Zoe: Lesbian Dating & Chat

Social Networking
4.5 (32.2K)
198.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cosmic Latte s.r.o
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zoe: Lesbian Dating & Chat

4.53 out of 5
32.2K Ratings
3 years ago, baby.512
My point of view
I really like this app.. it’s very unique and everyone on here seems really nice nothing like other apps… it gives me a lot of choices and everything is super easy to handle… I really like it it’s something.. I never thought I would find.. I feel more comfortable on this app then any other app! Most of the apps ask for too much or everything is a little too inappropriate with how people are and I don’t think the app notices but with this one… it’s nothing like that and I really enjoy talking to the girls here… everything and everyone is very nice and good… I really recommend Bc I think more people will realize this is a unique and interesting app and it’s nothing like what it’s been done but yeahh … I hope the reviews go up and people want to come and be curious to try it out and see the same thing im seen and really like it! Over all I just thank that I came through this one and everything is simple and everyone is nice and just very comfortable and loving ig… but yeah… this is a 10/10 for me… maybe not everyone has the same taste or interest as me but there is a little of everything on here and I think if you know what your looking for your will fine it here… since most of the apps are hard to work or you just don’t find what you were looking for… this one gives a little more and it’s less work and it approves very Quick which I was having a lot of problems with the other apps .
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6 years ago, mikka~
ZOE will make you stay~
I was just curious at first what this app offers to the community. I saw that it has good reviews, then once I downloaded it, VOILA~ I've been hooked at it already. Not to mention that this is my first dating app, I decided to keep it as I am eager not to miss any chance of meeting pretty nice people for friendship, dating, or a relationship. The app allows you to chat with ladies whom you got a 'match', meaning you mutually like each other. So be more attentive in swiping as when you swipe it to the left, it means, she needs to have a better luck next time in being liked ^_~ Swiping to the right means you like her, which also requires attention ^_^ The sound notification after having a match is so cool and can be exciting for ppl like me who's quite new in apps like this. The questions leading to your lifestyle, dating, and fun preferences are pretty cool as well. Some other features are exclusive for premium accounts. I look forward to having great chats and friends here and kudos to the admins for keeping the app clean and decent. P.S. One reason to keep this app is its friendly admins. The one assigned to follow-up my usage experience is awesome, with a great smile..yieee ^__^ A point to improve could be the browsing options; if possible, make them reversible even for free accounts to maximize the browsing experience ^_^ To the admins, keep up the good work and to my fellow ladies here, enjoy and good luck ;)
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11 months ago, Sunnygirl_mia
Loving the Zoe app!❤️
The first day I registered with the dating app, Zoe, I was hooked! Soooooo many stunning and gorgeous and handsome varieties of women; think I’m in Lesbian heaven!😜 I’ve received some wonderful messages, and sent a few myself - just today an absolutely delicious woman, a bit younger but still a full-grown woman, sent a message simply saying, “ Hi, Beautiful!”. THAT’S what I’m talking about! 😃 I don't know about anyone else’s experiences, but I’ve tried several different Lesbian & Gay dating apps and have been disappointed as everyone was adorable but seemed to be about 19 to 25 years of age — that’s a lovely, fun time of life when everyone’s experimenting and deciding what they like and what they’re looking for, which is wonderful but sorry — that’s NOT what I’m looking for! I’m putting myself out here in hopes of just POSSIBLY finding a PARTNER, or at the very LEAST, a new friend…and it feels as though I’ve finally landed on the right site where maybe that might happen! Zoe is the app I’m keeping! Stop by and check it out for yourself, and I have a feeling you’ll be staying around, too! 😊🙏🏼💕
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1 year ago, R2~
My opinion
I really like this app. It’s truly a great all, it's very unique and everyone on here has been really nice and not fake, definitely nothing like other apps. It gives a lot of choices and everything is super easy to handle. I really like it, I’ve used a few other apps but this one is by far one of the best ones, I never thought I would find people I vibe with, also a lot of other apps ask for too much or everything is a little too inappropriate with how people are and I don't think the app notices but this one there’s a lot of specific features to avoid that. I enjoy talking to people on here, everything and everyone is very nice and good.I do recommend it especially as an app for people who’ve never used a dating app before. My only complaint is that with the age ranges and distance features it doesn’t always match, like it’ll give me soemthing way out of my range or say there’s no profiles for a specific range when that age range would’ve shown up at a different range so I switched it to match what I wanted and suddenly the range that showed up in the wrong range is gone, but other than age range and distance I don’t rlly have complaints although I do wish you could look up people, like for example if you see someone’s name in your messages where it says make your move and the person has liked you but you can’t see there profile I wish you could look up people or see those without having premium
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1 year ago, Thorrekka
Good but could be great!!!!
