10K Runner, Couch to 10K Run

Health & Fitness
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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for 10K Runner, Couch to 10K Run

4.91 out of 5
35.5K Ratings
4 years ago, LacyLavish
Great for ALL levels | Minor Improvement Needed
In the wake of the recent pandemic, I decided to take up running. I had been consistently working out, and treadmill runs were a part of my routine, but only for short intervals focused mostly on inclines, speed or small distances. I knew becoming a true runner would require a different type of approach so I downloaded the app. The app does a great job of being applicable to both people who have never run at all and people who have some sort of routine. That is to say, this app is truly for everyone! After a quick assessment the app was able to determine at which week in the program I should begin and it was right on point. My only complaint is that in order for the prompts to be heard by the runner the app requires that your phone not be on vibrate or silent. This is very distracting as throughout your run your music is constantly being interrupted by alerts from other apps. Sometimes those alerts even cancel prompts from the app as well leaving you to run longer than you should or missing your queue to run again. I tried putting my phone on sleep mode, but that too silences the app prompts. If you guys could address this the app would be perfection!
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3 years ago, Gtrtim112
Awesome Training Program
I’ve used this app for several years now. When I first wanted to get into running, it helped me stay on track with my training. After getting married, having kids, etc... my running days were behind me. Fast forward several years, the kids were older and I decided to give running another shot. I used this app to get me to 5K. My goal was 10K but once again, I put the app down and did my own training. I ended up tearing the meniscus in my knee. I completed physical therapy, etc. My knee didn’t improve. I took another 2 years off from running. Here I am again, using the app to help me once more and this time, I will not stray from it. My knee hurts still but it’s tolerable. I use the app every third or fourth day to keep my training steady but not overwhelming. I’m o my two more training days from 5K again. I’m not sure if I’ll ever make it to 10K but time will tell. One thing is certain, if I do make it there, it’ll be from this app helping me. THANK YOU APP TEAM!
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4 years ago, Crime Kat
Yes it works great, HOWEVER...
This app can get you past what you thought were your limitations. Almost every time I think “there’s no way I can get through the next challenge” but then I try and succeed. However! For someone who is really out of shape as I was, running for 1 minute straight is impossible, and that’s step 1 of this plan. So you have to prepare yourself before you start. Do intervals of 30 seconds running and 2 minutes walking. Start at 15 seconds if you have to. When you build up to running 1 minute straight, you’re ready to go with the app. And don’t be afraid to repeat steps. Week 4 was really tough for me, and I had to step back and repeat two sessions. Now I allow myself to repeat sessions to build up endurance if I don’t feel like I had a strong run. Other details: works with my music app to play what I want, tracks distance with gps mapping, voice prompts can be reduced if they annoy you or switch gender, tells you when you hit the halfway point, shows you how long you have left until the next walk or run section. You can try it out for free to see if you like it. Overall, there is no way I would have been able to train at this level by myself without leaning on this app.
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7 years ago, Emil_91
Download this app!! 💪🏼
Before I got this app I couldn't run longer than about 1 minute without getting a side stitch and being completely out of breath. I would consider myself a fit person (lifting weights going to gym) but I just thought I wasn't born to be a runner. I decided one day that I wanted to start trying to run though, with a goal of a 30 min jog in the mornings. This goal seemed like it would take months and months to achieve so I was looking for some guidance when I came across this app. The best decision I've ever made for my health was downloading this! I went ahead about bought the couch to 10K because it saves a little bit of money as opposed to buying the programs separately. I am on week 12 now and I haven't missed a beat! I never thought this was possible and not only has this app helped my body to get into better shape but also my mind! It's an amazing feeling when you can achieve what you think is simply impossible. THANK YOU FITNESS 22 you really have changed my life 💪🏼
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7 years ago, Metzmar
Great App! Does exactly what it was designed to do!
I love this App. Its purpose is to take a beginner with little to no running experience from the couch to a 10K, and it does that beautifully. The design is simple. It's easy to use, very intuitive. You can listen to your own music while using the app. The Apple Watch feature didn't work well, but to be honest I haven't used it on my watch for quite a while. I started with the 5k app last year using it out doors. And the app kept me motivated to reach my goal! Running outdoors in the winter/spring is hit or miss in Colorado. So in addition to maintenance runs, I decided to use the 10K app on my treadmill to keep me motivated and improving. I started at week one on the app but I increase the base incline each week and increase the incline at each run interval. This keeps it challenging and staves off boredom. Hopefully I'll be running a full 10K at an incline of 9 or 10 in time for the B2B. So far, I'm motivated and making steady progress toward the goal! Exactly as it should be!
