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User Reviews for Weverse

4.59 out of 5
20.7K Ratings
6 months ago, Llijheart7
A Big Thanks
Great notifications and communication! I just love how I can stay connected to my favorite Kpop groups. I’m 63 year old and not tech savvy but Weverse has been such blessing. Even though I live far away…..Hawaii, I still are able to view and especially watch “LIVE” my favorite groups. I’m so excited to visit South Korea for the very first time coming up in February 2024. Visiting Korea is one of the items on my bucket list as even for flying first class which I’ll be doing when we leave on my trip. I’m amazed with your culture, food and most of all how this special app like Weverse can bring joy and happiness to people all over the world who has the love for KPOP and celebrities !!! I just wish I could meet one of the groups when I travel to Korea in February in person…..maybe share a meal. Thank you Weverse for your continued hard work and bringing us, the fans great contents and allowing us to stay connected with our groups and celebrities! Happy Holidays!
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3 weeks ago, 𝙸𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎𝙲𝚘𝚛𝚐𝚒𝚜
Weverse has increasingly become problematic over the years with little to no improvements being implemented. This supposed safe space for artists and fans to interact has proven to be a facade. The app lacks a moderator to regulate the spam link posts and malicious or inappropriate comments being made on artist lives. What use is the report button if it limits our use and temporarily suspends our account? The app is filled with many ignorant people who flood the message boards with spam or disturbing comments/question, driving out genuine fan messages in the process. There’s no system in place to ensure that both artists and fans are protected. Recently, what is most disappointing about weverse is how they choose to silence the voices of their fans who want to express solidarity with the Palestinian people. They censor posts/fan letters that could be as harmless as stating “Palestinian ARMYs love you” but allow individuals to bully others for wanting to spread awareness. There are so many vile comments left by users who want to bully others for advocating for Palestinian liberation, but they face no consequences. It is repulsive to me how Weverse suddenly decides to enforce their user guidelines now when there were many instances in the past where it was more necessary. There is nothing political about wanting to uplift and share the voices of Palestinian fans who are suffering from the ongoing genocide. Shame on you HYBE.
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4 years ago, LaddyValentine
To make the move from FanCafe to weverse was an extreme downgrade. 1. The app/website is not made to handle high traffic. As soon as one of the members post, everybody opens the app and translations don’t even become available because everyone is using it. It also often crashes out of nowhere and autocorrect is not allowed... consequently, I make a lot of typos. This is probably a personal problem but it’s still bothersome. 2. (The most important) There is no form to protect the artist. Everyone has access to it and can post pretty much anything. Moderation of posts non-existent. I think it would be smart to implement a level up mechanism like in FanCafe where only a few can be approved to post at all. I honestly don’t care if I can no longer post as long as the artists are not constantly being harassed, defamed, and bossed around to their face by teenagers who think they owe them something... when in reality they probably don’t even purchase any merchandise and claim have been in the fandom for 10 years when they don’t even know the full names of the artists. They probably call them oppas too. 3. You can only report a small amount of posts before your own account gets temporality suspended, and it’s quite unfortunate because the app is full of idiots. Oh! But they allow to post spam! Ironic. I swear Amino has more control over its users than Weverse. 4. Costumer service does not exist. At least not the shop.
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3 weeks ago, chickyblues
Major Spam Issues
I’m only giving it one star because I like BTS and some of the other acts on the platform. However, the spam — particularly on the BTS side of the platform — is out of control. Almost every post is either a phishing link or people posting about creepy BTS themed Telegram chat rooms that are for “girls only.” Unfortunately, these spammers found loop holes so that they can continually spam the site without any repercussions. I’ve reached out to WeVerse several times about this issue and all they told me is to report the spam posts. There are two problems with that: 1) The spam is out on control. There are thousands and thousands of spam posts. It could take me a day to report it and that still wouldn’t be enough time report them all. 2) The other issue is that WeVerse actually limits how many times you can report on the platform. Sometimes I can’t submit a post twice in a row. I have to wait a few minutes before I can report the spam posts. It’s a completely illogical system. How am I not allowed to report a post twice in a row but you have spam accounts posting at least 10 times in a row? I want to like WeVerse a lot, but they have a lot of fixing to do on that platform. It’s becoming extremely frustrating that nothing has been done to address this problem.
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3 years ago, LilBabieJay
This is Dumb.