I feel like this is the ideal app for meeting people I could connect with however the platform it rests on restricts the growth. I feel if you make it where it has a group social meetings section for sports, or billiards, or music, hobbies, you get the idea that meets once a month or twice a month…..perhaps once a week; people would feel safer and more comfortable meeting you in a “tribe” setting. Also if you really honed in and made a to ten section for your profile to give people an idea of how you are and why you’re that way it would help people open up more. Like a top ten movies, games, books, sports, archaeology, etc. and a section where people can describe or check their current mental as well as physical health section; such as having Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis, or depression, anxiety, Ocd, etc. it would enable people to gravitate on a more profound and personal level toward being friends or dating in real life…..via how compatible they can hypothetically predict they would be. More intuitive if you will! But I think and feel like the app is off to a good start foundation wise it just needs to level up on its creativity and shared lifestyles. Like one person starts a drawing the other finishes it to see how they would feel about that person doing something so seemingly innocent yet simultaneously being a springboard into that person’s mind!!! Good luck to y’all and may the force be with you!!!!!!!!!! haha
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5 years ago, 1Chance4Laura
Not as good as it’s supposed to be
I have a lot of problems with the Zoe app. So many fake pics being used by females. I have chatted with females that have led me on and then admit they are using someone else’s pictures. The location brings up females too far away even though I have my location on and have changed it on the app to the closest biggest cities I live near and change it back again. No one reads my profile, which isn’t the app’s fault, but there is nothing better on this app. Same old thing. I find the swipe too sensitive as you have to tap to bring up the hearts or the X, you may accidentally swipe upward, making you adore someone you don’t and you lose a heart. After I got told by a female that she was using her mother’s pictures, I chatted with a team member of Zoe. I had paid for the first month, then the second month subscription was paid for me even though she had decided to credit me a free month for that female having a fake profile. They stopped my subscription not using the correct dates I had paid. In other words, I was paying for that “free month” for the same month that the Zoe team member thought I was receiving free. I had to explain to her how I was still owed a full month. She corrected it the next day even though I got ripped off by 3 days of not being able to use the premium part of the app. Oh well, this app is definitely not worth it in my area and it has it glitches along with many fake accounts, just like any other dating app.
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5 months ago, house_shuffler
Too many unverified accounts
I appreciate that an effort has been made to reduce the amount of fake accounts but this needs a big improvement. I have been using the feature adamantly now because I realized I was interacting with fake accounts. A badge of some sort on the profiles would be helpful. Also a way to filter accounts that have already been verified would be great. Furthermore I don’t understand why I have to repeatedly verify my account. It should be a one-time thing. I take the necessary step of safety by requesting account verification before continuing to chat with people and they often ignore me afterwards. I have to do this every single time. I assume when I’m prompted to, it’s because the account isn’t verified. They probably ignore because they’re fake or just as annoyed as I am by having to do so repeatedly. One person told me she can’t verify her account because she’s in the service so I suspect this will become common excuse for fakes. Make the initial set up of accounts a much smoother process because some folks are lazy and won’t get around to it. An app made for women should always have a safety first mindset. You’re on the right track. Improve the UX though and I will have a much different opinion of the app. Respectfully, m
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6 years ago, kjkayjaykaejae
Legit App!
Love this app (so far) and I’ve been using it for a week now. It’s pretty much the same as those dating apps you see nowadays where you have to scroll left to nay and right to YAY and this one I believe gives you an option to scroll up to “adore” ? It’s pretty legit in the sense that it doesn’t lag or freeze on you and what I like about it is that it stops you from scrolling time to time to ask you targeted questions to further link you with girls who are interested in the same interests. Like with all other dating sites, this one gives you a PREMIUM option asking to be paid for either once a month, every 3 months, or every 12 months and also gives you the option to purchase more hearts to girls you REALLY find aesthetically amusing (ha). The PREMIUM option gives you the access to view all the girls who have liked you whereas the having no premium blurs them out on the “likes you” page. The only concern I have with this app (and like all other dating apps) is that you can’t chat to whoever you want - just the girls who have liked you , otherwise it’s a great app to chat and possibly meet up with the girls you get along with and possibly have a thing with :) enjoy ladies !
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7 years ago, mscurd
Perfect balance...
Zoe is similar enough to the typical dating apps out there that it’s simple to use, yet has enough unique features that it actually distinguishes itself—perfect balance. The questions it asks are easy yes or no questions, so you don’t feel like you’re having to write a memoir (or having to be “witty” or “cute”). Once you answer the questions, when you swipe through the app it shows you how similar (in terms of the question categories that you’ve answered and the general info you select about yourself) you are to each girl. I answered all the three categories pretty much right after downloading it, so (again) it’s simple. The user base isn’t very big yet (however there’s a decent sized database); plus, Zoe is new so hopefully more girls will download the app! I actually came across Zoe because I was going to redownload another lesbian dating app that I have deleted more times than I can count, and then saw that there was a new app with 5 star reviews that looked promising. So, yea—I definitely recommend it and encourage everyone to give it some time after downloading to get the user base up!
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6 years ago, tiffanyscheid
My Favorite Dating App So Far!
