3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator

3.9 (16.1K)
127.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for 3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator

3.95 out of 5
16.1K Ratings
1 year ago, jmarie46
So much fun but could use more
This app is incredibly fun, I use it all the time and even paid money towards Chevy trucks. I wish there were more ways to customize the vehicles. For example the bel air or two tone trucks, the colors are often mismatched and changed, whereas in the app you can’t get those same customizations. Most vehicles I feel don’t have enough options for customizations and could use more. I would personally like to make two tone trucks but due to my limited options with the decals I can’t. I do often find a lot of glitches I would say. Every time I start a challenge my cars are often upside down when I select them. I watched some ads so I was able to customize a 69 challenger and there’s a block out of the side of the car simply missing. So when I use it for challenges it often looks odd. I had a similar glitch happen with a truck where in some perspectives a wheel was missing then it would show up or the side of the bed was missing when I turn the truck around, stuff like that. Also I would like to use the filters to make my vehicles look pretty but it often doesn’t load or even show up. It gets frustrating. But because I deal with it anyway and have more fun than I am upset with it, I give it 4 stars.
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4 years ago, mikejohnny527
Love it!!
I love this app!!! I treat this app as a real game to me with all my imagination of as if I were to has those cars in my life. Everything looked so realistic and cool! But my only concern is that there are some others cars like the “Honda’s” and the “Acura’s” and most of others cars there where I couldn’t make it have camber’s or off sets onto the car tire. So then I that pretty much made me wouldn’t want to customize with much them because I couldn’t do much with the car design. My next concern is that there’s not much other cars too like the Lexus Gs400 or the 1997 Honda CR-V or even yet the coupe civic or the sedan civic isn’t in there also? I’d would love it if they have the classic import of those. Now that stance looks so good and so nice on most cars I’ve even mange to PURCHASE the the package for stance camber and off set for others cars as well. So please please please make some of the other rest of the car have that option if they do so in that changed I’m willing to even purchase another package just to make those other cars has so in its design. Thank you and I hope there is a changed.
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4 years ago, snow is good
Love it! But...
Hello I’m just wondering when the Tesla Roadster 2020 the Devel sixteen and the Tesla model x are coming to the game it will be great to see these cars in right now I know it takes long to design the cars but I want to know when you start working on those cars and when there coming in but cool game I love the c8 corvette cool car and the Lamborghini Aventador to really cool cars and the other cars as well but it just can you make the Tesla Roadster 2020 like the c8 corvette to where you can customize the car without paying for mods same as the devel sixteen plz add the next gen devel sixteen and the old gen but that’s all I wanted to say but this game is a good game. It’s been a while since I’ve last talked but still when is the Tesla Roadster 2020 coming in sorry I just love this car and I would love to see it in the game sooner than expected. Hi there I’m back 🙂 love the game but y can’t you build on a single truck it’s annoyingly not fun that all I can do is edit cars but no trucks and that’s the only thing I don’t like and sometimes we don’t wanna spend money just to edit a truck please make some of the trucks edible it would make the game more fun than just editing cars for the people that can’t pay for truck mods
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4 years ago, JohnLocker23
Great to have an idea before buying
This app is amazing! I see as an app that can help people with whatever car they have whether it be a Camaro, to a Jeep Wrangler to help with parts and looks before actually wasting your gas and money and realize you don't like the set of rims you got, or the tint on your car isn't dark enough or maybe it could be the spoiler you always wanted on your car. This app helps with that! There are tons of cars and trucks, big rigs, motorcycles, SUVs, Classical cars, etc. I really would recommend this app it's really helpful and it's also fun to just customize a car too I like to customize the cars then draw them, I do have one request at the moment and that's to add the Hyundai Elantra GT Specifically the 2013 model if not the 2013 model just add this car I know the Elantra is in the app but it's not the GT model and hatchback model. That's my request from the developers at the moment but other than that keep up the great work I absolutely love this app and I will spread the word about this app because it can really help people before they make a purchase that there unsure about. Thank you and have a wonderful rest of your day! ~ Jonathan Reyes
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6 years ago, sarmaka
Okay but...
It’s a cool idea. It lets you mess around and see different setups to give you a good idea of what it could look like irl. A few major issues though: most of the cars are under construction or have next to nothing that you can do to them, so more options would make a lot more people happy. Also, a lot of cars have generic options for upgrades. It’d be cool if there were more options specific to the vehicle you were working on, but for every vehicle. For some cars, only older models are listed. For example; you can customize the older Audi S4s, but not any of the newer S4s. I also, personally, am not a fan of being charged to do things like cambering, or in my case, offsetting the wheels to finish the look of a wide-body build. I get it, that’s where they make their money, but it’s annoying because most of my build sit unfinished. Yes, I’m aware it’s only 99¢ to about $3 depending on what it is, but the only real way around it is to pay $22, which unlocks everything, and with so many cars not being fully available or not even being able to be finished completely, it’s not worth it to me to spend that. Like I said before, it’s cool, but it would be enjoyed so much more by so many more if more was available and at better prices.