The app would’ve been good, but it’s not since apparently we’re just adding random racist problematic white people who talk crap about other celebrities, and I know for a fact that Weverse knows he’s racist and problematic, but still decide to add him to the app, but act like they don’t know who other k-pop artists are. Y’all probably doing this for clout and money like the money hungry people you are and I don’t know if y’all got hacked or something..but y’all need to make up something and take him off the app.. If you don’t understand let me explain. TikTokers don’t need to be on every platform there is. Just bc he makes music doesn’t mean people want to listen to that crap.I’m deleting this app. Y’all don’t even have that many k-pop groups on here but can add a TikToker- If one of the groups on this app that I Stan post on here..It don’t matter bc I’ll probably get that same post somewhere else. And unlike this app V Live doesn’t add random TikTokers so that app is valid and has my full respect. But if they do happen to add a TikToker then I’ll be damned I’m deleting that app too and I’ll get the post some where else. Until I find out we don’t have random problematic TikTokers on this app then sure I’ll consider downloading it but looking at this app disgusts me.
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1 year ago, PurlKitty
Needs translation improvements
I love the app and I love being able to connect with my favorite group. However while I am learning Korean (slowly), I have to rely on the auto translate feature in DMs. The biggest problem with this is it can be wildly inaccurate and they only seem to work inconsistently. I have to go in and out of the conversation sometimes for the auto translate to kick on and if your idol is active, that can be 20-30 times every time they’re on the app. Grateful for the idol I’m subscribed to noticing translations can be off and he’ll often give a more accurate translation in English, but he shouldn’t have to. Google Translate and Apple Translate seem to have much more accurate translations. Please work on this. The other thing I’ve noticed that drives me crazy is when another member of the group is live, if you’re watching the live, you can’t get DM notifications. I will gladly support them and keep supporting them because this isn’t something they can control, but please try to make the systems work.
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5 months ago, jung.won1>.<
Weverse 🎀
I really enjoy weverse!! I like weverse because it’s one of the apps you don’t have to pay to talk to you’re favorite idols which is really helpful because who wants to pay like $9+ per month to talk to ONE idol when you can talk to multiple on weverse. It’s really fun talking with other fans and not just the group members because you would have some stuff in common with fans, like I’m on enhypens community and I have a lot of engenes following me because I talk with other engenes, also I can watch there lives which is fun to watch (even though I don’t understand 😭) besides that the one thing that sometimes gets me mad is the notification, like if someone likes you’re post sometimes you’re notification doesn’t show who liked or followed u in time and might appear minutes later. It’s not bad so I do consider getting weverse if you want to make friends and talk with you’re favorite idols!!!
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2 years ago, Inuaichan
Kind of disappointed
So…the app itself isn’t horrible, but it does have it’s moments. Some days it loads just fine, on other days it lags and takes forever to load. But, what gets me more disappointed than anything…is the Live section. I was thrilled with the idea of the Live tab, then I was let down horribly. Weverse is supposed to be a place “for all fans”….apparently this means everywhere BUT the Live section. This is where VLive is better, honestly. On VLive, I can watch the live and enjoy it with the artist/artists. Wait a couple of days, and I’m able to turn on subtitles and watch it again and enjoy it even more. Not on Weverse! Weverse Live seems to only benefit any fan who can understand the language. So if you don’t understand, you’re basically left relying on other people to either live translate it or translate it later in some kind format (usually found on Twitter or Instagram). This is not enjoyable for anyone! So…yea…the app is nice, but has glitchy moments. The Live tab was a great idea. It’s just a shame that not all fans can enjoy it.
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2 years ago, ..................'?
They doesn’t have intention of protecting the people who should be protected
On this app, it has been posted pornography, explicit descriptions of sexual behavior, provocative descriptions of murder and physical damage, and mental abuse for months, but the app's reporting system is poor and doesn’t able to properly block them. The situation in which the app cannot resolve user complaints about offensive content continues to cause unbearable pain to ordinary users, and the damage is severe. Posts that correspond to sexual abuse of minors are continuously and repeatedly being posted, causing users, especially children and underage users, to suffer from difficulties to recover. In addition, the app manager only sends a macro reply that even if the app manager is requested a deletion of inappropriate posts by 1:1 inquiry, the response is very late and deceive us as if the inappropriate posts were deleted even though they were not fully deleted. This means that the app administrator is not monitoring or deleting any inappropriate posts. The app should have the appropriate system to block the malicious user’s unreasonable behaviors and properly deal with users’ just reports upon the offensive posts.
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2 years ago, Mandag90
International fans!
