30 Day - Squat Challenge

Health & Fitness
3.5 (833)
80.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jozic Productions Pty Ltd
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for 30 Day - Squat Challenge

3.5 out of 5
833 Ratings
5 years ago, C-Rex81
Lots to love but hard to preview workout
Maybe I’m missing something, but I seem unable to preview days without completing previous days. How do I know which level makes sense if I can’t get an idea of the overall plan? I don’t see what the harm is in being able to click on future days and see what’s to come. Otherwise I really like the app and find the info helpful. It would be cool if it were more social and you could have a group and see each other’s progress through the app.
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4 years ago, Lapkozavr
Love it
Excellent app that makes you work out. I downloaded other challenges and decided to give them a try as well. I love that it’s so simple and still works. I tried to do challenges on my own, but at some point I just get lazy or forget. With this app I feel motivated to press check when I’m done and it made all the difference. Also I don’t need to remember anything, when notification comes up, I just stand up, do the work, check and go on with my life. So simple.
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4 years ago, Julescwiz
Doesn’t work with iPhone 11
Just the kind of app I’m looking for to keep track of my squats and keep me on schedule. However, it doesn’t yet work with the iPhone 11. The 30 day calendar is too big and there’s no apparent way to shrink it or move it in order to click on the days you can’t see.
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4 years ago, Reviewer of this App Today
Might be good, who knows?
The way it is formatted to the screen, you can’t click on day 1 because it is to the far left and off the screen. I’ve tried pinching to make the screen smaller, but it reads as me trying to start a later day workout and says I have to complete the previous workouts. I’d love to, but can’t! I downloaded 3 different apps from this developer (abs, arms, and squats) and they’re all the same. It doesn’t even give me the rotate option to turn my device so the screen is wider. Good thing I didn’t splurge for the paid version or I would be really ticked; as is, I’m just mildly annoyed.
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5 years ago, hannahcambodia
So happy!
I look forward to completing a day so that I can see what is next. I know it’s adding 5 each day for what I’m on but I still like it. I wanted to be able to view all the days but the fact that I’m not able to has forced me to complete them so I can see what is next. I’ve never completed a 30 day challenge of anything. So far I’m on day 8 and very confident I’ll not only complete this one but many more. Thank you!
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6 years ago, bienlunee
You can do this!
I started this challenge because I saw a video on BuzzFeed about a 30 day challenge. I saw how much progress had been made by the three people who did it, and so I really started it to see if I could. I am 5’9” woman and I weigh 255 lbs, the most I have ever weighed. This app starts with 5 squats and works its way up each day. It’s totally doable. Just try it!! You may be surprised! I sure was!!
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4 years ago, summerangel.xo
Not compatible with iPhone X, XS Max, XR or 11 Pro
I just recently downloaded ALL of their 30 day challenges to add to my morning routine and I cannot even start Day 1 on any of them due to the calendar being too big. Day 1 is off the screen entirely, I cannot click on it AT ALL. Then you think, “okay, well I’ll just do Day 2.” Nope, wrong again. You can’t even move ahead or click on anything in regards to the challenge without it popping up a notification stating that you have to start on Day 1. Would potentially be a great app and even more of a help if it actually worked on ALL phones.
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11 months ago, barova123
Loving it lost 4 pounds
I have never been able to complete an actual challenge, It’s mind blowing to say I’m in day 28. I am a hardcore quitter and give up easily! This app has given me the motivation to workout and it brings me joy when i click on save progress. My next challenge is going to be the plank challenge.
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2 years ago, mtnmom200
Beginner levels leave a bit to be desired
I have used both the beginner and intermediate levels for both the squat and plank apps. The beginner levels are really monotonous about half way through. They are literally just increasing the number of squats or the amount of time for a forearm plank. At least in the intermediate levels, the app includes different types of squats and planks. If you use this app, skip the beginner levels IMO.
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5 years ago, Jmamba7
Used to work- no longer
Used to work when I had iPhone 7. My gf and I embarked on a simple fitness goal together using it. Well I took a break from squats etc after that relationship ended- got a new xr and wanted to get back into my fitness regimen and turned to the app. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for xr. Highly disappointing. Otherwise it would probably be 3.5 stars. The developers actually communicated in the past via their site so I’ll be reaching out again. Hopefully will resolve for everyone !
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5 years ago, FloridaFashions
Love it
But is there a way to undo one day? Sometimes I’ve accidentally marked two days done in the same day? I can never stick with a challenge or anything fitness related and these easy to complete challenges help me to track and increase my focus on fitness and self care !
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4 years ago, NautiqueTraveler
Simple to use- but reminder will not stay set.
Perhaps a little too simple- could use more options to personalize. The reminder keeps switching itself back to pm setting. Overall, the challenges are a great way to work up strength and keep track of progress.
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4 years ago, Madcow181
I’m doing several other challenges but this one so far is boring! I started on beginner 2 and it just increases the number of squats. No variation at all! The other challenges at least have you do other techniques. This app even shows you the different types of squats and 10 days in it’s the same squat just increasing by 5. In about to quit this particular challenge.
