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User Reviews for 1st Phorm

4.26 out of 5
2K Ratings
9 months ago, Pross174
Some minor adjustments needed
I can’t can’t say enough about how much I love 1stphorm products, services, and advisors. However, the meal tracker needs attention. My biggest complaint and reason I don’t log things into the app as much as I should is due to the lack of options for weights as you are inputting your foods and meals. For example, every single day I eat egg whites and the only way to input them is by tbsp. Would it be very hard to add multiple weight options when inputting foods? Currently I find myself having to input foods into another app in grams to find the macros and then messing around putting it into the 1stphorm app to “get it close.” I still love you guys and the products and services you put forward. I just feel like there needs some minor attention to the food tracking portion and it would be spot on (especially for a paid app). Thanks for all the hard work.
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5 years ago, UNI investments committee
Great for Beginners!
If you’re new to the working out and eating healthy thing like I am this app is amazing! I see a lot of great reviews on here but just wanted to hit on the east of use for people new to living healthy. This app makes it so easy and is extremely handy when it comes to all things tracking. It makes tracking your reps and weights so easy and I love how you can see what you did for weights the last time you did the workout. Without having to search somewhere else for it. It’s right there below where you’re going to enter your current workout in for the day. Amazingly simple and time saving, yet so many other apps and plans get this so wrong. Premium is the way to go too if you are looking to track your food. For someone who is overwhelmed by everything nutrition like myself, just use this app for a week and I promise you, you will be a novice in nutrition without even realizing it. This app truly makes it so easy, and the educational pieces are awesome too! I downloaded the app right before starting my transphormation challenge, thinking “oh I can do this on my own and will rarely use it”. Man was I wrong! I’m on this thing all the time! It truly make working out easy! So if your tired of all the other crap out there, or you’re a first timer looking for a way to start a healthy lifestyle, USE THIS APP, it will truly change the way you view tracking your work outs and food! PERFECT FOR 1st TIME USERS!
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1 year ago, Doqcbnty
The best app on my phone
This is way more than an app. The app has a macro tracker function that works really well with a very large preloaded food database and a product barcode scanner that makes macro tracking very simple. You can also manually enter your macro values as well as build and save macro info for your homemade dishes. The app also has a function that allows you to choose between a large amount of strength training programs from beginner to advanced and allows you to track weight and reps for each of your workouts each day. Also it has videos for each exercise of a real person doing that exercise so you can see proper form for each exercise. Not to mention the body metric tracking and trending that can be viewed in graph form over time. Premium Subscription will also get you an adviser to help you on your fitness and lifestyle journey who also shares a ton of knowledge on dietary and fitness topics and you can message questions to anytime. I have lost 60 lbs in 4 months thanks to this app and my dedication and hard work. Most of all I appreciate the fact that this company stands behind everybody learning to live a healthy lifestyle forever vs fad diets and gimmick workouts. Get this app, you will not regret it. #TeamAlpha #1stPhorm.
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9 months ago, Journeyman2015
A good app, but not for everyone
First the good: There are a lot of advisors and from what I could tell they all have the kinds of credentials you should be looking for: Legitimate CPTs and RDs with plenty of experience under their belts. But now the bad: If you’re starting from square one like I was and now still am, there is a case for spending more to work with someone in private practice. The problem is that the advisors are basically captains of teams that have many, many members, and if you’re like me and need somebody who can critique your food logs down to the smallest details and give you 1-to-1 undivided attention…you’ll be disappointed like I was. Support team tried their best to match me up (they’ll do that if you go to their website), but the kind of personalized fit wasn’t there for me because I needed a strict focus on 1-to-1. I guess I’ll have to settle for working with my life coach instead. MINOR EDIT: I did talk to the team member who suggested I reach out to him, but when I told him what was needed we mutually agreed that it was more than their advisors could reasonably be expected give and I really had no choice but to walk away. I still don’t think it’s a bad concept, hence the middling rating of three stars, but if you have disordered eating problems and no access to a therapist, you’re going to find the advisors here won’t fit your needs.
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4 years ago, Lyss012
The first time I have actually seen true results.
I love this app, honestly. The app with workouts was free but I wanted more. It was only $15 for 3 months of a personalized meal plan that is SUPER EASY TO FOLLOW! I had been plateauing for about a year and I wasn’t necessarily unhappy with my body but I knew I was capable of so much more. This app has truly helped me so much and has made me so much healthier and more confident. I won’t sugar coat it, some of the workouts really are tough but they are never impossible. And they are the kind of workout that afterwords, when you’re breathing heavy, and your abs hurt unlike you ever thought they could, you feel AMAZING. Like I said, truly the first time I have seen actual visible real results! I was visibly thinner and leaner in just 3 weeks which only motivated me more to keep going! ALSO, the supplements are soooo worth it too. I asked my advisor Claire for her help with them and the information she gave me about the stacks and protein was so helpful. I use the Phormula-1 and Ignition stack after my workouts and the results have been no joke. This was less about the competition and much more about my own personal growth and health. Even after the competition is over I will continue to use the app for sure.