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8 months ago, LLyles2
Good coaching, not accurate min/mi
This app is ideal for anyone that wants to do exactly as the name says “couch to 10k” essentially, just be able finish it running non-stop. If you are hoping to improve your run or you care about your pace, try something else. It has absolutely helped me run further, longer and I was by no means a runner. When I saw that it tracked my run at 9:13/mi I was absolutely thrilled. It was unbelievable that I could do so well! …a little too unbelievable, so I decided to track the run (excluding warmup walk and cooldown walk) separately as an outdoor run in my apple watch. Results: couch to 10k avg 9:13/mi. Apple watch 10:47/mi. I thought the app was a bit off, but seeing the results was devastating. Over a minute’s difference might be negligible if you were doing other things like waiting for coffee, but for running times, that’s huge. Overall it’s a good app but I think you pay for it after 7 days (I don’t actually remember) and if you’re paying for it, you should be getting accurate info. If it’s free then hey it’s free, just don’t rely on the pace.
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5 years ago, Momrunster
Have been using it for years
Have gone thru several periods in my life where my run fitness has dropped. I use this app to get back at it. If you’ve never run before this is also a great way to start. This time I am back at it post-pregnancy. Gave 4 stars because sometimes the sound on the app goes down mid run. It doesn’t always happen but can be annoying when you are counting on it to tell you to walk. Again this is a minority of times. Today it happened when I also started a workout on my Apple Watch. I think the watch took over by buzzing my wrist the notifications which is easy to miss mid run. I was able to get sound back by pulling out my phone and fiddling with screen leaving 10K app locked but on display. I would like it if in addition to telling you “you’re halfway there” it also told you this is run in segment 5 to keep you mentally motivated that you are really “almost done”. Thanks for developing this. I know you’ve helped a lot of people.
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7 years ago, Huxley Dunsany
A great app missing a few key features
Overall this is a fantastic app - easy to use, extremely helpful, and well designed. However, it has a couple flaws that routinely bug me: - Why isn't there an option to have an audio prompt when you reach your halfway point? It's super frustrating to run too far from home, and then end up walking a considerable distance back. This might not matter if you run on a track, but for those of us who run around the neighborhood or on our lunch breaks at work when total time is the priority, it would be great to know when we reached the halfway point - The Apple Watch integration is sluggish and clunky, end it does not appear to have been updated since Apple started allowing native apps to run on the watch. This means that when you check your Watch for your current stats during a run, it will show in correct and updated information while it's very, very slowly refreshes from the phone. The Apple Watch integration just doesn't work, and needs to be rebuilt as a true native app
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3 years ago, LM28210
Turned me into a runner
At 45 years old, I had previously never been a runner. In fact, I basically hated it. Every time I tried running, I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t ever catch my breath and I just assumed I wasn’t meant to be a runner. One day it occurred to me that when I did try to run, I never had any sort of plan so I decided to find an app with a training plan and I came across 10Krunner. In mid July 2021 I started the program but I couldn’t run for more than one minute without stopping to catch my breath. But I started running daily (5-6 days per week) and just did my best to do the daily plan as suggested in the app. My stamina quickly began to build. Today, Sep 3, 2021, I ran for 5 miles, 1:06 (an hour and 6 minutes) without stopping to catch my breath. I’ve since recommended the app to several people who have also raves about it. Side effect - I’m down 18 lbs also! This app is literally changing my life.
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3 years ago, Jeanae Rose
For my recent milestone birthday I vowed to get in shape. Between quarantine comfort cooking and a sedentary job, I was 40lbs overweight and would get out of breath going up a few steps. I started by walking then walking/jogging on my own but I hit a point where I just wasn’t progressing. So I got this app and it’s amazing. I’m now able to jog for five minutes straight and feel like I could keep going. That’s literally the longest I’ve jogged in my life. So many morning I’ve looked at what the app has scheduled for me and been certain I couldn’t do it. And almost every time I’ve made it without pushing dangerously hard. I don’t know what sorcery they’re using but I love it and feel so accomplished. Accomplished and healthier! This isn’t for the absolute beginner - I couldn’t have started this when walking fifteen minutes was challenging. But if you can walk 30 minutes with some brief jogging in there then this program will get you to 10K.
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1 year ago, Sopw0ds4550147782
The only app that actually deserves a review.
