Walkie Talkie - All Talk

Social Networking
4.6 (90.7K)
236.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Picslo Corp
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Walkie Talkie - All Talk

4.6 out of 5
90.7K Ratings
6 years ago, just some guy 👍
It’s surprisingly good
So I heard about this app from a friend who was messing around with other people, and he told me to get it. I thought it would be like those Walkie-talkie sets you can get at a toy store, so I was surprised when I found out that not only does it work like an actual radio, with thousands of channels to listen in to, but people from all over the world can talk to you. It reminds me of the old chat rooms, except this time it’s with voices. There are some bugs here and there, like how sometimes you’ll just stop receiving transmissions but you won’t know, and to fix it you have to turn off and turn it back on, or when out of the blue the channel will just kick everyone out, but these problems are far and few between, and I wouldn’t even consider dropping the app because of them. Overall, this is probably the best app I’ve seen in a long time!
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5 years ago, Giwanon70
5 stars but...
I really like this app, and I only have my brother and sister use them for now, but they don’t use it without me to call them. I shared it to a couple other friends but I don’t know if they download and installed it. With all other options in communications this days, social media, who wants to have a one more tool app like this..? Right? Yah One feature though that I wish there was on this app is the ability for the user to leave a message for the other end users!...so that when they open their Walkie-talkie radio app...!? Boom! They got a message to retrieve!...and that it will make them use the w-t radio app right there to call right back. Thank you
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5 years ago, Manwha Locals
A few things that could be changed
Well for starters, this is pretty great working app for a walkie talkie, although some key components would be great in my opinion. First, offline interaction. This would be great to use on the go for those who’s phones are off or if someone doesn’t want to spend data calling or texting someone. Secondly, a way to see how many people are online on the specific channel your on. Third, a way to save specific channels in case you have multiple channels you’d like to remember. Fourth, notifications of when someone is trying to contact through your channel, something as simple as “call from channel **:**” would be enough to let someone know that person is trying to make contact. That is all, great work devs, this is a really amazing app and I hope there is more to come!
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1 year ago, Dmearis
I’m just a little worried because I’ve had this app for a very long time and yesterday I got blocked even though I didn’t do nothing that I’ve been through in the past and there was someone very racist in there and I got upset like any normal person would and I got reported and my account got suspended for two days and I was trying to figure out either one of two things if I could somehow appeal that suspension or if I can’t currently I still have the same account that got suspended, but it says that I have zero friends which is very concerning because I have met some amazing people which is very rare to meet normal great people that you can connect with on that app and I was just wondering if when it’s unsuspended will it show the friends that I had before on my friends list that’s all I’m wondering Thanks
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5 years ago, himynameislizzzyyy
Pretty Good, Some issues
I found this app off tiktok. It’s a pretty good app and you can talk to many people from around the world and make new friends. It’s also a really easy way to communicate with people by just putting in random or specific coordination of numbers to get to certain or random people. If you want to find your new internet best friend, I would definitely recommend this. But, with every app, there are some downs. For about 3 days now, I’ve been trying to get on but it keeps popping up with “Error 404” or different signs like that. It’s been also happening to my friends too. Also, I feel like the limit of people you can have in a room is too small (being only 4). Maybe you can extend it to 10 or 7. Otherwise, this app is pretty good and I recommend it to anyone! :)
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5 years ago, kyaashar
Few Problems
Honestly I just downloaded this on a whim because I saw it on tiktok but then I quickly grew to like it. This app is so much fun because I have met really cool people from all over the world and if you’re a loner like me it’s good to have someone to talk to. I’m giving this 4 stars because I do have some issues with this such as it kicking you off the channel after a while so you loose the people you were talking to. Also since this app blew off on tiktok I have used it once and I couldn’t get back on because when I go to the channels it’s not working and it’s been like that for a day already. Even though I have turned my phone on and off then re downloaded the app I still got nothing. Overall I do enjoy this app but wish I could get back on again.
