Zoosk - Social Dating App

Social Networking
4.2 (82.7K)
284.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zoosk, Inc.
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zoosk - Social Dating App

4.19 out of 5
82.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Sstr3ss
A few rotten 🍎 in the bunch
First of all, I’d love to say that I really enjoy this app. So far, I had met more than a few people that I can connect with. Also, I love the Carousel feature (which does not determine compatibility), as well as Super Send, which is quite effective when trying to initiate a conversation with people. Why not five stars you say? Well, have a seat and listen well kiddos. I had encountered quite a few fake profiles. It’s not obvious for many people, until a shady action occurs, such as immediate offers of a persons number or email without even requesting that information. Developers, I hope you are monitoring these fake profiles because it gives a member like me second thoughts about this app. I feel very discouraged when a 🤖 responds to my Super Send message, only to be discouraged more when that person does not respond in a week or more. In addition, I feel like there should be a feature that notifies the person that made a connection with me to either continue pursuing me, or not. Kind of like a “Do you still like him? Yes or no?” follow-up for more than, oh say, three to five days. I understand people are busy with their everyday lives, but it would be nice to be reminded that there is someone who can connect with that person, instead of just “viewing” each other. Let’s hope that there are more improvements for this app 👍
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1 year ago, i dont like the new app
It’s a little weird app
No so perfect App, My experience it’s okay. Nothing great. One thing I dislike. When you set up your preferences and filter your choices it doesn’t really work. I still get garbage unnecessary choices. Few days back somebody profile the guy was completely naked but not showing his face, it was disgusting to see. I send the developer and email and until now I never got a reply back. This happened in the carousel and there is not choice on that pic that you can actually report it. Another problem this developer has, on top of the page there is a line across with soooo many people women, men and others that as if they are offering their services for sex. I paid so much money for 3 months and I don’t think I will renew it. It’s not really worth it. Most of the time all the profiles no one used their real name. I would have given the app a 3 start because of the garbage the way the app is set up but I have a 4 because I was able to communicate with couple guys that seemed genuine to talk but nothing that it appealed to me. I would recomend to all people to briefly state on their Bio what they are looking for but also write in such a way so no weird people will contact you. I don’t know why people are so bad to mess around with genuine people who subscribe on the app to actually find a partner. I been a member to few dating apps in the past and my opinion that all dam dating apps have the same problem.
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4 years ago, Marinelli's
Best app ever
Hi everyone, I met my husband here in zoosk 8 years ago in 2011, we got married in 2017. I was happy to have found zoosk site, I signed up for only one month as I were very skeptical of finding true love. When I met my husband he too was about to expired but an good angel brought us together, on our last week before expiration, I began looking through some profiles when I came across my husband profile pictures and I think he was such a handsome guy so I send him a message that says “ nice profile good luck “ and he wrote back “thank you, nice profile too” and from there we were texting back and forth and he was so funny he would make me laugh so bad. Until a week before Christmas Eve we decided to meet up. We decided to meet up at a TGI Friday which was close to me but on that day he went to the wrong TGI Friday I waited then I called, he said he was at TGI I say no I’m, it turns out he was at another, I told him probably this wasn’t meant to be but he said “no stay right there I’ll be there in 10 mins and he was. We spend 30 mins getting to know each other then before he go he offered to gave me a kiss, the kiss was hershy kiss in silver wrapper then we parted I was so happy. Our first date was on Christmas Eve and we had such a good time. Thank you Zoosk!!
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3 years ago, eric ferriss
It’s pretty much a joke. You only see people that aren’t even online or have been for a long time. The so called beautiful women you see never respond and I’m not a bad looking guy just so you know. They don’t respond because out of a 100 profiles you might find 1 that is actually on and exists. It’s pretty sad no online button only shows me women over 100 miles away even though I’ve paid for this service and I live in a metro area of 365,000 people. . After 2 years of this joke I’m done. Zoosk is a joke and has no idea how to match people up or even run a dating site. If you want to continue on with this I guess you can waste your money. I’m tired of everyone on carasol or in search being far enough away. There are eoman in Springfield so why don’t you show me those I guess it’s to keep paying you when crap at least Facebook is free. Met 4 woman in there in the last month but didn’t work out but at least I met someone. Zoosk you are a joke and need to revamp your whole app. I’ll never pay again and will be sure to tell everyone I know how much of a joke it is. Sorry closest online person is 2 hours away but in a city of 365 k people it’s hard to believe some one isn’t on here. I guess I need to call a lawyer and go after my money and suing this company for being a fraud.
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2 years ago, Jgrant197610
Corrupt Dating Site
I would say that this is the most corrupt dating platform I’ve ever been on. My experience has been that I got many women looking at my profile page, with almost none responding to my messages to them. If you’re interested in someone’s profile, why wouldn’t you message them back at some point? Also, as many have mentioned, probably 75% of these profiles are not active. This means there is little chance of finding someone to date because very few members are actually online. Also, when your subscription to Zoosk is running out, you will suddenly start to receive messages out of the blue. These messages are always women who are scammers looking to catfish you. Finally, you will get stupid messages saying that someone wants to meet you. When I messaged these women, I got exactly zero responses from them. The main reason I say that Zoosk is corrupt is because they are making up that people are visiting your profile and they seem to have a number of scammers that message you at very good times for Zoosk, like when your subscription is running out. Finally, the women on Zoosk look much better than any other women on any other dating site I have been on. These means that these supposed profiles are taken over by scammers either helping Zoosk or trying to get money from men with actual profiles.