I joined the Marine Corps at 17 years old. I thought running even 2 miles was a lot. I got out, stopped running, and then I would be out of breath just running not even for 2 minutes. I got this app decided to actually give it a chance and pay for it. So now I’m stuck. Now I HAVE to actually get my moneys worth haha. As I kept going, I just kept surprising myself at how much I can actually run. It just kept getting better and better. I never thought I would be where I am right now. I am on the 2nd to last week of this program. And I have absolutely NO regrets. It’s worth the money. The only thing that I could think of that I would change for this app is to add average pace, heart rate, etc. Pretty much everything you can see on the Apple Watch exercise section. That would be great. Overall, I would definitely choose this app over any other running app.
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7 years ago, Digimadre
Love this app!
Update: Stopped running for quite a long time and just started back up. This app is the one thing that helps me keep running. I just run until she says to stop. I love it. 2 years ago: I ran the Big Sur half marathon a couple of years ago and then life seemed to go crazy and my running definitely took a back seat. I would try to get in a couple mile run here and there but I could hardly run a 1/4 mile before having to stop and walk. So, at the beginning of this past summer, my 12 yr old and I (54 yrs old) started using the 10k runner app. She can run a 3 min 1/2 mile but distance was hard for her. I guess that that all the incentive I needed to get started again. Just ran 4.58 miles today in five - 10 min intervals. May not make any distance awards but I'm extremely happy with how easy it has been to work my way back up! Tried for 2 yrs to get back into it myself -- definitely would recommend!
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3 years ago, Jojohnjohnjohnjohnhn
Not What I Expected.
I’m new to running. I ran several 5Ks before getting this app. My goal was to train for a 10K and improve my pace. My pace was not great when I started and it has not improved very much over the course of the program. I now have one more run with the app before it will award me with the coveted 10K Pro Runner Badge. Yeah!!! The problem is that the app is scheduling the last run for 60 minutes. At my current pace, it will take me 75-80 minutes to complete a full 10K. I don’t understand how or why I’m being presented with a meaningless badge. Voice cues. The app’s snarky Valley Girl comments and cues never change. The exact same comments at the same points for every run. Boring. The comments provide no guidance and offer very limited encouragement. No insight no motivation to make improvements. I run streaming music from my phone to my AirPods. If I start the app from my watch, the chimes and voice cues do not get transmitted to the AirPods. They use the watch speaker. So the watch app is a convenient way to start, pause and complete a run, it doesn’t check all of the boxes.
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1 month ago, SCBeavers
Love It
I’ve used their 5k and 10K app off and on for 9 years. They just keep getting better. When I started, the Apple Watch wasn’t a thing and I strapped my phone on my arm. It was a big day I remember when they integrated Apple Music control into the app. Now you can get map and pacing right inside the app. I used to have to open my Nike app to get all that if I wanted it. They continually update when technology changes. I would run constantly for a year or 2. Then, life would happen, and I would have to quit. These apps were always there for me when I was ready to go again. I looked forward to hearing, “Hey there awesome Runner.” I’ve successfully started training and finished many 5k, 10K and half-marathons with these apps. Currently I’m using the 10K app to start my marathon training for the Fort Smith Marathon in 2025. Stop looking for another training app. Just download this.
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3 years ago, Zimmashkage
Great with flaws
I love the audio prompts and half-way warnings. I love the encouragement to run/walk rather than just run. As a swimmer who has tried to “become a runner” many times in my life and failed due to injury, this app has helped me try again but smarter. What I don’t like is that the stats for speed and calories are totally incorrect. I run my Apple Watch “run” at the same time as 10K runner on my phone. 10K runner will say I ran a 10 min mile when my watch says it was a 13 min mile. That’s because 10K runner will take the distance I went over the course of 30 minutes (5 min warm up, 20 min run/walk, 5 min cool down) and divide it by the 20 minutes I was in run/walk. So instead of going 2 miles over 30 minutes, it’ll say I went 2 miles over 20 minutes, a 10 min mile. But it’s wrong and discouraging when I realize I’m actually much much slower. Just give me the right stats. I like to live in reality and set goals based on it.
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6 years ago, tlanderson6
Paid for this app years ago and can’t use it now
Several years ago, I outright paid for the 10K Runner app (before it became a subscription). I was always able to utilize the full 10K Runner program. Sometime over the last couple of years, it seems the app was updated and a subscription is now required to utilize the full program. I attempted to “restore purchases” from settings, but to no avail, I cannot have full access to the program. I can only access the first four days. I used to love this app but because I can’t even use it, I can’t help but give it one star. This is incredibly disappointing that I actually paid for this app years ago, and now (on the same Apple ID, the only one I’ve ever had), I can’t use it without paying for a subscription. What happened to grandfathering in folks who bought the app prior to the implementation of a subscription? Other fitness apps have moved to a subscription as well but didn’t make their users who purchased the app from the beginning pay for a subscription to access full features. Seems like the point of purchasing the app has been defeated. Wishing I’d never bought it.
