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User Reviews for WeChat

4.02 out of 5
71.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Daniel1212112
Great But Lacks Features For Group Management
WeChat is a great all in one social media app, it receives updates often. I have used it since 2016 and I am part of very large group chats (200+) and a group that spans too much. WeChat has everything you could possibly need Ex. Calling a taxi (in China), ordering food (in China), Video games, calls, chatting, and it even basically has Tik Tok inside it. Though it does have some downsides if you manage big groups it is nearly impossible to manage because of the lack of features that other competitors like Discord has. Things that competitors have that WeChat doesn’t include: slow mode, bans, sub chats, more roles, restrictions, etc. Overall it’s a great app that still has much to improve on, I will continue to use it since it is how I connect to all of my school friends and family.
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4 years ago, littleleleo
Blocked accounts no problem
It’s literally the best social media app I’ve used!! Some features I love: message and post translation, deviralization of posts, levels of privacy settings of your posts, invisibility of your comments and likes of your friends’ posts from their friends who you aren’t friends with which also makes your posts’ like counts visible to only you, making stickers with your own pics or vids, easy voice message usage, really high quality video calls (much better than messengers). Most of the low ratings say their accounts got blocked. Actually, the reason of its tough security is that it has many functionalities, such as credit card deposit, wire transfer, scan payment... For those who get blocked: 1. You could set up security accounts (in advance!) so that those friends can easily verify for you; 2. Sometimes you need to have your friends sent verification codes to your wechat, which never failed on me once, so I’m not sure why some reviews couldn’t figure it out; 3. Sometimes it makes you choose your actual wechat friends from a bunch of random accounts which is really easy.
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3 years ago, _maliii
“Suspicious Login”
WeChat has permanently blocked my account due to a “suspicious login” which is “in serious violation” of their terms of use. I am a user in the USA and haven’t used my account for a couple of years now. I live 14 miles away from where I last used my account and tried logging on today. The app was downloaded via iOS App Store obviously and it even gave me the option of resetting my password. The password reset email was in Chinese! I changed my password anyway and tried logging in to the app. All of a sudden, it says I’m permanently blocked! This is ridiculous. You send a help request and nobody answers. And then when you try to unblock yourself, it tells you you’ve tried too many time. I can’t even have a friend verify my account, yet so can make a NEW WeChat. If someone has violated the terms of use, why should they be allowed to have another account? More importantly, what term of use did I violate? Not using the app for three years? I don’t have a VPN on my phone, I used the office iOS app. I feel like they just don’t want users from the USA. I did nothing wrong! I just want someone to tell me what I did to have my account blocked and to unlock it since it has been WRONGFULLY blocked.
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4 years ago, Squeeeeeeeeeeps
This Apps registration requirement is just mind boggling? I have NO problem whatsoever providing a phone number like so many Apps need nowadays...usually you give your number to a trustworthy developer to verify your a real person and they file with the other thousands of users Ph numbers and thats it, no big deal. But for “We Chat” they actually require you to some how randomly contact another user, who is a COMPLETE stranger from who knows were, and ask them to help you finish the registration process? Are you out of your minds? Your crazy and it blows my mind to think other users gave there actual Ph number to a total stranger who could be a hacker...a identity thief...convicted felon....killer...rapist or even worse? HOW CAN THEY EXPECT YOU TO DO SOMETHING SO DANGEROUS for such a common App that doesnt even look that promising or special? Its just SO wreckless and unacceptable and to know that there is even 1 person out that complied is by far 1 person to many? And if something does go wrong and a user is harmed in ANY way, WeChat developers should be be most definitely held responsible for causing it.....NO APP IS WORTH PUTTING YOURSELF IN HARMS WAY PEOPLE? WOW?