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6 years ago, Nunyainct
Dating app equivalent of a floating fly in your latte
This app is the internet equivalent of finding a floating fly in your latte. The carousel feature just sends you pictures where you have to make a split decision of yes no or maybe based on someone’s looks. You get a whopping zip as to interests or intellectual acumen. And, you cannot ignore the person and move onto the next. There is no way to search for someone based on their zoosk name. Equally awful is the encouragement of sending a heart or smile emoji. How on earth is that a message? Are we 12 years old? I’ve met a few people on the site who told me they figured out emojis or a short message were not sent by them but receive other people. The only good thing I can say about the app is that if you’re busy, it’s at least sticking your toe in the water to start going out on a few dates. And that being said, you need to meet the person right away the longer the texts drag out, the less likely you are to meet or the less likely the burger at the window looks anything like the burger on the display poster. Because of the awful carousel, inability to search people by name, I’d rate this app with zero stars if I could. I almost forgot the absurd coin options to hide your profile, see if a message was read and send a gift... zoosk should be renamed the internet dating site for socially awkward people who never matured past 12 years old....
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4 years ago, Mymindfudge
Only paying members can communicate
What percentage of users are paying customers? I’m going to be generous and guess 5%. Unlike some other dating sites, this one doesn’t allow ANY direct contact unless BOTH interested parties are paying members. It would be one thing if you had to pay membership dues and buy tokens to send a message to someone whose profile you like. It’s quite another to insist the recipient ALSO pay for their membership (just to receive it). For non paying members you can look and like them, but without both of you paying, there’s no means of finding out who they are. Here’s the thing. The site is rife with advertisements so you know the developers are making money from ad revenue. Why isn’t that enough? They have the most ads I’ve seen AND still do not allow chatting like the better sites (Hinge, OK Cupid, Bumble; who have less ads). The site interface is confusing, the carousel feature only shows photos (so you don’t know anything about the user except their appearance). There’s no means of skipping a profile for later (you have to ether like it or discard it) and it constantly tries to coax the user into paying AND buying some virtual currency to purchase privileges. It’s pointless. Try one of the others. They’ve wisely switched to ads as their revenue stream.
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3 years ago, Josiah Miles
Not a single free feature
Want an app that tries to make money off features that are free on every single other dating app? Want to be shown the same people everyday with a line up that never changes? This app is perfect for you! Not only do they charge for their “SmartPicks” feature that’s identical to Tinder and Hinge’s “Top Picks” section that gives you a free use periodically, but they also make sure you don’t miss out on someone you scrolled over by showing you the same people every single day! Score! And if that wasn’t enough, they’ll make sure to ruin your profile by unnecessary cropping your photos and requiring you to check on them every hour to readjust them! How thoughtful! If I could make a list of best to worst dating apps, this would make last place by a landslide. Only free feature on here is unlimited likes, which is useless considering you’ll run over every single possible match you’ll get to see on here in an hour, and then just get to repeatedly scroll those same people for the rest of the time you have the app. Honestly I couldn’t wait to buy the smartpicks feature knowing you probably threw in people ive already sent a like to, and Ive already came across 7 times before. This app has so much fixing to be done, it’s a complete waste of memory on your phone.
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5 years ago, Firstbiteoftheapple
Dollars and Cents is the apps MO
This app is less interested in you meeting people to date and MORE interested in luring you into purchasing a membership (that many complain is difficult to cancel or stop the automatic subscription) then charging you to message anyone you might want to get to know! I did read warnings and reviews on the internet prior to using the app. I really thought about how the app developers make money and hoped others experiences wouldn’t be my experience. I was mistaken. I’m convinced that meeting people the old fashioned way is far cheaper and less frustrating. The app is not “user friendly.” You can message people after paying for message package and the app doesn’t allow you to see the messages of all members whether they have a paid membership or are on a free trial. The app uses internal data to prevent you from making contact with an intended. They dangle a carrot in front of you then they want you to pay for tokens, message packages and Zoosk emojis to “try” to get in touch with someone’s profile. I’ll allow my current membership to expire and my message package and will not be using this app again. Thanks to all the other people who wrote a review and expressed their disdain for the app. Beware of using this Zoosk app is all I can say. Anything that sounds too good to be true is in this case!!!
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4 months ago, mbinec
Hope you enjoy long distance
Overall the layout and user interface of the Zoosk app is pretty good, but it’s like the app won’t let me find anyone local. My community is approximately 100,000 people so not huge. It shows me only two local women. All others are a minimum of 1 to 2 hours drive away. If I create a search with a short radius it will show singles for that first search attempt only. Then it reverts back to 60 to 150 miles away even though the search filter hasn’t been changed. If I recreate the search it finds locals again but then reverts back to the profiles it wants me to look at vs what I am interested in. I’ve seen views come in from some of the local profiles then they are auto-deleted before I can even view them. Literally right before my eyes! I left a search profile completely open including age. Just had a 30 mile radius. Of course there were older ladies mixed in with the profiles. That’s fine, I didn’t filter them out. Suddenly I was getting views and messages from 75 year old ladies when I never viewed their profiles. Just scrolled past them. Zoosk is a joke overall. My experience is much the same as a lot of the other negative reviews. I would look at them and believe them.
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2 years ago, Flipzop
Failure of a site
I’ve met some women on this site so it wasn’t a total loss, however…..the amount of fake and inactive profiles is not only staggering but embarrassing to say the least. While the advertising pushes itself as a dating site with millions of “active users”, this is blatantly incorrect. You see, even if you go inactive you still show up in searches. I’ve seen date stamped pictures from over ten years ago on accounts that are clearly inactive. So you’re paying a monetary monthly fee to look at pictures. Try google images for free if that’s your thing. The other issue is the blatant scam and spam profiles. I finally pulled the plug when I received a like from a “42” year old woman. Only problem was the profile pic was of a little girl standing in front of a birthday cake that had a number 15 on it. I can’t morally support a company that refuses to verify real users and allows pedo activity like that. It’s the year 2021. There’s no reason whatsoever that these dating site companies cannot and should not be held to a higher standard of operation. I expect this conduct from free to use mail order bride sites, not monthly sub dating sites. Zoosk should be a free to use, at your own risk site. The fact they’re allowed to operate under the monthly sub model in my mind is predatory.
