Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter

Social Networking
4.3 (2.4K)
66.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gurpartap Singh
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter

4.34 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
4 years ago, K-04-T
Perfect for Us with Insecurity!
First off, I'd like to say this app has let me solve a lot of disputes between my friends and I, and it's let me know when something is bothering them because of their activity. This app is a great tool. It gives you a descriptive list of who followed/unfollowed you and who you followed/unfollowed, and it even lets you know if it was a suspended or deactivated account. Though you have to pay to see what account got suspended, as well as a few other features, the purchase is somewhat worth it and even without the purchase, you can get a lot of mileage out of it with how in-depth it is.
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1 year ago, MetsBeisbol
Great for business + regular Twitter accounts
Updated June 2023 - still works great- new private notes feature is awesome- especially when I’ve noted an unfollower who re-follows me months later - that I know not to follow again because they play the follow unfollow game. I have 25K followers and follow back. I find it good for my business. Every so often people will unfollow so they can make their count look big if you don’t catch them. This application is great. Not only does it catch the unfollowers, it also catches new followers (twitter doesn’t always send alerts when suspect or new accounts follow) This app does. It lets you see who isn’t following you back, who you follow that follows back and who you’re not following. (I don’t follow back questionable obvious bots or spammers) This app does NOT tweet on your behalf. It doesn’t spam your timeline like that other unfollowers app. Thanks for a great, useful application! Much appreciated!
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4 years ago, Weather Connisour
Was good at first...
Here’s an update to my review down below: This app continues to take further steps down, in an apparent desperate attempt to gain paid subscribers. I had adapted to the fact that I could no longer unfollow folks through this app by visiting the profiles on Twitter and unfollowing there instead. Which was actually a faster process than the 5 unfollows per minute that the app used to let you do. NOW they made the “unfollow list” totally unsorted, so I can’t tell when I followed the people who are not following back. This app is totally useless at this point. And see below for my previous review: They used to let you unfollow 5 people per minute without having the subscription. Then they started playing tricks, where you would unfollow someone, then it would appear that you were following them again. And then you would have to unfollow them again. Which would use up your unfollows for the minute. And it kept getting worse and worse until now you can’t unfollow anyone unless you pay $20/month. I’d gladly pay a ONE TIME FEE for this app, but the “pay forever” thing is ridiculous. Will be looking for a new app.
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2 months ago, MLRelle
Invaluable App
If you’re like me and you like to keep track of new followers as well as accounts who have unfollowed you, you will find this app invaluable! There’s so much going on with this app. You can tap on the accounts you interact with and see how many posts they’ve made, what year the account was created, the daily volume of their posts as well! I like the graph that shows their post volume because if the it’s a bot you can put two and two together. Suspended accounts will also be displayed and there’s a great breakdown all in one place of your follows. I highly recommend this well organized app. 5 stars for sure.
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5 years ago, nirakaurkhalsa
Not following mistakes
I downloaded this app earlier and started going through the people who were supposedly not following me. Then I recognized a name of someone that I was sure was following me. So I checked and sure enough she was still following me. I wonder how many I unfollowed before I realized that your information was wrong?
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6 years ago, The7thDecade
Best App Ever!
I’ve downloaded several apps to help me keep current on those I follow and who follow back. None met all my needs and some required a purchase to get all of the benefits advertised. I discovered long ago that people follow just to get the follower count. Many unfollow soon after your follow. It’s a very sad and selfish person or company who does this. After a few times of this game of Follow/Unfollow I’ll call them out on Twitter for this bad behavior. Of course you have to have an app that accurately reports all the stats needed to ensure you are interacting with quality accounts. That’s what you get with this app. Accuracy. Real Time Multiple Reports to choose from. Instant Access. Don’t hesitate to download this app. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the developer creates the same type app for Instagram, WOW, how great would that be! :-) Thanks for this awesome product. You deserve every one of the 5 stars and then some.
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3 years ago, ThatBatterySaverUser
I don’t know exactly why or what the problem is, but I have literally lost insane amounts of followers these past couple of months, probably since I downloaded this app. Yes it tells you who unfollows you and all, but I had NEVER lost as many followers until I downloaded this app. Sometimes there are no unfollowers showing, and you still lose followers. Over the last 2-3 months I have lost over 400 followers, and the thing is my Twitter account was never like that, it literally only grew and gained followers and I’ve been active on it since 2016 to this date. I’m starting to feel like it’s this app, because again, it was never like that before. I’d love to know what’s going on.
