WatchChat 2: Chat on Watch

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4.4 (1.9K)
60.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
XAN Software GmbH & Co. KG
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WatchChat 2: Chat on Watch

4.41 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
6 months ago, chepina30.
Futures update
Hi there, I’m using whatchat since 3 days ago and honestly i like, i already pay for it, however I would like to see in others updates more available functions like answer a message when the notification show up without those quick answers
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2 years ago, Melbell248
I love this app
I use WhatsApp all the time to talk to friends, family, & work. The Watch Chat app allows me to use WhatsApp on my Apple Watch like I do on my iPhone instead of just replying like the Apple Watch does without the Watch Chat app. I even paid the one time fee to have all of Watch Chat app features. The only thing that I would like fixed is if I change a contact name in my phone that contact name should change in my Watch Chat app chat list. Also I would like to be able to delete chats in my Watch Chat app chat list. Other then that the app works great and I will continue to use it.
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11 months ago, Steve Mac since 1989
I can see clearly now…
Thanks to this wonderful app WatchChat I can now see all the WhatsApp images that people send to me right on my Apple Watch! And the support has been personal, professional and rapid! It looks like improvements are coming as well! I’ve got the lifetime membership and it’s worth every penny and a lot more! If you are like me and WhatsApp is one of your key apps on your iPhone this WatchChat app is a must! Give it a try at no cost and I’m sure you’ll be convinced. Perfect! It keeps getting better and better. I love this app for my Apple Watch! Steve on 11 August 2023!
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2 years ago, [2027] CHAYOMAN
Worth every penny.
Just need to understand it. But everything works. Watch microphone for audios, old school typing like the ABC. DEF etc. swipe letters like the default for the watch and phone keyboard (asks you to type on your phone) so you got 3 keyboards. The watch mic unlocks once you purchase. It’s 3.99 a year I think and 7.99 one time (lifetime) You can see images sent to you, videos have to download and gifs too. Emoji’s. Everything works. I really like this. Also you can dictate. Took a lot of effort to make this app work.
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1 year ago, Brad13yM
Awesome app!
If you use WhatsApp and have an Apple Watch, you need this app. Not only does it work well, the support is incredible! I had a problem with family sharing and Alex stuck with me until we figured out that Apple had an extra setting that needed to be activated in order to share with the family. Alex even continued to troubleshoot after I offered to buy a second license. He has integrity and customer support that I don’t often expect to find in this realm. Thanks for creating this app!
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2 years ago, uvpruz
My watch
This morning I buy the app for my watch for $8.99 anyways I go on my watch it wasn’t working I email WatchChat and immediately he responds the help and the service he gave was so amazing I wish everyone is like this dude. Besides that it’s the coolest app in the world like for me I’m not always able to be on my phone so I cane now WhatsApp on my watch (which is my most used app) So anyways I totally recommend this app for anyone that needs WhatsApp on their watch!!! Ty again WatchChat dude really appreciate it this guy is a legend!
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2 years ago, Serenarozen
WhatsApp should buy this app
I used the free app for a few weeks and then decided to purchase the lifetime subscription mostly for supporting the developer/s. I just needed to send WhatsApp audios from my Apple Watch, and that’s possible with the free version (not unlimited though). I had an issue, sent an email, and Alex emailed me back within minutes, solving my issue. Now I can load all my contacts, start new chats, see my contact’s names, etc. So worth it!!
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2 years ago, Neeplit
Great app for Whatsapp Apple Watch users
This is THE app for anyone using WhatsApp and an Apple Watch. Apple does not allow for WhatsApp on the Apple Watch and this amazing app bridges that gap. using this app, you will be able to read and respond to WhatsApp messages through WatchChat. I had a glitch when I went to upgrade and Alex responded quickly. I’m so appreciative of the software that I paid to subscribe for a year when I don’t really need the advanced features.