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4 years ago, Jordanrae_
This App changed by Daily Lifestyle
Before the Transformation app, I ate whatever the heck I wanted and did who knows what at the gym. I didn’t have any direction, and this app gives me that. Thanks to the transformation app and my one on one coach, it’s made it so much easier for me. I can track my meals daily and my workouts are already planned for me. This app is so much more then workouts and counting macros, it’s connected me to an awesome coach who is the best and calls me directly on the phone whenever I need her help (shout-out to Kerri Hayes)!!! She has gave me advice on what I should do for MY specific body goals. I also learned so much more about fitness through this app, from videos on how to do the move itself and live streams they provide on a weekly basis (maybe more) through the app. The times I have contacted someone about the app itself they got back to me that day! This is honestly the coolest app I’ve ever been apart of and has truly changed me for the better. I can tell 1st Phorm is such a down to earth, humble company who truly wants what’s best for there customers. It’s not just an app, it’s definitely a team you enter into and a great one at that! Definitely would recommend getting, 5 stars hands down!
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1 year ago, KendilB
Everything you could need!
1st phorm truly has it all!! I’ve been buying their products for a few years and learning they had a coaching program, I dang near stopped dead in my tracks! I literally couldn’t believe it. It was a no brainer. It’s so reasonably priced, and you have everything you need right there! I no longer use myfitnesspa (which constantly takes free features and makes them part of their premium subscription), I have professionals I get to hear from daily to learn the science behind health and fitness, I have a coach that keeps me pumped and I feel like I have a friend in him too! #TeamQ! They have simplified a process I couldn’t figure out and made it so easy to follow. And on any of my tough days, I just look to my coach and I have the motivation I need instantly! We share motivation, recipes, fun challenges and then of course there is the big TransPhormation challenge that seems to go on every 8 weeks. But hands down, my favorite thing about 1st phorm and what I share with everybody first, is their customer service. That team is unlike any I’ve ever encountered or have been a part of!! Much love to you guys. Thanks for all you do!
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4 years ago, worldsnoister
Best fitness app I’ve seen
This app is seriously legit. Like most newer apps it dos have occasional bugs and glitches, but the actual functionality of even the free version of the app simply can’t be beat. Tracking nutrition and body metrics, taking progress photos that automatically include how far along you are in your journey, and having access to FREE workout plans designed by certified trainers and including hundreds of how-to videos and modification options is already priceless. Then the small investment to switch to premium and getting all the information they just give away via live streams, advisor announcements, and direct access to chat with your advisor about any questions is worth every penny and then some. I’ve learned so much from Jeremy’s information regarding nutrition, diet, macros, supplementation... I’m forever sending him random questions in the chat and he gets back to me every time. No matter where you are in your health and fitness journey, from beginner to advanced, this app will helpful to you. I honestly can not recommend it enough (seriously, I tell people about it every day. Not even kidding.).
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2 years ago, neveragain123456789xyz
App won’t save progress when it updates
I initially loved this app and talked several of my family members and friends to try the app, price was very reasonable and easy to use. First update I was participating in a challenge and half way through the program it deleted all my progress pictures and workouts, I contacted support and they said they would look into it but I never got a follow up. I was extremely disappointed but started again nevertheless. Next time I managed to complete my program and took a short break from my fitness journey due to lingering pain with old injuries. When I went back to start my program again it had deleted everything again, so had to start yet again from zero. This time I’m sitting in the gym writing this review because I’m in the middle of my workout the app just kicked me out and now has new pricing 3x what it was before, I’m glad this time I saved my data directly on a separate app along with my progress pictures otherwise I’d be fuming. Do yourself a favor and get a different more reliable app that doesn’t try to charge you triple your subscription without as so much an email informing their customers of the changes, had I had at least an email I might still have kept them but here we are over a year later writing this review. NOT WOTH THE HASSLE!
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1 year ago, HempJ
Best App for Overall Health, Wellness, and Fitness
1st Phorm sets the standard when it comes to fitness and health. With only around $120 a year you get access to a fitness coach who can help guide you and hold you accountable to your actions. You could easily spend this much on one session with a personal trainer. 1st Phorm also educates you on how food, wellness, and fitness with daily live streams, which cover a good range of topics to how our bodies interact with food, impacts of sleep hygiene… etc. They simplify a very complex journey and make it so it fits beginners and experienced people all the same. An extra note my coach Seth Max is an amazing coach/human whom has helped me loose close to 50 lbs since the start of this year (6 months). Seth responds quickly to messages and gives detailed personalized answers to every question I have asked. Plus Seth has been great at encouraging me and pushing me, and holding me accountable when I need it as well. If you are looking to make a change and have found that all the fad diets have failed and other apps have left something to be desired, you have found your final app.
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1 year ago, Miss JC B
This app just keeps getting better! So many times when people ask “what are you working today?” I just send them a screenshot of the workout from my app and immediately I get “omg what app is that! I need that!” Yep! Same same! I need this app too! And I have used if for YEARS! 1st Phorm takes all the guess work out of it for you! You can Keep track of your workouts, take notes, and even for beginners - when you view your workout and if you’re unsure how to do the movement- don’t sweat, you don’t have to leave the app to learn or Google it, they have demonstration videos too!! You can see past weights used, track your weight, progress pics, macros, and SO. MUCH. MORE!!! There are different levels of workouts you can do, different styles, and I Guarantee you will never be bored! It’s super user friendly and can figure it out just by clicking around! And if you have questions, no worries- you have a mentor assigned that will help you every step of the way! From your goals, to how to use the app, to keeping your fire lit! Just download it, k? K thanks. YOU WONT REGRET IT !! #teamalpha
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4 years ago, Mama2468
All-in-one fitness app
I downloaded the MyTransphormation app before joining a challenge and really liked it. Once the challenge was about to start I really understood its intended purpose. The nutrition portion is. Great too to track your nutrition and there’s options of how you want to track. I’m tracking macros based on my current weight and goal weight and how active I am. I am able to scan ingredients or look up food items. It’s nice to have this included right in this app! The next part, and my favorite, is the workout tracker. I upgraded to the paid version for the challenge and I’m glad I did. My programming is based on what I have available at home and my goals. I can see my program, write notes and check it off when my workout is done. Then there’s your weight and body stats that you can track. Progress photos that really helped me visualize my progress. I can watch live streams and recordings if I’m unavailable during the live. And finally I can chat with my coach in the app. The only thing I can think of that could improve the app is a timer for all of our workouts. This is a great all-in-one tool!
