Woozworld - Virtual World

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4.4 (5K)
139.6 MB
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Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Woozworld - Virtual World

4.37 out of 5
5K Ratings
4 years ago, Guchetti
My name is aria and I’ve played woozworld for 4 years, one time I quit because I didn’t play often but, about 3 months after I found my way back The app it’s a really good game I find it addicting I honestly used to play it all night till 3:00 a.m. if I’m being honest but woozworld was overall my favorite game of all time and the only reason I don’t play it to this day is because I have no storage and my phone is laggy also I gave this 4 stars because although this game was so amazing and has helped me meet amazing people and trade and sell clothes it had one main issue well for me anyways I couldn’t stop playing it and I got into trouble because I was so addicted and wouldn’t do regular daily basis things like clean up and things my mom told me to do and was on punishment multiple times just for woozworld but that’s probably my fault also because of the scamming and hacking issues other that woozworld was amaaaazinnnng!!!
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5 years ago, Kealohi_ho
Veteran Player and Woozworld problems
I have been a member of woozworld since 2011 I loved it and I still do but now there are very snobby and rude people on here and woozworld does nothing about it like this one woozen for example KealohiW,she stole my account which is the KealohiW account and has proof on her bio on our “conversation” we had because I thought she was trusted to buy me wooz but no she hacked me and took it it was another person the original person who asked me if I wanted wooz and vip was this girl QueenBri33 she tricked me. On her bio she said I’m a snake when she is the real snake what a clown 🤡 smh please ban people who scam other players and hack and steal accounts please. Also please PLEASE PLEASE bring back Deadmau for Halloween I always wanted one. Another thing please fix app for when we make new accounts because most of the time when I make new accounts the new unit doesn’t load and redirects me to someone else’s unit instead of the one we picked and I have to log out without saving and delete then re-download the app it’s annoying.I love the new system for free wooz thank you for finally listening to the players of woozworld by giving us offers to earn wooz and it’s super easy. I also don’t like how you don’t get much on the free spinz wheel for wooz and beex maybe put some rare faces or clothes and keep vip and wooz thank you 😊 I love this game so much and I keep playing it until this day thank you for your time bye bye
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4 years ago, EnjoyingFreetime
Woozworld has become terrible. Glad I’ve quit.
Being a member 7 years the WoozWorld society/community isn't friendly or interactive at all to any new people. If theres an unofficial goal in WoozWorld it would be to become rich and have the most “rare” items achievable. But that cant be done simply because the game is a pay to succeed game in itself. The leveling takes long so you will be stuck as a newbie for many amounts of time (you need community votes to level, and new people aka “noobs” rarely get voted). The WoozWorld support team is terrible. As WoozWorld team isn’t so interactive as enforcer of their own rules the way they used to be. There is scamming, curse words, sexual role-play, racism, bullying. That goes completely unnoticed. The best action to take is to report these bad people but no punishment comes from their actions so thousands of players do these naturally daily. The updates are usually just boring side activities, or new items for purchase. Which again, is where “pay to succeed” comes in. The censorship of words is terrible as people get around the censorship and just find new ways to curse. For example the N word is used so much but just in a different way. And when its said in a hateful way, reporting it got me suspended instead of the person directing it at my friends for our brown skin tones. Trust me, woozworld is a terrible app filled with an inappropriate, harassing community of teens. This is just a warning, thank you for reading.
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3 years ago, Amyle1212 (my woozworld user)
What I think about Woozworld
I 1st joined almost 3 years ago (I don’t rember the date but ik it was in Dec imma be find out the date this year I hope) ofc every game has its ups n downs but I highly recommend Woozworld (tho I don’t think it’s for ppl younger then 8 that’s about the youngest I’ve met) I’ve made so many amazing friends that I hope I get to meet irl someday ofc there r haters I won’t pretend their aren’t so u gotta be carful who u trust (imma warn u some rlly nasty ppl play so be carful :3) ofc when I started I played pretty much everyday then I took a break n didn’t play every day Bc it got boring but now I’m kinda bck to playing everyday XD (srry if this is dumb lol not use to doing this) I’ve made friendships that have lasted most my time on wzw n some that haven’t (just like irl) Ngl there r a lot of nice ppl but also some nasty 1s, I use to accept pretty much all the friend requests I got but now I’m smarter n only add ppl I feel r gonna be good friends (ofc I’m not perfect so I do sometimes add ppl that aren’t good friends so I unadd them Bc we never talk or there never on)
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4 years ago, jeremy☻
A game that’s not worth your money.
