ZEPETO: Avatar, Connect & Play

Social Networking
4.6 (320.3K)
425.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
NAVER Z Corporation
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.2 or later
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User Reviews for ZEPETO: Avatar, Connect & Play

4.63 out of 5
320.3K Ratings
3 months ago, Nay Nay0456
More coin items and starter zems
I think that this game is a hit but there is one problem. I have been play and ever time I go on I look at my avatar and think that I can change it but people don’t have a lot of nice items or even zems. If coins items were better and nicer, I would’ve bought them, but they’re not the best in some ways one of the way are they don’t look really realistic like other zem items. They don’t really bring my attention and I don’t play the app a lot because I really play the app for the content and character making some people are having the same struggle and I think that they should upgrade this game even more than you can imagine so more people can download it. I’m not saying this game is bad bad I’m saying that he could upgrade a lot and there could be easier challenges to get gems and maybe like each week we get a choice to get Zems with the daily things instead of getting random coins, and having nothing to nice to spend it on. The reason I want starters zems is because most people when they start the game they don’t look as nice and they don’t get that many followers because of their avatar but if we had starters, they could look good and maybe be looking nice enough for them to get followers. I know that you guys mostly made this game to get the money but sometimes people are downloading games so they can spend less money and I want this game to get a lot and a lot download it. Hope y’all do this. It would be a big favor for starters.
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1 year ago, 우유Su
ZEPETOis good. I’m not crazy about it but I do enjoy it and the little things that you can do. It’s a friends based game. However, some suggestions would be letting other profiles, who like to create things, to get recognized. ZEPETO only likes to show case the videos with the most likes and doesn’t really allot people who wants to make videos and start of new to at least try to get show cases. You have to be a certain value in numbers in order for that to happen. However that is not the case when it comes to style which I highly enjoy. My other suggestion is for the follower list. I am a person who likes my follower list to be organized. So I roughly like to follow the same amount of people that is following me, however when someone unfollows, it takes ages to figure out who just to unfollow them back. It’s heavily time consuming. I know some people don’t care but I’m one of the few that does. It’d be nice if you had a system where it tells you if that person is following you back. Sure you can see on your followers who’s following you, but the moment someone decides to stop following you, that’s too many names to try to remember who’s not on the follower list. So a simple, “This person follows you” either on their page or next to their name on your followers/ following list would be significantly helpful.
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2 years ago, slimeituppppp:)
I love ZEPETO it’s a lot of fun but however one problem that I have been faced with since I started using the app is that most of the pretty hairs and best outfits are zems (people usually follow others with cute avitars which are almost always people with lots of zems. while there are couple ways of getting zems it’s very rare to actually get them unless you buy premium which isn’t always fair for the kids that maybe don’t have the money or even their own money to spend on premium. So often I quit zepeto for months at a time because I just can’t get a cute avatar with out zems. Most people use surveys as a way of getting zems but my surveys never work and often it takes me hours to complete them only to earn ONE zem (currently they aren’t working they don’t even show up as an option for me anymore.) I know it’s hard to include easy ways for people to get zems because that’s how you earn your profit but I do have one suggestion and that is each day there is a number of adds you have to watch to get a zem like 10 or 20 to get one zem because I would happily watch ads to get zems and if you make the number of ads higher than it would still be somewhat hard to get them :). Also I understand that a new way of getting zems was just added style battling but it isn’t an option for me and it doesn’t say there is an update I have to do so that confuses me..?.? I truly hope you read this because I spent a lot of time writing this so please take my words into consideration! 💎
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6 months ago, Brittany9068
Need starter zems!!!
I have had ZEPETO for almost three years, and from account to account it had been great! There is one tiny problem though, zems. I feel like the starter person should get a few zems (like around 20) because it’s very hard to earn zems without ur taking hours or being not right for the survey, I find not being able to have starter zems a very big problem! People who don’t have zems often beg for zems which is really annoying since I do not want to block them but it leads to that. I also think it’s very important to have zems because mostly people with zems have a large following amount, I have zems I’ve spent my money on zems which is okay, but I find it annoying for people who have to spend hours and hours working for just ONE ZEM it makes me very frustrated that they’re is not at least a few zems added, atleast enough to get a hair. I think ZEPETO has some bugs for my phone also when I try to go Live streaming, I’ve worked through them though the main thing is those Zems. Please take my offer into consideration because I know that people do not like begging, it’s very irritating because you have to block them if you do not want to gift them or have no zems. Every time I end up getting premium and I get zems it always ends with me gifting like twenty people!! I can’t help but gift these people because they really do deserve starter zems. I feel like a lot of people have said this in the past, but please add starter zems into your consideration.
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3 years ago, 0987awesome
Love this app but has problem
Hi this app is amazing it everything an awesome app would have and I really love it. I've made so many new friends on there and spend every second on it. I have 1 problem tho, this app takes up about 7 GB of storage which is super annoying cuz my iPod only has 32 GB and I have my photos and apps for school and with this app taking up so much space I can't really get any apps that take up more than like a small amount of storage so yea. Also the app glitches a lot and it gets really annoying like let's say I'm playing a game in world it's always glitching and kicking me out of it doesn't even let me join at all so at first I thought it had something to do with my WiFi so I went to a couple places which have really good WiFi but still it wouldn't let me join or my avatar would be missing clothing and when I would go to photo booth only a couple would let me do it the rest would just remain white and it's really annoying also all the cute clothes cost a lot of diamonds and my dad doesn't want to buy me any and I tried the thing where u can do stuff and get free diamonds but it doesn't work. But otherwise this is one of the best apps I've ever gotten and I highly recommend getting this app thank u 😊
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3 years ago, RedLikeRoses142
I love it but...
I absolutely love ZEPETO. I’ve been using it for almost a year and it keeps getting better. I’m happily surprised at how inclusive the game is, with the variety of skin tones and different hairstyles, including some black hair styles! They even had a clothing series for Black History Month which I thought was cool. There is also a ton of collaborations they do with Disney, BlackPink, and others! They did a charity event to help the Australian fires back in January and I think they should do more of those bc it would be effective considering how large the community is. There’s so much room to be creative on here and I think that’s amazing! Seeing what people are able to create and the worlds they are able to make is amazing and I think it’s a great way to use your creativity. However, the game tends to crash. The game will go weeks without crashing and then suddenly it will start crashing everyday. This has been a common bug since I’ve started playing. Also, I find it really difficult to get zems! It used to be easier, the tapjoy would have offers that were as simple as visiting a website and now I never get those anymore. I don’t feel comfortable doing surveys so the website ones were the only ones I did. I’m sad I don’t get to have the latest fashions or support Zepeto creators and I just don’t have the money to buy Zems.
