21 Day Fix® Tracker – Official

Health & Fitness
4.6 (2.4K)
8.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Beachbody, LLC
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for 21 Day Fix® Tracker – Official

4.59 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
6 years ago, Hoovier4166
Best food tracker but I wish I could keep track of previous challenges
I love this food tracker! It recommends how many servings I get in each food group and helps me with portion control throughout each day! If I make a mistake in a meal I can fix it later in the day, or even on a previous day! I have learned so much from using this program. I am also using the 21 day fix workout programs although I am changing workouts on some of the days to fit my schedule. The only thing that I wish is that I could keep track of previous 21 day challenges. This is my first time through the program but I plan to try it again sometime. Please Beachbody, add this feature!! It would be extremely helpful. The app is so good though that I could not take a star away for that one problem!
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5 years ago, Maskaluna
Simple, Fast
I don't want to spend an hour finding my portions, taking photos of barcodes, and then being told I was over or under by exactly one calorie. Come off it and get real. This app is simple, fast, and I'm the judge on what I should adjust. I wish the food lists provided more, like the new Beachbody products, but you can just search it on the web and most bloggers or Autumn will have mentioned it. Like Kind bars. Those are 1 blue, 1tsp. Or the old P90X protein bars were 2 red. 8oz Carrot juice is 1 yellow. You kinda have to judge for yourself but EAT CLEAN. This app isn't about allowing you to portion out your processed foods like Belvita or Kellogg's anything. Or how to manage your fast food. It's about eating simple, healthy foods in a rich way. Plus you'll be learning about yourself and how much better you'll feel once you drop the junk. This app makes it less daunting. Follow the food lists and you'll be a rockstar. Edit: One year later, I found (1) it is a pain to translate my way of calculating water with the app's way. It goes by cups, not fluid ounces, not liters (for the non-US folk). Nobody drinks by a cup, which is about 8oz. I need this changed. Other cons: (2) When you switch genders the outline reference does not change, (3) you cannot start the app on a specific day, it's only Day 1 or not at all.
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6 years ago, Phinster7
Necessary to survive the 21 day fix!
I’m not sure I would have survived the 21 day fix without this app. I was glad to have it so I could check off my containers throughout the day and see what containers I still had available. The app also tells you what workout you should be doing that day and helps you track your water. I love how the app gives you the list of approved foods for each container. I referenced that a lot. My only complaint is that sometimes I would check off that I had done the workout and later it would be unchecked again. If I rechecked it then it stayed checked after that. I’m not sure why it did that, but it was a minor problem. Everything else was super helpful!! Just some suggestions- could you make it so the app links to the BOD app? It would be cool to be able to click on the workout you are supposed to do and be taken to it. It would also be great to have some recipes on here. Especially for 21 day fix dressings.
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7 years ago, Skoozie
Love this App
I found this app very helpful and tracking my food and helping me remember what could go in my containers and what not I was offended extremely helpful to know how many containers I have left and how much water I need to drink I wish that there was a way that you could take a before and after picture in the tracking area and I wish there was an area that you could access recipes easy and quickly. This way your not having to have multiple apps open at the same time you just go to one place and then click on recipes and it redirects you to a new area like beach body on-demand to get the fixate recipes.
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7 years ago, Rik4051
This app is great and goes beyond 21DF
First of all I really can't say enough about this app! It's a great tracker and very easy to use. It obviously integrates very well with 21 Day Fix. However, it also works well with all the other Beachbody programs as well . Even if I wasn't doing a workout routine, this app would be great to keep me on track with my eating. The only reason I didn't give this five stars is that on the food diary there seems to be a glitch. If you're typing in the diary and then temporarily leave the app when you return the diary is frozen and it's almost impossible to unfreeze without losing all of your text that you entered. Lastly if it were possible I would love for a way to archive my old entries after completing a program. Now I use a work around where I screenshot everything, and that's OK too I guess. Just a wish.
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6 years ago, Tn_honeyqueen
Buggy but Usable
It’s been a year or more since this app has received an update. Some basic housekeeping is due. Input for measurements and weight are buggy. Say, you put your starting weight as 300, if you delete all the numbers the 3 will stay so you have to put in 3100 and then delete the 3. Then on your “today’s weight” it will not update to reflect your new starting weight, but the 300. Same issue occurs with the body measurements including with the decimal point. After every round, I just end up deleting and reinstalling the app and reentering my new information so my correct weight and measurements are reflected. It’s a bit irritating but, like I mentioned, usable. I’ve messaged BB about it through various means and have received no response. So this is just a heads up to others.