I like it so far. I like the user-friendly interface, and the inviting atmosphere it provides. To be fair, I’ve only just started to use this app, so I’m not sure if it’s going to be successful for me or not. I’m not having much luck with other dating apps. Compared to the other dating apps, this one seems to provide a more thorough assessment of each individual, which will helps loads more than the other apps because it creates a better playing field in terms of chemistry and compatibility. I am definitely a fan of this feature, which I haven’t found on /any/ of the other LGBT dating apps I have tried. Another huge bonus, in my opinion, is that they give you compatibility ratings in the categories of lifestyle, dating, and fun, with the other users you’re looking at. This has really helped me narrow down who I find attractive, within the parameters of who I’d be compatible with. I’m honestly impressed with the comprehensive service this app provides, even to basic uses who haven’t upgraded. This is quickly becoming my favorite dating app (:
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6 years ago, Littlemxily
Actually pretty cool app!
You it’s nice to get a premium membership for writing this review BUT- I actually really enjoy this app. Yes I’m fairly new to it but it’s still a great app to use to get started to dating apps. I thought the free sign-up but rally easy to follow. And I think it’s so cool that the people you see are based off questions you answer throughout the questionnaire. So like you can see how much of a compatibility you have with some just based of questions. I think if you are serious about dating apps then this one is the right one for you. It’s super simples yet so impacting! I have to admit at first I didn’t think I was going to like this app. But after some time I learned to love it. I didn’t like how I needed a membership to do some things but for the most part you actually can do a lot without one. Off the bat you have a team member from the app to hp you out with any questions regarding the app and that’s just awesome of you are starting out just like me. So I say keep up the good work app developers!
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4 years ago, wanderessrt
My Experience
The team of the creators for this app kindly offered me a free 10 day trial of premium. I thought that was amazing and kind of them to do, so the stars do not reflect the app developer's. What it does reflect is the app itself. As far as I realized, this app is extremely difficult to make connections on and carry conversations. The app is lovely and the structure is really well done. However even with premium for 10 days, matching with people was almost impossible. I don’t know if it’s because the user base is so small, or if there’s still bug fixes so you can match with people. I’m not sure what it is, but it just hasn’t been helpful and I haven’t made any connections like I do on Tinder and Bumble. I love this app because it’s genuinely for queer women. That’s my favorite part. I think it needs a lot of improvement and more advertising so there will be more queer women present for the chance to grow this apps popularity. It has a lot of potential. I think that messages and matching should be more available based on the people you like etc. it’s just hard to navigate even with premium. So without premium it’s going to be a lot more difficult to make any matches.
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6 years ago, RikkaIkkumiz
I’ve never used a dating app before and hadn’t really thought about using one until the other night. When I entered the App Store i typed Lesbian dating apps, i wasn’t sure what I was looking for but Zoe was the first to pop up. I was quick to download it and start. It asks informational get to know you questions though little surveys which is fun and easy. It is rather simple to use swipe left for no interest and swipe right for interest. The admin contacted me shortly after downloading and setting everything up. I was surprised to this and rather excited as I could talk to a real person about my thoughts on the app. It’s simple, clean in formate, and user friendly. Not to mention all the personal stuff you can add, I liked being able to simple click a button for drawing rather then having to type out all the things I like to do as there are a lot. My only down point is the appearance options are a bit limited, my eyes are hazel so they never stay a dark brown or honey color but rather are always changing hue. There wasn’t a hazel option so I defaulted to dark brown as it was a cool as I could et to my natural color.
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6 years ago, Elanarox101
Finally ! An app that cares .
A growing app , but a pretty awesome one . I was super excited when I found this app because other sites don’t allow you to find what your looking for , most apps don’t account for your sexual preference or gender identity but this app does , it also allows you to write what your looking for whether dating , friendship Ect . What I like is that they have a whole bunch of questionares and things you can like / dislike which helps you match with people who have similar interests and likes / dislikes . When I downloaded it I was skeptical since other apps haven’t been to great , but there are these awesome moderators that help with any - all questions and allow for the experience to be so much better . Truthfully having premium would make things better but it’s not one of those apps that you can’t have without it , it works pretty much the same . I do wish there were more ways to match with some one though , like maybe communities or like big chats so people could meet others faster without only swiping . ( Or a general feed ) other then That it’s honestly really awesome ! Thank Zoe !
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3 years ago, Nooblet24601
First dating app I tried
I tried this app looking for friends because i thought both the users and the app itself would be more open to that kind of thing. I was pleasantly unsurprised to find Friendship as an option. That being said, I really would like to be able to connect with people that I perhaps would have missed otherwise. Unfortunately that is not an option unless you get the premium. I understand that the app developers should get paid, but perhaps simply limit matches for free users (one a month?) Again, I don’t know how dating apps usually operate, but I think this would help people connect positively. (especially us lonely wallflowers who just want a conversation) I wouldn’t honestly be upset at seeing some ads in my app if my ability to connect with others in the app is bettered. This is how most freemium apps operate, and I don’t mind it much. The Admins and support are very friendly and extremely responsive, the best I’ve ever encountered in any app. If you ever have any trouble, just let them know and I’m sure they’ll be able to help.