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5 years ago, Cassels4
The transphormation app is such a GREAT app for tracking your health and fitness through nutrition, workouts, progress pictures, and weigh ins. The 1st phorm team is there for you, supports, and pushes you to be the absolutely best version of yourself - physically AND mentally. Not only I have found a new confidence within myself but I am no longer “yo yo dieting” because they have taught me how to calculate my macros for a meal plan, tell me about best foods to eat to nourish my body, and what workouts are most effective for my goals and incorporate what I enjoy doing most. The best part is that you can go premium for a very low cost and have access to live videos that future endless topics about your health and fitness. There is also plenty of opportunities to ask questions and pick their brains about something you have questions about. I am so happy I heard about this app through social media and took the chance by downloading it. You will never regret this! The phamily you create through this company is an amazing support system that only wants the best for you. Highly recommend!
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1 year ago, Heather_T27
Best Fitness App Around!
This app is truly the best one out there! Not only is it very reasonably price but the knowledge and personalization that you receive is really unheard of. When you sign up you get assigned to an advisor who is there to answer any questions and provide suggestions to help you reach your goals. My advisor Quintin is so genuine and you can tell that he really wants the best for the people he helps! On my first day I downloaded the app he sent me a personalized video message and is still doing so months later, he has become one of my biggest cheerleaders while I’ve been in this journey. They also have livestreams that drop TONS of information on a variety of different topics, I love the play back feature on those if I’m not able to catch them live it’s nice to still be able to learn. With the help from 1st phorm I have been able to meet my weight loss goal, create new daily habits, and learn so much about making a healthy lifestyle! Download it, you won’t regret it!!!
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2 years ago, LuvvieJustin
Ive never written an app review in my entire life but had to for this. Ive tried many different weight loss/ calorie tracking apps and this is easily the best one yet. The foods available to track are a little more limited than others but it’s super easy to modify similar items to the exact macro contents of your specific food. So is this a great calorie and macro counter? Yes! There are also tons of workout training plans of different skill levels! This makes it super easy to follow along and get a great workout in every day. Finally what separates this app from other for me is the personal trainers feature. You are auto assigned a trainer and it’s awesome. They are great for motivating and giving good tips. The trainers adress you by your own name in personalized videos. This makes me feel cared for and appreciated. Super awesome app! And for $14 a month it’s LESS EXPENSIVE than other apps which offer much less features. This is a must download for weight loss/management or just living a healthy lifestyle!
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2 years ago, Rockstar Rhoda
Best app to change your life!!
If you are looking for an app to use in your transformation, CONGRATS because you have found it!! Here are the perks & things I love about this app: 1) Personal macro/calorie calculator that takes into account your current state AND where you want to go. 2) Nutrition Tracker that is super easy to use with both a meal & recipe builder option. Also includes a water tracker. 3) Daily workouts are available in the app that will challenge you & get you to your goal! 4) Daily informational livestreams at 9 am Central Monday - Friday with the ability to ask questions during the livestream. 5) Daily & weekly habit tracker to aid you in creating consistency. 6) A chat option that allows you to message your coach. Your coach can also send announcements to the entire team. 7) A step tracker that creates friendly competition within your team & across all of 1st Phorm. 8) This app has the ability to document your progress photos & actually assists you in taking great photos. 9) You can also document your weight & body metrics so you can track your progress. 10) You can send an assessment weekly to your coach for feedback & guidance. Overall, if you are looking for an app to make lifestyle changes that are sustainable & will make a significant difference in your transformation, you have found it! If you go all in, you will reap significant rewards! Definitely worth the investment. What are you waiting for? Download it now & join me!
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2 weeks ago, monkey-flipin'
This app has the one thing you won’t find anywhere else
I’m going to share several key things, so I hope the review serves you as well as this app and community have served me. First, the App has everything (all bells & whistles) you need in one place to succeed. How do I know? With the guidance in the app, I’m back down to a weight I haven’t seen since 2015. The important thing about this is that it’s NOT just about the workouts. They are critical, but when was the last time you tried a fitness app for workouts and you didn’t achieve the results you wanted? For me. Not only do I get a slew of workout plans that fit my needs, but the key thing that all of the other apps miss is coaching. You actually get a coach and someone that holds you accountable, that you can message with questions and will care just as much as you care. If you’re the type of person who’s serious about your success, knows that you can’t do it alone and that it takes a village and is willing to put in the work so that you can achieve the life that you want to live, then this is the app for you. Where’s what really interesting and the most critical realization though this journey: How you do anything is how you do everything. So by leveraging the tools, habits, community, and self-respect I’ve built for myself here, I’m also winning outside of fitness. When you sign up you get assigned a coach. If you want to be around some winners, ask for Jicky.
