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User Reviews for 23andMe - DNA Testing

4.82 out of 5
498.3K Ratings
3 years ago, give it ip
Feeling a life time void
Finding a first cousin on my dads side was a God sent. He was the last of that generation. He was able to shed light on my grandparents from Italy. His older brother was the one that played with my dad when they where little unfortunately the two family split when settling in California. My blessing came when my son gave me this 23 & me to do my DNA. He sat with me talking to the Perri side I was scared as I did not know of my dad till my mother passed away. I was just 30 years of age. Met my dad but his wife and only two sons did not want to connect. Had secret meetings with my dad for 17 years till he passed. He tried & wanted to they did not. It hurt not to really share with my kids so I stopped. So this 23 helped me to connect with this cousin that filled in the missing links I needed and treasure dearly. Unfortunately he passed away in May 2021. What a treasure he exposed of my family. I never laugh so hard he revealed to me that the family where always having there secrets. That I was not alone. I pray one day to be able to visit Calabria Italy. Where my grandparents on my dad side was from. I still don’t know that much about my moms side especially the Spaniard & Portuguese side. My mom mother passed when she was 10 years of age. Her mom was from Mexico. So I really would like to know the rest of my story. Thank You for your good work. It’s been amazing. A 23 & Me follower.
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6 years ago, CptDanno
Satisfying app but where’s the iPad vers/ & why isn’t data viz better?
The main service/product that 23andMe delivers to their customers is data, and so how that data is presented is absolutely clutch to the experience and paramount in achieving satisfying results. For the most part this is delivered on the iPhone, but opening that same app at double-pixels on an iPad is disappointing. Also, the data visualizations could’ve been delivered with a bit more pizzazz. The newer iPhones and especially iPads have processors that can render 3-D graphics and data visualizations. Taking this a step further, the app developer could make the visualizations interactive, especially considering the touchscreen nature of mobile devices. In summary, the service is cool & interesting and the app manages to display your data to you in a fine enough manner along with unobtrusive tutorials, questionnaires, FAQ, and other helpful things. I reserved the fifth star from this review bc they really should have a native app for the iPad, and the data visualizations should shine a bit more with Apple’s faster processors in the later iOS device generations.
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5 years ago, imannaclaire
Not bad but could improve some functionality
Overall it’s a good app. User friendly for the most part and a beautiful interface. That being said, it could use some improvements. There’s no actual messaging section so if you want to message a relative, you have to go to that persons profile and click message. It would be great if there was a section totally dedicated to messaging where you can access them at the same time. There’s no notification that tells you when you get a new message either. You just get an email which can get a little excessive. Also sometimes when you try to send a message, the messaging function will randomly just close out in the middle of sending a message. Same when you try to put anything in the “how can we improve this feature” section. When you try to enter cities relatives were born in it doesn’t always work. You’ll select a city and it disappears similar to how the messaging function just closes you out. There’s also A LOT OF INFO so sometimes it’s kind of hard to find your way around because some sections are sort of arbitrarily labeled. I sometimes struggle to remember how to get back to things I’m looking for. These things don’t keep me from enjoying it though. It’s just a bit frustrating and I feel they could be easily fixed. When you consider the amount of information you get in this one app, these issues are minor and I hope 23 and me will fix them in the future because it could be great.
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5 years ago, Bullet11-182
Would recommend
It’s about as good as an app could be that hasn’t figured out scrolling on a phone. Yes, when you are answering questions, it doesn’t let you scroll to see all the answers, making all the research they collect inaccurate. The only other thing that needs work is connecting with relatives. Location is a filter that can’t be applied by itself, why? It also takes some wild guesses at close relatives, but it’s still pretty impressive. The ancestry is really good and the health leaves a lot to be desired. The single most important thing about the app is that they keep refining and improving! The more information(also money) they get, the more accurate results they get. If you decide to buy it, you can keep coming back to see if they have more accurate results for you. They don’t just take your money(and saliva) and run, they use it to get better! As mentioned earlier, health isn’t worth the money yet at least, but I don’t feel too disappointed because I’m hopeful it will be improved later and if not, the ancestry was worth the money itself. I was also happily surprised by the noteworthy people in history that you share DNA with. It’s a nice little value add that may be unique to 23&me. It’s also has an intuitive layout that’s easy to navigate for the most part. Keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, Fayth S.
New Updates Make Ancestry Less Accurate
The past couple updates at 23andMe have increasingly made the ancestry information less accurate and less informative. With each new update, it seems that although we get more detailed genetic trait information (hair type, cilantro taste, etc.), the ancestry part of this genetic test that I actually paid for and wanted information on gets dumbed down to the point of only one country and ethnicity being shown and no other information exists that used to be available. Before these updates, my ancestry information was more accurate to what is known in our family history and even included some interesting possible other ancestry and now that part of my known ancestry plus all other data, except one, was erased. 23andMe has been making a lot of improvements in their genetic traits and medical information features and that’s great but if they also continued to make improvements on their ancestry feature and not dumb it down as a result, this ancestry/genetic test company would be great and I would highly recommend to others that are curious about their ancestry and genetic traits. As of right now, I definitely would not recommend the test for ancestry and would only recommend if you’re interested in seeing your genetic traits and health information.