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6 years ago, Brianna_banana_love
Well it’s up to you
This app has some good qualities. The swipe left or right aspect is nice. If you choose to answer a few simple questions regarding how you feel about dating and friendship, you will see the results of how much you have in common with the other user while viewing their profile. It’ll also show how similar you two are based on some aspects of your personality, such as how optimistic/pessimistic you are, neat freak/messy, etc. Although I do enjoy some qualities of this app, I’d have to say I’ve been having trouble finding people. I can’t reverse previous dislikes unless I subscribe to be a member. I assumed that I’d be able to see people again but I didn’t want to make up my mind so suddenly and swipe right if I really wasn’t interested. So now there’s no one who matches with me. It also doesn’t allow the user to see who has liked your profile unless you give them a heart (I think we’re limited to one a day) or unless you subscribe. So there’s some good, some bad. I’d say if you really want to enjoy the app, it’s probably better for you to become a member. If you don’t have the money for that, I’d say go ahead and pass..
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6 years ago, sqiu_
Easy to navigate, approachable
I’ve really enjoyed the app so far! I like that there is a place to write a bit and pick some passions so that there’s something to start talking about. It’s also just visually lovely and easy to navigate. I do like the quiz section and it’s range of questions and their yes-no simplicity. Based on that the app summarizes the compatibility by percentage when you view a profile, but there are times when I don’t care what someone’s answer is (Is Tina your favorite character on the L Word?) and times when it matters more. I wish there was a way to separate out some more crucial compatibility questions or allow for the fact that I don’t need someone to answer exactly like I did. I also left a star off because if you’ve gone through every profile that shows up in your filtered range, there’s nothing to do but wait unless you sign up for a premium account. Sometimes it’s hard making a snap judgement, so it’d be nice either to have a “Skip” option that’s neither like or pass, or have some profiles shuffle back up.
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2 years ago, greytpaws
Great app and set up but so many scammers!
*Update post Developer response: Thank you—I actually joke that reporting scammers is my new hobby—so don’t worry, I am! You’ll probably be sick of me! 😅 Thank you for your response! I want to love this app—but can we not require a verified account after a certain length of time??? This app seems to have THE MOST scammers/fakes. I don’t want to delete it because the verified people (purple check mark) are often good but my GAWD that percentage seems low!!! Or could we have an option to only accept likes/swipes *from* verified accounts—not just see them in the stack? That way people can choose to leave it open or turn it off so one is not constantly getting notifications that 9 times out of 10 are (ridiculously)fake??? It seems like there should be a fairly simple solution for this and that you would want to not have these fake accounts on here. Please—consider some type of fix/option for this in an update soon! I think this app could be GREAT!!!!
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6 years ago, KathrynJan
More ladies should join!
Zoe is pretty amazing! For people who have used other dating apps, I honestly think this one is a lot easier to use, and it goes a little more in depth. In addition to adding pictures, writing a bio, and following the same swiping rules as other apps, Zoe gives you more options to identify yourself and what you’re looking for. Zoe is one of the more inclusive dating apps in terms of being able to have choices that represent a variety of gender identities and sexual orientations. Also, the app asks you a series of questions about your lifestyle, what you do for fun, and how you view dating so that when you look at another person’s profile, you can see how much you match up (like 80% similarity in fun, 50% in dating, etc). It also lets you pick what you’re looking for - dating, friends, etc so that your profile and others can be clear. It’s a really great app, and the only reason I gave 4 stars is because it’s new and not a lot of people are on it. If this app had more people - it would get a 5, so spread the word and try it out!
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5 years ago, mhhhmmmm
pleasantly surprised
I'm gonna keep it real; this is the first dating app I've ever used. I don't know what I was expecting, but I'm honestly really happy about what I've seen so far! so if you're new to the game and just super anxious (like me) there's an option for friendship that I am just beyond thankful for. but don't worry, there's an option for dating and relationships as well. my favorite part about this app it probably how much you're able to personalize your profile (as far as answering basic questions about yourself along with a three part questionnaire). I live in a small, fairly judgemental town, so finding people with the same interest as me is pretty intimidating. but this app has made meeting people who I didn't even know live near me super easy (and low-key fun). so basically, if you're reading this for some type of validation or confirmation to download and try the app, I say yes, definitely, go for it. do the girls in your area a favor and introduce yourself!
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5 years ago, unconditionaljoy
Find a friend
I just joined and so far I like it. This app ask you questions about your likes and dislikes to help you weed through the the women that you don’t have anything in common with. They know that opposites attract but there must be a common goal or interest to help them meet as well. I also like the fact that the staff contacts you and ask your opinion about the app and what can they do to improve it for you which may help other woman as well. It’s hard to meet friends while out and about because face it most of them are looking at their phones texting or watching another app. The love of their life maybe standing right next to them but they don’t know it; however, if you’re on this app you may see her and if she ends up standing beside you one day you can look up and say hey don’t I know you for somewhere😊. Even if you don’t make a love connection you may just make a friend for life and that’s worthy of searching for.
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6 years ago, ilike00smusic
Installed a few dating apps just to see how it all works. Going through them I noticed quite a few downsides. And so far, Zoe is proving itself to be one of the best apps available at the moment. The design is very neat and welcoming. In the beginning one should verify their account by sending devs the photo of you, that’s why you can really be sure there are no fakes in there. There are also not many limitations when it comes to premium membership, you swipe, chat, all free to use. I also haven’t seen any ads so far. Already in the beginning you are contacted by support which are gathering feedback, and the ladies know how important feedback is, not only in the relationships. There is still a lot of space for improvement. For example, the questionnaire and overall ad for this app so more people know about it all over the globe. But overall, 5/5. Great job!