Woozworld is a fun game, when you first begin you may find yourself tempted to spend some money, but that’s how they want everyone to feel. The game definitely has it’s perks, and while it definitely is a socially driven game, the items and “deals” that are released aren’t worth it. They want you to spend money on memberships that do almost nothing and items like they’ve been doing for over 10 entire years now. Woozworld has had it’s glory days, the game was very filled with new members daily who wanted to find what others found in Woozworld, but as time progressed, the game itself was sold to a different company, management changed and different practices were put in place, the staff truly is just doing what they HAVE to do to get by. They are making the items, and doing the “events” and rushing offline. They open their Wallz (Woozworld’s alternative to Facebook *and their “walls”) for a couple days so Woozens can speak their opinions on things and close them forever, therefore silencing a lot of people who are looking for simple change. Short version; don’t waste your money on this game, take it from someone who has, it’s all garbage and virtual trash that isn’t worth anything in the long run, have your fun but don’t go too crazy, it’s all a waste.
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6 years ago, katharina gonzalez
I joined woozworld in 2015 because I was in a very upset state in my life and I thought maybe making online friends would help I honestly didn’t expect to meet such amazing people. When I first joined I loved everything about woozworld but then when I came back a couple months ago I was in total shock, it looked nothing like before. I deleted woozworld again after I got it because I seen no point in having it since all the people I once associated with had then left because they were done with woozworld. All I seen then was random faces I never met. I made so many wonderful friendships and I had 9 close friends who I would talk to everyday but as time went by we argued, things got rough and some of them split. I only talk to 4 of them once in a while now but it’s life. But it’s a friendship like those that made me realize how short life really is. Well if you read this far thank you and if you still want to join woozworld go ahead trust me if you give it a chance you could make friendships that will last a lifetime🖤🌼
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1 year ago, Jnae23
I literally got banned for something I didn’t do my account got hacked in may & they used their own card to purchase things! Long story short I ended up getting my account back & they refunded all of their money that they spent & I got banned with no questions asked! That’s so unprofessional I have literally spent so much money on this game & has had that account for 10 plus years! Then when I try to contact woozworld they don’t respond! I have called the number & emailed and every time I call there is no answer & when I email they tell me to fill out a form THATS NOT EVEN ON THE WEBSITE! I clearly can’t login to my account & contact woozworld so how do I??? What kind of customer service is this??? I want my account back!! Y’all shouldn’t ban people account without questioning what’s going on! Because you never know what happened & if the person has proof which I do! They should be able to get it back!
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6 years ago, AnonymousLeo
I decided to write this review because I have noticed the other people writing their own reviews are still semi-new to the game. Well I’ve been a member since 2010 so I’ve been been playing on and off for a little over 8 years. I don’t know if everyone has forgotten what woozworld used to be like, but it used to be very fun for me and my siblings to play. There was more people on it, you could use beex and wooz, there weren’t as many ads, and the admins were very interactive with everyone. I went back on it for the first time in years like last month and was so disappointed at how much things changed. There are also other things that I didn’t mention that had changed as well. But all of this is just to say that the simpler version of woozworld was better. I however did like some new changes though. Like the woozpets and the wheel being added were nice. I just wish it had kept most of the website’s function the same. Lol but I started playing when I was a ten year old. I’m 18 now and have outgrown it. I just want the new generation to be able to enjoy it as much as I did growing up.
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6 years ago, SkylerX527
I been playing for a year now and I like how people from all over the planet can join together and make friends, now I have some problems with this game which I think that should change, 1. If you report someone, the owner(s) of this game don’t do anything. 2. Hacking. Hacking seems to be a big problem these days on many apps, this app is an example. When someone hacks into you’re account they take over your clothes, your units, and beex, which can get transferred over to the hacker which is really unfair. 3. Prices!!!! We all love to go shopping when there’s a sale like when something costs 538 wooz, you might really like it and when you see the price you’re like, “ WHAT!?!?” And then when the item is sold out or just taken off the app you might be bummed. Now that little shopping example is done, I think that woozworld should lower the wooz prices, and there should be a price limit on the beex marketplace, I say this for one reason. Some people will put something in the marketplace for like 999k which absolutely no one will buy!!!