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3 years ago, 333ctp777
User friendly app and my favorite testing service
The app is very easy to navigate and has most of the same features as the desktop website. 23andMe in general has been a very positive experience for me. The research I’ve done matches up nearly perfectly with my results, especially after the update. The one thing they got incorrect in the update was lumping my German percentage into my British & Irish, despite having documented ancestors from there. I liked the relative matches, and they were easy for my older family members to understand. The traits were interesting as well, most of them were accurate for me. This is also the only testing service I could find at a decent price that tests Neanderthal DNA and paternal/maternal haplogroups (these were not too in depth but still fascinating nonetheless). I’m yet to get my health results but I plan on doing so in the near future. I have friends from many different ethnic backgrounds who have taken the test, and all of them are satisfied with their results as well.
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3 years ago, GimmeDatThang
Been a customer for years and enjoying the information given
I enjoy the service but I do have a few observations. What I’m finding is that distant relatives don’t all show in the app versus the desktop version. That’s disturbing because you have people who only access the service through mobile devices using the app. And they will never see certain dna cousin connections. And on top of that you have a new pricing tier to show more relatives. That’s another barrier to discovery for members. I’d like to see a revamp more friendly navigable version of your discussion boards and internal dna relative email reply system. There are other app and desktop enhancements you cam make to make the user experience better but you’d have to hire me as a customer UI/UX analyst. (SMILE) I know it’s still a burgeoning industry and that our ethnic composition are all algorithmic based estimates but it’s fun to match the hard paper genealogy research with what’s found in my 23&Me results. Functionality of the service aside I continue to enjoy the service and what I’m finding out about me and my family’s dna journey.
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3 years ago, Thatchels
Excitement Replaced Anxiety
I love that the 23andMe app does so well at explaining each step of the process from sending the kit out to how to use the kit and how each step after they receive the kit will go. It’s very upfront about expectations and lists them in easy and digestible ways! It walks you through each step! The app uses short videos, graphics, and written text to explain just what the 3-4 week wait is for. It demystifies the process and makes me feel safe sending my sample to them. I have used another service previously and it’s send the sample and don’t hear back for a month. For an anxious person like me, I want to know what are you doing?! 23andMe let’s me know each step of the process and makes the wait fun and exciting. You can do little questionnaires or connect with family members. I love that I can easily give or withdraw consent of my data by using the app. It creates feelings of trust and concern for the customer and I appreciate that! I wish I had used 23andMe the first time and not the other service but better late than never!
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3 years ago, Bekkah<3
Loved This App Until It Wouldn’t Load!
Loved the service, got my results back in under a month. I loved the app for a while though, until it wouldn’t load my DNA Relatives section. It’s been glitchy here and there since I downloaded but I haven’t been able to view my DNA Relatives section in weeks, takes forever loading only to give me an error that something went wrong. I understand how the algorithm works & why you get certain results, but I really wish they had a better Western Armenian population for comparison as they considered that side to be Turkish just because my relatives were from Malatya & Chunkush/Cungus Turkey, before the Armenian Genocide ravaged the Ottoman Empire. My family barely escaped & not without our losses. If you knew what that was & how the country of Armenia came to be, you’d understand why a lot of Armenians are frustrated with being labeled as Turkish because we probably won’t ever match many from the country of Armenia today. Hopefully that and the bugs get fixed soon too.
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5 years ago, klmckay
My experience using 23&me
I recently joined after my daughter did. Being an attorney who believes in the adage “trust but verify”, i did a lot of reading prior to joining & became sufficiently comfortable to want to take part in some research. (one can opt out at any time). This site is fascinating & addicting! (much more so for me than FB used to be). It’s exciting to see names of relatives of mine that I haven’t heard in years & be able to send a safe msg through the site to reacquaint. It is fascinating to see names of people I recall my parents talking about when I was a child & contact their offspring who are my DNA relatives. And people have messaged me looking to explore relatives we have in common. I found I share DNA with well over 1,000 people who have participated in 123&me. and the site shows a map of countries in which those DNA relatives are likely from or live now. At the least, the educational offerings on this site are worth exploring if you are thinking about finding relatives and exploring your heritage & your personality.
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5 years ago, Sbelmont73
It Happened to Me!