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1 year ago, Mookuzun
The app is great! just one problem
This app is like amazing! I’ve been using it for a year! I’ve bought zems and buying them but then I went to the settings and I saw you can become a creator! But I didn’t click on it or became one right off the dot I just thought it was cool that everyone can become a creator. Then I moved on and one day decided I wanna become a creator and start earning zems not money. But zepeto is very STRICT about earning money and not getting any zems I dont wanna make money because my parents is going to get confused on where I am getting 100$ from at a young age. I just was really mad and its sorta stupid but I get it if like you earn zems from making clothes then everyone would become a creator but I know kids wanna make creativity and show their work instead of posting about tik toks dances so maybe instead of earning zems we earn coins or maybe have a place where you can shop through style and get it from there or something I just dont wanna earn money from it YET. I think its best to just connect with everyone and be fair because I wanna at least make clothes but not for FREE idc if its coin or reward points or smthing to get you a free gift or a prize I just dont wanna do it for money or free! I hope zepeto see this!
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2 years ago, anime bomb
My opinion
So this game is..okay, so like it’s pretty fun considering I can get followers without showing my face. but the thing is, ppl always raise their price on clothes, for example, I rlly wanted this dress but I had to wait a little while till I got enough money (zems) and it was like 1 zem, but the next day it was 7 ZEMS- like what? Ur probably asking “how’s it our problem, we can’t fix other ppl raising prices” U actually can, u should make it to where ppl can’t go back and raise the price, only lower the price, if that makes sense. Also I’m a premium member, and let me tell you, it takes FOREVER to get my 70 zems, I gotta wait a month for 70 zems? If I rlly gotta wait a month, you might as well give me 200 zems a month or..70 zems A WEEK, and I know there are probably other complaints u read about not getting zems fast enough, or not getting enough zems from premium users, but they (or YOU, if ur a owner of ZEPETO) haven’t fixed it, like gimme 70 Zems a week, AT LEAST, or like I said, 200 a month, if u rlly are gonna make me wait that long. I know it’s a long paragraph, but I really want to share this complaint, and for owners of ZEPETO, please respond, and tell me what u think of my complaint, and tell me if u can fix it because it’s actually annoying me now. 🙃
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2 years ago, addi DUH
From~ Addi
If I would have to rate ZEPETO on a scale of 1-10 to be honest it’s a solid 10 I’ve made so much new friends on this app and so many wonderful followers it’s incredible Bc haven’t even been playing for a year and I always think about the people in the app and it’s amazing to know that if you fit them in a room that’s all real people that sometimes have the same lifestyle as you and play the same games like for example I play Roblox and my online friends play Roblox it’s just really nice to connect with people that know what your saying and understand and got your back if you really get to know them but you have to want to get to know them to get along and agree on things except when you don’t you can’t be mad because not all people have agreements and like the same things 100% of the time as a result of not liking the same things drama starts with other people betraying you with the trust you gave them but I love this game so much I play it everyday it’s gotten me away from my sad place and makes me excited to go on everyday and talk to my friends and my best friends that I used to just call my friends I’ve grown to trust a lot of the people and friends on this app and I plan to play it as long as I can! From~ Addi
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2 years ago, quake084
Zepeto is revolutionary!
Wow, I am constantly blown away by how clean and fun this app is. It’s such an amazing way to connect with friends, especially long distance. The maps, clothes, quests and mini games are so addicting. I often find myself opening the Zepeto app way more than my other socials because there’s so much to do! If you like fashion, staying on top of trends, Korean themed stuff, k-pop, and meeting friendly people, this is the place for you. Also, another thing I really like is the way you guys collaborate with other brands like Ralph Lauren, ZARA, Gucci, etc. My ONLY complaint is that Zepeto took away the function to invite friends to Slime Party. I think we should be allowed to send invites or links to our friends so we can play together! I was so heartbroken after the last update took that option away. It was such a huge part of my experience in fact that I feel sad and lonely every time I go in (I guess because I’m so used to playing with friends, so that’s my fault.) Otherwise, everything about this app is perfect. You guys still earn my 5 stars for creating such an amazing, immersive game. BTW please bring back the invite option for Slime Party, I beggggg youuuuuu! ❤️💞
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10 months ago, GabyGabsters
Full review, please read.
The game is great, the idea is also amazing. Before I begin, know this is a social media. People post their characters and message other people. This is a very entertaining game, very addictive. There i many different things to do such as: playing games, messaging people, posting, customizing your character and so much more. The game is also very affordable if you want to buy zems or coins. Zems is the pay for most items. It would be great though if there was more ways to get zems then buying them or doing surveys. I don’t have many ideas now, but I’ve heard many and people would really like there to be easier ways to get zems. Many of the surveys ask questions for 18+, about work and children etc. Younger kids in the app would not know any of the answers to these surveys, as the game is 13+. Next, there is posting. It would be great if there was a larger character amount for the post captions. More then what it is now, 300 characters I believe. With posts people would also love to be able to move their characters, make poses for them without having to mix poses, like people have to do now. There is not many complaints for this game. I do recommend the game, it is very fun and enjoyable. Please take into consideration the ideas. Thank you for reading.