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4 years ago, billjohnson349
Great app, just a few suggestions
First off, awesome game. I am literally hooked on this game, it’s so fun to design cars and use all the parts and options that are offered. If you’re like me and like to design cars (jdm, exotic, or trucks) then this game is right for you! However, I have a few minor suggestions. To start, I would like instructions on how to get multiple pictures of my cars to upload onto my gallery. I’d appreciate it if someone told me how I can upload multiple shots of the car instead of the single one I always get. Second, there is a little bug where if I exit and save my car, and then go to edit it, something changes, such as a wheel color or something. Lastly, I would love for you guys to start moving some of those limited option exotic cars into the actual configurator. Cars in the Mclaren section, Ferrari section, and Lambo section along with the other countless brands have many customization options, so I would love to see those in the main section with a variety of tuning options. Overall though, amazing game, keep up the great work! You have a loyal player right here!
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5 years ago, hfjdntjg
3DTuning app review
Personally I love the app! I use it for the truck and “Offroad” side of it For example I just bought a new truck and I used the app to make a render of my finished show vehicle and have a very close to what it will look like rendering of what my truck will look like without paying a few hundred dollars for a rendering I can’t modify and see what other options would look like. App overall I give it 5 out of 5 stars. I would really like to see a few more up close customization features like rock lights, a button to turn lights on and off, color matching headlights, Full axle color match, Mirror colormatching and some small stuff like that Also be able to control the front and rear ride height of the truck once a lift is installed (because most aftermarket lift kits give u the option what size block you want or stuff like that and if u buy a kit with a rear four link and coil overs u can of course control the height using the coil overs) So basically to sum it up I would just like to be able to see more detailed customization features but I absolutely love the app other than that
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4 years ago, fukthisshitsux
I love this app. I sit there and make different tunings for all these cars. The problem is the glitches. Especially in cars that they recently updated. You would be almost done with your car and the little loading bar on the bottom would just not load. So you gotta leave the app and start everything again. I suggest a save button to where you can save the car as you go along, that way if the app glitches or crashes, it’s saved in your garage and you can go back and continue your build. They have a save button, but that’s only when you’re done with a car. Also, if you leave the app for couple minutes, everything is lost and you gotta start over. Sometimes it glitches where you can see through the car, or the wheel is poking through the fenders. These glitches ARE SO ANNOYING! Not a big selection of cars with many mods. A lot of cars they have, are the old version of this app where you can only change the wheels and the paint and maybe add a spoiler and the cars look demented. Plenty of cars but they need to put more of them out with stance, off sets and different body styles. Other than that, it’s a fun app
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2 years ago, The__Dog__Pound
There are a few small things…but I would recommend this to anyone who likes cars.
Not to sound too basic with that title, I do love this game. It allows you to see what a modification would look like on your car (if your car is in the game) and it actually allows you to visit a website for that exact part, so if you like that mart, you can see what it looks like exactly. The one downfall to this game is the fact that it’s not exactly optimized for mobile.. and it does show in some areas. It would be much better if you could edit your profile more. For instance, if you play on the phone, you cannot add a profile picture. And it would be appreciated if there was a tab that allows you to request a vehicle to be put in the game. And the messaging section also is very buggy. Other than that, this game is perfect for someone who loves cars and wants to just customize for fun. I would recommend it to anyone who loves cars
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3 years ago, Xander Ryder
Some minor flaws with no impact!
This app is insane, ive used it for a loooooong time! Almost two years! From having fun customizing, which never gets old because more and more new cars come in all the time!! The progress is insane too! Or just planning out the finished product of my project car sitting out back of my house ready for a new driver. My found flaws are very minor. I do wish sometimes, there are some cars that arent as popular so they have less customizations. Like only able to choose all four wheels for one rim instead of having a choice for the front and back. Problably my only flaw found and sometimes i wish i could get a widebody kit on the cobra but it not being a think irl i understand, but its the creativity i would have liked thought into it. This app is amazing and i couldnt ask for anything else nore fond anything in competitive range of this app!