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2 years ago, Teeshasmom2
Getting started
I had the app before but had removed in thinking I had to do use another app, but I found out later I did not have to remove it. But when I went to reload it, something was not connecting. So I sent in a message. They had me up and running writhin 2 hrs of me sending the message. I love this program because it can tell me in real time who is not following me back and who dropped me. It keeps me from going into Twittmo.
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2 months ago, payroll
Free user bug
UPDATE: Bringing back to five stars because the developer gave us a work around. Been using this for years. However the most recent update made it not functional unless you pay. When you open the app and click your account, it says you need to pay for more than one account (I only have one account linked). It no longer seems to support free functionality, as another reviewer posted recently.
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4 years ago, Boyceavenuefan
Now almost useless without paid subscription, used to be great
I used to recommend this app all the time, but new edition is not very useful without a paid subscription. When I first downloaded this, non-subscribers could un-follow up to 5 accounts per minute, before it would give you the red exclamation point that you need to pay for a subscription if you wanted to unfollow faster. Now you can’t even unfollow anyone through the app, and must click the link at the bottom to open twitter and unfollow manually there. Too much of a hassle. I am switching to Unfollow app, which is still useful in the free mode, like this one was formerly. Such a shame.
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6 years ago, xaaavieeerrr
It’s cool but..
When I got the app, everything ran smoothly and I was able to unfollow people and everything. But now I can only unfollow one person and then I try to unfollow another person and it said that I needed to re-authorize. I did that and then unfollowed someone and it let me.. I tried unfollowing another person and it told me I needed to re-authorize again. It’s frustrating because I have to continuously do this and at this point I really don’t want to use the app due to the fact that I have to re-authorize every single time that I want to unfollow someone.
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6 years ago, RJTheMagnanimous
Downloaded app last night/lost dozens of followers
I’m really hoping this is a malfunction on the part of the app but two hours ago I checked Twitter and all was well. I just went back to the app and see that I’ve suddenly lost dozens of followers. This is ridiculous. My ratio of followers has NEVER fluctuated so drastically and I’ve had my Twitter account since 2009. If this isn’t rectified then I will immediately delete the app. Please explain ASAP.
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5 years ago, eclectelectric
This is a seriously good app
Who UnfollowedMe is the best app I've found for dealing with followers and unfollowers on Twitter. It's accurate, has a great user interface, and it doesn't mess with your Twitter app the way Crowdfire does. Crowdfire created an unasked-for, unwanted list on my Twitter app, with no way to opt out. And even after I deleted the app, the list remains. Really unethical. In contrast, Who UnfollowedMe just gets the job done efficiently with no nonsense, and doesn't mess with your app.
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5 years ago, ksg95
Worked good until sometime ago...
I have been using this for over a year and it worked well with giving me twt info. But recently its been stuck since the past few months- giving stats at such a slow pace and hasn’t updated my recent unfollowers. I have updated the app to the latest update and logged off of twitter on there and re-authoritized the twitter permission. But the app is behind still hasn’t given me new info since Apr 2019. Please fix this issue!
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5 years ago, weall_falld0wn
My go-to app!
I take every follow I receive to heart and love my followers dearly, so when someone unfollows me I immediately get very sad. Without this app, I would never know whether it was someone I had grown close with or someone I'd never talked to at all that unfollowed me. It's extremely convenient to be able to open this app and have the answer in seconds.
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2 years ago, ajdnwh
Paid Version Broken
While the basic features of this app work ok, I upgraded to the paid version and was extremely disappointed that you cannot login to multiple accounts as promised. Not only is this feature broken, but I’ve reached out to support through the app 4 or 5 times over the course of a week and still haven’t received a single response. Definitely would not recommend upgrading from free features.
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4 years ago, BinnaBella
App now useless
Deceitful advertisement. Now forces you to pay an outrageous amount of $20 a month to follow or unfollow anyone. Besides, its still full of bugs and crashes. Piece of total useless junk. Beware! What he says you’re getting for FREE is a lie. Then he answers me claiming this is costing him a fortune. Really? I just downloaded UNFOLLOW for FREE and runs circles around your garbage app. Take your greed elsewhere. I wing be giving you a dime. Oh and people out there, don’t be deceived by the 4.5 star rating. That was when he had a decent app and wasn’t crashing it every minute with his overly priced changes.