I never thought this site would actually help me find family, but I’m here to tell you it’s possible! I joined this site about 4 years ago in hopes of finding some of my bio family on my father’s side. I never met him and he never knew I existed. Until October 4, 2018. A possible 2nd cousin reached out to me and it turned out he’s my nephew. He led me to his dad- my 1/2 brother. He then led me to my biological father who is 80 years old now. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster but if you are hoping to find relatives- it’s definitely possible. I talk to my bio dad every week and we’ve exchanged a lot of photos and cards. I have 6 new 1/2 siblings and their families. My brother has been amazing and we are planning a vacation to meet in person this summer. We’ve been making up for lost time with cards, gifts, texts, FaceTime and lots of conversations. I’m very grateful for this site and what it has brought me! I went from being an only child to all this family!! Thank you 23andMe!!
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3 months ago, Lilome35
Not as user friendly but informative
It wasn't as user friendly as I would have imagined. The family tree is difficult to see who's from where and doesn't let you fill in information of any deceased family that I've found so far. I'm really having to jump around to figure out what I'm looking at. There's also not much clarity on privacy. The verbiage on privacy settings is setup as if the user already uunderstands categories and how they work which I did not as a new user setting up before results. I'm adopted and was aiming for as much privacy as possible until I'm ready to possibly reach out or be visible to everyone. Finding new family is something I hope to enter into carefully and full thought. This is life changing and there doesn't seem to be much thought put into that portion. Otherwise, I've found it very informative and most of the dna markers of possible appearance and traits are very close to accurate. I'd recommend but maybe not if you're not sure if you're ready to be discovered by family in an adoption situation.
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6 years ago, A Libby52
Very much worth the investment!
I actually received my kit as a Christmas gift. I grew up not knowing who my dad was. My mom was up front with me about what happened back in 1964 and she had an idea of who it was but wasn’t positive. Taking this DNA test confirmed who he was. I’ve since been in touch with a cousin 23andMe matched me with and was able to get pics of my grandmother and great grandmother on my dad’s side. It was very exciting! Her dad was my dad’s cousin. Unfortunately, he lost all the pics he had of them in a flood. I looked for my dad and discovered he passed away back in 1994 so that was disappointing. I would have loved to know more about him. My mom passed before I took this test and she would have been so happy to know I found family. If you are reading this review and wondering if you should try it, please do! It’s fun to see where all the people are in the world who share DNA with you! It’s wild to be 52 and finally learn who your dad is!
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1 year ago, 23andMeUser
Worst Support Ever
I tried to contact support about my storage accidentally being chosen to be discarded. There is no warning message and it can be easily and accidentally clicked on. There’s no option to undo it if you do accidentally click on it. I asked support if they can undo it, they took a while to escalate it. Then had a question about the surveys but was disconnected. When i tried to connect again to ask my second question the next agent didn't let me talk at all and said i see you talked with someone already have a good day. Two other people did that… i don’t know why i cant even ask a second question. It was very rude and repetitive. I finally got connected and when i went to log in for verification they left the conversation and the chat disappeared with my question. It was overall a bad experience and made me lose trust. Waiting for either a refund or new kit. Customer service was the worst-Lei was not helpful at all. Win and sophia didnt even let me talk. I feel really disappointed and unheard when i have questions about the application user experience and my sample. This is not okay.
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2 years ago, Samwel Juan Scuzame
Sublett Family Tree - Straight line especially the Mom’s
A number of years back I heard about 2 Doctorate Ladies at Stanford University who were experts at DNA analysis. I joined their business, 23andMe, because of an immediate trust that I felt inside. A good-gut-feeling if you will. I win I won. Yeah. Separately At This Writing: I have my family tree, genealogy, that goes back to the late 1400’s, and I would turn it over to 23andMe for evaluation and proof if you will. And then ask 23andMe for a lovely printout to hang on my homes wall. (smile) This note will likely not be received well by my special 2 Doctorate Lady Friends at 23andMe: I have self-developed information that I would hope to share with you regarding a very well known unsolved horrendous infamous Bay Area crime. [You might suggest that I take my assumptions to Law Enforcement. Been there done that - and have always received a blank stare followed by ~ that’s not an open case ~ and thus I simply exit.] Nevertheless, what I have discovered has merit and ‘the case’ will only be solved by DNA experts - such as the best of the best, 23andMe. My Story: “Madman's Homily”, by Samuel John Sublett, copyright, all rights reserved 1989 to Present. P.S. - I’ll drive to your office where we can share thoughts. If you consider my story to not have merit I will graciously depart. If you believe my story has merit - I will promote you to my dying day…(smile)…
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5 years ago, Cody.Ray
Low functionality, high style
It’s an attractive application, but its functionality as far as user autonomy/interaction is low. There is no in-app messaging feature (so connecting/staying connected with DNA relatives is difficult). If you message a relative and they message you back, if the app doesn’t notify you that they responded (and it doesn’t always), you won’t know that person has messaged you unless you circumnavigate the labyrinth of features back to that particular user’s DNA profile. Another one of the biggest failures of this app is that it does not orient based on how you’re holding your mobile device. It only works if you’re holding your mobile device upright. So if you are using a tablet on its side, the app doesn’t adjust to that orientation. Overall, all it really does is passively allow you to absorb colorful information with your mobile device when you’re holding said device in an upright orientation. Don’t expect to be able to interact with the application or actively use any of the information with it.