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3 months ago, dsee43
Ghost Notifications and Worst Login process
Received notifications from the app that I had a message from ~someone~, but no new messages were there. Tried seeing if it was a problem with the app, and hopped on the full site on my computer, but couldn’t get logged in there. So reset my password on computer and had my browser save it (and I can view it in my browser’s saved passwords - I 100% KNOW what my password is), and now I can’t get the app to recognize the password. Beyond frustrated with this app. Oh, and the person I’m hoping to hear from, had initially sent me what sounds like a canned message (possibly from Zoosk). I joined explicitly because I got notification that I had a message from that woman, only to open it to find the canned response…so I sent her a real message and I know she viewed my profile, but I never heard from her (I don’t send lewd or inappropriate messages). A few days later, I tried again and saw notice that she had again viewed my profile, but still no response. I’m not sure if she’s a paying member and can even send response without paying herself. And I’m suspicious that Zoosk acted on her behalf in sending me that message simply to lure me into spending money with them. I basically have zero trust in this site at this point.
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4 years ago, ShakingOffTheDust
Mr. Dread
Just wanted to share my unpleasant experience. The management care N.O.T.H.I.N.G. about their clients, even paying members. I closed a business 2 years ago, but I found out, just Friday, that GoDaddy didn’t pull down my business’s page, which contained several e-mail addresses I used in the course of conducting the business. I’ve been a Zoosk member for a few months, a paid user who enjoyed meeting lots of people. I got an error message Thursday when I tried to log in, over and over. Called Support. They told me I was banned from Zoosk. Now, I’ve never violated their rules, so it was a surprise to be banned. I asked why. All she would say was e-mail legal services. Now, I’m intrigued. So I investigate. Legal says I “had two accounts,” a huge no-no in there book. I say, “no I don’t.” They send me the e-mail address on the 2nd account. It seems someone took the e-mail from my old business account and opened an account. I tell them it’s not me, that I didn’t do it and don’t even have a password to the other account. They won’t even listen to the facts, just say “you’re permanently banned.” They were real jerks. I’d recommend anyone using their service switch to another service. These people at Zoosk are not the least bit interested in hearing any facts, they just like to walk off with your money.
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6 years ago, Nick2theNameNaysay
Never again
So, after using an app like this for the first time here’s what I’ve learned. It’s all an illusion and scam to make money. Some of these people are paid to message you and some of them apparently are automated messages. If they’re not being paid then hats off. Immediately after I deleted the account, I get a an email talking about someone that wants to have a good time. Nothing is to the point. Also, I don’t understand how the people who pay for these services and are popular don’t feel like garbage humans. You’re asked to like 40 different people who may or may not have anything in common with your or each other. In the real world, opposites attract and there could be one thing they have in common which sets things off. The beauty about a real world situation is that you figure that out on your own, rather than knowing it first hand. It then becomes a game for you to get in someone’s pants and possibly ruin their life. Honestly, I think these apps should be illegal. I don’t care what good could or did come from these apps. That doesn’t mean they can do as they please charging a person just to talk with someone which you could do for free with other apps or by simply having their number. Anyway that’s my review and opinion about this and similar apps. You do you.
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5 years ago, Solarguyvt
It’s good but....
The messaging pay wall is ridiculous. You have to watch a video to view a profile, okay nothing wrong with that. Go to message someone and then you have to pay 30$ for a month. I get that they need to make money, but I’ve also noticed that some of the same profiles are on 24/7(I work rotating shifts I can be up anytime of the day). I’ve also seen these kinds of apps where the developer has fake profiles that message you to get you to buy the premium then once bought they all stop. You’re using an ad service already just make it so you can get like ten messages a day through ads to see if these are real people you’re talking with. I’m not spending money on something that can’t be at least somewhat verified as true. “Oh this person sent you a message but you can’t see it unless you’re a premium account” nah no thanks I’m not interested in buying a bridge in New York City. There are other more verifiable online dating services than this one out there. If you stand by your service you need to actually open it up more to make it seem it’s actually worth the expense. Rate for coins is over priced too. Get you’re trying to do something good. But you need to work it out better.
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6 years ago, wondering to continue
Carousel tells you nothing
I agree with the previous subscriber that carousel does not take into affect any thing other than looks. That feature live strictly on narcissistic tendencies and some people are very narcissistic and somewhat dangerous . Am I responding and saying yes to somebody 2000 miles away? Do I know their age? You don’t know anything about them so why waste your time swiping quote yes quote on dozens of people and they’re not even in your area geographically. Sure you might hit a homerun with the long-distance thing but really you don’t want to get involved somebody outside of your driving requirements why even play Carousel? Granted I have but it’s not very productive or realistic in most cases. On those grounds alone I can anyone leaving the site. Secondly if you know a subscriber by screen name you can’t find them unless they’re in your account section that you’ve messaged them before. There’s no way to look somebody up that you might’ve seen before but did not message. There is no real depth to this site but it is simple.
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2 years ago, NataliaJBlack
Yes, try it!
I met my hub on Zoosk we’ve been together two years and married one. Spend time outlining what you want- Don’t spend time on people who don’t do the same. Straight forward is best, let the people who don’t like it disqualify themselves and save you the time. Guys- girls get swamped on every site so be patient and persistent if you’re the real deal, unless you’ve had a decline then go with it. Don’t be too quick to screen out a person based on a profile unless you clearly don’t jive or they didn’t put any time into their profile. Usually the most genuine people come across as real and not perfect. If its not a one night stand then the person will want to text, talk, video chat and then meet. Don’t feel bad about taking your time. Be unapologetically you! I can’t even begin to tell you how worth it it was. I met a few great guys on Zoosk and then fell in love with the one! It was a million times better than EH the other one I tried. EH felt very uptight to me. Zoosk was more fun.