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6 years ago, Trashbuster
Not accurate
I was happy initially until I started double checking. It frequently reports followers who, in fact, don’t follow and never did. Vice versa for me as well saying I followed users who I never did. I have no confidence in this app and even wonder if they are responsible for making you lose followers because they mistakenly unfollowed someone on your behalf. Allowing an app like this access to your twitter is dangerous and probably not a very good idea. I have since DISCONNECTED to protect my account. Such a shame because a working tool like this would be so very useful.
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4 years ago, Victória 🏹👼🏼💗
Ok hear me out, an app like this but for snapchat so you have access to users who don’t have you added or haven’t added you back. It’s much easier than looking through every single person you have on your snapchat, I have way too many people added.
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5 years ago, Matthewdds81
This is actually a pretty good app!
At first I was upset with this app because I had to pay for it. I then downloaded a bunch of other twitter apps and then came back to this one. I must say that I am quite please with this app and I recommend it. I think other people will like it. I personally do. ☺️
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1 year ago, Plincoln21
It worked better before
What happened? It seems slower now, can't link out to the Twitter account like before. The follow and unfollow buttons don't work. It doesn't update automatically when you open it. And most of the time it says I have to try again in 15 minutes? What am I even paying for? How did you manage to break it so badly when it was working great a week ago?
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5 years ago, Iamducky
It’s great when it actually works.
I’ve been using this app for awhile and it’s been pretty good. But lately I’ve been having trouble with it. I don’t know why but it will just suddenly shut down. It’s very frustrating. I try closing the app down and then reopening it but it will just suddenly shut down. If this stops I will update my review. I would have given it 5 stars until this problem started happening. I hope this can be fixed.
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7 years ago, Kawakami
Best app for the purpose
This app doesn’t require you to give up control of your account, and it does exactly what I need it to do: let me know who unfollowed me. The support by Mr. Singh is outstanding, he’s an awesome human being. He actually listens to his users and applies that feedback to improve the app and the users’ experience. Thank you, Mr. Singh! :D
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2 years ago, chandler329
Awesome App
I really like this app! There’s nothing like it on the market and it’s so helpful to track important information to build your Twitter following. In addition, customer service responds right away. PS the paid features are worth it!
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1 year ago, bGuiles
Thank you so much!
Great app!! And seriously thank you for the freebie services that suffice for me for now at least. Your free services have helped me during a time of profound family tragedies with destructive financial effects. So again, thank you.
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3 years ago, Ozzywon
Stopped working in ios15! UPDATE fixed!!
Worked great until I updated to iOS 15 and it no longer works!! Update: I changed rating to 5 stars because as quickly as it stopped working, it’s been fixed!!
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1 year ago, Finn_Fan007
When it Scans and syncs with twitter, the results are not overly accurate. “These accounts unfollowed you recently” - only maybe half of them actually did. Go to their twitter profile and they’re still following me. Anytime I sync with twitter, the results hardly change or are just inaccurate. This is expensive and really not worth at least $9.99 a month.
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1 year ago, Airball0283
Updated: Works great!
After having a hard time logging in with the correct credentials, it seemed to work as intended! It’s a great app that has to do with followers, but the other features seem to be a bit too pricey
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6 years ago, heysailor53
Zero Stars - Have to pay subscription fee now
App worked great, but now you have to pay (a lot) for a subscription. No option to continue in a limited option, free mode. Can’t proceed past the subscription page. That stinks.
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2 years ago, yenooc2
Great app!
I’ve been using this app for at least two years. I only use the feature that shows people I follow who unfollowed me, but that feature works great! Thank you for this great app!
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3 years ago, garciagggg
i love it sooo much good if you have a large following. the only problem is that you have to unfollow them yourself if you don’t have the premium thing or something but it’s good recommend if you’re on stan twitter.