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7 years ago, Tug snug
Great exercise app
I do the exercise every morning and I see a difference in how my body looks and feels. The written and video instructions really help me perform the exercises correctly. I'm looking forward to completing all of the levels of challenges. Thank you for this app!
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2 years ago, Me.....315
Previously had app
I have had the app before and just recently downloaded it. It works just fine on my iPhone and I’m able to see the workouts. I love the app and now on day 5.
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4 years ago, QuarantineSquats
Good Challenge to Start
I have enjoyed using this app to help keep track of squats and also keep myself motivated. I made it to day 19, which was 85 squats. Day 20 was a rest day and then Day 21 was only 50 squats. I’m confused about the sudden drop in amount because the number of squats increased by 5 from the first day on.
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6 years ago, Jsr8878
Simple, effective app- already seeing progress
I’m only on day 10 and I can see big changes in my legs and rear. It may not be the fanciest app but it is effective and simple, with helpful explanations and animation for each exercise. I highly recommend it!
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3 years ago, Atomic Super Girl
On the first week and been appreciative of its simplicity. Already feel a difference and I believe that only seeing the squat assignment the day before has been helpful to keep me going on a day to day basis. Great app!
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4 years ago, outside transfer
Font too big
I downloaded the app, but the size is too big for the screen. Just a sliver of Day 1 is showing and I can’t get it to reduce in size to actually complete the workout. But with that being said, I have done the app before and really liked it.
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7 years ago, Danii049
Good app
I like this app very much. You can choose different difficulty settings. The only thing I have a problem with is that it doesn't send me notifications. I set a time for notifications & everything but they just don't pop up.
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5 years ago, enter nickname 123
Great For Beginners
Nice easy start for beginners trying to gain strength and commitment to a regimen that really doesn’t make you feel discouraged. For developers: I would have liked an option for a build your own challenge as a reward for completing the 30 day challenge out of the exercises offered in the level of challenge completed.
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2 years ago, Communik8
Can’t advance to next day after day 4 on iPhone 13 Pro.
I tried everything (uninstallling, reinstalling, turning phone off and back on, checking for updates, and reaching out for app support). The app support page leads you to a “403 Forbidden” listing. Please help! I like this app, but it won’t work on the most recently updated iPhones. I’d leave 5 stars if it worked because it’s a great app otherwise.
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6 years ago, elizal461578
It went well until..
When I got this app I saw improvement in my body but when I hit day 5 and had a “rest day” I kept pressing done with that little check mark and I cannot continue to the next day even though I had pressed the check mark several times 😤
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4 years ago, lidia!
Preview glitching
I’ve had this app for quite some time and it’s great. It’s simple and easy but you can see results and I love how it gradually builds you up. But recently I have upgraded to an iPhone 11, and when I opened the app I found that the numbers were too zoomed in and the circles weren’t aligned. I can’t start day one because it’s preventing me from seeing the numbers. Please fix!!!
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4 years ago, KC11127
Display does not work on iPhone 11
I just got a new phone through work and the app display for the 30 days does not work. The dates fill the screen and the buttons are overlaid incorrectly so I have to guess where to click to get to the current day’s exercises. Hope this can get fixed!
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6 years ago, Queen Rhodes
30 day squat challenge
I like this app alot. It reminds you to do your squats for that day. When it give me squats to do I always do 3 sets of the number they give me. I really like this app and I’m going to continue to use it.
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4 years ago, agrimes87
I was doing it for five days then it was a rest day ( day 5 ) after that it keeps saying to finish previous days and won’t let me go further but I did days 1-5 not very happy about This
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3 years ago, DrishTheSquish
Developers are gone
It’s been over a year since I last checked to see if the display bug was fixed on this app and I can’t believe that it’s not. This was my favorite workout app and the only one that gave me results. I have been patiently waiting for them to fix it, how many more years?? I think that’s a wrap people, time to find a new app.
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2 years ago, j hellaine
App is unuseable
Used to love this app so downloaded it and immediately paid the money to have ads removed. Oops—turns out the developers abandoned this app two years ago and no longer update it. It does not work on iPhone, the display so broken so that you cannot see not start the challenges. No developer support means no refunds if you do what I accidentally did so beware.
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7 years ago, Ribs-N-Whiskey
I hate exercise
But I am trying. At least I get a sense of accomplishment each morning when I hit the complete box. Start slow and build up gradually. I can do it.
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4 years ago, asct02
It appears this app hasn’t been updated in about a year and when I try to start a challenge, the calendar doesn’t fit in the screen. There isn’t any way to move the calendar to get to day one as it’s too far to the left of the screen. I can’t move on to any other days because I can’t get to day one making the whole app useless. The app needs to be updated
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4 years ago, Hello Im Roslyn
The app is great
The app is great!! You don’t have to pay for anything, all you do is do your squats each day and check it off. It even gives you rest days!!