This weverse update has been a failure! There’s so many issues BUT the biggest one is SUBTITLES! Do y’all not understand that y’all have so many fans around the world! Shouldn’t y’all be catering to the ppl who support y’all. This is ridiculous. There should be translations for EVERYONE! English, Spanish, French, German, you name it! Stop leaving us behind on stuff because y’all can’t seem to grasp the fact we wanna know what’s being said! We spend just as much on supporting these groups as anyone else. Also the app is LAGGING too much! When you try and click to see a comment or a post from the artist it doesn’t pop up and it will seem to look as if they deleted it. When in fact you click on it from the notifications and it shows it. Why even launch an app with so many issues. Not to mention that it looks so unorganized. I can’t seem to concentrate on one thing. Maybe hybe should have stuck to having hybe artist and not ventured out to trying to monopolize the whole thing. There’s probably so many ppl on the app at once it crashes. ALL WE WANT IS TO GET THE ISSUES FIXED! Stop leaving INTERNATIONAL FANS IN THE DUST!
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2 years ago, Nichole.N
Still no option to change email
Was really hoping that the new update would include the ability to change our emails if the need arises, but disappointingly enough, that’s still not an option. It’s just really unfair to your userbase that we still can’t change our account emails. Purchases aren’t transferable, and it’s honestly a load of bull that people don’t have the option to change their emails, especially if they need to change that information for their own safety. That can be a lot of money lost due to losing access to previously purchased content. Having had to make a new account for the aforementioned safety reason before, it’s made me not want to buy any digital content because I could just end up losing access to it if I have to make another account, and I’m sure there are others who have similar experiences and feelings regarding this. Plenty of other websites allow for their users to change their account emails. I don’t see why Weverse can’t do the same.
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4 days ago, 🔛🔝♾️
it’s ok..
I actually gave a decent rating, trying to put aside a BIG problem. When I first joined the app, I thought it was so cool how I could watch my favorite idols go live. I soon realized there were no subtitles, so I watched multiple videos telling me to wait a couple hours, so I just decided to come back the next day. The subtitles were still not there. The day before, I watched tutorials telling me to click the three dots, I didn’t even get the option for subtitles. In the beginning, I said this was a big problem and that’s obviously because I can’t even understand my idols, I love all of my idols/biases but I don’t want to just hear them speak, it’s comforting but I would rather like to understand what they are saying. Because of this, I can’t understand them in lives, therefore meaning that I can’t watch the lives. I noticed that this was a problem for a large variety of people who use the app. Please fix this as quickly as you can.
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3 years ago, O dbdjdjslskncjemaksbcbdj
Needs moderation
People can post anything. There should be a limit to how much someone can post in 24 hours. That would be a very good idea. It’s supposed to be a safe place but people can still post inappropriate things, threats, gore, whatever. Sometimes reporting is not enough is serious investigation or banning needs to be done. Maybe don’t allow certain words. Protect the artists. There is a 16+ age limit but people lie and clearly their are kids on there that have no common sense or brain cells spamming and saying weird things. Also let me change my account email. I wasted money cus I had to use a new email, but had to make a whole new account instead of keeping the same account and just changing the email. Besides that I think it’s fine. It shouldn’t be like any other regular social media. It should remain more anonymous and regulated…It needs an algorithm for removing posts. And implementing something like followers is unnecessary.
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3 weeks ago, peneldad
Frightening Moderating System
Weverse is almost completely unusable at this point. Loading times are long, translations are bugged, and comments during live streams are not moderated whatsoever. Even small creators on other live streaming platforms have a way to filter and/or moderate spam and inappropriate content, why can’t this platform made by a giant corporation have any decent moderation? i can’t even watch livestreams anymore because the incessant comments bother me to no end. As for the home feed, it’s completely full of Telegram channel spam and other useless (oftentimes harmful and/or discriminatory) garbage. Again, a proper moderating system (that doesn’t rely on users mass reporting accounts that don’t need to be suspended in the first place) would really go a long way for Weverse. Unfortunately, I think making as much money as possible is HYBE’s biggest priority, so I don’t see them changing this anytime soon. As a long time fan of BTS for almost 7 years, I dread using Weverse to watch/read their content.
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4 years ago, nycbts
Maybe a change?
I love this weverse app a lot. Army’s can get closer to their bias and be on a one to one level with the group [if you are lucky they reply to you]. However, as we all know, BTS speaks Korean as do many of the other fans. We don’t really know some of their language (Japanese, Arabic, etc.) and they may not fully understand our language. I was really happy knowing that you can translate post but I was also disappointed that the translate aren’t even close to correct. I think that this is a major problem on communication and I believe weverse should find a solution to this problem. It would be a whole lot better if BTS and army’s can communicate and understand each other after all weverse is a place where you can get closer to them but it would be pointless if lots of users can’t understand each other. A suggestion can be that when BTS replies to an army the very first post in the comment section can be a translator’s translations of the army’s post and BTS’s comments.