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1 year ago, Roses$ForDays
Never Really Used it but the asking for phone number is sus
I didn’t notice until now the Phone Number registration process,was meant for the company to give the phone number to some company that knows how to determine if you’re a scammer or not,but It is Sus,giving out your phone number can potentially give you robo calls,Might be a great way for someone to hack your account,Maybe this is a Trustful company for that but I refuse,to Trust some company I don’t really know & aren’t you Meta? Seeing someone talk about the registration process,I wonder if you really have to make sure someone also confirms your number,not just by the company but someone else too? I’m tired of seeing people from Facebook asking me if I have a WhatsApp & This App is really old news to me,I had it before & it wasn’t even close to connecting more with people,everytime I get asked if I have a What’sApp,I’m not sure if those types of People aka Strangers are going to request more from me when it’s fine on Messenger,just don’t give out any personal information & you’ll be fine.
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2 years ago, Sicvic00
Wow , flash back to the turn of the century, and aol chat rooms
This is a pretty cool app, it’s not corrupt and bombarded with fake or dead accounts catfishers or people playing head games. In fact this app does monitor for bad seeds, or people introducing themselves to me , and two minutes later I’m now addressed as “love” and with no shame at all and in the same sentence, try to hustle me to send or wire them some money so their phone doesn’t get cut off. Wheather I figure it out or not, that’s how easy it is to get taxed. I’m sure a lot of dumb lonely fools fall hard for it. Anyhow, I’ve already been talking to someone within my first few minutes of joining, and and as long as I don’t become unbearably stupid all of a sudden, the brains of some (most) of them is in retrograde, they are dumb as a shack of dirt, all in all 5 stars and 3 thumbs up!
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1 year ago, ZiJin子衿
My favorite app! This app is absolutely amazing!
It‘s interface is incredibly clean and the core features stand out. It's a must have app for communicating and connecting with family and friends, and you can also share your daily life on Moments. Moreover, it offers a wide range of functions. In China, it can almost take care of every aspect of life. From handling business and financial activities, ordering food delivery, playing games, shopping, hassle-free flight check-ins, transferring money to friends, accessing fitness and health data, scheduling doctor appointments, receiving bank statements, paying utility bills, interacting and scheduling services with businesses and government, transportation, reading digital magazines, donating to charitable organizations, and integrating with other apps... you name it, this app does it all!
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5 years ago, Dannikensss
Used to love but Customer Support is horrible
I have friends that live in various parts of the world and I loved using this app to communicate with them. I went on a trip to visit said friends, resulting in no need for use of the app since I was there, in person with them. My account goes inactive since I wasn’t using it for a few weeks and when I come back to sign on, it gives me an error message saying my account may have been “hijacked” or disabled for inactivity and I have to get another user to unblock my account. It gives me instructions on how the friend can unblock me so I find an alternative way to communicate with them to do so, but when they follow the given steps, it does not work. I have submitted multiple support tickets for MONTHS for help resolving this and no one has gotten back to me. Not even a confirmation email that the ticket was received. The only reason I don’t trash this app is that I have important information in the messages that I’d at least like to get back to. If I should ever get any freaking help. Horrible service.
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2 years ago, JulietteArien
Worst Application I ever worked with!
Each time they update a new version, not only any malfunctions do not fixed, it’s performance gets worse! Please stop developing and kill this app forever! - There’s no syncing whatsoever. I must work with this app because of my job. And I have it on my Cellphone and laptop. If I receive and open a message on my phone, next time I open it on my laptop, it won’t be there. Despite that I activated the sync button! And when I’m working on my laptop, and chat with someone, the app on my cellphone shows all my messages as new messages! - And don’t get me start with file system. To see a glance of how an app could be garbage, try to open it. Each time It takes like three attempts or more to open the app. And it’s not like the 3rd time it will open nice and easy. I must wait like 30 seconds to pass the opening page and the like another 30 seconds or more to loading!!! Please kill it and let the people use a real app!
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2 years ago, jnnfdhbkeibdcbgjgckbkjg&nfjcj
Not Very good customer service
I personally have been using this app for about a few years (mostly because the rest of my family live in China), lots of people are saying that they are getting banned for “violating” the rules when they are just using the English version. I mean, I don’t know what it’s like to get banned but I can tell it is pretty horrible from the reviews. If you didn’t want people from other States other then China, just don’t put it smack in the middle of the App Store where everyone can see this app. I have many complaints about this app other than the unfairness. One, is that when I open the app, I have to stare into the abyss of the screen and wait for the intro screen to go away. And if you are reading this Chinese government, I hope you can AT LEAST let other people from different states use this app? The people from other states did nothing wrong soo yeah.
