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6 months ago
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User Reviews for unfollow for Twitter

4.42 out of 5
13.7K Ratings
2 years ago, GraceHanks5
My rating
I like this app. But I would like to be able to tap on the account of someone i’m not following and be able to read their biography. Also, I have been notified twice in the last 24 hours that I was unfollowed. In both cases the person still followed me. These glitches aside, I like this app and recommend it. 👍
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6 years ago, blueoysterdvp
ONE MORE TRY! One little glitch, into the CLOUD it goes! See if the latest update made any stability. This was the BEST UNFOLLOW APP at one time. I realize Apple makes it hard in the Developers. The UNFOLLOWER part of this app rarely works lately. I paid for the in app purchase to get the best possible version of this app. I bought this app for the UNFOLLOWER portion. 2 STARS for the times it does work. The FOLLOWER part works. Big deal. TWITTER notifications shows new FOLLOWERS. There aren’t many choices out there anymore for a good UNFOLLOWER APP. The INTERFACE of this APP isn’t very good either. It worked great when I first purchased it. Messing with the INTERFACE was the first sign of the UNFOLLOWER portion NOT working. That’s why we all get this app. If it suddenly works great again I’ll update my review. I’m in the market for another UNFOLLOWER app though. This one isn’t cutting it. UPDATE IN THE CLOUD. Found an app that works. Will periodically check back on this one.
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2 years ago, Old Norse Paganism
Among The Best
His app makes it so much easier to find the accounts on Twitter that are no longer active and dead and makes it easy to unfollow. Love it! However, there are a few things ot could do better. Allow pro holders like me the ability to set perameters such as time since last post, unfollowed us, don’t follow back, etc to a list. Then have that list not only available for viewing but a start and stop button to begin unfollowing those on the list with no more that 200 per day and have the unfollows completed once every 3 ish mins to avoid the twitter hammer. Then actually be responsive to emails. I’ve tried contacting you several times by email and not once have you or your team ever responded. Not much point in having an email button if your not going to even acknowledge users sent one. Customer service is lacking and with our people like us the app would not be where it is today. That said we do like the app when it works and there are ways for it to be streamlined for users and to make it a little more friendly.
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11 months ago, Smiledaydream
It's dead for now.
403 instructions of the top do not work and you notice or not in correct English and are not finished. Logging out and logging in or reinstalling the app does not fix the problem. It did run long enough for me to manage 1000 or fewer connections but went back to her 403. I uninstalled and reinstalled again and this time it got to 26% and just froze. It may be caused by Twitter changes but it's really up to the app creator to figure out how it works now. And give a clear wording on what works and what does not. There are vague things out there about certain working or not working. I have Twitter blue. I will give this a very positive review once it's working again because I tested probably 15 apps and this was the most useful.
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6 years ago, RhinoCB
Works great!!
Twitter really screwed with the automation portion of this which was amazing. Now I have to personally click each new follow or unfollow which is a big game for many people, or bots on Twitter. This app makes it incredibly easy to remove people who unfollowed you; And to track those that follow. I used to have to scroll through years of followers to find those who play the follow unfollow game, but not anymore. Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, @PatriciaAtlanta
Love Unfollow App
This App is amazing. I am able to quickly follow new followers instead of having to scroll down and scroll and scroll down over and over to find new followers because Twitter doesn’t always put new followers at the top of your Followers list. Plus it is so easy to unfollow anyone who hasn’t followed me back after 2 weeks. This allows me to keep my account clean and free from violation of Twitters 10% rule that stops allowing me the ability to follow new people when the number of Followed becomes 10% more than my Followers. I highly recommend this App and the best part there is no monthly fee like many of the other similar type apps!
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6 years ago, hollywoodrache
Used to be great.
This used to be a great app. I loved the unfollower option. However, now they include weird relationships options in that tab and I can’t figure out how to reset the list and delete them. I have followed users on twitter through this app because they changed it so when you click on users that unfollow you, if you don’t follow them in the first place, then you follow them after clicking the button. Please take it back to where I only unfollow accounts that have unfollowed me instead of making me unaware I’m following people.
