5 Minute Pilates Workout

Health & Fitness
4.7 (5.1K)
125.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Olson Applications Limited
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for 5 Minute Pilates Workout

4.67 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Mair59
Simple but Challenging
I really needed an exercise app that was suited to my personal physical needs: muscle toning, core strengthening, low impact to avoid muscle strain. This app also allows for a person to modify some of the exercises if you have not exercised regularly, or do not have enough strength to do the full exercise when you first begin. Already, just five to ten minutes a day with this app can feel a noticeable change in my physical stamina, posture, and appear to be slimming down some. I feel better too. You cannot beat the price and exercising in small increments for me is a practical way to keep an exercise routine especially when I am experiencing immediate results.
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6 years ago, Bay Area mom8
Good for someone w Pilates experience. Wish it had audio
This app will not teach you the proper way to do Pilates. However if you are experienced in Pilates, this app is a good way to get in a quick workout. The pictures illustrate the movement in a very rough way. But did not explain the nuances how to do it or how to prevent from getting hurt. Which are both very important to doing exercise properly. I would not recommend this app to somebody new to Pilates because it’s possible to injure yourself if you don’t use proper form. I think an option for voiceover that talks you through the movement and what to do to make it effective and what not to do to prevent injury would be very helpful. The animated movements could be more accurate too, Including the actual timing. The movements are shown very sped up which is unrealistic and potentially unsafe for people trying to keep up with it. In summary I will use it occasionally as someone who known Pilates well, but this does replace a real instructor or a regular workout schedule.
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2 years ago, Faber's Kaktus
Nice idea but needs development
The best thing about the app is that I feel compelled to at least do a few minutes of exercise each day. Unfortunately it stops there: the idea is ok, but the app would need a lot of add-ons to make me want to take out a paid subscription. There are only a handful of traditional Pilates exercises that seem quite randomly combined from one day to the next. It would be better if they could have a specific focus or emphasis that shifts from one day to the next, e.g. back day, leg day, arm day. It’s also clearly only usable for someone with prior knowledge of Pilates as the pictures and descriptions are rudimentary at best. There’s also no warm up or cool down and no suggestion anywhere that these might be good to add (even without instructions or guidance) - I just added those myself, based on existing knowledge. As other reviewers have pointed out, the absence of an audio cue to accompany the timer and start/finish of each exercise is, frankly, baffling. At least add an option! Otherwise, I’m not sure how the developers think I’m going to keep an eye on my phone screen while I’m doing criss-cross or the hundred. And while I’d probably disable push notifications, some people might enjoy regular motivational pop-up reminders rather than just setting an alarm. So, to sum up: let me know when you’ve actually developed an app and not just a set of clips with a countdown timer.
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4 months ago, Millay264
Great concept; effective and sustainable
I am working on getting in shape and don’t have time or ability to do full workouts. This app is the perfect solution cause I can always take time for a five minute core workout and in a few days I feel a real difference in my muscle tone, alignment, and posture. I’d say it’s more cardio Pilates than what I am used to. You get a demo and narration for each exercise and a short rest period between exercises. This works perfectly for me. The only suggestion I have for improvement is to include a verbal countdown to the end of the exercise and maybe some beats in the background!! But in five minutes you can’t really get bored.
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2 years ago, Randomlandom
Great intro to Pilates!
I’m only on day 5 but so far I am really enjoying this app. I feel as if I’m working muscles that have never worked before and I am a pretty regular athlete. I am sore every morning but it’s not so sore that I’m discouraged from continuing the program which is something that has gotten me off track before. You can go into the settings so you are able to listen to your own music which I really appreciate. I wanted to find a workout program to target my core and I have heard a lot about Pilates but never really looked into it and so I searched the App Store found this one. I will update throughout the program if I remember!
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4 days ago, cody skyler carter
Really good app
This app has 3 different leaves so you can build your muscles. I like that the sessions are only five minutes that really works for my busy schedule. I personally use two different challenges at a time five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening . I am seeing results. At first I thought it was to easy but the more I use it I can see a difference. I really like that there has been no hidden fees and it was affordable for my budget.
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6 years ago, @my_H
Good tool for a consistent short workout
Heads up: you get 2 free 5-min workouts, then you have to pay $8 to unlock the rest. I’m usually cheap and would just do the 2 free ones over and over, but because they’re so short that’s not really an option here. However, for me it’s worth it - this is a good tool to keep me doing an exercise every day since it’s only 5 mins. I feel lightly worked out after I finish, and Pilates appears to have a good combo of body weight training and dynamic stretching. When you upgrade, it allows you to play music through the app, although the song picker is terrible (to update the songs it wipes the list clean you have to re-select a new list from nothing).