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5 years ago, wechat-funuser
Security, but why? Location modify feature please
I understand the security aspects of Wechat and really appreciate that, but for someone who is using Wechat for fun this has become useless. Anyone who is using Wechat have an option to secure their own account, the platform should only provide controls but it should be left to the individual to secure their own account. There is no point for the platform to deny someone access and lock them out of their account because they send too many friends requests or someone marks the account as spam. The platform can rate limit the requests. Also, it will be great to provide an option to set location and search for friends elsewhere. That will be great.
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2 years ago, mixtar_kay
My Review
The App is good but the way they block and ban people with the English version is so uncalled for. This minute your account is on and the next minute you gets a notification that your account has been banned for violations that you never committed. If the developers doesn’t want foreign users and wants only Chinese mainland users then they should take it off the Playstore and AppStore. The way foreign users are treated is not right. The English version for foreigners has lesser features compare to the Chinese Mainland users and yet foreigners get banned unjustly. If you don’t want foreign users then you shouldn’t bother creating an English version of it.. It is a software and it should be made easier for everyone to use.
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6 years ago, BYM35145664
Broke a Working Function; Horrible New Interface
Not all of my subscriptions are equally pressing for me to read, so now I have this cumbersome extra step of having to click on the dropdown menu in order to get to the old view of my subscriptions in order to see which ones I currently want to look at. Maybe the subscriptions message folder is useful for some people, but now it just makes me not want to use subscriptions. At least make it optional, or give us the choice of whether to view the old view or the messages view first please. As for the new interface it is way too white, and there is not enough contrast. The update says it’s supposed to be more intuitive and easier to use but now it’s actually harder to navigate because of the color scheme used for all the sections. Also, there is so much wasted space in the margins around messages and text, and everything looks so spaced out (not condensed) which is frustrating. DO NOT UPDATE.
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1 month ago, User caution
WeChat is a great app but always remember
This software was developed by the CCP. It’s difficult to sometimes remember that, but this is a command and control program in addition to a lifestyle program. It’s basically a mandatory program if you want to live work or really vacation for any long period of time in China, however be advised that you communicate anywhere you go anyone you pay money to every bit of that is logged by the Chinese government. This is not a luxury. This is a must have application and program you need to master when doing business in China just use with caution never ever forget who wrote the program and who owns the servers that collect and log this data forever.
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4 years ago, popeyesdobetteryourappsucks
Thank you WeChat and support Asian owned businesses
WeChat helps connect people from all over the world, most commonly Chinese Americans to their homeland. We already face a lot of racism and xenophobia so imagine the biggest app that connect us to our family from somewhere else in the world, gone. And look at all the racists here giving it a one star (someone really called the WeChat app developers “zipper heads”)🤦‍♀️ super disappointed and sad as an Asian American. We will never be accepted here and Trump has made that clear since the start of his Presidency and even more within these past few months. And non Asians here have done the same. To all my Asians, please stay safe and let’s try our best to stay positive
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4 years ago, Kurotsubasa
Only way to stay connected
I have been using this app since 2012, and it reconnected me with my friends from middle school, family members I weren’t able to talk to for years. I can send messages or do video calls. Wechat has been the only thing connecting the two continents, and I’m truly grateful. I will probably lose connection with my dying grandparents and many lasting friendships, but I chose to love and not hate. I am thankful for the times I got to see my distant family face to face, and I truly pray that there will be alternative ways for me to stay in touch these friends and family members - because for immigrates, it is a lonely world which westerners can not understand. I thank all Chinese immigrants for your sacrifice.
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4 years ago, Who was blocked
Blocked people whenever they like
I used wechat for two years. I didn’t use it very often. Most of time I read those messages in some groups. I didn’t post anything on my board. And it asked me to enter my password again because previous login expired. I didn’t enter the right one at the first time. Second time I typed the right password. Guess what? My account was blocked. Only once wrong password caused that my account was blocked due to suspicious login. And I’m on the same devise and same ip as usual. And the problem is I don’t have friends who used wechat over six months, no one can helps me unblock my account. And it requires not only a person to help you unblock your account and people who help you must use wechat over 6 months and didn’t unblock for others for a month. It’s really ridiculous. And no one answered my phone when I called customer service numbers. If you solved the problem, I will change my rate and review.
