World of WIT

Social Networking
1.6 (16)
23.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Vogelbusch & Co
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for World of WIT

1.63 out of 5
16 Ratings
2 years ago, mannyg1999
Where do completed puzzles go?
Cool game but I don’t know where to find my completed puzzles. They should make it where once you complete a puzzle it gets sent to your camera-roll.
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2 years ago, normal lynn
its SO BAD i usually dont write reviews but this app is terrible and doesnt let you even use it. USELESS app and i just think its a scam just to see your data and your icloud. terrible, terrible app, DO NOTTT download nor use or give up ANY of your data. i would give it a zero if i could.
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1 year ago, Silent🙊
No hints
All because of that app my girls wants make me solve 3000 piece puzzles and the colors all look the same but I can’t not solve because she’ll get mad….
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7 months ago, Damian Balderas
Games wack
Can’t Even Move Puzzle With This New IPhone Update !
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2 years ago, Yaya🧸✨!
worst app
this is literally so bad… it won’t let me send out my puzzles
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2 years ago, I saw fakemon, so I expected
Never loads
Great concept but I’ve been waiting for two hours for it to download
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7 years ago, Steven Anselmi
Keeps saying it needs an update while it is fully updated, won’t let me play.
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3 years ago, Swagger 164
none of my received wits will load, not worth it.
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5 years ago, Rockfire gg
Find another
I'm willing to bet there's plenty apps better than this one, it requires icloud and I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow i wake up with six hundred fraudulent charges on my credit card. Shady. :/
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2 years ago, tiktokerok
Nvm lol
I take my review back, after the other person downloads the app it doesn’t load.
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2 years ago, carmecallson live
I did it
I got a booty pic with this
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3 years ago, auntiilk
Trash app
Literally says it needs an update when it’s fully updated and need an iCloud account... not worth the download. Do not trust
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3 years ago, sisters👑
Not worth it
Every time some one tries to send me something it won’t let me do it. Definitely not worth your time.
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4 years ago, haiayhdbsjs
Keeps telling me it needs an update. It won’t let me play I already tried updating it it won’t let me
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3 years ago, dalesnotokay
keeps saying it needs to update/upload and wants access to all my of my icloud.. v suspicious
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3 years ago, jaeajaejaejae
it doesn’t even load. sent multiple pictures to try and when we click the link sent it takes us to the app and has a loading screen and we sat and waited but nothing
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6 years ago, Reno Gee
can’t open received wits
this app is garbo says i need ios10 but i have it never lets me open anything COMPLETE GARBO
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4 years ago, courtney massey
charged my card $20 and won’t even let me use the app. trash.
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4 years ago, TkDoogie
Photo not loading this app is trash
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3 years ago, evamar2023
Never loads
Whenever I send someone a puzzle it never loads. In order for them to be able to play it, I have to screenshot whatever picture I want to turn into a puzzle immediately before uploading to the app.It is very fun to play whenever it loads.
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3 years ago, angelxgsfl
why cant i receive the puzzles?
why cant i receive the puzzles
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7 years ago, Garcia
IOS only app
If an app updates to allow for Facebook posting, it makes no sense that it is still an an IOS only app. Most of my friends live in the android world so these puzzles never work. If I'm missing something please correct me else this app is lucky it got ONE star from me.
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4 years ago, Pepe la rana
it used to let me send my result but it randomly stopped letting me send it it just blanks out when i try!!!!!!!! 😤
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