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2 years ago, wren colbert
If I could rate this game 0 stars, I WOULD. I’ve been a member of Woozworld for about 10 years now. My first account was hacked and I reached out to support and they did nothing so I lost the account. I emailed them for forever. For my second account, I recently just did a Tapjoy offer that cost $55. I did not get the wooz reward after their 24-48 hold and it had been 5 days so I reached out to Tapjoy. Tapjoy claims that my IP address had an error and that something was wrong with my device. I even sent proof of purchase!! I emailed Tapjoy again and got no response. So I went to Woozworld Support and they asked for the case number. For what, I have no clue because obviously they knew themselves that weren’t going to compensate me in anyone way and didn’t. They said they can’t do anything about Tapjoy rewards. If you can’t control a third party site on YOUR app, WHY IS IT THERE??? I’ve had issues with Tapjoy before lagging on passing out the rewards that are owed. I will not be playing this game anymore. It’s washed up. Do not buy anything on Woozworld or use Tapjoy because they will rob you and I’m not the only one that has dealt with this.
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4 years ago, Local Gay Girl 🏳️‍🌈✨
I should of gave it a -0 🙄
You know woozworld should take responsibility of there games. I made a new account because I didn’t like the account I like. So for the secret question/ answer why, just why? We didn’t have that like 5-4 years ago. NOW IF SOMEONE LOSE THAT, it’s y’all responsibility to take care of that if someone contact y’all because, what if someone contact y’all and y’all said that. We have to check to see if it on the “real email account or we have to see first” first of all: What we have a email already on a woozworld account and we lost it..? Second: How would we change the email if we lost on the new account too.? Third and last: How are wed going to contact y’all if y’all put stupid stuff or like wait for a WHOLE MONTH TO GET A REPLY BACK TO SAY THAT YALL CANT DO THAT..! Y’all are woozbandz and i’m telling y’all that you can do that or take the secret question off like 5-4 years ago and it’ll be find. Like it was back in the old days. 🥰 I’m leave it 1 or like i said i’ll leave it -0 because there’s little kids that will lose it easily. Woozworld better see it or delete my two account the i contact y’all. 😏
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7 years ago, Adrianna Wagner
A Long-Time Player...But...
I originally found Woozworld around 2014 and used it to keep in touch with my cousin who lives quite a ways from me. I loved the game and still do, but naturally, a game will typically change overtime. This recent update I am really not enjoying. The marketplace is a big one for me as it is a simple way to find exactly what you are looking for without having to constantly travel around. The way this marketplace is now set up is understandable, yet it was unnecessary to update. The original marketplace was perfectly fine and you were able to sell items quicker by just pushing a button on your shop pod. Because of that feature not being available anymore, it limits your selection and I cannot seem to find what I want. It is now just a plain hassle. I just hope you take into consideration what your Woozworld members are saying as it affects the way we play. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Marmaleid
horrendous HUD
They recently updated the APP so that the HUD is the same when you play on PC. It is not at all user-friendly and is in fact HORRIBLE for mobile users. I play this game just about everyday and I switched to the app years ago because the marketplace was much easier and quicker to use. Now that the layout is the same as PC, it is near impossible to expand or shrink windows (such as closet and marketplace) and the animations are WAY more laggy. The custom color palettes are also gone from the closet which makes CC much harder to accomplish. I loved WoozWorld only because I was able to play on mobile, which is easier to navigate and also much quicker than when I used to play on a PC. I truly hope they can revert to the HUD before this awful update because it is very hard to tap on small icons that are meant to be seen on a bigger screens (laptops and monitors) which are meant for a mouse that can click with precision. 8 years on this game and this is by far the worst update for the app.
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2 years ago, Kaylababyy143
Christmas grabs non transferable
Let me start by saying I absolutely love this game , but I really wish the Christmas grabs would be transferrable already !!! I’ve been waiting since last Christmas I paid for all those wooz fro grabs and I can’t even sell the stuff it gave me , please update and unlock those , also would love if you guys brought back the Beex mystery bags , I used to LOVE those and I’m sure it would be a hit ! Also was wondering since you guys have like an inferno fit , and fire wings maybe you guys could make a water fit ?? Becuase of the water wings?! I play this game EVERY day and I really enjoy the people I meet on there ! My user is 0barbie0 ! And I love you’re guys game so much ! It helps me get my mind off things when life isn’t going to well , so I really appreciate this game and everyone who contributed to creating it ! Thanks .
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6 years ago, concernedcomicfan
Way too many ads I keep getting them under my screen too the point where I can’t see the chat bar. Everything I enter a unitz I have to watch a video. I’m growing impatient. Not only that but most of the time what I’m trying to say always gets blocks with hashtags when I’m not saying anything offensive. This game is becoming more immature if that makes any since nobody. Nobody even cyber bullies so I don’t see why they are so sensitive about the chat. If anything you should be watching people like Rapunzel that are racist and are disrespectful to people who mind their own business. I hope this game gets better honestly, I’ve had this game for over 5 years and most people quit because of the drastic changes that limit people from things. I think you guys should add things small like letting people listen to music in a unitz, or freedom of speech. Also having more than 15-20 people in a unitz would be fun. Non-vips should have a good experience too.
