WeTalk- WiFi Calls & 2nd Phone

Social Networking
4.5 (2.7K)
56.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
WePhone Apps Inc
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for WeTalk- WiFi Calls & 2nd Phone

4.47 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
7 years ago, 3rajames
Works well.
This app works well as long as you keep it updated. It stopped working for a couple weeks till I found a new version. Then I deleted the old app and installed the new one. And it installed my old numbers and cash available. Nice backup for my cellular phone.
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5 years ago, SenatorV
Nifty phone app for IOS
You can import your legacy number (or call without a traceable number if you're being shifty) and your phone contacts and it's something like $0.01/min for domestic calls when using iOS. Literally, a no brainer. You can refill using your iTunes account and earn credit by looking at 15 second ads for apps that will tell you "your crops are puny" or how you have to smash gems in the Old West whilst playing tennis in a VPN in outer space.
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3 years ago, Miche326
Great second line
The phone app is easy to use and it is not expensive especially if you text more than you talk on the phone. You can change your phone number as often as you would like if you prefer to change your number all the time. Or just keep the same number. Simple app and I love it for my second phone line.
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4 years ago, Nikikeyla
It’s the best app
Before corona started my friend gave me her phone number but I couldn’t call her because I had a tablet and my mom would always says tomorrow but the next day she would say the same thing so I was looking for a app so that I can call her myself and I saw WeTalk when I saw it I downloaded it and I put in my friends phone number and it actually worked. Now I can call her on my own.
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8 months ago, jensenli
I was looking for an app to make international calls, and a lot seemed to attract people with fake reviews. I took a look at several reviews of this one and thought it might work. However, after I added money to the account and tried to make the call (to China), it said the economy call (much cheaper) was not working, I had to use the premium call. What made it worse was the call could not get through, despite the multiple tries. There is no place to apply for the refund. Everyone should avoid this app if you do not want to lose money.
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8 months ago, Shinechimeg
No problem through overseas
I tried in Mongolia during my visit. I called the US and Canada. I didn’t try different countries. I liked that as connected to your Wi-Fi, you can use the app. Even I was calling Mongolian local numbers when I got there. Also I tried in the Incheon airport. This app worked very well. This is my first year experience.
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1 year ago, Chase_P
Almost great
I like the concept for this app though it doesn’t always work - specifically the sms feature. I get only about 50% of the sms’s I should, not sure why half get lost. I tried to contact the seller but the support functionality in the app doesn’t work and no contact details are listed on the website. Also highly annoying. If you read this, please reach out to me directly so we can fix this.
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5 years ago, atashbari
Technical issue, no way to get help
I’ve been occasionally using this app over the past few years. It works fine so far. Today, I experienced an issue (not being able to make any calls), and when tried to get help, couldn’t find any contacts of technical support or customer service. I even tried to give feedback on the app, but got the error message stating that I don’t have a verified email whereas I do. Still having the issue ...
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6 years ago, Stay on Top
WePhone gives you privacy
With this app you don’t have to worry about anyone locating your number or getting into your about because it’s not registered to you also very very affordable to the point it’s so much cheaper then a telephone company also I use my iPad as the phone hold it up to my ear like it the biggest smart phone made!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, alexa1234789abc
It’s a five star but one problem😭
I love this app especially when I can’t call on my phone so the problem is I ran out of credits and I didn’t know what to do so I had to delete the app and ask other people for their phone in my household to call . But amazing app I use it all the time😍🥰❤️
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3 years ago, Crabboil
Love this app
It works seamlessly with my iPad Pro. I use it to call my family in the UK and its a crisp clear connection. It is so easy to use and easy to add additional units. You can also eaarn free coins by watching an add every day and if you do the coins add up. Thanks to the devolopers who made this.
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7 months ago, Orienthomes11
Business plan needed
Please I need a business plan, this app works great but I need a business plan to be able to text multiple people not this personal daily communication I need a business plan please thanks.
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1 year ago, RkellyAuguste
Can’t receive Text Message
The application is great, but there is a small problem, it is often impossible for me to receive text messages, for example yesterday I could not receive a confirmation message from netflix, the last time this was whatsapp, so it is a problem that you should fix as soon as possible in the next update, thank you and good work
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4 years ago, JohnnyWatson
My number doesn’t show
So far, the app is great! Sound quality is great, UI experience is good. But with one drawback: my number doesn’t show on the receiver‘s phone. I’ve noticed this problem a long time ago, back when the latest iPhone OS was 8th. I’ve turned on “using my own number” in the Settings, and then called myself, but the caller’s number is in a different country. I don’t know why. Pls fix this, thank you.
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11 months ago, oga benze
Can’t access any number even after recharging
I recharged in my this app and received it right in my wallet. Over 4 months I can’t see any number of any country to buy and my money is stuck in there. When I creates another account with another phone I will see lots of numbers to buy but when I log in to my recharged account they said there’s no new number available. Please fix it!!!
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5 years ago, Gran1984
Saved me so much money and when I have no signal
I travel internationally and sometimes calls can be $1-2 a minute. Also there are times I have data but no cell coverage. It saves me on both occasions.
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5 years ago, i cilp
This app saves so much if my time
This app saves up so much of my time now my annoying girlfriend doesn’t have to call me so much times because I don’t even have a phone number lol!
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6 years ago, Subo_567
Works great
I installed and used this app while I was out of the country. Very easy to call home, and very inexpensive. So much easier than trying to buy new SIM cards and all that mess.