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4 years ago, Mr. Vape
Check this info out!
Over all i love this app and is a very fun way to communicate with friends and family. I do wish that when you just touch the screen that it wouldnt turn the “ptt” or talk feature on until you turn it off as it confuses some and they get stuck on and you cannot tell them to key down! Also i wish you could alert your friends when the app is off so you dont have to call or text them first to open the app. Other than that i love this app and wish i could get these few improvements done and i would talk all of my friends and family into using this as well as all my employees at work
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2 years ago, rinaReign
It’s fun and clear!
Although most channels are definitely reflective of the youth-age community, some of them are quite entertaining. There are still blank channels to use, which I will as I’ve planned to use this for my mister and I. Otherwise, hearing how these kids bag, clown, and play around, was hilarious! Yeah, some are out of hand, simply change the channel. This is just fun and perhaps even for someone who may want to just stay in tune with how the youth are interacting. Many still want to hear about your day, your stories…back to the basics - talking. Enjoy and maybe you can talk to someone who wants a listening ear.
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5 years ago, QueenAssassinator
Loved it at first then...
So I saw this app of tik tok. When I downloaded it I told my friends to do the same. We all loved it. We were talking then the next day it stopped. It won’t turn on the microphone anymore. It says it on in my phone settings but no one can hear nor join me. Now when I change the channel the on/off button just stays on. Plus all the time it just says error 400 or error some other numbers. I tried deleting it and then redownload it but it stays the same. Also the same thing is happening to my friends too. But I still love it but since it doesn’t work as well right now it’s gets four stars but I still recommend getting it. Your phone may not do that idk
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4 years ago, Tannelewis
So me and my friend got this after we couldn’t find real walkie-talkies and honestly this is nicer than any Walkie-talkie! Phones aren’t as fat and fit better in your pockets so it gets rid of that bulky feeling I personally don’t like to feel in my pockets. I’m glad to give this app a five star review! But I do have one request that I hope you consider. I wish you could make your own colors instead of having to choose from the few that there is for the Walkie-talkies. That’s that only thing I would Change. Thank you for reading! 👋
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4 years ago, nickname245 im not lying
Good but in need of work
This app is great for connecting with people all around the world and chatting with people you would have never have been friends with otherwise! However I think it’s pretty dumb that 4 people can all talk in the same frequency because often times the person you were talking too will leave because everyone else decided to scream, yell, or play music as loud as they could and they would just ruin the call. I get why they did that but maybe if they could have an option on doing a one on one call and I get it looking for someone would take awhile so maybe if they can put you in a random open call that would make this app spectacular! As is I believe it’s in need of work but it has a lot of potential!
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4 years ago, Great way off talking
I love the app but....
I seriously do love this app. It’s fun to use with friends and just to talk with random strangers. My problem comes with first the lack of instructions and the “error 429” When it comes to instructions there are none. When my friend was trying to use the app it took some time to even realize how to talk. I know not everyone will have this problem but just few instructions could help a lot. Now with the error part. This gets me honestly frustrated with the app. It’s what made me give this app 3 stars. It makes it so you can’t even use the app anymore and even after I waited hours it still didn’t work. So please I would like this issue (as it is the main problem with the app) to be fixed in the next update.
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12 months ago, Fateme.H
Why is it not possible to log into my account?!
i had this app deleted but I have an account I reinstalled the app and wanna log into my account but it doesn’t allow me! It doesn’t have a login option so I tried to log into my account by signing in, I created my Walkie Talkie account with my TikTok and now I tried to sign in with my TikTok again, but it says I can’t create an account with this Gmail because there’s already an account with this Gmail, I don’t know what should I do! really wanna go back to my account and even the support section in the Walkie Talkie app doesn’t answer any of my questions I’ve sent several messages and it’s been a few days and still I received no reply and help. I don’t know what kind of support is that.