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3 years ago, The cautious
Zombie game and zems
I like this app a lot but the zombie game doesn’t work.(I’m pretty sure it’s a game) it hasn’t worked since I’ve had Zepeto. Every time I try to click it, it loads but then it stops and says I have no internet and need to connect to internet or wifi. But the thing is I have to wifi and I can use the rest of the app fine, even the party game, but the zombie game doesn’t work so please fix that. Another Issue is that we need more ways to get zems. We have plenty of ways to get free coins but we also need ways like those to get free zems too! I know there are the scratch offs, but I’m pretty sure they’re rigged cause I NEVER get any zems. If some people do then that’s just a lot of luck that they had. I think you can also buy zems but I don’t have money and I’m sure plenty more people that play this game don’t have money (or much) as well. It’s frustrating because I think an item is really cute but I can’t get it since it is 12 zems and above to buy when I barely have 5 zems. Also for the items in the store that say “creator”, are only creators allowed to buy those certain items or is there any way that I can get those items that have the creator (or orange spiral circle) signs on them. I really like some of the items but I’m sad and frustrated that I can’t get it due to zems and creator signs. >:( PLEASE REPLY
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11 months ago, Gamer27463
One major problem…1+
This app is great but coins and zems are hard to get without money. Coins you can get by doing quest and watching ads that’s kinda it. The quest ate daily so it’s hard to buy a full outfit set even when your trying to be cheap everything is around 1,850 coins if not more! The “Lucky” chance are bad! “bonus” is the real prize and the bonus is 5-20 The Fortune cookie gives “1” zem yet I haven’t gotten anything but coin I hardly win any even the ones that cost coins! There should be a way to get coin that is not something daily or rigged! And the for you page and hot page only show people whom have the items the cost zems. The outfit for coins has like no effort compared to the zems! Also I can’t see how my views and I get on a video WHY? I feel like the a necessity for anything that is video-sharing! Also all the cross-over items all zems every single one again, WHY? It’s so dumb I understand the developer needs a way to make money but there could be others ways! I do like how to game doest force you to watch ads but you kinda have to if you need coins. I still love this app but I needs a LOT of changes! Edit: Oh you thought was done complaining (lol) HECK NO! Lgptq* shirts are ZEMS!!! I shouldn’t have to basically pay money to show if I like the same gender or both or even all or one at all and more! Also I feel like the age rating for the game should be 17+ not 12+ there is a lot of impropriety stuff said and done on the app!
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2 years ago, nezucat
I love zepeto but..
I love zepeto a lot but there are a lot of bugs for me I want you to fix for one I think that we need a way to get more Zems for example kids don’t have a lot of ways to earn money as adults do and we need ways to get zems easier cause we can get coins easy and zepeto character should be able to even if your not a creator in template you can change your hair I would want to do that with things that are not template and we can add are own styles instead of wasting storage to put it in your library and edit it and couple dances so when you want your own dance third is I can’t look at every post on the hashtag Harrypotter for example I press on it and I only see 27 not 1576 like it says there are on new not on the hot area the new area is pretty much only how much there is on hot usually and it bothers me because I like watching some of those videos fourth we need to be able to change are hair color on the template for example not having to change it every time please fix this>: (PLEASE AWNSER THIS>:I’m sorry I have more problems I can not follow people it’s annoying cause I like to follow my followers and now I can it makes me very angry fix this please I did everything I can it happened to my cousin I deleted zepeto got it back I resented my phone it still dosnt work pleas awnser this:(
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3 years ago, Elise is awesome!😏😏😏
Sketchy and Scary...
I downloaded this app because I saw lots of tiktoks from it and it looked really cool and fun! 😄So I downloaded it and the first thing it asked me to do was allow notifications. I didn’t understand why I needed them so I clicked “don’t allow.” Then it asked me to take A PICTURE OF MYSELF. Of course I didn’t take the picture, that was creepy! I just decided to make my avatar from scratch instead. I was happy with my results so I clicked continue. 😊 I will say this- the game are very well animated. I explored the app a little and decided to join a world. When I joined it asked me to turn on my MICROPHONE. I was getting creeped out because why would it need my microphone? I decided to click “allow” just to see what would happen. Big mistake. 😥 The world was kinda boring so I just left it. I then started hearing noises from my phone speaker so I turned up the volume. It sounded like static. Zepeto then crashed, and I was getting really scared. When I opened the game again I could still hear static. I decided this app was to sketchy and deleted it. 🤚🏻I recommend NOT to download Zepeto, my theory when you take a picture of yourself, they save the picture and then get your personal information and try to sell it on the dark web. This app seems like a trap and scam so please, for your own safety, do not download Zepeto.
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4 years ago, WooYounGG
Okay but here’s the thing.
ZEPETO is honestly a good app because of the characters and the mini games and that other stuff but there are some little things that I’m kind of concerned about. So, I had ZEPETO for a while even before the new update so I quite known about most of this. But lately I have been doing the coin scratching because I want to earn some coins or maybe even zems which I absolutely hate zems. It’s just sad how we have to waste our money to buy these zems for specific clothing or things. Back to the topic, while I was doin scratching, I noticed that whenever I either lose or win some of the coins, I go check to see how much coins I have a I notice that my coins go down. I don’t know if this is stealing but I honestly think that ZEPETO is stealing coins. Another thing that concerns me is the jacked up zem card thingy. It’s either you pick a card and you get a chance of getting zems or coins but every time I pick a card I feel as if the card thing is rigged because they switch the cards where you last chose your card. This happened to me today and I was so close to choosing a zem card but I chose a card so close to it. Sorry but this game just got worse and I absolutely hate it. I hope you can fix some errors or glitches because there currently still are and get the scams off as well.
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4 years ago, Lovely Sweetheart💖
Fun game but problems are to be expected
It seemed like a really fun dress up game where you could take pictures and create gifs with your avatar. The clothing and feature selection is impressive (seeing several hijabs was a delightful surprise). And with the constant brand sponsorship and integration, there’s always new stuff coming around. But since some items and gaining in game currency are locked by ads, and are mandatory by quests, it makes it a bit disappointing. It’s even more upsetting when the ads don’t load or work properly and you can’t back out of them without refreshing the app, thus gaining nothing. I’m not interested in the social media aspect of it, so I can’t give an accurate review on it, other than it looks intense. I would not recommend this app to anyone 18 or under, despite how cute it looks. Since I understand the app still needs to make money and they do this by charging real money for extra characters, I can’t be too upset but that doesn’t change that I still am. Clothing and hair is expensive which is discouraging, especially given the ad problem mentioned before. If the app was to fix this problem, maybe I will consider reinstalling the app and create a new account.
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4 years ago, 😜😜😁🤣
Please read!!
