Yubo : Make new friends

Social Networking
4.5 (341.8K)
178.3 MB
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Twelve APP
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Yubo : Make new friends

4.54 out of 5
341.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Terryce B
YUBO is meant to find a “friendship”
I downloaded this app because my friend told me to, but later on deleted it because I found the ONE for me on here. It started by me setting up my profile with cute pics and funny videos. And then the swiping...I swiped left on TONS of people and only swiped right on those who I thought were “cute” or “boyfriend material”. Every now and then when someone would swiped right on me I would do the same to them and text them a quick “heyyy”. Of course they would never respond and I lost hope. But then this one guy replied and I said this sentence that just meant the world to him, “yeah let’s see where this “friendship” goes.” He instantly loved it because he hates when people put a label on something they have not even fully explored yet. So from there I gave him my number and now we’re on the road to talking for about 2 weeks and we’re mad crazy about each other. YUBO helped me find someone when I thought there was no one out there for me. I will forever cherish this app and I owe my future to it. Now that I think I’ve found the ONE, I deleted the app, but if you were thinking about downloading it...DO IT! I know you may be scared of stalkers or creepy people, but if you are just know that you can completely delete your profile if you feel like it. But also know that I gained a “friendship” with the ONE and other friendships with lots of other lovely people. Just don’t put terms on anything before you explore the ins and outs of it!
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4 months ago, Mmvhpta
I 100% love this app. But there is one thing that bothers me. You should have a setup where you can see people from your own state in the scroll management feature. It's wonderful to meet and make new friends all over the world, but if you want to hang out with them it's a pain because they're all over the country. I would love to make new friends in my state. I don't know many people and I'd like to know more, but I don't know where they're from and I can't exactly travel across the world in a second to meet them for an hour. Add an exclusive my status feature to the app. It will make everyone's life a lot easier and there will be more people who will come and download the app. In my opinion, it's a win-win situation. Please keep this in mind and update the app soon. I'm not complaining about anything else. The app works very well and is the best for making and meeting new people and friends. But another drawback is that it won't let me post a photo of my stomach because a quarter of my nipple is visible. It's super weird because it counts as nudity even though we all have stomachs and everyone looks the same. (By the way, I'm a guy). Work on what I said, it will make the app much more popular and much more useful. Thank you very much, I hope to see the update soon.
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4 years ago, Captain_FunnyBun
More manage swipe settings
I 100% love this app. But there is one thing that bothers me. You should have a setting to where you are able to see people from your own state on the manage swipe thing. It’s awesome to meet and make new friends around the world but if you want to hang out with them it’s a hassle because they are across the country. I would love to make new friends in my state. I don’t know many people and would like to know more but I don’t know where they are from and I can’t exactly travel across the world in one second to meet them for an hour. Please add a my state only feature to the app. It will make everyone’s life so much easier and you will have more people coming and downloading the app. In my opinion it is a win-win situation. Please take this into consideration and update the app soon. I’m am not complaining about anything else. The app works so well and it is the best to make and meet new friends and people. But another downside is you won’t let me post a picture of my stomach because a quarter of my nipple shows. It’s super weird because it gets counted as nudity even though we all have a stomach and they all look the same. (Btw I am a guy) Please work on what I said, it will just make the app so much more popular and so much more useful. Thank you so much hope to see the update soon🙃🙃.
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4 years ago, madsprinkle
Thx Yubo
I would just like to say thank you to Yubo as it helped find a really special girl that completes me. I got yubo as a joke and I never thought anything would come of it you know maybe see a cute girl once in a while and get her snapchat. But one day I saw this beautiful girl named Madison and swiped right on her which was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She added me back and we instantly vibed she texted with all exclamation points it was so cute and I felt a connection so I asked her to ft which one also one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. So after FaceTiming almost evernight for like a month we built a really special bond. So we decided to hangout and see where things went. And the second I saw her at mini golf I knew she was the one and that she was really special. Ever since we have been hanging out and honestly I fell in love with her personality she is such an amazing person and never fails to put a smile on my face and she is so caring and cares about others and always makes me so happy. She’s also the cutest girl that I have ever seen and I wouldn’t trade her for anything I’m the luckiest person alive and I’m just so glad that Yubo brought us together thank you so much☺️
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1 year ago, S0lar!s
I like the app. It’s great and people are awesome. The way the app is set up is also really great and overall it’s just a very great app. What I don’t like is the fact that I have to PAY to see who viewed my account and the fact that I have to pay to view like 20 other people that added me who I will most likely never be able to add back unless I pay. I don’t mind not being able to see who viewed me (yes I’m curious but I can overlook the fact that someone has viewed my acc 10 times). I would like to be able to see ALL the people who added me so that I may be able to add them back and make new friends. I find it really dumb that I have to pay to see like 20-30 people who’ve added my account and I can’t add them back. I understand that the app needs ways to get money so they can keep running the app but there are plenty of other ways to get it. For example the app already makes you pay to get their Yubo coins and some people really waste their money on that. Some people are extremely curious and are willing to pay every month to see who viewed them. Those are great ways to get money already I don’t understand why I can’t see 20-30 people who added me when the whole point of the app is to add people and make friends and that completely goes against that but overall the app is great.
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3 years ago, caitlynb06
cool app but..
Yubo is a good app and it helps with being more social and making friends and more but there are many problems that people go thru using this app like for example the strict moderation alerts..people keep getting banned for the smallest things like boys being shirtless which is not something that is rare to see now a days there’s many times my friends have been banned for no reason..another problem is getting yotied. Many people have problems with this because some get yotied for no apparent reason which is very annoying to deal with and it apparently needs many of our personal information which is ofc very shady and there is no need for us to share all of our info to a random app we all downloaded. Also I was forced to be verified and got yotied for no reason so ik what it’s like.. Another problem is that we can’t add ppl who are older or younger. Like for example, let’s say I’m 14 and I have friends who r either 15 or 16 and I can’t add them because of yubos strict guidelines. Another thing is that we have to pay to see the people who swiped on us. Especially since it’s 7 dollars a week is too much. Most of us are only teenagers and we have to pay weekly just to see who has interest in us which is so dumb and basically makes having Yubo useless. This app is mostly to make new friends but at the same time..because the rules are too strict we can’t even do that . So I suggest that you change up the rules a bit and be less strict.
