Zangi Private Messenger

Social Networking
4.1 (968)
160.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Secret Phone, Inc
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zangi Private Messenger

4.1 out of 5
968 Ratings
3 months ago, vvghmoiuytfffettyhhuy
It doesn’t lunch
I love this app and it has been useful but all of a sudden today the app is not lunching , it keep bring me back out of it when I click and have try deleting and reinstalling it but it did the same again. I can’t get in my account now
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6 years ago, ATalkingWalnut
Missing key features for an encrypted messaging app
First, I need to say that this is a good traditional messenger app. Links show up with nice previews, gifs auto play, "FaceTime" and the rest of the usual bells & whistles. Now, as an encrypted messenger app, it's good because it has end-to-end encryption, nothing is stored or passes through any other party. However, I did give it three stars because I believe there are at least a couple necessary features that are missing from this app. Zangi doesn't have disappearing messages, you can't put a Touch ID or Face ID lock on the app, and you can't use a decryption key of your choosing. I've also noticed some really strange behavior like random pictures from my photo album being sent when all I type is text. Also, I've found that many of my text replacements won't work if I type and send the message quickly. Honestly, I prefer the messenger app "Signal", but I have friends on both, so I use both. I will admit that Zangi has the better GUI though.
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7 years ago, Isaac Poop
Me love it long time
So far I love this app. I use it to talk to my fiancé in the Philippines and we constantly deal with dropped calls when using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber but when we use Zangi we almost never get dropped calls. Sometimes we get reconnects but it never drops. This app is a must for international communication to counties that have poor connections due to bad data throttling polices like Philippines does.
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1 week ago, Deardeercreek
Why I can’t do this
I would love to have ways to clean my phone and get rid of junk mail, but, I do not have a checking account. Since I am at my age, my daughter controls all my income and outgoing. So if you are free, I can put it on my phone, but you always need a following payment which I cannot send to you from my checking. Thank you for offering, but I just cannot accept. Bonita Julius.
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7 years ago, LilacSerenity
Bought into whole "messenger that uses the least data for voice calls" hype, article written by Zangi themselves, as i discovered later. They claim to use only 216kb per minute for calls. That's a blatant lie. downloaded to try, made a few test voice calls - no video, no pictures - according to their own app's log history, 10 SECONDS took 307kb of data. Moreover, when calling another zangi for free, the call does not go through (my husband is literally sitting next to me with his phone out while i'm calling him) forcing u to pay through using "zangi out". Deleting.
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11 months ago, Jj FAMZ
Very good, but problem
Very good app, highly recommend. You can video call, call, text, and group call. But whenever I’m not in the app and someone is calling me, they can’t hear me and I can’t hear them. But when I’m in the app and they call me, they can hear me and I can hear them, please fix.
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2 days ago, Leake221
Network issues i can’t see the picture my family sent to me
I like this app but why my family are sending me pictures and i can’t see it on my Zangi that bad poor network I really hope you people will upgrade your network
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6 years ago, Tigran_Boston
Zangi App - simply the best!
I was frustrated every time when I was using Viber where fast internet wasn't always available. Zangi App overcomes this deficiency, it does NOT drop the connection, instead it lowers the transmission bandwidth and maintains the connection. This is the best app. for international travelers where fast internet availability may be limited.
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3 years ago, Ruben Ionesko
Great app, excellent quality!
I have been using various phone/messaging apps for over 10 years and can confidently say that Zangi’s quality of voice calls and text speeds are unmatched by the closest rivals like Viber or WhatsApp. High recommend the app!!
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1 month ago, Warrior1960
Good app
The only thing that isn’t working right is the phone calls and video calls. Not sure why though
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2 months ago, NNH882
Can you upgrade a new function that automatically destroy the messages
Can you upgrade a new function that automatically destroy the messages
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4 months ago, Alexbondarev35
Terrible calling qualitie
So I tried to call someone on this app with the private number that this app gave me turns out the calling qualitie so bad when I called the person back that I met on the app it was just a bunch of static and then the call dropped. I don't know if it's the app or if it's the person not answering never use dating apps. Or it says the person is busy.
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7 years ago, garenM
Great product!
Zangi turned up to be a pretty neat app after all. I was somewhat skeptical at the beginning but after using it for a while and in certain regions the connection has been very very good.
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7 years ago, Ernestik123
Love it. Works flawlessly. Uses less data.
Uses less data and unlike viber does not eat a lot of ram... if you have a viber on an old iphone you know what I mean. Totally happy. Hope they will not screw it up.
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7 months ago, iampiperrichie
Fix the network
Zangi lags and at times it doesn’t work and says waiting for network . Most times it doesn’t send the correct file of the video or picture you have in your device.
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2 weeks ago, ANTHONY BRAIN1313231
Best app so far
Zangi replaced signal and I so much love the app, right from the sound and everything it worth’s more than everyone thinks ❤️. Sounds like an alarm tho lol 😂
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3 years ago, hoyoyo3390
Issue of the group call
I cannot open the group call(3 people). But can call the contacts to each person. Please fix the bug.
