VK: social network, messenger

Social Networking
3.7 (7.9K)
330 MB
Age rating
Current version
V Kontakte OOO
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for VK: social network, messenger

3.65 out of 5
7.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Romassshka
There are big problems with security and music.
I see a lot of fake comments from profiles, that in past were own by a real persons. also I have been hacked for 5 times. It's not okay. Why there is no the same problem in other socia webs? Also it's so sad that I can't listen the majority of original music, even from American authors, while I live in America. I gave 2 because users there make the best memes, also there are the most interesting public groups and people:) I can conclude that foreigners are not welcome in this social web.
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5 years ago, goldTench
Best Social Media
I absolutely love this social media network! The feed has an AI system to detect what posts the user is interested in, so the posts on top get shown first. For those who do not like the order, they can change it in settings to make it newest first. The Search feature helped me find plenty of ornithological groups and much more fun ideas, posts and groups. The comments can glitch, but it is pretty rare and it can be solved by just restarting the app. The comment system is great overall. Also, you can make audio and video calls! The notifications help me get posts from interesting groups, friends and people I followed. If you do not want to receive notifications, you can safely turn them off on the page's menu. The additional features are also great! I really recommend this to everyone!
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12 months ago, pancakes with syrup
Random bans
I’m going to keep this as straight to the point as possible. I am a 16 year old from the USA, and I’m on the pursuit to being fluent in Russian. I downloaded this app to aid me along the way. Man was it short lived. I tried changing my name to a more readable Cyrillic alphabet, but as soon as I saved, I got hit with a ban. Mind you this is within the first 10 minutes of creating the account. I contacted support, they were extremely helpful and nice, and got my account back. However when I again attempted to change my name and save, same exact problem, this time, support is restricted for who knows how long, and support is going to be confused when I tell them it happened again. Overall, I didn’t even have the time to enjoy the app without getting banned. It’s pretty ridiculous and they need to revise their banning policy. Спасибо!
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2 years ago, zerg
If it is not broken don’t fix it
They try to bring new features at the expense of making simple stuff complicated. E g it takes several clicks/taps to open your own account to share photos. Isn’t your account the main thing you should be able to access? It is hidden under the “hub” link. Shouldn’t it be in the home? Very unintuitive. They try to push that agenda of news feeds etc. imitating other apps while breaking their own in the process. looks like they are still not certain what direction to take their to. Innovation for the sake of innovation gone awry. UPD. There is no easy/straightforward way to add photos to your wall either. You can add photo but not clear where it goes. They completely broke this app. It violates all possible human interface guidelines. I use it for messaging only. All other stuff I go to the browser version. This app is pathetic.
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9 months ago, Othman Al-Ruwaili
من عثمان 🇮🇶🇸🇦
Hello, the management of vk company, I am a famous Arab personality in social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and I also used your very wonderful program, but as an Arab person, I face problems communicating with others in your sites because of the lack of Arabic language, and also, but I can increase the number of users of your program to more than three million Arab users only. Please contact me on my account on Telegram (@ph28u) so that we agree on how to deal with you. Thank you. I hope for a quick response from you.
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4 years ago, Anchrone
VK is great
The one network that I always come back to. I have two suggestions: first, before you subscribe to the first 10-15 communities, there is an option to choose them from among several categories; would it be possible to make community suggestions button that would appear regardless of subscriptions number? Second, VK website has a long list of supported languages. Not many apps have a built-in language switch, but Telegram has one and it would be extremely nice to see that in VK as well.
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5 years ago, 4Starrs
Almost perfect
My music doesn’t play in the background anymore, now if I switch to another app or darken the screen my music turns off. Please, please, please fix this. Because when I come back to music , it turns out that VK app got refreshed and reset itself so if I’m listening to audiobooks or podcasts it clears everything that now I have to try to find the last spot I last listened. It’s very frustrating and more than a little annoying. Help me please...please would you bring back the “play in background “option???
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1 year ago, mythlob
Return the editable crop function on iphone please!
Love the app, works great and does its job. The only issue I have is long ago you guys made the crop function useless on iOS because it only zoomed in to crop something, then you reverted it so I was able to crop it however I liked. But now I logged in, and it was reverted back to the useless crop on images that I can’t use anymore because zooming in to crop is stupid. For the love that all that is holy, please revert this change on iOS.