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3 years ago, LRS3212
i enjoy talking to people bc i have bad social anxiety, i randomly got this notification that i had been locked out of my account for security reasons and i had to send in my ID and wait at least 24 hours to be verified (ps i don’t look underaged at all) i’m not sure if this is bc people are reporting me saying i’m fake or something but even apps like tinder and bumble’s verification which u HAVE to be 18+ don’t make u show ur ID and video urself to make sure that ur a real person??? i also have my instagram in my bio in everything i have that’s similar to this app since a lot of people think i’m not a real person which is fair but again as i said, even dating apps don’t lock ur account before verification of ur appearance. i can however change my profile but cannot talk or see other people until this dumb app tells me that i’m in fact a real human being. if they really think ur not human why don’t they put one of those simple puzzles that u have to confirm ur human... it’s really disappointing. also the payment is god awful, this isn’t a dating app even tho some might think that so why is there a WEEKLY fee for seeing who liked ur profile?? i’m pretty sure tinder (which is the number 1 dating app is less money that that and u have more freedom) anyways hopefully they unlock my account since i was talking to quite a few people before completely ghosting them unintentionally do better thanks
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3 years ago, kfdkdkkssk
When i first signed up I made my account as a joke but actually ended up liking it. I put a random age with a random year just to complete the sign up process quick. Now I know i quite like the app. However I go to change my age because i realized the app is actually safe and now i feel comfortable and it is asking for my ID?! I paid for a week $9.99 for the membership or whatever now I try to change my age and my account gets locked. Absolutely baffles me. I wanted to make sure the app is safe before i put my real information in. Now for the last 2 days my account has been under review after i submitted my ID- birth certificate because i don’t have an ID. My membership should be paused or something. I’m missing out on the conversations i was having and making new friends all because i wanted to change my age. I checked today and It says my information was rejected?! It’s my state birth certificate how are you going to tell me my information is wrong. I got frustrated and made a new account and deleted the old. I’m already upset because i was talked to a bunch of people making friends now I have to start all over. After making my account it says my NEW account is locked and needs to be verified. This is beyond outrageous. I understand the need to check ID’s but it’s an app targeted towards minors. Most minors don’t have ID’s. Very stupid in my opinion. Waste of time.
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8 months ago, xee_9388
Racism - Zero Monitoring
Downloaded the app and created an account today. I was only on it for about 5 hours total. The app has a lot of pay walls and isn’t the most fun to navigate. I was exploring around the app, trying the features I had access to, and came across the “live” page where people were on lives/streams chatting. There were 2 “boosted” lives with like 20 people in each. I joined one quietly. The moment I joined one person said “Serena Williams, we got a Serena Williams” which I didn’t think much of. I then noticed that the live only had Caucasian people on video, and the people just in the live watching were all Caucasian as well, I was the only POC there. Then right after the Serena Williams comments, the same person said “I’m not a cotton picker, you’re a cotton picker!” And that’s when I realized he was calling ME Serena Williams and a cotton picker. I left immediately, deleted my account and deleted the app. The app claims to have a “safe community” and there were many notifications that it’s a kind place to hang out at. And yet one of the TWO BOOSTED lives on the app, had people be openly racist without any shame the instant a black person joins. I didn’t even have a chance to say or do anythig. This isn’t the type of place that is welcoming and must not being holding users accountable if they feel comfortable being openly racist on this app. Do better. If you’re a BIPOC, beware and spend your time in spaces that won’t treat you like less than human.
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2 years ago, Football RB
Toxicity and Bullying Galore
It’s ironic with the community the app has built. It’s filled with the typical outsider that has no friends, and they love to be toxic. They live to bully others on the app cause they’re bullied in person but they are power hungry and have it for once in their life. I used to be on the app consistently back in 2018 and prior whenever it was called Yellow. I redownload it every so often (every 6-9 months) and see how it’s doing and what all has changed. I’ve never even needed the app, I just would use it out of boredom. If you want to be randomly harassed as a woman, blocked and banned for no reason, or made fun of without any provocation then this app is for you! :) If you want to make friends, start your own live and rarely join others. Most of the time the people will already have a group of online friends and they will treat you terribly if you try to join in. On the rare occasion they are polite, there is a 50/50 chance they will ban you from the live without a warning and no particular reason. It happens all the time. Anyways, take this into consideration as you read this. Most people with social lives won’t even be bothered to download this app so go ahead of you lack one. If you download cause of an ad and you’re just bored, this isn’t for you. It isn’t for me. It’s like all the band kids decided to make an app and meet there. Also lonely stoners. Overall just avoid it if you’re even somewhat normal.
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2 years ago, A michelley
over priced for absolutely no reason. updated
i’ve had this app since it was called yellow and honestly they’re charging people for no reason. the developers just want your money. when it was yellow, literally all of the “elite” features you have to pay for now were FREE or you’d just have to watch an add to see a few people at a time. but now it’s more annoying because they don’t re-show people like they used to do now there’s a point of “running out of profiles” to swipe on just to make you pay to see who’s swiped on you already. how is this app “great for making friends” but they try to force you into paying to see who does want to be your friend or whatever. i have about 200 people i’ll probably never meet because this app wants to charge you an arm and a leg TO MAKE FRIENDS don’t waste your time people, you might make some neat friends but they’ll try to push you into buying their passes and whatever else because the DEVELOPERS ARE MONEY HUNGRY. furthering my point now they’ve forced an update which doesn’t allow you to choose your swipe settings. and you have to pay for it in order to be more selective of who your looking for. mind you this feature was COMPLETELY FREE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE WEEK. the people running this app are just running it into the ground because who in their right mind would pay 13$ for ONE week of their “power packs” or 18$ for ONE MONTH. it’s genuinely pathetic on their end.