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3 years ago, estxiuhvtr
Awesome stylish game
No I love this game it just let me play around and I always love doing cars I mean basically styling them is one of my favorite things I do wish you could drive the only bag I want but other than that this game is so great seriously I love the bikes trucks cars are so many and I just like getting inspired by peoples real life cars and they make me go I always get inspired I play Offroad Outlaws and it kind of inspires me is people’s cars are mind blowing I mean some of them just go make me go nuts like Ferraris Gatti’s but those are like the really rare ones so I said G 80 TI an accident was trying to say Bugatti yeah that’s right sorry Miss Polk why is everything going cuckoo my name is yeah I just say not I can just skip two lines just pretend I’m not saying that’s OK but basically lol trying to say I get inspiredSeriously I get inspired by even ugly cars I can I can make them look nice and I can use it to get me in or give me a little boost hope you got my message
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2 years ago, GenralYeti
Quite a bit of issues but nice 👌
Hi I just want to say that overall, this is a pretty good game. I love being able to customise a variety of cars but that brings my first issue with this game. The rewarded ads used to be nice when you could watch ads. Don’t get me wrong.. you still can but every time I press watch ad it never loads. It as if you guys are somewhat begging your users for money. Another thing about that. It would be nice if the in-game currency was a bit more easier in general with more ways to be earned such as likes and wins in car shows so you can buy more cars and tune them. Another thing that would be nice is if during cars shows you could interact with the cars and open doors and stuff. This also leads to my next request, please please please can the car be more interactive? For example, could we tune the interior, colors, materials etc.. I know I might sound like I’m asking if a lot but, your game could be a hit with more interactive and accessible features.
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4 years ago, Zoureon
Camber and wheel spacing needs to be free
I love this app I truly do. It has modern cars that were announced, or if you’re not that type of person there are plenty of old cars too. Just one thing that annoys me, which is I can’t space out the wheels for wide body kits or for instance, the C8 finally got body kits and the C8.R has wide arches. Which further frustrates me because it looks stupid with the wheels in and the arches out. Please make this feature free and unlock our potential without wasting money that can be used on real life items. I’d have more enjoyment watching paint dry than work with having a wide body without stances or widened wheel space. Computer 3dtuning has it completely free but it lags out constantly. I’ve seen a 2004 windows xp knock off game not lag worse than computer 3dtuning. So please cut us the frustration of paying to make your car look good instead of being defective without wheel spacers.
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5 years ago, mcninch22
More detail
I love this app so much I have been using 3D tuning for a while now I use to just do it on the computer but since I’ve gotten this app I love it. I want to see more detail more options more tire options for the cars like most of the trucks have I’d like to see a carbon fiber decal that goes from your hood to the roof to the trunk for every vehicle more wheels I’d like to see some motegi racing wheels and most of all I’d love if you guys put my car in the game with stance and hd quality and lots of options brakes exhaust wheels tires headlights brake lights bumpers side skirts fender flares that’s everything I can think of right now. It’s a 1999 B5 Volkswagen Passat GLS please I beg put my car in the game I’d love to be able to see what my car would look like with everything I want to put on it I’ve tried using the a4 that’s already in the game and it just doesn’t look right plus it doesn’t have stance and it has barely any options.
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6 years ago, Blox76
Pretty good... needs work
This app is a really good idea. I’ve been looking for something like it for a while. I found this, and was excited. But after using it, I was pretty disappointed. The only issue I have, is the EXTREMELY LOW FPS. It doesn’t feel good to use the app and it’s so slow. There are really long loading times that seem like they don’t need to be there. The FPS makes it look bad. It’s just a slow experience overall. Also, the in app purchases are unnecessary. You could just have all parts available for all cars without putting pay wall in front of it. The UI is a little weird and I it’s hard to find the part you’re looking for. It shows a small row of parts when I would rather have a big grid of the parts. The painting UI should have a list of parts to paint instead of having to tap the part to paint it. In conclusion, it’s very fun to customize your own car, but it’s very slow and the UI isn’t very good. These should be easy changes so I would be happy to see them added.
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5 years ago, Petey McGee
Commitment to perfection and beauty
“Commitment to perfection and beauty” is the term I think of when I think about 3DTuning. I’ve been using 3DTuning long before they had an app so when I found out they were making one I was completely stoked and checked the website and App Store daily until the big release. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE 3DTuning, always have and always will. Very strongly recommend it and I’ve told everyone I know multiple times as well as shown them the endless possibilities with 3DTuning. Using the app I’ve shown my friends and people that work with me the cars I’ve made and I’ve been told by multiple people that when they get their dream car they want me to design it for them and that’s all due to the Ultra Realistic HD cars, parts, and options that are available inside. I can’t wait to see how much better it gets in the future. You guys are awesome! Keep up the excellent work.
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3 years ago, casen a
Add more diesel HD trucks, especially duallys
Again I love the game and have no problems and only good things to say about it, I’d really like to see more trucks in general personally more hd trucks, single cab duallys are my biggest want for this game, but also some older duallys like a 7.3 ford or a second gen extended cab or a 3rd gen mega cab just some options to add on the list also, id really like to see more wheel options for the dually trucks, more American force, specialty forged, more fuels, Alcoa wheels, more wheels in general for the duallys. Another great idea would be flatbed and service bed options for the trucks, so you can really get unique with your builds and switch it up. Also the option to add different lug nuts for example spiked lug nuts, and also mud flap options. That’s all I have to add just the wheels and the single cabs, y’all are doing a great job and have made a very good game. Definitely 5 stars
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6 years ago, Aladinodyno
Cool but really need serious fixes.