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3 years ago, ICU8some2!
Great for bicycling with other people
I got this app to use on my bicycle when riding with others. I put my phone in a sturdy handlebar mount. We can easily set whatever channel we want to use before our ride begins. The user interface is simple without a lot of clutter and things we don’t need. Just tap the large “push to talk” on the screen and speak via your Bluetooth earpiece with (noise cancelling) microphone. Works great and we don’t have to yell at each other to talk while riding. Safer too.
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5 months ago, iDonnieMH
The Killer Subscription
No matter what it is. Entertainment/Games, Social, Private etc. Anything with a subscription, kills the app. We shouldn't have to pay monthly to do something a phone already does with a phone plan. I understand people who wanna make money off of anything, but this is 100% scam likely. The day ill pay for a subscription for an app would be the day that phone plans are NOT a thing and we get unlimited everything all year round. Me getting a subscription would be just like phone plans going away for good. It ain't happening.
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5 years ago, Valeria88226677
This app is amazing
I love this app it helps me stay in contact with my friends and family without having to call them or text them. You simply only choose a frequency and have everyone that you want to talk to on the same frequency that way it tells you how many people are connected/on that frequency the only down side is that obviously it may bring your battery down quicker than it normally does but other than that it is a great app and I would recommend it to anyone I know.
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5 years ago, (03^)
Hard to get working
It’s not very self explanatory and there’s no tutorial on how to get the app to actually start working. I had to go through a long process to just simply allow access for the app to use my microphone. Even after doing that, it still continuously crashed and many errors would pop up. The times it was working, the channels were mostly full or completely empty. I did like using it when it was working but it ended up completely breaking and now I can’t use it anymore. In short, it’s super difficult, there’s no instructions anywhere, the channels were full or had a 404 error, and it stopped working entirely at one point.
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2 years ago, read meeeeeeee
I enjoy this ap. But lately it has been glitching. Saying error 404 on lots of channels. I pay for the ap, and I believe people who do should be taken serious. Also, I truly believe you all should take reports more serious. Possibly scan channels more frequently to listen to what’s going on, on your app. There have been people suicidal on here getting a lot of hate while others know the situation. Why have moderators? If truly almost none exist on the ap.
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5 years ago, Sad Face too
Walkie-talkie App by Corentin Larroque
Just downloaded the app. I’ve not had a sufficiently amount of time nor an opportunity to truly understand and ascertain the functionality of this app. While working with the app and attempting to change a color, the program required that I write and submit a review of the product before being granted access to make changes. Thus, the reason for no position or negative review. Perhaps I’ll be in a better position later today submit a more informed and usable review.
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4 years ago, drnrgizr2
Tried this Walkie-Talkie out with my friend while sitting in Mc Donald’s. We both set our frequency the same and tried to talk. We wern’t able to talk and we both used Nextel Walkie-talkie’s i n the past so it wasn’t like we didn’t know how to talk on a Walkie-Talkie. No instructions came with it other then we tune to the same frequency. Since the app is closed on your cell phone how does the receiving party know you want to talk? What is the music note to be used for? Do you push the word “ push to talk” or the button to signal you want to talk. Must both parties have their Walkie-talkie’s on before talking and be ready to receive each other’s call? More information would be good before I give this app a better rating.
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5 years ago, 🤓Nerd Face
This is AWESOME!!!! I love it!😆
The sound is so much more clear than an actual Walkie-talkie. I also like this app because I can hear my friends ask me something when I’m off of the app, so then I can get back onto the app and reply to them. I also love how you can change the color of the Walkie-talkie, too. You can talk to multiple people with clear sound. For best results, make sure you’re holding down the button, though. I got this app and my mind was🤯. I love this app and you should DEFINITELY get it
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2 years ago, Songfreak79
Needs a major fix instead of doing what I said
Would you please be able to remove the private tab and never bring it back ever because that’s just creepy I don’t wanna go to that if I wanna talk to friends it should just be a friend tab or a family/friends tab please fix this please it’s a little weird while you would have a private one on there with the tab at the top of the walkie-talkie needs a major fix
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3 years ago, AA Beepdoo
Tons of fun, BUT...