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2 years ago, gotgetxhebdine
Found my biological family after 50 years!!
I took the 23 &me dna test and found a 1st cousin! It was amazing!!!!!! I was adopted when I was 2 days old. My adoptive parents was amazing!!!! They adopted 6 biracial children on top of the 3 beautiful daughters they already had. We was told from the time that I can remember that we was adopted. I grew up always wandering if I had biological siblings but never knew where to look. For my 50th birthday my wife bought a 23&me dna kit. I took the test and sent it in and within weeks I got a message that I had a 1st cousin!! I was shocked!! I contacted him and then eventually was able to talk to my biological mom, it’s been nothing short of a miracle!! The relationship I have with her and my bio siblings is awesome! In January of 2022 my moms met for the first time ever!! It was AMAZING!! The best birthday present ever!! Wouldn’t of been possible without 23 &me! Thank you for all yo do!!!
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3 years ago, MysticRey2414
Getting impatient
I’m a bit upset. My test has been in the prep stage for a few weeks now and I finally got a notification that my sample didn’t have enough DNA in it. I followed all instructions and my sample still failed. I think it’s ridiculous because I never had an issue with ancestry’s dna kit. Now I have to wait several more weeks, hopefully my test will work this time. I’m super into my ancestry and have been doing lots of research. Really hoping to not be let down again. Edit: ok maybe I was a bit harsh. I am still frustrated about my results not being processed/test failing, however my mother received her results today and it was awesome! We’ve had a blast figuring out how to navigate and seeing new dna matches that weren’t on ancestry. Can’t wait to do more digging tomorrow and really can’t wait to redo my test! Hope it works
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2 years ago, All Around the World-1234
Shared matches are not seeing each other
Hi I hope you and yours are doing well! I and many other DNA matches are having issues. We show matching to each other but not all us? For example: I show that “A” is matching to me and five other DNA matches but “A” goes to look at those five DNA matches to see how they are connected to them, 3 of the matches are not showing up for A? When clearly on my end I’m showing that they should be matching to them because the system shows that we are shared DNA matches,over 20cm. Another example is I am a profile manager for my uncle and he is showing shared matches to one family line. I reached out to one of the persons on that line and asked them if they could tell me how they show matching to my uncle but they can’t pull him up but I clearly show that he is matching to them. And it’s not just happening to me there have been other people saying they are seeing the same issues. Is there a fix in the works? thank you
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4 years ago, Ghgffcfsshj
App Doesn’t Work Great
The app is refreshing every 20 seconds so you’ll be reading something halfway down a page but if you can’t get it all read in 20 seconds the page refreshes and starts you back at the top so you have to scroll down like 20 times to finish reading something. It wasn’t always like this but after the update like 4 months ago this is how it always is now. I find it too frustrating to use the app which makes me very disappointed. And I don’t love that I’ve paid into this company and now they want more money to give me updated features, people who’ve paid $150 for their test should just get any updated features as they come for free. I like the idea of finding out what I’m made of and finding family who I didn’t know I had but the app is refreshing so much I can’t even use it, wish I could. This company has a good start but they seem to be going downhill fast with apps that aren’t working properly to now charging more for information that should have been included in the original costs.
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2 years ago, AppointedByGod
So inaccurate
All my ancestry results were wrong…. My traits … my relatives … everything…. I can actually trace my family and where we come from and 23 and me was 100 % wrong. My results were as far fetched as telling someone from India they are not Indian but all their family is from Ireland… or telling someone from Ireland their parents , grandparents and great grandparents are all from west Africa… when I questioned a supervisor about my results they were not accountable, and had no logical explanation, I honestly believe 23 and me is a scam. It has a rating of 1 at the bbb better business bureau, and I wish I checked this before using. I do not recommend!! Save your money!!! Do not buy!! This is good for someone who doesn’t know anything about their relatives and will then believe anything that is told to them… not for someone who knows… they are either blatantly lying or making guesses… some may be correct but mine is absolutely wrong! You have a better chance doing Google searches or using Facebook to do ancestry searches and find relatives.
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6 years ago, Blah blah32
One of the unlucky ones...
This is not a bad review for the app, but for the entire system of 23andMe. I seem to be one of the unlucky few that has very little DNA to be sampled from my saliva. On both attempts to submit samples I expressly followed the directions; in fact I did it first thing in the morning after waking up. Not only did the first attempt take forever to actually get to the destination for testing, I had to wait forever to actually find out that it failed. And now with the second attempt I am completely discouraged with this entire experience. I was really looking forward to finding out more about myself through genetic testing, but it is not meant to be. Perhaps I will try through another competing service and actually find out if it’s my problem or theirs. I also find the lack of direct customer service contact through the app a huge disappointment, and can’t help to wonder if it’s because they want to put the blame on the participants instead of their services. I will take my refund and gladly not participate in any of their services again.