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4 years ago, mexicanlovable
Connections / not the company
Been playing this game since 2012 and seen the game go through major changes. Most players who have been active for awhile will agree that most of these changes aren’t for the best, mostly centered around spending money to but items and quest aren’t enough to buy items with it. The events have also dwindled and there’s less interaction with developers/animators and it’s changed the game experience. It used to be fun to interact and play the games or try to actually put effort in events but now it’s not. The only good quality to this game are the people you can meet and become friends with, I’ve made very many unique friendships that will last because of this game. If there’s anything I can recommend for the developers is become more active with the players and host/interact, moderate more and simply listen to the players and what they have to say to improve their experience or else you’ll lose the players.
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6 years ago, abbygirl30033
I’ve been playing woozworld for almost a year now, and there’s always something I’m mad about. Usually it’s money. It is SO hard to get any of the ‘new’ items because the currency you need is crazy annoying to get AND it costs a lot. Not to mention it’s impossible to compete against others because you don’t have anything that is required to wear. Not to mention, it’s all teenagers and pre teens that play this game now. There’s even some young adults that play, so I really don’t suggest younger kids should play this. Sadly, if you play too much, you’ll end up paying a TON of money. I guess the developers were trying to calm everyone down about the money junk by adding special deals on Monday and what they call “Treasure Thursday’. You answer a question, and if you get it right, you have a chance to win the rare currency. However, all the winners are all rich already. It’s super annoying. Besides these problems, it’s a fun game.
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1 year ago, ppoolboy6969
Woozworld help
I love this game, my issue is they just don’t respond to people who need help. My account was suspended out of nowhere, I wasn’t given a reason as to why, and I wasn’t told if I was ever getting it back. I tried calling multiple times, left voicemails, sent tons of emails, but I have yet to be given any help at all. No one answers the phones, and the emails are just telling me that they can’t help me. It’s ridiculous. You can spend years on a game, spend money, get multiple people to start playing, and then get tossed out like trash. If they had an actual customer service number that they answered, it wouldn’t be so bad. But instead they decided to ban you and will never explain why and you just have to accept all the time you put in to the game was a waste.
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6 years ago, im just dissaopointed
I’m am beyond disappointed the fact that woozworld can’t do anything about getting hacked is frustrating like how can you not manage the game but try to put new things on there I am beyond mad I got hacked 2 times and then you guys say to tell you about scammers BUT I DIDNT GET SCAMMED I GOT HACKED and yet you do nothing about it, it really does bug me about these things because I had a lot of clothes and faces and stuff and I came on and it was all gone it really did make me angry I left wzw in disappointment and frustration because I got all those things and there to be taken away I went back on some months later and I got a couple things from playing games and winning prizes and I had some stuff and I went back on one day AND IT WAS ALL GONE like really then you try to comfort hacked woozens by saying sorry as if sorry brings all the clothes back to our accounts and you can do anything about it fix your game please honestly
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2 years ago, spoofers - wzw user :)
Isn’t really for kids anymore
I’ve been playing Woozworld since i was around 9. Since then, I’ve played off and on till now. When I was younger it was easy to play with people around my age as mostly kids played it. Now I see that the majority of players are around 15+ and it’s rare to come across anyone younger than like 12. A lot of people playing have also grown up on it so the audience of this game is much older since a lot of new players aren’t really coming in anymore. I don’t think this game should be marketed to children anymore, as they are exposed to a lot of adult banter and themes from the older players. I feel it should be more like imvu in the sense that it’s marketed towards much older people.
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3 years ago, chocolate☺️
New content
Need more clothing lines and better things like driving from world to world like edit the game up the walkin gets old and teleport isnt a thing anymore lets get rid off the # on alot of words cuss words are ok too block but yall take it overboard with alot of words you guys had it going along time ago bc it was really popular and i was a pc gamer long before mobile make these other games like imvu feel different because its not alot of games u see everyday that people with actually play take my advice ima big gamer and a youtuber id love to sponsor you guys but i need new content on the game and please add a microphone chat or sum on there besides texting 24/7 thank you woozband keep the game going make it alot better for people i believe in yall dont pay me just update this game and ill just buy vip and wooz and stuff ill even buy a drivable car if yall update it make it 1000 wooz cheap cars 2000 beex for real take my advice
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6 years ago, jayna12345678910
Please fix this
My friend gets suspended for putting “dating” you need to fix it she was simply telling me a story and she got kicked. And it feels like someone takes my stuff or the app does because I don’t sell it or trade it. It just disappeared. And also I doesn’t over $200 on my old account and it won’t let me back on. I did nothing wrong. Let me back on my old account please it makes me mad. I bought 6 outfits and it lagged so I got off and back on and it wouldn’t let me play again so I got mad and when I get really mad I cry so I cried for while. So fix this because I want my old account back. Please and thank you. Please fix these problems I love playing the game but those problems get in my way Thank you, a woozen who wants her old account back..