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8 months ago, Greg From Seattle
OK, but you’ll likely need other apps.
This app is OK. I use it daily to track food, and that aspect works well-ish. However, there are a lot of shortcomings: - Can’t add your own supplements. Only 1st Phorm. If you use other supplements you can’t track them here, which means you need another app - Unless you exactly follow one of the workout programs, it’s essentially useless. You can use a custom workout, but you just type in notes. Another app needed. I wish activity functioned like nutrition. - No Apple Health integration, so you manually have to enter weigh ins. Nutrition entered doesn’t sync back to Apple Health. I use another app to track my weight. - Daily tasks - can’t add custom, so unless it’s the exact tasks that are in there, the checklist is not useful since you’ll need to use another app In summary, this app is not comprehensive, and there are much better options on the market. The only reason I use this is so my coach can see, but I’m even wondering the value of that. I think I would be better off sharing my Apple Health with him, and using apps that actually work (nutrition not withstanding)
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3 years ago, alekatakatani
Meh...more about selling products
I used the premium version for about 6 months. Downside...the company and advisors really PUSH their products. Even in the livestream events (which are cool) they subtly will slide in their sales pitch. I get it. They don’t make money off the app. They make money by the people using the app purchasing their products but it gets old after a while. Products are ok. I bought their shakes, collagen, BCAAs, EAAs, greens, multivitamin pack, fish oil, fat burners, and protein bars. A lot of their protein products, EAAs and fish oil gave me bloating or indigestion. Everything else was ok but didn’t blow me away for the price. There are cleaner proteins (Projym or Amy Myers) out there. Having an advisor who usually has a “team” is cool if you’re into having group support but again the advisors make money on you buying their products so they push the products on you too. The database isn’t very large so you have to input a lot of your food manually. I do like the dashboard views of the macros. You can copy meals day to day but overall I find My Fitness Pal (larger database) is easier to log food and track your macros.
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3 years ago, Dino817
Great for anyone needing guidance
I’ve fallen in love with this app! It has nutrition help (premium, can’t beat the price), pre-made workouts and workout tracking, a coach that videos and texts updates and announcements, as well as encourages you to do the same with questions, issues and progress, celebrates your successes, live streams lots of information, tracks water intake, and makes me feel heard, validated, celebrated and well taken care of. As a health coach myself, I can only take my own knowledge so far, personally. It isn’t always easy to be accountable to myself only, so this is a great extra boost. It removes the wiggle room to cut corners or cheat myself out of a WIN day, by having someone else to be there as well. A lot of someones! The FB support group is filled with folks just like me, looking to improve every day, as well as coaches and advisors with answers to any question that you can come up with. If you’re looking for one fitness app that checks all of the boxes, this is it! Celebrate yourself, Celebrate 1stPhorm!!
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1 year ago, Brandi Barth
Best weight “loss” app I’ve had
My husband was the one who told me about 1st Phorm when he knew I wanted to start getting a healthier diet again to try and lose some weight. My first incentive was the 8 week challenge and an opportunity to win money while I work on my health. However, I have been using the app now for 4 weeks and I have to say it has so much to offer! With your low cost subscription you are giving macros to follow based on your stats and what your goal is, whether to lose weight, gain muscle, etc. and I have to say they make the tracking super easy! They give you an advisor to help you with your journey and they are super available! Shout out to my advisor, Stephanie, she’s a rockstar. They also provide workout programs and you can choose one based on if you have access to a gym or just at home with none! After 4 short weeks I can for sure say that 1st Phorm and their app will be a part of my life for the unforeseeable future.
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4 years ago, TeamKPlus1
It’s a Pocket Personal Trainer and Coach
I love the my Transphormation app because I ah e everything that I need one. It’s like my very own personal trainer and macronutrients coach. I not only get personalized macronutrients that are calculated according to my goals and not some genetic 1200 calorie program. My macronutrients are customized to my goals. I also love the fact that I am able to communicate and have weekly check ins with an actual advisors that will teach you about the importance of protein intake, calories. Jeremy mullins is a registered dietician that helped me cycles off keto and add carbs back into my life properly and I was able to keep and maintain my progress. I highly recommend the premium version because you get 4 different workout programming and have the weekly assessment with your advisor. You can also chat with them via the app and you get a whole plethora of live educational videos that you can rewatch over and over. For 47 dollars a year. I have my very own personal pocket coach. So worth it and I highly recommend it.
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1 year ago, R3goldens
Wow! What a difference in my health journey!
I needed help in transition from a traditional diet plan to a macro counting plan and introducing fitness in my journey! I found this app by the recommendation of a 1phorm representative. I decided to try it for only one month to see if I would get any benefit at all! Wow! Is all I can say!!! I wouldn’t give this app up now for anything. It has truly changed my health journey for the better! I get a tracking food app which is way better than my fitness pal and my macros calculated and tweaked if needed by a health advisor. My health advisor communicates with me each week and we can adjust my food or my fitness to achieve the best results!!! Oh and all the live streaming educational videos… wow!!! I can’t believe I get all this for $13/mo. When it’s time to renew… I will just pay for the whole year! No way would I give this up! A huge thanks to my health advisor, Jeremy Mullins, for all the awesome guidance! Sign up for the app! You won’t regret it!