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5 years ago, toogood101
Great app
Great app, easy to use. I bought the full version because I like it that much. I’ve never bought any app. So simple which makes it motivating. I would like to see modified versions of some of the exercises that my body just cannot do. Also would be nice to have a warm up and cool down as part of the days. And maybe my volume isn’t turned on, but being told when the forty seconds is up so I don’t have to reach for my phone while in the middle of an exercise :))
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6 years ago, Sydney M Shea
fine but...
Not gonna lie, it’s a good app. I’m a softball pitcher and my coach recommended I started doing pilates daily to increase my speed. After only 2 days there was a huge difference in how fast I was throwing. However, I have 2 problems with the app. First, only the first 2 days are free, and after that you have to pay $7.99 which really isn’t worth it when there are so many other apps and videos you can follow along with for free. Second, I really enjoy playing music when I exercise and this app pauses your music every time you start a workout. I’ll probably be downloading a different app because $7.99 with no music isn’t worth my time or money.
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1 year ago, Ms.ShaylaMarie
Off to a great start!
I got this app to try for a few weeks to introduce me to the world of Pilates & to help me decide if I should pay for classes. I am really enjoying it so far & the fact that the exercises are so quick yet so effective is most definitely the best part! They offer detailed descriptions of each move as well as a visual to really help you make sure you’re getting everything right!
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6 years ago, sleep4001
Best Pilates app
This app is working great for me. I have a small baby and it is hard to find time for a twenty minute workout. Also, Pilates works better for me than yoga because I have some hip pain. I have done Pilates workouts in the past so I know it works well for me and having an app to lead me through five minutes of exercises a day is just what I need. I also appreciate that I don’t have to pay for a monthly subscription to use it.
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2 months ago, kwnenwond
The free classes are perfect!
If you don’t want to pay for a subscription, the workouts available on the free side are perfect. You’ll have to keep repeating the “beginners path” but it’s a good way to strengthen yourself and grow your endurance. They also have free simple sessions available on Mondays and free fat burner lessons available on Thursdays. This is perfect for me! I do these workouts every morning and it’s a great way to start my day!
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2 years ago, TKNaples
It’s so easy to work out for 5 minutes!
I love that I can choose my own music - more mellow for my straight out of bed session - more upbeat for my afternoon breaks to get me up from my desk. The exercises are simple but I think they are effective. I’ve started to add leg weights for an extra boost. I’ve shared it with my friends who work at home or feel like they have no time to work out. I’m hooked!
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2 months ago, BusyErnie
Back strengthening
I’ve been using this app about three times a week for several years now. It’s helped me reduce my lower back pain quite a bit. You can choose different fitness and skill levels to customize the exercises. I’ve recommended it to several friends. It’s easy to use, you can put your own music to the exercises.
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2 years ago, MCBM1415
Overall a good app
I love the simplicity of the app and the quick 5 minute work outs. I am a mom of two and going to the gym isn’t an option these days, so I love that I can do something easy and simple at home with my kids around. I don’t even need any work out gear. The one downside would be that there isn’t much variation in the work outs. I would have loved a little more variety in exercises. But otherwise it’s a great app!
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2 years ago, 8rnuff
The title is misleading
It isn’t free if you want to continue after the first week. However, my rheumatologist recommended I try Pilates. I don’t have time to spend at a studio. These five minute sessions first thing in the morning are easy and get those joints and muscles going. Just right for many of us who are trying to keep our bodies in good working order.
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2 years ago, Wendyannie2
Senior Doing Pilates
My Doctor recommended Pilates to increase my core strength. I am in my first week and already feel an improvement in my lower back. Very exciting. I told her Yoga no longer helped as it hurt me more than helped me. She said Pilates is better for lower back. As far as the AP…I really like the way it’s set up. So easy to use. Totally worth it. Thank you!!!
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2 years ago, Katrina MSP
No audio cues
The app is a fine intro to Pilates the instructions and the animations are easy to follow. However, the timer is visual only making the starting and stopping cues extremely hard to follow (nearly useless). The app has audio with the music. Why not also a simple countdown to start and a cue to stop and move on? That seems pretty basic. I looked all through the settings and can’t find anything that indicates this is an option.
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4 years ago, TuttawAnda
Great for Starting
This App is awesome! I’ve been procrastinating starting a workout...I found this while searching in the App Store and I’m super glad I did. You can choose how long you want to work out for and the level you want to begin at. For those like me the morning 5 min workout is perfect! I feel great when I’m finished and don’t dread the next one. Download you will not regret!
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2 years ago, CBrockett
Great for getting back into it
Simple, inexpensive, and who doesn’t have 5 minutes a day. This is helping me get back into exercising after a too-busy period without it. Just enough to feel the effect, and little enough that I’ve come to realize that I literally have no excuse to do this every day.