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4 years ago, AL1101
Completely Awesome!
This app is awesome, and there’s nothing wrong with it. You can play almost all the games in the world on it, talk to your friends and family, as well as call them. You can also use it like PayPal, and you can post a lot thing so all of your friends can see. I know a lot of the reviews are saying their account was blocked for no reason, but that’s not true. You might’ve been blocked for saying something that’s political related in China or something. They keep a closer watch on those people who doesn’t have chinese phone numbers. Or sometimes they block your account when they see that you have a different phone number that’s not from China. I hope this helps you guys. :D
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3 years ago, Ticket giver
Unable to proceed
I wanted to try WeChat to see what it was all about. I try to sign up and it won’t let me past the verification part unless I have someone who uses WeChat help verify. To me this absolutely stupid if I never heard of this app before. I’m not going to go around on social media or any other means trying to find someone who uses the app just to help me verify. In a way I’m disappointed cause I enjoy trying new apps that allow you to communicate with new people, until I find out the app has nothing but bots and scammers. I unfortunately will never know if this app is actually real or not cause of the stupid verification process that I am unable to do. So with that being said I give this app a 1 star. If something can change with the verification process where I’m able to move forward and explore the app more then I can write a new review with a possible better rating.
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3 years ago, CorruptedGaming
I don’t understand why they decided to make it so that you can’t connect things like you email to your account from a device other than your phone, this has caused me several problems as I can’t log into my account from my phone as I got a new one recently and had my phone number changed and completely forgot my password this part was on me and I will admit I am partially at fault as I didn’t take the proper precautions before, but I thought it would be no big deal as I can just connect my email to the account from my ipad to login as I was still signed into the account on there, now I’m just left disappointed and annoyed as I can’t reset the password to my account or connect my email. I honestly think this should be changed as it makes no sense for me not to be able to connect my email from my ipad or other devices other than my phone.
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5 years ago, Sapphire a
Account blocked due to “suspicious activity”
I made a WeChat account yesterday. I set a profile picture, downloaded some of the cute stickers, and that’s it. I didn’t do anything else in the app. This morning when I try to log in, it says my account is blocked due to suspicious activity. I’m like “ok...I guess I can request for it to be unblocked.” So I go through this lengthy process to unblock my account which, mind you, should never have been blocked in the first place. Then I get to the step where the only way to unblock it is through a friend on WeChat who has made an account over 6 months ago. Well guess what? I DON’T HAVE ONE. I made an account about a year earlier and the same thing happened then. My account was blocked when I hadn’t even used it. I wasted my time trying to unblock the account. I ended up deleting the app then, and I’ll be deleting it again right now.
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5 years ago, maddygb
Touchy Security and virtually IMPOSSIBLE to recover account
I downloaded this app in order to communicate with a group for college. I downloaded the app, created an account. Everything worked fine. The second time I opened the app THAT VERY SAME DAY it had logged me out, and when I tried to sign in, a message popped up saying my account had been deactivated due to suspicious registration. Of course, the only way to recover your account is to have another WeChat who has had an account for at least a month verify your identity, but I didn’t know anyone else at the time who had used the app long enough to verify me. THERE NO EMAIL RECOVERY OPTION. And, since you have to enter your phone number, not your email, to create an account, it is impossible to create another account if you get locked out of your old one (you can create a new email address, but you only have one phone number). Customer service WILL MOT ANSWER. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. TERRIBLE APP.
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2 years ago, ferozpuri
Serious privacy concerns
It’s no wonder that they’re still not using end-to-end chat encryption or 2FA for user account security. This app is basically used by the authorities (tankies) to track user activity, posts, comments, location and even sensitive information to monitor users who may have said or done something inappropriate with regards to their disciplinary actions (if you can catch my drift). There’s some evidence of data leak which shows that WeChat is being used by the authorities to track users down to collect information on their Covid status via their location and app usage records. I would ONLY use this app because its the only widely used service in Mainland China. But be careful over what you share with others in your chats because they watch your content for “inappropriate” stuff.