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8 years ago, Braison'sMama
Wonderful App!
I have been a long distance runner since junior high, but after high school, I didn't keep up with it consistently. This app is awesome for me because it's easing me back into running. The first few runs seem a little easy, but they progress in difficulty quickly enough. I love that it tells me when to run and when to walk. It makes it easier. I used to just run and keep telling myself to push further over and over when I wanted to stop. That made me burn out quicker. I use it 5 days a week. I do a new run every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and Tuesdays and Thursdays I repeat the run from the day before. I feel good and I'm losing the last few pounds from being pregnant. I have zero complaints about this app. I just plug in my headphones, turn on some music and do what my little run trainer lady tells me!
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3 years ago, rozzboy
The non-runner’s salvation
It’s not overkill to say that this app (and 5K runner) totally changed my life. My whole life I told myself that I wasn’t a runner or a good athlete. In the past I’ve made many attempts to change this story and have set many goals that I would fail. Creating the discipline to be a runner is difficult. You constantly need to push yourself more and more in order to improve and that’s honestly so hard to do when you’ve never really done it before. This app is incredible for that. The way it paces you is absolutely amazing. You start slow and gradually build up. It takes you to your edge and makes you go just a little more. Four months ago I couldn’t even run a quarter mile. Today I just ran five miles and I’ve never felt more fit. Make it happen! This app is a game changer.
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3 years ago, HayRiss
Helping me run again postpartum
I’ve ran on and off my whole life and even ran a marathon 9 years ago. After having 2 babies it’s been hard for me to start running again. I started doing daily walks for about 3 months and finally got to the place where I wanted to start running. I ran for 25 minutes one day so I decided to start looking for a training program. I came the 5k to 10K app and I cannot say enough good things about it! I have never enjoyed running so much in my life! I am making steady progress and able to do every workout. I took the assessment at the beginning and it placed me in a good spot. It also assess how the runs feel and moves you up or will even give you an “optimized” run to help you along. I am so excited to keep using this app and reach my next goal of running a 10K!!!
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7 years ago, Jaws4evr
Changing my life
I used the 5K to run my first 5K to benefit melanoma at my teams celebration this year. We were celebrating my 20 years of fighting (officially in August), my teams 5 year anniversary and my award I was receiving. It was very important that I finished my first 5K and did it this year. With the help of the 5K app I crossed the finish line in less then an hour. The only think I would prefer is mileage expectations as well as time expectations on the app. I didn't always feel like even though I was running the expected time I wasn't getting the mileage that was expected (aka I was running slower then the app anticipated) but it did its job and I was able to cross the finish line. I am now using the 10K version to push further so my next 5K is easier (I hope). With the help of these apps I will now actually go out and exercise instead of sitting on the couch. I highly recommend them and honestly if I can do it anyone can.
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6 years ago, Joruli2
App is amazing
Update: lol, it’s been a while (like 5 years since running) either I forgot how hard the jump from Week 3 run 3 to Week 4 run 1 is or I am just old. Probably both, I am out of shape lol. I just had to slow down my pace. Keep at it everyone. In the end you’ll be glad you did. I’ve used the app a few times to get back into running condition for the military. In case anyone is wondering about what speed to run, run at your own pace of course but the app assumes you will run a 10 minute mile to achieve the 5k and 10K trophies. The final run of 60 minutes for a 10K (6 miles) is a 10 minute mile. If you run faster as I do, you’ll hit a 5k and 10K much quicker. On the 5k pacer app someone complained about bumping fast forward and rewind. Just press the lock button right in the middle of the screen and you won’t bump the FF or RW buttons :-)
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2 months ago, MBColchester
I love this ap!!
I used to be a runner in my teens and 20s and 30s and 40s. Then I had to stop because of knees, hips, etc.. Now, almost 60 years old, I decided that I at least wanted to start doing walk/runs. So, a friend recommended this app, and I started doing it, and low and behold over about 3 months I ended up building up to a 10K! I was not sore for a single moment during this training, because the increase in the timing of the runs is so gradual. twice during the program, I made the easy adjustments of making it a little bit harder, I also made the easy adjustment of making it easier at one point. It truly is easy and smart to work with. I will probably redo the program every fall and spring as I have other regular exercises that I do in winter and summer. Highly recommended!!!