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6 years ago, samantha112369
It’s an app and nothing is guaranteed in real life...
I read review where someone was complaining so much about what was wrong with this app. Everything you have to take with a grain of salt. There are millions of people who want to meet someone and there is a probability that you will meet someone that is close to what you’re looking for. With that said you may have to kiss a few frogs before you find your close to being a prince, no one is perfect. Being selective and being open are two things that go hand-in-hand when getting on any dating site they’re all an algorithm. And if you understand that then you know what you’re getting yourself into. I have had no issues I have met some wonderful people... have any of them then my match no and I’m OK with that it’s giving me an opportunity to find out what I can and cannot live with at this point my life. At the same time I have met some very nice people. I have no horror stories for anyone because nothing is guaranteed in life. I wish everyone well and don’t take this seriously until you meet someone you want to be serious with and remember it takes two people to commit.
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8 months ago, eaglefan-1
Could be a 4 - Updated Could be a 3
Decent dating app, but could always be better. I’ve been on for just over a week - plenty of positives including a neat feature called Carousel. In it, you cycle through at least 40 (in this case) women, and at the end the app recommends the one you most likely will vibe with. I On the other hand, I’d like a permanent block button as the system tends to recycle the same people over and over again, even after you’ve dismissed them. And setting up filters for age, distance, ethnicity, etc. don’t seem to matter as everyone, regardless of the filter continues to be represented. I’d imagine these are easy enough fixes. Update: Now that I’ve been on it a little while, I see some bigger flaws. The Carousel feature appears to recycle previous members, and mix them in with current members. I say “appears” because I’ve never seen any evidence of several members outside of carousel. Also, there is a huge need to block, or bypass people that are previously dismissed as they constantly reappear, even after they’re dismissed. Until these two specific issues are addressed, I’m changing my star count to 2.
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6 years ago, Sunshine State 2018
Not Impressed
I have found if u like trying to make contact with people 900 miles away for a relationship... This site maybe exactly what u r looking for. Even when it states photos r verified, I have found this not to true. A lot of fake profiles too. I noticed more of the "attractive" people were either never married or widowers or had "just recently" relocated to the area. Kinda strange... The other review about this site constantly trying to upcharge u for different things that should be a given (knowing if someone has read ur message to them) is ridiculous! Plus when u try to filter the site to now it down to more of what u r looking for, the filter constantly changes back to no filter. The carousel search is another big waste of time with the site deciding who is ur best match without taking anything into consideration. BIG waste of money and time. I would recommend Match (one of my friends had great success with that site), or even Ourtime. Definitely not this site, unless u just need ur ego pumped up with fake pics, profiles, and responses. FaceTime or video chat with ur contact to find out if they r real. That is exactly how I learned this site is only about 35% real!
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6 years ago, Raineygirl
Worst dating site yet!!
I thought I’d take a chance and see how this site was like. I don’t like it at all. First of all, I think it’s deceiving because it’ll send you a notification that “someone” sent you a message. So, when you go to the site, you see that maybe it was just someone who viewed you...no message. The reason they probably viewed is because this site has a way of getting you to view people and then notifying them that “you” viewed them...which prompts them to go see who viewed them...which prompts another message to you that someone messaged you. Like a domino effect. Like someone else said, the carousel part of this site is just plain dumb. It asks you to either say Yes, No, or Maybe. The yes and maybe answer will definitely match you up with them. Now mind you, you don’t even have a clue as to where they live so they could be 100...or 1000 miles away!!! Plus, they could be midgets or gigantic! I think that part of this is so wrong. After all, a face is just a face! Before I say I like someone or not...I need to see or know a little more about them. So, that is very misleading to me. Hope they change some things or else, bad publicity will cause them to lose or not make any money.
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6 years ago, Saychef
Carousel BS
This Ap is set up more like a board game than a site offering information about possible matches. Why can’t you just show names/photos/ interests to all those who fit your age, location and brief description? I lost $7k to another site to an internet love scammer. Don’t think you could be fooled by these folks? These people are pros and know every angle to charm you into their trap. Make sure you can talk and see the person. Don’t fall for the “ due to high security crap” and as soon as the request for money comes up- RUN. Watch for grammatical errors as well. Another red flag there. UN ambassadors and chaplains have more important things to do then fly to Gahna and Nigeria. Western union and some Walmart’s won’t even deliver there. Don’t wind up like I did- a very gullable, foolish and now $5K debt. My family will not even speak to me. PS- military folk ready to retire have there accounts”sealed” so they can not access money until return to Us. True or not, I heard that deal twice. Second time I bowed out right before the $1K request came through. There were gold rewards for bravery and good deeds involved in both. Sad but there are many out there. They play you like a fiddle. Report to FBI but don’t count on anything!
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5 years ago, Disappointed one 2
Unauthorized charge on a cancelled subscription
Not a member and therefore I assume the message I just sent will fall on deaf ears. I am being charged for a subscription that I cancelled, deleted and deactivated my profile and deleted the app MONTHS ago. I stopped using the app more than half of the way through the subscription I did pay for. I did not authorize any fixture charges to my card, hence why I cancelled the subscription MONTHS ago. When can I expect a refund? Considering the ridiculously disappointing experience I had using the service, this is extremely upsetting to be charged for a subscription that was cancelled MONTHS ago. I don’t have any information of how to log in to the account I deleted and deactivated, because again, I stopped using all of it.....MONTHS ago. If I do not receive timely communication and refund for the unauthorized charge to a cancelled subscription, I will report the charge as fraud and proceed with extra measure to spread the word to other agencies and review sites of your fraudulent activity. This is ridiculous. I have never had an issue cancelling a subscription with any other dating app and absolutely will not recommend anyone waste their time or money here.