I love Zepeto. Three of my other friends have it and we love to use this app daily. I’ve been paranoid lately that Zepeto is tracking me? I also have been worried that Zepeto is accessing my actual photos, which a lot are very personal, and I wouldn’t like a social media app to access. My phone would randomly black out during my Zepeto use. I’ve been hearing rumors that several people are experiencing a white noise, or static noise after installing and playing the app. Many people have even heard breathing voices. Other people have been saying that Zepeto is LISTENING to everything. Me being me— I get scared very easily by these things- I freaked out and immediately deleted Zepeto. I am very sad that I did, I LOVED Zepeto, but I didn’t want to take any risks. Ever since my friend downloaded Zepeto she has had bad WiFi, and her mom said that someone that they didn’t know has been accessing their WiFi. I wound up crying, I got really scared that something bad would happen. I worry about child predators, and am scared that someone a little too nice could be just that. Thank you for your time and consideration. I’m sorry to be like this, I’m just worried about me and my friends safety. Have a wonderful day. Edit: My (other)friend tested the static theory and it is true!! It sounds like the static from an old tv!!! We all are really freaked out now!!!
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2 years ago, stupidnyla
Be nicer
Well I would like to say is that you can make some changes but like I’m not trying to be rude though give me some changes like you guys don’t always have to judge people by their age like it’s just a game I’m like I’m 13 is an a problem because you guys keep on kicking me out and I have to get on with Uncle Been to game what I would like to say is that you can make some changes but like I’m not trying to be rude though give me some changes like you guys don’t always have to judge people by the age like it’s just a game I’m like I’m 13 is an a problem because you guys keep on kicking me out and I have to get on with Uncle Been and I am not trying to be rude though but like you guys can be like a little bit more nicer but it’s not your job to judge like how old we are because like it’s just a game like I don’t really think it matters that much but if you do in that case people should do the game like just be a little bit nicer like you’re always like people are judging people like you know I’m not OK I’m not trying to be rude though but there’s many really good explaining to do but yeah that’s what I want to say PS my name is Nyla bye.
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2 years ago, Nyaira 😇
Good but scary rumors?!?
People say that this app tracks your location and more just like the OUTFIT7 company apps i think they’re just rumors but still scary and don’t come at me because i said i THINK before you download do research i’ve had this app for 2 years and i’m fine but make sure you’re okay and go ahead and download it… on top of that “theory” this app is fun you can post like follow play online and you have a feed which is recommended videos and photos that you can scroll up and down such as TikTok but so far i give it a three and that’s just because of the theories but if those weren’t here i would give it a 5 or 4 i do not recommend for kids because there is inappropriate content, like the dirty so if you’re under 12 this isn’t for you c: but so far the game is good but slightly creepy and slightly inappropriate but only if you search or click the hashtags for an example “#drp” i clicked this once because i was curious what it meant and it was a girl doing a dance and asking who wanted to “drp” then of course like i said i clicked the hashtag and was traumatized but i’m a little over it that happened when i was 12 and now i am 15 so I understand why but that was still very disgusting would NEVERRRRRR recommend for the ages of 10 and under thanks for reading!
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1 year ago, tcrikxx
I love it but...
To start off, I absolutely love Zepeto. I've been playing almost since launch, even before World or zems were a thing. But with the addition of 24-people sized chatrooms, I have noticed a lot of performance issues that the power of the app can't seem keep up with. The app crashes CONSTANTLY whenever I try to join a world, and when it doesn't, it's extremely laggy and buggy. There are some days it works perfectly fine, but other days where I can't even join a world for more than a few seconds without the entire app closing. It's very frustrating especially if you have friends in the chatroom waiting on you. The game will freeze a lot when new players join the world you're in, even if you leave bigger costume effects setting to off. It lags even in smaller 4- or 8-person rooms as well and even on smaller maps. I really suggest making sure your processing is powerful enough to support bigger rooms and maps before releasing them to users. Even with stable high speed internet, it's extremely difficult for a lot of people to maintain access to the worlds. I really hope they fix this soon because if not I may end up leaving, it is one of my biggest frustrations that has continually not been getting fixed.
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11 months ago, WolfieCyrus
Love the game but needs fixes..
This is a wonderful game because it’s like TikTok and Roblox but kid friendly a little. You can make videos, use templates, and watch others videos on your for you page! You can also make friends by following them/following them back. There’s a crew button where you can find chats to chat in and make friends, but some of them are online daters so be careful. So about the lucky things, you can watch ads or spend coins to get more coins or get zems. Watching ads are the best option, but it’s almost like it’s a 1-2% chance of getting the actual amount of coins your willing to get. And it also shouldn’t be that hard to get zems knowing all of the things people want cost zems. So I think zepeto should make it where it’s easier to get zems and coins. A lot of people also have concerns about the clothes and accessory prices being way too high. I don’t think they should be 900-1k and over. There’s also a glitch where if your on the app too long you get kicked off the whole app. But overall this a great game and it’s making me consider deleting Roblox and TikTok since it’s 2 in 1 lol. I love the game, but please read this and see if you can fix it.