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4 years ago, DogOnIt18
Not compatible with newer iPhones
Used it with my iPhone 6 and loved it. Now with my newer phone the calendar is half off the screen so you can’t even start day 1 so you can’t go anywhere because you have to do them in order. Very sad and hope that they will correct this otherwise it would be an awesome app!
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2 years ago, Jordan🏐
Unable to even use the app
I used to love using this app for my workouts but every time I download it now half the workout aren’t even on the screen so I can’t even do the first one and therefore is unable to let me go to day 2. Maybe someone should fix it? Or is it just me?
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6 years ago, kangaroogirl
Great app!
I cannot say enough good things about this app. It reminds me to do my squats daily if I've forgotten, and it shows me how to do each of the exercises. I highly recommend!
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3 years ago, nikki9314
I would give a better review if I could access all of the days. When I go to the calendar to do my daily challenges I can’t even click on the first and last columns Bc they are off screen. How am I supposed to do the first day if I can’t even click on it? Don’t know if it’s just an iPhone issue or what.
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4 years ago, Nona T.
Calendar is too big
I downloaded this app with super excitement and ready to start my challenge, only to find that the calendar is too big for my screen (iphone 11). Unfortunately I had to delete the app. I also shared this with my friends who also wanted to join in on the challenge but can’t due to this minor technical issue. Such a disappointment!
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5 years ago, Alexis Cheyenne Cooper
I can’t use the app
I wanted to post a picture with this comment but it wouldn’t let me. I have the iPhone XR and it’s almost like the set up for the app is to in large for my phone. It’s almost like it’s zoomed in, but I can’t zoom out or move it over. I’m not able to even select day one because it off of the screen
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4 years ago, Love working out
Not able to use it as zoomed in
Not happy. I downloaded the app twice and the calendar shows up zoomed in so can’t see the days on the ends. I confirmed in my settings that I have my view on “standard” and not “zoomed.” I emailed the company 2 days ago but haven’t heard back from anyone so guess I will have to find another app to do my 30 day squat challenge. Plan on starting this Monday.
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5 years ago, PardeyOfOne
Not working on my iPhone XR
I would love to give 5 stars, but until this app is operational on my phone I can't. When I open up the 30 day challenge, the calendar is oversized and I'm unable to click on day 1, and other days out of view. I upgraded to an iPhone XR, from my 5s (which it worked fine on). Please help! I want to use this app and the other 30 day challenge apps!
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3 years ago, Kay0619
Can’t see all the days
I used to have this app and loved it. I decided to download it again and I can’t see all the days as if it’s zoomed in. I can’t click on one since I can’t see it to even start this app 😔please fix this issue. Would love to use this app again
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4 years ago, popcornnnnnnn
This app needs a better version for newer iPhones
My app is also glitched out i can not click day one it’s off the screen i have no idea why i loved this app when i had my 6s plus but now i have an iPhone 11 and the screen for this app is all stretched out I’ve deleted it and downloaded it back and same results.
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5 years ago, Star Baby Luvinzz
Definitely Goal Setting
I am only going on two weeks but to be honest I feel sore in my legs and rear. I hope continuing this challenge I get better results like a bigger rear lol. Overall it works for me
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8 months ago, Cassunder
Calendar zoomed in
For some reason all of a sudden my calendar is zoomed in far enough where I can’t use the apps anymore. I don’t understand what changed. I have an iPhone 11. Is anyone else having this issue? I don’t see any settings. It really stinks as I would like to continue using the 30-day apps :(
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5 years ago, Hyzy44
Keeps me accountable
This app has kept me totally accountable. I am enjoying the challenge of intermediate level 2. A lot harder than I expected.
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6 years ago, Victoria.m.v
I’m confused!
There’s no clear instructions as to how to mark the completed workout for the day. I’ve been racking my brain. I do the squats then what? I get to my second day and it shows 0 progress. Someone please help me am I missing something obvious??
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4 years ago, CocoNoChanel
Squat challenge
This is legit the best app I’ve gotten. I’ve only been using it for a week and seeing and FEELING results. I strongly recommend this app for sure.
Show more
4 years ago, Dndjdjjdndbdjcf
Can’t start
As others have mentioned, the calendar is huge and not optimized to fit smaller screens. Can’t even start day 1 because it’s off the screen completely :( Edit: Theres another app with exactly the same interface but useable called 30 day squat fitness challenge. Even has a preview of future days + alarms
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4 years ago, Cdominque
Haven’t even started the challenge, the app auto zooms in and I can’t zoom out. Can’t view dates without completing previous dates(but I can’t zoom out to click on those days) great concept but wouldn’t recommend until this bug is fixed.
Show more
2 years ago, Jennc1977
Cannot use the app
I can not access the day 1. Tried to report problem to maybe get some advice but because it is free, cannot report it. So I am not sure how to get started since half the calendar is missing. I tried to reload it but that didn’t help either.
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