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2 years ago, Gord On
It is a platform for terrorists
In a light of the war in Ukraine, this socialmedia platform is not keeping up with moderating hate and fascist comments. Though we are still in “democratic” country (I am referring to Russia) there is tonn of bullies, rude and simply inhumane users out there. There should be a way to restrict the “kremlin bots” with their repetitive propaganda.
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8 months ago, Turdhead18282
Instantly got banned for no reason.
I downloaded this to contact one of my friends who moved from Ukraine to the USA, so I can talk to her when we aren’t at school, and she can only really read in Ukrainian so I went to the personal information part of the profile, and I tried to change my name from English to Ukrainian. As soon as I changed it, it had said “Account blocked” and said it was because of “Suspicious page activity.” And I had tried to recover my account, but it said I couldn’t because I had not uploaded photos to my account, it is really aggravating and now I cannot get my account back or make a new one.
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2 years ago, John doe 18638542
Turn off the notifications
The app is fine but the notifications lately are very annoying - you’ll be listening to an audio book when you get interrupted by the app asking you something like “you have headphones on, let me guess, you want to listen to…” Unnecessary and obnoxious. They really should stick to the social network functionality and stop there.
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2 years ago, Meredith_Claire
Blocked before I could use account
I set this account up through a game to save my progress and when I went to the app to edit my account they had blocked me for “suspicious activity” even though my account is only two hours old and I have not done anything with it. I tried to deactivate my account and was told it has been permanently blocked because I didn’t have a picture on my account to verify who I am. Even though I just set up the account and was not asked to upload a picture! Highly upset as this has locked me out of my game account.
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5 years ago, Queenbader
One of the best apps for books like ever ( and it’s free)
If you’re a reader, you definitely need Vk on your phone, it is free, wide, and full of choices. You can find both audiobooks and books in it and you can easily copy them to your IBook or device so smoothly. The best thing about Vk is that it’s a uniquely built app as well as a very approachable way to get the best and newest books in stores in your phone!!!
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12 months ago, itshousssaam
Great but...
The app is Amazing! I love the fact that one single app has all of the social media options like uploading videos and pictures, dating and even selling items. whenever I want to post a story, I just hate that I’m not able to find American pop songs (i think that has to do with copyrights). I also can’t resize stickers in my story which so frustrating. But overall it’s great.
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1 year ago, tbh idc jk
the worst text editor ever
can’t wrap my head around it but in 2023 i still have to use html tools to input a link in my post! and it can only be a link inside the network. there’s literally no way to imbed a link for another website other than putting this whole ugly thing OR using an even dumber tool — the link shortener. this is so outdated, i can’t even. come on! if you’re trying to attract big blogs from other networks, invest into good text editor! MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO EMBED ANY LINKS JUST BY CLICKING ON THE TEXT!
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3 years ago, LandSurferPro
My login was stolen. Account now blocked!
I loved VK for the beautiful images users posted and shared some of my own. The. Someone somehow hacked my account and did something to get my account mobile number blocked and it appears the only way to reach support to sort through this is to be able to log onto my account! There is no means outside that! Help anyone… I miss this as there is definitely a better quality of postings here than anywhere outside of Tumblr.
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5 years ago, whitesneak5
I know this dev is going to skyrocket
You guys put together a real nice app. Simple but fun. You guys need any interns lol I’m just trying to recover from a tbi and finally after 5 years I can walk talk and I’m catching back up fairly quickly. I really need a helping hand. Thank you for all the information. Thanks for putting so much time into this project. 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰😂 Theanonwhispers
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5 years ago, Xtasy9333
There’s few things need to be fixed, would be nice if they can have full English version, I can’t not use a lot of services because I don’t read Russian, lately the Connection are very bad ,I like this app I love making friends, cheers up to make a amazing app 👍🏻, support guys need to check this , on the post I have to do double click if I want to write a comment or add emojis
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3 years ago, Imarra baptiste
Too picky
Hello, I hav a bit of a complaint about your app, I was trying to get into a game that requires your app and I made an account with my number and password, but when I came out of google and went back in it logged my out, so I tried signing in again and I was putting the right number and password and I made sure I did too, but it kept saying “Login or Password is incorrect” so I downloaded your app and tried but nothing worked and the codes were sending to slow to my number, please fix that.
