 0 direction and no way to connect to my console. Fix your app please, and everything else about this system, I’m sick of dealing with problem after problem from this company.
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2 years ago, Twofunny99$
Great app
I love this app it’s a lot easier to use than going to the main menu to check on things and it’s very convenient cus you can look at your goals and completed goals and collect the rewards or buy the stuff available in the Ubi connect it’s great and I like it
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3 years ago, Nayroj
Updates are coming in
I’m excited to see updates that connect our games to our accounts that can benefit the players! It gets better every year, and more intuitive. It’s easy to use, and starting to become self efficient with its reward system. I’m enjoying every update!
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6 years ago, Matt8843
Chat with friends
The app itself works well but there is not enough. Say I needed to tell my friend something but I haven’t friended them on steam or discord or any other app the you talk with other people. I would not be able to talk to them about something that could be important or something dumb. This is why I think there needs to be a chat section in the uplay app.
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6 years ago, Zndxn
UI is labyrinthine
I don’t like how much app I have to go through to get to the same information I open the app a hundred times to do. Basically I use it to manage the challenges for r6, but every time I have to pick my game, go to challenges, tap weekly, (because the game has been out for three years and the default screen is “classic”) and the whole thing just feels like a chore. Would love to set a default page.
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