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11 months ago, astralqueen
lack of moderation
Weverse is seriously lacking when it comes to moderation. While this definitely an issue with the spam in general posts, the issue is most glaringly obvious when it comes to Weverse Live comments. Twitch streamers with considerably smaller audiences and fewer resources than artists like BTS have incredible teams of moderators set up, and yet Weverse Live comments feel like the Wild West. Every time a BTS member goes live, the comments are flooded with spam and inappropriate, invasive comments, to the point that it hinders the enjoyment of both the artist and the fans. To make matters worse, concerned fans cannot even attempt to report the spam or inappropriate comments in an attempt to help keep the chat bearable ourselves, because Weverse rate limits reports. If you try to report more than two comments in a row, the function is locked for a full minute. Maybe if they rate limited commenting as diligently as they rate limited people reporting comments, everybody could finally have some peace.
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3 years ago, EvilToast123
Poorly Moderated, Racist Users
Not only is this app poorly moderated, but the amount of reports I’ve done to the racist users who have said things to me as a black person on that app so far. For speaking up about black issues that related to our fandom. I was berated and mass reported by users who were very anti-black. I have seen two graphic pictures of a black man being hung. I have seen users saying multiple racial slurs to me and other members in the black community. I had to create three acounts as they reported me for calling other fans out on their ignorance. It has caused me so much distress. This app is supposed to be a safe space for everyone but if this cannot be a safe place for black people, what is the point? If I could rate this app zero stars I would. The moderators do nothing. They just delete posts speaking up about racist situations from the fans by black people and keep it moving. The poor moderation and distress I’ve been going through due to this app is unbelievable. Do better.
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9 months ago, gsunnnny
Does its job but could be better
Sometimes the formatting is a little weird but again, it gets the job done. It’s nice to get announcements about stuff so you can keep up with everything, and you can choose what things to get notifications on so that’s nice. The selection of artists as of now isn’t bad (from the big four they have HYBE, YG, and SM artists) and it’s fun to be able to interact with them. Purchasing things directly from the app (like certain videos or shows) is pretty easy, but the Jelly thing feels unnecessary and playback doesn’t always work smoothly. Overall it has some glitches and things that don’t work super great but they’re fairly easy to look past if you just want to keep up with the artists you stan and don’t really care about the other stuff.
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3 weeks ago, NerdObsessed
Unsafe and nonexistent functionality
This app is getting more and more unusable and unsafe. Posts in the community feeds are mostly spam (specifically soliciting girls to join telegraph group chats??) and it’s basically impossible to actually socialize and meet other fans bc there’s no DM feature. Also when artists go live there’s almost no chat moderation so I’ve seen hate, spam, and death threats in the chat (I’ve contacted support about this multiple times but nothing’s noticeably improved). Most recently, they’ve started locking and censoring community member accounts arbitrarily while the spam and hate remains unchecked, creating a really toxic environment. Not to mention ads during lives(???) and the introduction of Jelly currency… totally unusable. Oh and also it’s gotten noticeably slower with the integration of the Weverse Shop making an already cumbersome app beyond irritating to use. I’d give zero stars if I could
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2 years ago, ¡paulina!
New Update Created New Problems:(
Ever since the last big update where Weverse’s layout changed and the LIVE feature was added, the app has been more complicated to navigate. I’ve noticed that multiple users have trouble keeping track of artists’ comments for example. Personally, notifications of artists’ comments will appear in my notification center but once I click to view one, the rest of the notifications disappear which didn’t used to happen. Another part of the update that is unfortunate is that subtitles are not available for Weverse lives. A lot of fans are unable to fully enjoy lives due to not having subtitles available in any languages. Before Weverse added this live feature, vlive had subtitles available about a day later so it’s a bit frustrating to experience this now:(
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3 weeks ago, DiamondPickaxeMiner
Censorship and Poor Development
This app is extremely poorly developed. Old issues are never addressed and they continue to add new features without fixing the core ones. There’s no moderation for lives but there is over-moderation in posts and fan letters that can get your acc and post hidden with just a few reports from other users. You are not allowed to express your opinion if you are a minority, ever. Even donation posts for our fellow 🍉 army are reported and taken down. This app is awful. The shipping rates are insane and the prices on items are too. Every raffle is based on how many albums you have bought so raffles only exist for rich people, lower class armys are never given anything. Our first reunion with Jin, which we waited 18 months for, is only for people apart of the paid army membership. This app hates fans and never encourages individuality, and it is very lazy and low quality.