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4 years ago, Delta 0917
Ugh! This is infuriating
So I’m trying to register my kit on my 23 and me app. I received the confirmation email and clicked on it. It said that my email had been confirmed, so I go back to the app and it doesn’t do anything. I reread some of the instructions and found out that if you are using the Gmail app instead of the Mail app, the confirmation address should be copied and pasted and put into Safari. No big deal, I did that. It said that my email had been confirmed and I go back to the app once more. Finally it did something, until it said “oops something went wrong try again”. I tried this dozens of times. Every different way I could conceive of confirming my email and having it go through to the app. This has been unsuccessful. I’m not sure if it’s the app, or if it’s me, or if it’s the website. But I am not happy and I would like some help dealing with this. P.S. This hasn’t happened to just me. My dad is having the same troubles as I am.
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5 years ago, NanaJas
So exciting!
Our adult children bought my husband and I these kits for Christmas, and because u procrastinate haha we finally sent them in this week :-) I was shocked to see how quickly they received and are processing our kits! I’m Very impressed with their service so far! Last night we did the questionnaires and I got so into it I ended up doing all of them - over 1100 questions total haha it was fun and interesting. I’m really looking forward to getting our results by the middle of June, and then I will add the Health part which is very important to me. I also think it’s definitely a fair price. So far I am extremely satisfied with this company and the whole process. I also love that they have a simple app for my iPhone so I can access it easily. Hope this helps whoever is reading this.
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4 years ago, _ninhursag
As part of a discussion with my husband we decided to get our DNA tested. I was really excited to use 23andme because I'm adopted and wanted the health reports since I didn't have that information. My husband on the other hand opted for Ancestry and we have been debating on which service is better. I've been trying to defend 23andme since I know that it's a fairly new company and I do think you started the edge with the health reports. But now other companies offer health reports so it doesn't make it so competitive anymore. It's also extremely disappointing that you can sell users information to drug companies but cannot update their profiles regularly. My husband's DNA on the other hand is updated every three months with Ancestry. I do hope with the money you received from selling your users information,you can further your databases because if I'm being honest I'm close to just getting Ancestry. It'd be enjoyable to actually get valid and consice information about your DNA
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3 years ago, Crystalight😜
Great concept... just not enough!! Gggg
I was so psyched to do the 23 & me DNA test... specially since I don’t know my heritage... family... health predispositions!! I received the kit as a gift from my friend, which makes the disappointment allot less painful. I thought that I would.. like the commercials show.. solve mysteries, gain this incredible new insight... etc. The results are minimal & somewhat cryptic. I was happy to find out pretty much what I already knew.. I’m white, if I eat too much I’ll get fat & have high cholesterol & by age 90 I’ll lose my marbles!! The health information portion is even more-so cryptic & vague I suppose to keep the hypochondriacs from having a nervous breakdown. So I bought the 23 & me plus... which further fueled my frustration. Anyway long review even longer... between Prometheus & Genomlink I’ve finally unlocked my DNA’s deep dark secrets. I do give 23 & me the credit for processing my saliva into letters & numbers!!! Btw.. the app works great!!
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6 years ago, vulnavia007
No “connections” option
My partner and I both goth 23andMe kits about a month ago, to find out about both ancestry and health reports. Everything was super interesting and I’m glad I did it, however, for some reason his app shows a “Connections” option that can access your DNA relatives via the app but my app does NOT. When I emailed the customer service they informed there was no way currently to access DNA relatives via the app, even though I stated in my email my partner had that capability. Also, I just updated the app and it says that with the current update you get the “Connections” option, but alas, to no avail. I even deleted the app and reinstalled, STILL no “Connections” option...? WTH 23andMe?? I paid the same amount for my kit and my iPhone is the same generation as my partner’s IPhone, IOS is fully updated and yet he has access to more features?!
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6 years ago, rdhenze
The sharing improvements are welcome
How difficult would it be to add a legend for the colored dots next to DNA relative matches? I can’t find where you state for what they stand. Also, it would be good if 23&me were to add a section about the focus of the actual genetics research underway: we want to know what you know as you are learning more. I’ve answered a lot of Research Questions, which appear to be piped in by entities seeking to capitalize on findings drawing on our DNA and answers — not just 23&me. So, I’d like to know — succinctly and clearly — just what are 23&me’s data access and release policies? And disclosure about data belonging to your test subjects to insurance companies (or any financial leveraging of that data for remuneration from those who seek it for insurance or pharmaceutical or other business interests? Not buried in a 6-pt font, 20 page document that refers us all over your websites.