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1 year ago, Rainbow Girl 58
Great app only some complaints
So I've only had the app for a few days and decided to buy premium to test it out and it's been pretty good. Matched with some cute women and started talking etc. Only issue I have is I have run across two Cis Men looking to hook up with "dominant" women and also explicitly had in their bio they were looking to be pegged... My other complaint which is the more annoying one is that my age range is 18-23 since Im 18. So like I set I don't see women over 23 which is great BUT this doesn't mean my profile is hidden from women older than that. So I've gotten dozens of likes from women 35-45 looking for hookups. Of course I don't like them back, I've made it clear in my bio I will not match with someone over 23. Other than that it's been a good experience but I do wish my profile wasn't being shown to people over my age range I set, also wish I could remove likes of my choosing so I don't have to scroll through the older women to find someone closer to my age I'd actually be interested in matching with.
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1 year ago, iCharlyy
I look forward to the next major system update…
Thanks again for offering me a trial subscription. Unfortunately, I haven't had a pleasant experience using the app. I thought the premium version would expand my options by allowing me to connect with women based on the criteria I set. It appears that the app is only used by scammers and women looking to hook up. No judgment. I'm not saying that women can't or shouldn't have the option to seek out like-minded women that want one-night stands. Perhaps that's the environment intended for the app and my expectations were unrealistic for this platform. Which explains why I haven't seen a profile with more than a few words. I'm used to seeing a handful of unpolished profiles but definitely not the norm. I have to assume that the majority of the subscribers are not looking to make an informed decision/match. In addition, the preference filter does not work. I selected to only receive verified profiles but I get the opposite. Honestly, no one seems to be verified. The age and distance filters are also out of range based on my selections. BTW, I do appreciate the current monthly subscription price. It's very affordable and appealing when compared to other apps that are overpriced, in my opinion. It allows people to periodically subscribe knowing the monthly commitment is affordable. Life happens so there might be periods when people can’t use the app. Therefore, a 3-month subscription is too big/long of a commitment.
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5 years ago, Sennenko
Easy to Use
The functionality of this app is pretty simple. I liked that database has a lot more local listings in my area than some of the other dating apps out there. One of the neat features is that if somebody likes you first, you get a notification, even though their profile is grayed out/locked (unless you have a premium membership), typically if you go to your match suggestions they’ll be on the top of the list so you can very quickly see who recently liked you and learn more. The voice recording option is also great so you can leave sound bytes for authenticity. I also appreciate that the app has a verifiable function to show which users are for real. Overall I have had more matches and conversations with this app than the others I’ve tried out there. I might want to go with premium to see what I’ve missed - the “rewind” feature will let you look back on people may have accidentally swiped left on - whoops! I had a few that i didn't mean to and wanted to check out again.
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7 years ago, only_brandi
Interesting format for a lesbian networking /dating app.
This is an interesting format to structure a lesbian networking/dating app around. Utilizing familiar questions you would usually find in online compatibility questionnaires. I think this format could provide a more positive tailored approach for anyone who may struggle with meeting like minded people. Unlike other networking/dating apps this one considers compatibility prior to appearance. And that’s something refreshing to see in the superficial world we live in. I appreciate the minimalist aesthetics of the app layout/fonts. Downsides would be the features available for non-subscribers. I do believe the amount of features available to non subscribers is much to limited to entice users to upgrade to premium. And for those who may consider upgrading the price point may be to high. Given the limited selection of applications available specifically for lesbians looking to network/date. This price point could be a make or break in the success of this app. As other popular sites feature lesbian filters, though not necessarily cater to them, and are still able to offer lowers subscription fees. I do understand this cost could be in relation to overhead but hopefully this is something that can improve with an increase in subscriptions. Just my 2 cents ✌🏽
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3 years ago, Person on a computer
Behind a Paywall
I think one of the main features that it advertises in the App Store , (seeing who liked you etc.) is not in fact part of its free standard version. Is it not the point of the app to match with someone and make a connection? I think most of its user base is well aware and the majority put it in their bio to message them somewhere else since they can’t see their matches. A lot of the users I’ve encountered would rather not pay that extra a month and it certainly gives the vibe that this app feels like a ghost town. If you can’t see your matches, all you can really do is swipe and hopefully that user sees it and on the off chance that they are in fact not a scammer, then there’s hope. I understand that the developers have to make a living somehow, but specifically monetizing the connection aspect of this app doesn’t really make me feel like I’m making a connection at all. I had high hopes for this app, but the likelihood of keeping it to find a potential partner is slim.
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7 years ago, 1.francelys
Simple, easy and fun!
I was looking to download an app on which I could meet new people but not geared toward hookups. I also wanted to support “for women by women” apps and business, and this fit the bill! I like that it has fun questions you can answer to measure your compatibility with other users, and is still simple and easy to use. This app is straightforward and you can also customize your search, which is free, a huge plus as compared to other apps!!! It has the “swipe” feature which makes it easy to like someone, but the profiles tell you enough about a person to help you decide if you would like to talk to them. Also you can fill in as little or as much as you would like on your profile. This app strikes a nice balance in the dating app world!! (The more women that join, the more women who are available on the app! Let’s support women-owned apps!)