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5 years ago, My Jam
I like it! Here is my wish list!!
I like it but here are a few “wishes”. I wish this would sync between my phone and tablet like MyFitnessPal. The weight field doesn’t capture your new weight from the day before. It reverts it back when you go to a new day. Also not able to see bottom fields when entering your measurements. I would like to see my weekly results to see where I did really well with my containers and exercise. Also haven't figured out how to add extra containers when I choose to have a treat or swap out. A nice feature would be able to have an option to set it up for 80 Days of Obsession too! Be able to add the Performance line. Lastly, I wish it could link up with my Fitbit too!😁
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5 years ago, bobbyhinge
It actually works
I did the 21 day fix 3 years ago and I can say it actually works. I went from 300 to 260 in about 3 months. I think this is the most realistic way to lose weight, it’s not stressful deciding on what to eat, it doesn’t limit you on where you can go if your in a hurry, and most of all Beachbody has made it easy to follow. I used the Shakeology as a protein every morning. I still drink it occasionally. I should note that I didn’t work out the first month or so because I have a crazy work schedule. But I seemed to drop the weight still. Which was nice! Thanks Beachbody!
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6 years ago, Sam Merrill
My only complaint would be that in the notes section, you cannot scroll down to see what and where on the screen you are typing when you make a long note, like a list. Other than that, it is SO convenient to be able to see where you are at for the day with containers and water intake, as well as have a quick reference guide right there on your phone for foods appropriate for each container. I have been using this for a week now and it has truly helped me to understand and use the program correctly. I plan on using this everyday from now on to keep me on track with this lifestyle of eating.
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1 year ago, Trinick71
Need support
I downloaded the app and started tracking on Sunday (1/22). I used it for four days, and then on Day 5, it froze. I open the app, click the tracker, and the tracking screen is non-responsive. I’ve shut down and rebooted my phone. Still not responsive. In the App Store, I clicked to get support, but it just brought me to Beach Body’s website. When I scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the screen to the small print, I found customer service, but 21 day fix isn’t listed. I tried various pathways to find support, but since it’s a free app, I couldn’t. I know I can try deleting the app - and losing my initial days - but I was hoping to avoid that. I think I will like the app if I can actually use it.
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7 years ago, JenC120
Love this app! One suggestion
This is super easy to use and truly helps keep me on track with the program. I plan on using even when I move on to other programs. I love how the body weight, servings, and program day can be edited... very helpful for weight loss goals and changing it up. Love how the servings recalculate if you enter your target weight vs current weight. It would be nice if the containers section had specific measurements for each of the portions, for when the containers aren't being used. I memorized the portion sizes, but it would have been helpful in the beginning.
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5 years ago, BliSanKat
Easy way to track your meals and change
I have used other tracker before in which you have to document the content of each meal and would take ages to to. This is my third time doing 21 Day Fix (last one the Real Time versión) and for me has been really easy to plan and track meals and workouts too. I would love areal time version for the app since this time the workout order changes and you need to go to a different day to enter your workout. The application, the program and following FiXate is a great way to start a healthy lifestyle.
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6 years ago, Rdsxlolo
Super convenient
I did 21DF a few years ago to drop my baby weight, and after baby #2 I’m back at it! Even though I’m very familiar with the program, I still forget some food’s categories, and this app makes it so easy to see which foods are which color. It’s very easy to navigate and now I don’t have to look things up in my battered food plan guide or write on a chalkboard how many containers I’ve had. I do wish that you could check multiple workouts in one day, but I just add whatever else I did in the notes. Five star app for sure!
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7 years ago, conseler
Great free tracking app for the 21 day fix
I agree with the other reviews, having read several. They all seem very positive. A few good ideas I picked up from the other reviews would be a place for a before and after picture and also access to some recipes. Having completed the 21 day fix program a few times without the app before using the app I can honestly say that the app makes everything so much easier and keeps me more accountable. It's streamlined is clear as to what to do and I'm very impressed with the app.
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7 years ago, Lwgrl
Excellent app to help keep on track
I have been using 21 day fix off and on for years. This app makes is so much easier. It helps you keep track of your containers, What goes in each container, water consumption and the recommended workout. The only thing I wish it had was a transformation tracker that allowed you to keep track weekly as opposed to from the beginning and at the end. I measure every Monday to see my progress but I have to right it down instead of entering in the app. This small addition would be really helpful
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7 years ago, Joeyhous
This app is great at tracking. Simply put it keeps you accountable for what you are doing right and where you may need to focus some attention. Helps you during the day to remember where you're going by being able to glance back for direction. The app also helps you at the end of the day when you , like I , may need to add a fruit or a veggie. (Perfect for finding where some snacks can come from.) USE THIS APP!! It will help you transform your mind body and soul folks ! Transforming what you've been squeezing into the jeans is just simply "gravy."
