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WhisperText LLC.
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4 weeks ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Whisper - Share, Express, Meet

2.98 out of 5
19.1K Ratings
7 years ago, GET THE APP ALREADY
Pros and Cons
Pros: Whisper is a great app that you can let go of all of your stress and secrets because nobody knows who you are. So even if you say something that everybody disagrees with, in the end, it doesn't matter. Very safe place where you can choose groups with similar issues and offer help. Typically the advice they give you is pretty solid. Also you will get a lot better at debating. When you post you literally have nothing to lose. Cons: There are quite a few ads. They make you turn location on when you first open the app but you can always turn it off in settings. Certain people will call you stupid for disagreeing with them but still they don't know you and can't track down any of your whispers to you. Nowadays on whisper, they like to turn half of the whisper white and I absolutely hate that. It bothers me. Depending on who you are, this could be a pro or a con. Whisper will delete a post that it thinks has inappropriate language and anyone can remove anyone's whisper.
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2 years ago, Dakota Riley 1997
Honestly the app itself is just horrible
Good luck using this app if you use any iPhone that doesn’t have a physical home button. Just to exit a group you have to close the app and reopen it because the back button is stuck behind the clock. Every time I open the app, there is a 50/50 shot of my groups loading and sometimes I have to close and reopen the app multiple times to get the groups to load. Messages don’t always notify you, and chats them selves have bugs where the message you send might just move to a few messages above where it should be after you send them. I’d not recommend using this app at all. I would stop using it myself but I like talking to some people there, but if you are a new user, don’t even bother. Oh, did I mention the only useful updates in years are… there are none. Literally no bug fixes or improvements like the update notes claim while the developers added annoying full screen ads (a la Kik) on top of the banner that you can’t get rid off on the bottom of screen, even in chats where you DON’T WANT ADS! Seriously, if I wanted ads in my chats, Facebook would have added them to Messenger chats years ago. Oh, and it’s considered a dead platform since there really haven’t been feature updates in so long. Liters it’s just the community of users who support it still. If I could build a newer and better platform, I would. Literally anything could be better than this app at this point.
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2 years ago, Tylafer
Terrible company policy
So I had been using the app for several years. I really enjoyed it but it started to get very buggy. So having experience in wireless I start to do basic troubleshooting like uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. But I noticed that all my information and such as still on the app once I downloaded it again. So naturally I thought it has some cache I couldn't clear. Then I put in a request to completely delete my account and selected get rid of all my information thinking this would clear all cache and fix the bugs I continued to have after installing it again. What I wasn't aware of if you request to delete your account you can never use the app again. I uninstalled again and again but every time I turn the app on it says failure to connect so I reach out to customer service. They told me since my account was deleted I can never return. I explained the situation and they said that once an account is gone it can't return. I said fine let me set up a new account and they said that isn't allowed. So now whisper will never work on my phone again and while they claim to have deleted my information they still somehow have my IMEI or something that makes it so they won't let me use the app. So they lied about clearing all my data. Which honestly is very sketchy. There is absolutely no reason they can't let me create a new account or recover my old one since they clearly still have my data.
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2 years ago, cardinalmockingjay
I used to love this app
I liked being able to post about accepting and loving trans people for who they are.. i am a transsexual woman as well.. i was banned from chatting i think on Tuesday for some reason never explained to me on any level. My chat rating is very low because the majority of chats are comprised of men spamming me demanding nudes and when they don’t get what they want they rate me one star and block me each time without fail. As a solution i started ignoring all profiles labeled as male and other but this app will many times glitch out and say they are female instead, possibly to give these men a chance at being acknowledged at all. Someone was asking for all my social media and contact info so i asked them to take a selfie doing a nonsexual pose i request or id block them just so id know theyre even who they claim to be and maybe that was it? I met four people on there i can call genuine friends, including my current trans male boyfriend, but i now lost any chance for further connections with others using this app. Can somebody reinstate my account? Ironically there’s many people who regularly post transphobia/abuse on the transgender support page but they were never once banned and it’s consistently the same people every time for years now. There’s no rational reason i should have been banned. Edit: i can’t post, message or reply to anything actually. I’m deleting the app as it serves no purpose now
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7 years ago, Concerned Whisper
Deleting the app 4 times a day
The app is great and all and the purpose is really good for an app like this, but the only problem is that I have to delete and re install the app at least 4 times a day to receive any type of notifications, whether it be for chats, replies, likes on my post, anything...and when I do re install the app all my chats are gone, so whatever I was talking about with that person it's completely gone and no way to get it back...and another reason I have to delete it is cause whenever I post something it doesn't post, it shows for like 2 seconds then it's gone, when I go to "my post" it shows it posted but when I go and look at "nearby" it doesn't show up there like I never posted it...so o don't get any interaction for it at all...it's ridiculous that I have to delete an app so many times a day and still have it not work for me...the thing I'm most upset about is the fact that my chats are gone and I don't get notified when someone replies back to me in my private chat, so it's like if they did reply back and I delete the app once again to get it working I have no clue what they have said or they think I'm Ignoring them when I actually haven't, it's just this stupid app didn't give me a notification, and it deleted my conversation with them...so please look into this cause it's frustrating when you have such a good app but whatever this bug is, is making it very crappy very quickly..thank you
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6 years ago, i just want this posted
stop taking me out of the app
a friend of mine recommended this app to me and it’s been great and all — minus all the incredibly narrow minded people on it and the men all older than 25 who really only use this app to send pictures of their body to other people. it’s a great way to spread peoples’ thoughts but without an identity. i think it’s a great idea, but really it’s not being used in the way it should. also, it’s absolutely 100% frustrating to just randomly every 10 seconds or so i’m on the app to just be pushed out of the app and onto the App Store for some piece of crap app i don’t want to be on my screen. i think that is something that needs to be fixed very quickly, because it’s easily the worst part of this app. when i’m on whisper, i’d like to be reading peoples’ opinions and what they want to say to me — not to every 10 seconds be forced out of the app onto another app that was never given permission by me to be opened. and then I close the app and go back on to Whisper for it to happen right after. then again i repeat myself and am left alone for 10 seconds before it happens again. stop doing that. it’s very annoying. i can handle the disturbing ads about “finding people” with suggestive pictures but i can’t handle being pushed out of the app 50 times before i am done on the app. lately it’s been getting a lot worse and i would like to see something change or i’m going to be removing the app soon.