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2 years ago, rockleah
Some functionality allows for harm
Weverse is definitely great to stay in contact with your favorite artists, however their report function can be used to harm minorities on the app. I was reported on multiple instances for mentioning LGBTQ, for encouraging acceptance and tolerance from the community who was hostile on one Weverse, and my accounts across all artists’ Weverse I’ve joined was locked. It’s been a week and my account has not been back online. I seldom post and only reply to artists, however Weverse customer support did not attempt to help me regain my account back despite deleting the reported post, only sent a list of reasons why my account was disabled that had nothing to do with me being LGBTQ despite it being 100% evident that I am the victim of bigotry as my only recent post was calling for the community to stop the hatred on LGBTQ members’ posts.
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4 years ago, hjwdcbwhrncjonwejconwe
Downloadable content!
There’s lots of good improvements made so far to weverse and I hope it continues to develop well!! One big thing I would suggest is to allow for media (especially purchased media) to be downloadable within the app so we the customers are able to watch content without needing to be connected to the internet! This is helpful with traveling, say, if you were going on a long plane ride and wanted to download all of bon voyage to watch on the plane! This would be a really nice feature to have within the app. There’s a similar feature in Netflix where you can download episodes and it lasts for about two days I think? Until it expires. I hope you can add a feature that would allow for something like this in the future!
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2 years ago, Kmtasai
No translations on lives
I am absolutely upset with the new weverse. I now hate this app. I’m used to BTS going live on VLive and then translations come a little later once the video has been uploaded for replay. Now the members are starting to go live on weverse and we don’t get any translations once the live is uploaded for replay. It’s like international fans don’t even matter anymore. I am furious because what’s the point of using an app and watching lives without translations? Also when there is a post on moments, you don’t get any translations there either. I can’t even connect with my favorite artist. Isn’t that the whole point of this app? The developers really just failed at their goal.🙄 I truly like the previous version better. The app functioned just fine and translations were always there. They weren’t always accurate, but they were there. I am so frustrated and upset.
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2 years ago, Jeon_Yubom
Why my weverse is like that
I think that weverse app will be good to us because we can talk to our boy or girl bands kpop fans can talk with them but I didn't even see that weverse when it becomes new I didn't know what is new and what happen to it because it says download this app like older version or download when the Stars becomes 14.0 so pls we need 14.0 or more pls and we have problem in this weverse why we write the Korean language when we post it it becomes wrong so I don't know why and bts don't reply us they only reply a lucky's armys but we are not lucky please. we want 14.0 stars I think only mine is like that so pls I need 14.0 plsss
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2 years ago, Rocker baby
Terrible customer service and tech-support
About a month ago, my Weverse app stopped, allowing me to view ALL my paid content. I had to contact their support several times before I could get a reply that said they would actually look into it. Once they did, they made me jump through several hoops, and answer several questions regarding my issue, which you would think would mean they would look into it. I gave them all the information they needed, and they replied that they would look into it and get back to me in a few days. I didn’t hear from them for over two weeks, so I followed up with them. Their solution? Try to find another device to watch the content on. So now I’m out all the money I spent on this paid content and I can’t even watch any of it anymore because they can’t be bothered to actually look into my issue.
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2 years ago, Towniegirl
The “upgrade” made it worse!
I use Weverse as one of my main ways to stay connected with BTS. The supposed upgrade and the moving of artists’ live streams has been a nightmare. The lives crash and/or lag all the time. Plus international ARMY have been accustomed to lives being subtitled quickly on Vlive, but Weverse has supplied NO subtitles since the transition from Vlive. Volunteer ARMY translators have been scrambling to interpret the lives. This isn’t acceptable! I am trying to learn Korean, but until I master it I am relying on translations/subtitles to maintain a sense of connection with the artists. Previously I was able to download non-membership photos that were posted but now I can’t. Also, when I try to view the digital content I purchased, the app crashes repeatedly. Weverse should correct these problems as soon as possible.
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2 years ago, Reesaroo
Weverse updates are terrible
The old Weverse was pretty good. The new Weverse looks better but the functionality is terrible. It’s hard to read the subtitles, if subtitles are even used. The app notifications are late or don’t come at all. The app often crashes. The in-app notification Artist posts are incomplete and make it difficult to find the content for individual band members. Doesn’t Hybe have a QA team to test these things? Please bring back the functionality of the old Weverse before trying to make the app look cool. Without subtitles for your artist live streams and digital content, there is no reason for me to use this app or pay for digital content. Your subtitles need to be easy to read, not illegible because they are placed on top of Korean text. Seriously—hire a decent QA team or just ask some high l fans to beta test for you because these updates are very disappointing.