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3 years ago, mimi day time
Terrible App
This is a terrible app. The people are mean, you have to pay to use the full extent of the swiping feature, and I don’t know if this app is for teenagers or adults. I’m 16 and expected there to be people 14-17 on there, but that’s only a small minority. There’s a lottt of people 17+ on the app, which makes no sense because on the swiping feature it has an age adjuster that says 13-17. Also the only way you can make friends if you don’t pay is joining live video calls. This wouldn’t be that bad if everyone on the calls were rude or mean or banning people for no reason. I also find it hard to join calls because whenever people see me they think I’m 12, so then I explain to them I’m 16 and even that’s too young for them and I get banned from the call. This has happened to me many of times which makes me wonder if this is an app for teenagers or young adults. I do find a small amount of girls and guys my age, but they usually look older for their age so they probably don’t get questioned. It also really saddening when people on a call roast you or ban you because of what you look like or your age or race or simply from what country you’re from. It would be better if you could adjust the age preference for live streams that you can join, but you can only adjust the region. Overall this app is toxic, highly addictive, and I regret ever downloading it. And I only experienced all of this stuff in ONE day.
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5 years ago, g59betheset
Used to like it.
Alright so when I first got this app it was great, I had no problem with anything until now. It seems like since yubo is now getting more popular more updates are happening which makes the app crappy, like the fact that you have to pay to keep swiping on profiles and to see who swiped on you is ridiculous. But that’s not the only thing that’s messed up, so I recently uploaded a photo to my profile which was just me in a skirt with a shirt on but apparently that’s inappropriate to show off your thighs, which got my account blocked. I then updated the profile as it told me too and I did this like 100 times but it kept telling me I needed to change it, and that I needed to show my face , which I had 4 pictures of my face clearly on there. I then sent an email to yubo and they received my email and so to them fixing the problem was to completely lock me out of my account ( can’t even delete it) and force me to download some app called “yoti” which makes you give your identity to them. I don’t know why you need my identity? The pictures on the profile were me I have no idea why yubo suspected something wrong I’ve never had this problem. It’s so weird , I really used to love this app but it’s trash now. I’m not giving up my identity just to unlock my profile, yoti has a 2 star review with a bunch of people saying it’s a scam. Don’t download this app it’s costly and crappy and you’ll probably get banned for no reason.
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2 weeks ago, KyzleConner
Worth a shot, at least
It was worth a shot, for sure, but all the ‘finding of friends’ features were hidden behind paywalls. You can “swipe” on potential friends, but to see anything else, you have to pay up. For an app advertised as “free”, it was very misleading. I felt hoodwinked. I spent over an hour curating my profile, and then it got super confusing/convoluted with the badges and tokens and notifications… it was messy. I liked that there were a wide range of tags to add to your profile to get some niche social interactions, but for some reason, it didn’t have a lot of options as far as LGBT content. And of the first two dozen “lives” and profiles I clicked through, I had to report 3: one for pornographic material (quite literally: the shadow of their penis), one for creepily wearing a ski mask in all of their photos (the app has strict guidelines for profile photos), and one for scary, toxic content. In the end, I actually only used the app for less than 30 minutes once I finished my profile. I was getting added by potential “friends” left and right (not to toot my own horn, or anything), but in order to view who they were, it would cost money. And from what I saw, there are more problematic folks, Snapchat pimps, social media climbers, and influencer-wannabees, than there are genuine friend-seekers. Sorry, but no. I’d rather be alone.
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5 years ago, Robert_lucas_red8
Age problems !
So I’ve been a part of the yubo community back when it was considered yellow and I’ve always liked being able to go on the app and pass time but suddenly I’m now getting an error about my age? I’m a paying user for yubo so it’s really such an inconvenience not being able to use my account with the intended membership I’ve paid for (which I’ll tell you aren’t cheap either). I’ve tried contacting yubo for their help and it’s genuinely frustrating as the responses have been so slow, I have yet to get a response back. The app itself directs me to download Yoti and I have to which I find out that I still can’t even verify my age on there. The app sorta contradicts itself as you need to verify that you’re not over 18 trying to use the app for a younger community but doesn’t take into consideration that 1) if I’m truly underaged, why would I have a drivers license ? That immediately crosses off 1 of the 3 options. 2) if I’ve never traveled beforehand, I really wouldn’t have a passport at ALL to use to verify my age so that crosses off my 2nd option. 3) lastly my only hopeful option is the state ID to which I still don’t have. I’ve yet to get one for myself and more than likely most of the community on yubo under 18 wouldn’t have theirs yet either considering it’s not in their control whether they could get one or not due to parents. There’s a lot of flaws to this system and it’d be appreciated if this could be fixed ASAP
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2 years ago, My name is sabella
I’m baffled
I NEVER write reviews but this situation kinda deserves it. For some background I had this app before and got it back just to delete my account but then I got curious and made a new one. I decided to get verified because it would let people know I was real and because I had just got my school ID. I inputted the information CORRECTLY- I’m the right age, my ID photo was in good lighting, my pictures on the account CLEARLY look just like me but 10 minutes later a pop up tells me I need to get verified again and it LOCKS my account. I was in the MIDDLE of a conversation— I was completely lost and confused. I tried to text people but it said they’d been blocked and I couldn’t even use the app properly because of the pop up. I ended up sending in another verification but this time with my learners permit instead of the school ID because it was my ONLY choice. So now I have to wait however long it’s gonna take them to finally realize I’m a real person?🤨AND it could take up to 24 HOURS? It would’ve just been better if I didn’t try to get verified in the first place?? it’s shocking that other people who don’t submit any form of verification get to roam freely while I’m locked because I tried to verify myself… now I know why I deleted the app in the first place 🤷‍♀️ I’ll update if they even let me back on it
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2 months ago, Lebron R. James
Do not read
Yubo is an absolute game-changer when it comes to social networking for young adults. With its sleek design and intuitive interface, connecting with new friends has never been easier. The app's unique features, like live streaming and group video chats, make it stand out from other social platforms. Plus, the safety features, such as age verification and moderation, provide peace of mind for both users and parents. From my experience, Yubo has helped me expand my social circle and meet like-minded individuals from all around the world. The ability to discover new people based on shared interests and hobbies has made connecting with others more meaningful and enjoyable. Whether you're looking for new friends or just want to hang out virtually, Yubo is the perfect platform to make it happen. In summary, Yubo gets a solid 5 stars from me. It's user-friendly, fun, and safe, making it the ideal social networking app for young adults. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to expand their social horizons and have a great time connecting with others.