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6 years ago, edlamour
Love This App
Most Twitter analytics apps immediately try to sell you packages of “guaranteed followers” or “currency” this spend on searches. This app doesn’t. For a mere $1.99 you can unlock all features. In day one I unfollowed 1,000 non-followers and the process was SIMPLE. I was also able to easily create an exclusions list so those I was okay with not getting a follow-back from weren’t accidentally deleted. Awesome app!
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1 month ago, Umair Ahmed Abbasi
Waiting for Update
Its been over a month since the unfollow app signed me out and now it wont let me sign in again. It keeps getting back to login screen despite the fact that my twitter account is logged into many other applications. But every time i enter my details it refreshes me back to my login page.
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1 year ago, soultryvibes
Thanks a million for looking out😜
This is the best app to unfollow those who don’t follow back who think they are too good, “celebrities”, or snobs that think their “page” revolves around those on the social platform. Thank you for creating apps like this one that alerts when people want to be “sneaky” and try to unfollow thinking you are not going to notice. Ha!!!!!
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12 months ago, Cindy from San Antonio Texas
Not restoring or updating
Funny how all of sudden it’s not showing me my unfollowers or followers now. Only shows didn’t tweet since and don’t follow back. Found some that have unfollowed me without showing me on the app. Shows update but nothing else that I used to see. Deleting app. I can’t believe after paying, I restore, it keeps asking you to pay. Now it just says update and takes away everything else. You pay to see who deleted likes comments and likes, restore but it’s gone! This app is a scam and fraud! It speaks for itself! Reporting this app!
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1 year ago, Ana rosa the third
Great app but issues with upgrade.
I like the app, but I don’t know what is going on lately that my pay upgrade is not up and when I tried to update to pay upgrade again it just goes in circle like when there is a buffering issue. Right now it shows like I don’t have an upgrade, but it doesn’t let me either. I would have given then a 5 star if they can reply and let me know was going on.
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2 years ago, Alan Lob
No longer displays tweets
I would have given this 3 or 4 stars but it no longer displays tweets & I’ve tried to reinstall. If there is a way to contact the developer I couldn’t find it. Aside from broken tweet feeds, it would be nice to timestamp accounts when I either follow a new account or am followed. Developer could achieve this by time stamping the accounts discovered by Unfollow as I believe Twitters API doesn’t provide this. If they had this 1 feature it would be 5 stars.
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4 weeks ago, luckiestlistener
Thank goodness!
People are unfollowing on X in an attempt to give their accounts more credibility and boost their posts, so it’s important to weed out those who are churning followers. This app provides data regarding each account so you can easily clear out the gamers and keep those who are only temporarily restricted. Thanks so much!
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2 years ago, Acebacklash
Why the change?
I have been using the app to manage those I follow and who has unfollowed me for a number of years now However I understand the app needs to improve But what is this update doing? I have to manually unfollow people now because the app shows me users who I don’t follow and wants me to follow instead of unfollowing Why is this now a follow app instead of unfollow? All of the new features make things more confusing and to make matters worse There really is no guide on how to use them correctly Please revert the app back I no longer have confidence in this app now
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6 years ago, twittermike
Every time I try to unfollow people it either hangs up on a name and does not continue or it says i need to activate my log-in token. After i do this, it freezes on every other name. Unfollow feature is basically unusable. Yes i paid for the upgrade and emailed them to make them aware of the problem. I received an email back 4 days later asking if it hangs up on the same person every time. I said no.... i quest i will let you know in 4 more days if they can fix the bug.
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6 years ago, @Tall Stone Mason
Watch out!
Be careful! This app has been reporting incorrect info to me ref my “New Unfollowers!” It’s indicating several followers have unfollowed me, but it’s incorrect information. Hence, I’ve lost several followers by blindly unfollowing their accounts. I’ve emailed the app to report this problem, but account can’t be the only one that it’s supplying false info to.
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1 year ago, SWalesJones
It says I can use an older
When I first installed the app it was great. I had to change my password to Twitter and when I attempted to log back in I couldn’t. I uninstalled and when I went to re-install, got a message saying I could get an older version as my iOS was not able to use the newest version. I opted for the older version and downloaded it. I’m unable to log into Twitter at all with it now, regardless of how I try. Please fix this - I’d like to be able to get it to work with my phone. Thanks.