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3 years ago, miraculouspabu
Great app, but it’s hard to get noticed+recent crashes
This app is fun, I just think it’s really hard to get noticed. Also, I don’t really understand the subscribing thing. If I subscribe to another fan, do their posts pop up in my feed more often? If not, there isn’t really any point in subscribing to each other since you don’t get notified for their posts and such. Maybe so you can check their profile easier? Idk Also, I’ve been experiencing some troubles lately. When I click a notification, it opens the app, but then the screen turns black or the app crashes. I’ve been checking the App Store to see when the next update is hoping there is a new update to fix it.
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2 years ago, nabsidbrj728
1. Artists who use your platform for live videos have TONS of international fans. There are videos from months ago that still do not have subtitles. Some artists have moved from very capable platforms streaming live videos that do not crash, do not lag and have subtitles up a couple days after the live ends. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 2. Your platform lags tremendously and crashes too many times acceptable. During live videos, for viewers and the person live, weverse will crash. This is both aggravating and uncalled for from a platform that is supposed to enhance artist-to-fan communication and multimedia content. 3. Also, as soon as an artists makes a posts, uploads a moment, or comments on a post, every fan opening the app is dealing with slow loading response, mistranslations and error messages. Please for the love of god, FIX THIS.
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9 months ago, Sapphire・Zoldyck
Did I miss something or did y'all screw up?
I wanted to give this app a try after hearing vlive merged with it, and y'know, like any other K-pop stan, I'd want to grow closer with my favorite groups, but the problem I have with it wasn't anything in the app, cause I couldn't even get in. I put in my email, made a password and user, but when it came to the terms and conditions, I skimmed through them and clicked I agree with terms and conditions, it wouldn't give me anything else, nothing sent too my email, no button to move on, there was only an X in the corner that would just take me back to the screen to make an account. I don't know if there was something I was missing or this was just a screw up on the app designers part. I don't know what other people are saying about the actual app so I can't back that up, because I couldn't even sign up.
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3 years ago, Ishhmaira
Great App but how bout a change?
I really like this app but I feel like it'd be really great if weverse was just made for kpops or asian idols and not for any tiktokers like lil huddy or something. Just my opinion, letting tiktokers in will ruin the app for many of us. We want actual peace in our little world of kpop. We don't really want these problematic teens to ruin our happiness. Plus he's not even a celeb. That's a huge difference between an idol and an influencer. It really does bother us.!! And if you don't want to then please consider creating another app JUST FOR KPOP..! ^^ So please consider doing something nice for the fans. Thank you!! :)) + I still don't get notifications when the artists are online/when they post something
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2 years ago, Kimberly Brown-Feay
Not worth the download AT ALL
Weverse is not inclusive of all fan base it doesn’t understand that there are people in there that don’t just want to post BTS stuff they want to post positive memes and scenery to lift peoples spirits. They ban your profile if you do this instead of giving you a warning and telling you not to do these things but yet they allow other fans to abuse other fans about their races and I was abused about my braids in my hair and love for BTS. A lot of the fan base and army are crazy but yet they allow them to continue to do these things most of the people on there are underage and very immature and crazed fans and they allow it but won’t allow positive memes and scenery that could uplift someone that really needs it. I wouldn’t bother downloading the app you don’t even get included because everyone speaks in Korean and if you aren’t Korean you won’t understand.
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3 weeks ago, DarrylAx
#SpeakYourselfBTS #HybeDivestFromZionism
Weverse has so many issues it is hard to fit them all. but to name a few: 1. there is not actual moderation system. 2. they suppress the voice of users. and lastly 3. so much spam. when there are live streams the chat is filled with spam. even the actual feed for fans is filled with spam. how do expect users to use the app if it is hard to see anything and do what the app is for? users have recently gone on the app to speak to the artists, as this app is for, and they have been silenced. there posts have been censored and their right to post is being taken away from them. there are people who certainly do need be removed from app for their weird behavior, but using the app to speak to the artists about important things happening in the world, even to their fans, is completely uncalled for.
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4 years ago, ETM010705
Perfect App!
I think this place is great for fans and idols to interact and share memories together. It also helps builds friendships with other fans! I have made lots of friends from the app. I have also seen SO much support and love being sent to each other. I think it’s really wonderful. Love seeing all the content available!! Lots to do and see. Dont think there could be a better app than Weverse. One more thing... dark mode should be added! Many users have been requesting this for awhile now and I think it would be a great addition. In conclusion, Weverse is the ideal app to interact and share content with kpop idols! Overall I like the layout of the app. Great work!