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3 years ago, kparkslpn77
Found my father
I bought this to prove that my brothers father was my father too. Imagine my surprise when my father ended up being a one night stand with a married man….. I found him here when I got my results and when I contacted him he thought I was a scammer. He called 23 and Me and they assured him it was real. I hope to meet with him in November when he comes back to our state. I hope everyone has a good result. I am having difficulty with filling in my tree but that’s probably just me. I hope to find out more about myself and my family genetics. I love how they tell me my likelihood of certain diseases and I have a strong history of cancer in my family. Although it can’t tell me with 100% certainty it does help ease my mind.
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6 years ago, Jude-d
Accessibility problems
No accessibility repairs have been made in the research section and t is September 8, 2018; the first part of this review I wrote in August of 2017. I logged in using voiceover and found out I’m going to need sighted assistance again; that was needed to create my account in the first place. The reason the health survey profile questions do not speak with voiceover and the paragraphs do not speak either. I’ve already read one unuseable review on this app and I didn’t write that one. Accessibility improvements are needed here and some programmer will hae to audit this app with voiceover turned on to find all of the errors. So what do you do with a research question that asks what do you do when it has a yes or no answer attached to it for VoiceOver users? No accessibility improvements apparent with updates since I wrote the original review; this resarch question is by way of a supplement to my original review.
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4 years ago, Make The Save
Biological Parents found!
I did the DNA test about 2 years ago. I received the test as a Christmas present from my late wife’s mother. She knew my mom was adopted. She wanted to help find my biological family. My mother was adopted. We never knew who her biological parents were. We first found her birth mother. A second cousin reached out to me. We communicated to see how we were related. I told her my mother was adopted. Boy when I told her that it was on! She and another relative were on a mission to link the gene line. It didn’t take long for them to put the pieces together. Come to find out my mother has 3 half bothers. Neither of the bothers knew about my mom. Contact was made with one of the bothers. They have met a few times. They live about 1 1/2 hours from each other. A half sister showed up about a month ago. My mother and her half sister have different haplogroup DNA. So we knew this had to be from her biological fathers side. Contact was made with the half sister just the other day. We are currently putting the pieces together. Most of the half sisters and bothers are in their 70’s. Wow, all theses years and neither knew of my moms existence. THANK YOU 23 & ME!!!!!! Scott
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3 years ago, ncandres
May be the best option for some
The app works well, I have had no issues. I removed two stars based on changes to information received. I have the health and genetics package and spent time taking surveys that provided my health information. Unfortunately, 23 and me came out with a new more expensive package that gives health information the health package I purchased can’t receive. The greater annoyance is the new health information I don’t have access to used my survey of health information that I provided. I would give this five stars if they stayed true to the health option plan, entitling the customer continue to receive all health information. Who knows what additional fees they will come up with. To those reading this, I would strongly consider AncestryDNA (I also have that) but research 23 and me, along with their history of changes before you make the decision.
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3 months ago, Preciouslostthings
Was given the test as a gift two christmases ago. Today these scammers charged me 70 bucks I didn’t authorize for a subscription I didn’t sign up for. Shocking the only “customer service” is a crappy ai chatbot, have asked 10 times for a password reset email that never comes, so that maybe I can turn off this garbage before they take any more of my grocery money. I will be disputing the charge as fraud with my bank. It’s not worth the 100 bucks for the test if they’re going to steal money from you every year. ETA my login info no longer works, can’t open the app to access the subscription to cancel it, “customer service” is non-existent I have repeatedly contacted them for help with the charge and the non-working account and they have done nothing but send me form emails about how I can cancel the subscription at any time using the app that doesn’t work with the password reset that doesn’t work. DO NOT GIVE THESE SCAMMERS YOUR CARD INFO!
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2 weeks ago, Tony Shea
What You Never Heard, Even From Your Family!
I recently used 23andMe, and it has truly been a game-changer for me. Before trying this service, I had no idea that I had any British ancestry. My family never mentioned any connections to Britain, and I grew up thinking my roots were entirely elsewhere. However, 23andMe provided detailed insights into my genetic heritage and revealed that I have a significant amount of British DNA. This discovery has opened up a whole new perspective on my identity and family history. The process was straightforward, and the results were presented in an easy-to-understand format. If you’re curious about your ancestry, I highly recommend 23andMe. It might just surprise you as much as it did me!
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2 months ago, chrtg6566
Valuable information!
23 and Me has been more helpful than I could have imagined. I was adopted and I started wondering about my genetic tendencies for diseases, since I had no information about that. It turned out to be very helpful. Now I’m trying to do everything I can to prevent those diseases. I also had some contact with biological relatives which was interesting. I was able to ask them what the cause of death was for my parent, which brought up a red flag. So I am trying to do everything I can to prevent that. The ethnicity information is also very helpful, I have always been curious about that. There is a mountain of information there and more is being constantly added.