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11 months ago, B4Tyme
I love this app for all the wrong reasons LOL
First of all every previous complaint about harassment, bots, catfish, sexual predators, bullying, entities that phish for personal information, and list of bugs is true. To get a perspective of how bad this app is please read them. However, there are some great conversations to had on the app with the first amendment in full force so it is very refreshing. Watching all the crybabies complain and rant is definitely a lot of fun and amusing; so great for the soul to see such suffer. This app excels where hive mind apps (Facebook, Twitter, …) have failed; establishing a platform where free thinking can actually blossom and grow! Huzzah! There is a lot of honest advice found on this app and dishonest entities are easy enough to cull or simply harass for the simple sake of bullying losers who by way of their own actions should be bullied; administrators or the developers aren’t doing anything about them so feel free to harass them to your souls content. How empowering! Most cannot handle how incredibly and terribly honest entities can be or the freedom of speech and liberty given to the user and how abusive entities are. There is no quarter given on this app which is another reason I love this app. Enjoy the app but watch your back!
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2 years ago, K. Rig
There are absolutely no moderators or anything of the sort. Majority of the app is spam, bulling, abuse, or sex filled. There’s no way to block people if you haven’t had a conversation. There’s no way to hide people so you don’t see their posts. There’s no way to have an account. The app is tied to your phone. Example, if you delete your data and the app and redownload it, it still has all your information. There’s no way to delete your chat rating. There’s no way to get a new account on your device. There’s no way to filter out all the people that have been horrible to you. I get bullied and harassed for being nonbinary, black, and autistic on this app. People harass me for having a low chat rating and that’s because people don’t like the fact that I’m all these things. People are constantly posting and messaging hate speech and nothing gets done. I’ve had this app since high school. This app was helpful when I got my autism diagnosis and figuring out my sexuality and gender. Things started to make sense with the help of people talking things through with me. Mind you that was years ago before the spam and hate got unbearable. Now I can’t even go on the app without getting a migraine. Every time I’m on the app is some form of hate speech targeted at me, someone else, or a group of people. Not worth the headache.
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6 years ago, Lmjhcbcd
Terrible People
I’ve been an on and off user of this app for over a year. The people on this app are terrible. If you’re a woman or girl using this app, expect to be constantly sexually harassed by desperate men wanting to hook up and get nudes. If you’re an orientation other than heterosexual, expect to be constantly bullied and see a slew of homophobic posts. 99% of posts consist of sex, trolling, drugs, and begging for money, food, attention, etc. While I am someone who has quite a thick skin when it comes to negative comments, and bullying, the amount of hateful, spiteful behavior from people on this app is enough to send the strongest person over the edge. There is absolutely no moderation when it comes to hate speech, sexual harassment, or comments such as “go kill yourself”. I found that every time I would go on this app, I would become angry, and it affected my attitude throughout the day. There are real predators on this app who go after under age girls. This app should NOT be available to children under 18. There are under age girls who make posts about selling nude photos. The people on this app make me sick, and this is not a form of social media that I would consider safe or healthy for anyone to use. This app is not used as it’s intended anymore, and the developers do not care about the users experience. If you want a good anonymous app to use, I suggest Reddit. Whisper is literal trash.
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5 years ago, dB_Changer007
“Instant friend/help”
I enjoy the app, and have been a frequent user of it for the past few years. Looking back, it seems as if a good portion of the connections, and friends I made originated from this app. I love it because it’s open, raw, and vulnerable. I’ve been able to find purpose in helping, or trying to help, other users with issues or concerns they may or may not be going through. Not to say I’m a licensed therapist, but any help is better than no help. To be trapped with no way out, seems impossible. I do think it has almost everything I’d be interested in, except perhaps better advertising (more users), because I have noticed a trend of the same users per location over the course of time. I associate the app very quickly and easily with “if I’m depressed, want conversation, basically anything.. I at least have a quick or instant friend or distraction, to get me through any troubling period. I think, perhaps, maybe trying to get therapists on board, to promote it with their clients for anyone “socially awkward” might help. I noticed the new apps, I’ll look into them, but thanks for doing what you do. 👍
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6 years ago, patricko1999
It's fun, but flawed...
The app is fun, you can find like minded people in the groups no matter what you're into! You can send pictures, you can post anonymous opinions or you can start a conversation or play "truth or dare" with a stranger! Whatever! No matter how niche of an interest you have, chances are that someone out there agrees! However, there are a few flaws. One being that you cannot make a post and post it to several groups who you have joined and who might be interested in what you have to say. Also, if you make a post, it is automatically posted to the "nearby" page. This is problematic because you may be trying to confess something embarrassing to a group you are in but then you end up telling everyone within a 15 mile radius who has the app too! Not good! Also, sometimes your posts will disappear from a group or you won't be able to see your own post on the nearby page or the page for your group but everyone else can see it. This is problematic because the app also will filter out certain posts based on language or because someone reported you but the app doesn't tell you that the post is gone. You just think that it's still there but you can't see it like some of your other posts that disappeared!