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4 years ago, 1234567890Me1234567890
Takes Time - Disappointing
Everything about the app is amazing EXCEPT logging food. It really is frustrating that it doesn’t have a very deep database, and in the database, there are no verified macros. There’s literally a 4 oz grilled chicken breast in there that’s almost 400 calories. Such a wide range of macros is common items. And the app isn’t very smart. It doesn’t remember what I’ve eaten from day to day, unless i try to log it around the same time on a given day. Also, you can scan a barcode, and the app doesn’t even say what the food is. It might say the brand, or even unknown in some cases. Even when you rename an item, you can’t recall it the next day very easily. And sometimes, when you scan a barcode, the macros aren’t accurate. Furthermore, when you save an item as a meal (so you recall it easier, later) and add it to another day, it adds it twice!! So frustrating! I have to toggle back and forth between a trustworthy app and this app, just to log my nutrition. If it weren’t for the advisor option and the workouts, I would not be using this app to track nutrition. So disappointed.
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1 week ago, Whitexwomanx3
Not worth it for the price
I have been a user of fitness apps for a few years and this is honestly just not worth it. I signed up thinking that I was going to get a coach and educator but the truth is they have different platforms they advertise on the app and they ask you to subscribe to. I messaged my coach once and received and automated response (I know because my friend and I got the same coach and the message was word for word the same) that advertised subscription to her personal page and exclusive whatever. The coach never checked in to see how progress was going and truthfully it became a game on my end to see how long I could go without hearing from her. To cut the story short i unsubscribed because this just became a food tracking app on par with my fitness pal. I would advise if you’re looking at this app for guidance and education and or support on your heath journey it’s not really worth it. It’s people who call themselves coaches advertising their own businesses and recommendations for supplements (3 pages worth in my case) that you may or may not need to “fill in the gaps in your nutrition”
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3 years ago, court2499
The best all in one tracking app FOR REAL!!
Before I started with 1st phorm I tried a few other apps and just wasn’t satisfied with the apps they were hard to navigate and there wasn’t anyone there to help so of course I didn’t get the results that I wanted. THEN I found 1ST PHORM it is by far hands down not only the best app but all around best everything if your looking to become a better you you need this app in your life and not only do you get the app but you get a phamily from day one I set up my goals on the app I got an advisor and away we went if you have questions they are there and it’s REAL PEOPLE who been there done that and KNOW what needs to be done They also have supplements the 1st Phorm protein so freakin good the ignition also amazing and don’t forget about your reds and greens and when I received my stuff inside the box on the packing slip was a hand written note of encouragement like who does that. I honestly can’t say enough about 1ST Phorm they truly are a PHAMILY.
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5 years ago, JKeith79
Amazing App...
Amazing app if you’re trying to learn more about nutrition and workout plans! I strongly suggest the premium service as the added benefits are extremely valuable in my opinion. I mean the breakdown alone is about $.70 a week for workout guides that are going to help you achieve your goals. I personally do the macro counting option and the barcode feature makes it super convenient and if you go out to eat, it’s pretty easy to find a common dish that is probably pretty close macro wise to the dish you’re eating. I’d also like to add that as you submit your daily log (nutrition and workout), it goes to your advisor which will in return give you tips on how to achieve your goals or where you might be lacking and fix those holes in your journey. If you’re one to push yourself, it’s basically like having a virtual trainer. I assure you that if you’re seriously trying to figure out where you’re lacking, this is an excellent source to incorporate!
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4 years ago, maddaaab
Do not pay for “premium”
I paid for 3 months of the “premium” app. 10 weeks in and I STILL haven’t received the premium features. It promises home workouts, workouts for different equipment, recipes, and tailored nutrient/macro plans. I have refreshed, logged out/back in, and still the premium is no different from the basic app download. The workouts for each day have been literally the EXACT same each week, since the first day I downloaded it, the only changes week by week is the app telling me to increase my reps. I note each type of equipment I have access to, yet there are still no changes in equipment or workouts. There are no recipes or personalized meal plans like it says, no “coaching” even when you sign up with a coach, and you can’t change your macros to tailor your personally after you set them the first time. Totally not worth the money and I’m very disappointed. Only reason I gave 2 stars is because I enjoyed the workouts at first. Now it’s completely repetitive, I could have just taken a screenshot of the workouts the first week and saved the money since they’re the same.
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4 months ago, D. Downer
Well worth the price of admission
I started 1st Phorm in June after starting my weight loss journey. Was having a hard time losing weight and thinking that not eating much would help. After taking an assessment and talking with my coach Seth Max I discovered I was going about this all wrong. The app has a great selection of workout plans and a great way to track your diet and movement. I always struggled in the gym with what to do. The programs on here keep it fresh and interesting so your never bored in the gym and feel like your wasting your time. With all that said I have never been skinny. I was 330lbs I am now 246 and still going my waist has gone from 50 to 38. I feel better then I ever have and owe it all to Seth and this great app. Oh and their supplements are some of the best tasting I have ever tried. If your struggling and want to make a change download the app take the assessment and get started.
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4 years ago, E-Vils
Great tool for a healthy lifestyle!