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10 months ago, ReggieNan
Great tool to get to know your ancestry composition
I’ve had my DNA results for several years now. I visit the app from time to time to see my what new relatives have been added to my list. I enjoy reviewing the results of my relatives, my ancestry makeup and actually connecting for the first time with some relatives. To date, I’ve actually had 2 relatives reply to my messages. It’s annoying and disappointing the relatives who do not reply to my messages. I mean, if you paid for this service, why don’t you reply to people who are trying to connect with you?! Nobody’s asking you for money! Geez! That’s the one annoying thing about this is supposed relatives who don’t reply to your messages.
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2 years ago, SDenee
The app lags, and it’s really complicated to use in comparison to another DNA test/app I’ve taken. I tested here because I wanted haplogroup and to see if there was more info on my indigenous ancestry from Mexico as well as my African ancestry. The data wasn’t anything exciting but the app was able to match me to two of my half-sisters that I knew of, though it was nice to have the dna confirmation. I just really feel like this app is not user friendly. I have a hard time navigating. I messaged someone earlier and now I can’t find my messages. So I’m sure I’ll have to go back to Google to find them. Clicking on dna relatives takes a really long time to load — I think I have like 5000 though so that may be it. I don’t know. I just wish the tree was easier to look at and the menus for navigating were less difficult.
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3 years ago, VICC55
App does not work
I love this app but it has not been working for the past 2 weeks. When I click on it.. the two little circle icons freeze and it stays there indefinitely. I’ve sent them an email to fix the issue but have not received anything back till this day. I have to log in using a web browser on my phone to get into it. I have deleted and reinstalled the app several times to fix the issue and still nothing. I’ve waited for them to fix the issue but no resolution yet. I hate to be the person to 1-star them because they offer amazing features but what is the point of having this app if it does NOT work. Please fix the issue.
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5 years ago, my.history_failed
Useless and obvious
This app was extremely unclear on what their capabilities are.i got this kit to learn more about generations way before me, and see what areas of the world I could have links to from centuries ago. I am Indian , from Africa, and my family history is from all over the world though badly documented. Those at 23andMe were accurately able to discern that I was from India 2 generations ago, and were incapable of finding anything further than this. All the information I got I could have got from my grandfather for free. At no point before purchasing the kit did they convey that their data relies on only samples they have already collected voluntarily from the USA, not a broader database, of which Indians at such a tiny portion that it’s obvious they would have very little data. Extremely disappointed with this, it was a complete waste of time and money. If you are not from a well documented race/group of people, this is absolutely pointless. Would not recommend.
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3 years ago, alienmindgame
Useful, but in a buggy and ad laden sort of way
The app is nice in that it offers a good deal of information but must I be inundated with ads after I’ve already spent a hundred bucks for their kit? A subtle reminder that additional services are available would be lovely but 23andMe’s approach is somewhat like your cleaners starching the crotch of your suit to remind you that they also do dry cleaning: embarrassing for them and irritating for you. Furthermore, it would be pleasant to be able to complete a survey - for which I get nothing - without the app going down like a five dollar escort. If it’s going to crash as often as it routinely does, upon relaunching it should at least have the grace to take me back to where I was before it fell on its sword so I don’t have to dig through its DNA-soaked underwear to find my place. Thank you
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6 years ago, Smoakey597
Use and function is lackluster
The information gained within the app is stellar. The app itself lacks ease of use- messaging and personal information updates in particular. Had a conversation going with a probable family member going through the Relative page. We confirmed we were family and the message history didn’t transfer to the Family Connection page. Also, there wasn’t a notification of any sort on the app showing new messages. Updating family information is also a bit clunky. Seems there should be a space for adding to known family history in the profile section or a specific link in the tray. Shouldn’t need to navigate through a few links to adjust that info. Updates to genetic background seems solid. This rating is based solely on functionality of the app.
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6 months ago, Martin-Barnabe
Was Useful for Genealogy, Now Not So Much
This was a useful app for genealogical research until they removed their shared matches function (after data breach) and the option to share detailed DNA info; this makes it difficult to triangulate with relatives and deduce common ancestors. The family tree function is useful, but the number of relatives you can add is limited. It's really frustrating and I wish they would either increase the limit or create a separate but linked app that allows for this kind of mapping (ideally with DNA mapping included). The scientific reports are pretty great; and it's awesome that 23&Me is involved in genetic studies and that you can opt to take part in them as well. It would be great to feel safe about how one's data is being used though, and it would be helpful if 23&Me were more transparent about the recent data breach and its repercussions for users. I see that a number of people in the comments are frustrated about DNA ethnicity results from Palestine/Israel. Surely this is something 23&Me can address and fix, especially since such a large panel of users identify as being from there. If you can specify my New Brunswick Acadian ancestry, I'm sure Palestine can’t be too hard to cover.
