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2.8 (118)
3.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ventrilode

2.81 out of 5
118 Ratings
9 years ago, But flawed
It's a great app. Makes connecting to my friends server very easy. I only have Three cons on this app. #1 my friends have said that my voice comes in staticky, but they can still hear me just fine. However if you use the auto speak ability in the app, this gets waaaay worse. So the best way I've found so far to use this app is to just use the Manuel version. #2 whenever my phone falls asleep after about 3 minutes, the app disconnects me from the server. This is just a price to have to pay for using a phone for this purpose I suppose. But if u repeatedly use the push to talk butten then this isn't a problem. #3 because the auto speak feature doesn't work very well, I have to take the time to manually touch my phone in order to communicate with my team. Which of course takes a hand away from my controls of the game. So it can be difficult to play & talk for this reason. If they would fix the auto talk feature this wouldn't be an issue. So in the apps current state I'd say that it's works great for casual gaming, or just keeping in touch with your friends. But it definitely isn't a replacement for the desktop version if your a hardcore gamer. If they would be to fix these issues id definitely give it 5 stars!
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9 years ago, Ni EMT
Great on wifi, no LTE 3G at all
This app functions decently. When connected to Wi-Fi the signal is crystal clear and it's just like holding laptop in your hand to speak to your guild mates ventrilo. However I have been completely unable to connect over 3G or LTE it keeps giving me an error that the server is denying connections from this device I'm the server admin for my ventrilo server I went into the settings and checked and I'm not seeing any reason why it should be blocking this device the IP is not banned nor are there any other indicators of why connection is declined. I contacted the vendor that supplies my server who indicated no reason that it should be declined. I'm giving three stars -1 star for not connecting over lte/3G -1 star for lack of ability to obtain customer support from app dev. (Neither in app or website)
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9 years ago, Juandr6
Shuts down
The app is great while it's not in the background. Its suppose to be updated so that it doesn't shut down. But it still does.
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5 years ago, amurbain
Great app when it worked
The app worked for me flawlessly for several years. However it no longer connects to my vent server unless I’m on WiFi that has the server on the network. It used to work on cellular. The support site doesn’t come up, so I’m wondering if anyone else has had this issue or if the dev sees this.
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9 years ago, twilight213
Best way to use vent!
If you're not at home or near a computer this app handles everything you need when it comes to contacting your friends on vent! 5 stars all the way! Especially now with all of the new updates just released! Keep it up and continue to improve this amazing app!
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9 years ago, Clefts
VERY Not Impressed
At this day and age, an app that is designed for prolong use that d/c you in such a short amount of time - no setting to change. The push to talk button is too small maybe another option to switch over to a screen where it's just a large button to talk, utilizing this app while also doing other things makes coming back and finding that button near impossible. Couple that with the sleep issue and this app is a definite 0.
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9 years ago, Wiiinteh
Love it !
Love this app considering it's free. My only issue with this app is I have to pay for the voice detection by upgrading to the pro version. However considering it's a free app my voice communicates crystal clear. If you don't have a mic or want to go out and buy one I strongly recommend this app. I'd also like to add I'm on an iPhone 5s.
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9 years ago, Tighe2hood
Vent iPhone substitute.
Works very well for all the channels that we use for our guild. Only flaw is that when we need to do a private chat in a written form so others are not included I have to switch to my cell phone texting. Please add in private chat for person to person.
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7 years ago, Teachrawr
Yes--it totally works!!
Better sound quality than my PC. Easy to use, and a good backup Vent tool, in case you get disconnected on your PC! Handy for checking into my guild when I'm late for raid night, but want to save my spot in the raid.
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8 years ago, Queerkat
I love it
My phone is very laggy and doesn't connect to wifi, yet this app works perfectly anyway. Using it to check in on my guild while I'm unable to get online helps a lot.
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9 years ago, Ricklujan
Awesome App
For quite some time I've been liking for an app that would work with Ventrilo. This is the app and works great. Things to improve would be to have a cleaner and better reception while using the earphones.
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9 years ago, aerophisher
For the ventrilo pro in mind
Hello, welcome to the phinemall system the party you have more of that thanks to ventrilo and Ventrilode free and pro make it easier than ever to connect to your favorite server with your favorite friends. Enjoy!
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8 years ago, oniRenku
Pro version breaks the app completely
I bought the pro version of this app and what I hoped would make my gaming experience made it more frustrating. I want a refund. The pro version section say inactive and when I click to activate it the app crashes. I redo loaded it and now I can't connect to any servers. Please fix this or remove from the App Store. Also, your app support is a joke.
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8 years ago, Bluetality
Great app!
It connects quickly, no annoying and lengthy registration process, and sound quality is good on both ends. Well done.
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9 years ago, Qwertyuioasdfghjklzxcvbnm0192
Bug found
There's a bug on the full version where the button that lets you talk whenever won't work. Please fix it.
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4 years ago, amymhen
Not worth it
It worked great for a while but now I can’t get in on the app at all. I use this a lot and have reached out to the developers to let them know and no single response at all. Very frustrating to not be able to interact with my friends when I can’t be at home on my PC in ventrilo. Very disappointed that there’s no response.
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9 years ago, Blasty
Missing options
Hi, app is great for basic stuff but if you need to ping someone ( aka send page) its impossible also missing private chat. Phantoms would be also fine.
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8 years ago, Waromer
Really good
Overall I love it. That only problem I have is 15-20 mins in it will disconnect and it's at random times. If that could be looked into and fixed that would be awesome
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9 years ago, Lady Gunzz
Not at all what expected
App will not work in conjunction with the game unless mic is hot always. No way to assign a hot key for iPhone so the app works with the game... Vent got me for renting server and now gets my users by having to pay for the pro version to keep mic on so it will stay running once you open game.