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5 years ago, yaaroti
wecrap, poor coding at it's finest.
The app locked me out for suspicious activity, I wasn't in the app, I didn't have the app open, how is that suspicious? Is it because I'm not using their app 24/7, perhaps it's because I'm not from it's country of origin? Nah, it comes down to just good old fashion poor coding, something universal. In what little time I was on the app I found it to be clean and some interesting features. I just didn't have time to make friends on it, so I'm locked out with zero way back in. How about the developer try that in reverse? Make it so you have to have friends to register, that way I don't waste my time on such a poorly designed poorly coded back end system, which I could just be using the book of faces for that. There are other apps out there that don't have the problem, I'm sure there are apps that are worse than this. Save your time, find some other way to message each other.
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3 years ago, Chauhan88383
Good luck getting any support
Call functionality is decent but that’s not what I’m going to talk about. I forgot my password to my account. That account has a random unknown number linked to it. Which it could be my fault. it also has no emails linked to it. I could accept some accountability for that but what is upsetting is that there’s no way to contact support. The official website didn’t have a phone number listed nor had a chat function. The chat function part can be left out but any basic company would have a phone number to contact for any support. Let alone Tencent whose company worth is $134 billion. Basically if you’re in the US and you need some support, you’re screwed. This is completely unacceptable. If a small business can have a phone number, a multibillion dollar conglomerate should also have a number.
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5 years ago, Recent on
Losing the ability to actually help
Created a new account last night. Added family members as friends. Noticed it got blocked this morning. Followed the steps to unblock it, requested help from family and friends. Nothing worked. I sent requests to 3 of my family members, which 2 of them for sure didn’t work due to phone numbers being in a different country. What disappointed me the most, was my mother’s, my MOTHER’S phone number. It’s the exact same region as mine! But what did your team say to my mom? “You have already reached the limit of times of helping friends unblock their accounts.” And then second time, “You do not meet the requirements to unblock this account.” After those three accounts, I tried to request it one more time, but it kept on stalling to load the option, it didn’t want to load again. I also like to ask, What in the world type of suspicious activity did my account end up doing? All the agreements were secure, and the app itself doesn’t agree with it? This is a complete disappointment! I’m not the only one experiencing this. Look at the older reviews written this year. Many new users out there are complaining about the same situation. You’re going further away from 5 stars. Please fix this issue before more negative ratings come.
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7 years ago, Edjkdhekgjwgej
Must press space!?!
WeChat is very good and easy to use, however, when I type a message to my friend, I want to change change a line to make it clearer for my friend to see. But everytime, there's no change line button, at that place, there said send instead of enter (change line). Then, some time later, I figure out that you need to press space until it's end of the line then type. It's very tiring for me and sometimes, one message contains 113 spaces just for changing my line, I was so tired at that time so please replace the send button to a enter button instead. And the send button can be beside the ··· button. Thanks! I hope this change in the future!
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8 months ago, da man Harry
Easy to use, but oh my the optimization is BAD!
In my honest opinion I think Discord is miles ahead of WeChat in terms of optimization, but too bad people in China doesn’t use it! Every message, video, and file, and I do mean literally everything you send, is stored locally on your device and not in Tencent servers. This means that a few files and power points sent back and forth with your friend and colleagues will ALL get stored in your system memory unless you manually clear them. My phone currently sits at 3+GB thanks to that, and I can’t easily clear out the files in case I need it! This also means chat history isn’t synced across devices because the WeChat servers doesn’t have a copy of it. Annoying to say the least.