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6 years ago, AshPashy18
Clean & simple app with innovative interface.
I started using Zoe a few days ago and I already notice major differences that set it apart from other dating apps. I specifically like that Zoe requires users to send in a photo of themselves using a specific pose in order to confirm the identity of its users. On many other dating apps I’ve used, I applied a filter so that I would only see women and women would only see me, yet somehow a male always popped up while I was swiping. With Zoe, this cannot happen (which I really like). Another feature of this app that I admire is the cleanliness and simplicity it offers. I also like that you can answer a wide variety of questions for other users to see and for them to compare how compatible they are to you. I like that you can describe your physical appearance (ex. body type, eye color, zodiac sign, et cetera) and also that you can list your favorite hobbies/activists. So far the developers of the app have been INCREDIBLY kind and receptive to all of the feedback, and really, that kind of user-developer communication relationship is really important if an is to become really successful. I think Zoe definitely has the potential to become a really successful dating app for women and I’ll definitely be here for support as much as I can. Happy swiping! 💕 🏳️‍🌈
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6 years ago, lookng44
Great app!
This dating app is really great. It’s so easy to use. It doesn’t have a lot of different sections on your profile to fill out that end up being filled with repetitive answers . There is a list of pre selected activities and hobbies that you can just click on and they appear on your profile. I think it makes things easier that way so you don’t forget to put something down. If there isn’t anything pre selected you can always factor it into your introduction speech. There are lots of profiles or women to look over. Just like other sites not everyone puts information about themselves but if you don’t want to waste time on an empty profile you can easily just swipe to the next profile. The best thing is I haven’t come across any male profiles trolling. I would recommend this site to anyone looking to meet people.
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4 years ago, MySatori
Just like the rest of the dating apps
I thought the ladies would make dating better, but nope, this app is just like the rest of the dating apps so don’t get your hopes up like I did lol. It’s worth giving it a shot but you probably shouldn’t pay for it unless money is not a concern to you or you’re in a rush to meet someone. However, unless you pay you won’t be able to see or chat with the girls that LIKE you AKA swiped right. See if you can get a free trial instead of paying for it right away. There was a kind woman from their team who offered me 10 days for free the first day I signed up but I’m deleting my account after this review because this app isn’t for me as it’s no different than Tinder or Bumble, or any of the apps out there for that matter. There are ‘weirdos’ here too. Check it out though as your experience might be different from others’. A big thank you to the woman that offered me a free trial. She was very kind and professional! 🙏🥇👏
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5 years ago, PhoenixRising234
5 stars for me
I’m a new user and never used an lgbtq dating app for womxn before. I like Zoe because it’s clean and user-friendly. The most distinguishing feature, in my opinion, is the questionnaire. It’s not required that you answer all of the questions but for those people seriously interested in friendships and/or relationships, it goes a long way when swiping. You get to see how compatible you really are with the person before even matching, so it probably makes one feel comfortable if matched and beginning a conversation. The app is not spammed with ads and even gives flexibility with how people choose to identify in gender and/or sexuality, which is amazing. I am new but I commend the Zoe team for thinking of us and what we might truly need in creating deep connections. I hope to craft great memories from taking the plunge and utilizing this app :)
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6 years ago, MimiSugaa
Eddo - I give it 4.5 stars, in accordance with the new updates.
I downloaded the Zoe app a while back when they were a baby level dating app, and i was unenthused with the format and execution of settings and features. The aesthetics were chunky and slow, as well as the reach they had for women to meet was too small to even bother downloading it. But now, after some tweaks and time, I can enjoy using the application to find LGBTQ+ friends and partners from a wider audience. The thing i like most about the app is how it allows the use to answer a ton of fun and quite specific questions to align with a partner who is likeminded to them. That is a feature that not even Tinder has, nor the other high profile LGBTQ+ app ‘Her’. This allows for me to quickly get an idea of the mindset and the looks of a person, in a way that isnt as closed as simply a small bio paragraph. Id reccomend this app, the more beautiful ladies the better 🙏🏻♥️
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6 years ago, Nixoony
This app is organized and easy to maneuver. It has cute layouts and a smooth finish. Compared to other over rated apps, this one is very unorthodox to what is usually expected of popular apps and has limited spammers/trolls/fake accounts. The Admins on here are very responsive and helpful, they answer quickly and to the best of their ability. The questions and filters to be able to find your match better are reasonable and show good feedback and results. I would advice and suggest this app to anyone wanting a simple-functional and cute app that lets you find partners-dates and friends at ease. I usually am able to relax on my couch while I scroll and check the app due to the clarity of its system. I enjoy this app and will continue to use it to the full extent “OR” if I’m lucky enough to find someone hopefully. 😊 😆
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6 years ago, cchloee.c
Simple, clean, and verifiable!