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4 years ago, TheDejaKing
App Lies about who followed/unfollowed
The app depicts false information! It wasn’t until it showed that close family and friends had unfollowed me that I actually went to the real twitter app to check. They all were still following me! Thought maybe it was a glitch so I checked back several times over the course of the next few weeks and it was doing the same thing with other people. What’s the point of an unfollower app if it chooses random people to say unfollowed you! Deleting as soon as this review is posted
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11 months ago, Seven_Of_Nine_2350
Doesn’t work
Every time I try to unfollow someone from the unfollowed list, I get a message saying “Too many requests..wait 15 minutes” But come back 15 minutes, an hour, a day later, same thing. I even tried to do the premium trial to see if that made a difference. It did not, so I immediately cancelled it. On a side note, the premium subscription is only available as a weekly subscription, so I wouldn’t have kept it anyway. I only do annual subscriptions.
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3 years ago, Raymond Keeney
Look elsewhere.
I’ve used the app for years and still have zero idea how it functions. I will get people following or unfollowing me but it’s unable to determine who. The sorting/filtering features are not fleshed out enough either and do not work as they should. Also, If someone deletes their account, it also is unable to determine who it was. Overall, if you can’t tell me who exactly is following or unfollowing me, then why do I have the app? I’ll just continue to monitor my stats on the Twitter app.
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5 years ago, =The bulldog=
Buggy but good
It does what it says it does, BUT there’s annoying bugs almost every week, like when you reset the statistics on people who unfollow you it says that it reset the statistics but when you open the app again it’s still there, also they take a very long time to fix glitches and bugs, if they start doing a better job I’ll consider giving them 4 stars
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3 years ago, Rorosconfessions
Best unfollow app hands down
I’ve used many unfollow apps before and this is the best I’ve came across. No ads and it doesn’t random crash or stop working. I wish they had one for Instagram because I’m currently searching for one… Go Follow my IG: Rorosboutiquellc Twitter:Amusenherfeels
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5 years ago, Nchdhdbdbb
i paid for this app two times, thinking the second time would give me the full version again, which it did for a few weeks. now i’m right back to hearing ads and not having all the features. this would have got 5 stars if i didn’t pay for the full version TWO TIMES and it would have worked. yes it’s cheap, but like wth??? not to mention you can’t get the full version on your other phone or ipad if you pay for the version. a complete rip off. where’s my refund
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11 months ago, Straykissvrse
I’ve been using this app for a long time name and it’s been amazing until the past few days I’ve had the 403 error and I can’t link my account not allowing me to use the app I hope this is just a temporary error and it gets fixed because it’s really a great app and gives you everything it tells you it does
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5 years ago, PTLS
Mark CEO
Great tool for monitoring followers and unfollowers as well! The App is generally very easy to use and well worth the cost! The only thing I wished they would do is list explanations to each function. For example there is definition of what an Exclusionist is on the App. Your than this it’s a great tool! Thank You! Mark
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6 years ago, Benogaz
Easy to use, gets the job done!!
App is really easy to use, works fast. I was able to clean up unfollowers, dead accounts and accounts with little activity. I had been trying to do this and could not find the right app, finally did.
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2 years ago, cralkneleh
This is perfect I can easily see who to unfollow. They give you a few different stats about each individual account and I don’t even have to leave the app to do what I intended to do. So no having to flip from accounts
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3 years ago, John Lemons
I can’t delete two followers.
I’ve been having a problem with two names I follow, I know I’m following them, and they’re CC following me. The problem is the names will not disappear after I purge the list, or update. So it always shows there’s FOUR I haven’t dealt with. Can someone help me with this?
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6 years ago, Ghareb alharbi
Used to be great
this app works really well when you're trying to unfollow quickly, which i was surprised to learn (compared to other apps). it's a new favorite and will definitely be using again whenever i have my next unfollow spree:)
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6 years ago, Lele ssii
needs fixing
so, it's a great app to unfollow non-followers, i love it, works fine BUT the problem is that sometimes it needs to "renew login" and when i try to go back to unfollow it keeps asking to renew and i cant unfollow ever again. third time un-installing and downloading again bc its the only way to fix this.
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6 years ago, Refundasaurus Rex
Love this😍😍
This app is awesome! Wish you would make one for instagram included in this...!! Any other one of these is clicking an unfollow button next to a profile, if I f$&kin wanted to do that, why would I need an app! Please make one for insta!!!! Or include it as an update for this one! I'll buy it!