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6 years ago, Jennifer Gordon
21 day fix made easy
This app is so great! A few years ago I had to write out everything and stick it on my fridge now I found this app and it’s super convenient and easy to use! 21 day fix is the ONLY thing that works for me! I’ve been on it now for 22 days and have lost 7.5 inches.. I don’t know my weight because I don’t go by the scale.. but 7.5 inches in 22 days I’ll take it! So now I’m on. Day 2 of my second round and I ordered 21 day extreme to start after this round!! Super excited! My goal is to get fit before I turn 40 in November!
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7 years ago, Mamy109
Love this ap!
This ap is amazing! It makes tracking your 21DF/21DFX workouts and meals soooo much easier! However, as another reviewer mentioned, I wish you could use decimals in your before/after stats (example: 135.4 pounds, 11.5 inches). I also wish there was a meal plan option for the countdown to competition plan and not solely the standard fix plans. Additionally, I would love to see an option for the vegan meal plan as the container allowances differ significantly. I love that the ap includes a list of everything you can have in the containers. Overall, a great ap that could use some minor updates/improvements.
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6 years ago, NYC to PHL
Please include calorie bracket moderators!
The app is great, but it would be a huge improvement if they added different moderators for the calorie bracket calculator such as a different calculation for those that need those extra 500 calories for breastfeeding, which puts their caloric intake in a different bracket than if they weren’t. Together with that, the calculator should be able to take into account if you are trying to maintain, lose, or gain weight, without having to manually add or remove container. Just a suggestion that would simplify the app a lot for those of us that need to modify something!
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4 years ago, Lady market g
Best calorie counting app ever!
I hate trying to go to every place on the App Store to try and find a calorie counter that is right for me. 21 day fix tracker is the best app I could need. It is amazing. Instead of spending time scanning barcodes and being told that I am over by .5 calories, this app is an amazing way to track. It does not keep track of your exact calories, it keeps track of your portions. This is the best app and I hope that many people will find it helpful.
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7 years ago, eroybal
Amazing app!
It's always difficult keeping everything organized when you're tracking weight, measurements, meals, workouts, etc! This app help keeps track of almost everything! I would love to see a link to beach body on demand and a link for recipes. It would also be nice to be able to keep track of multiple rounds of 21 day fix, rather than only the reset. For those that have a longer journey, it would be nice to keep track of the results as each round is kept. It wouldn't hurt to add the ability to take/upload pics. :) I love this app!
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6 years ago, Karen8264
Love the app but....
I love this app but I have noticed a good many foods missing from the containers list. I am the type of person that needs it in writing in order to follow it.....so I had to screen shot the full container menu and will have to flip back and forth between the two to complete the container count...if this could be fixed that would make it a lot better for me....I am also doing the work out associated with the eating plan and I love it! Beach body keep up the amazing work for those of us that do not want to go to a gym and workout in front of others❤️
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5 years ago, Jayme.W
Needs some work to help busy people
If you just want to look at a days view, this app is great. However, this would work sooo much better if there was basic reporting: view of your week, month, etc to help you see where your pitfalls are so that from week to week you can add more of the foods you are not consuming and feel good about the workouts you have completed. Prompts on what to add the rest of today would also be great. It would be an exceptional app if, like MyFitnessPal, you could simply tell it what you ate, upload recipes, and it would populate the containers for you. For now, it just doesn’t have enough features to use it.
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7 years ago, Movie Watcher10
Good Tracker
I used this app for 21 Day and 21 Day Extreme, and now, Maintenance. I need for it to be a little more user friendly - but with trial and error, I was able to figure things out (i.e., still haven't quite wrangled the Maintenance tab). I agree with the previous post - sometimes it freezes up in your notes and you lose some or all of your information. But I'm sure someone's working on it that glitch, right? Also, Could there possibly be another app to work with the all the other BOD programs? Would love it!
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7 years ago, Kdkosmo
Vegan meal plan option?
I wish this app had the option to select if you are a meat eater or not. I’m following the vegan meal plan offered online however this app only has the option to track as a meat eater. It seems at set up when I entered my gender and weight, I should have also been able to select vegan or not. Very user friendly otherwise so I hope this enhancement is something you consider. Thanks!