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7 months ago, djsnsisbkdbw
Overall I like the app, I think it’s way better than the alternate options, very interactive. I have 2 main problems though. The first one being not seeing people who add you. I understand paying to see who’s viewing you or having to pay to see maybe half of who adds you, but since I’ve had the app around 80 people have added me and I’ve only been able to see probsbly around 10 of them. And if you want to see them, you have to use 70 coins, which is frustrating because if you don’t want to pay it takes a while to get even that much. My other main problem is not having a good filtering system. If I’m making friends or finding someone I might want to get in a relationship with, I would much prefer to find people in my state. That being said, the filter provides you with being able to see people from your country or seeing people from your country first and gives you a mile amount, and neither of these options help. I put a maximum of 60 miles and the only people that show up are people from the west coast and the uk. Doesn’t make sense to not have a better location filter, I want to make close friends near me. Other than that, I like the app
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2 years ago, kk-lover_
I saw the reviews and loved what I saw. I gave the app a shot but didn’t get to see much of it. I looked at the verification option. Not something I need but thought might be nice since it looked easy enough. I went through the process using school ID since I didn’t have one of the others next to me. After sending in the request, it would be reviewed. Nice. But After exiting the app and coming back on probably an hour or so later, the app opened on the “verifying under review” screen and there was no way to exit. Even a day later after receiving a reply that my request was denied, the same screen was there. I even tried to delete the app and reinstall. Since I had high hopes for the app, and could see myself using it for awhile, I bought the 3 month plan subscription and I don’t want to make a second account because of that. There is no way to cancel the verifying process once started, and I haven’t been able to use the app in almost over 2-3 days. I sent in a second request but want to cancel it since it’s basically just a simplified version of what I’m writing rn instead of pics of the ID.
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3 years ago, ElGusii
Just because
I want to start out by saying that this app is perfect for trying to find people to talk to when you’re bored. I have met so many amazing people around the whole world who I can genuinely call friends. If you’re getting this app for love, (I see you lonely teens😎), then it’s either hit or miss but right now I’d say it’s a hit. I’ve met an amazing person who I’m taking it relatively slow with but I just know that my time with her let it be short or long will be the best. She makes me feel excited to wake up in the morning knowing I have something to talk to, she has the same personality as me if not even more crazy and I love that about her. She is beautiful not only physically but in ways that I can’t even begin to explain. She has my heart I hope I have hers. Tho we may be miles and miles apart I know the wait is worth it. No relationship is easy especially if it’s long distance but when it’s with the right person then anything is possible. It’s all worth it for the day I can look at her face to face and tell her ......... we’ll leave that for when the day actually comes;)
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2 years ago, mafeleee
It’s OK.
Yubo app is fine like the app itself. It works great, at times can be a little tricky/confusing to use, but overall well designed. The only thing is the people on the app. This is going to happen with pretty much any social media app or app that market s itself as a way to make friends, but so many people are CREEPS. I mean downright WEIRDOS. I have had multiple 17 year old men in my dm’s calling me “pretty girl”. I have a S/O so I don’t respond unless they say “hey” and not some weird compliments or cheesy pick up line. I could go on and on about that, but the one other thing I want to mention is that you have to buy a bunch of things on the app. There is an option (kind of like Tinder weirdly enough…) where you can swipe left or right on someone based on their profile tags/description/appearance. Swiping on people is 100% free, BUT if you want to see who swiped on YOU then you have to pay. In my opinion that stuff if reallyyyy annoying because it feels like every other thing I tap on is asking me to pay for a me membership. So yeah I give Yubo a 3/5. Only go on here if you are looking for a bf or gf because this of definitely more of a dating app than an app to make friends.
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8 months ago, Pookieshnookems
I love it
I downloaded Yubo when I was with some friends cause we were all just bored, I already had a different app and it was entertaining so I got this one. I thought it’d be like the other one a few conversations lasting no more then a day when I stumbled upon this one guy. I thought he was cute and I was in the discover page so I paid 5 coins to talk to him. I didn’t say anything to crazy cause I wasn’t expecting much he seemed out of my league. He texted back eventually and we talked for hours, he finally asked for my snap and we started talking on there. I’ve been talking to him for almost a month and a half we FaceTime every night and he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Finding someone on Yubo is the last thing I expected but I did. He’s equally as obsessed with me as I am with him and he’s told me how he was so nervous to talk to me when i first texted him when i was exactly the same. yubo slays so hard it takes a bit but if you really try you can find someone for you.
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2 years ago, Adreyan
Love this app, but there are some changes needed
Okay so I’ve had this app for years and have also spent a decent amount on it. If that doesnt tell you how much I enjoy it then I’m not sure what does. But there are two pretty important things that I think need changed. For one: notifications, there should be an option whether you want to know if people are going live or not, and it should be separate from message notifications. Secondly, there is a pretty heavy problem with scamming in this app, I’ve seen it happen to plenty of ppl. A simple fix would just be that the user send a picture of themselves and that they match the picture(s) in their account. This needs to be a bigger issue to be pressed, I’ve had three friends go through really rough times bc they made some decisions on the app that allowed scammers to leak images of them and let all of their friends, family, and coworkers know. It’s upsetting and it definitely needs to be locked down on. Other than that, I really have no complaints on this app. Other than mayyyybe that pixels need to be better explained in the app.
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4 years ago, Coronaa19
Pay for friendship!