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4 years ago, naturallyhalie
Great for beginners and marathon runners
I love how each run helps you progress at a good pace. I first got this app to train for a 10K and it helped me do just that. I ran my first 10K in about the 60 min goal and I’m by no means a runner. I actually hate running but the 10K was for a good cause so this app helped motivate me and ease me into running. I’m also not a huge gym person so this helped me with a starting point for working out as well. Then I was in an accident and haven’t been able to run or work out so this app is getting me back on track. I typically hate paying for apps but this app was worth it. Honestly, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t even like paying $1 for an app but I’ve had this app since early 2018 and I’ve used it multiple times since so I think I’ve gotten my money’s worth. Get it! You won’t be disappointed.
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7 years ago, Senior Bones7
Perfect to start running or get back on track.
Picked this up after shoulder surgery this winter. I was a track and field guy in high school, but hurt my back pretty bad in 09 and have done a lot more walking and weights since. Wrecked my bicep last year and had to have it and my shoulder repaired. As part of my rehab I decided to start running again. Day one was with 10k runner and I haven't done anything since. Pacing is good and thought out and it allows me to use iTunes and Strava (another running biking app I use for splits and heart rate) without issue. Liked it so much my sister, former college hockey player also with back issues, has started using it as well. I like the program enough that once I finish the 10k I'm trying to decide if I should get the half or go all in and get the full marathon. Highly recommend.
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4 years ago, Jess.m.kkkkkkkk
Wowwwwww! Get this app!!
I have always enjoyed the thought of running as a consistent way to exercise, but I am one of those people who likes to see quick results. I’d always push too hard when trying to run, think I couldn’t do it, and quit after a few days. If you are like me, this app is 100% for you! This app paces you sooooooo well!!! I told myself that I would stick to every single workout for what it said. Nothing less; nothing more. Even if the early workouts were too easy, I followed what the app said. I did not want to burn out. Now I am 1 week away from finishing all 42 workouts, and I feel so ready for my (virtual) 10K race in one month. You can become a runner!!! You can do it!!! Just pace yourself and give yourself grace. At least you’re out there and getting healthy!
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2 years ago, Wordymomma
This app has helped me get back to where I want to be on the running spectrum. I have been a runner on and off for most of my adult life (I’m 47) so I know what it feels like to be happy with my running performance but also frustrated when I’m not fit. I was very frustrated with my level of fitness when I first started using this app but in time, have worked my way back to a level of confidence in my running that I haven’t had in a long time. I’m in week 11 now and love the shape I’m in, but also that if I get sick and have to miss some workouts I can just get back to it. The app even checks in with you and asks if you want to adapt your training schedule if you miss running for a little while. Very cool. I’m definitely a fan :)
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1 year ago, JennaEnsor
Love this app!
I’m not totally brand new to running - I enjoy it for my mental health and me time :) however, anytime I would get back into it in the past, I felt like I never really had any direction or plan and I would just randomly go out and run. I did a 10K, and did terribly because I wasn’t prepared enough and it truly wasn’t even enjoyable. Fast forward to me getting this app, I love it! I’m on week 4 now. It’s just challenging enough that I can feel myself getting more stamina, but not so challenging that I feel like I need to repeat a week. I signed up for a 10K at the end of May and I have high hopes! It’s so nice to have a simple, user friendly app with verbal cues! Also like that you can easily access your own music within the app.
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6 years ago, Techie27
It used to work great :(
This app used to run great in previous IOS versions. Now it will not talk or beep when screen is locked. The phone is not on vibrate or silent mode. For this to work the phone has to be unlocked and the app in the foreground. If in the background you might missed the instruction to start running. If in the foreground, it can jump between walk and run within a second (While in my pocket, perhaps the forward button is being pressed accidentally). If the screen is locked, the Apple Watch 10K app will not stay in sync. Ex: The “Run” timer will reach zero but it will not transition to Walk and the same with Walk timer. Can you make the 10K Apple Watch app independent of the phone? This way we can leave phone behind and go for a run?
