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User Reviews for WeChat

0 out of 5
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1 year ago, e.vars
The desktop version of the app has all sorts of bugs. Pictures sent in messges can't be opened and videos play audio but not video. The app crashes regularly. Some improvements have been made like being able to translate messages and post things on Moments.
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1 year ago, AppleSapien
Needs some fine-tuning
They keep fixing bugs, which is great, but the Mac app needs more than that. For example, when restarting the computer, logins do not persist. This is a personal Mac, so I'd like it to stay logged in. Also, even when phone and Mac are on the same Wi-Fi, it doesn't always sync your whole chat history. If it syncs over our personal Wi-Fi, that's no stress on Tencent's servers. The Mac app is great though, in that it makes the different features easier to use and having sync to PC is great. Finally, I'm grateful that there's an easy solution to chat with Chinese people. It helps me to improve my Chinese and I love my friends.
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3 years ago, Aldaro Nightfrost
Unstable and a lackluster experience
The mobile version is alright (a lot of features that make it stand out) but this feels like a step in the wrong direction. As another reviewer stated, scrolling back up through feeds, or old content causes the app to crash, but the worst problem has to do with messages failing to send (even those without attachments or links to external content). In short, the extra features seem cool, but the app is just buggy, and its core feature seems to be poorly implemented. If you're looking for a solid messaging app on desktop, look elsewhere; hopefully this improves, but for now, my experience has been pretty bad.
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7 years ago, NFSKing
Cannot send images when specified a color profile for screen
This bug bothered me a very long time, and recently I found the reason. When screen color profile is at default (Color LCD), everything works fine. But if there was another color profile had been specified to screen in system display settings, then no image can be sent out. I cannot find any other place to submit this bug to the developer, so I can only submit it here, hope the developer can see it and solve it ASAP.
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3 years ago, WillrzWei
Just Pathetic
As a Chinese, Wechat is a big part of my every-day communication. I downloaded it for mac but it is just awful. There are so many functions available on the phone version that are not on here. The newly added explore page or (”朋友圈“ in Chinese) is plain terrible. It crashes the app if you scroll back to the feed from days ago. The app needs a lot of improvement.
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4 years ago, aaron dar
Great, but needs some updates.
The app itself is great, and the system works well. Bur it needs to have some changes for PC version. One change is that you could read Moments,and also send voice mail. It also needs other things like group voice chats and the abilty to take Red Packets. This app is great!
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4 years ago, dypp2012
Why cannot sync the voice messages?
I have trouble syncing the voice messages when I logged into my MacBook Pro. Is it because of the computer or the wechat version? I checked it is the version up to date. Can anyone tell me what is the problem? I used to be able to send and receive voice messages. Why cannot send anymore with computer?
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1 year ago, Kinsley1320
Unable to unblock my account
So, i have just recently registered for a new account since my last account have had some problem. However, my new account have been working pretty find fo about two or three days. But then for some ridiculous reason my account have been block due to something I didn't even do. So now not only is my account being block. I can't even contact their customer service!!!!!
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11 months ago, Leon HLT
Convenient to use
It's convenient for chatting on the laptop while keeping the messages synked on the phone. The app also has other functions as the cell phone version.
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6 years ago, Manhattan Beach, CA
Jeffery Streader
This application is as good as anyr chat and communication product in the world. Although WhatsApp has details on when the text is read, WeChat has an outstanding features inlcuding Search, People Nearby, WeChat Pay, WeChat news and more. A must for China and increasingly more viable for the world.
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7 years ago, Zchiniphone
The WeChat on Mac pro are bad
From the very beginning, the weChat on computer had all kinds of problem, it has no moments, first of all, it lost conversations, that’s the second one. Now, it lost connections of any link on intenet. any link!!!!!!! If you keep this version of weChat, please do a decent job. Don’t play games, When promote the product saying, it can be used on different plateform. When users really get into the computer version, it is just a handicaped version. Please be professional!!!!
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3 years ago, 朵朵🌸🌼
Great, but need some improvements
From past few months, the mac version of Wechat has improved significantly and added more and more functions making it more similar to the mobile version. Which is awesome👏. However I am not able to add group notice as a 管理员 which bothers me a lot since it is just impossible to do long notices on my mobile. It is also inconvinient not able to change my group name on mac. Hope these functions can be added.
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7 years ago, Jar Jar B.
Consumes too much memory
I think it was a recent update that broke WeChat. Previously, even keeping WeChat open for days at end didnt consume so much memory. However, recently after updating it, I found the app to be sluggish. After playing around with it for a while, I realized that it was using up half of my memory when its been kept open for more than a few minutes. This has not happened before and is acting up recently. Please fix this.
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1 year ago, Asianexpat
Need help with Chat file location
Wil update top 5 stars once I get feedback from Developer. I want to store the app and chats along with eevrything else on external storage device instead of local internal storage as I am out of space and need more space. How do I do this?