I've been using this app for a few days and it's a pretty decent and solid concept. It would honestly be such a fun and cool app if the in-app purchases weren't so stupid. The app has a swiping function where you can swipe around multiple accounts, see their interests and you can add then, or choose to pass, kinda like tinder. The funny thing is, you can't see who added you as their friend! Spotlight could be another useful way to make new friends, randomly appear on other people's feed, if they share similar interests, you can add them. These are great concepts for starting friendships, but it costs 6.99 a week. No i did not stutter. Most of this app's users are teenagers and it's pretty absurd you'd want them to dish out 7 dollars a week just for an app that isn't even guaranteed to life long friendships. 7 dollars a month would be more reasonable than a week. Swiping and spotlights should be included for free in the app anyways! I understand that they need to make money, but joining lives and video calling isn't for everyone, including myself. Good app, but executed poorly. Has a lot of potential, but the free version of this app is practically useless. I'm probably going to hop on another app :(
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11 months ago, PleasantlyIvory
Unfortunate flaws
This app isn’t bad. In no way is it a bad app. But the fact that every time I tried to make a bio it was removed for being “inappropriate” is bizarre. Nothing I ever put in my bio was inappropriate. I tried to express the fact that I only wanted FRIENDS. (Which mind you is literally what this app is MADE FOR??) I wanted to express the fact I am indeed married and that i would prefer if people didn’t hit on me. I don’t use the app very much and I’m a little more active on Snapchat so I put that there as well to allow people to ACTUALLY be able to talk to me. It’s very sad that I’ve seen people with practically nude and pornographic pictures as their pfps but my bio wasn’t appropriate. I tried to even reword it multiple times! I also tried to express that I am 20 years old due to the fact that even after changing my age preferences I still came across people that were like 16 and 17 :/ Regardless, it’s a good app but when it comes to making FRIENDS. It’s not it. People treat this app like they would Tinder or Bumble and that’s just not really what this app was meant for?? I ended up just deleting my account so I can find something else.
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3 years ago, ghostriderinyourdreams
I used to like Yubo it was fun app where you Gould go live and meet people around the world and make new friends and all of suddden they tell you to download weird app called yoti then says your account is blocked until you download I do not recommend this app for my friends or anyone this app will constantly sponsee over and over repeatedly for you to download yoti for no reason then never fixes any report you have against users I don’t know why this app doesn’t do anything right they don’t even watch people who add people who are rude on there they allow people who are disrespectful on there and they don’t do anything then they try to make you pay to see other people who like your profile instead of putting were you can accept like the rest and DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIs APP ITS Scam !!!!!!!and including making people to see who liked them and ‘temporary’ blocking people account until they show who they are this app is not good at all neither is the people who created this app when you report someone they don’t do anything about it the person is still on there this horrible app to download it was good app until they started trying to forced people to download yoti DO NOT DOWNLOAD YUBO ITS TRYING TO HACK PEOPLES ACCOUNTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE FORCING YOU TO DOWNLOAD YOTI DO NOT TRUST YUBO OR YOTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, gxbegrxen
Verification Blues
I know everyone is going through the same issue. The verification process. The makers of this app are starting to prompt all its users to verify themselves on a sketchy third party app that not only takes your ID, but also tracks your movement, your phone movement, how you unlock your phone with fingerprint and etc. (Learned this reading on the Yoti website.) I absolutely resent any type of thing like this on my phone!!! Why would anyone ever want to download something that has that much control?!! Why is it that necessary for folks to verify their identity? Instagram doesn’t do this, Twitter & Facebook doesn’t. Why does this??? Also I’ve seen verified catfishes!! All you have to do is have your profile set up properly and with your face and all and submit proper documentation and once you’re verified you changed the pics to something random. I’ve seen verified barack obama’s on this app. You guys are going to lose a lot of members because of this. You should take this verification feature away because it’s very flawed and it’s totally unnecessary and unsafe and i’m going to contact the App Store about this because there’s a lot of children that uses this app, No one should be prompted and obligated to provide detrimental personal information. All in all, Great app & concept, Terrible Dev Team.
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3 years ago, Coolkid721
Poor customer service/ updated review
I’ve had this app for about maybe a year. But recently I’ve decided to get back on it since I never really used it like that only once a week to see if anyone i knew was on. All of a sudden my account got blocked I couldn’t swipe on anyone and all of the lives just disappeared and it would say choose another country, no other country had lives. I couldn’t message anyone at all and when I contacted the customer support they said “ sorry for the inconvenience we’ve identified the issue and will fix it in the next update”. 7 updates later and almost a month or two later nothing has been fixed and no update from customer service on what happened or why it was happening to me. After several emails I recently got the same message again and honestly just done with the app. Nothing has been done. Update: February 14,2021 Remembered this app and decided to give it a 6th chance lol on my new phone, to no surprise I was immediately blocked so I would highly advise not even wasting your time on this app. Encountered plenty of racism while on this and support really didn’t do nothing about it. you call these guys out or even try to get some type of help and you get blocked and ignored.
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4 years ago, TCO Jorge
Overall a great app
*Personal perspective* I got to honest say from my point of view of having this app since it was called yellow. I think it’s a great app all around the fact that you meet new people on here daily is amazing, I’ve met several people from this app and became great friends with them in person. Also when stream you have so many options to removed/ban or mute from chatting users who are not friendly or rude. In addition to that this app has a swipe feature where you can swipe right or left to add new friends. So it expands the variety of people you can meet. How ever it doesn’t give you a filter where you can just choose to match with people in your area. If that feature was added it would be great! In addition to all that the yubo team does Q&A to get the opinion of the users on the app and they gather those opinions and suggestion and put them on feature updates. Overall the app has great potential to it specially if you are patient. I plan to stay using this all and suggesting it to friends for a while.
