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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Zalo

3.11 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Blackcat1387
App crash on ios 15.1
Hello app team. After updating to the latest version, I can not open zalo. I am using ios 15.1. Everything is okay before updating the new version.
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2 months ago, Girl who like this app
Verification process is malfunctioning
I downloaded this app to communicate with my family in Vietnam. However, I can’t even do so because right after creating my account, it was disabled because I needed to verify my account with some form of identification. I tried using both my California Driver License and my US passport. I made sure that my ID’s were perfectly within the frame provided, that my photos were clear, and that there was no glare whatsoever. I even tried to use uploaded photos instead of taking pictures straight from the app. After ten minutes of trying and trying again, I still got the same message “ID or documents not able to be recognized”. The software for this is app is so unbelievably rudimentary that it must have an issue recognizing non-Vietnamese forms of identification. What kind of incompetence does it take to create such a terribly unreceptive and rigid software? No wonder the ratings are so low. I am extremely displeased to the point that I will not only never recommend this app to anyone who comes to Vietnam, but will also thoroughly share this unkind yet 100% honest and accurate review.
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3 weeks ago, j_cub99
Seems great but can’t use!
I’ve heard great things about the app! I’m living in Vietnam and downloaded it to communicate with Vietnamese friends here but from the start it disabled my account. I tried to verify using my passport and home state ID card but both are not able to be recognized by the verification software. I tried messaging the company for help but all I get is a message back saying my account is disabled. I tried deleting the account, but it won’t let me - saying the account has been banned. Again, I was disabled right when I first logged in with my new Vietnamese phone number. I now can’t use the app at all. Definitely a major communication and system issue
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6 months ago, k hcyotixyic
Better than WhatsApp in lots of ways
Waited 3 months to write this—wow, I’m seriously impressed by this app. The only changes I’d recommend is the ability to be logged into multiple devices (I dual-wield my iPad and iPhone at work, have to pick one) and the ability to split-screen apps (again, iPad issue). I think this app has a bright future!! My first App Store review and I have hundreds of them.
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7 months ago, metuna1
Disabled from start
Registered for the first time and the system automatically disabled my account until I verified using an ID. Verification process fails to recognizes two different IDs. Tried to delete account and try again with a different phone number, but the delete prompt takes me to change password. Basically I’m not even able to use the app. Pretty garbage.
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3 years ago, The Mysterious Mister X
More trouble than it’s worth.
First, I am constantly contacted by friends of the person who had my phone number before me. Calling, texting, it never stops. I want to delete my account, but the delete account link in the app links to the ‘change your password’ page. So, I can’t delete my account before I delete the app. Pure garbage, and should be removed from the App Store until account deletion is possible.
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10 months ago, Take Nguyễn
Easy to use easy message , message conveniently but there’s still a little bit of confusion that the emoji is not so many icon to express your feelings
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3 months ago, torrestaurus
Account Disabled
Zalo was great for a while but then it randomly disabled my account for verification purposes. I am traveling in Vietnam and it was “unable to verify” my ID and passport. I took the risk of deleting and redownloading but lost all my messages and the account was still disabled. It says my phone number was confirmed over 60 days ago and I haven’t even been here for 40 days.
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8 months ago, All.walker
Zalo is the Best Vietnamese application for free phone calls.
This application is free for anyone who wants to call friends and family to Vietnam. It has a ton of free emojis and making phone, and video calls are free.
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2 years ago, tinhead168
Should be like web version or at least have the option
Main Zalo on hand phone, I would like to use that like the web version on my iPad. It makes better sense than a whole new application and telling dozens of direct reports that they might not get me on my main number so, they should use this one instead. 🤦‍♂️
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2 weeks ago, neontrees1b
Unable to verify account
This app disabled my account because it says I need to verify , but when I tried to scan in my documents, the app won’t scan it in. I am unable to delete my account and it won’t let me do anything until I verify my account, but it’s also not letting me verify my account. I don’t know what to do from here.
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1 year ago, nguyensykhanh27
Is this perfect app ?
I really concern about Zalo data and storages . After I updated new version on 4 days ago , all my pictures and friends pictures are gone . Also when they required backup account I used to use Google drive to back up but they did 2 times to signed in but different accounts I have . Why ?
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1 year ago, Scorpiomo
Used to be good. Now locked out and can’t get back in
I have tried repeatedly to take a photo of my driver’s license to prove my identity (why i need to i dont know….i lost my phone but still have the account on my ipad) there seem’s noting i can do. And there is no place to ask for help. Not a good design.
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2 years ago, SailorChan
I used to LOVE using Zalo. However, it got updated a while ago and there is no longer an option to set profile music. I would give this app only 1 star if I weren’t being generous. Profile music was my favorite app feature, please bring it back!!!
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2 years ago, hieuvakhoi
Trash !!!
I don’t know why when I switch my account to another device then every previous files and photos are completely removed. Today person using 2 smartphones is usual. But they do not change the way the app did to storage users information.
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11 months ago, Zaki Chong
how to login on iPhone and iPad at the same time???
I so confused, it became meaningless if can only login on one device, what’s the propose for IPad
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1 month ago, Annoyed0147
App is great
Well the app is great so far ,maybe you can include an automatic translation like that of Viber that will be great and awesome for the app too .
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9 months ago, HcVcT
Junk app written by idiots.
Can’t register. Can’t recover password. Can’t do anything until you get a text from them. But no text was ever received. Now, exceeded limit of text messages so Zalo won’t even text out. Complete trash. Who are the idiots that created this app? Removing from iPhone for good.