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2 months ago, Pwnillyzer
Best free app
Not a scam like all the other apps. This app does exactly what you need it to do and has extra features you can also pay for for a reasonable price while also giving you it for free if you watch an Ad!
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1 year ago, danceofire
Inoperable by no fault of their own
I used this one for YEARS before Elon changed access to third party apps. It is a PAIN to go through manually. I hope they change it back because the filters worked so well.
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6 years ago, theresmokeinmyeyes
this app works really well when you’re trying to unfollow quickly, which i was surprised to learn (compared to other apps). it’s a new favorite and will definitely be using again whenever i have my next unfollow spree :)
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1 year ago, Mela-Mel
Lately the APP hasn’t been working well, but it is because of Twitter causing issues. I’ve contacted Customer Service and every time they respond quickly. Well worth the yearly subscription.
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4 years ago, Ibearb
Don’t waste your time
This app used to be great, it would unfollow the people for you, now you have to do it manually and it takes forever to do, and also twitter tracks when you use it, which violates their rules and you’ll be restricted for 3 days everytime you use it. This app works when it wants to work. Most times they let you use it, and then out of nowhere you get a notification saying you have to wait 24 hours to use it again
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1 year ago, Say It
Quick and easy
Cleaned up thousands of profiles on my follow list in a few hours over a few days. Updates on real time and allowed my to pick better profiles to follow. Love it.
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1 year ago, RanaaAsh
Great app to track unfollowers
Been using this app and website for years and I absolutely love it. Recommended it to a few friends. Never had any issues, works perfect to track your unfollowers on Twitter.
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6 years ago, Clemy-Clue
I love this app, highly recommend! The only problem is that it will say I am not following a person, but when I check it doesn’t show anyone. Other than that it’s been my favourite app to use for years!
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3 years ago, StefaniRodrigues
I couldn't remove an unwanted follower because they have a private account. Twitter should've been able to do this on its own, but it wasn't... and that's when this app saved me! ❤️
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6 years ago, MRCRUZX
Almost there
After the Twitter update removing mass unfollowing...this app has been pretty lame... But this last update is almost there...if you guys could remove the pop up after you unfollow someone to make that step faster...it would be a lot better.
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3 years ago, Mohammed Alkindi
Nice app
I used few apps for my Twitter account but they are bad and stop working after some time so I downloaded this app and it has different design than the other apps … so far it’s good and i love it ❤️
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7 years ago, IamMusicLvr
It's not keeping my followers up to date.. I like this app but, it's not working all the time.. I paid extra to see who is unfollowing me.. every time I click on it, it's about 50 followers behind.. get with it!! Or I'll move on... thanks!
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5 years ago, Gr1zZzZ_cs
Best follower stats app ever
I have used this app for more years than I can count. I still wish the automated option was still here but it’s okay. This is one of the few apps that hasn’t changed since day one
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3 years ago, QuicknDirty
Don’t spend time scrolling Twitter! This is the one!
Save time get the $2.00 upgrade and let it fly :) keeps you totally up to date —- get rid of wishy washy followers instantly without wasting time!
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4 months ago, Options Cadet
I searched high and low for an app to delete people who didn’t follow back for free. This is it. Lists people who don’t follow you and doesn’t get locked out so you can click through tons of folks fast!
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1 year ago, Famke Girl
My Favorite free Twitter app!
I’m not an influencer, so I don’t use the subscription service. However, I need help spotting the accounts that collect followers by first following them with the intent to drop them. This app handles all that.
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5 months ago, quake084
What happened?
This app has been my favorite follower tracking app for years. It's been working flawlessly up until this point. When I launch the app now, it takes me to the "welcome" screen, as if it's logged me out of my accounts. When I try to log back in, it just takes me right back to the "welcome", or it just crashes. It's literally unusable at this point. Please fix this :(
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6 years ago, Sophi-Anna
Doesn’t Work Like It Used To
I’ve had this app for about a year now & it was amazing. I could unfollow at least 1,000 people in a day everyday but then they updated it. You can’t unfollow multiple people at once anymore & it doesn’t give you the option to unfollow anyone. I’m very disappointed because this app used to be the best (in my opinion) and now it’s terrible. Don’t get this app, it’s not worth it anymore.
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