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5 years ago, Tyrannical Rex
So they do have a marginally better “tweeps who aren’t following back” category but the bottom line to get it is almost 90 bucks because you have to buy an 8 dollar month contract for a minimum of twelve months and they don’t even allow you to test drive the filters first to see if it meets your needs. When I went in to my profile/subscriptions it said I had already paid a year and cancelling would only affect my renewal a year from now in 2020 = TOTAL GARBAGE!!!!
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1 year ago, kimchi2567
Update to my old review: I had to hit the sync button to sync my account. Now I can see who unfollowed. Thank you!!
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1 year ago, Lightoller
Great...then not so much.
The app worked very well, for the last few years! Then.... a recent update and now the app won’t open. I deleted and re-downloaded the app...when tapped, it opens to a black screen briefly and then force closes. Currently, useless.
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6 years ago, melaninbaybe
Question ??
Instead of me being able to unfollow everyone at once it’s making me unfollow them one by one .There was a button that selected all of them and unfollowed them together but it’s gone now was that part of the update or is my phone the only one ?
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5 years ago, cactusflower333
Really easy!
I’m only using the free version, but it’s the best I’ve found for this! Others have adds that pop up and are super annoying and this is great!
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6 years ago, oks100
An amazing upgrade
Recent major upgrades & developer’s continued support & polishing in past weeks making this app more stable & usable, and with new sleek design, it is a pleasure using it. Keep going!
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6 years ago, Kyle0331
Fast Update
I was having a slight issue with the app, contacted customer service. They fixed the problem in a day. Great tool for the cost fast service. 5-Stars
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2 months ago, Nothanksnick
Problems renewing free account
After choosing the offer to renew the current account I find I'm waiting and waiting for it to happen but it hasn't. I keep getting hit with the paid account choices despite being very clear I only have one Twitter account and don't need any of the frills of the paid accounts. Very bad form.
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2 months ago, Karoleigh2012
Worked fine until the newest update that it kept asking me to make. Now it’s telling me I have to pay for an additional account. I only need one account and I’m not paying for it. Deleted.
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6 years ago, Don't use this!!!!
Great app and customer service
So many apps are flaky with no one to talk to about issues - not the case with this app. Great communication and help when needed and this app does what says. Worth it!
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6 years ago, TeD2D
Seems to work
Simple and works. Can unfollow about 15 people per minute until it gives a warning.
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2 years ago, Joeczyk
Good app
I wonder if there could be an option to see who viewed your profile
Show more
6 years ago, Loduca16
Great app!
I’ve only used the app for a few minutes and I can tell it is much better than any other similar apps. Thanks so much, I needed a good app like this!
Show more
4 years ago, JaunDawg
Tried many... but this is the one! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Not only is this the best app I’ve used for managing followers, but the service and support is terrific!
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1 year ago, Kesley Nguyen
Almost unusable
I cant even open the lists in the “Your Network” section without crashing anymore. Prior to the latest update, it was completely fine but now I can’t see my fans, recent followers, etc. without the app crashing on me.
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7 years ago, AllForVols
Great App & Support
Does what it’s supposed to do...let’s you know of new followers/unfollowers, followed/unfollowed, not following you back, friends, and fans (without ‘surrendering’ account control). Exceptional support.
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4 years ago, Buck56jb
Can’t Do Much of Anything Anymore
You used to be able to have limited unfollow ability in the free version (5 per minute). No More!!!! App is now worthless. Looking for another one. Oh, now they say you can do 2 per minute, but after my first 2 unfollows I’ve been trying to do another for the last 5 minutes. I’ll probably just end up deleting the app at this point. Update 3-3-20, tried to refresh it and it just hangs up and can’t refresh. What is going on?? It seems every time I go into this app it’s a surprise if it’s going to work (or not)!! Update 3-4-20, now the free app won’t let you unfollow ANYONE!!!! So, what good is the free version?
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6 years ago, Living Theosophy
Fantastic customer service!
This app does what it claims and then some. If you take your Twitter presence seriously, this is the app for you! Their dedication, professionalism and helpfulness is above and beyond. Thank you!
Show more
1 year ago, TeenWolfChic13
Don’t even bother
I needed the premium purchase of $194 a year just to unfollow the people who are inactive on my account and it costs me $194? I tried contacting them through the customer service chat and had ZERO responses 5 times. I’m almost feeling this is a scam app with no email or phone number of any customer services behind the app.
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