I was looking for help with gym workouts and a food plan and this app was it. It tracks your daily nutrition with preset goals based on your personal information. It also tells you exactly how much water your should be drinking every day and has a place to track that as well. The gym part was what I was missing. After your personal information is put into the app it customizes you’re daily workouts. That is amazing. I used to just do cardio and then leave in fear of trying things that I wasn’t sure about. Now I follow their workout plans and I can feel myself getting stronger. There are also daily live video chats hitting on popular topics that arise when on this journey. This app is truly a game changer and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to make a life change and who wants to Transphorm their bodies. Get the premium version it’s affordable and I promise you won’t regret it.
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11 months ago, VenetiaSF
Over Delivers!! This app takes the crown!
I’m shocked at how much you get in this app for the cost. I’ve been working out for 20+ years and used multiple apps, but this one wins the crown!! I usually have to toggle back and forth between multiple apps but now I can, track my macros, get my workouts, track my workouts, get daily motivation, have my habit checklist, track my steps…the list goes on, in one place. But what puts it over the top is having a coach you talk with regularly that helps you stay accountable while also helping you tailor your macros/workouts and approach to fit your individual needs. And they even have weekday 30 min presentations on key topics to support, encouraging, and answer questions. This app really over delivers and I highly recommend it. Create success with the right information and the support to put it into action!
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3 years ago, Jtiger030
My one stop shop for health
This app is great and it gets better all the time. I have been using this app for the last 10 months to help me lose 82 lbs so far. This app does a great job of helping you be honest with you food intake. The food logging really works well. The workouts are great. You can choose from several different types like traditional weight lifting, EMOM, body weight. It’s like having a personal trainer and you can easily swap workout types on the go if needed. This came in handy on vacation. I really like the premium version of this app. For $4 per month, I have access to a coach who is a dietician. I can’t begin to tell you how much Jeremy Mullins direction and interaction has helped me this year. If you are ready to make a change, seriously consider giving this app and this company the chance to help show you the way. One of the best decisions I ever made!
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1 year ago, lmayfield2016
Just buy it!
When Myfitnesspal decided to remove features because they wanted people to pay for their app, I decided to make the switch to 1st Phorm, if I’m going to pay for it, I might as well go with the app that actually helps me push toward my goals! The number one thing I love about this app is that I have direct help from somebody I get to know and interact with. My advisor is Quintin, or as we affectionately call him, Q. He checks in with his team daily and offers encouragement and suggestions to help me meet my goals and I just can’t say enough good things. If you’re ready to get serious about your lifestyle and get in the best shape of your life, this is an amazing tool to help you get there. From tracking, to education, to figuring out where to start, it’s all there. Don’t miss out on the daily livestreams, I have gotten so much encouragement from those!
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4 years ago, Boston Sheryl
Best fitness app hands down!
I have been using this app since it was launched ! I can easily keep track of my workouts, track weights used and reps performed as well as change it up when I am on the road , am crunched for time , or want to try something new. Sticking to a nutrition plan has always been a struggle for me. With the MTApp , my daily calories and macros are set and logging food is super simple! I am a creature of habit and eat pretty much the same thing everyday, so the copy meal” and “scanner” features” make it super quick to log my food for the day. You won’t find the quality of information and educational calls within with app anywhere else. The team of certified nutritionists, doctors , and certified personal trainers all provide such valuable information that you would normally spend hundreds of dollars a month for! If you aren’t using this app, you are definitely missing out !
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1 year ago, #spicey
Sustainable & Accountability
I started the App after a referral from a family member who has been using it for a year and is in the best shape of her life (48 yes old) but has been able to sustain a new healthy lifestyle while gaining muscle and strength. I have been using the app for ~7 weeks. My advisor has helped me understand nutrition and what my body needs to loose weight/build muscle/maintain current weight. There is accountability to keep me on track to MY goals and so much support from my advisor and so many resources in the app that include education, workouts/specific workouts to target certain areas of your body/nutrition guidance/macro counting etc. Every day there is a new webinar that is available live or on your own time. The plus for me was that I decide what my goals are and I can do the workouts from home with little to no equipment or at the gym.
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2 years ago, bnm7415
Good app, some improvements could help
I really like using the 1st Phorm app. It is helpful in many ways to track macros, exercise, water intake, etc. I do feel that a few improvements could be made to help make the app better. 1) allowing connection with outside smart watches - I have more of a “third party” smart watch and the steps on my watch are always higher than the app because I don’t always have my phone on me. It’d be nice if they could sync. 2) It would be cool if the Power List could be part of the 1st Phorm app. It is something that I know a lot would utilize daily. 3.) if you could also add an option to add your own daily task rather than just the ones there - I get that the ones there are designed to focus on specific things, but it’d be cool to be able to choose from the ones there and maybe add one of your own!
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4 years ago, MoonBnnyFit
Life changing. (Literally!)
This app is extremely user friendly superbly customizable. There are so many options for you to fine tune your program to help you meet your goals such as how you’re exercising (home or gym), your activity level, and what types of workouts you want to do (strength training, EMOM, crossfit, etc.). The thing that really sets this app from any other fitness app I’ve used is how it approaches nutrition. You can choose exactly what method you’d like to track your nutrition, including portion control, meal planning, and calorie/macro counting. The macro counting feature is unparalleled because you can choose if you’d like your breakdown to be more carb or fat centric, and it continually adjusts based on your progress. I’ve spent a lot of money on personal trainers, and now I wish I had just used this app from the beginning. It’s got everything you need and more!