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5 years ago, Ekdksjjasjhxjaksc
The quality is not the best but the fact the phone call doesn’t break shows it’s true to its word
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2 months ago, TVCMN
Font in Persian not show correctly... In translation and in chat viewing
Font in Persian not show correctly... In translation and in chat viewing and please add enhancements tools and upgrade ui and add reply and forward action directly.
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2 weeks ago, robloxkidddlolll
I forgot my zinga number.
I deleted this app a while ago because of full storage and didn’t use it much either way but now I really need it. I forgot what was my zangi phone number or password. I really need it to call an old friend. I want to know if there’s anything your able to do to get it back?
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3 months ago, Debbie195
App error
I have been using for the past two months now and I keep recommending it to some of my friends because I enjoy it, but unfortunately since yesterday the app refuses to open which I don’t know why, I uninstalled then installed again but still the same it refuses to open.
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3 days ago, ku-No
Zangi is Amazing
I think zangi should consider adding archive feature in there chat and also review video and photos before it post
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7 months ago, omarmohanad
GIF pictures
The application is very useful but i just have one comment on says 4+ my kids have it but there is GIF’s that are not appropriate for their age at all. Is there a way i can delete some of the GIF?
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1 year ago, bexbekki2286
Can’t report and scammers
I notice that you can’t report scammer,and there’s a few scammers that use this app and this need some safety program for this message and I feel little unsafe using this app
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7 months ago, Swagpink
Can I login the same account on different devices
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4 months ago, Suga TG
This app is a very good app
Wow i love this app so much is a very good app for chatting with your friends and customers i think this is the best app
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2 months ago, Mrs. NVS
Not happy
The app worked great at first, then it started to fail. I no longer get notifications from the app, I no longer get sounds and haptics either. Phone calls are not great, it’s hard to hear the other person and the calls drop very often.
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5 years ago, Britt Bratt 128
More bugs need fixing...
If I have to Uninstall and reinstall the app because it stops working properly (functions), then it won't let me sign up with my phone number. Totally disrupts communication.
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2 weeks ago, RDH03
Doing pretty good
Look clearly in video and communicate in asl ! Its cool i will recommend to others!
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6 months ago, lina0114
Use this app to get scammed
Ya this man wanted me to pay him $20 in Apple gift card for Netflix ya 20 for netfuix is sus but other than that love this app
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4 years ago, KarenO5
App has declined over time
Can’t see when messages are read or when the other person is online more.
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4 years ago, eHashemite
Change font
Please change Zangi font to default font for iPhone
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5 months ago, sexiioon
Wow this is a truly amazing appreciation u can chat anyone around the world 🥳😎
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12 months ago, Kdjdbdjmsksks
When deleting its not great
I accidentally deleted it and I logged into Zangi with the number I was giving but then it said that it wasn't a Zangi number
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2 months ago, lajdbsnsvs
It takes so long to download took like 2 hours to download haven’t opened it yet but thinks it will be good
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2 months ago, 7amoudi94
There are some errors, please fix them, such as flipping the Send button and the error of disappearing the lower part of the texts when sending and receiving
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5 years ago, Zoo_zoo
Sound notifications not working
Is anyone having this problem? It’s only vibrating for notifications I can’t hear any sounds
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2 months ago, Nonya9364
For scammers
Was asked to download this app by someone who said in the navy. 2 days later, this person saying from Texas, somehow got a credit card number and used it in Texas. But it’s totally trace free right?
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3 months ago, MeMyself&TheBoys
How do I login to this app? I accidentally deleted it and now that I am trying to login it doesn’t tell me what I am suppose to put in that area? How do I know what to use for my login information ?
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1 month ago, sgxgb
I love this
I really love this app but the font is so small
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5 months ago, I broke up MCR
Poor man’s WhatsApp
It’s very clunky and missing even the most basic features other texting apps have. Learn from Telegram. Lol
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3 months ago, zusdy
My zangi is not open
My zangi is not open
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6 years ago, Em10017227
Push Notifications doesn’t work.
I’m not receiving any push notification. I have to go to the app then see that I have new messages.
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3 months ago, dstroud
Lost number page.
New number
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6 years ago, mike karibian
Great app
Wow I came across this app. The design and overall app is amazing. Very impressed!!
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5 years ago, zangi vt
Love it 😘
Thank you Zangi you have only working video call in Doha . With no VPN
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3 months ago, Skip the law
My zangi is not working why
My zangi is not working why
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5 years ago, 11ARM11
Excellent service
I’m so happy with this app
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6 months ago, Anon5454
This app is full of scammers just like WhatsApp. They try to get you over here and get you to send them gift cards and money. Don’t download this app.
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4 months ago, Karusath
Disabled msg service on my Zangi app and cannot make it active. Have deleted the app and reinstalled but still not working
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