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4 years ago, islander3003
Definitely recommend
This call app has been a life saver to me many times. Calling from the Caribbean can be quite expensive. But with this app there are no worries in my pocket.
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6 years ago, Ic0nicHD
Needs the following.
1. A simple talk and text monthly plan. I’d pay 5-10 dollars a month if i knew i could get 250minutes or talk time. 2. Updated for the newest iPad Pro 2018 edition resolution so it fits my screen nicer on the 11inch.
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5 years ago, wangxige
Not stable
Can’t make phone calls sometimes and kept saying the number is incorrect
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9 months ago, almistar
Poor service
Sometimes you don’t receive messages whiles the person has sent it and that’s not helping at all , sometimes is hard for you to send a message for the person to receive it and that’s really bad , you guys gotta fix that 🙏🏻
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6 years ago, Ark20172012
Awesome app especially if you don’t have international calls on your plan!
So far the first time I’ve used it it’s worked!!!! Thank you for this wonderful app!
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1 year ago, Kearronjudex
Good app
Nice app just expensive and I’m able to call to islands where my husband is at thanks again we talk
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5 years ago, dmdkvricsjhdjnfyjxfjbsuj
Thank you
I like this app because it allows me to call without signing in and it’s super easy thank you for giving this to me
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1 month ago, Alita134
No way to contact support for app
Purchased this a few years ago, and have a question regarding my balance. The app states support 24/7 via the website. Not true, you can add money and there are about five frequently asked questions. No way to contact the developer, so if you need support, forget about this app.
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5 years ago, sml dumb adventures
We talk is so fun
This app is so fun and just like a real calling app and you can even block people from calling you so you can actually sleep sometimes
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7 years ago, Just a game player
Over the moon
And back again , use this app for those other calls
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4 years ago, JazminGonxzalez
One problem😩😩😩😩😭😭😭😭
I love it so much you can prank other people with it but I do not know how to text with it😥but after all it is the best app I have ever seen love it so much💜💜💜
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7 years ago, Murdockak
Decent phone dialer
Looking for a way to turn your mini into a phone? Look no further!
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4 months ago, uuuuuuuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu
It work ,kind of
I wanted to call Roblox headquarters it does work the call but you have to pay right after you lose your money of calling
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2 months ago, 测试学习中
Just want to use the economic lines and use them when they are fixed.
Just want to use the economic lines and use them when they are fixed.
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7 years ago, SabbathTeach
Used to work
Used to be my favorite app for making international calls. For the last 3 weeks neither WeTalk nor WePhone work. I have contacted the support email multiple times and have received no response besides their standard automated message. I have more than $50 for minutes with them and now they are lost. Very unprofessional, unfair, and wrong.
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4 years ago, Syrsweep
Love this phone app. I don’t use it often but works well when I do. Have experienced no issues .
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2 years ago, suriiska
Great app
It’s a good application, really useful you can make calls all over the world and without commission. I highly recommend it. 👍
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2 years ago, djceylon415
Best app out there 5 star all the way new numbers when you need it
5 star
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9 months ago, Eliza stephan
What a strong second line, so lovely
Working perfectly and recommendable to friends 💋😘
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5 years ago, Deidamia ESTELA
This app is so great it’s just that I have one problem I can’t text but other than then that it is a great app to have
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1 year ago, 00d0s
I repeatedly got scammed because they would let me sign up for a number and then all of a sudden they would say you can’t send messages from this number. Even though I had credits with the app they just stole for me and Apple or not give me a refund I’m pretty upset, avoidance, avoidance, avoidance.
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4 years ago, Akdvejeb
Not connecting to my line
I just downloaded this app to make an important call. Spent $10 to add credit and when I call the number (2 separate ones) I hear other people on the line and it’s like a recorded conversation because I’m hearing the same thing when I call a different number. Waste of time
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7 years ago, goatrss
Happy Customer
This is a very straight forward app. You get exactly what they say you will for what you will. No games or hidden gimmicks.
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6 years ago, allycat0107
Do not download
I have bought $100 credit and I wanted a refund. They said I need to contact Apple Pay regarding it. However, when I checked my credits for calls in the app, $100 was gone and I didn’t get any refunds. I tried to contact/email their customer support but no luck. Never gonna use this app again!
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4 years ago, jlknoblauch
Perfect Extra Phone
I love my We Phone. It has been a great companion to my cell phone. Easy to use with speed and clarity. Thank You We Phone. J L Knoblauch
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5 years ago, GRB4LCR
Easy to us
I like having the ability to call Internationally from my iPad.
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4 years ago, Mykhailonok A.
Amazing APP!
Great opportunity for international companies to call cheaper and even receive calls all around the globe.
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5 years ago, MattiDeeEff
Great service.
Wildly cheap, even for the premium line. If you need to make an emergency call in a pinch it’s easy to get some free credits
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4 years ago, Oyivo!
One the top five calling app
I have used this app for 3 years and it’s the best I have ever come across. It reliable and efficient.
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3 years ago, iamzsttt
New version is not working
I am using this app for long years and never had any issue , but todays after forceful upgrading with this new version , call is not working at all. It keeps ending before ringing. I don’t understand why they added this new version when old one was working fine.
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7 years ago, zeus666ponny
Hope it will be more better
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5 years ago, Samuel Dane
Good service
Quality app. Works as needed. No smoke and mirrors asking for money right away. Download it. You’ll be happy
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