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6 years ago, Rancho Cowboy
Like a V-8 running on 4 cylinders
I like many things about Zoosk. It’s one of the best dating sites. However, there are no line item questions about the miles I’m willing to travel nor the height of the female I seek, hence 80% of the choices I am sent are are a two hour drive or taller than I am comfortable with. I mentioned these preferences in my “story” but your staff does not have the time to read these many “stories” and adjust parameters accordingly. So obviously these variables need to be added to your line item questions. Next I am frustrated by your Smart Pick option. After being sent the results of my Smart Pick, I press the photo to find out the important information about my Pick, the picture disappears and a message pops up saying “no Smart Picks at this time, we will alert you when you have new Smart Picks”. I am sure I’m not the only person to be frustrated by this, and I would appreciate having the option to select information and potentially contact my new Smart Pick. Sincerely, Rancho Cowboy
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4 years ago, As screws
With tech problems to find a way to contact Zoosk. I am paid up but my ap stopped working after I updated. This is annoying. Keeps knocking me off the site. Guess I shouldn’t have updated. ***Zoosk should have a readily available button to get help from Zoosk.*** I was going to delete the ap & download it again but there are several (4?) zoosk aps in the ap store. Which one is correct? Also, this isn’t Zoosk’s fault but there are a number of widowed guys on this ap who have big deal type jobs, making the impression they have lead productive & financially stable lives. After conversing for some time it turns out they want something from you. They have foreign accents most of the time (yes you can tell they aren’t american by their texts. They are full of romance (more than Americans are, anyway). So beware, ladies. I have been told by fellas that women do this a lot also.. in it for what they can get from you. Ask for $. Ask you to do something that feels really fishy (like contact a company for them because they can’t get internet where they are to arrange a massive purchase of construction equipment for hundreds of thousands of $)...It is all disgusting and very disappointing when you speak to someone for a while then find that out. ..So beware of foreign romanticists who are invariable widowers.
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3 years ago, Tasenior
Terrible app
This app is terrible ! There are SO MANY fake accounts, it’s almost funny. But what makes it even worse, is that the fake accounts are made by the developers themselves in order to make you believe that you are getting all this interest. Don’t believe me? Create an account, verify your identity and then try an cancel your paid subscription or trial of a paid subscription and then see how many likes you get from users with an unverified identity and then IF they respond to you after you’ve replied, they suddenly will disappear once you have paid for a subscription. I don’t think this is something unique to this dating app, I’m pretty sure they all have their own version of this scam and it’s definitely possible to connect with a real person, but just know what you’re getting yourself into upfront so that you don’t fall victim to their scams. You should also be aware that in order to actually meet someone, you’ll need to have a paid membership and if you cancel your trial or free membership, they will offer a paid membership at a severe discount vs the normal monthly rate. Buyer beware and good luck!
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4 months ago, Squirrel8444
As a paying member. The matches and communication isn’t there. Feels like I'm sitting on a site with nothing but fake profiles telling me they are viewing me. But in reality its a automated system lying to me. If i use the like, pre-messages zoosk offers or write my own msges. I do not receive any msges or responses back. All I get is profiles saying they viewed me or liked me. And then it just sits in my notifications. I feel the app is full of spam and nothing but automated systems that tells you people are viewing you but in reality theres no one liking and viewing you at all. It doesn’t matter if you fill your profile out or not. Its the same scam that keeps happening to you. I definitely ain’t meeting real matches on here. The app is telling me people match me to keep me paying for it. Esp when my subscription runs out. Then it tells me i got people interested in me. And when i sign back up, there no real people there to respond back to my msges. The site is full of scams. I found other dating apps are doing the same thing. They say people are interested in you and when you sign up no one msges you back. Its stealing your money!
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1 year ago, G=bassdude
Vanity and lust, bots and more bots.
If your a man don’t waste your time. It’s full of fake profiles that look like wannabe supermodels. Many of the verified woman are just there to show off their bodies so don’t expect a reply from them. Cleavage yes, butts yes, vanity yes, supermodel pose yes, Snapchat filter yes, intelligence no, self respect no. I’m sure there are real women on there but good luck sifting through all the drama queens who want onlyfans or Instagram followers who think they are better than they are. If you are looking for a mature, responsible, intelligent woman, look elsewhere. The traditional and cherished family life is now adultery, selfishness, divorce and abortion. Welcome to the (designed) machine. Might I suggest a good Christian dating site? Even those are getting filled with immaturity. If your a perverted player looking for sex, you probably won’t find it here either. They don’t respond. If your a woman reading this, I have no clue how the men are since I’m straight. (Oh no he’s a bigot). But I’m sure they are just as bad. I wish you well with your endeavors through the nonsensical, frustrating, and insane world of dating. People have “officially” fell off the deep end into darkness.
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3 years ago, BPhil541
Least User Friendly App Out There
This app is just not worth your time or money. The Carousel feature is the absolute worst. You have to say whether or not you’re into someone but you can’t even look at their profile. It’s all based on one photo and nothing more. That’s how you build some algorithm to decide who I should be attracted to? Then send me a bunch of suggestions well under or over my preferred age range? Asking if I would date someone from a different race, religion, health habits, etc only after plying your carousel game so many times seems like a scam. Why can’t I answer those up front? Clearly just a rouse to keep me using the app which goes against the whole point of the app: find someone compatible. You’re intentionally building road blocks so that I have to stay on the app and play carousel with the same ten dudes just to tell you smoking is a deal breaker. Let’s put aside the multiple crashes, glitches, and delays. The above issues alone are cause for me to immediately delete the app even though I paid a subscription. Moving to an app that actually WANTS me to find a match (and doesn’t write their own reviews)
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5 years ago, Alyssa-H93
Don’t bother! Skip this site!