The app usually works stable in my iPad but sometimes well, it crashes frequently or doesn’t load at all! Considering that I bought all the features it have I expected a little more stability. In my iPhone is a very similar type of experience. The page works fine now at least 75% of the times in my PC. It crashes a considerable amount of times, to the point of frustration. But recently they have improved the overall performance and stability remarkably. In terms of modeling it is cool. I wish we could have the same details to customize that the newer added models have in the entire car collection that they offer to you to customize. Will be great to have wide ultra slick tires, drag wheels, Willy bars, more control with the vinyls and the ability to lift the rear suspension independently from the front might be an awesome feature, ... etc. But well..., it is just a software and I understand it is supposed to have limitations. Overall, is a fun cool app that will have you hooked with cars forever if you really are into car customization. I really recommend it!
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2 years ago, Pvt.Parts_
The game needs some paywall optimization
The game mechanics are fine the tuning and all that it’s fine but a lot of it is pay walled and it is really annoying then I can’t get like any of the vehicles without paying money so much is paywalledThat it is almost unplayable without paying you can’t raise the suspension I know if you can’t make the wheels big enough to make a car look goodA lot of the other features are only unlocked to a certain point the way I would do it is I would leave a few of the features that are more advanced paywalled and then I will leave them a lot more the basic features such as like actually tuning the engine like precise tuningWould be the paywalledpart and the generic. Tuning freeI would also like to see a part where you can actually drive the Vehicles or another FREE app that you can download that you can transfer your Vehicles over to Whether it’s link an account or converting and importing files to the sim app but I think it would be cool to have.
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12 months ago, Larry Grand
Best Tuning App?
Sure this is a five star app, but there are a few things that could make it that much better! First off lifting and lowering vehicles should, in my opinion be the same! If you want to slam a Tundra or lift a Regal it, in my opinion, should be doable! Secondly while I appreciate that there are classic muscle cars and trucks, not much in the way of anything else! Seems that when it comes to anything else the 2,000’s time period way over dominates things! More classic JDM, USDM and Euro cars please! Lastly the vinyls for cars isn’t again in my opinion realistic! You can’t put flames on a truck, or you can put funky graphics on a NSX! Come on more realistic vinyls would be appreciated, not just company, abstract or desert graphics! If these three things are met I believe that if you could rate this app a 10 it would be a 10!
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6 years ago, Climber505
Great app that has some major issues
UPDATED my review to one star from four because I keep having to “repurchase” everything but it just restores my purchase, yet keeps it locked, not allowing me to use the features that I PAID for! I’m also disappointed as for there isn’t a way for me to communicate, to app support, at least from what I’ve seen, other than writing a review, so I haven’t found a way to contact app support to figure out how to fix the issue. This is a fun and creative app for a car guy, like myself. There should be the same options for all the vehicle, be able to to change the ride height, by quite a bit for all vehicles, lift and lower cars and trucks a lot. Be able to save a custom color to the color section. Tire section. Add the Chevrolet Kodiak. International CXT and MXT. Inter changeable truck beds. Add more models of car companies and add more classics and this would top the app off. Also the app keeps glitching saying that I haven’t bought the in app purchases and when I click to purchase it says it was already bought, but it still doesn’t unlock.
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2 years ago, Yepper 117
I like the concept but….
I like the thought of what you’re going for but if it takes so much to get the cars that people want why not find a different way of adding them legally. There has to be more than one way to skin that Kat. I would like to see the Genesis line of cars and SUV’s added to your roster. I have a 2017 G80 5.0 and would like to see what I could do to my vehicle without going through all of the heartache and not being satisfied with the results. I think this app would/could serve as a starter or a baseline for most people and you could probably market it that way too. Places that specialize in actually modifying cars and trucks could use your app for their customers to see what they would like to do and the possible outcome of the work to be performed. Can I get a 5% finders fee for that idea???…. 😂🤣😂. I had to ask. 😇✌🏽.
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8 months ago, RevisionNeeded
Love it but..