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1 week ago, Dr Byron Orpheus
Constant, blatant cash grab at every turn
I’m a fan of this app, I’ve made many great friends on it and had a lot of fun with the live streams over the years. But I cannot ignore the fact that, piece by piece, the app has been redesigned to cater to paying customers and NOBODY ELSE. To clarify, I am not saying that people who pay for the premium version simply have an advantage of some sort, I am saying that the user interface of the app is dedicated to more paid features than free ones, no matter what version of the app you have. To make it even worse, there is NO WAY to disable the notifications for all of the paid-only services. This means that, at any given moment, the Yubo interface will show you two types of notifications that you can interact with, and three types of notifications that will only reroute you to a window to pay for the premium version. I can make my peace with an app having a premium version, I can even live with the occasional advertisement for it, but it is unacceptable to bombard the user with notifications for features they cannot use, on top of making them watch five videos a week for the in-app currency, on top of randomly playing an ad when they open the app. Be better.
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2 years ago, jaaeseu
Pretty good
Yubo is actually a really good app. Gives you the opportunity to meet friends in your area and around the globe ! I wont say that EVERYBODY on that app is nice because that would be a lie, there are bad people all around but what I can say is I have met some pretty amazing people both male and female. Sometimes the app gets frustrating (especially if you don’t buy the subscription) because people start swiping you less and the replies become shabby. I love how you can put the emojis to describe you and the swipe setting also. If you subscribe then you could see everyone who swipes you and also have a lot of other access. I met my current boyfriend who i’ve been talking to for a while on this app. I thought it would just be a joke but it’s pretty good. Always be aware of who you talk to on ANY app but I can guarantee you it’s difficult to find a catfish on this app especially with the verification system. Please try it out, it’s not for everyone but maybe you’ll like it !!
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6 months ago, kukiaimauna13
wish i could give 0 stars
i had this app about 3 years ago, loved it and made tons of new friends.. recently redownloaded the app to find that there is nothing but racism, homophobia, bullying, and harassment rampant in there. not once, but 3 times just today within a 4 hour period have i fallen victim to all 4 of the things mentioned above, with no repercussion from any moderator this app claims to have. i have reported countless profiles and lives with little success in getting any attention from moderators or help in any way. i see no reason for anyone to join this app unless they are looking to get harassed and bullied simply for existing. i hope to see an improvement on moderator involvement with the things people say within lives and DM’s, along with more severe consequences for those choosing to partake in such vile behavior which has to be a part of some kind of guidelines this app should have. people who do get banned simply make new accounts, and i feel like it should be harder for those to make accounts if they have been banned/reported before, especially with reports of harassment, racism, hate speech, and inappropriate behavior. do not recommend this app unless you’re looking to be harassed in more ways than one.
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11 months ago, angry middle aged man
The most exciting streaming app in 2023!
"During my brief time using Yubo, I've found it to be the best streaming application due to its diverse user base, quick moderation system, and overall interactive experience. However, I have reservations about the verification process. To enhance the app's versatility, I suggest implementing a two-sided approach based on age range. Users could be verified to access the 18+ side and unverified for the other side, encouraging younger audiences to join and boosting app popularity and revenue. Regarding moderation, the current practice of banning all participants in a live event, even if they aren't responsible for the offense, seems unfair and lacks efficiency. Instead, I recommend suspending accounts until a member of the moderation team reviews the live session, allowing proper identification and punishment of the actual culprits. This approach will improve the user experience and ensure a fairer system. Overall, Yubo remains a great app, and I am excited to see its continuous improvement."
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2 years ago, docodake
Findings on the app
I wanted to test and see whether the app was meant to create new friends. I created many accounts to test my theory. First I created an account for over 18 and made my bio friendly. Sure enough about 1 in every 10 messaged me about becoming friends. Secondly, I tested whether or not being a little explicit would change the results. It did. For starters 1 in every 5 would message and about 10% of them, would be explicit conversations. I was going to finish here, but to test the age (since there were people that were lowering their age) I made an account that was 17 and all it asked for was a picture of my face. this made it too easy for older people to disguise themselves as younger people. I would suggest using some form of ID, like a school ID and take picture for a higher level of security. Overall, I making friends is the number one priority with the app, but there are a pretty large number of people that are going beyond what it’s meant to be used for. (For users: if you are going to use this app for anything beyond making friends, please don’t use this app)
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3 years ago, yohrmotje
Jesus Christ
When I first got this app, I was looking for friends to hang out in my area. I became more and more invested in those who had sent me friend requests, so I began to text them. Intrigued, I’d even decided to flirt. It was all fun at first. But then, it took up too much storage on my iPhone so I decided it’d just be better if I had deleted the app. A month went by, and my friend suggested we download it. I stipulated the idea that I had already created an account, but agreed to download it once more. Seconds after logging in, I realized that I had nearly 45 requests. Like no joke. I was stunned and went through everyone who added me, then added back those who were eligible of my attention. But recently, it’s become apart of my daily routine. Eat — sleep— Yubo. Eat — sleep— Yubo. Over and over and over again. It’s never ending. I just want my life back. But it’s just so bittersweet because of the beautiful humans in the app. Download it…Download this sinkhole of an app. If you dare.
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3 years ago, Lilly the savage
Pretty Decent
I’ve been using the app for a couple of years now and i’ve thoroughly enjoyed it most of the time. It’s great if you’re looking for friends or a relationship with someone in your area, I met my ex on here. I’ve developed a lot of great friendships from this app and i’m grateful for that. Although, I was pretty upset when I saw that the option to add people by tags was removed. How am I supposed to find people to talk to with similar interests? I also wish that the app was more LGBTQ+ inclusive. As a transgender boy/non binary, I was disappointed with the gender options. I think there should be more options for that. I also think the app should add more settings to the swiping preferences. I’m personally most interested in being friends with other transgender males and it’s fairly difficult to find them when i’m swiping, especially in my area. I believe the app should add settings that are friendly to the non-binary and the transgender community when it comes to choosing gender and preferences for swiping.
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3 years ago, kshea82727
Yubo locking
Hey so the thing about my account is that I have been verified I’ve also submitted a request to re-verify myself because my account was locked I’ve also requested for the third time now I’ve been a user for two years typically live most of the nights I’m up And I also can’t get a response from yubo when I email my issues this has been going on for longer than the 24 hour wait.. I’ve been rejected my request for the second time and this has never happened. This is an amazing app however I feel like yubo is taking too long. I’ve been told that there have been more verification requests in the past couple days but my friends account was locked AFTER mine and unlocked BEFORE mine. A response would be helpful from whoever. Email or anything that I can reach out to about the problems I’m facing. Appreciate it. Still getting my best rating although it’s been a while.