I honestly wish I could give zero stars because of how awful this site is. I initially didn’t pay for anything and wanted to see how it worked. Didn’t like how I couldn’t do much. So I paid for one month. Still hate it. I can do a little more but not much. Don’t get me started on the quality of picks. I get nothing but creepy men that are well in their 40’s and some in their 50’s asking to be my sugar daddy. I’ve had a few keep messaging me to give them a chance. So I had no other choice but to block them. If it’s not the age then they all live over 1,000 miles away! Not exaggerating! I have searched up and down to try and set a range like all other sites let you, and nothing. Can’t find where to do that. I’ve talked to a couple people on there but they can’t hold a conversation. I get views from profiles where I have to ask for a picture...pass! I can’t even view the profile pictures of the Smart Picks. It’s a tiny little box and I can’t see much. I would never recommend this site for anyone that wants to try online dating! I had better luck on Hinge and Bumble! Don’t waste your time and money!!😡🤬
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3 years ago, Facebook is the " devil "
Bait and switch
To start, barely enough members to keep you occupied for $30 a month. It’s absolutely horrible, and wish I threw my money into a garbage disposal instead. Atleast that way the money would have been put to better use. I haven’t had instant regret like this ... ever, I don’t think, and that’s saying something. I fell for their bait and switch techniques , the person I wanted to message has no clue zoosk made it look like they messaged me. So I can’t blame them, I can only blame my self for falling for this, honestly I never have before, and will never again. Stay far away from this dating app! There are no people online to even support it. The free side of it is absolutely useless, Pof and bumble are far superior, trust me. You can not do anything unless you pay, NOTHING. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. Even when you pay the quality is CRAP! And that’s being kind. Avoid this app everyone, don’t make the same mistake I did. Horrible, RUN AWAY!! Zoosk should get in trouble for this scam. Not even enough members to get a date. They need to inform people that it’s the dumpster for bumble and all the other established pay sites.
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5 years ago, Zoosk_user
Why this app is terrible and your better options
I would’ve give 0 star if I could’ve. Basically they have no algorithm, they are just charging for a texting service. You have no control over who message you. People can keep messaging you even after you pass them, unless you block them. Also there is no filters, I mean NONE. Whoever message u, u need to open the message, open their profile and check urself if they meet basic criteria. That’s how u end up checking tons of profiles of people who u don’t want to meet. For example I have mentioned in my profile that I don’t want to date previously married guys but there’s no way that I can prevent messages from these guys as anyone can message anyone regardless of their preference! And they are fully aware of this problem and they leave it there on purpose. Why am i saying this u might ask, cause they charge extra if u don’t wanna appear in other people’s search for a while! It’s the most stupid dating app I’ve ever seen and it’s stupidly overrated. I have used eHarmony, EliteSingles and Bumble and they are all much much better than this app for dating (or something casual).
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2 years ago, normallypossitive
Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
I’ve only given this app two stars because I did meet some good women on here, but not before a good amount of time sifting through legit real accounts. With that out of the way, there are too many bot accounts and not actual women on here. For example, someone can roam the site to see others on the app without having a subscription. You just can’t send and receive messages until you subscribe. Well, I noticed many women sending me messages and the app will notify me of messages while showing me a name and a picture of the “person”. Until I subscribe. Those profiles will typically only have one picture and a very brief description without a bio of themselves and these accounts don’t reply back EVER. Now they’ve got me on the hook for a month. Also, when canceling your subscription, you will notice an uptick in messages from “women” until you subscribe again. These “women” never reply back after you’ve renewed your subscription. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, well you know the rest.
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2 years ago, magyckman
Scam site. Fake profiles. Everything cost.
Zoosk is really a scam dating site. While being a free member, you’ll wink at another and you’ll get a message from that person. There will be a little notification saying that person is interested. Now, you cannot read the actual message unless you join. Upon joining, the message says some general statement like, you should send XYZ a message and see if they’re interested. So, really, Zoosk sent you the fake message. Now, on top of this, the site is over run with fake profiles, a bunch of one photo profiles, no bios, supposedly phone number verified or Facebook. Which is a joke in itself. You can report photos but there are so many that have phone numbers scribbled on them, fake photos of foreigners saying they live in your town. If you join, know that people you message cannot reply back unless you pay for “reply for free”. It wasn’t always this way. You cannot write anything on your profile warning people that the site is a scam or the fake profiles. Zoosk will at least moderate that. Just a joke and rip off. Do not pay!!!!
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4 years ago, KK-2648
Where do I start?
Ok, not as bad as POF or Tinder but close. Spam city! They don’t do a very good job of clearing out spammers. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE! So this is a VERY common message and I’ll paraphrase: “Hi, hope the day finds you well. I found my dream on here and I’m closing my account but my (sister, cousin, bff, etc.) is looking over my shoulder and she’s not a member but here’s her email. You two will be in love at first sight!” Get it! Total BS. Then there are the ones who message you with a ton of questions and then they immediately delete their profile. I wouldn’t be surprised the developer creates or pays for those accounts to entice and lure to keep your membership going. If that wasn’t true why wouldn’t they delete those spammers 🤔. Pure Garbage! Also when you are going through “your views” and block from seeing those you’re not interested in they keep coming back again and again. And you cannot set your distance! I’ll see people 300 miles from me! Might as well me in Antarctica! And, you cannot set your age preferences. They know best based on certain criteria search engine results. More BS! Go to the bar people, you’ll have better luck!
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5 years ago, TCA151
Better than other apps, barely
First dating app I’ve tried that actually had very few fake profiles, scammers & prostitutes. Be aware that developers review ALL profile stories and any edits you make - they will make changes if they don’t like what you write (removing not just profanity & any sexual comments, but also anything that remotely criticizes Zoosk or online dating in general. Don’t dare say that online dating is hard or frustrating). For a guy, the biggest problem is women who do not respond to messages. This app lets you see when anyone views you - even when they keep coming back to see you over and over. But, the lack of engagement from the women is much worse than many other apps. It’s like a lame middle school dance with everyone staring at each other from across the gym! The ladies’ stories all say that they are seeking a guy, but that’s hard to do if you don’t have the guts to exchange a few text messages in the app. I lasted about a month & finally gave up. Hope you have better luck!