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3 years ago, hat it badd
Could be better
You know those things where you can get money and stuff for free we have to watch an ad it’s always wrong like I’ll be doing it so many times and I always get it wrong it’s not fair I bet you on the airplanes there’s only two airplanes that’s why I never get it right it’s not fair because the 30,000 everyone just gets it wrong like you’re just telling her you can get it can’t and then it barely even has any good clothes and it’s too expensive but although it’s really good and I like that how we get to dress up your character is playing in the lower prices in better chances of getting prize money because nobody really not even I got it and it’s really hard for me to get it because I’ll be trying it really hard why it’s actually could it could be better but I like it so far and it’s it’s doing good I like it other thing it’s really glitchy sometimes I’ll be playing a game and it would like glitch or take me out of the app it’s kind of frustrating sometimes or when I’m dressing on my character I lose where it’s at and it takes me out of another place or when they make me do all these surveys that take like 26 minutes it’s not really toxic that long but although it’s really good hundred percent recommend it
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4 years ago, EmojiHaker
To glitchy, fake tricks
Ok first is the tricks, they say sign up and you get 1000 coins. I signed up a long time ago and I still haven’t gotten those coins and I know because I kept track. I also haven’t been getting my “daily rewards” everyday like I’m supposed to. It’s also really glitchy and I realized that some of the controls don’t even work. When I press jump it doesn’t jump, when I moved the screen one way it turns another way, when I walk it doesn’t move. Unless they figure this out I can’t change my opinion on this game. I also realized that the picture all look the same for the create a ZEPETO with a picture, I did it on me and my sister and they look exactly the same and my sister is YOUNGER than me and I have straight hair and she has curly hair. Me and my sister don’t look that much like each other.🙄No offense but it’s really boring 🥱🥱🥱and I don’t know why it’s even a game. If the developers read this I don’t want them to send me a long text explaining something I want them to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING😡 about the problem! I’m probably never gonna install this game again if this doesn’t change at all.😤👎
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3 months ago, dooooooooooooodooooooooooooo
I love this game! Its awesome were you can find people just like you. What I really recommend is when people join ZEPETO we should get at least 14 ZEMs to start. What I notice is people want to share there account and end up losing them for an example (true story) I once I thought this one girl named April would share an acc w/me but my gmail didn’t work so she put in my user and password and hacked me I’m glad she trusted me and gave me my pass back but day after day she hacked me again and then one day she felt sorry and really gave back my account but someone else has hacked that account changed my user and changed my password as well ZEPETO I’m concerned of your company because everyone in the reviews have been asking for help to get back on there account but all you have done is just say “ Thank you for you review we’ll make sure to check on this” but you never do. Please make ZEPETO a friendly place and Global Luna has to check this immediately thank you for trying to make ZEPETO a friendly place and enable the place we’re we can talk to Global Luna -Sincerely,𝓑𝐢𝐣𝐚𝐲𝐚 𝐀𝓭𝓱𝓲𝓴𝓪𝓻𝓲
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4 months ago, ITSNOTLAY
This problem is so sad and I will. I am about to cry.
So when I was in the game I loved and I deleted my other account what I was trying to do it with Apple again it didn’t work and I deleted my account, but it said my old account registered. How do I undo it? I tried to delete it multiple times, but it didn’t work and I’m trying to have another account because I just wanted to have another account. It’s not fair how y’all do it but I like this game but I don’t have enough money on my old account. That’s why and I really really really wanted to go to my new account because I have more money and so could you fix this problem I love the game so much but I want you to fix this problem to me and my name and my new account and my old account. My old account name is. Lynn /MO3ASP3N and. my new account name is. Riley/Y4D6JB I appreciate the owner or the worker that is reading this. I’m sorry if it’s taking you too long, but I just saying like it always happens could you delete lynn account? so I could do it on my new account thank you for taking your time for reading this. I appreciate it.
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2 years ago, JP Sqaud
So I just logged out of my acc to see the avatar *stupid idea* and I try to login to my acc using my id with my thumb and it say sign up not complete and I keep trying but it still says it so I try typing it in and then I guess I forgot my password cause it says it’s incorrect so I don’t know what to do I try logging in my other account to see if the thumbprint ID will work again but it won’t it keeps on saying signup not complete i’m so mad right now I have a lot of followers 22 posts well not a lot of followers and of course 100 something zemsI don’t know what to do please send your ideasI don’t know where the sign up is not completed but maybe because I press create new account stupid idea again like why would I do that I’m so dumb and I try making a account but the part that I pressed skipped that’s the problem I pressed it and I can’t log back in cause I don’t know howBut even before I made a new account is through said it probably because I press create new account and I I didn’t do nothing yetCause I just tried logging back in and me pressing skip made it worse I also remember the name was dd I just put random things cause I tried logging back in my other account i’m so mad so sad like please help…😿😾
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3 years ago, De'Lay
This app has so much potential!!
This app has so much potential, but too many bugs. I downloaded this app 3 days ago and made a purchase my first day. I wish I wouldn’t have because I can’t create videos after changing the characters. Once you click on the video template you would like to create, it automatically creates it with your character and the people you’re following. Once I change the characters, the video never loads. It gets stuck on 70% percent. After hours of trying to save a video, it saved with the music starting in the middle!! I would give this app 5 stars if I was actually able to create the videos I want. The world’s are pretty cool to explore and create videos with. Other characters can tag you in pictures, which I thought was pretty cool. This app is definitely for the younger crowd! But I didn’t download this app to play games & meet people! I downloaded this app for their unique animation! Character creation is awesome, far better than Sims characters. This app has more modern accessories for characters, better houses, unique villages and of course a lot more activities that are more hands on instead of clicking a button a million times to “work, eat, and sleep.”
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2 years ago, Bmjen07
So I woke up this morning to see that I was logged out. I love this app, don’t get me wrong. I had recently hit 2.3k followers. I made lots of friends and I was growing quickly. Anyways back to the story, I had woken up and I was logged out. I tried to log back in, and to my surprise, it said my account was disabled and I could not create a new account on this device. I did everything I could to try to get it back, resetting the password, submitting contact support forms, etc. I was able to finally make a new account after deleting and re-downloading the app. But so far, I have received 0 responses to my forms. I did nothing wrong that would get my account disabled… I read through the entire community guidelines page today. Not one rule I had broke. I would really appreciate if I could get my account back, thanks Zepeto. Edit: I got my account back after 7 days! But then a few hours later, I come to find that it was disabled again. Why?? Who knows. I didn’t do anything wrong within those few hours. So I’ve been emailing and submitting sanction appeal forms over and over again. Only to get the same response of, “ If you haven't violated the Community Guidelines and you believe you have been sanctioned, you can file an account sanction appeal.” VERY frustrating. Horrible help.
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5 days ago, 👍👍👍👍👍👍It’s AMAZING!
GREAT! but I have a few problems…
I really love this game and I think it’s a great way to be online without showing your face or your voice if you don’t want to, but I think you could put a couple of my things into consideration! I feel like you should be able to choose if you want to be paid in money or exams because a lot of parents wouldn’t really love how you’re getting money from a random game… also a lot of these guys are like 13 0r 14 and I don’t know if parents really love their children getting money at such a young age! Another thing you could put into consideration starting Zems I’m not saying you need to give us like 1 million gems but at least give us like 20 just to start off and get us a good avatar. It’s very hard to get exams without taking a quiz that you need to put your personal information in and I don’t know if if everyone’s comfortable with that or you have to have a lot of followers like I said not everyone wants to do that and I know you can pay for them but just to start off. I feel like 20 exams would be just nice! Overall, it’s a great game. I just think that a few things could be adjusted!
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11 months ago, Stop.. this isnt cool.
5 star game but one suggestion!