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6 years ago, Jackodude666
Whisper has lots of issues. It likes to randomly close and force users into other applications. It will have periods of time that it will not update posts and replies. Some days your chats will work and others you have to constantly resend the message to get it to go through. The filter for “Whispers” is very random in what it allows to post with logic that people still haven’t discovered. Then there is the rating system and how the staff and/or algorithms will block users from ever chatting privately again because they swerve blocked by other users. Instead of having a temporary ban, it’s permanent. A user will need a new device with which to use the app on to have conversations but if they had ongoing conversations from their old device, those are forever lost. Anyone can block for a multitude of reasons at any point after both sides have sent one message so there does not seem to be any balance so that if users were trying to communicate and then the other person did not want to and blocked them, they can continue on. Reporting of your or others’ “Whispers” for a variety of reasons may also have an effect on this block in chat but I have not found anything from the Whisper team on this. Overall, the app needs help. Don’t expect to use it long term for conversations.
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4 years ago, Diana.Pali
Good enough app, HORRIBLE users.
Firstly, this app is meant to be anonymous but people ALWAYS ask you for personal information such as age, location, gender and even PHOTOS. This is unacceptable. I understand if you have been chatting for a while it may come up, however complete strangers should not be all up in your business like that. I suggest removing the option to send/ receive photos/ share gender/ age/ location, unless both parties agree to it. This will also prevent unsolicited d-pictures, which unfortunately happens, another downside. Next point, this app is INFESTED with trolls, and people who cannot behave decently. The algorithm for which posts get onto the home page is also not ideal, the most obviously controversial and troll posts get onto it while other useful or interesting posts, do not. Last point, the option to create our own account to log into should be available as opposed to being linked to our Apple AppStore account on our device. Some other fixes such as removing permanent chatting bans, allowing the option to filter through chats, and view whispers in specific areas in the same way as you would in your own area when location is on. Please take these things into consideration.
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6 years ago, Hucsduibvd
Do not get if you’re a female/decent human being
I’ve used this app since I was 16. That was 4 years ago. It was a really nice app at first and I didn’t get as many sexual chats as I do now. If you post anything and you’re a girl, expect your inbox to explode with random horny guys who think you’ll put out. Not only that, they expect you to give them a picture of yourself and if you refuse or bring up the fact that this app is supposed to be anonymous, they won’t talk to you or cry that you’re probably a catfish. This app has turned from a supportive app to a mixture of tinder, Ashley Madison, and just straight up trolling. There are countless people who post stuff just to get a rise out of people. Not to mention that if your views are slightly different from what society thinks is normal, you WILL get hated on. I’ve met very few decent people on this app. Maybe among the thousands of chats I’ve probably had, about 3 or 4. Most of them just disappeared as well. I would only recommend this app if you are a. A troll b. A guy who wants to beg decent women who respect themselves for nudes c. A girl who’s actually into trading nudes with these desperate men or d. If you’re married and want an online affair. They might as well change it from Whisper to Moan because you really only meet people after sex or nudes.
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1 month ago, AAdreineH
for your sake, don’t.
this app is a jungle. good luck finding a singular decent human being to have a pleasant conversation with here, because i’m gonna give it to you straight: you won’t. everyone seems to have the scratchiest of sticks up their rear, no doubt because of the painful lack of moderation. no matter what you say, someone is going to find a reason to jump down your throat over it. and that’s assuming the user you’re talking to is actually human since this app is absolutely FLOODED with p*rn bots. and to top it all off, you can’t even block someone unless you subject yourself to a private conversation with whatever creature you’re interacting with. so if you’re getting harassed by someone in your replies, all i have to say to you is good luck because you won’t be able to get rid of them unless they get bored or you delete the app. if you’re a person who enjoys being force fed rage bait, d*ath threats, and unsolicited n*des from users who have very likely never seen the sun in the past decade, this is the perfect app for you. if that’s not really your style, do yourself a favor and skip this app. because Whisper makes even the most toxic and unhinged corners of Reddit look like an episode of Care Bears.
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2 years ago, Pellakin
Great idea, unbelievably bad execution
I love the idea behind this, and I expected some trouble with an anonymous app, but the actual experience is so much worse then I could have imagined. The biggest problem is that there’s zero moderation. No matter what you post you’ll get a barrage of men trying to hook up, asking for pics, trying to get your info. Almost half the posts are outright requests for pics, advertising pictures or videos for sale, or looking for drugs. You can’t filter those out because you can’t hide a user’s posts & you can’t block them unless you’ve had a conversation with them. So unless you want to spend some time getting to know Mr “52/m/looking to have sum fun with a submissive lady” you’re just going to have to keep sifting through the sweatpants crotch-shots to find anything worth reading. Oh and everything you post is automatically posted to your local area page. So if you’re in a small town, have fun with that. I thought maybe the groups would have some content moderation, but no. They’re just as swamped by garbage and spam as the main feed. I tried to find a way to make this app useable, because I really do love the concept, but it’s just too terrible.
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5 years ago, mossing234
This app a has squandered potential
The app has numerous issues and when they fix them they tend to add new ones or I don’t know what they have running in the apps background but it can drain your battery inside of twenty minutes if your area is getting busy. If your area is slow or not updating it will still drain the battery in less than 40 minutes. I own an external battery and it normally lasts 8-12 hours with constant internet, app or streaming music. This app can chew through it in 3 and a half hours. I don’t recommend this as my phone gets so hot from this that it will shut off. If I try to turn it on it will show the battery with a red line and turn on to protect itself. I know they need to make money but I need a working phone too. Another problem you can run into is that it will push the App Store nothing will load so you close it and go back to the app which again pushes you to the App Store. The only way I have found to fix it is to stop using the App for a while and hope it doesn’t happen again. I want to recommend this app but it either buggy to the point of being unusable or the newest problem of extreme battery drain. I have to say pass on this app for the moment which is sad.