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9 years ago, Zee flings
Won't accept my device
This app has something wrong that it's refusing to let my device work with the server that I know is not blocking me, keeps saying the server is temporarily not accepting this device and to try again later I'm using an iPhone 5c with the latest updates no reason why it should deny me access!
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5 years ago, Prymetyme HB
Ventrilode and IPhone 7 and 7P
Downloaded the app this week and followed directions. I get the message to allow Ventrilode permission to access the phone’s microphone. Going to settings>privacy>microphone, the app does not appear on my screen to permit access. This is true on both my 7 and 7P. Hence, I am unable to use this app. The microphone feature is active and working on all my other iPhone functions on both phones so it’s not a phone issue. What do you suggest? I’d like to rate this appropriately but until I can get it to work, I have to rate 1 star. Hollywood Huntington Beach, CA
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9 years ago, Menithar
The patient
Great app, use it mostly for WoW, sometimes for Hearthstone. Love that it can run in the background and NOT crash. Keep up the great work guys! 5*'s
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9 years ago, homebrew1970
Best I am an admin on many different gaming servers and works great to communicate with other admin if Any problems arrive
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5 years ago, Monteros
Doesnt request mic access and wont work.
I have reinstalled it, and its a new iphone 10x and it says to allow access to my mic and when I go check its not requested it. Used it fine before, something is bugged now...Doesn’t work...
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9 years ago, g_llanes
App shuts down
App shuts down way too often and should have push-to-talk support with the iPhone headphones. It also seems to drain battery and use up a lot of memory, so it's definitely not yet optimized.
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9 years ago, archdux
Eats battery faster than he video. Can only use while plugged in. Phone gets really hot while using so it must be maxing mem or cup, possibly both for a simple voice program with no vid components. I can FaceTime for hours and no heat/battery problems so this app is poorly optimized and that's a compliment.
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9 years ago, 12gaugeStu
Vent on iOS
It's vent on iOS. You can edit and view your server info. Easy to use if you're not an idiot like me!
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9 years ago, Princessnuris
Needs improvement
Even with the new update your app still crashes please fix his it still even crashes in the background.
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5 years ago, Bromjohn
Consistently disconnects
Whenever I use this app, whether listening or transmitting, I get disconnected/ logged off after just a few minutes. It is very frustrating. I paid $5 for it several years ago. The sound and mic quality is good.
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8 years ago, Rrd1978
Great but could be better...
I would love to see push-to-talk that could recognize my earbud button as the hot key. Pain to reach for phone while raiding.
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5 years ago, BennyHillsGhost
Can’t enable mic access
This app use to work. Now it requires mic access in IOS. However if you go to that section it doesn’t have the ability to enable to mic in the settings.
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9 years ago, Bal1234
Worked for 2 weeks then went to same junk!!
Look people I am paying for this app please fix this problem temporarily denying connections for this device. OMG can U ALL PLEASE FIX THIS CRAP!!!!! Worked good for 2 weeks then went back to denying connections from this device omg this is dumb!!
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9 years ago, Pally john
Ventrilo business operator
Works exactly as it should, easy to use, no defects seen.
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5 years ago, Chuck-IV
Abandon ware. Should be removed from app store...
It hasn't been updated in YEARS and as it currently stands, it will not connect to the microphone because it no longer is able to request access to the microphone with the newest iOS versions.
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7 years ago, SithLrd
Worked for a while
It worked for a while, but when I bought the pro unlock, it ceased to function. Want my money back
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5 years ago, TitanTrev
Completely Abandoned
Hasn’t been updated in 4 years. There’s no ability to give the app access to the microphone which completely renders it useless. Please take this app off the App Store until it’s been fixed.
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7 years ago, Saddley
Needs an update
Worked wonderfully until ventrilo did a recent update to the vent. Now this app isn't compatible.
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8 years ago, Xanxus1012
It's alright
Not a bad app at all Works for me for the most part But yes wifi is good Only for that still I'm okay with that
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9 years ago, Tzla
I purchased the pro version of this app and it definitely falls under the rip off category. Voices sound mumbled and it disconnects constantly. It sets up easily but that is pointless when the app is unusable. Do Not Buy!
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8 years ago, Cheshire121
Works, so long as no one uses TTS
It's clear over wifi, but when anyone so much as uses text to speech the client just logs out of vent. That's pretty broken if you ask me. Even if you can synth the text to speech, it shouldn't kick my client.
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4 years ago, Flagonborn
No longer working.
As of November 2020 ventrilo updated their client software, and as such this program which has not been updated in 5 years is currently no longer working.
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5 years ago, Jenories
If I could give zero stars I would
The app will tell you to go to your privacy settings and enable microphone for the app however the app doesn’t show up on the list of apps.... don’t waste your time.
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9 years ago, Ben murphy 7
Love this app
I'm a beatboxer so with this app the two go hand in hand
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7 years ago, kevien10000000000000
could add the sounds from the pc version but still gr8
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9 years ago, Ghosty757
Crashes ALOT
This app worked ok the first time I had used it. But have since got the iPhone 6+ and it just crashes like every 10 minutes, very annoying!
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9 years ago, Ansley Crook
Best Vent App Around!
Love this app! Simple and easy to use. Best vent app I have found by far.
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9 years ago, Napoliane
Works as intended. Simple to use
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6 years ago, JZM83
Doesn’t work for V4.0 server
Trying to login multiple times and it doesn’t work like you stated
Show more
8 years ago, Ace3444
Love it!
Very easy to use and worth the upgrade to pro!
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9 years ago, Darxy*
On my iPhone 6+ the app is constantly shutting off completely with no warning. It's super annoying and getting uninstalled.
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