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10 months ago, T4F-teamotaku
NOT for college women. This is for 16 yr old boys
I found this app through an advertisement. I downloaded it and within minutes I was just absolutely appalled. As a 22 year old woman, even after populating my page with tags of genuine interest, and photos that represented me and my passions, it was just an ocean AN OCEAN of uncomfortable boys. Not even men , BOYS. there are so many young kids. I was thinking it would be more of a college age, or that it would be an option to customize, but the population, despite all my customizations for age and location, was dreadful. I know the app developers can’t change the community using their app, but women beware, it’s very strange on there. Very weird people and uncomfortable profiles. Like a fight for attention and mass selecting adding people. Did NOT see myself represented in this. Even the pricing was weird because if you want to search through tags and find people you can single out to click with, you have to use coins or money to send them and it’s just all so weird. I get that an entire generation of kids are doing the best they can on apps like this but woah. Do not use this app if you’re over the age of 16. This is 16 and under, and main population is boys
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12 months ago, Emssaqui
I downloaded this app 4 times and it’s because I didn’t get text verification to even test the app out. In order to enter the app you have to have a text verification sent to your phone. In this case I didn’t have that I didn’t get a text verification. Instead, I got nothing and I was left with nothing and I wasn’t able to even test the waters with the app the first two times I downloaded it. I thought it was something wrong with my phone until I had it sent it to other devices after having it sent to two other devices I deleted the app since it didn’t work I didn’t try to download the app on my computer which I didn’t work on there either. I looked it up on Google. They said it may be something wrong with the version of the app or my phone. There’s nothing wrong with my phone by the way. So I downloaded the last two times and I thought it was a bug so after downloading it the last time it was an updated version history. I checked it and it was updated a week ago I’m downloading it again to test the atleast so I thought. There’s still a bug in the app.
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5 years ago, !Kayonna!
it’s cool but ..
it’s a cool app , i love meeting new people , but the more they change up rules and add features the less and less people get on, making viewers harder to find and making everyone hate the app. there’s two different communities, so you can’t hang out with your older friends which is the dumbest thing i have ever heard of. all my friends are 20+ but i’m 17 so i don’t get to join their lives, i mean who wants to join a 17 and under live ? the swipe app doesn’t work on multiple accounts, and the app changes what year you’re born in to a year that you weren’t born in. you don’t get notifications for lives or texts anymore and for a lot of people, the dms don’t work, they can receive dms but not send them. this app needs serious work and needs to listen to the people ON the app instead of the workers because making two communities is the worst thing they could’ve done for the app. ruined the app completely. as for having an iphone XS max , the screen recording option doesn’t work . they took off the option to lock rooms which makes it very difficult if you want to talk about a topic no one else needs to hear.
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5 years ago, Be nice reviewer
Used to love it
I used to love this app and made a lot of friends on it, but now the new rule Yubo implemented preventing people younger than 18 to join the lives of people 18 or older has ruined it. I had a group of friends who I’d go live with and now 3 of are friends we can’t go live with. I also had another group who were between the ages of 18-21 and it wasn’t a safety issue, but now I can’t join their live. I’m 17 I can’t join half my friends lives because half or so of my friends are 18 or older and when I turn 18 next month I won’t be able to join the other half’s lives because they’re younger than 18. I really loved this app and I have tons of friends who do too, but we’re all extremely upset over this new rule. It doesn’t make the app better like updates are supposed to, it makes it worse. The live setting that allowed you to restrict viewing age worked just fine. I understand y’all just wanna ensure people’s safety but it’s frustrating to people who have already made friends with people and can’t talk to them now. Please consider changing this rule, hopefully before I turn 18, so I can still talk to my friends who are 17 and 16. Thank you!
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2 years ago, cdelarosa14
App goes from Great to terrible
Back then the app used to be free and FUN now all of a sudden they’re charging you for everything if you want to swipe on a specific gender age range and distance so if you a girl and you want to swipe on only guys girls are going to show up on the swipe and guys if you want to swipe on girls only guys are going to show upIf you want to choose your swipe option you will need to pay for it back then this used to be for free also when you’re live if you title the live something they don’t like they’re going to make you rename the live again and you can’t do certain things on live anymore like how are used to be back then it used to have more freedom and now I feel like a parent is watching me The app needs to go back to its old ways how are used to be fun to use for hours nowadays you can’t even be on the app for an hour without it getting boring I feel like this app only cares about trying to make money that’s why this app is going to go out of business if they keep caring about money money money yes you can charge for some things but not everything make the swipe option free and make the lives more for adults
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4 years ago, Spiffiestleek
Please stop....
I loved this app as it was a way to meet new friends and cool people, I had so much fun on lives listening to people tell funny stories and embarrassing times, now everytime the app updates I have to be afraid of worried about what else is it going to try to make me pay for? First it was to see who added me so I can talk to more people and now they took away the right to swipe right on as many people as you wanted and are charging you $6 dollars a week, $10 a month and like $20 for 3 months. That’s absurd, it shouldn’t have to be monthly to meet new people, the purpose of the app says it’s to connect people around the world and make friends who would be interesting, however all I’m starting to see are money hungry developers who are driving away the diversity and people who roam this app. I have many high hopes for this app and I hope they do a 180 and decide to calm down a bit but they also separated the community in two. 18 and below and 18 and up. You cannot add or contact anyone in the other community and I think it’s absurd.