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1 year ago, Fidojekejemrmne
为什么 why
I’ll write this message in both English and Chinese so you can understand me better. Why did you remove the ability to see new videos? I can only see videos from people who I follow, and my friends. I understand that people with a Chinese phone number still have this ability. It’s very upsetting. I’m an American and I am trying to learn your culture, this was an amazing tool, taken away from me. I used to use wechat all day, but now it’s meaningless. I can use iMessage instead if I want to text my friends. Now the only thing WeChat has exclusively is their stickers. You’ve ruined the WeChat experience for all foreigners. I pray you will change it back very soon. 我会用英语和中文写这条讯息,这样你就能更好地理解我。 你为什么取消了观看新影片的功能? 我只能看到我关注的人和我的朋友的影片。 我知道拥有中国电话号码的人仍然有这种能力。 这非常令人不安。 我是一个美国人,我正在努力学习你的文化,这是一个了不起的工具,从我身上夺走了。 我以前整天都在用微信,但现在它毫无意义了。 如果我想给朋友发简讯,我可以改用iMessage资讯。 现在,微信唯一独家拥有的是他们的贴纸。 你毁了所有外国人的微信体验。 我祈祷你很快就会把它改回来。
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4 years ago, GamerEric
Not a review
This is my first app review. I am not writing to rate the app. It doesn’t need it anymore. It will be removed from the store tomorrow, according to the news. Wechat is the place for me to keep connected to my Chinese friends overseas and back home. Now all of us are forced to look for other apps as alternatives. None has been found to be equivalent to Wechat. COV-19 has already created difficulties in physically visiting China. Will we be able to resume normal Sino-US travel soon? I don’t know. Now the virtual connection will be affected with Wechat removed from the store. Tencent, when you update the app every time in the future, keep in mind that there are users in US.
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7 years ago, Kami Shelene
Blocked my account after one day of use, even though I had a valid phone number and only added one friend starting out. From what I’ve read online and talking to others, this is a common occurrence. It’s a shame because I liked this app. I tried contacting support but had no response in a week. All there support forms are broken on there website, so you can’t even fill anything out to try unblocking your account yourself. People who do have accounts are never “verified” by there terms, so they can’t verify your account as another way to unblock. It seems they only have an interest in up-keeping this app for China use, where they are based, so I don’t understand why they are trying to distribute it anywhere else when no one can get accounts nor any help! Never have I seen an app be this disastrous just for a chat app. It’s frustrating and ridiculous.
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12 months ago, laser rainbow❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
Awesome but a few things
Wechat is a super crazy useful app, and if you live in China it’s one of the only forms of payment. You can use chats, calling, stickers, moments, videos, and even customize your ringtone. The login method is kind of a pain (i had to solve 6 captchas) but once you’re in it’s completely worth it. It’s like Facebook, instagram, twitter, Snapchat, messages, and TikTok rolled into one. One thing I would suggest is adding widgets for the Home Screen so you don’t have to manually find the app in your screen and can just open it from the widgets. That’s probably all I have for now. Get wechat!
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3 years ago, NazarethB
Group chat tab please!!!
WeChat is a fundamental part of life in China, as are WeChat groups. There’s a group for everything!! That being said your chats seem to be polluted by a constant inflow of group messages, even if you’ve silenced the group chat it automatically goes to the top of the chat list when there are new messages and other conversations get pushed down causing you to miss messages. I really do wish that there was tabs for chats and groups and both tabs had the sticky on top function so that even on the group tab you could have your work group on top. This would make WeChat so much more functional as a work and social tool.
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6 months ago, gordonbai
Losing a time frame of files sent to other account
When I sent some files to my other account once, after I checked in on it on my other account in about one or two weeks, I found out that there was nothing there, like someone else used my account so these files wouldn’t show here again. This has already happened several times. It also said that I had to type in my password again, which doesn’t usually happen. Even after I changed the password, the same thing happened again. I also checked the place where it shows which devices used the accounts. All are normal, as I know. Please fix this annoying bug!
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4 years ago, 7SecondGoldFish
Terrible on iPad simultaneous login
This review is strictly on wechat for iPad. I love wechat on phones. However, since I use it both on phone and iPad, I found the iPad chat functionality extremely unpredictable. Only fewer than 1/3 of the chats show up on iPad. If I don’t look at my phone, I won’t even know how many messages are missing. If I’m on the iPad when a chat message comes in, iPad will show the notification at the top. If I click on the notification, it doesn’t take me to the chat and that message will not show up in the chat. I can’t figure out a pattern of when a chat message will show on the iPad. The only consistent time is probably when I’m actively chatting with someone, then I get all messages in this particular chat on iPad. But not for other chats. Please fix this!