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6 years ago, Disgusted with this baloney!
Just give the people what they want!
Don’t like the “game” playing of the carousel- how do I know if I like someone when I can’t refer to their profile? Then if you like various people and put yes/maybe - zoosk chooses the final one and you either accept or reject...then have to start all over again!!! Really don’t have time for these games... very busy and just want it to be clear cut, give me people ONLY within the radius I ask for, and if I delete them I don’t want them to surface again!! It’s the same people over and over...whoever thought of this tortuous system? Time waster! People want to meet real qualified matches. If they are on there to play games and waste time for fun, they need to be weeded out somehow. I pay for my subscription but can’t tell if someone else just popped on for the night and is going to scam me or waste time. It has happened over and over. I don’t like being scammed right before a subscription renewal either!!! Seems suspect to me...just sayin’!! I hope you get it straightened out - there’s got to be a technology that can figure this out! Disgusted!
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5 years ago, One unhappy violated girl
Worst dating site ever!!
This is without a doubt the most awful dating app they violate your privacy they refuse to delete your personal pictures and personal information once you’ve signed up they should not be allowed to keep all of your personal information on the Internet for everyone to see I deactivated my account years ago and then when I sign back in I had 800 messages because my account was never deactivated so pictures and personal information is constantly just floating around when you ask them to delete it they refuse to delete it if you want all of your personal information out there for the rest of your life then you can download this app but it is an invite invasion of privacy and nobody should be allowed to keep your personal information without your consent it should be like every other dating app that you put your info out there you find what you’re looking for and you delete it and it’s gone off the Internet forever that’s not the case with these people they’re hackers they will hack your information and sell it to anyone do not download this app
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7 months ago, Lillaena
Deleted this useless app
After my last subscription expired, I deleted the app completely. It’s nothing but creepy to have profiles look at you over and over again, to message that person and ask why they’re just looking and get the response that they haven’t even seen your profile and haven’t ever looked at you. I understand Zoosk’s algorithm is set up to like try to initiate conversation with People, but you’re really just creeping out at least this female user and I can imagine other users as well.. not to mention I get hardly any messages back-and-forth with people on there but yet when my subscription expires, all of a sudden I suddenly got 10 to 20 messages of people “interested in me” but when I resubscribe, there is nothing it’s empty so I would think it would be the opposite. You would want your users to get more messaging back-and-forth to keep their subscription then end up with nothing. This app is useless and so therefore I have deleted it and move to Bumble, much better much safer for the female subscribers. You need to do better.
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4 years ago, Wilsonitely
Frustrating, shallow app
App has you page through a ‘Carousel’ where you’re only show a picture and the age of a member. You then have to select if you want to meet them, no, maybe or yes. In the last two selections it sends a message to the person. You can’t see their profile or any info on character or interest - you just choose on basis of a picture. Rather a shallow basis for a relationship. You also can’t save the person anywhere. The app sends you emails that someone wants to meet you with a picture (assuredly of that person). When you click on it it takes you to a different person or to the shallow Carousel. You get the same result when you click their ‘bell’ that indicates someone has viewed you and want to meet you - click on the person and you end up at someone completely different. Customer support gives you canned answers that don’t answer your questions. And they charge you up front for a full 6 months of a subscription. There are other better apps. Match is far superior. Good luck
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5 years ago, jLondon7
Zoosk gets 2 thumbs up
I have to totally disagree with Zoosk on the take. You can view all messages and profiles with your paid subscription whichever you choose. I wanted to test the waters so I opted for one month. I believe the extra charge for everyone to see you and message you. Is more for the ppl who have not paid and they can’t see or message everyone. So that will allow the non subscribers to reach you. It’s a lot of good men with great work history and excellent retirement plans. Aka good jobs.... 😁 80 percent caucasians. 20 percent African Americans and one % Asians. A lot of construction workers on this site. It’s true a lot of people don’t take the time to pick a good name and fully commit to writing a story. That means they’re not looking for quality just quantity. So you just pass on certain profiles. I really enjoyed the site. I met a few special men on Zoosk. So I give it a thumbs up
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9 months ago, CorinneEli
Horrible app
This app is completely ridiculous. Paid for my subscription over a week ago and still unable to reply to anyone, on top of multiple other technical difficulties. I’ve reached out to their support team about six times now with no fixes and almost no response to most of the requests. what is the point of a dating app when you can’t even communicate with people? I tried to put a generalized statement on my profile to let everyone know that if you were trying to communicate with me and not getting a response from me, it’s because of the technical difficulties that I am patiently waiting to be fixed. I tried doing it 5 times within the last 5 days. Every single time they send me a message saying that I violated some guidelines for inappropriate terminologies in my statement which is complete untrue, using that as a scapegoat or an excuse to keep the public statement off of my profile that the app has ridiculous technical problems. Cheap, weak cop out on their part. Definitely recommend never using this app. Worst dating app ever
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6 years ago, JMS06010
Stalkerish App
The developers need to fix the “viewed me” component of this app! It portrays individuals to be what one would define as a stalker the amount of times the app identifies how many times a day someone views you! It has happened to myself and others have reported the same issue! Men or women then believe you are interested and have messaged me to the point I have to block them! It is completely inaccurate and only makes any individual using the app look bad! You are supposed to be helping people find compatible matches not scaring them away! Finally, the app uses an algorithm based on individuals you state you are interested in?! I even have stated in my settings the age range (36-46) I am looking for! With that being said MOST of the matches the app sends me are of men 50 plus who live 100 miles away! These are not men who have viewed me or messaged me, these are men this app has specifically matched me with. How about you use the algorithm the way it is intended to be used for not only age but by distance! Is 100 miles away really realistic for the average person looking to date? I think not!