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3 years ago, NickRunsSanDiego
Excellent app, minor improvements
I have used this app a few times over the last several years. It works! Point blank, end of sentence. I just recently started using it again and was extremely pleased to find there is now a stand-alone Apple Watch app! After using the Apple Watch app a few times, I’m very happy. However, I do wish there were a few extra features. Firstly, I wish the Watch app tracked heart rate and would transfer that data to the Activity app. Secondly, I wish it would save a map of my run and transfer that data back to the phone so that I could have an overview of my route on a map. These two features would get these app a full 5 star rating. Still though, I’m very pleased and will continue to use this app to meet my running goals. 🏃🏻‍♂️💨
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5 years ago, Heatherz70
Love this app
Having only tried a couch to 5K a few times unsuccessfully, I decided to finally get serious on my year of health and fitness. I downloaded this app rather than the 5K one because someday as a final challenge I will do a 10K. This app has been perfection. I don’t follow it perfectly because I was more fit cardiovascular than I thought and I was able to jump ahead. I now use the day where I jog 35 minutes training for my 5K because I want the first time I ever jog a 5K to also be the first time I jog3 miles ever as a human. So thanks to this app I am doing it next weekend and I will continue to use the app because I like the audibles so I know where I am. Next year a 10K!!! Thanks for a great app. My asthma and lungs appreciate you!!
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3 years ago, Ifedimma
Great for running a 10K in my own room
At first, I was using this app to run at the gym on a treadmill. I enjoyed it, but since I was tight on money trying to pay for the gym, I decided to cancel my gym membership and work out at home. I don’t have a treadmill at home and I hate running outside. So I thought...why not run in place in my own room? Y’all!! That was a complete game changer!! So I jog, run around my room and do high knees while staying within the perimeter of my room and it was legit the best “run” I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to complete a 10K “run” in my own room! Not just your room, you can run around the house with this app. I highly recommend it! It’s okay to think outside the box!
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3 years ago, Mr. Willcott
Great app! Just one suggestion…
Great app! In a future update, can we get the ability to easily turn on and off whether the app shares our workout with Apple Health, Apple Fitness, and other health / fitness apps? I track my running sessions with both 10K Runner and Apple Fitness workout tracker on Apple Watch, so I can get granular heart rate and pace per mile data along with the coaching from this app. The only problem is that I get double credit for every run in Apple Health, My Net Diary (calorie counting app), and my Apple Watch exercise rings. An easy way to turn off sharing to certain other apps to prevent this double counting would be awesome. Other than that, a flawless app.
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5 months ago, msmuffintop
Super problematic
Default position is auto renew but there’s no customer service available to tell you the time period that you are being charged for, could be daily, weekly quarterly or yearly and the user has no one to appeal to. ITunes can help you fight for a refund- but that’s all they can do. They can’t confirm what $7.99 charge represents. They can’t turn off the auto renew and worst of all they can’t put you in contact fitness22, do you remain unable to buy the app When i say there is NO customer support i mean none, no phone, no people, no contact info. You’re just left with calling apple iTunes for the refund but this app has zero nada nothing zip nobody willing interested or hired to help me with my account
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8 years ago, Lizol
Running at last
I got the app after suffering a foot injury. After healing and learning how to run correctly, with my body inline (not leaning forward or back) I started slowly by myself. Since I wasn't sure how to get back to my 5miles for 5days a week routine.(I run for sanity!) I started using the app.I almost quit running totally. It was hard ok harder than I thought. And yes I had to repeat a few days here and there to feel like I was comfortable to move on. So now I'm almost done with week 7 and I'm running for 20 minutes and able to say I'm loving my runs again!!! And this app helped me get here!!! And I can't wait until my smiles come at the end of a 10K I plan to run!!! Wahoo!!! You can do this!!!
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2 years ago, lj2387
It works!
I’ve gone from absolutely nothing to running a 5K (albeit not quickly) in 7 weeks. Consistency is the key. I’ve tried multiple times in the past to try and get back into running shape, but my weight and overall poor physical health always resulted in me getting injured before I could make meaningful progress. This program eases you into it, adjusts according to your feedback and performance, and motivates you along the way. Make sure to run no more than 3 days a week, get some low impact workouts in between (walks, gentle bike rides, etc) and STRETCH immediately following every run and you’ll be reaching your fitness goals in no time.
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4 years ago, 20vBeat
Updated Review: New version 8.210 fixed the crash. Thanks for the quick bug fix! I use this app regularly to make sure I’m prepared for running my next 10K. It has always been extremely helpful from beginning to completion. I’m still an amateur runner, so it’s nice to have this and gauge my current fitness level. Fantastic app and the paid version is worth it if you’re serious about getting to 10K. Previous Review: Paid user enjoying this app for the past couple of years, but it no longer works since the most recent update to version 8.200. Please fix this so I can get back to my training! Will happily update my review when it’s fixed. iPhone 8+ iOS 12.4.1
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6 years ago, A Busy Mom
App Opens To Last Run
I’ve been enjoying this app as I go from a pretty regular walker to gearing up to be part of a relay team in a marathon. I do wish I could turn off my phone screen and still have the audio announce starts and stops in my headphones. Also, I just realized I repeated Week 4/Day1. This has almost happened before, but I was able to catch an correct before I got too far into the first run. It would be really great if there was a pop up warning saying, “You have already completed this run. Are you sure you want to repeat it?” Because I’m on a timeline, now I need to decide if I try to fit another run in back-to-back to stay on schedule or just skip the run I was supposed to do today and just pick up with Week 4/Day 3.