I am hooked to this game. I love it so much. I love the designs, creating the type of vehicles YOU like. I have actually learned proper names for whatever you want to put on the vehicle. I also love the information icon- where it shows the make, model and cost. There are some minor flaws though. Sometimes it glitches and won’t let you do anything except move the vehicle, so you have to completely exit out of the game- losing all of your work in competitions, or just in general what you were working on. Sometimes it says I didn’t meet the requirements when I have done everything it asked for. Also, I logged in with my account and now it says that I am new to the game- wiped out all previous work. I don’t know how to get that back. Overall, I love this game and fully recommend getting it
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3 years ago, bryge56
More Edit Capabilities
I’ve used this app since it came out, and has always loved this app. I’ve spent so much hours just exploring so many customization options you guys add over the past year. Only thing I really would like to be added is more options and more edit capabilities when I save the picture for the challenges. The big thing is being able to move the car around the backdrop I choose so it actually fits the scene. Like I would choose a good backdrop but the way it sits in the picture doesn’t align right. Like maybe the ability to drag the car around the backdrop so like it actually looks like it’s naturally apart of the backdrop of my choosing. Thank you and bring the updates coming, keeps me playing everyday. (PS can you add the 2000 Lexus GS300/GS400 please)
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4 years ago, gasmonkeu
Great game but I have some suggestions
This is my second review after playing other games like this one I found something out about other games like this one most other custom car games do not have the amount of cars that this one does but however a big factor is that they one have the ability to test drive the cars you build, mod the engines for example turbocharging the cars or engine swaps. Another thing that I believe would make this game skyrocket is if you could not only test drive you cars but it would be way cooler if you could test drive with your friend to show off how cool and fast your car is. THESE THINGS WILL MAKE THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE THAT PLAY THIS GAME GO UP A ridiculous amount. ALSO PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!!!!!!! Ps. In my last review when I said that I wanted a chevy gasser I mean were the front of the car is lifted up. BESIDES THE GASSER WE NEED LOWRIDERS WITH THE Hydraulics!!!!!!!!SO PLEASE ADD LOWRIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Alx1415
Need some work
So this games is very good but there are a couple of things that they need to fix like, the pictures. The cars look like they were photoshopped into a random town. Also there pictures in the middle of a dirt bike track or a random place like that and the car between the hill but it’s floating above. Use Crs 2 background as an example it looks like the car is actually there. They also have NYC in the background and I think you should use famous cities like that. Use crs2 for an example. Also when you put a wide body kit on a car the car looks horrible because you can’t pick the track of the wheel. The body kit is wide and the wheel are at the normal width. It looks so bad. Also some cars the wheel is not where it is supposed to be plz fix those things other than that it’s very good.
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2 months ago, King L. Harris
could use more.
I like the game, of course. But I don’t like the fact that you have to pay to fully customize a car. This kinda bugs me how you can get a car just to pay for it. Another thing I don’t like is the fact that you cannot change your profile. Do I have any ideas for the games? I want to be able to save a transparent image of my car, and a photo editor. The transparent image really helps with collaborations to save other’s work into your’s. The photo editor can let you customize your image before it gets saved. This will be very important to raise the ratings of tournament pics. Also, I want new cars to be added to the game, such as the new Nissan Z, the newer Subaru BRZ, Toyota 86, and the BMW M2. I hope the devs see this and fix this issues in the next update 🙏❤️
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1 year ago, Jojo my bro
GREAT GAME … but I can’t pay for anything
This game is by far the best tuning/customizing game on IOS and I played it all the time years ago. I just reinstalled it today but I can’t pay for any of the cars or the VIP version. The problem I’m having is that it doesn’t allow me to press “Next” after filling out my debit card info even though I know I typed everything in correctly. Sometimes my keyboard doesn’t even show up, preventing me from filling out my card info. I tried using the PayPal option but keyboard doesn’t show up to sign in to my account. Not sure how I’m supposed to play the game since you basically have to buy everything. I’ve bought the VIP version with no problem at all back when I had this game the first time. Idk what happened from them to now but I absolutely loved the game then. I used to play this game until my phone ran out of battery.
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3 years ago, Taco_Fish27
Wonderful app! Here is some feedback...
This car designing application really DOES bring dreams come true! Not only can I design basically ANY vehicle I can think of, but I get to transform the basic car into a completely unique masterpiece! This application has TONS of customizable cars and trucks, from the Lamborghini Aventador, to the Bugatti Chiron, they’re all there, all of your favorite vehicles! The only problem is the glitches. Sometimes, ESPECIALLY on the 2015 Ford Mustang GT, when I try to add a different body part, the loading line shows, but it freezes halfway! Another problem is the limited amount of cars that there are. I know, I know, there are literally TONS of cars, but my 5 favorite cars of ALL TIME are not there! My 5 favorite cars are the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, the Koenigsegg Jesko, and the Bugatti Divo, and the Devel Sixteen, and the Apollo Automobili Intensa Emozione (Apollo IE). Those cars specifically aren’t in the car collection, and I would love it if those cars were added! But, besides that, 3D Tuning is a wonderful game!