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5 years ago, cloverscatsrainbows
Hey, I just want to say something important my friends told me to download the game to try and get a fake in-game boyfriend this man or kid I don’t know slid up and started talking to me I played along with it because my friends told me too he turned out to be “16” and he kept on saying let’s play truth or dare and I said ok because my friends told me to he asked me truth or dare and I said truth because my friends told me to pick truth and not dare so i picked truth of course and he asked “what’s the dirtiest thing you’ve done and I said I’ve done nothing and then I got off and deleted the game so parents if your kid is wanting to download this game ask them what are there intentions in the game after they download it and parents also tell your kids if someone slides up on there thing then don’t answer unless it’s someone wanting to be online friends and check your kids woozworld every once and a while thank you.
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6 years ago, 4+ isnt realistic
This is such a popular game, so many people play it all around the world which is also pretty cool 👌 U can talk with your friends that don’t have phone numbers! But CAUTION: this game is VERY addictive ❤️ But wzw... what’s with the hashtags? 🤨 I was telling my friend how much wooz I had (money) and the number “400” turned into a hashtag. Then I was trying to figure out how I could put that so wzw won’t turn it into a hashtag. I said “four 00” cuz “four hundred” doesn’t work either. 😰 Then wzw kicked me out giving me a warning of SUSPENSION cuz u was giving out “personal information” like bro... 🤭 Another thing that really triggers me is: Well u know how A LOT of things that shouldn’t turn into hashtags? Like things so stupid as saying “my name is” or “that is very pretty” 😖 WELL... If u get to many hashtags... LIKE I DID for very stupid reasons... u get suspension! Not cool wzw... LASTLY, what is with the age rating. I mean like 4+? Nonono my friends... more like 12+ cuz of all the swearing an UMMMM we will stop there... 😳😬 Cuz like people find out how to abbreviate swearing and it is not any better🤬 BUT STUPID THINGS THAT SHOULDNT TURN INTO HASHTAGS DO! Children under 12, DONT PLAY THIS. But if u r mature. I guess? Oh also not to mention but SCAMMERS! CHEATERS! Yep there we go. Enjoy this game😳😬 Please don’t be a scammer or a bully cuz u guys rlly effect people’s lives ❤️❤️😳
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5 years ago, Puppy lover/drama queen
A favorite game
This game is one of my ultimate favorite games!All the friends you make, the unlimited amount of clothes you have to choose from, and all the crazy events that go on.I have been a user for about a year now and Woozworld is still my favorite game!I understand that the new woozworld is NOT the same as the old Woozworld but I still think this is an amazing game!Granted I wasn’t around for old Woozworld but .-. The only downside is the rare items like quin, Cassie, and Willa are so expensive! And people like me who weren’t around back then to get those items when they were cheap, it’s sad but whatever bc there r tons of more clothes! I’m always excited for the weekly new fits! I hope all of you enjoy Woozworld as much as I do!
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5 years ago, TheREAL TRUTH!!!!!!
I lost my account, plz help
I tried logging into my account, and it just didn’t work. I think I may have been hacked. I tried to reset my password, and they said they have sent a password reset, but I checked my mail and I don’t see anything. I think the hacker may have changed my email registered on the account. Plz help me get my account back. My friends say they saw me 20 hrs ago, but I haven’t logged in for months. Have I been banned because I haven’t been playing? You guys released a anti-hack, kicking and banning player who you thought might of hacked. And then people who have done nothing wrong and have spent so much money on this game loses their account. Give back our expensive accounts and come up with an better anti-hack system and a better login system. Plz answer back as soon as possible.
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6 years ago, Kelllllllllyyyyy
Amazing! Still could use some work.