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2 years ago, suzut8964
CN Government randomly blocks users registered with foreign phone number
Compared to telegram, this app is just too large in size and slow in function. Also, you are under surveillance when you are using it. Might not be a problem for a user for non-Chinese users since you may never go to China anyway. For my Chinese friends, they are having a hard time with it. Police might find you when they monitored you saying something they don’t want to hear. Also, FOREIGN NUMBERS GET BANNED FOR NO REASON. Registered successfully somehow but got banned the next day, same thing happened when I switched to my second phone number. When I was registering with my third number (about 10 months later on another device), I am not allowed to register. And finally I’m here leaving a comment…:(
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4 years ago, QGAO
A feature I would like to see in Wechat
Wechat is a good product. It’s very easy to use. Some of my relatives in their 80s are using Wechat on daily basis. One feature I have been wishing for is to allow a user to blacklist certain people in same Wechat group. One trouble I am experiencing is that there are members in a group keep posting disturbing info. I do not want to quit the group (could be a family group or a high school classmate group) just because one or couple of person. I don’t want to argue with them either. I wish there is a feature allowing me to make posts from these folks invisible to me, unless they directly address me.
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5 years ago, DJ FREQUENCY K
Love this app!!
I am a American guy who travels a lot throughout Asia and this is mostly used by the Asian community so it makes it very easy to connect with new friends! It’s super easy to use and it never has any issues in the 10 years that I’ve been using it. TO THE DEVELOPERS!! I do have a suggestion for you! How about some page themes so people can change the color and customize the look of their WeChat? Of course you charge money for this but I think it will increase overall revenue and give people a more personalized feel for the app which, will in turn, boost the app usage! Just a thought :)
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4 years ago, Wendy2333333
Can we get the dark mode theme soon?
I really like this app and I’ve been using it for 6 or 7 years now. It’s really easy to use and it has a lot useful features. However, I really would like a dark mode theme so that when I use the app at night , it wouldn’t be that bright. Also, I am wondering if we can customize the chat bubble color, I mean the green is fine and it is the iconic color of wechat, but if we can have the option to customize it, that will be great. It doesn’t have to be really fancy, just some simple basic colors that will be fine. And thank you for making this app great!
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5 years ago, Jingzz
Can we pin the content in one group?
Wechat has been nice and easy to use for the past few years. I just wish there could be some parity functionality as slack to pin some content in one channel/group instead of saving them all in one favorite place and soon be buried by the next content. Also as there r more and more groups available, they always pop up to the top. If we can fold them into one bigger group like nested group function, it would help a lot for the user’s day to day experience. Hope some product manager from wechat could consider this.
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3 years ago, instant loss
2 stars
Does what is claims to do, but quality is poor. If you send a photo, by default it is low quality. Selfie camera is broken—it sends mirror images. File transfer is poor. Very conservative limit on file size, and it often is not downloadable if the receiver doesn’t download it quickly. Translation is extremely poor—it gives insight to how uneducated Chinese people are when it comes to English. Recently the app asks me to verify my identity even though my passport is already registered to my account. Since the payment function depends on ID verification and the ID verification is broken, now I cannot use WeChat to pay for things. A typical all around low-quality Chinese app with lots of oversights. Please fix.
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1 year ago, WillingCandy5
The worst social media app I have ever used
WeChat ranks as arguably the worst social media app known to humanity. From the very first page, the app specializes in frustrating users at every turn. The verification process is cumbersome and God help you if you don't have someone to verify you. In fact, sometimes even if you use a legitimate registered phone number, it would bring up an error message saying "This phone number is invalid". After verification, it gets even worse, you are restricted from adding a decent number of contacts in a short time and can be banned for any arbitrary reason. The ban cannot even be appealed. This app is terrible and the only thing going for it is that it has a monopoly on business with vendors in its home country. It's an awful app.
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3 years ago, Charmanderik
Best messaging and social networking app
So glad to have tried this. Now it’s my only social networking app. It has great privacy features and actually does NOT spy on your like Fartbook or others. Love the recall function whereby you can recant in private or group chat within 2 minutes of posting. Also love the privacy-respecting Moments feature where your posts are only visible to your friends by default. Simply the best messaging and social networking app by far! Just wish we could use the Pay feature here in the States.