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2 years ago, AK47 Mac11 Glocks and 9's boi
You have to pay for everything
I would’ve gave it a five star rating, but because I like trucks and try to customize them I can’t which makes me mad then the app just randomly crashes out of nowhere also you have to by the trucks thing to customize the wheels and stuff which makes me mad because all of my cuzins can’t even do anything to the trucks so I would not recommend to this because of that and if you like to customize certain cars this might not be that app you should also add more cars like old schools or older model cars like the Monte Carlo SS and Chevy Nova or something with Ford too and Dodge but other than that the app’s not that bad tbh. You should probably get FormaCar it’s better and they don’t have as many cars,but there’s no adds or anything like where you have to pay to customize trucks or any type of cars your interested in.
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4 years ago, PoolPunk01
App abilities
I just downloaded this app yesterday. I modified a WRX. I like ALL the different mods available BUT they’re only for the outer look. I would like to be able to modify the interior colors, textiles, seats, harnesses etc. ALSO I would like to get under the hood to make mods like air intake , colors, carb size/ EFI styles, turbo/supercharger options etc. maybe even motor builders to swap the OEM to a race specific motor. Change the gear ratios, ability to strip anything to make the car lighter. I don’t know how to race other people IF that’s able, and clearer instructions on how to do so. And if racing is available, the ability to choose between drag racing, road course selection and even oval racing both on blackout and dirt track choices. If any of the aforementioned issues stated above are available in this app, please send me detailed instructions on how to do it. For this reason I give this app 3 of 5 stars. Thank you, player name UncleRyan.
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4 years ago, Reputed_
Great.. but..
This game is great and gives you a general idea of how you would envision your car (if you actually have or plan on starting a project car) only dilemma is there isn’t enough mods for each individual car which it kinda sad due to the fact the games been out for about 12 years now.. very long time.. another thing is some of the wheels glitch when you slam your cars like the ‘50 bug so you can only have your car at a side vanilla view or the wheels glitch. I’d definitely like to see the devs put more time and effort into the game as it is amazing but those issues are big enough for me to actually take the time to write a review (as I’m actually using this app to envision a build I’m wanting to start) two stars but I wanted to give two and a half but the half rates aren’t possible. I will be buying the VIP pack one time purchase of $22 for all the packs included and anything dropping in the future? Way more than worth it.
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3 years ago, Certain disaster
I want to love this app. I love the very wide variety of vehicles but it kinda goes downhill in a hurry. First, why is the option to rotate to get a view of the top of the car only available on certain vehicles? It should be available for all vehicles and it really needs to go up a lot higher... Next... Why are there so few customizable options on older cars? I wanted to “do up” a Honda CRX and discovered that there are no body kits available. There are only two options available for each bumper but no side skirts. It’s a CRX! There are hundreds of different body kits available out there for this car! Next... When selecting different wheels the little wrench comes up to indicate there are options for that wheel, usually. Some wheels have no options but the little wrench still pops up, I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of “clickbait”... That’s all for this rant but I undoubtedly will return with more...
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5 years ago, Mikey Littles
1998 Volvo S90 STANCE
Hey guys. Just want y’all to know that you’re doing a spectacular job making cool cars even cooler and really reaching the true designing potential of all cars from around the globe...however, when I think of a Volvo being tuned...I never thought that it would look quite the way it did. I love foreign V6 sports cars and sedans from the 90s, like the Supra, and R34. You can put camber, spacers, and fender flares on both of these cars, but I haven’t seen any platform tuning for Swedish cars at all. Just tacky bumpers, spray paint, and chunky looking spoilers. If nothing else ever happened in my life I would love for you guys to put in a 1998 Volvo s90 with all the works...lips, rims, brakes, tires, spacers, spoilers, camber, diffusers, fender flares, everything. I don’t know the process of adding a car to the list. But it would go from four to five stars in my book.
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6 years ago, ijason805
For trucks or cars
I would like to be able to pick tires size & rims sizes or what type of tires mudding or racing or street . Please add that feature . I pay 21$ for add on . Kinda disappointment so far with what I pay for. And also if you guys can include suspension showcase for example if I lift my truck, I would like to see the suspension and would like to change the color of it and more trucks parts please . For wheels if you guys can get a lot of forge wheels like American force. And for any type of trucks including Toyota Tundra let us have the all option for ours rims size and pick size tires . Everything is great. But I have an few ideas for the developer . Becuase I built show truck in real life . Please take time and read this and add and fix some changes please . Thank you very happy with the apps !!5 stars!!!
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5 years ago, IsCruz7769
Cool app... Needs a few tweaks.
I downloaded this app years ago when it first came out. After a few weeks I got bored and somehow frustrated and I deleted it. A friend of mine prompted me to download it again because of the new features, etc so I did and I must say, it is a lot of fun. My only complaint and the reason why I’m not giving it 5 stars is the fact that not all wheels are available for all cars and also because the wheel selection needs some improvement. For example, I would love to build a slammed and cambered out VW Rabbit with wide steel wheels and stretched tires or a jacked up Miata on 22” Drop Stars, but it doesn’t give me the option, even though it is available with other cars (steelies with stretched tires on a Crown Vic, really?). Also, I paid the VIP price ($22) and now I have access to everything on my iPad, but not my iPhone... Like I said, it still needs a few tweaks.