I’ve been a member since 2012. I stopped playing for 5 years after being on 2 years straight. Naturally, I spent cash. I am a little disappointed about your technical support. I really want to play on my old account but you guys aren’t helpful. I am willing to give you old numbers and emails I could’ve possibly used. When I make my accounts, I make them realistically so you can see that’s me. It is real everything from birthday to name. Currently using my sisters because she’s done (yes, I know her IRL). Woozworld has changed so much. Please go back to getting VIP with Wooz. Needless to say, your app is amazing and I thank you for putting all your time and effort. You guys got some things to work on, but as long as I have control of my sisters account - I am staying on and spending money. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Lolololloloolollo
Mean People
Over all I love this game and it’s great, but it’s got horrible and mean people in it! I’ve reported them multiple times but nothing happens they usually do the same thing to other people. Once I saw the same person who would not stop bugging me and calling me a noob, she was doing the same thing! I told her to stop, so she private chatted me saying to stop and that I’m a stupid noob, I told her that I was going to report her, and I did she also blocked me and reported me for telling her to stop. After that I just quit playing the game. I’m not trying to tell everyone to not install this game, I’m just trying to warn them about those people and not to be those people.
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4 years ago, sbby4
First of all, I love this game. It’s very very fun and you get to meet lots of new people, dress how you want, and make new friends. However, customer support is just AWFUL. I bought vip and it must have glitched out of something because it never got applied to my account. I reached out to them and they said “send the receipt” I sent it and they said that again and this happened 3 or 4 times. I had to end up canceling the subscription before they stole my money, and when I said that to them all they said was “what yous ent us was not the full receipt”. Including that typo. They never told me that while my subscription was still active, they never asked me to show anything else, they just kept stalling for time probably so they could steal my money. I am VERY disappointed because I love this game but if these are the kind of people behind the scenes I don’t think I can support it anymore.
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1 year ago, Ryo Blu
horrible company
I used to love this game as a kid i played it everyday and spent hundreds of $ just to get my account drained by some hacker or who knows, maybe it was woozworld themselves to get you to spend more money. Regardless, i never gave anyone my information so i reached out to them and guess what? not a single answer. no help, nothing. I know they see the emails because my friend reached out for help with something else and they got a reply. For someone who invested over $500 into your game, you’d think they’d be more appreciative and helpful. I had been playing since 2010 and the game has just gotten more greedy and boring over time. It used to be such a great community, the animators and mods were cool but i have no respect for Woozworld. All my friends quit this game too, it honestly tells you enough about it. Sure you’re making money now, but this game will not last for the future.
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3 years ago, Zoomzo
very old player
ok... i'm officially done with woozworld... loved the game!!!! i still wouldve been playing if u guys didn't update app yet again... i remember the last time you guys updated the game and everyone wasn't happy but we ended up liking it anyway but this new update right now is literally ridiculous... you guys made it EXACTLY like computer.. i literally played on app for a reason if I wanted to play on computer then i wouldve played on computer yall just stay ruining the game all the time but whatever... next two months your game is going to have nothing but tumbleweeds rolling around since you want to update exactly like computer.. GOODBYE!
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9 months ago, Cuzz Sandrah
Deactivated account
I logged in after like 2 years of not playing since I noticed I had my vip membership still on. It kept charging my card and I wanted to log in to see how much I have on my account and when I tried logging on it says you guys deactivated my account for “security” reasons supposedly. Funny how you deactivate my account yet still charge my card for an account that’s deactivated for “security” reasons. That’s not the only thing though, it gave me the option to activate it again but when I filled out everything it just kept saying “error” which was really annoying. Idk if you deleted my account but it’s really annoying. Can I get my account back or at-least a refund from all the months I paid the vip. Hopefully I get a response, you guys are horrible at your customer service as well.
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2 years ago, TJHart <3
Ive been playing for 12 years
12 years, and i finally had decided its quits. those 12 years honestly was fun! meeting so many people from all over the world! a game like this is nice. this game can make you be socialize! everyone here wants to be friends, well not everyone but you get it! ive seen woozworld change from the beginning since they were "kidstudio" up from "woozworld" and it was an honor to see that. i've met all animators and mods well not all mods but mostly and i kid you not, they are the most sweetest, nicest, and generous people you will ever meet. have fun woozens! i hope to see woozworld someday! goodbye
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4 years ago, Rarelynnn
Not a great community in this game
The players are very rude nowadays and I’ve seen several players even adults over eighteen play this game and say cuss words even getting around the chat. I’m a seventeen year old girl but I’m tired of these players making everyone feel bad especially calling other players poor and saying they are richer then them. I won’t be coming back to this game just because it’s full of pedophiles, adults who play this game and think they are better then everyone else and minors who bully other kids just for not having money. Please parents if you want your kid or teen to play a game with a decent community, please go check out animaljam play wild. The people are very supportive and there’s no swearing whatsoever I used to play it when I was young and it was so much fun for me to play and I have good memories on there.