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3 years ago, DrippyJay09
I got locked for no reason ya no f this app
So this app is good. I like it a lot and it’s super easy to make friends. But if your super young like me I’m 13 and you get locked out your account you can’t really do anything. Like we’re old enough we just look super young and then we get locked out our accounts and it’s pretty annoying. Cause I made a lot of new friends and now I got locked and I can’t get unlocked. so that’s the only thing and now I can’t even use the app. So if there’s anyway I could unlock it Imk but other than that the app isn’t that bad actually pretty dope just didn’t like how I got locked and some other account glitches Ya pretty terrible about that glitch Yubo please fix your app Ya no terrible because I have no way to unlock my account and I’m old enough to use it idk why I got locked. And Yubo doesn’t respond to any reviews no f this app Yubo you guidelines and way too strict and don’t use your brains and lock random accounts cause they LOOK “young” ya f out of here bro and I’ve made a decent amount of friends boom just gone like Yubo doesn’t respond, trash app, too strict guidelines, and doesn’t even bother to change it I can’t with this app. 🤦‍♂️
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4 years ago, 720HardScoper
Great app but major issues
This is a great app and I’ve met a few people on here that I’ve been friends with for awhile. Although, this app has some major problems, if there was P2W in an app like there is on games, this would be the headliner. You have to pay to make friends, you can’t swipe right more than 5 times within a certain time period or it gives a 15 minute timer, to do infinite you have to pay ELEVEN DOLLARS, PER MONTH, which is an insanely high price. Not only that but you can’t even see who’s swiped on you, you have to just go through and eventually hope you see all of them in your swipes, if you don’t, the only way to see it is with that same monthly cost as before. I get paying to boost yourself, maybe get yourself out there more or even to see who’s swiped you but limiting your swipes is absurd and it’s hugely overpriced. Not to mention the fact that everyone on there is between 13-18 so probably won’t even have a job and I doubt you’re gonna be on that app if you’re some rich superstar so idk who tf has enough money to pay for that
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4 years ago, Jjlilbuzii
Needs a lot of work.
One of the main problems I’ve noticed is the swiping algorithm once you turn 18+. They do Not want your profile to pop up at all, or rarely. When I was under 18 I’d get a lot of matches, then the day I turn 18 I little to no matches. The only way for your profile to pop is is literally if you buy boost, which in itself is pretty expensive for 5. I’d get 30-40 matches in 30 minutes. But the problem itself isn’t this only. So let’s say you buy the boost package for 5, you want to start swiping as much as possible, right? Wrong. 10 minutes in and it’ll say you now need to put another 10 bucks for the “power package” in order to be able to keep swiping. The app is trying to drag every penny out of you. Why not just run ads instead? Sure you can have premium features to buy, but please invest more time in these features. The limited amount of swipes is pretty ridiculous because if you just choose to buy the boost itself it’s worthless. And this app clearly wants to segregate you based on age and your forced to by the boost of you want to make friends and get matches.
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4 years ago, the-realness
Nice app, cool to meet people, but...
Decent app with nice features and it’s a safe way to meet people that are your age online. Only downside that is the most frustrating thing on my phone is the notifications for when people go live. I always get notifications for when someone I added or has added me goes live and it is the most annoying thing. My notifications fill up with only that and it takes up my whole screen and goes off so often that it interrupts everything that I’m doing on my phone and it angers me to no end. It’s a cool app and has been proven so far to be pretty safe and fun, but oh my god, make the notifications for people going live STOP. No one cares so much that they need to know every second when a person who friended them starts a live. It’s annoying and useless, so please change that and it’ll be a 5 star app from me because every other feature is fine and as I said before, it’s a pretty cool app.
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3 years ago, collman356
I’m a younger looking male and Yubo requires me to use a ID just because of the way I look! This app should b illegal!! I feel like it discrimination I feel it’s illegal and I’ll be contacting my lawyers because I want to know why was banned because of the way I look....and made to present ID when my other friends use the app there the same age as me, do all the same things I do all the time with no Id required why does yubo get to pick and choose who it discriminates against !This app calls itself keeping people safe but what it’s really doing is body shaming teenagers who don’t “look there age” like that’s our faults how we look!! Major age issues on this app , IMO it need to be investigated because they are also storing a lot of people sensitive private info on there servers such as ID’s of minors which if a data leak happens can be very dangerous I do not like this app it needs to be taken down and replaced with something better less strict and hurtful to people’s feelings because we are not ALL THE SAME we should not b treated like this by a app ! The rules have become so strict the app has become un usable to anyone but a 7 yr old
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4 years ago, landoooooooooooooooooooo
Really good app, unnecessary and dumb verification requirements
I love this app and have been using it since it came out as yellow, but they are now requiring me to verify with the dumb Yoti app. To verify you must provide any sort of Id like a drivers license. This app was made for 13-17 year olds, most of the people that are 16 and under don’t even have any sort of identification so how are you supposed to identify yourself?? I know a lot of other people this is happening to. Emailed the yubo team but they just send automated messsges back everytime that are no help at all, I need a actual person to help not a bot. I even pay for the subscription for yubo monthly. It’s impossible for me to verify because I’m 16 and have no id or access to any, and you can also use a school id but my school has never given us access to a school id or a physical school id so it is virtually impossible for me to use yubo now unless they unlock my account. It is ridiculous and unnecessary and no one from yubo is helping. I suggest they take away the requirements of a Yoti verification like it was before or they will lose a lot of their active users.
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3 years ago, 😤😳🤨😳😕😰
can’t do anything w/o paying
i can barely do anything on the app because i’m not willing or able to pay to get the full experience. it’s ridiculous that you have to pay to see who added you. it makes it 100x more difficult to make friends. it’s especially frustrating that this app would be so awesome without all the rip-offs. there’s so many people my age that are just the right kind of crowd, yet it’s so hard meeting these people when you can’t even see who added you. PLEASE change this. let me see who added me so i can actually meet people, which is supposedly the purpose of this app!! the problem isn’t even that there’s extra things you can buy with real money, it’s the fact that you can ONLY have a satisfying experience by paying a lot of money. i mean, you can’t even earn yubo coins (that allow you to do a lot of things), you have to buy them. my suggestion is that -and this is the least you can do- make it so that you can earn yubo coins by doing certain things, being active, etc. yubo would be an amazing app if it didn’t have so many limits to the free experience.
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