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4 years ago, PeacefulCreation
It’s nice but....
I enjoy everything about VK except one thing. They charge you $10 a month to listen to the audio/music. All the other platforms out there are so much more convenient in that sense. In VK you can still play music, but only one song at a time if you are listening to an album. Song will stop playing in the middle. There is no continuous play. Only 30 minutes of play a day. The only way to unlock these limitations is to pay 10 bucks, pure rubbery! They also profit on promoted posts which are mostly irrelevant.
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3 years ago, Grey Jedi Knight
Permanently Blocked for no reason
I downloaded the app and made an account this morning. I friend requested a friend and they added me. I liked some of their photos. I closed the app. Then I reopened it later, I found that I was permanently banned for ‘suspicious activity.’ I tried to recover my account, but it won’t let me. The app says that I’m not a real person because there’s no profile picture. I never got to add a picture before it banned me. I’ve contacted the app. I’d still like to use it.
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1 year ago, theNewsPatrol
Not able to receive a verification
I try to input my phone number when signing up be after three times with attempt, I was unable to receive a verification in my SMS. I tried also on the website but wasn't successful. Why?
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3 years ago, chaos1016105
Accused of suspicious activities
I downloaded this app on October 19th, 2021 for an iOS game, I downloaded it made an account and put it in a folder, and played the game I never opened the app up again until October 21st, 2021 I logged in and it said I have been banned, I was confused and tried to send them a message but it said I couldn't because I was banned, this app is crap and I would strongly advise people to not get it because you will be accused of stuff that you did not do.
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1 year ago, LAllen081
Can’t even sign in
I have been trying to download the app, but ever time I put in my phone number it says it’s not valid. I have checked multiple times to try and make sure I was putting in my correct phone number and I was. I even tried other phone numbers but they would not send. I had no other option to put in my email instead of my phone number, so I have not been able to even sign in.
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2 years ago, asku22
Can’t connect w/support
Tried logging into account after receiving emails saying my account has been accessed in India, then twice in Russia. I live in US mind u. It say contact support if not u but when I do it keeps saying invalid phone number or then says account blocked. So I CANT connect w/support since the only way is flawed! I can’t even log in which is the only way apparently. Did u not think maybe some ppl will need to contact u for LOGGING IN ISSUES?!?
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4 years ago, 04cherry04
Almost all my messages just gone!!!!
I rarely check Vkontakte, but I still do because I still have friends there and I follow really interesting groups but the other day I went to messages I and saw that all my old messages were gone!!!! I didn’t delete them!! But the worst is that a lot of my friends were deleted but not by me and no one can use my phone!!!! How did that happen?? And why did that happen??
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1 year ago, Vitaminy1
Return photo scrolling option
Please return the option to scroll through the photos by simple pressing at the edge of display. You can offer the option for users to choose standard or “pressing” mode.
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4 years ago, Arkhy Bronze
Nice but need some feature
I prefer translate feature to understand different languages by easy way. It's a good way to compare other social media from American. I have a language problem to tell my Russian friends, too. So, translate feature plz.
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1 year ago, justtowin
This is real !
If you want to be real and free of speech this app is the most extraordinary way to express yourself with no banns or fears this is the way should be !! Without any corrupted government controlling or brainwashing and specially blackmailing affecting your job career or life style ! You are the best VK !! To be real is to be priceless!!
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5 years ago, Idzerda
Much better than Facebook
English version works perfectly. I use vk for my music library. Everything works so much better than Facebook. Conversations have excellent format. The layout is clean. Facebook layout is trash.
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10 months ago, F.N.L.N.
Translation function
I hope you develop the app in a way that it could translate any foreign-language text into the default language of the account holder (user).
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9 months ago, starwars110
I can’t use the app
it wants my phone number for verification to make an account which I gave it but I haven’t gotten a verification text please fix this I want to use this app
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5 years ago, JamesCasualty
America loves VK
the only thing i have a problem with is the fact that some music wont play in my area, and the fact that i dont even have the option to signup for the music subscription!