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7 years ago, twocrownies
Finished my first 10K Today
I waited to review this app until I finished my first ever 10K. I'm 42 years old and never been a runner. Went from 0 to 10K following this app. I didn't believe it could happen when I saw that my last run would be 60 mins long but I stuck with it and it worked. I only had one run that I couldn't finish on this app's schedule, and i think that was due to a poor diet. I did every other one just as laid out. It was a huge accomplishment for me, and one I didn't think I could do. If I can do it you can do it. Amazing app. Worth every dollar. Now my wife is on it and she's halfway through the schedule and we're planning our next 10K together.
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4 years ago, louisckfan
This app may have saved my life
So, middle of covid quarantine, I reach my fattest ever, depression compounds, intrusive thoughts of hopelessness and despair are my every day. My therapist and I circle in on body issues being part of my mental struggle, and with the help of my extremely supportive partner, I download this app and start doing the workouts. One increment at a time. The dopamine shot my brain got every time I completed an interval kept me going, for months. And now, I’ve run 2 10k’s in 3 days. Never in my life have I been able to do that. I have a healthy addiction to running now, and will be moving on to the half marathon trainer next. Thank you, app devs. You really changed my life.
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4 years ago, CharlieHiccup
Great App!
I’ve enjoyed using the 5k app, and now the 10K app. I fully intend on also using the half marathon trainer when it’s time! I like having the vocal coach, and being able to see what the run plan is for the day. I only gave it 4 stars though for a few things: - it doesn’t track your pace, which seems weird as it tracks your time and GPS, so I feel like that would be an easy add. - if you need to adjust the time for whatever reason, it will reset THE WHOLE TIME. For example, if I get stopped on my run, I can’t reset the clock back by a few minutes, it will reset the entire run. So I may be 35 mins into a 40 minute run, and instead of letting me backtrack by 5 mins, it will back track the entire 40 mins.
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12 months ago, Jared-MacBook
Was OK… but now it isn’t
If you read the reviews, you see everyone loves IT. But, that was 6 years ago and it is STILL the same app… except for the price. What was once a few $$ has increased their price for the app 275% in 6 months with no end in sight. Yep, you read that right. 10K runner has drunk the greed wine. Do yourself a favor and check out one of the other amazing (and free) running apps. Including: Nike Run Club (this app has all the features and seems to be interesting in keeping the technology updated…) Runna (Described as your personal running coach, if you are serious about your running and want to increase your speed and endurance, this is the best running app one the market.) Garmin Connect (If you have one of these watches, try the app. It is loaded with lots of great stuff, including plans and the ability to drill down into the data of your run… gathered through your watch… Imagine that 10K Runner, an app that actually works with your watch instead of being just a glorified TIMER for $20 every three months or a $40 purchase.) Lots of options to choose NOT to reward an app developer for their outright sucky greed and business “decisions”. Take your overhyped MBA and put it in your old stinky running shoes. You made a bad decision.
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6 years ago, Rvtmama
I JUST paid for this and it doesn’t recognize that I’ve paid for premium!
I just got and paid for this app 3 weeks ago. Love it! Been doing it and following it to the letter. Yet yesterday, went for a run and it doesn’t recognize that I’ve paid for the 3 month subscription. Tried to restore it. Even tried to upgrade again and it says I already have an active membership! What gives? I noticed an update yesterday, it clearly isn’t working. I’m going to be ready for a run tomorrow and will download another app in T-minus 1 day and abandon this one if it doesn’t get fixed. So close to having an advocate.
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4 years ago, shashakeit013
Love this app! *Updated*
Update: The most recent update is awesome! I LOVE that I no longer have to unsilence my Phone to hear the run/walk notifications. Also, it now has you log how easy or hard the run was, which I think will be great data. I paid for this app years ago and it has been awesome every time I need to get back into running after a break! This app has really motivated me to get back into running after a long break! The only thing that annoys me is every time I close and reopen the app it starts me at day 1 and I have to scroll through to find the day I'm in. Not a huge deal, but probably something that could be easily fixed.