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3 years ago, hamiltonboi666
Good app
I think this app is pretty cool and helps communicate from fan to artist pretty well, though I’d love for a feature that would allow live streams as well as professional translators or fan accounts that can be awarded with a translator badge and they would automatically be pinned at the top that would help translate, in bts’ case, for armys who don’t speak Korean :) Another thing, it’d be awesome if you can set up your home screen only for the artists that you are a fan of. since you cannot open other artists’ Weverse unless you officially joined them anyways, it might be a waste of space for them to be there, I think it would be more convenient and simple.
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11 months ago, Joslyn26
The Best app in the world!! 💜
Having a space where you can interact and watch your idols live, I think it's the best thing in this world, Weverse is an excellent application, I'm glad that you are making Weverse a safer space, eliminating inappropriate, disrespectful comments and Ships that annoy artists and fans so much that we are not right with that toxic behavior. I hope they continue to implement stricter rules regarding that since there are still a lot of people who still write stupid things in the lives, thank you weverse for existing and giving us fans the great opportunity to see our idols. An ARMY from BTS 💜
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2 years ago, Simmy103
We need subtitles!
The recent changes are not user friendly for International fans. While many of us are learning to speak Korean, we cannot yet speak nor understand and rely on subtitles to connect with our favorite artist. Additionally, the Lives crash multiple times during a Live. Lastly, there needs to be a moderator of some sort! There are many underage users (10+ years old) who lack the maturity necessary to posts respectful comments for the artist. There are multiple instances where users spam the comment sections with inappropriate comments. Weverse, you need to fix a lot of issues that are being reported (especially underage posters), but nothing is being done about the reports that have been sent to you. I would love to rate this higher but it is not user friendly, especially for international fans.
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2 years ago, ladysbelk
Weverse needs to get their act together
I really like Weverse as a fan-artist platform but wow does it have so many issues, and so many more since they had the big update. But the BIGGEST issue is that right now they are allowing their artists to go live on the platform but those lives are not being subbed for international fans. Prior, bts and other groups would go live on VLIVE and after a day or two the live would have translated subs for users. So far none of the artists I enjoy have had theirs lives subbed. What is the issue here? This is a slap in the face. If the live feature was not ready to do, why did you roll it out? Right now, it should be disabled and the artists should use the vlive platform. I cannot believe you are allowing this to continue with our any communication to the users on what the problem is. Fix it!
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1 year ago, gatulip
Frustrating and Chaotic
I have been using Weverse for a very long time… Long before everything was being transferred slowly over from Vlive. I still find this app, extremely frustrating and chaotic and hard to maneuver. Trying to find something is like looking for a needle in a haystack! Trying to watch media shows that you have paid for, and the screens keep freezing up and crashing on you… The series episodes do not go in order and go backwards from the most recent to the oldest. That doesn’t work when you’re watching multiple episodes,For example, like BTS, bon voyage… You have to start from the first episode to the last. Just very frustrated as an international user.
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3 years ago, PumaThurman
The feed room needs to be confiscated for as long as necessary
Genuinely the most disgusting and ugly hearted comments filled with hate and prejudice. I have seen gore images posted there, even some of black people being lynched. The entire chat room for enhypen needs to be confiscated, it will give less of an opportunity for fans to spread hate towards black people in the fanbase. There’s apps like Twitter and Instagram that can fully keep fans updated any projects going on. Or Weverse should get rid of the feed option, so fans can still use the app without spreading harmful messages towards others. Weverse doesn’t have to do this for long if they don’t want to, just a few days or weeks until fans learn fo resolve their own conflicts. This is not meant any hate towards the group, I am expressing my concerns in the fanbase and the fanbase only.
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7 months ago, Kaoiln(Kaili)
I love the app, but feel like something is odd
I love weverse, like I love to watch the idols lives and interact w other stans. But something is just odd, because I will check out the community/groups that weverse have but I see groups under SM, YG, RWB, and HYPE but there ain’t any JYP groups. Because, I know some stans that stan groups under JYP like Twice, GOT7, Stray Kids, and Nmixx stans would probably love to have them on weverse. Yes, I did some research why but when I did all I saw is because “They aren’t Weverse group of artists,” which is quite stupid reason why you can’t put them on weverse again. Since, I know they used to be on VLive before it got shut down and turn into Weverse,
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11 months ago, bts supporter for life
Weverse review
I love weverse because I can see my favorite idols and know what they’re doing without being weird and creepy about it. It’s really safe and comfortable for fans and k pop stars it’s design really well and it works really well. There’s hardly any thing that goes wrong but even if your favorite K-pop stars are on live, you can still expect some odd or rude comments but you can report them so that’s good. It’s a safe space and it’s just a really good app for you to know what your favorite artists are doing but still keeping them safe love this app🫰
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2 years ago, lonesomekpopfan🙃💜
Just two little things🤏
When I first opened Weverse, everything was fine. But after I deleted it for a few days, it started doing weird things. It won’t send me notifications when someone comments on my posts or when I’m talking to someone through the comments. And lastly,now,(after I re-installed it)when I’m trying to make a post, I press the images button to put a picture in the post, but when I do, it just freezes the whole app up and I can’t do anything until I close out and open it up again. I hope you can fix this, Thank you!😊 P.S- I will give you five stars if you fix this and I would’ve given you five if this wasn’t happening
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2 years ago, Dmmango
Still no subtitles.