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7 years ago, LizziLeigh
Love it but one note to help
This app is great! I have the full program and it's the perfect pair to help track everything. My only note is that if you're doing this for weight loss, you need to put in your target weight instead of your current weight so that you see the right portions of everything. Since there's an easy formula to get your target calorie range in the meal plan, it would be easier if the app let you pick that vs automatically filling it in based on your current weight.
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7 years ago, Mrs.Hansen
A nice addition to help me succeed!
This is my first round doing the 21 Day Fix so naturally I was all for any tool that would help aid me in my success. I love that I can take this with me anywhere and if I forget what's on the 'approved' list of foods while at the grocery store I can pull it up on this app. I also love that I don't have to log the specific foods I eat like the 'My Fitness Pal' app. Sometimes this app glitches when in the daily 'notes' so I gave up and bought a journal to diary the food combinations I'm doing instead.
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4 months ago, etáin
doesn't seem to be working anymore
This app is the best and most streamlined I've used for tracking containers and workouts in the Beachbody system, but it no longer seems to work. Every time I try and enter the day tracker it automatically crashes and closes. Too bad- the other apps out there for tracking either don’t have enough options or are full of annoying stuff I don’t need. Wishing I could revive this somehow.
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7 years ago, Jeancdo
I finished through the entire round 1 of 21 day fix. I lost 5 lbs. This is great. I also realized that I made a mistake and did not calorie count so on certain days I ended up eating maintenance calories instead of weight loss calories. Once I fixed this error I could feel the pounds shedding. Now that I know where my mistakes fell, I am doing round 2 now with no modifications and correct calorie calculations. Thank you so much Autumn and Beachbody!
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7 years ago, Ripchips4
Amazing app
Wow! Such a great app! Being a busy mom, it's so easy to keep track of everything! Easy to use! I love how you can also track exercises from other programs from beach body on demand, as I like to mix it up a bit or add an additional workout for the day! I'm on round 3 of the fix extreme, with amazing results so far! This app does all the thinking for you, so you can focus on a healthier you! Highly recommend!
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3 months ago, Changedman33(2014)
Love this app
I love this app. I’ve used it a few different times. I do think it would be nice if you could switch the versions from the regular plan, to the vegan plan, or even a Mediterranean plan. I know that they do have the different plans online, but it would be nice to be able to easily track them as a different option on the app.
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7 years ago, Karinnv1
Great app
I am truly loving this app and the program itself. I finally feel I found something that is teaching me how to eat real food regularly. My only recommendation is when I click on a container and it lists the options of what I can have, can it also list at the top, in parenthesis the size - 1 cup, 2 cups, etc, that the container is. I struggle a little to remember when I go out to eat.
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4 years ago, smdriggers85
Love it, just one prob
I love the app in its entirety. However, there is one little thing I’d like to see fixed. When writing in the note section, say logging your foods for the day, please make it to where it scrolls and the keyboard can drop down. As of right now, I can only see so much of the screen where I am writing and can’t see past the keyboard. Therefore, I am not able to write everything in that section that I need to. Please consider this. Thanks!
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5 years ago, emmy95668:
Great App for Tracking
I love how the app calculates your containers and it allows you to keep track of your containers for 21 days for your meals and snacks. It also has a notes section so you can add tidbits that may be important to you as well! The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 is because it does not store your information after you’ve completed a 21 day rotation. So you lose your precious information when you start another round of 21 days.
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6 years ago, Prehistoric pregnant riff raff
Great app, but needs a tweak
This is a very helpful app for keeping track of your macros. You can use it for 21 Day Fix or other Beachbody programs (most of them include the Fix containers now anyway). I really wish they would update the app to have an option for vegetarian/vegan. There is a booklet that includes the container counts for that, but I love the convenience of using the app & it’d be so much easier to be able to have those container counts available in it.
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7 years ago, Momofthreenow
Super Helpful
I love the ease of this app, I have an iPhone and this app is the perfect tool to help keep me on track. The one thing I feel it is missing is the ability to plan meals. I'd like to be able to input my planned meals for the day so if I have to leave my house, I have my meals all planned out and in front of me. Just to help stay more accountable, and keep the planning going. I also wish there was an easy 'water button'. But hey, even without it, I love this app!!