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6 years ago, Scrap grandma
Unhappy customer
This is The second time I’ve used this app and I am still very disappointed in what is on this website. A lot of these men are looking for a fantasy woman! Not the real deal.. Rather looking for love or a relationship we all have responsibilities that won’t go away because of a new relationship.. drama? No “Reality”!! The man on here don’t seem to care at all about the truthfulness of their appearance and age they need to have Up dated pictures and be honest with what or whom they are looking for. Went on a date with a man that took pot every morning a date with a man still pining for his deceased wife an alcoholic and one that wanted a mother. I feel this website is a joke not one person I have talk to or went to coffee or dinner with were caring for anything more than themselves! Or they just wanted someone to talk to/sex. On my profile it said within 60 miles and men only !!! nearly every one of the men were hundreds of miles away and numerous pictures of women!! Seriously Zoosk - you need to really work on your app 😡😡😡very very disappointed . Will NOT recommend or renew😡
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1 year ago, saclark1
Good and bad
FYI, I will change it to five stars if they correct my problem. In comparison to other dating apps this is the only one that I have found that doesn’t show a profile on your face and make you have to make a mediate decision as to whether or not you swipe left or right. Even casually scroll through profiles center sunlight in your radius and if you choose, you can message them. All other apps make you confront a profile with a yes or a no, somewhat like the carousel on this but that is an option only. House with other dating apps, when your subscription gets close to ending you’ll get a frame of likes just to keep you on the hook and re-subscribe. They’re probably just bots. Currently bought an iPad mini six and loaded the app onto it. It doesn’t load I removed it re-download it and then everything else but it just does not load. loads on other devices but not this one. I put in a support trouble ticket in attempt to correct that problem.
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6 years ago, Letmesubmitadamnreview
Such a scam
I was just going to uninstall and forget this app, but then I got charged for something I did not agree to. With every subscription based service, no mater what it is, I always instantly cancel, Zoosk was no exception. The reason I don’t do this is so I can see how a service is before I agree to pay for more than an initial period. Obviously, I was less than impressed with Zoosk. Being disappointed, I deleted the app and tried to forget it. I, however was not able to do that. Instead, Zoosk charged me for a second period that should not have even been possible. When I contacted customer support, I got someone who told me that it’s my fault they charged me a second time, but at least I can use the service for the remainder of the month. Oh, I can also resubscribe at any time! I had contacted them not even a day after my nonexistent renewal date, obviously I would have gotten zero usage out of it by the time it had happened. I discourage using this service very highly. They don’t like to take no for an answer when canceling their service.
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11 months ago, mightymountains
One of the better dating apps
I’ve tried 6 dating apps and Zoosk was one of the better ones. The blocking feature works on this app and it doesn’t on others. I like that you can be as lengthy as you want in your profile. There seem to be more scammers on this app. But it does have some drawbacks. I don’t like the smartpick notifications. I don’t like that every time you scroll past a profile that person gets a notification that you viewed them. I don’t like that when you get a notification that someone wants to meet you, you have to answer if you want to meet them before you can view their profile. And I don’t like that new messages don’t show up automatically without going out of your message box with the person and then going back in. Also, before the update I did today, I was able to limit my search by smoking, body type, and other attributes. But now I can only limit by age. So I downgraded my star rating from 4 to 3.
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2 years ago, irieisl
Booted with fake reason from Zoosk
Well I was enjoying this app for a month. I guess I was too popular or something but Zoosk booted me and several inquires later they said the reason however the reason is false. I know it and they know it but they get to hide behind the TOS that basically allows them to cancel your access without refund for any reason. So I got had communicated with many women from this app and had a date within a week or two of first using it but now Im permanently banned with a fake reason from Zoosk. So, they are trying to continue billing me and I had to shut them down on my credit card for this. They really don’t have their Zoosk together on this and im disappointed cuz they won’t even send me my profile text back and it was fire too with lots of compliments about it. I can’t give more than one star because they turned out to be just another gold digging app with shady practices that hide behind a vaguely written TOS with no method of appealing an outright ban from the service. Play at your own risk.
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3 years ago, IrishOak
Awful site to meet people!
The app works most of the time and this is why it’s gotten two stars from me. However, it is complicated to use and pretty much worthless as you need to subscribe to an expensive subscription to really use the site and meet people. Otherwise, it’s just a picture show where you can’t message anyone. Most of the profiles on the site appear to be fake or may even be bots. Lots of scammers too attempting to get you offsite to get your personal info and try romance scans to get your money. The customer service is worthless as all they will do is defend their site and provide no real support. Why should they? All this just means they make their money by providing pretty much a worthless site with lots of fake profiles which they aren’t willing to clean up. If there are any real profiles, most will not communicate on any level despite your purchasing a subscription. Just move on from this one. It isn’t worth your time and money.
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6 years ago, Ziggy puppy
Worse online dating site/ STAY WAY!!
I would never recommend Zoosk to anyone. Please stay away from this site. This is by far the worst online dating site. I want to say that about 90% of the men are disgusting. You start talking with them and within days they want to have sex. Seriously? Then you try canceling the subscription from your phone and the actual website, mind you, you have to cancel twice. I didn’t care that I lost money. I just wanted to put this behind me. Then a month goes by and you get charged for the month. I reached out to a customer service rep and they make you feel like you’re an idiot and don’t know how to cancel. Really? Come on. Fine, so after days of going back and forth, Zoosk said they will only reimburse me half of my money and they cancelled me out. Ok, I thought this nightmare was over but no, I received an email this morning that my account was unpaused. I reached out to customer service and haven’t heard back or received my half refund. This site is a joke. Please stay away from it. Do not get caught up in their web.
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