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1 month ago, hdisojf
why add so many functions?
The strangest app that I've ever met. They keep add functions into this app to make it all-around. It can communicate, take photos, listen to musics, play games and send posts. And as users we can't freely block some of the features. It's no longer an app, but an OS! Why do I need so many gorgeous but inpractical features? Why I can't close some of them, and focus my time on communication via this app?
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5 years ago, AngryPanda0031
Blocked for No Reason
So was using for few weeks and suddenly for no real reason I was blocked for suspicious activity? Huh? Benighn conversation with a girl = suspicious activity? And the way to unlock is another Wechat account users phone number? That is ridiculous. I don't know anyone else. This one girl in China and I'm in the US and only started just chatting so I don't have her number and nor would she trust me with it considering we just met online. Like really?
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4 years ago, 1346789054344
infinite crashes
long-time user and I am so in love with the new security feature that automatically signs me out of my account for no reason whatsoever when im using it. Literally typing a message to someone and and BAM - logout! Then there's the wonderful customer support and total lack of feedback options to submit reports. AWESOME! It such a great feature to keep my account safe with random logouts and make new problems to destroy any value in this app. GENIUS!
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6 months ago, cheetahT
it's getting worst now
alays suddenly being block without any reason. even though a brand new account registered for my dad new phone. just added few people in list without doing anything yet. No text No talk but after 30 min being block. and many friends around me have a same issues, so that we going to use Telegram instead
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6 years ago, 82Grad
Clearly Tencent only begrudginly offers their app for Mac users. Searches for known, confirmed addresses, even in the U.S. result in a big fat ZERO. The WeChat support extension is not recognized by Safari. The required scanning via your phone is the obvious giveaway example of this. So, I will gladly pay TEN TIMES whatever these creeps at Tencent charge for a phone call to my friends in China or any where else on the planet rather than use ther service. Tencent, if you are reading this, FUAWs, comprende?
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2 years ago, oldsheII
under control by Chinese Government
The compnay will block msg between Wechat and weixin under goevernment control. The Tencent separated one social madia App in two: wexin in china and Wechat out of mainland, try to avoid legal liability, but either in China or US, Freedom of Speech are protected under constitution in both countries. So Tencent help Chinese government monitoring people chating on the APP and block the communication technically, Apple store should review the app and take it down.
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3 years ago, Ygg11
Too many bugs
I was happey to see 3.0.1 to suport Moments, which is a big features. But this version has lots of bugs. It crashs frequently, and the momemts and comments could be displayed in wrong places after you click it. terrible experience.
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6 years ago, Piggy Sean
After updating to 2.3.10, the notification sounds for incoming video and voice calls are gone.
After updating to 2.3.10, the notification sounds for incoming video and voice calls are gone. I have enabled notifications in settings but did not help.
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11 months ago, CompanyReviews
Unreliable - Do not use
Our company used this app for messaging. Team members would frequently send each other messages, only to find out the message never came through on the other end. Do not use. Cannot be trusted to actually send and recieve messages. We had to switch to another messaging platform.
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3 years ago, Bonesman13
Critical business app
I work with many clients who's native language is Chinese. This app allows the best way to communicate, send files, photos, translate Eng - Chinese, and so much more. Glad to see it as a desktop app.
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6 years ago, Add me 7902855745
Volume Control Problem
Love the application. However, when I call, the volume of all the other apps on my Mac are lowered. For example, if I am calling someone but still want to listen to music, the music would be very soft. I hope this issue can be solved in the next update. Thank you!
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7 years ago, Dominoeffectdskaj
No group voice or video call in Mac version
The mac version is different with the Windows version. I can’t use group voice call or video call in group chat. The only way to group call is use phone. Pretty inconivence. Hope the update cound make some improvements.
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4 years ago, Chikalakala
Features missing
It’s overall not so bad, but we all know it’s kind of embarassing at this stage! The PC version of WeChat already supported group chat video/audio call but why not in macOS version? I don’t see any potential technical difficulties in this function. That’s super annoying.
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1 year ago, rottie life
Great overall app
Has literally EVERYTHING you need to entertainment and social networking! keeps me and my family connected :D
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5 years ago, KTR66
Advise for users
First of all, I declare that using this software is a last resort. In China, quite a lot of foreign content has been blocked and can only be forced to use Chinese "domestic" software. If you are fortunate enough to have the rest, then as a Chinese citizen, I would like to provide a piece of advice here: Don't touch Chinese products. Software or hardware, you never know what traps are hidden behind them! ! !