Oh plenty of people to talk to lol but the problem is you seem to get further away from your variety of people and then not to be racist but it becomes reign of the filipinos and soon they are in every chat room and it gets harder to find anyone that knows a lick of English. Hopefully not a pattern that keeps going further down the spiral. Hopefully soon I can find a variety of countries that is much easier to communicate with.
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1 year ago, Bebop7777777
A Cesspool
Do you enjoy being called every name in the book every 10 seconds? Do you like getting interrupted by screaming children? Do you enjoy listening low quality rap music and people who think they have musical talent? Or are you a fan of pervasive and perverted ads? Well gee whiz have I got an app for you! These are some of the many treasures that await you on this bottom of the barrel dumpster fire called Walkie Talkie Communication. Save your time and energy and skip it. I promise you you’ll be uninstalling this soon after you download it anyway so I’ll save you the trouble and tell you to stay far far away from it. “Two thumbs way down“ -Siskel and Ebert
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1 year ago, Kellybelly444
I’m going back home
walkie-talkie let’s you talk to each other without a phone app it’s basically it’s not the type of 911 call. I think you need to talk with the manager of your business about this issue because you are going through the process and I don’t want you going to get in trouble so please let us now and I hope that you are doing better than we were yesterday. Please call us if you’re still interested and we will help you with your problem and help you with the rest as we go along and I hope to see the next step is the best of the best, queen Elizabet🙄🙄🙄🙄😮😮😮😮 I know she died last year but we brought her back to life😍😃😍
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5 years ago, PizzaCatPlayingSoccer
Really good quality
This app has very good quality. In my opinion, when you’re communicating with someone, the audio quality is better when you’re calling someone on a smartphone. You can change the color, (if you rate the app), you can change the channel so that it’s a private conversation, and (like I said before), it has better audio quality than calling someone on a smartphone. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Bye! 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈
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2 years ago, JleeSon
Again the same updates being sent over and over
What’s the deal with this? I forgot I had already sent a review about this but it keeps happening. This is something new. Time passes, I see another update for the app; when I read the informaron; it’s the same update. I don’t get it. And no body is responding or saying anything. What’s the point of sending the same exact update over and over again and with no explanation as to why? This has been happening with other apps. I be looking forward to reading what’s new in the update and it keeps being the same thing.
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4 years ago, Wendya1204
This app is very creepy and dangerous
My friend told me about this app one day and I thought I would try it out. She said to go to a certain frequency and we talked to each other on it. But then there was a interference and a deep male voice cut in. I immediately deleted the app because I was frightened by the voice. My friend kept the app on her phone. Late last night on April 6th/7th she got a lot of calls from an unknown number. She answered and it was the same deep male voice. He knew where she lived, her birthday, her phone number, and other personal information. Little did she know that people like him on this app can access all of her personal info. He said he uses the info to scare kids. Beware and stay safe.
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5 years ago, Luxaeterna1989
Great Walkie-talkie app
I’ve given it 5 stars because I’m thoroughly enjoying driving my family crazy with this app. As well as the design aesthetics and ease of use. Not sure if this review will reach a dev, but it would be super cool to have a feature implemented where the phone is locked but you could press and release and/or hold the volume up key to chat while the cell phone screen is turned off. That would be excellent! Okay, off to change my color 😎
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5 years ago, recoveryday101
Meh, mixed feelings
It’s good and can be fun, I’ve met lots of cool people but the fact that channels randomly close and then you can’t find another channel because of “traffic” even though I was literally just using the app fine a sec ago is stupid and ridiculous. If your truly updating the performance then how about you upgrade those annoying things. And why btw can you only have 3-4 people on a channel at once? It used to be like 8 per channel It’s like the app just keeps getting more and more inconvenient as time goes on instead of actually improving.