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6 months ago, MidWestSLP
I would be absolutely lost if I didn’t have this app to help me develop and sustain my fitness and lifestyle. I am one who needs workouts planned out for me. Being able to track reps and weights along with videos, written explanation, and alternative moves allows me to progress in my workouts and not feel overwhelmed or lost at the gym. My only suggestion would be to have the option to manually cancel a workout program verses having it open the entire duration. I accidentally clicked on “start this program” 😆 My advisor, (Jicky Li) is absolutely amazing and there 1000%. quick to respond and provide support all within the app. The livestreams and tracking macros all in one simple and user friendly app! I cannot recommend 1st Phorm enough if you’re wanting real, sustainable results!
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3 years ago, havanocker
If you get a coach, be prepared for sales pitches every week
Disappointed it’s a MLM type of marketing. I like the app. I lost about 8 pounds in 8 weeks and look great during an 8 week challenge. Every check in I get a sales pitch about how their products will make me better, or their products are better for me than what I’m taking now. I’m going to stop with my weekly check ins because of it. Clearly they earn sales commissions. I would rather a coach tell me let’s work on your arms more. Let’s try getting more cardio in. Let’s try increasing or decreasing your weights. You are making great progress, let’s not change anything. Let’s adjust your macros. Try eating less refined foods. Try whey after your workouts with a carb. Then, if needed, suggest supplements or changes. Instead it’s basically stop using your whey, use ours. Even though you get all your servings of different veggies and fruits let’s add 1st Phorm greens. Let’s add reds. Let’s add Omega oil. Let’s try our vitamins instead of yours. Ours is great! I get no info on why what I take is inferior. Just that theirs is the best. As a scientist, that doesn’t sell me on dumping my current products. I need to know what, is specifically wrong with the products I’m currently using. And what studies prove yours is better for someone who is just trying to be healthy? Anyway, challenge is great. Challenge keeps me motivated. Constant weekly sales pitches will make me leave.
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1 year ago, Pixie567
Life changing for $13
I need to preface by saying I have tried all the popular weight loss apps, workout apps, good logs,ect. I was scrolling TikTok one day and came across a recipe by a coach that works with 1ST Phorm. I was curious and checked into the app and decided to try it. I am 7 months in and am still exhilarated that I can get one on one coaching, macro and calorie catering, exercise programs, water and sleep logs, and much more including daily lives by nutrition and exercise coaches for $13 a month. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on my health and my coach is absolutely life changing to boot. You can customize so many things, enter competitions throughout the year for huge cash prizes and chat with a real coach one on one. No catch. I am on the road to reaching my goals FINALLY and will continue to use this app and 1ST Phorm for as long as it’s available.
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4 years ago, SpencerCasslet
This App Is a Game Changer
Over the last decade my weight has continued to go up. I felt lots of symptoms as a result of the extra pounds I was carrying around. I needed to make changes quickly! One day I came across the 1st Phorm Transphormation Challenge and downloaded the “My Transphormation” App. It has been an effective tool in assisting me to make the changes to become lighter and stronger. I work a graveyard shift, so with the app, I can easily track my nutrition, workouts, and keep up to date with daily and weekly podcasts. I love listening to the daily podcasts at work. The app allows me to connect with a mentor who takes the time to respond to my questions and assessments. My mentor gave me the necessary feedback to my question regarding fat loss. I followed my mentors instruction around nutrition, and within a week, I began to see the results I was seeking. I’m lighter, stronger, and healthier! -Spencer
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4 months ago, Mickey1974!
Great app and great support!
For those who are looking for an easy app to use, here it is. If you are new to tracking your macros, your advisor will assist you in learning how to calculate your macros and how to input those into the app. The great thing about this app is that it has a lot of the foods built into it. For those who track in grams, like myself, you can easily change the serving setting that is preset. Restaurant foods are loaded in there for the more popular chains. Cooked meats can be searched for as well. You also get an advisor who will hold you accountable for your progress. Ultimately, it all comes down to you and your choices of whether you succeed or not. My advice, search for Seth Max. He is the best! He’s always ready to help and answers any questions that you may have. You cannot go wrong with that fella!!
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1 year ago, liftingmomof2
Best Decision
If you’re on the fence about paying for just another fitness app when there are so many free ones out there this review is for you. The 1st Phorm app is so much more than just a fitness app. I love that aspect. The food tracking, countless workout options. But the real game changer is the coaching. I’m a part of Team Jenny and she is amazing. Super encouraging, helpful, really cares, but also won’t lie to you if you aren’t putting in the work. I love the community, the coaching, the challenges, the live streams. 1st Phorm is a company that really cares and they show it on the daily. I just completed my 3rd challenge with them and i highly recommend joining! I’m getting in better shape, stronger, better food choices, understanding what works for my body and it’s thanks to the live streams, feedback and caching on this app. So do it!
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1 year ago, Annalise217
Frustrating app
Lots of frustration with this app. Photo taking is not friendly to those of us who have to take selfies/don’t have someone to take pics for us. And if you accidentally click the wrong button (x in corner) instead of “retake” you have to start over completely. For taking photos and doing measurements, the videos provided are literally no help at all for actually giving tips how to do them properly. This is making that all super annoying and making me take pics and measurements a lot less, which is an important part of seeing results. Also, horrible with scanning barcodes for food…most often the macros were input wrong, so I have to create a custom food far too much, and there isn’t a button to report incorrect food info. Maybe it’s a great app if you’re not someone who easily gets frustrated with things that should function far better in the year 2023.