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4 years ago, MonotonousFox
Full of Abuse/Bullying and Other General Probs
Basically the title. I typically don’t care about all the bullying on a regular day, but today I’m feeling some type of way about it. First it’s very easy to flag whispers and then the whisper bot will just automatically delete it whether the whisper was actually offensive or not. It gets incredibly annoying to get a notification that someone has liked or replied to my reply or whisper but bc someone didn’t like it and then flagged it too, I can’t see which whisper it was or what the reply said. And then there are the DMs. So many terrible DMs. Anyone can slip into someone’s DMs to converse or bully. And today someone (probably the same person who deleted all my replies bc I’m assuming they hurt his feelings even though I wasn’t talking or responding to him in the first place) decided to send a hate piece to me putting down all women and ending by telling me to choke on my father’s penis, probably giving me a low chat rating, and blocking me. Very hateful, ya know? and I know that nothing is actually going to be done about it (I blocked him back) because nothing ever is. So I guess I’m wondering if I give this super low rating if something will actually be done about the sheer amount of bullying and hate on this app.
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6 years ago, readmyjournal
Ad pop ups
The original concept of the app was in its own way a great idea and a great way to talk to someone, but I constantly find myself dealing with the ad pop-ups that will open my App Store 4 times, back to back. It’s annoying and I have to kill the app and restart my phone because my messages don’t always appear when it notifies me of a message and it fails to fetch updates. Also, it always shows other users’ location as ‘Somewhere’ or some of the information of the user’s profile doesn’t show up. Last but not least, it freezes up constant, especially when searching for a specific chat in your inbox. The app was great until they included ads and decided that you can’t just delete the app without contacting them first. I last requested them to delete my account and they responded days later saying that if I did, I wouldn’t be able to create another account on my device. So I asked for all content to be removed...a month and a half later, they emailed me saying it had been cleared with further instructions. I lost a lot of conversations that began after the request was submitted. The app is great for anonymity, but it isn’t as efficient and the ads need to be removed.
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3 years ago, Personated opinion
I used to use Whisper a few years ago and it was great. The app itself had a clean, simple layout and worked like a charm. I recently re-downloaded it and am disgusted with what it has turned into. The new layout is clunky and cluttered. Ads are everywhere (which I get they have to make money but most of the ads are just obtrusive to the content of the app itself) Ads are clearly not vetted for appropriate content. Many are for shady “software” downloads and sexual websites. The devs couldn’t even be bothered to fix the way ads intrude on the actual screen because every time you open a group the large banner ads at the bottom push the top of the screen to be cut off, making you unable to go back or swipe at the top unless you reset the page. There are almost no content filters for posts, with rampant hate speech being common. Posting itself is broken. You’re lucky if you can even successfully post, as the post button can become unresponsive or the app just crashes. Also there’s a huge amount of bot accounts that spam messages in your chat every time you manage to post. I don’t know if they ever plan to fix this, but don’t bother with this app until they do.
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2 years ago, pink sand hill
Really gross
I have heard stories of ppl getting SAed kidnapped and more just cuz you guys don’t wanna take out the location thing there are little girls and boys just trying to make whispers for fun and then they see some old man messaging them saying “hey wanna hook up” or “send pics?” It’s so gross how you won’t even let ppl deletes their own accounts I’m so happy that every time I tried to go into the app it took me out and the other thing is that you ppl at the company won’t do anything about it you won’t speak out or even update the app and you still let ppl under the age of 17 go on it and it is your fault for just letting ppl post what ever it’s so disgusting how you think if you don’t do anything everything will be ok cuz it won’t soon they’re gonna delete this app and you can’t do anything about it I hope y’all ppl at the company will under stand that it’s disgusting vile and horrible that ppl get kidnapped and you still keep this stuff up LITTLE KIDS HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED AND SAed MANY TIMES JUST CUZ OF THIS APP AND YOU PPL ARE DOING NOTHING I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY PPL CANT DLETE THEIR ACCOUNT AND WHY THE AGE RANG FOR KIDS ARE FIFTEEN TO SEVENTEEN AND THEY HAVE TO SHARE THEI LOCATION PLZ FIX THIS APP BEFORE IT GETS DELETED ACTUALLY I DO HOPE IT GETS DELETED
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2 years ago, Pkaz
Complete trash
This app is so slow. When you type & someone else is in the messaging your keyboard freezes up so I just keep typing while this happens & it actually works. The messages also show up out of order a lot. The messaging interface looks archaic. This app also drains my battery. This app is definitely in need of a MAJOR update. I don’t think it’s been updated since it came out. It also stupid that you can’t erase messages & pictures you sent to others. If you want to do that the only way is the delete your account which is more difficult than it needs to be as well. Overall a very slow, archaic app that’s in severe needs of a massive update. This app also needs to be monitored. I’m a woman & for everything I post I get lewd sexual remarks or questions in the messages. It’s ridiculous. The developers do not care or monitor the app at all. It’s basically used as a hook up site where sexual predators prey on women & want to get or send nude photos or sext. The actual purpose of this app is not utilized properly at all & the developers do not care about the how people are treated con this site or what they say. It’s the trashiest app I have ever used
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6 years ago, Linguistix
Riddled with obnoxious ads and crashes constantly
Ads that appear in the "feed" are fine. Ads that pop up and make you sit there for a few scones before you can close it- also relatively fine. However, this app takes ads to a whole new level. Constantly, you are exited from the app involuntarily and the App Store opens up, prompting you to download a specific app. You have to constantly switch back to Whisper. It usually happens twice in a row, every time. However, it can become VERY annoying (the most frequent I have seen so far, was when it booted me out and sent me to the App Store, no less than a dozen time... Within a 60 second period! It was enough to make me force quit the app and not touch it for a few days. If you are reading this, Developers if Whisper- stop. Seriously. Also, the app (despite staying up to date on the software and app versions) constantly crashes. You'll be in the middle of writing a message, have spent anywhere from a little bit, to a LOT of time writing out and message, and boom- you're now looking at the home screen because the app crashed again. Your message? Lost. Have to type it all out again. It's ridiculous.