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7 months ago, musickid1220
This is Great for WhatsApp
Hey I don’t normally do reviews but if you ever want to be able to use WhatsApp on your watch, this is the app to download. You can send voice notes, emojis and use text to speech with it. I just paid for the subscription and it works on both my Apple Watches. It’s helpful in the gym to be able to respond to messages without going for my phone , or having it close to the weights. You can also see photos and I believe videos posted in chats as well. Literally the only drawback of this app, is when it comes to viewing statuses, it’s a bit slow in loading the video , in statues only. Just buy the app, the full version lets you chat with unlimited amounts of ppl. The standard one I think only lets you talk with your last four chats.
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3 years ago, apple..n..
problem updating app
so a few days ago there was a problem updating the app so I contacted Customer Service and Alex was so helpful in explaining the problem which was not their fault at all so after a few days the app was up and running again and he took the time to email me and let me know, I was able to update and has been working perfectly fine for me, I suggest if anyone ever runs into an issue to contact CS as they’re very responsive and helpful.
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3 years ago, M@rcos Rangel
Excelent option
I was looking for WhatsApp app to my Apple Watch. I’ve looked for many apps, some with thousands of reviews. WatchChat 2 had lots of good reviews, and even if it was not thousands of reviews they helped me to see that this is the best option. I had problems to make the app run perfectly in the watch, but the support helped me with everything really fast. I would like to recommend it!
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2 years ago, Kingsized123
Support is Everything
Due to no fault of the app, but with apple’s watchOS and PhoneOS update I lost the ability to sync. The watch app mentions that one should contact support, given I tried to sync 4 times. I did so at midnight and received an email with clear instructions on how to fix this in 30 mins. Job done - with over 200 apps installs this is the only one offering such direct and effective support - bravo !
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3 years ago, Jakushi
Must Have App. Great Customer Service!!
So far this is the best app option for connecting WhatsApp to my phone and bridging the gap in communication to my Apple Watch. Had a few glitches as with any app, reached out to the developers and they were surprisingly quick to respond and the problem was solved almost instantly. Excellent communication and Superior Customer Service. Would highly recommend. Continue to improve.
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3 years ago, amandashiew
Changed the way I use my watch
This app has changed the way I use my watch and phone for the better! It’s simple and straightforward to use and has everything I need to access WhatsApp on my wrist. V grateful for Alex and the team for creating this for us. It’s been said before but, it’s worth repeating that their customer service is second to none. Keep it up!
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3 years ago, Trinh Quyen
Great service
The app is working perfectly fine now after Alex(customer service) guided me how to set my WhatsApp application on my phone. I am really really impressed with the service, Alex is really really helpful, responsible and enthusiastic, he responded to my email quickly, and problem solved out, feels like I’m the only customer 😃 Thank you very much!
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1 week ago, J&L2002
Great app & terrific service!
I love this app; been using it since I got my watch 2 years ago. It had always worked great until a recent update. Had an issue. Reached out for help, and had the fix I needed very quickly. Back up and running now! Highly recommend this app for WhatsApp on your Apple Watch.
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3 years ago, kevin lovos
Love the app
Very functional and with my case that I’m on iOS beta 14.5 where I can’t hear vice messages in the phone sometimes but I can hear it in this app . Support has been good and quick to answer my questions . Some issues are ios based and not necessarily the app itself . To be that it’s third party since iOS / WhatsApp has not offered , this does the job
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2 years ago, bibijy
Deleting a message
Hello, I’m new with this app! I’ve installed it yesterday and it seems to be working fine. I get that to enjoy the full features you have to pay the fee but I was wondering two things: 1- is this a lifetime fee? You won’t have to pay for anything ever again? 2- how do you delete a chat message on the watch? I’ve tried sliding both left or right even pressing but nothing seems to work!! Please help!!!!
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2 years ago, m57901616
I’m using the app and it’s pretty durable but i’m wondering if there’s a way i can receive notification on my watch through the app directly not through regular whatsapp as in many time i wanna to reply through voice note after receiving the message directly Thanks In Advance ✌️
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3 years ago, Jiffy2
Great app!