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9 months ago, naccinonaccino
It won’t let me backup my messages
I accidentally deleted the app and when I reinstalled it, it wouldn’t let me restore my old messages. But led me to some complicated instruction about opening my old device to do that. So frustrated that it didn’t go anywhere agrrr
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2 years ago, coolcatzxx
I like this app
Well uhh I can draw which is cool and I can send my video I made for my family members
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2 months ago, Martinassffhj
Account was removed without warning
My account and all history in it was removed without any warning. Now I sent a message to someone and it doesn't show in the UI under messages but in something called "media box". What a disaster of an app.
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3 weeks ago, giaovienmiennui
Useful tool to communicate with friends around the world
I found that Zalo is very useful for connecting with people around the global communities
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2 months ago, Mai Kohl
ID Verification
I only use Zalo to communicate with my family over in Vietnam, and you push an update which disabled my account unless I verify myself… except the verification can’t accept my drivers license or passport. Do better, or let us enter the information manually.
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2 years ago, nycchristmas
Need LOTS of fixes...
Pros: Split screen for video chat Cons: 1) limited functionality for use with Apple Watch 2) WiFi or cellular data - video and/or audio calls—-sound and quality is horrible-weak. 3) can NOT login and use on multiple devices at SAME time.
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2 years ago, quoc anh
I dont knoww why when i use different device all the text from previuos devided used lost ,i have to go back to my previous devide to read the message ,thiss is terrible error of ZALO
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9 months ago, KalamazooMark
Worthless as a you-know-what full of cold you-know-what
Does not send the necessary confirmation codes to register an account. Don’t bother trying to use this worthless app in the USA. Would rate it what is actually is if I could, a big fat zero.
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2 weeks ago, mamioaaa
Deleted My Account!!
It's ridiculous that all messages and friends are deleted after a period of inactivity. All of my deposits’ evidence were gone. There were no proofs, no statements showing the sellers I added on Zalo that I deposited them.
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1 year ago, Igarashi Kaito
No cloud sync
Why no cloud sync at this day and age? Almost everyone has automatic cloud sync. This is annoying when i want to switch between devices and have to manually sync every single time
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2 years ago, Hathaiwan2003
Please get rid of one device limited
If my family doesn’t use it. I will never download it. I usually use my ipad but it doesn’t allow me to sign in on both devices at the same time
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9 months ago, Trent nm
Web version don't even sync up
The web version don’t even link up to your current device, what is the point of this? This is the reason why it will never be as good as messenger or iMessage.
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5 months ago, 骚猪皮。
Foreigner identify issue
I uploaded the passport to verify the account, but it was failed. Could you please help me to verify it as a foreigner account? And there is no customer service, no one speaking English and slow service. Can’t get reply by email.
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4 months ago, Sadecrose
Miss the old Zalo
Downloaded the app only to find that nobody is on there. Used the find people near me with my gps on and still nobody. I kept the app a week before deleting. Does anybody have this nobody here problem?
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1 year ago, mr.hiepho
Switching device
Can not switch account from one device to another. Keep getting message “you have reached the maximum number of activation allowed”.
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2 years ago, Beo Hon
So bad
1. Why can’t we delete the photos in group when we don’t want to see those anymore. 2. When you tap for muting, people in calling will see on the screen.
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2 years ago, gebo1990
no connection
It can receive notifications, but entering the App always shows''no connection''
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1 year ago, zalo_usercvhji@3667
Zalo to enable users updating their status
Zalo should have function to enable users switching to different statuses: online, invisible…
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1 year ago, Aaragon21
No edit ability
What kind of modern chat app that still don’t let you edit your text? Lets you recall/delete your post but don’t let you fix them.
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5 months ago, NootNuget
ID Required
Imagine 2-way authentication somehow is still not enough and they ask for your ID picture. They banned your account for just switching devices.... this is beyond stupid
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2 weeks ago, Suijeneris
Horrible app ID verification
Ridiculous I cannot verify my US passport or other ID, no wonder this stupid app has such low reviews. They are bleeding users if they don’t fix this. Use Viber or WhatsApp instead.
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1 month ago, Khuyen Nguyen
Account banned for no reason
I created the account at 9pm and chatted with my sister for a few mins. I woke up in the morning, my account is banned. I couldn’t login, couldnt reset and couldnt sign up again 😭😭😭😭
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8 months ago, Anhtngo
Locked out of account
I tried signing in on a new phone and it keeps saying the maximum number of verification has ben reached and I have no way to get back into my account
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10 months ago, gachamiku
I downloaded the app made a account etc and when I logged out I put my password and it didn’t work!! So I did recover password but it said it was active max or something!!
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1 year ago, potchie26
Not good
Its not good i can’t join to any group chat its always said ^your not permitted to join group at this moment ^ I’ll try many times but still the same!!
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1 year ago, Magn Opus
Crappy App
Seriously you need a smarter developer to improve this app. The verification step is a joke as it’s not working and the warning message display makes no sense. Fix it!
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2 years ago, Bumble989
Bring back Chat Room
Chat room was great. Now I can’t connect with people and chat. Bring back chat room!!!
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4 months ago, Rural juror 12345
Features make this app unusable
App is disabled pending ID verification… but it will not verify my passport. Seems to only accept Vietnam ID. No support links work, developer website is not accessible.
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2 years ago, KatieTran1205
App crash on ios 15.4
I cant send pictures or videos. Cause lagging when I just started to choose the pictures or videos
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6 months ago, VioletLe11
“Unable to show this message right now” errors
This error message keeps popping up while I’m using the app talking to my friends.
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5 days ago, Billian Bad
I can’t Call and internet not good so bad and they not save the pictures . it doesn't keep the image like other websites longer.. bad service.
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3 years ago, Kathyloca
There is no longer group chat or room chat anymore
They delete the option where u join random room chat
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