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3 years ago, Gram1222
Thank You 23 & Me
You did an outstanding job with my fathers information. He was an only child of a second marriage. He was very “Tightlipped” about his heritage. He lived to be 94 years & 11 months old. Just passed away June 2020. Before he passed away our family had been tested with 23 & Me. We persuaded him to do the test after years of trying to get information from him ! Being the “Only Child “ of a 2nd marriage I think he really did not know much of his PAST History. He got a kick out of being a distant Relative of A Famous King! We are so thankful he agreed to taking the test we bought him. We now have information about him that would have never been possible without 23 & Me !
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5 years ago, El tigress
Traveling enhanced
Besides, enjoying your DNA and you, 23 & me allows you to locate what part of the world your from. For example, we assumed we came from Black forest, Germany, but it was one of only two exit boat departure points from Germany. In fact, where my family originated was to be found as part of nearby location, as the family were part of that original Pennsylvania settlement. Interesting! I need to go back now to Germany and visit. In the meantime, I’ve collected enough information to make sure I visit London and other locations in our upcoming trip. On a side note or fun fact, I always put my clotted butter on my scone first followed by jam as my paternal grandmother did. Well, as a little tidbit, that is how they did it in Devon.
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5 years ago, TittiePics
Forget the bells and whistles and make something that works.
I gave you three stars because my I did “receive my results” on the exact day you estimated. But I say that in quotes because honestly, I would have preferred to wait; and receive results I could actually read thru. I'm half in tears over here because it says I may be a carrier for something pretty ducking serious but. But here I am spending what's now been 20MINUTES letting the actual information page load. Pretty much the only page that will load is the one with the vaguest results. Nothing that actually sheds any light on anything works. Just little loading dots while you sit around crying and panicking if you have early onset Alzheimer’s. I just wanna read my results guys. Should be the easiest part of app development. I have more questions now then when I didn’t know anything.
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5 years ago, Brutitizer
My wife bought me and herself a kit for Christmas. I went through the registration process for my kit and we put them together with my daughters in the mail. The next day when my wife was checking her tracking we discovered after scanning and going through all the work to register the kit, the app did not record my registration. So we went through customer service to dig up our kit purchases to find the one that wasn’t registered, a complete hassle. Got it registered and now three weeks later my wife and daughter both have their results (one week out) and I am still waiting. Way to bum me out 23 & Me. If having to choose all over again and e would choose to NOT GIVE YOU OUR MONEY!
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5 years ago, Francine77777
I expected more
I really expected more all it come is 99% ashkenazi Jewish that of course I knew already I was hoping for example: which countries I know the boarders of the empire and countries changed a lot since the beginning of the 1900 or and a lot of times but at least should says Russia/ Romania which is both of grandparents from my mother side, it didn’t mention nothing from my father side and they where born in Hungary they are from a city called Paks like 70 Miles fro Budapest . I didn’t have any relationship with my father side of the family so I was hoping for some enlightenment about them I got more information vía pleading to the Jewish Community in Chile to get in touch with some lost relative in retrospective wasn’t worth the money.
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5 years ago, Wewex007
Needs upgrades
Excellent service and information about ancestry and health report. The app does need to improve the messaging part because it’s clunky and kicks you out of messages sometimes. It also lacks the feature of ancestry, and my heritage services that allows you to create and fully edit a family tree. This family tree feature should be added and all relatives should be able to work on it together to try and complete an entire genealogy tree for the family. Being able to share this family tree and input all sorts of information from our diseased ancestors would greatly benefit 23andMe customers who have purchased the service to look for loved ones.
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4 years ago, Miguel Rizzo
Revealed a more detailed picture of my background
An amazing, scientific view on our family’s ethnic roots, unavailable to our parents’ generation and beyond. How fortunate to have the technical knowhow available to us. My highest percentage of ethnicity was predictable (71% Italian), only I thought it would have been 100%. However, that is where it became fascinating—to see where the remaining 29% came from, North Africa, Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, Middle East, Greece, Spain and Portugal—all which comprised’Broadly Southern European’. All this motivating me to look deeper than the most recent generations, farther back into my family tree. Also, seeing more and more DNA relatives on list each time I log on is fun to see. So, thank you for providing this wonderful service.
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1 year ago, Lukewarm acid
23 and Me app dead!?
23 and Me is not responding. After opening the app and waiting only for it to crash and then watching this repeat like a sad song stuck on a single note, I decided to check for a pulse by updating the app. Still, there was no response so I pulled out a defibrillator by deleting and then reinstalling the app. After several attempts to no avail I am regretful to declare the app has died as of 28 February 2023. What can I say about 23 and Me in light of this recent tragedy? Prior to this, the app was easily worth 4.5 stars. I will miss being able to look at my ancestry and health reports. It was a nice feature to be able to find relatives through the DNA testing and comparing our results. It’s also good to be aware of any underlying health problems. I only wish I had more time to learn about these things with 23 and Me. But alas, the only thing to do now is decide what to do with it: cremation or burial?
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