I’ve been using WatchChat for several months. I’ve found it to be extremely functional and reliable. The perfect solution for receiving my messages on the run when my phone is out of reach. It even lets me see photos. I also got a prompt response from the developer when I asked a question. Definitely recommend.
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2 years ago, Proud Child of God
WhatchChat app is awesome!!!
I literally love it and can say I actually need it! I love that I am about to get alerts on my watch, and do not have to wait to pull out my phone to read my messages! And to be able to respond from my watch is another plus!!! The voice to text feature is a PLUS!!!
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3 years ago, furtheralwaysseemsforever
Excellent App
Alex, the developer was eager to ensure my satisfaction with the app. His app is easy to use and solved my problem in a matter of seconds. He responded to my questionnaire and fixed the problem in seconds. It's an overall good app and doesn't cost that much!!!! You can trust when you guy this app. It does what it says it does. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Mortakye
Wish I could use this app to make calls
May 21: Love this app. Have had no issues since installation last month. Giving it 5* because it is WAD. Wish I could use it to call international from my watch at no charge, as with WhatsApp. Would gladly pay an annual subscription for that feature.
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2 years ago, xXFenrir96Xx
Chat update
When I first downloaded this app I was in love with it but now there’s an issue. None of the chat are up to date and it takes forever to load every message and I can only update some of the messages if I’m in the app but as soon as I close the app or the Apple Watch just go out by itself the app stops downloading messages so I’m practically reading messages from months ago.
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3 years ago, Ppaulue
Apple Watch app for What’s app the Best App
I was hesitant but saw the clip on you tube and downloaded the watch app 2 on my phone and Apple Watch series 6. Within minutes I had no results but the Best customer service by Alex via e-mail. The only thing I had to do was restart my phone and watch so they can sync each other via Bluetooth. 3 days free trial I only tried for half a day and bought it on my phone for $2.99 for a year. So far the customer service by Alex ( whichever country he is in ) and the App deserves a 5 plus ratings. Thanks a lot because without What’s App app I had to carry my phone everywhere. Best, Paul S.
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6 months ago, JeremySpokeinClass_
Works well
Not being the official whatsapp app gotta have some barriers from not only from them but from Apple as well. I tried other similar apps but this one is the one the best overall and has great customer service. Worth paying the subs (personal opinion) Thanks.
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2 years ago, roeiboot
There was a definite need for this app. It’s my/our lifeline to my family back in the Netherlands. It is unreal how quick this developer responded to my issue. He had the issue resolved in 2 emails… customer service is in my opinion the most important part of an app. Thanks!!
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3 years ago, Submax65
Updating review
I purchased but the app on watch keeps asking me to pay to unlock messages. I have tried to restore purchase but no luck. Just attempted to purchase a subscription and then I received a message that I had already purchased the app and everything unlocked. Running smoothly now.
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2 years ago, Kingrollo_us
Perfect companion good service
Worked well and shows basic conversations and pics on my watch7. Had some connection issues after i screwed up some settings but received email from Alex within hours with fix.
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2 years ago, MG_85
I got the app a few months ago and it was working great until yesterday and I contacted customer service and Alex right away helped me out. He had clear communication through e-mail. The bug was fixed within hours. I’m so pleased with this app
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6 months ago, Vroom-n
Works as it should
Once in a while a voice to text won’t show up on WhatsApp from this app. I’m not sure why. As long as this $4.99 price doesnt increase it will be ok. If I keep getting asked to leave a review (this is the second time), the rating will keep going down.
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3 years ago, Cedilju
This app is great!!
This app works great!! I loaded it and have used it for a while. Had one issue with it so I messaged the provider and he got back to me with in the hour. Then they let me know how to fix it and it worked. I will recommend this app to everyone!!!
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2 years ago, SilentKiller011
Great customer service
I purchased the add on for this app, and wasn’t working at first. I was able to talk to customer service, turned out to be user error. Any questions, don’t hesitate and contact customer service. Overall great app.