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2 years ago, BatmanJones
Has great potential but…
This app was actually really nice. A one stop shop for food tracking and a great workout plan. I didn’t even mind the price increase because I felt like it was worth it. But recently, the workouts setup has just completely changed for some reason. I feel like it’s definitely got to be a bug or something. No matter how I edit my workout settings, it just still gives me the same workout plan. And seems to be stuck midway through the plan (week 2 of 6). On top of that, the plan doesn’t accurately have my “rest day” on the day that I have chosen. The most recent update claims it has fixed the issue, but nothing has changed. My subscription ends in a few days and sadly, looks like I’m going to have to delete the app and find something else. One more thing - would be great if the Traditional workout plan had some cardio and core mixed in there as well.
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4 years ago, Fuhd56hyy
Overall, LOVE the app!
I think this is a great app! It’s great that you get to log your food and workouts all in one place and talk to a coach. But I would suggest a few changes: Since food logging, workouts, and coaching are already in one app it would be AWESOME if the workouts came with a timer already built into them. “Complex 1: 10 minutes to complete this X rounds” hit start timer! Feels like arm day is the favorite workout day and leg day is just thrown in there sometimes and isn’t as challenging. !! I wish abs/core workouts were more often and more challenging !! Have an option to add your own equipment and have the workouts tailored to that (similar to Dan John University) No matter what setting you have your workouts on (weight loss, EMOM, cross training, no equipment) it would be nice if muscle group workouts happened on the same day throughout the app (arms on Monday, legs on Tuesday....) so the user could easily switch from a no gym equipment day to an at- gym/weight loss training day the next. It would be nice to have access to change your macros within the meal plan option. Why offer meal plans if you won’t let me change my macros to ensure I’m not going over or under? Especially as a premium purchaser, one would think I would be able to fully access meal plans within my own custom macros.
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3 years ago, DLberg50
Why choose this App?
This app is invaluable if you are looking for a one stop shop for everything you need to be successful in your health and wellness journey! You can track your food and water intake, get exercise workouts and track your sets/reps, scan barcodes to easily see the nutrition info of any food and more. It’s all FREE! There is a paid version which I personally use and recommend which includes a personal advisor you can get professional advice from! Unlimited access to daily live videos on nutrition, exercise, mindset, and more...if you missed the live they are there for you to watch at your convenience. 1stPhorm is more than a supplement company, they genuinely care about people and want to help you live your best life! If you’ve been thinking about making positive changes in your life DO IT! DONT WAIT! You won’t regret it I promise you.
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4 years ago, nicloughlin
BEST Health & Fitness App, BEST Advisors
This app truly has everything anyone would ever need to achieve goals related to health and fitness. Jeremy Mullins, my advisor within the app, has taught me a plethora of strategies and given me many recommendations that are individualized to my goals and needs. Among the valuable things I’ve learned from Jeremy is that success in fat loss, muscle gain or any fitness related goal, starts and ends with hitting your calories AND protein everyday. Another gem I’ve taken away is the value and impact of QUALITY sleep on weight loss, muscle gain, etc. Just these two tips/strategies, alone, have helped me see progress in gaining muscle and losing body fat. This app, by far, is an amazing tool and a must-have on your device if you are looking to develop healthy habits and a lifestyle that is truly realistic and doable.
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4 years ago, ChelleLee M
Life Changing App
I decided to give this app a try for several reasons. The company 1st Phorm has an amazing reputation and all the other fitness apps were either free and glitchy or you pay for what everyone gets one size fits most. I started out with the free app just to try it out. I wanted more support and personalization and I was blown out of the water with the amount of support you get for what you pay. Seriously 1st Phorm can charge minimum triple what they charge for the paid app. I’ve had the app for a little over 8 weeks and it has been life changing. I share about it to any of my friends and family that have been defeated by the weight loss monster or fitness ruts. MyTransphormation doesn’t just give you a workout plan, personalizes macros, and a trainer to talk to. They legit give you a community of support.
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2 years ago, Audreyp501
Costs a pretty penny, but doesn’t even work
I went through LOTS of angry reviews of people complaining about the price increase, but realized that $13 a month is not that much in comparison to personal trainers and diet plans if it actually works. So I decided to try it. I used to have the free app and found the workouts to be doable and challenging, although sometimes painfully repetitive. Transitioned to something else for a bit but decided to come back to what was simple. Pictures of the app interface convinced me. Too bad it doesn’t work. I deleted and redownloaded the newest version of the app, and every single page besides the one where I enter my weight is either a spinning logo of the 1stPhorm app loading (which it doesn’t) or just a blank white screen. For the last two hours. There are tons of 1stPhorm advisors out there, but no way to browse based off your goals. Only a list of their sponsored athletes and trainers, which is great, but unlikely to be very 1-1 with over 2m subscribers as was the case of the two it suggested me. I wish you could attach pictures to reviews, because it doesn’t require a lot of data to screenshot completely blank screens that don’t work. And given there’s no free trial or discounts, doesn’t seem likely that I’ll get any resolution. Hard to positively review a $13 app that gives you no nutrition meal breakdown, no workouts, and no advisor communication
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