I’ve just started using this app but I have to say that so far I’m impressed. I only know of two apps out there that are specifically for women to find women, and the other one does not have a verification process (Zoe asks to you take a selfie in a specific pose and thankfully, NO, you can’t just upload a picture, you have to actually take it with your camera through the Zoe app). I can’t tell you how much comfortable I feel “swiping right” on women who have a check mark by their name. I also appreciate the clean and simple look of the interface. The last kudos that I want to give out is the admin who reaches out when I started my membership is an actual person and not just a bot. She’s provided a lot of great info on how to make the best use out of the app. Keep up the great work!!
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3 years ago, JuicyJ007
Meet a lot of cool people for a hefty subscription
Says it’s free but you have to pay to see matches or talk to them. Also has quite a few malfunctions that need to be worked out. For example: when setting up my profile, I wasn’t able to post anything in my ‘About me’ section which is the primary thing that people read when viewing your profile. I wondered if some of the other women on there with no description had the same problem, and also felt bad for the people I matched with because they couldn’t understand anything about me before liking me (I personally like to read to get a sense of who people are through their words). Anyways, overall a really great app! Just those couple of quirks that make me want to delete it and not try again. Also very expensive for a dating app.
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5 years ago, rileliz
A great new app!
When I downloaded this app I honestly didn’t think there would be that many girls in my area who also had it. I’ve had profiles on a few different dating sites and I recognize some people from multiple places. I haven’t seen that yet on Zoe, so if you’re hesitating because the app is newer you should give it a chance! The app itself is very easy to use. If you’ve even heard about tinder, you already know how it works. There’s also space for more details, and a questionnaire feature that helps you find better matches. Honestly the only issues I’ve run into are issues that come with online dating in general- you have to put yourself out there and keep an open mind, and be prepared to find your old supervisor’s profile from a job you quit two years ago 😬
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6 years ago, cricket_0770
Best Dating App Yet!
I have tried several dating websites/apps over the last month. The absolute worst was ZOOSK! Zoe is by far one of the best. I liked that I could start browsing around without a million questions. The app allows you to browse women in your area as it asks you questions about yourself to build a profile...genius. You can also just turn this feature off easily in settings if you prefer. I was able to send and receive messages with no payment required. The BEST thing about this app is the support of the app itself. My questions and concerns were quickly, politely answered by their support team. In settings you have the option to cancel at anytime. This has been such a problem with other sites/apps. Hope this helps you ladies out there, good luck!
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6 years ago, spidermuff
I did my research before I decided on just one lesbian dating app. There is a couple of reasons why I decided on Zoe, for one I don’t have to tie in my social media to it, i don’t like when it feels I’m being forced to share some part of me i don’t want to share. The app itself is so easy to use it starts you off with a tutorial but same basic concepts like tinder for swiping. The staff is super attentive and friendly they will help you in every step of the way if need be.i went through the process with other apps just setting up my profile before i decided on which one I wanted to keep. I was very impressed with the staff at Zoe they make you feel like you matter. I definitely recommend this app if you’re unsure about what Lesbian app to go with Zoe is where it’s at ! 😉
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5 years ago, _elii94
Such an awesome app!
To be honest I didn’t think I would like this app at first because it requires you to have a membership for certain things. But i did love the easy sign up it offers. It’s very straight to the point and easy to use. I like how it gives you the option to answer some details about you unlike other apps who may require you to answer personal information about yourself. I like how you’re able to add private images as well and only give access to those you want to. Having the app ask questions and show you your compatibility with others based on simple questions is a plus! Over all I have enjoyed this app and you’re able to do a lot with out the membership. Getting it would add more to the experience for sure! Definitely recommend it if you would like to meet new people!
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6 years ago, cycle-t
Strong start, easy to use with depth and promise
The time it takes to setup a profile is actually pretty minimal but you can keep adding more detail, including some fun questionnaires, and even those can be done bit by bit in an intuitive way. The number of identifiers and options are excellent and as someone who’s not talented at knowing how to describe myself, it really helps to have more structure to slot data into so I can focus on the less common facets of me in the custom descriptions. Also the time you put in appears to directly improve the ease at which you can gauge if you match up with someone and share interests or live life similarly enough to be good friends; if not more. :) It is easily worth a solid try and some time to see if it works for you.
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5 years ago, nwde
Great concept!! Will continue to use!!
I've only used this app briefly (I have kids) and it seems to work fine thus far. However, my verification photo was rejected for some reason so I am going to give it a go once more. The only thing that I can say I do not enjoy is, if someone ❤️s my photo/profile whatev, I can't even look at their profile pic to entice me enough for premium upgrade. I know there must be in app purchases so the company makes $$, but maybe just allow the profile and photo to be viewed to persuade your customers into upgrading...? Can't show ❤️ to other member or anything, just able to view their pic/profile. Perhaps their name/photo or name/profile.... just to give clientele that extra nudge. Thank you for asking! Kind regards, Ashley
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4 years ago, Honest return
24 hours
I’ve only been using this app for 24 hours. I’ve had access for a few hours, understandably so, given the “validity “ check ( which I appreciate). So to be fare ,I don’t have much experience to go off of. So far, what I’ve gathered, is that if you want to see or do ANYTHING other than literally look at a picture and swipe, you pay. For someone like me , who doesn’t have too much interest or comfort using these kind of apps , it’s a bit tedious , unnecessary and renders this app almost completely useless (for ME). Given that I was only looking for someone in my area ( which I haven’t lived in too long) to friend, and even the extremely limited process of just swiping through was majorly disappointing. Though I am aware that does not reflect directly on the purpose of the app itself, is doesn’t exactly give too much motivation to WANT to pay for anymore details either. I’m going to give it a chance 🤷🏽‍♀️.