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3 years ago, Unhаppy Custоmer
New app is trash
I was forced to download a new app since the old one will stop working at the end of the month and I absolutely hate it. The news feed in the old one was just perfect, but new one is flooded with ads and annoying suggested pages that I’m not subscribed to. I can barely see my friends updates or pages that I’m actually following. The app is disgusting and the opposite of user friendly…
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4 years ago, Hamid Karbalai
Security issue
Everyone easily excess my account Three time someone changed my password but here is no any strick security as compare to Facebook. I like VK but security issues is big problem in vk Hope your team will improve....!
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2 years ago, idk buuuuuuut
Almost great
Idk why but I added my friend and then it said that I might know a few girls so I added them and said hi they didn’t answer but that doesn’t matter, Now on the main page a bunch of girls in suggesting positions pop up! Pls help I’m not looking for this
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1 year ago, friedoreoz
Not letting me sign up
I heard about VK and my dad has it, so I thought I’d give it a try. I tried signing up, and then it asks me to put my phone number in, and for some reason, it keeps saying a message saying that maximum limits have been reached for this phone number. I was confused because I never even used this app before. Idk maybe it’s just a bug and hopefully it’ll be fixed soon. Thank you
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3 years ago, cryptojosh74
Translation Deprivation
It’ll be much more easier to understand contents of other languages if we’d be able to translate the “caption” to our various languages... example Russian to English and Spanish to Russian.
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5 years ago, peter vazques
I’m from the US and I’m learning Russian. I use VK as a way to reach out to people from Eastern Europe. It would help and I think it would open your app to broader group of people from different parts of the world if you are to able to add a translator (like, for example, Instagram has)
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2 years ago, Crazy4jericho
So many fake profiles and scammers on this app it's pathetic but it's a overall pretty decent app just wish they didn't steal your info and ask for your phone number to make an account... also wish they would remove the little eyeball at the bottom right corner bc I don't wanna see how many ppl viewed my posts 🙄
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2 years ago, Osama Adn
Add more languages
I wish if you can add more languages, including the Arabic language, I really do enjoy the app, about the app I give it 5 stars and it’s really enjoyable app. So Please Please Add more languages, Arabic for example.
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2 months ago, freddie scamoko
Blocked profiles
Ive had vk 3 years & ive been happy with it until dec 2023 . All of a sudden im told cant access this page it may contain adult content but yet some pages i can see. No options...just restricted. Its not my iPhone ( its unrestricted) so must be a glitch in the vk app. Can anyone explain?
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1 year ago, Lilwichy
Huge dissatisfaction
I’ve been using this app for at least 20 years. Living overseas, this was the best way for me to stay in touch with my home friends, read social media in my native Russian language, I just recently found couple of very interesting groups… Then suddenly 2 days ago my account got blocked for no reason and no explanation. UNACCEPTABLE way to treat your lifelong customers.
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5 years ago, Siouxsiebee
Books- ePub and audible
I use to love this app to explore books. But for some reason the links don’t load anymore. I have been trying for months now hoping this would change but no luck. If anyone knows of a solution please post it. 😭
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5 years ago, xmrmr
Guys can you make the font bigger little bit
I have pain in my eyes because the font in the app are very smile so can you please make it bigger or make some control for font sizes. Thanks
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5 years ago, GardenForNutrition
Could work better
The ability to pick a single image from multiple images on a link would be nice. The ability to segregate posts by folders is very immature. But it provides descent access to Northern Europe.
Show more
1 year ago, felixyannie
I have navigated for quite few months and it’s been very easy and helpful. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Amroushh
I have been using the app for quite a few years. And I like it. However I believe that if developers can compact its size would be great
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5 years ago, TWINkiesMommy2009
My account was hacked.
In 2 days my account was hacked and accessed by people in Russia, Indonesia, and Singapore. I give 3* because the app notified me of each and told me to change my password. That was good but the fact that I can’t easily figure out how to delete my account completely is not good.
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2 years ago, Sadik970
But please 🙏 add Arabic or even an internal translator so I can translate the Russian comments instantly and respond to it while the translator will do the translation back to them.
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