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7 years ago, lampromama
Goodbye Whisper, old friend
So I have been using whisper for a couple of years and this app can be wonderful and fun in a variety of different ways. However this app has become fake - things that appear on the popular page will pop right back up. It used to be days or weeks apart, but now it's only hours apart. Sometimes you'll see the exact same post twice, or with a slight difference, but the picture and everything else is the same. Sadly, this used to be an anonymous posting app where you could share anything your heart desires, but it has now turned into the same regurgitated social media garbage like fb/ig/tmlbr/etc. Of course, if you express an opinion there is much bias in the Whisper team. I am not for Trump or Hillary but they have deleted countless posts of mine arguing against Hillary specifically, but I absolutely did not say or do anything wrong to break whispers community's standards. Whisper has become trash and this used to be such a great app. I only hope one day someone will create another version of Whisper, an adult, uncensored, no politically correct, say whatever you want dreamland! This app is biased, made by biased people.
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4 years ago, Andi Mint
Taken over by Scams & Creeps
I had whisper ever sense May of 2016, And I actually met a couple of friends near and dear to me now on the app back in 2016. However now as we are going into 2020 in a few days, it makes me so sad to see where the app has gone. It is completely filled by scammers looking for “sugar babies” and vile predators, who are mostly always men creeping on women, children, and even other men on the app. This app has SO much potential, and didn’t always used to be this bad. I think implementing some more boundaries and safety precautions on the app could help, like having users create accounts (still anonymous) and deactivating scam accounts, also make it so no pictures can be sent. Also what could help is if someone messages you first, they are not able to send another message unless the other person has responded. This could help stop or at least limit message spamming and unsolicited inappropriate remarks. Also again, I love the apps purpose and think it truly does have great potential, however it’s flaws can not be ignored much longer, or it will loose all of its users and no longer be a trust worthy app.
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2 years ago, RandyC45
Why after years of this app I’m now only rating it one star
I was threatened by Whisper that if I did not watch what I was saying to people or watching what I post that they were going to ban me. I have never written a post any different than anyone else writing the same thing. I’ve answered post and been blocked because they want a picture and then I’m all of a sudden blocked because of my picture. Whatever those people use as a reason to block I have no idea. But i think it’s unfair that I’m being told my account will be shut down if I did whatever it is that they say I’m doing yet I have no idea what that is. So I’ve decided that if they do I will just inform the right people to really take a look at this app and just what is allowed to be posted. I’ve been on this app for 10+ years and never been threatened by whisper staff before. So you all need to be careful because you will at some point be accused of something your not doing and if you don’t know what that is then they will take you down because how do you stop something you don’t know what your doing.
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6 years ago, Shsndnskebdmskdkenxnandbs
Honest Whisper Review
I have been using the Whisper for about a year now. I enjoy speaking my mind anonymously. The concept for this app is great. Unfortunately, there is a number of issues that I have ran into that hinder the experiences. The biggest thing is the number of guys that are flooding the app looking for girls to send explicit pictures. As a man, I do not get many of these guys messaging me. I have heard from many women who use Whisper that it is a serious problem. It really isn’t the company’s fault but there should definitely be some banning going on. I have experienced some minor bugs and crashes during my use of Whisper. Recently, the scrolling has been super slow and the ads get in the way. Often times the app crashes just seconds after opening. Overall, this is a great app but it has its flaws. If you’re a parent, please keep this app out of your kids hands. There are some seriously messed up people on this app who will prey on children.
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3 years ago, embry25
Whisper is dangerous. Too many predators. Never ever going to download EVER AGAIN!
I remember first downloading whisper at the age of 16. I was a junior in high school. I was the quiet kid and got bullied a lot. My friend introduced me to the app whisper. When I first downloaded the app, I was in love with it. It was fun to confess things anonymously. As time passed by, I start to change mentally. At one point I did get too comfortable on the app. I got so comfortable, I did not realize the amount of predators on the app. It was not until I was 19, when the app turned me off. There are so many predators targeting women on the app and it’s not even funny. When I was 19, I deleted the app, and yesterday I just downloaded the app on my new phone. (I got the phone a few days ago) once I went in the app I felt nauseous. I immediately deleted it and let me tell you.. NEVER AGAIN. I do think whisper needs to be taken down. Especially for you young girls or any woman in general: be careful. I’d advise for you all to go to a therapist or talk to a loved one about your issues instead on going on an app. Whisper is dangerous.
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6 years ago, anguishedFishtank
Best Anonymous App!
Don’t let the reviews fool you, this an app that does exactly what it promises; connecting with people around the world anonymously. It’s more of a venting app than anything else, but it’s got a lot of “safe space” friendly groups available for those struggling with mental health. The only major downsides to this app is the “nearby” feature, and the way people create their profiles. Anyone can claim to be older/younger than they actually are, making it somewhat dangerous depending on the groups you interact with. The scariest part is that people are actually able to change their age on the app once every week, I understand that birthdays are a thing, but maybe up the time so people are less likely to change their age so much? Or stop allowing people to change their age that often altogether? Like, you can change your age, but you have to stay like that for a while since they’re in groups like “17-20,” “21-24,” etc.