Hello! This is a great game! I rate it 5 stars! It’s so fun, you make friends easy, and it’s just a nice way to meet up with new friends and people ALL AROUND THE WORLD! Just one suggestion though! Maybe could you make livestreams a little longer maybe from 1 or 2 til 2-3AM? Bcuz sometimes I get bored and I wanna watch a livestream and it’s morning. But other than that this game is amazing! I hope to learn more in this amazing game. As you see roblox used to be my FAVORITE game ever! But ever since I have downloaded this game, ITS BEEN MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!! I really like getting to know everyone in our world and community more! My friends really enjoy it, my family enjoys it, and I enjoy it!! After all of this experience with this app I do rate it 5 stars!! But my one suggestion is to maybe make the livestream times a little longer! Other then that this app is amazing, ik I’ve said it like five times but REALLY!! Everyone here is so kind (besides people who aren’t…) but yeah I love this game! 🤭🤭❤️❤️ And i Hope that the ZEPETO community grows LARGER and LARGER every second!! 😇🕊️ I love you all! ❤️🔥🤭🕊️
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2 months ago, Ur_fav_girl_bri
The zem problem
It’s good but I have a problem with the zems there hard to get so when people beg I feel bad for them back when I had nothing I used to do all the chain letters and join giveaways to get zems but nothing worked and I just think they should make it easier to get zems l understand that there trying to make money but there should be something like watch 5 adds get 2 zems and you can only do it 1 a day also ZEPETO gets boring because when people get what they want and don’t like the games anymore so mabye make new games and other things to do also the new people don’t have a lot of followers so they don’t get a lot of likes that might discourage them from playing this game so mabye make a thing we’re we can see the new ppls post also y’all should add coin items that are like 5,000 that look like zem Item hopefully you consider this it took time out of my day to write this Peace out Girl Scouts Credit to someone I forgot who… also why does it say 12 and older but when my sister tried to play (she is 12) it didn’t let her
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4 months ago, Natalie Mair
About your Avatar Retouch thing
Hey! So, I wanted to bring this to your attention, even if I’m 99% sure that this won’t even be seen. It’s about your avatar retouching thing, which is arguably pretty cool, but unfortunately a problem has cropped up that has given me the worst level of frustration imaginable. First off, DO NOT use your anime avatars for the regular one because the regular one screws them up big time, you have been warned. Second, when I went in to make a fantasy retouch, I kept on getting an error that told me I was wearing an item with “excessive exposure.” While I understand the purpose of this, the fact that this error is SO VAGUE and doesn’t even tell me at all what the problematic item is, is highly questionable if not irritating and annoying. ZEPETO, I love your app, I really do, but this is a complete waste of 19 ZEMs if you don’t tell me what the problem is. I have gone in with my avi several times trying to fix this, even changing my entire outfit and appearance related things (ie my contacts), but it STILL gives me this error. Please find a way to either fix this, or at least give us something LESS VAGUE, because I cannot fix a problem when it won’t tell me where the problem is.
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7 months ago, aKariiii1230
Don’t waste your money on this game
First of all, I’ve been playing this game for about 6-7 months and made some AMAZING friends on here. But besides that, it’s a waste of money. There are pedophiles, spammers, hackers and many more people on this game that you’d think the zepeto developers would ban but no. No matter how many times you report them, they don’t get banned but instead, ban the people who literally do nothing wrong. Second of all, I spent over $500 on this game. It’s been awhile since I’ve played, so the other day I went to get on so I can hang with my friends and I wasn’t able to get on my account because I was on a “7 day suspension” for violating the refund system terms which honestly, I have no idea what that even means. I never refunded anything in this game. I sent an email to them to explain that to them and they emailed me back with no explanation and proceeded to say I was “permantly banned” after just being told it was a 7 day suspension. I emailed them back asking for proof of a refund and they never responded to me. And let me remind you that I am not the only one, this also happened to two of my other friends who also spent a good amount of money on this game. My advice to the ones that want to download this game, don’t. It’s not worth it. Not if you want to let your money go to waste.
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1 year ago, wrld wide Haley
Very good game!!.. just one problem
ZEPETO is a really great game it’s like a Roblox for older kids!! I really love the game because you can be creative and be yourself. You can also make tribute many people don’t talk in the servers heads up you can voice message which I dislike. Overall the game is amazing it’s easy to get money seriously!! But however it is not easy to get zems. I’ve been playing this game for 2 months and never received any zems. Tapjoy or the surveys doesn’t work for me which I dislike because ehh is it an option if it doesn’t work. I’m not allowed to spend any money on a game so I cannot have any zems. I suggest that we have a quest to get zems since there’s a quest to get coins. Also the watching an ad for some zems would be amazing or even getting mystery boxes with a mix of zems, clothing, hair etc.!!. Also allow others to get recognition just like the ones who has lots of followers and likes. This includes the getting zems problems as well because I want my avatar to look like there’s or want the same style but I cannot get any zems.!.!. I really hope you read this and take inconsideration about my ideas.!!. Avakin life is better right now because it’s easy to get diamonds.!.
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2 years ago, idk this is just my
I am not saying my name cause I don’t feel safe
One of my friends introduced me to Zepeto so at that time I wanted a game to play so I downloaded when I entered the app the background seemed nice then this popped up saying if it could send me notifications so I clicked yes and then another question popped up asking for my TRACKING and I was trying to get out of the app but it wouldn’t let me out so I just clicked “ask app not to track” then I did my avatar then I saw crews so I clicked on it and then these non kid friendly groups popped up and it was just disgusting like Zepeto the app said for 12+ but it’s CLEARLY NOT i am over 12+ but I am not gonna say my age but I have a niece who is literally 13 and she is playing this game and these disgusting groups are on here then after I started to make friends but then someone texted me on the app saying if I wanted to show them MY FACE and tell them my AGE and DATE them but I never followed this person and they are texting me so i blocked them then the same person added me and my niece to a group with them and started to frighten my niece we both deleted the app and I am never gonna play Zepeto again so in my opinion Zepeto is not kid friendly so I would not recommend this app
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1 year ago, TheReveiewPerson ;-:
I’m just trying to make a new account for myself because I want to start over and you’re not letting me do that. I would really like to start over my whole account because I am broke and I want to start over. Is that a problem Zepeto? It’s really unfair because I just want to restart my whole account. If that is it really a big problem isn’t it? I’m writing this a four-star because it’s a great game but you are still there. This is so unfair. That’s why am reading this of four stars. You’re lucky I’m not that mean because if I was then I would rate you one star. And that wouldn’t be nice. So please, can you just do something with the game to ACTUALLY DELETE THE ACC. Because I have the same passcode, I have the same face verification, and I do not feel like giving my email OHS to make another account and if I do actually make another account and I thought of all the things I try to make another video and post something but then it just brings me back to my old account that I don’t even want to play on. That is only my pet peeve and my only one. Other than that, Zepeto is a great game love you guys🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈
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5 years ago, Corynn09
Crashes Happen Every Time..