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5 years ago, game critic 1010101
Read!!!!!!!!!!from a real wood world fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I played woodworks when before schools started and then I played every day for months then I left and I came back and spent 20 dollars on wood so that people could still call me a noob woozworld needs more places and I can’t imagine what my friends would think if they caught me playing wood world and I also almost got caught playing woozworld in class I started to not bring my violin to school so I could sit in the back and play wood world I started to sneak in the bathroom one time when I was grounded to play woozworld and it’s additive yes but at a time it gets boring but it can give friendships for life time
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1 year ago, Stepheny123456789
Hi my name is Stepheny, and I have been playing woozworld for about 2 years now and when I first made my account I had really cute clothes but I decided I wanted more so I just kept playing the game and leveling up until I got more good stuff and clothes and while I was playing the game I eventually got addicted to it and wanted to be on the game 24/7. I really enjoy the game it’s fun And I really would like to see more games from who ever created this game. Whoever created it has amazing creativity and also the people that helped create it they have amazing talent and creativity.
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2 years ago, green darkness
Amazing but some problems
Sooo I’ve been playing Woozworld since the beginning it is really amazing but the deals are such a rip off I paid for a deal for 20$ and when I logged in they only gave me 1k wooz when the deal is 750k been 20k wooz and 4 faces like bro and I can’t get into my main acc because I got suspended without a reason and I had like 1 mil been on there like bro can you give a reason why I’m suspended but ethier way from the the game is amazing not complaining just please fix the problems a little bit thank you!! Amazing game though would play it if you have free time or if you’re antisocial
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6 years ago, Merkie0902
I like woozworld but...
I been playing woozworld for a long time with my sister and brother but my sister got to old for the game and I stilled played for a couple years my friend played with me when my brother quit playing and I quited a few years after I was on level 50 and I had good stuff and lots of units and friends but I forgot my password and I was bad I got back on it and I made a new acc and my brother started playing with me but I just wish if you had that acc on your phone and you delete it you should still be on that acc my name was cherryredd and my new one is cherryredo I'm not playing any more
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4 years ago, JayJayGar
Love this game so much!!!
I love this game soooo much I’ve been playing for 4 years and I’m obsessed with collecting. I spend all night playing this game and getting my acc up. The only reason I didn’t give this game 5 stars is because my acc “BriBriLife” got hacked and I emailed WoozWorld about it and typed everything then they auto responded telling my to go to a different website it and I did it and they never responded with anything. But I have created a new acc and have been having fun with that. Again I love this game so much but I have a suggestion to add to the game. Wishlists!! So that people can gift people the things off their wishlist if they want! :D
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1 year ago, ggftfffdsssdtggffdddfvvgggfvf
Best game for friends
About 7-8 years ago i downloaded woozworld Yes i have quit and i wanted to come here a wright a review. I was young abt 6-7 when i first got it now im 15 going to be 16 I met amazing people there i will never forget yes I lied about my age when i was younger but who didn’t😂 But this game has had it’s downfall I will always remember when i had the most popular world on the game and sm more i met amazing people and made amazing memories If you download this game now i doubt you will meet as many people as i did I just wanna say woozworld you guys did a great job tysm. ❤️
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4 years ago, SabrinaKrazyyy_
I’m a Veteran and WZW is declining..
I’ve been playing Woozworld for 7 almost 8 years, so I’m a veteran. I just came back from a year of quitting about a month or so ago. I’m in college, and I like to play wzw on my free time to just enjoy getting free clothes, playing theme games and what not. It’s hard for me to enjoy wzw with all the woozwns and how the overall atmosphere has changed. Almost every unitz I’ve walked into to try and play a game there’s an argument amongst multiple people. There’s also a lot of toxicity among woozens, and (thought this would die out but sadly it’s still happening) I got scammed! (xCyn is the woozen who scammed me and there’s a video on yt) In my opinion, woozworld is declining due to the overall negatively appearing atmosphere.
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6 years ago, SavageKitty101
Pretty Good but..
oh my gosh i love this game! i downloaded it in 2016, but i quit for about a month or two because i got hacked. Woozworld needs to put an end to the hackers. every once in a while you might see those units the hackers made i think the use mod tools but to be honest i dont know. anywho, the hacker that hacked me took a colorable jamila outfit, colorable doll face, 12k beex and much much more, one day i randomly decided to check up on my account i was lowkey upset when i came to see they took that stuff, the hacker was generous though, he/she still left most of my inventory which helped me re-build to what i now have today. :D i love the game thought
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2 years ago, glamourgirl1😊
Can’t delete my old account
I tried doing what the Woozworld website told me but there were too many issues like getting the answer to my secret question wrong and getting my email and password wrong. I tried everything I can think of but nothing worked and I don’t know what else to do. I’d really appreciate if the developers of Woozworld would get back to me on this and helped me out with this issue or fixed it for me, please and thank you.