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3 months ago, Spends money on this game
Best Social Communicating App Ever!
I downloaded this several months ago and can’t stay off of it! It’s sooo much fun! I love chatting with friends and meeting and communicating with new people around the world. Definitely recommend this 1,000,000 %!!!! Note: Even though I do love this app- it would be nice to have some moderators in the app to help with some of the people that seem to be trolling or seem to be disruptive. Otherwise this app is a win!
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5 years ago, pop5k
I love it but there’s one problem
So I got this app from tik tok 😂 when I started to use the app it was great and I got to talk to many people from around the world. It is a great app and a new way to make friends. But I just tried to go back on the app and it keeps on saying “error 404” and it’s not letting me connect. It might be my server/WiFi but I don’t think it is. If you guys could just fix it that would be great. Otherwise I love this app 😁🙌🏻
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5 years ago, Jeann7
I am thoroughly surprised. ô0ô
At first, my mom found this app to communicate with me and see if it works. I thought she was joking and I honestly thought this was another scam to get some money from it, I don’t know. But honestly, this is really good. Like REALLY GOOD. I was surprised it did work and that you can communicate with people whilst still being in the same area. I haven’t tried it out with people far away from me, but from one review talking about talking with people far from their area, I guess it’s possible?? I don’t know, I’ll try it out. Besides the downside of using it with data or WiFi, it’s really good. Yeah, you’ll have to use either of those to talk, but other than that, I see no problem! Great job on the developers for making a pretty good app! It’s really fun! :D
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5 years ago, brixnnx_27
Amazing app
honestly i downloaded when the walkie-talkie wasn’t working on my watch. At first I thought it didn’t work but later figured out you had to find certain frequencies with other people. Now i just enjoy messing with the other people because it’s just so entertaining and it’s always funny to hear crazy things said. i would definitely recommend this to my friends so we can mess around on it
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5 years ago, hrbbishop
More channels open and buttons
It shows that there’s high traffic but most of the channels say error and three numbers next to it. If you had those ones open more people can use the app. But no one can because all the channels say error and sometimes the app freezes and I can keep changing channels but it shows it loading the other one and I have to restart the app everytime that happens. I love the app and it’s fun but it would be nice if those were fixed.
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3 years ago, jayLiKesToGaMe
this app helps me a lot
I haven’t been talking to almost anyone now a days, this app helps me get to meet new and funny people man. but… usually there is a glitch where if you were to connect to a station it would freeze the entire app until you leave and it won’t go away. There should be a Mute option to mute specific people in the chat!! some people like to be weird and blow on their mics, so muting people would be a good idea.
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4 years ago, 💎Emzie💎
Good but suggestion
This app is good. Once you figure out how to use it (which only takes a few minutes at most) it is incredibly easy to navigate. But there should be a way to get a private channel. There should be a way to create a channel and a password for it. If you enter the password in the menu, you can enter the channel. Other than that, this app is fun and easy to use, so it gets 5 stars.
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2 years ago, disyiyis
Massive upgrades
Since my last time using this app there has been many improvements added but the one that stands out the most is being able to have a profile. Love the new updates. They add so much character and I’ve noticed people stay in a call longer then before and will actually have conversations.
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4 days ago, Sprinkles106050
I tried to use this app as a 12 year old, but it didn’t work because it’s actually used for 13 and older so wouldn’t recommend using this app so whoever made this app I generally think that you should change the age to 12 year old and older so I hope that you change everything now or you will never ever ever be hearing from this phone ever again and by the way this app is actually like trash and also I tried this and it McDonald’s and it didn’t work because I had my friends use this app and it did not work on them either so try and fix it now!