So.. this app is AMAZING and I love it so much.. But.. There’s a few things I want the developers to fix a little.. The first thing is the CRASHING....... Now, I don’t know if it’s just my phone, or something?? But every time I open the app, after a few minutes.. It just crashes?.. It just goes straight back to my home screen. It’s really annoying me.. I’m scared to reinstall the app because I’m not sure if I’ll get my data back. I’ve paid money on this app and I don’t want to to go to waste!.. That’s my biggest problem. The next one is the online areas. Every time someone joins my phone freezes for a few seconds, then it goes to the home screen. I can’t play the online games anymore.. I just want the crashing to get fixed.. Another thing, PRICES.. Ever since the last update- currently, the prices of clothing has gotten high. Each clothing piece is at least 1000 coins. That’s hard for me because I think the outfit on my ZEPETO gets old very quickly. • ONE • More thing I would like to tell you. •+• THE ADS •+• Well I think there is a BUNCH of ads now. After at least 5 - 10 Minutes after an ad, another one pops up. Thanks for reading! Hope one of developers can fix this crashing!?
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3 years ago, Cool independent black girl
This game is really go tbh you can do a lot of things it’s like TikTok, Instagram, and Roblox mixed together it’s reallyAwesome you can make new friends that you never even know you could you can message people send pictures you can even find a lover on there this is just an awesome game I really recommend you play this game because you can do a lot of things and never get bored of it there’s always new poses and you always make new friends but one thing that I will change about it is that you can’t pick or do your poses it will be awesome if you get to pick and do your poses by itself and explore more about it but overall this game is really awesome and I hope that the ZEPETO thinks about you doing your own poses and dances but overall this game is a really nice game you can do a lot of things and you’ll have so much fun if you really like Roblox in like scrolling and just like playing with people and socializing I really recommend this game and there is a few changes I will change about the ZEPETO but other than that I think it is a great game.
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2 years ago, norah poop head
It’s fun game but…
So there’s some good things and there’s some bad things. I’m gonna start with the good things. So first, there’s a thing called feed where you can see what people are posting on the ZEPETO kinda thing. So so you’re probably wondering how do you post videos? So you go on + it’s called create and you pick what picture/video dance type thing do you want to pick her or you can pick something from your camera roll. Ok next thing, so theres this thing called world which is basically roblox. You can join friends and hang out in worlds. Ok time for the bad things, so they had this thing called match and it WAS basically like tinder. Sadly they got rid of it but I honestly think they should bring it back. Ok next thing, so there’s coins and zems, so getting coins isn’t a big deal, but getting zems is almost impossible without buying them. They are very overpriced and it’s not fair for the people that don’t want to spend money on zems. They rarely have free zems. They also need more lucky boxes which is where you get tickets for doing quests. Every 10 tickets you spend = a item from the lucky box.
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2 months ago, GREAT_B.L.T.
Good, but needs a few things
To start, I think that when you start to play, you should have two of each clothes. Why I think this is because, if you don’t have enough money, you won’t be able to buy anything. Second, I want to talk about… THE GEMS! I know that basically everyone that has written a review has talked about gems, but it really is a problem! The thing about gems are: 1) everything is basically bought by gems. 2) we don’t get enough starter gems. Also, I think that donating clothes in the game should be free because, giving them the clothes, should be out out generosity, not money/gems. I also want to notify the developers about the mini-games. The mini-games are kind of glitchy and awkward in my opinion. If I’m playing the pool mini-game, it gets confusing, and it isn’t really fun. For example, when I was trying to go to the doors, the walls blocked my camera, AND there was nothing behind the doors! I feel like (since it was a cruise ship) there should be rooms. Now I conclude, that (maybe) the developers should make a bit of changes to the game. Thank you for reading.
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4 weeks ago, kaykaymonique
Love it but one suggestion if possible
I truly love playing this game. Truly it give me a peace sometimes through my day. I really enjoy the graphics and the overall functionality. You hav so many options to do here. Design clothe create outfits, connect with others. I love how it’s like a mini escape from one reality to another. I would like to recommend fitting a story button for our profile pages kind like IG and Tik tok, I believe it would be a cool feature to have tbh. That way we can post mini clip that dis appears after 24 hours. Any way over all this game for me is a 10/10. It has its bugs but they usually take care of them fairly quickly, you don’t really notice something wrong. I recommend this game to my friends that love fashion and reality escape kinda game and by far this is it. The fact that you are able to grow popularity on the app itself and other platforms is amazing. And thank you to the creators this takes tremendous work and dedication. Thank you so much for the work you put in.. the game is fantastic ☺️
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3 years ago, @Nia/Zepto
This is why you should get this app
I think of zepto As a awesome opportunity to make friends it has helped me get along with my other friends and it has given me friends to you can definitely see other peoples amazing creativity and all the fun games on there a.k.a. like worlds and the party one I love the party it’s so much fun it helps get along with other people and also I love the creativity people put into their posts I think it’s so cool and amazing of how they create I’ve seen some are boring but some are just awesome and I think it’s a great opportunity to see creativity and think and to have fun there are some parts that I don’t understand but I mean this is Awesome Abby and I especially love how they give so much thought and how they always update this app as in they do a new post to update you on their post and it’s so cool I think you guys should get this app it is absolutely amazing🐶.And one last thing say if you think you won’t fit in in this app but you will and it’s also a child appropriate game app thing you know what I mean but it supports different holidays like it just Celebrated Cinco de Mayo It gives so much thought to everyone because this app loves everyone.