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2 years ago, Iva29z
Works great
At first I had a hard time since the phone would connect to multiple devices but after a few email exchange with Alex, the app works fine Thanks to Alex again for the quick reply
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3 years ago, Conra Kai
Best aap for iWatch what’s up!
I have been using this app for 3 months already, I work up in the mountains and I had have connections issues only 2 times out of the 3 months. I rated 4 ⭐️’s because some times don’t upload the voice messages at the first, but texts mags no problem at all!
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3 years ago, deryadok
The best available option
This is a great option without an official app, the best WhatsApp application for Apple Watch I’ve found :) I just wish we could use the new series 7 keyboard with swiping and all, but still the best at what it does !
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9 months ago, loverlover241
Just need to be able to make and receive calls along with being able to use this app with not having to be connected to your phone.
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2 years ago, MiguelATF
Great App, and a smart & responsive developer
The App is great. It really works. Even better, the developer is intelligent and helpful, and promptly answers even the most trivial questions or requests for Help. Good App + smart Developer = a great iPhone & iWatch app … and a Win for consumers. By the way, this is an unsolicited and honest review.
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3 years ago, gerena4jc
Awesome App! Awesome Support!
I use the app quite a bit and it’s very handy to have for my iwatch. I ran into a small issue and reached out to support and Alex responded very quickly and helped me resolve my issue. If you haven’t tried this app yet, you’re missing out! Thanks Alex for your quick response and support!
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1 year ago, VVoolie
Super easy and works like it should
Very pleased that I can now use WhatsApp via my Apple Watch. Very clean screen, easy to read and very reliable. Notifications are timely, voice to text, everything is great!
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2 years ago, gabs karime
Several issues
Ive have several issues that Alex has been able to fix. He response fairly quick and follows up until the issues is fixed. The app is great. I enjoy it.
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3 years ago, calinef
Instant help 😊
I had a small issue with the app and i sent an email which Alex answered directly and he helped me sort the problem out immediately. Rarely have i ever had any instant help anywhere! It’s great to see some apps really care about the customer’s experience!
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3 years ago, Hil.d99
Great app
Was having a hard time to set up until I updated my phone and watch to the latest iOS and watchOS but after that it worked great. Alex also responded super quickly to my questions. Great app!
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1 year ago, Omran79
Purchased to use with Apple Watch cellular LTE
I purchase in June 2021, and requested developer to provide Watchchat app to use cellular LTE data form Apple Watch directly instead of via IPhone. Initial response was that work is under development but till today no news.I exchanged several email from developer but all weak hope. I have given up hope. The app work good if near phone or on Wi-Fi only.
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3 years ago, zzzzxxzzzxxg
Awesome support!
This app is not perfect but let me tell you if you have a problem contact customer support it is awesome! Definitely try the app too cause IMO it’s the best one of its kind out there so with that and the support it’s definitely a 5* app.
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3 years ago, ovrdrvn
Great App and Responsive Developer
This app makes it very cool minion to communicate with your WhatsApp community. The developer is also very responsive should you have any questions or concerns. I highly suggest buying this as it’s a great value and very useful if you spend time on WhatsApp.
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8 months ago, Juanchito 88
Great app, it takes a bit to sync but is fine I’m unable to write using qwerty, anything I can do? Have the series 6, but with the voice note is more than enough for most cases!
Show more
2 months ago, PYann85
Quality product
Really love this product. Just some minor improvement in connection into the watch
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2 years ago, marquzz
Cant linked with my device
I dont know what the problem is but it is either the barcode not allowing my camers to focus, or my camera is the broken(iphone 14pro, but it seems to focus and work well when i try it to take picture) i tried exiting the whatsapp app and this app from my apple watch but it doesnt seems to work and scan the barcode it provides. Please fix this issues
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1 year ago, natlara114000
Amazing and useful
Being an avid WhatsApp user it was a bummer not to have it on my Apple Watch, this app solves that smoothly and they have great support in case you need help setting it up! 100% recommended
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