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6 years ago, Rocking Bassist
It’s okay I guess
The app’s concept is very good and interesting but there are some problems. 1. I had some problems with opening and closing the app and it would shut off for no reason. When I tap on a whisper sometimes it would say “can’t open whisper” after 10 mins it would say “cant open whisper” 2. Some of the people using the app. When I was using this app there where some strange people. There was this one guy who wanted me to take a picture of my legs even when I told him no. Lots of people use this app as a dating site like bumble. I know people have there own opinions but sometime it’s very hateful. Some of the whispers in some groups are very negative and not nice. It sounded like an app with many open-minded people and there where some. I do know that with every social media there will be hateful people but I didn’t really think that there would be that many hateful people. Also please note: If you are a parent looking at reviews to see if your child should get the app/ allow them to have the app weather your child be between the ages of ‘14-17’ I recommend that you don’t let them. When I had whisper there would be some guys and girls being weird like the guy who wanted to see my legs. And as a teen it’s uncomfortable. One of my friends who had this app was talking to this guy who kept on persisting to meet up in person even thought he was 19 and we where both 14. Overall my experience with this app wasn’t so great with the people and the glitches.
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7 years ago, philliefan626
Intrusive ads are killing my favorite app
Look, I get it. Whisper is a business and they need to make money. But the way the app currently is now, it's almost unusable. Every couple minutes there will be an unskippable video ad which takes up the entire screen, and you have to wait for it to finish before using the app normally again. I've been using Whisper less and less because of this. I was on it almost nonstop a year ago, and now I open it just to get rid of those annoying "someone just whispered" push notifications (which, by the way, I would like to turn off while keeping notifications for chats and replies, but the app doesn't have an option to do that). I have no problem with non-intrusive ads that I can scroll past. But forcing me to watch a commercial every few minutes just to continue using this app makes the experience so much worse. Please, Whisper, if you have to advertise, make the ads non-intrusive. No one likes unskippable ads which disrupt normal app usage. As a Whisper user of 4 1/2 years, this is a very disappointing change to the app.
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11 months ago, F The Suka Side
Terrible app.
The app is filled with only bots. Some real people but those real people are trolls because they don’t have to show their face. Developers claim they are fixing bugs and improving the app, all those claims are false. I’ve been on this app for about 8 years off and on, deleting it for years after meeting a girl, but now it’s only filled with bots or men claiming to be females trying to sell “content” which is just nudes, or scams so you pay them online via cash app, or Venmo then they block you. If you are looking for a hobby or to waste some time on you phone, there are 1,000 apps way better than this terrible app. Developers been working to get ride of bot activities for years, and they are still working on it, on their own platform, that they created. No they influence bot behavior because it makes it seem like there are more people. Whisper actually supports this theory. I can’t believe on my worst or best day, that they are still trying to fix this for years and years when other company’s can get this done over night.
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4 years ago, Nickname or nah?
Needs improvement
First off I like this because I am able to connect with people that like similar things that I do. However as of late whenever I go to post something in a specific group, it sometimes will not post at all, but it will come up as a whisper that I posted. Meaning only I can see that I posted it when I go to my account but when I look in the actually group that I posted in, it’s not there. Also I’m starting to get a lot of random private messages whenever I post something, I’m talking like 30 seconds after I post. I know it’s fake but it’s annoying. Please fix this because I really like the app and do not want to delete. Also we should be able to choose whether or not we want out posts to be posted on the nearby category because that gives room for random people to private message you about nothing. Theres also a lot of solicitation in those private message so please regulate that.
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3 years ago, Hex H
Can’t even post
I downloaded Whisper a couple days ago. My friend had it and it looked fun, and I had remembered people using it a few years ago. So I got it, and set up my account and the first whisper I posted seem to show up for a couple minutes. But then I realized on my profile it said I had zero whispers and zero replies, after I had made quite a few replies and had posted 2 Whisper’s at that point. I tried to delete and reinstall the app a bunch of times, googled a whole bunch of stuff about it, and emailed support and after three days still nothing. I thought my chat wasn’t working but then somebody I know sent me a message so apparently I can chat and use other features but my Whisper’s don’t show up and my replies don’t show up. I was assuming it was some kind of shadow ban but I couldn’t really find anything about it by googling and I didn’t post anything offensive that would’ve got me banned especially that fast. I really would like to use the app, but I guess I’m just not gonna be able to.
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3 years ago, slimfatnutz
Disgusting people. Disgusting developers.
I’m pretty sure the developers of this app are pedos. 90% of this app is adult men openly looking for children to groom, adult men sexually harassing every account listed as female, and adult men encouraging women to abuse their animals and children. When you report these posts (mind you, you can’t report a conversation for child or animal abuse, only a post), nothing happens. A user could have a 1.0 out of 5.0 rating from thousands of users, all of them rating them a 1.0 and reporting them for abuse or spam, and the account remains active months later. Reporting for child abuse does nothing. Account remains up, children remain groomed. Even reporting multiple posts from a predator in the span of a single day, all specifically reported for child abuse (which supposedly alerts authorities, but we all know the police don’t care), does absolutely nothing. The developers behind Whisper are pedophiles. Absolutely disgusting app and disgusting team behind it. I’ve never felt the need to review an app before this one. Disgusted.
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3 years ago, Read This Please..
Don’t Get The App....
I was 14 when i was repeated groomed by guys in their Mid 20’s on this app. I didn’t know it was wrong. The first guy was 24, they knew i was a minor but asked for explicit images of myself. The next was 28, he would share photos about his self harm experience.. which i didn’t know was inappropriate then, but now that i’m older (i’m 21 now) i realize just how wrong of an interaction that was. The 28 yr old man took advantage of my vulnerability as a small teen struggling with depression and groomed me to make me comfortable enough to show my body to him. I feel so disgusting. The next guy was 26 and same situation, they sent inappropriate pictures mid conversation and they kept asking for me to send them. I never sent them any, but i just remember crying so much. I deleted the app after a couple months. I’m sharing this now, 7 years later, because i thought i had blocked all these memories out, but i still vividly remember these interactions and felt like sharing my experience. Please, don’t get this app. 9/10 you end up getting messaged by a creep.