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2 years ago, aliannawarren nana
This game is good but last time I clicked something it side the game will keep eyes on you and tracking you if that is ok? And it side I had to Press ok if I don’t in will kick me out And I side this is kind of strange? And the game side we are sorry we Heard what you said we might have to kick you out and I did and like a like I was surprise and it was time for dinner and I side I will keep my few hours later I came back with a surprise that It deleted and it. side hello this game update or might download by. It’s self then it’s updated by self and also came back by itself so I restarted my phone and went to bed and hope that it will not come back it was school time after school my phone was gone and I got it back strangely and it said hello this game is now updated you may play but then when I looked on it it said my name I said hello oh strange name and then when I printed it it just showed a weird girl you know how like you can make your own characters it just said you’ll be using this character for now. That was it
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1 year ago, hdhsjfudjdncjsjsncjsncn
Good app but a few bugs
I think Zepeto is a wonderful app. I’d say it’s for kids and teens. It’s a good way to make friends and play around in Worlds. It’s kinda like a social media for kids but it’s very safe. You can post videos of your character dancing and people can follow you. But I don’t buy Zems and all the cute stuff cost Zems and people only follow people that have the cute avatar. So maybe could y’all fix that and make a few new clothes that are cute and stylish like the zem clothes but don’t cost zems? And also all the cute hairs cost zems so could y’all make a few new cute hairs? Another bug is that I randomly get banned for 2-3 days for no reason and that makes me unable to watch new videos people have posted. And I can’t post when that happens. So please fix this bug. One more thing is I don’t know how to make my own sound which isn’t a bug because it’s my fault I just wanna know how to do it. Other than these few bugs I’d say this is a great overall app! Thank you for reading this if you have. 😁 Bye!
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4 years ago, Char ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄
Really Weird...
If anybody sees this...my friend sent this to me and said to download it, so I did. It seems like a really fun app, even though I only had it for a couple of hours. I then sent it to my other friend to download so I could have another friend on the app. She told me she had heard that the game was creepy so I asked “Why?” She told me she didn’t know if it was true or not, but to put my ear to the phone and listen closely when I was in the app. I got super freaked out because I had NO IDEA about all this stuff, and went to try it. At first I heard silence, then a strange white noise like you may hear when you are on the phone with somebody and they aren’t talking. All of the sudden I heard a sigh and somebody breathing and I promise you at this point I had no idea what the heck the “Park Mode” or whatever it is where you can talk to others, even was. I had only had the app for a couple of hours! It never even asked to access a microphone or anything like that....so I’m just not sure. I promise I heard something, I just don’t really know what it was. If you have this app or are considering getting it, I’m not going to tell you that you shouldn’t get it, since I don’t have any proof of anything, but just be cautious...personally I don’t trust them.
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5 months ago, Ineedpainkillers
It’s amazing!
I love zepeto I have been using it for two years now but I would like some things to be fixed it’s very laggy a lot and I would like that to change I personally think this app as my getaway resort and space I can just hope on whenever and make posts go live and chat with my friends however I would like the live time to be extended I feel we should go live whenever and stop when we want and not have a time limit another thing I would like is that alot of the stuff that’s not on sale anymore keeps disappearing from my inventory I would like that to change also a lot of clothes like shoes are very glitchy that would be a lovely fix ty for listening or reading my review. I would also like to add a thing about zems I really think it’s not that hard to give starter zems a lot of people come into my live and ask if I can gift them things off their wl spake thing with my DMs I had to use months of begging for zems items for my avatar I just think you need to add starter zems
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4 years ago, MeBee_Ari
I love it but I hate fake people
I REALLY love this app it’s amazing and I play it with all my friends and the dress up feature is great to and me and my friends love it and it’s a great way for me and my friends to interact with my friends during this covid 19 stuff and thanks creators for making this app and y’all are amazing for tolerating all the stuff y’all used to get about this great app being “haunted” 🙄 because that is just stupid if I were you I would have yelled at all of the fake people who said that just to get ratings down y’all are amazing for not getting really mad at all of the fake people who said all of that stupid stuff y’all are great and anyone reading this should download the app right now it’s great and really fun especially good for all the covid stuff and it’s a very good way to deal with it again to the developers y’all made a hell of a good app 🙂 have a good day!!!edit: and I just realized people are still harassing you about these fake rumors like just shut up they are fake my god that’s just rude and y’all are just copying everyone else ZEPETO is a great app
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5 years ago, AnnaCakie
the update
So, I haven’t been on ZEPETO for a while, but when I checked recently on the app, I was excited (since I love updates). But when I checked I saw how the clothing seems to be a lot more pricey, the clothes are all nice and all but it doesn’t have to be that expensive. For the scratch thingy (I forgot the name) I also noticed that you removed the scratches that were free to earn coins and left the ones with ads.. Another thing is, it’s a lot more laggy, and the new update of the main page seem a lot more stuffed/crowded, it kind of bothers me. Like, there’s just too much happening at once that it’s an eyesore. Oh also the gifting option is something I really like too, it’s just convenient if you wanted to gift someone for a special occasion e.g birthday. The game overall is something I really like, I do also like some of the new features like the bio and photo booth, and speaking of photo booth, I forgot to mention how I tried using the photo booth and it lagged me out before I could see the finished photo ( like it’s loading the characters in place ). I’m hoping for another update that will help the game get a lot less hate about this recent update..
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4 years ago, leea041403
It was great...but what happened?
Listen, I started playing this game in early 2019 and it was great! Didn’t have any problems! But now the game is just weird and there’s this weird problem where it tells me that I cannot enter a room because it’s full when the room has for example 9/16 people. How does that make any sense? Before these updates I’ve never had this issue lol. Overall the app seems to have gotten slightly more complicated to navigate around, but that’s just my opinion and it’s not a big issue at all. In conclusion, nice and fun app just some issues that make it annoying. For anyone who wants to download this app and talk to other people I suggest you watch out for pedophiles who will ask for inappropriate pictures of you and personal info, there’s a ton of racist people, people who think suicide and depression is a funny joke, and overall a crap ton of bullies (I mean it is the internet after all.) I wouldn’t say worry too much about it though. These people are hiding behind a screen so don’t let it affect you. On a lighter note, you’ll meet a lot of caring and sweet people as well, so don’t be discouraged :) Have fun and stay safe!
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