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7 years ago, Retusart
Limited Functionality
How is that the app on the computer is less functional than the app on the phone ? I want to search people by tags, should be able to do that easily. I meet people for my business, I tag them, and then later I send messages according to my tags. Now I have to painstakingly do this on my phone. Boring ! I wish China would open up FB
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5 years ago, LycheeG
Consider add moment to this app for MAC. It will make more people want to use this Mac version if the moment feature is added. It will be interesting
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5 years ago, TOPJUNCTION
By far best chat app I've seen - reliable, fast and versatile. Works seemlessly on your mobile device and yout home computer. Many useful functions not seen on other apps.
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3 months ago, Xmay McXmaface
Cannot easily quit the App
The app's design leaves much to be desired. Upon clicking the app icon, locating the quit button or option is not straightforward. I firmly believe that users should have the ability to easily exit an app. However, the developer seems to intentionally complicate this process in contrast to other apps.
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6 years ago, Pete laHache
Crashes as soon as I open it
I used this app with no problems for many months. Then I tried to send someone a video a few days ago and it crashed. Now it crashes everytime I open it. I have deleted and reinstalled several times. I have also shut down my computer and then booted again. Nothing fixes it.
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6 years ago, Donniehaha
can’t add new contact
it always shows that the current version is outdated and I can’t add new contacts within the desktop wechat because of that. however when i go to app store there is no updated version. can we work on this
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6 years ago, Zhewei.Wu1999
Almost perfect!
I wish WeChat Internaitonal can add HOLD TO TALK to send voice messages just like we do on iPhone! Then, if I’m not hoping too much, I hope we may add Moments to Mac version. After these two features been added in the future, WeChat on Mac will be perfect!!! : ) Keep it up.
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5 years ago, 陈柔希Ruby
web edition need improve a lot
Wechat is the best chatting tool in my opinion. None can comparable. I give 4, because the web edition has too much to improve for better performance. Wechat is the best.
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5 years ago, chilaker
This version is SOOOOO bad!
I could not upload files, close pictures after opening them, and switch pictures/videos, etc. All of these can be done nicely in the previous version. Please get the previous version available so we can switch it back until a newer and better version releasing.
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6 years ago, yijiem
Need signin with id and password
I think this is one of the major use cases of the desktop client. When I left my cell phone at home, I need to login through desktop to keep in touch with my family and friends.
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6 years ago, QQQQZZZZZZZ
Can’t close the image once opened
I can’t find the button to close the image once opened…. ————————————————————————————— I see the problem has been quickly fixed, nicely done!
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3 years ago, WinstonNY
Cannot send images on WeChat Mac 无法发图!
it started around 1-2 month ago, tried uninstall and reinstall, cleared storage, nothing changed. I have the parallel windows system in the mac, and the wechat windows still works fine. It should be the Mac App bugs, please fix it asap, it's really inconvinent.
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6 years ago, GoodGoodStudy2018
cannot open posts in safari after using it for some days
When it’s just installed, it can open Safari if I click a post in a group chat or a public channel. But after using it for weeks, it opens the iTerm application rather than the Safari. I am sure it’s a bug. Please fix it!
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7 years ago, elizmand
Does anyone know how I can see someone’s album on the computer? Or if that’s even possible..
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6 years ago, KeNKEnY
Video Chat cannot hear
From a macbook pro to a iphone, the macbook side cannot hear anything from the other side but the iphone can hear it. Same devices are used in facetime and works. We like to use wechat for video chat because we are familiar with the application but it has been disappointed. 电脑跟手机视频的时候,电脑那边没有声音但是手机那边可以听到。同样的电脑和手机用facetime连接交流都没问题。我们喜欢用微信因为我们比较熟悉这款软件但却问题不断,希望可以跟进
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3 years ago, Fredboi018
Logging in
There should be an option to keep us logged in at all times including quitting the app, logging in everytime is really annyoing especially without my phone
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4 months ago, warwwtwxlj
Can the team take the reviews seriously?
The mac version of the wechat has so many bugs. No idea when it will break especially with the small app loading. Can the team take the feedback seriously and work on it?
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11 months ago, Rinaihira
The system sound became very quiet after the voice call.
After I exited WeChat, the system sound returned, and I began searching for the same issue online. It turns out that this problem has been occurring for at least a year. Seriously?
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2 years ago, Louis Lin - Mark
Not that great
This app is great on the iphone, but I found a problom on the mac. Every single time I close my mac, it asks to confirm login on iphone. What? So are you telling me that if I dont have my phone currently on me that means I can't login? I think Wechat should remove this feature for it's bad uses.
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3 years ago, 法国恢复回家
Please fix the bug
I'm using macbook pro M1. when I video call with others, their video will be frozen after 5 sec. Plz note it, and fix it ASAP!!!
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5 years ago, Kingdaddy2000
Ridiculously painful account lock experience
For some reason, their system determined my account was compromised (it wasn't), and I needed to re-verify it but the only way to do so wasn't via sending me a text message, which it did ,but to get another wechat person to verify for me. Ridiculous!
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