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6 years ago, TreatYoSelf_Aluminum
The concept is good, but something’a not right
Whisper is a great app to spend a few minutes a day reading stories and opinions from anonymous people, and can be really entertaining. However, it keeps crashing for no reason, it overheats my phone, and uses a ton of data- so beware if you ever use it away from Wi-Fi. Once, the app even made my entire phone freeze, and I had to reset it because the whole thing crashed! Really bizarre. I don’t really know why a simple thought sharing app seems to use so much power. It seems a bit fishy to me, but I still use the app because it’s a great distraction from my daily woes haha. Still, I would really like if these things were fixed. An app like this should not have as many problems as it does. Recently, I can’t even really use it for more than a minute, because it only takes it about that long to crash and start overheating my phone.
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1 year ago, kitten_kitty
This app has turned to trash
I used to really like this app it was fun making post and talking to people but now you can’t even post because it will say connection error or it post but no one sees it. When you try to reply to someone’s post it doesn’t work I don’t think they see that you responded to it. You don’t receive messages anymore or if you do it’s all spam bots then you can’t send any messages because the person you are trying to message won’t get it. To top it all off I thought hmm maybe it’ll work if I try to delete and redownload the app i went to redownload it and it kept saying not currently available in your country. When I was finally able to redownload it there was the same issues also the page that’s says popular post it has not changed in months it’s the sane thing. It crazy on my people around you page I can see what people have posted but they can’t see mine. In my opinion I think the whisper team has just said forget it about this app….
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4 years ago, heyo454
Sometimes it’s okay
Sometimes it puts up your posts without issue and sometimes it put up posts somehow where other people can’t see them. It also bans people not because of bullying or other reasonable things but because of how many people block you. And people block all the time simply just because they don’t want to see your posts or they disagree with you or they just don’t want to talk anymore or if you don’t respond. And whisper doesn’t check who they ban or why, they just do it based on the number of people who block you. And it’s not for a few days it’s either forever or for 6 months which is ridiculous. And they use the id from your phone so I have to get a new phone or factory rest it to get around it. It’s also puts up your posts on the 15 mile radius page too without you wanting it to do everyone around u on the app can see it too whether you want them to or not. There’s also time where it doesn’t give notifications at all.
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8 months ago, LayZonz
This is the best cesspool
Quite honestly every aspect of this app is trash. It’s buggy almost to the point of being unusable. Messages constantly don’t work. 80% of the users are soliciting bots. The ‘popular’ page is curated controversy (a post of mine with hardly any responses got on the page several weeks after I posted it). Literally everyone there is there to either hookup or be garbage to each other. That being said I found what passes for this app’s roleplay community. I’ve been roleplaying for nearly a decade and a half now and never found a place quite like this. It’s all garbage, sex fueled trash rp. The groups are 70% the same people asking for the same rp again and again. It’s a roulette of hoping to get a good partner that might at most last a weekend. Basically if you come here to be a degenerate and screw around with basically no effort this app is great. If you expect anything more you will be disappointed.
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4 years ago, internetgirl420
Whoever’s running this app needs a hard kick in the nads
Made the mistake of keeping conversations within Whisper, to avoid giving my personal contact info to strangers. Whisper arbitrarily deleted all my posts and replies, and banned me from chatting, with no warning or explanation. Now I have no way to get back in touch with the people I befriended on the app. Over half the posts on the Recent page (& Nearby depending where you are) are scammers. Over half the chat messages you receive are scammers. There are also people who use the app to offer and solicit illegal services, and there appears to be no algorithm to filter out/disable these users who actually violate the app’s Community Guidelines. But they can find the time to punish a real human user by deleting all my new contacts... but they DON’T have time to offer an explanation, respond to support emails, or prevent literal hate speech from reaching the Popular page, which it often does. Absolutely no redeeming qualities to this app.
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4 years ago, Dan McGlone
So mismanaged
It’s not that high tech don’t expect much, takes forever to refresh, upload speeds are slow. Now for my real complaint- they are big about censorship to appeal to all ages and don’t allow anything illegal or too vulgar to be posted. They will tell your content is not up to their standards not what about it is wrong so that’s frustrating. The more you do get flagged the more harsh your posts are looked at. Which is fine keep it safe but my real issue is the app is loaded with I believe robots, possibly some of them are actually humans and they all message you multiple profiles at a time. Some are sugar daddy’s/mommas, so are escorts, others are drug dealers. So what bothers me is this app spends so much time and puts so much effort into censors actual users of their app but does not do a thing about this harassment on their app and it’s all illegal activity. Whisper needs to change something about their practices and figure out how to fix this issue fast because it’s getting unbearable to even use the app anymore
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5 years ago, vender youtube res
Productivity, efficiency, & dark mode
I love this app. But I believe more time & creative ideas need to start making its way for a sweet update we will all enjoy! First off let’s bring a “dark mode” feature to the app! a purple & dark screen would look amazing too & keep my eyes from being flared during the night. Messaging needs a major update, a few bugs to mention, photos disappear after a days & not smooth when clicking to open, 2. after confirming a message they don’t pop up for you to see & reply until you back out of the app to see them on your messaging list (i would love to see this fixed with a better & efficient tap friendly interface so we can get back to people more smoothies & faster than ever those are the major things i want fixed & to help make this a way better app. dark mode would be a highly favorable feature so please any type of design update as long as it’s stable please Also being a “ignore user” feature let’s help everyone getting banned a chance to fix their issues of getting to use whisper again & to bring your ratings up simply instead of reporting accounts for saying soemthing you don’t like you create a block that hides their posts from you & yours for them without the need to block someone & report them for expressing what they want
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6 years ago, Daynev11
I understand having ads, but stop taking me away from the app!!