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5 years ago, Ooga Booga hehe
One day I was having a vsco sleep over with my friends and we were getting supplies for our trampoline but all the sudden le monkey appeared and was almost about to eat all of our food but then out of no where peppa came out of the chocolate we had in our hands and gave me a phone with this app in it I clicked on it and spoke I was instantly connected with all of friends and that’s why I recommend this app
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5 years ago, Phoenix_Gaming
5 stars but a bug
So my friend told me this app to prank my friend by pretending to be a random dude. Some of the usual stuff on my part because I’m a prankster gangster but anyways, I went to try and it worked. But after that it didn’t work saying “error 404” and if it did work I wouldn’t be able to talk. Please fix this. Honestly this is a great app but it would be better if you guys could fix that bug.
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1 year ago, Secret2004
Needs better data protection and moderation
I loved this app until this creep, who was frustrated I wouldn’t give him info about myself, went and found my legal name out of nowhere. It was nowhere on my profile, and I haven’t given him any info that could’ve led him to find it. He somehow found it through your app. I was lucky that I had a very common name, but that could’ve gone so much worse. Majority of your users are underaged children and you need to take accountability and enforce an age limit and protect the user data better to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.
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4 years ago, Ihascupquake and red
My dad and I were checking this app out because we are going on a cruise soon and we won’t be able to get service. We were trying to test it without WiFi so I say that you should change it to where you don’t need WiFi. Then my dad and I said maybe we can just have it on at all time and if I need to tell him something I’ll tell him through there. So we kept it on and then a couple minutes later there was a little Indian kid asking for our social security. NOT COOL! We got annoyed and deleted the app because we realized it wasn’t saved. You should have a lock so it can be more private.
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3 months ago, Jackie Robinson 173
World Chat!!
I like the application of Real World chats! I didn’t realize it was just a younger crowd using honestly? I’m liking the old school tech feel meets new age communication… Great find on this one. I would like to see a diverse chat room feel like going to a different bar room telling new and old knowledge. God friendly atmosphere with Kids and future of the younger generation at heart….
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5 years ago, iamfrank904
Reviewing with 5 stars for color change
Yes so I guess this thing can't let you choose your color unless you write a five star review so I just clicked on this and hit my speech to text button to take down this review and I didn't spellcheck it or read over it afterwards so if you can't understand it that's probably why thank you for reading this review really simple app
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5 years ago, ineedmorecoffee
Needs a minor improvement but great
Needs a way to notify someone you are trying to reach them if they are not currently using the app , other than that , we are able to talk to friends that are an hour away ! So I love that part , but you have to notify them via text to tell them to turn the app on . Would be perfect if it had this option
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4 years ago, somegirl916 on fortnite
Fix this issue please.
with a chance you see this can you please fix your app, It’s saying “error 1” and I went to at least 50 stations and they all said the same, it’s a great app and all, and I want to continue to use it but you have to fix some issues within the app such as stations, because half of them before this problem ever occurred it said “please try again later”. Also to keep the app from kickings out of the station and disconnecting us. Thank you
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5 years ago, #wardenlover
The first thing I did was to be a part of the world 's most trusted travel providers and the other is a great way to get the best out of the way and I have to say that I am not a fan of the most important things to do in the future and the other is a great way to get the best out of the way and I have to say that I am not a fan of the most important things to do in the future and the other is a
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2 years ago, ••Magicnick••
Cool, but little disappointed
So it is a great app for communication and for having fun , and also to chat with people around the world. But for me (idk if its only me) is that after a short while of downloading it, it shows me an error sign or sign that it is full and i can’t reconnect again. Deleted and Re-downloaded again for several times but it shows the same after a while. Let me know what to do about it or how to fix it.
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5 years ago, SKATERGIRL4372
Wonderful realistic walkie talkie
My friend tonight we could channel that we can get a hold of each other were working if we need to make the calls the nice part is you just touch it once you don’t have to hold it down while does make it a lot easier and then touch it when you don’t want to be talking more but you can still hear him five stars
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