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4 years ago, Cici🍯
Honest Review
Addicting game, but not as addicting as it used to be. However, you can still manage to make it entertaining for yourself. That’s one of my favorite about this game; the versatility. I’ve been playing woozworld since 2011 and I practically grew up on this game. Has it’s ups and downs as it’s not as fun as it used to be. I used to play this game for hours upon hours until 2017. It’s worth a try but one thing id like you all to know is that it’s being claimed that it’s a children’s game but it isn’t. I don’t understand why that rating is still there because this game doesn’t deserve it. There’s a lot of stuff going down in here that I wouldn’t recommend for people under 17.
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7 years ago, aadriangarcia
make everything transferable and more!!!
I would like to see Woozworld make everything transferable!!! Expect Deadmau because it was a really rare item and like one day I wanna see Filis Hair, Evalis Hair, and Sven Sneakers transferable on to the marketplace and it will be so lit on Woozworld like back then. Pc is better then app rn still. Because app you have a little bit of features in them and on Computer you have many more other features. I've been on Woozworld for at least 6 years and I would like to see the app get a better upgrade! Thank you and have a good day and I want the old marketplace back and everything else from old woozworld back!
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6 years ago, Mykaela Miller
Okay so the deal here is on woozworld is that on market place there is soooo many beautiful items I love but the only thing is THEY SELL IT FOR 200k like 100k or 80k or 90k since it’s a really rare item 😭😭😭😭 and I just can’t get it , cause its impossible , and impossible for other people to get it too 😵 so I hope 🤞🏻 you read this and make a big BIG change to woozworld like make the budget in market place like only 30k that’s all please , the items I want is kute face and glitter tattoo 😁 Ty so much if you change it 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
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6 years ago, Friendliestgalevernot
Pay to Play
One of the hardest things as a player is when games make a VIP status that you have to pay for. I was kinda getting bored of the last game I was on, so I decided to try out this game. However, I was thoroughly disappointed when I found out that about half of the items are “VIP” and the Wooz coins can really only be bought, not earned. This truly bothers me because even if a player doesn’t use any real money in the game, they will never reach the same level as a person who bought a lot of Wooz and bought the VIP package. Just really hardcore disappointed by this game. I gave it two stars though because the color wheel doesn’t cost money and the rooms are nice.
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3 years ago, garcicat2
I love wzw and have been playing for about 11 years now. The one thing i dont like it the hackers and scammers. There are so mant hackers giving away people’s accs. I NEED WZW to put a TWO STEP SECURITY AUTHORIZATION for our accs. Roblox and imvu and other games have those active so people dont get hacked easily. Wzw NEEDS to START doing it bc alot of us do spend a lot on wzw. Itll help us FEEL MORE SAFE. We get codes sent to our email or phone so we can log in with those codes. The security question doesnt help in keeping our stuff safe on the game bc hackers can still access our inventory. The security question is only there for us to change our passwords. WE NEED our accs stuff to be safe and SECURE as well. WHEN WILL THIS HAPPEN?
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4 years ago, Rebekah👸🏾
The Truth
I've always loved Woozworld played it when I was younger 𝗮𝗻𝗱 really enjoyed it minus some of the downsides. But when I came back to Woozworld for corona break all hell broke loose, everyone started coming back so now basically it's a 15+ game but the people making the game money are about 17+. Another thing is that Woozworld can fix the report 𝗮𝗻𝗱 block button but not their customer service? I 𝗮𝗻𝗱 plenty others were scammed of their money on Woozworld even my friends 𝗮𝗻𝗱 every time I ask them if they have reached out they say ”there's no point they never get to the bottom of it”. Even I've reached out after getting scammed 𝗮𝗻𝗱 they said ”take a picture of your last two purchases for validation I did 𝗮𝗻𝗱 no reply...
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4 years ago, Liyah$&
Take It Back
Hi. As a loyal Woozworld member for over 10 years, I've bought VIP many times. However, I don't feel buying the membership is beneficial due to us not getting much from it. Aside from skipping lines, gold chat, dances and emotes we aren't getting much anymore. VIP members used to get wooz. In addition, I feel ALL VIP hairs should be accessible to anyone who has a VIP membership. I want to continue playing woozworld with VIP but I'm hesitant and don't feel it's worth it. ALSO, there should be a Wooz Center just like Beex center to get wooz much easier. IN ADDITION, Grabz should be different as well. Different mini games or something would be better.
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