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9 months ago, China col
Hard to imagine life without WeChat
I’ve lived in China since the pre-WeChat era and after moving here had to get used to a new way lifestyle but after the dawn of smart tech came WeChat. For work it became part of our marketing strategy, for life it connected so many of the dots together. Money, travel, social networking, shopping and so much more, almost everything is all in one place and it’s become an indispensable tool for life here and when I travel to other countries I’m amazed at how behind the technological curve they are.
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4 years ago, Martainthesun
WeChat blocked my account for several months
Just like a previous comment, my account was mysteriously blocked for no apparent reason for 7 months after years of using the account. Despite having contacts in China verify my account, the recovery process was circular and useless; whatever prompt they gave me to follow always brought me back to another prompt and another prompt and then rejection. Was never given any explanation as to why this happened. If it was a bug, I hope developers are more sensitive to fixing them promptly and creating a way for users to reach out to an IT representative who can help them instead of a robot . Very frustrating. I really missed communicating with a dear friend in China while I couldn’t sign in
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5 years ago, cynthiam25
Security is too sensitive
I have had to unlock my account several times because of the new security changes. I use this app for work with clients over seas and it’s starting to make me loose business. I can’t access anything once I get locked out. If I try to log into my laptop it says there is suspicious activity. It locks me out all the time and now I have reached my Max account verification. I tried to get people to unlock it with the help a friend unlock the account and they all can’t do it because they get an alert that says they reached the max to help a friend. Then they get locked out because of suspicious activities. This is a horrible security development and should be changed ASAP because they will start to loose business. I wish I Can add pics to show proof of what I have to deal with.
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5 years ago, addysonnn
The app is good but it’s blocked me for no reason.
So yesterday I made an account on WeChat and all I did was use one of their mini programs (the one that enhances quality, idk what it’s called) and that’s it! Then today I go to open up the app and it tells me my account is blocked due to “suspicious activity” I’m like ok?? so it tells me I can unblock it so I go through this lengthy process to unblock it and after all that it tells me I have to have a friend who’s been on WeChat for 6 months unblock my account, guess what? I DONT HAVE ONE. This is absolutely ridiculous, I haven’t done anything suspicious on the account and I’ll be deleting the app now. Maybe in the future I’ll try again if you guys ever fix the issues clearly running through this app.
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4 years ago, 2Orange - Macbook air
Wish to give it 10 stars
It is a shame that Trump Administration decided to kill this app. It only demonstrates how convenient and powerful it truly is. I wish the order could be reversed, because building another wall on Internet is a Shame in US history. I just cannot believe I am seeing this in 2020. This is like seeing Trump’s coronation in US. The app collects information just like all other apps we are using daily, goolge, Facebook, snapchat, and the only thing that made it getting banned is Greedy from a President who wants to get voted by promoting hatred against Chinese.
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5 years ago, Cheechips
(Update!)Unable to use the app anymore
(Now that I’ve written the review, I tried again and strange enough it works... still no explanation as to why this happened to me in the first place)This app checked all the boxes and all my friends use it but everything went downhill when I changed phones. I couldn’t recover my old account and WeChat prevents me from making a new one. I just get some cryptic message about “suspicious registration” and I can’t reach out to WeChat, there’s no information about my issue anywhere.. it is ridiculous. I’m at a point now where I can only talk to those with iPhones since it’ll cost way too much to text those without
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4 years ago, Annie244466666
I am a second generation Chinese American. During the Coronavirus pandemic and the recent looting, Wechat served as a platform of giving away misleading news to the Chinese community. The information presented on Wechat news are exaggerated with the purpose of gaining views from its readers. With the inaccurate information, the Asian (specifically Chinese) who use Wechat as their main information provider are put in the state of anxiety and terror. My mother also fell victim to Wechat’s news. Other second generation Chinese Americans can probably relate to me. Due to the misleading information on the app, many of our parents were convinced to buy guns. There should be an authority figure to monitor the news that app users post to guarantee the authenticity of the information.
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