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7 years ago, Rocco DeNezza
Good but not good
The new update changed my opinion of the app, it changed the editing interface, and while it did add a few more cars, it still hasn't opened up the opportunity for people to be able to select from less known car brands, and they don't even have all the car brands. Although the realistic graphics you see when editing cars is appealing to the eye, but maybe when the next update comes out they should let you open doors to see what's inside (maybe even the trunk & hood too). Now whenever I try to open the app the main interface is glitched and everything is smushed into a small rectangle in the corner of my screen and I can't do or see anything, I hope the app developers fix this glitch in the future. Well that was my review, if you guys agree then write a review too, it really helps the developers, bye 😜!
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6 years ago, ManzanaSeed
Enjoyable, looking forward to more options
Ive only just got this app and tinker with it once and a while. I like the general idea a lot. I love the amount of options for some vehicles, but some have no options - which makes one think: why provide a model to click on and load in hopes to be able to customize, when truly it isn't customizable? It is just looking around the car and changing colors. Someone has mentioned top/roof view and i agree 100% that it is a necessity for this type of app. Full 360degree view, including bird's-eye. I like the idea of different wallpaper/backgrounds; However, there are times it seems i cannot position the vehicle in a way that it looks natural with the surrounding environment (wallpaper/background). Im not programming-savvy, but maybe allowing a click and drag option for the vehicle to be moved in more preferable areas? Part of my fascination with the idea of customizing a certain model is: when i dont prefer the aesthetics of said model, how can I customize it so that it looks way better? I have full confidence 3DTUNING will achieve and even surpass expectations.
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2 years ago, johnnyr2006
Thanks and Ideas
I sent a review and got a very quick response and I’m honestly surprised. I’ve never gotten a response like that and that that is awesome! Thank you 3D Tuning!!!! I mentioned flatbeds and such, but I’m a big time cowboy who loves my big Cummins trucks. I think it would be really cool to have the option to put the towing mirrors up on the dodge trucks in the game. I think that would be awesome. Another cool idea is to make our own decals for the vehicle. Like, for my truck that I have, I’m getting a sticker made that says Ol’ Son. Perfect, have an edit option where we can make our own decals with different Fonts and Sizes and place them where we want. Thank you!!!! I just think these are cool ideas.
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8 months ago, alex_turc
Fall From Grace
This used to be the best car customization app and hands down my favorite car app of all time. I used to use this to plan builds and mods for cars I bought. But time has not kind. Over the years dozens of car models have been removed, and not only has the car selection been greatly diminished, but EVERY customization option outside of paint has been monetized. You have to pay real money to do anything now. It’s like a modern video game asking you to purchase a battle pass to participate but the real kicker is that there is no game attached. It’s not a driving sim, you can’t do anything with the cars. You just look at the custom build you made. That’s it. And it all used to be free. Now we get less content and you have to pay for all of it. What an absolute shame.
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2 years ago, BIG D#1
3D Tuning
Great game but on a lot of the new trucks that have been getting released you can’t change the color of the roof because there is not a roof icon. Then on like the 2019 Silverado I think that the trail boss package should be added. Another thing I have noticed on a lot of the trucks if it has the receiver hitch on it and you change to the Ranch Hand bumper you loose the hitch. Then too many of the aftermarket rims cause the trucks to look insanely too tall. The new body style Tahoe and or Suburban should be added. Another item on the tailgate emblems it will turn the tailgate emblem black but not the one on the grill. Make the bug shield and vent visors available on more vehicles. Plus the Ranch Hand items.
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3 years ago, slickdaddyrichard
Great for car enthusiasts
Countless customizations and cars I personally love this game because although you CANT drive your creation you get to view it with its stunning graphics and customized to your preference though I do kinda wish you had a little more of the wheel and camber customizations also maybe hood/roof scoops or spoilers and exhausts because the same ones do get kind of old but I love being able to view and customize cars in 3D I would never have a chance to in real life- I am very grateful for this app and definitely recommend it-Ps it runs perfectly on my iPhone 6 Pps great content suitable for all ages- I hope I helped you select a almost PERFECT app so thanks to the devs.
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7 months ago, RJtucson
Ok. Needs some fixes
It’s not bad. Some things really take away from it being great. First it just forgets whatever car you’re working on if you have to take a break for a while. Also it doesn’t remember old card you had done. Yeah, even if you pay to unlock a car and get interrupted it just disappears and you have to pay again. Basically that alone makes it no fun to play. I’d love to see all the cars I made but I just have an empty garage. If you save a car you can’t work on it anymore. If you don’t it will be gone. Well, either way it won’t be there next time you play, saved or not. Also when you do finish a car there are just ads blocking the screen the whole time so you can’t really see it anyway. It seems like a kind of half finished idea of a game no one ever got around to completing.