Its been months, yet it seems that Weverse is incapable of providing subtitles for some of their artists lives (while providing them easily for others). This is blatant favoritism, and is unfair for all international fans of the artists without subs. I’m a MOA, and back when lives were on Vlive I watched nearly every single replay. Now that there aren’t subtitles, I’ve had to rely on our lovely translation accounts on Twitter who do it for FREE. Surely Hybe can manage to pay someone to do the bare minimum for us? It shows how little you care about the fans, despite the support we give to the artists. Weverse was literally designed for TXT, so the fact that they still dont have subtitles and BTS does is not ok. Love interacting with TXT on weverse, but I miss the old Vlive.
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4 years ago, Yuki0817zzz
Deleting member post without any reason is not the best way to build user trust
I’ve been using Weverse for over a year. It’s been overall good and it’s been advertised as a platform for open communications between fans and artists. However, what happened today is not acceptable. One fan’s post was deleted without any reason, and more importantly, it has an artist’s comment. Enhypen was just debuted on 11/30 and member Heeseung commented on a fan post on 12/1 afternoon, but by the evening, the original post was taken down for no reason (unsure if it’s a system glitch or user report.) The original post does not violate any rules based on what I saw, and it hurt the feelings of fans and artists a lot. Now the original poster’s account gets taken down as well. I don’t think randomly deleting user post without any reason is the best way to build trust. 2 asks: 1) Recover the post and original poster’s account 2) Build functions to appeal for any post deletion / account deletion Thank you! As Big Hit embarks on the platform play as a core strategy, it’s critical to build trust with the users. I really hoped that you could have done better and I’m very disappointed. Best, Yuki
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1 year ago, CheleysonG
Please but caption
Please but caption on the videos so that foreigners can watch their idols talk and understand them. Also put on a customer service so that people can put their opinion and feedbacks on how to make this website even better since feedback are sometimes really useful. So I hope you guys put caption on the videos so that people from over the world can watch and understand it what their idols are talking so that they can have fun with them and that you put on a customer service we’re you guys can get our feedbacks and way to update the app better. Please and thank you
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1 year ago, mintchocopenelope
Weverse is an OK
I would be lying if I said weverse was a bad app of course there are different experiences when it comes to apps my personal experience with this app is ok sometimes it is a little bit wonky but most of the time it works I will say two thing that have been happening to me lately one is that weverse is running a bit slower now two the app is not sending me anymore notifications like when a live start or someone posted something like I get nothing before I use to have hundreds of notifications now I get zero for example enhypen had a live recently I got nothing to inform me about it so that annoying😤but another than that weverse is an OK app
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3 weeks ago, Coffee_Witch
Horrible app with censorship (even from the artists)
If I could give 0 stars, I would. The latest notice (6/1/24) states the use of unnecessary and arbitarary censorship while also using the “hide from artist” feature. I honestly don’t even know how to describe how disgusting that is. The artists should be able to see notices and updates on the app that they and their fans use. The app also has no major improvements done for the security of fans (the spam posts, the info phishing links), routinely ignores homophobic and bigoted posts on the site (not taking action or taking them down), and finally not having moderators for their livestreams thus degrading the experience and quality while also making the artists and fans de facto moderators with no support.
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3 weeks ago, ndjdkdkgkf
Problems with Weverse
I would firstly like to say that I’ve used to frequently use this app but not frankly I feel like I should not use it anymore. It is ridiculous that people get away with talking about wanting to do 18+ things with the members (can’t say explicitly because then my comment will get taken down), but the moment I want to spread the message that my favorite artists should do what’s right and speak up for Palestine…suddenly it’s a problem. Many people who have posted something similar to what I have about this matter has had their account hidden or their posts deleted. This is why we want BTS to be freed from Zionism and speak up !!! We also want this for all other artists as well #SpeakYourselfBTS #HybeDivestFromZionism #KPOPDivestFromZionism
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