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7 years ago, Pugmom1987
Nice if all of it worked
I like the app a lot. Easy to use and track my daily intake and workouts. However, the extreme workouts freezes all the time. I only get far enough into it to enter my measurements and then everything freezes and I have to close the app out manually. Then when you try to find a way to report an issue with the app it only takes you to the Beach Body website and no where that I can find actually has a place to report an app issue.
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7 years ago, Chefs dream
Great App Keeps me in track!
The app is great the only thing that's odd for me is the amount I came up with in the book is not the same as what came up with just my weight in the app. Since the book was higher I am tracking according to the app knowing where I came go a little over if needed according to the book. So far down a couple pounds and feeling good! Just started!!
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6 years ago, Mary_MD
Vegetarian option please!!
I am doing 80 day obsession not 21 day fix but I love this app. It is so helpful to make sure I am getting all the containers. I do wish there was a vegetarian option. I just substitute the meat for meatless options but it is different so hopefully I am getting all my macros :) That’s the only thing I could even think of you doing better, everything else is great and seems to be effective. Thanks for all the great tools Beachbody!
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3 years ago, trellobiaffra
The Best
I have been working on my eating for years. And I was already aware of portion size. But this app helps put together how many servings of each type of food I should be eating at a time. It has been a game changer. I spent 42 days just focusing on my eating, and I lost 6 pounds. And I am a menopausal 51 year old woman. Looking forward to adding workouts and increasing the weight loss.
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6 years ago, Big chief76
So far so good but.....
I just started using the app and I think it is very helpful. There is one problem. When typing in notes on the note screen it does not allow you to see anything below my keyboard. I have to keep exiting put of the page and reenter just to see the notes below my keyboard. If the ability to scroll was available that would be useful. Other than that I like it.
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7 years ago, Workinout2
I'm on day 18, and just found this app, this is going to be a game changer moving forward!! Just getting the workouts done without skipping a day, and eating as clean as possible is good enough for the first time through. I'm going to start from the beginning when I finish, and be more struck following the eating plan, this app is going to make it a breeze!
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6 years ago, But I'm working?
Great App; One suggestion!
I love the app it makes keeping track super easy! However, I wish at the end you could press a button and it would create a spreadsheet of the past 21 days that I could save. This would be useful for keeping track of how I did, and where I slipped up. Also, I could use it to compare each time I did the diet.
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7 years ago, Future BSN, RN
Free app for weight loss-yes please!
The fact that this app is free plus so well done...is why i use it over and over! Very useful to help track everything-you can get caught up day to day and forget what containers you have consumed- this makes it easy and mindless plus its a very helpful grocery list. Only reason i gave 4 and not 5 stars is because it continually defaults to my original measurements/weight despite entering progress.
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6 years ago, lula mom
Easy to use
I love this app! It’s easy to use, and I love that you can click on the container color and all the foods in that category show up. If I need to adjust anything I can at any time. I also like that you can do the 3-day quick fix and it has the maintenance tracker as well. It’s nice that this app is so much more then a 1 time use.
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6 years ago, jmm318
Need vegan options
Very helpful tool. I think the app is simple and effective the only problem is it needs a vegan option. I get different containers and food lists and I’m having to go between the website for the vegan plan and the tracker. It would be so much easier if I could just switch to vegan in this app. Please change this, I can’t be the only vegan trying this app/plan thinking this.
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5 years ago, TXJaxon
Awesome app, but needs one item fixed
I love this app, and, as other reviewers have mentioned, I’m not sure I would have made it through without it. Having the ability to easily track my portions within a few clicks made it a no brainer. My biggest complaint is that the body measurements tab only accepts round numbers, no decimal or fractions. It would be much more accurate results of your measurements if this were updated/fixed.
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7 years ago, Tmpellet
Great app, needs small update
I absolutely love the ease of this app! The one thing I would do is update the list of exercise options. None of the new programs are available. I always have to use 'other'. I'm pretty sure some of the current options aren't used as often as some newer programs like Cize or Country Heat etc . Could the list get a dust off? Still a great app though! Thanks!
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7 years ago, Jriggle
Easy to use
This app makes it very easy to track your containers and progress. You can also easily see what foods are recommended for each container, which is very helpful. I never used the tally sheets before because they were so easy to forget. With this app at my fingertips I never forget to track my food!
Show more
7 years ago, DriftingEarth
Simple & useful, but needs decimals for measurements
This app is really useful and means you don't have to carry paper and pen to track your containers. But an older version of the app let you put in decimals for your measurements, which is important for accuracy. I'm not sure why that went away, but please bring it back! It means I track my measurements outside of the app now, and I'd love for it all to be in one place.
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