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2 years ago, White boy Rick 1986
Features to be added
Hi guys I was reading about your updates and it said to give you feedback. So here lwe are the graphics are great not a bad game at all definitely like a variety of vehicles and the wide variety of customization you are able to do to the car. Now with that being said The things i find a little complicating are the cr were you picture upgrade or add on because it’s hard to keep track of where you’re at when the customization of the vehicle. to make the game better I think would be a cool feature if you could make the cars optional with the convertible feature. That’s just for now still getting familiar with the gameOnce I get a little more playtime in I’ll be sureTo give you an update then but until then who’s
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4 years ago, loscuhhh
You have pay for everything?????
I’ve had this game for like 6 months and it was amazing some things were free and that was okay if some costed money. I paid for the Chevy trucks when I had just gotten the game 6 months ago now that I wanted to play I don’t have my trucks or the wheels I can’t put anything in any truck because everything has to be bought idk about the cars and all but I’ve tried a few trucks and they are al locked because you have to buy them and this game would be 100% amazing if only you didn’t have to buy everything in it and more free stuff. I’m not going to pay 22$ on a game that i might even get bored of in a few days or even .99$ on a package that will only let me use a few same model trucks. 6 months ago I would’ve said this game was amazing but now it’s just boring for having to pay for everything
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2 years ago, Great app - a few issues
Love this app!
I’ve been a long time builder and fan of the app and I very much enjoy your product. I have noticed that you’ve gotten rid of some choices that very much enjoy customizing like the Shelby Cobra. My question is, what was the reasoning for getting rid of those options and will you be bringing cars like the Cobra back? I’ve also noticed some inconsistencies with the organization of cars like mustangs being in two places. And also with some cars having limited options only being accessible by search or hidden completely from the main menu? Again, I’m a huge fan and I love seeing new cars join the menu!
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5 years ago, #1 carlos
Please add Hennessy venom f5
It’s good. It’s good for letting your mind explore the different makes and models and you can customize them. I think it’s good for letting your mind roam free I really think there should be Hennessy and the new Hennessy venom f5. The newest fastest car it looks really cool and would be cool if it was on there. And if the trucks and all the other things were free you would be able to get options and customizable cars I think it would be cool if they are free. Thanks I love the app. Like Ford Explorer you can have different options like police that’s new. so why not new things and free things on the app. I mean like I don’t know if I like having to pay money for cars and all of it but still it’s cool. Thanks
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6 years ago, Vontreal
Good but improvement room for customization.
It has definitely improved drastically. Most importantly it doesn’t freeze up as it use to. But it would be nice to have options to customize interior, engine bay and truck. For example custom sound systems, interior material and colors. As for the engine bay colors as well as visual performance add-ons. For instance, if you turbo charge a vehicle it shows with an open hood view. Chrome headers, painting the block, cylinder head(s), valve covers etc. changing clutch fans to electric fans etc. would be nice to change brake caliper color.. and rim size. I notice when selecting rims there’s a plus and minus size as if you can change rim size. I feel like I could have cracked my screen with the amount of pressure I’ve used trying this option. I could go on and on, but this is a start.
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3 years ago, BG18😎🤙 (Brandon)
Great game play all day in school but needs more cars
This is a great game, i love playing it in school, but it can need just a few more cars and trucks like some old peter built semi trucks, ford escape, second Gen Cummins, maybe even some Rv’s too, and maybe some more wheel options like mickey Thompson, american racing wheels and more off-road accessories and bigger tires. But all and all, this game is amazing. Thank you for making such an amazing customization game for everybody to enjoy😎🤙🔥. P.s. exhaust systems and Exhaust tips for diesel trucks like the second Gen Cummins and the Ford trucks to inspire our builds and more earlier Jeeps like a 95 cherokee country, 92 Jeep wrangler, and the earlier jeeps dating from the 80’s to the 40’s😎🤙🔥
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5 days ago, Bsauce👌
Money Back?
I’ve been playing this game for years and years ago bought a pack in the game used it for a couple days then it kind of disappeared and never let me use it again. I redownloaded it a couple times hoping it would let me use what i bought but nothing. A couple months ago I figured i’d see if it would let me use what i spend my money on so i bought the vip. It was great for a day then when i went back to build a truck poof everything was gone. I spent 30 dollars to be able to build one escalade. Not sure if it’s happened to other people but it made me genuinely upset as i use it to not only build cars but also build trucks to see what kind of stuff i could get for my current truck such as wheels grills etc. Idk how it could be solved but if you guys want to give me either my cars or my money id be pretty happy.
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