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2 years ago, Onbu
Motivation setting fixed?
Rated this app lower last time due to an annoying bug on the watch app, but haven’t experienced the issue for a while. Considerably less annoying to use now that the random motivations aren’t interrupting my music. The app guides me through the run walk intervals workout without overly intrusive prompts. I had to stop around week 10 after getting COVID. Looking forward to completing the app and reaching my running goals. Old review: Motivation prompts continue, despite setting being turned off. Heart rate not tracked either. Please add this feature, if possible.
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6 years ago, Chuck10k
Simply Amazing
I’ve never been in terrible shape but I never did run and, when I did, was never good at it. I picked this app up to help me train for sprint triathlons (5k distances). I figured, if I could do a 10K, I’d have no problem doing a 5k. I’m not done with the program yet, but I am up to running a total of 50 min with breaks every 10 min. I’m already at the 10K distance and my run pace is 9.3 min/mi. I will exceed the 10K distance by the time I’m done with the program. I know this is a run program but I’m also using it to increase my speed on my bike. I pick a speed that I’d like to aim for and when it says “run” I go that chosen speed. This is working as well too so I’m very happy. The only con to this program is it measures everything based on time and not your distance and speed. This is easily fixed by having a sport watch. This app gives me the times to shoot for and my watch does the rest. I can’t wait to finish the program so I can buy the half marathon app. I can’t recommend this app enough. Chuck Louisiana
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4 years ago, jujudubs
love this app!!
i have never written an app review before, but this app honestly deserves it. i downloaded this about 2 and a half weeks ago, after spending years going through cycles of trying to “become a runner” and quickly giving up because i lacked the endurance or skills i wanted to see and had no way of knowing how to get there. this app has been amazing for that!! i paid for the $8 three month subscription so that i could start at week 6 (where i felt my fitness level was at), and the results have already been amazing! i go 6 days a week instead of the fixed 3 and have seen huge progress in my fitness levels and my mindset when it comes to running. would definitely recommend for anyone interested in becoming a “runner” without paying absurd amounts for a personal trainer or fancy program. my only complaint is that you can’t really customize the plan you make too much. like i said above, it’s a fixed three runs per week schedule and it’d be nice to be able to start at your fitness level instead of the absolute beginner steps.
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6 years ago, Timbersings
I like this app EXCEPT...
On two occasions now, the time elapse has been wildly inaccurate. I ran for well over a mile and a half and the app reported I had only completed 3 minutes of my run time. This can feel so debilitating when you’re trying so hard to meet the goals. It’s not the first time either. Also the forward, back and pause buttons are easily triggered and there’s no way to return to where you were before doing so. There’s also been a malfunction with the music option since I first got the app. Selecting an iTunes playlist causes the app to freeze. I have to close and restart every time. Now I control my music outside the app. Any help I can get with these issues will ups be great. I wonder if anyone else experiences these glitches.
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3 years ago, jacob fox
(27M) I love this app. I used to try running and would get shin splints, knee pains, and tight calves, most likely increased too much too fast and this app creates the perfect running, walking, and distance, intervals for you. I haven't had any issues since I started this and I actually enjoy running now. I decided to sign up for a marathon and I will be using their programs to exceed my running goals. It has a great structure, and an algorithm that adjusts the difficulty of the next workout based off your ‘workout of the day’ rating. Ive never left a review for an app before but I really enjoy 10K runner. Level up!
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2 years ago, Listeningtokpopradio
Great program, easy to use
I always used to say I’d never be a runner. I decided to give it a try for the health benefits- mental and physical. Running has helped my mental health in a way that cardio or yoga workouts never have. Before this, I’d say I was a moderately active person. I’m usually on my feet and busy as a SAHM. But I definitely wasn’t in shape. It was hard to stay motivated in the beginning and it felt really hard. But the incremental training is so well put together. Right now, I’m at the 5K level. I feel so proud of myself after every run. App does exactly what I need it to do and is simple to use.
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3 years ago, januaryoak
The app in principle is great, but most of my runs there is a glitch where after the first or second walk sequence, the app does not alert you to run. I will look down and see that I was already supposed to have started the running segment but neither the chimes, nor the vocal instructions came on. I’ve been using the app for 4 weeks and it happens on three out of four runs. Given that the whole purpose is to tell you when to run and when to walk this is frustrating. It means I can’t put my phone in my running belt because I have to keep checking if it’s time to run yet. It only glitches once per workout, so once it happens once, I know I’m in the clear.
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