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5 years ago, AbbiCat262587
I love the app, it’s really great. I enjoy the questionnaire and how it’s not just a simple swipe right or left and a little bio like some other dating apps. I believe this app has exceptional potential and it appears to work in an efficient and easy way. I noticed only one problem though, I recently purchased some hearts to see who liked my profile and every time I clicked on someone it just pulled up the member subscription page and would not allow me to see the people that liked me. I am unaware if this is just something I am experiencing or if it is a problem for other people, but if there is any way to reverse that to where I can use the hearts I have to view people’s profiles that would be great. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic app.
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4 years ago, Lala100000000
Doesn’t let you see who liked
So I wanna start by saying I’m not one of those people who complain about getting free stuff, because I understand that people need to make money, provide for their families, and nothing in this world is truly free. With that being said I also don’t like greedy people who don’t even let have the bare minimum of letting you see who liked you, how am I suppose to chat and match with people if I can’t see their account and match with them, and they can’t see mines. That’s literally the whole purpose of the app, is to match and chat with people I can’t even do that without paying for premium. Which is greedy don’t say you have a “FREE” app your words not mine, and don’t let us do what the app is meant for. If you wanted the app 100% payed for you should have made people pay for it on the App Store, because honestly it’s a waist of time.
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1 month ago, Am I Bovvered
Incredibly scam central
Assume everyone on this app is a scammer regardless if their profile is verified. They also have secondary verification which they CANNOT fake. This is not to say everyone on the app is a scammer, but a good majority of them are - easily find their stolen pictures with image reverse (Google lens will not work). There is no customer app support, and the ratio of scammers vs real people are just too unbalanced to make this app worth it. The biggest red flags are: they barely talk about themselves, they only want to talk about you, they never secondary verify themselves, they get feelings for you fairly quickly and often out of nowhere, they ask to chat on outdated BOOMER apps (Skype, WhatsApp) or apps heavily associated with the scammer community (telegram, signal). Support is non-existent. As someone who studied cybersecurity, I cannot recommend this app even if you say who you say you are. This app needs to be investigated and taken down, immediately.
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5 years ago, cyeraah
Great app!!
I actually was reading reviews on this app and i like it a lot! I didn’t expect much from it. But i was wrong, the women on here are all mostly friendly and will hit you up first! This is a great app to find friends or a relationship! I like how it’s completely free mostly and it doesn’t come with annoying ads and scams. And as far as some people saying “catfishes”. Listen, they have a way people can verify they’re real. So if the person looks like a catfish, don’t bother swiping right! I mean who can’t tell a catfish when they see one though right? I have seen some myself but its more real people than fakes. I would say theres maybe 20% or 10% catfishes on here out of 100%. So great app overall! Thanks for making this!
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6 years ago, shay323
Not so bad, so far
I'm new to the app. It's not bad, just looking for more like minded friends honestly. It looks like all of the profiles are real and they make you do like a verification photo so you wont be able to catfish people on here. It seems like a very pleasant site and the questions they ask on here are actually really good. They're really good personality questions that get down to who you are as a lover, friend, and everything in between. Like I said I'm just looking for more friends on here and I think the type of people I've seen so far on here are more mature and want to experience things other than going out to party. So if thats something you're looking for then this is definitely that app for you. Summer is about to start so hopefully I can find a nice few people to hang out with!
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7 years ago, FeliKrys
Not too shabby!
I will admit, I’m fairly new to this app and being gifted a premium membership for writing a review was definitely an incentive to do so, but REGARDLESS—this app is more appealing to me over most other queer/LGBTQ+ apps. I feel like the app is fairly user friendly, I like the capability of seeing how you potentially match up with people via percentages of compatibility, and I mostly appreciate how a lot of features are open to users without having to pay for a premium account (unlike some apps in comparison... not to name names, but y’all might get my gist if you’ve been trying to find an actually redeemable queer dating app from the options available). Overall, I’m pleased with my experience with the app so far!
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6 years ago, Acooolerperson.
Cool, but..
Alright this app is cool, and I appreciate what its trying to do to be original and fun, but there are a few bugs and such that I am experiencing at the moment. It keeps giving me a ‘please connect to the internet’ type notification, even though my internet is working just fine for all the rest of my apps. If its not the internet notification, its ‘sorry something went wrong’. Maybe this has to do with net neutrality? But I don’t know and if its possible I would like to have it fixed? There is also the issue of not being able to see who’s liked you, so I actually don’t know if you can practically use this app at all if you don’t pay for it, and if thats going to be the case I’d rather know upfront (say, we pay to download it off the app store). The last thing is that there are ads that say ‘number one reason men pull away” on this lesbian dating app -_-.
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