I like using this app. It's helped me communicate with people experiencing the same things I was going through and it helped me cope. But holy heck, the amount of ads is nothing short of ludicrous!! Banner ads along the bottom? I understand that. It's tolerable. Occasional full page ads? Fine by me. But persistently taking me out of the app and into the app store TEN TIMES WHEN I'M TRYING TO POST?!! Absolutely unacceptable. That right there is extortion. Forcing people to pay to use your free app. It only seems to be "free" so you can potentially get out of serious claims, by saying "well, you don't have to pay. We have a free version". Jeez... How many people in the board room agreed that this was a good implementation? Did they even consider personally testing it to see if it's even a good idea? I'm only giving this two stars because it was actually useful once. Otherwise this isn't even worth the generosity of one star.
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6 years ago, Raynborzrblde
Love the app but...
I used whisper years ago, and I recently got it again to branch out. The app itself has been great so far, very easy access, organized etc. The problem I’m having is that every minute (I wish I was exaggerating) the app opens up the App Store out of nowhere to some random app for me to down load that 1. I never clicked on and 2. Wasn’t anywhere on the screen to begin with. I know at the bottom ads will pop up occasionally, that’s fine. These aren’t the ones I’m talking about. I’ve had the App Store pop up to Postmates, Bumble, WhatsApp, and more every minute I’m on the Whisper homepage even though there’s no way I could have clicked on it because it wasn’t there to begin with and it’s really frustrating when I’m reading something and it does this because when I go back to Whisper, it refreshes everything. Please please please address and fix this.
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6 years ago, rina_sss
Great concept, frustrating to use with the Ads
I love almost everything about Whisper... EXCEPT FOR THE ADS. It’s not like other apps and games with ads. Not only are the ads in different places just for viewing purposes, but trying to carry out any basic function of the app will trigger an app that was nonexistent on the screen and it’ll bring you to the app store. I normally just get through it, but today’s was so bad that I just stopped using the app. Sometimes it happens when creating a whisper, commenting, using the navigation icons at the bottom of the screen, etc. Lately it’s been happening while I write messages. Imagine typing ON YOUR NORMAL KEYBOARD and being taken to the app store as if you clicked on an ad. It’s really terrible and this needs to be taken care of yesterday/2 months ago. Because the ads inhibit app function constantly and consistently, I lowered my rating from 5 to 2. Once this issue is fixed, I’ll change my rating.
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3 years ago, Cmb1455
I cannot post, deletes posts instantly
I just downloaded this app for the first time on a brand new iPhone, with a brand new Verizon number, and a new Apple ID. I created an account and started using the app. From the very first post, whenever I create a post and submit it. It shows up for a second and then it instantly disappears. I’ve emailed Whisper about this and they have yet to reply after a week. This same thing happens for new posts and also any reply posts I make to other posts. What good is this app if you can’t post? The other features seem to work, I can send messages, I can see nearby, popular and latest posts. But I can’t make any of my own. And yes, I tried updating my OS, the app, deleting and reinstalling, all to no avail. I also emailed whisper and even requested deleting my account so I can start over again but these emails have gone ignored. I have not broken any rules of the user agreement. I sure hope Whisper gets it’s act together soon.
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5 years ago, ScottHavior
Good app; cool people; fun conversations;
I don’t have much to complain about aside from how fun it is to just scroll on the nearby feed and read what people close to you are thinking/doing. But I still do have to complaints; recently I’ve noticed that when I go into the app, (without me even tapping anything) the app instantly takes me to the App Store for what I presume a ad that was on on the main page. Even when I close the App Store, as soon as I enter back into whisper it sends me right back but to a different ad. It’s annoying and starting to really bother me as I have to restart the app 4 times (4-8/until I give up) just to view actual whispers. Another one is just the fact I feel there needs to be a feature on if we want pm’s on a certain post. Such as if I post anything sexual (yea yeah), I could easily turn off/decline all private messages from that post alone. Comments are fine but the amount of spam that happens once I post something like that is insane. Granted the last complaint isn’t something any of the staff can really do anything about, but the app is filled with thirsty males who are hoping to send some nudes or receive. Even if you post (as a male) I love my shirt; you instantly get 20 private messages from 40+ year old males asking for a pic. And honestly this about sums up the entire app.
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Slowly getting worse.
I like using the app, but my use has definitely slowed down. There’s a few frustrating things that keep me from using the app as often. First is the group/nearby issue. When I post something in a group, I intend for it to only be in the group. Isn’t that what groups are for? I don’t want it posted on the nearby. It’s also super annoying that this happens, especially when one person posts the same whisper in seven groups and I see all seven posts in one chunk on my (relatively slow) nearby feed. Second is the ads opening up my App Store. I understand the creators have to make money some how. But the constant app switching that the ads are doing is getting really really frustrating. I’m not even hitting an ad! Just trying to type or scroll, and it switches to my App Store. I’ve had to close my App Store and switch back to whisper 5 times in a row. It’s annoying.
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3 weeks ago, jazzy108$98
The truth
OK, so like whisper is the best app to use when you have like social anxiety and you wanna actually meet new people and when you want to talk to them outside of whisper, but at the moment their DM system is down and it’s not really helping with my social anxiety because I’m used to like talking to the people because they would text me personally but now I can’t, but the app is amazing to use. I frankly don’t know why I always deleted it and put it back on and then deleted it. I think it’s because I didn’t wanna get into trouble at the time but it’s like an amazing app also the app is somewhat better for like 18-year-olds and up because they be talking about some really deep stuff on there
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