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2 years ago, Thompson90
Good basic positions
Trying to get back into Pilates, to tone up. This app is nice, 1 minute intervals. Like how I can start each exercise at my own pace. Sometimes it takes longer to get into the right position or I just want to make sure I am doing it correctly. Only wish they had a way to customize my own 5 minute segment. Easy to use. 5.99 for a year. Well worth it
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3 weeks ago, Donnaw612
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3 years ago, tnv35
Just what I was looking for
Very simple app layout. Easy to use, easy to do. My back is already feeling better just with this simple beginning. This would be great for getting back in shape or your off day from the gym. It probably takes less than five minutes but I feel it.
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2 months ago, Haz7KZ
Give it a try!
This app has really helped me commit to daily movement & strengthening, especially when my motivation is low. Ive noticed a difference in my overall body stability, and its helped keep back pain away. highly recommend to anyone trying to just get going to feel better.
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2 months ago, GREATT👏🏽👏🏽
So easy and simple to use
This app is consistent and easy to use, some exercises doesn’t really have good demonstrations on how to do them but it’s easy to figure out. They also have plans for people on low income who want to improve their health. Love this app and I use it after I do my main workouts daily
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2 years ago, lyssielys45
Quick and simple, yet rewarding
This program gradually move you forward without overburdening you the first day. It is simple to understand and follow. As well it is short enough that you can fit it into a busy schedule. I felt muscle groups I didn’t even know I had worked. I love it
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3 years ago, Bella_genao
Love this app!!
I completed my first day today and I feel pretty good. I like how they explain the exercise in the bottom with the addition of the figure actually doing it. One thing that can be added is music or maybe sounds to let us know when to start and begin besides of course the wording. Overall great experience!
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2 months ago, Aanders41
Have been using this for 10 weeks as an easy way to get into better health. Recently bumped up to the 10 minute workouts. Very doable for busy people who don’t have a lot of extra time, or don’t love working out. I have lost inches and gained so much strength using this program. LOVE!
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2 years ago, sebibby
Super Great for a Quick Workout
I love this app! I use it daily and do the five minute workouts. They’re free, and super helpful. I love that I am able to use what I learn from the daily workouts and create my own longer workout. Super user friendly and easy to get into! It’s great for beginners.
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3 weeks ago, Ree rarely leaves a review
Good update.
I wasn’t the biggest fan when I first started using this app. I felt like it wasn’t very good for someone BRAND NEW to Pilates. But after an apparent update I like it a lot more now and find the breathing more explanatory and the images are better. Easier for me to use every day now.
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3 days ago, Sey gi
A really great app!!! Never thought I’d be able to do Pilates but this app guides you and really walks you through. While making it manageable and effective. I feel so much better after completing just 5 days of the program!! Definitely recommend!!
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2 months ago, LynnO59
Good workout
I’ve been using this app for a few months. I like that the sessions are short but effective! I especially like that there is a “coaching voice” during each exercise that tells me how to breathe and do each one correctly.
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2 years ago, morningfibro
Easy, manageable workout
I have fibromyalgia and mornings are rough. This is an easy work out for me that makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. When I don’t have time in the morning to do this, I really miss it. Thanks for making this available to us
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4 months ago, c42kat
I’m really bad at sticking with exercise, but this five minutes in the morning that’s planned for me is perfect! I get a decent amount of walking and stairs in during the day, which also helps, but that doesn’t target different areas of my body - this does!
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2 years ago, bejeweled addict2010
Fantastic for beginner
I needed to slowly work my way into a routine but also slowly gain flexibility and competency in the movements. This app is perfect for that. Easy to commit to 5 mins! Helps me establish a daily routine and once I get the 5 mins done I feel like doing more activity through the day.
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3 years ago, nancy3dogs
Love it!
I love this app. It gives you time to read and position yourself properly. Then you click start, you get a few seconds to get ready and then it counts down and beeps at the end of the time. Then you go on to the next position.
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6 years ago, BeckyUNC
Effective but could use some improvements
Love the idea of 5 minute segments, exercises are easy to follow and good variety. Would be very helpful to have some form of noise or reminder when the time is completed for each exercise (some days it works, most it doesn’t). Would also like the option of choosing 10 minutes of exercise.
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4 years ago, infinitejoy
Easy to incorporate into morning routine
I am able to do these exercises on the bed first thing in the morning. We don’t have much floor space in the apartment so floor routines were not appealing but these exercises are fabulous. Some may argue that it is not the best practice but we each have to adapt to what is available.
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11 months ago, Suzy Bunny
Excellent for beginners with one small change
I’m totally new to wall Pilates and while this app is simple and clear with written instructions and automated demonstration I’d really value the option to listen to the exercise explanation so I can move while hearing the breathing instructions and be able to concentrate on form.
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6 years ago, exerciseiskey
Great stepping stone for beginners!
I appreciate the time to set myself up, review the move, and start the timer when I’m ready. Very doable for a beginner. Helps you stretch out an inflexible, tight body without being intimidated by speed. Looking forward to following this until my body feels ready for the next thing.
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2 months ago, harrison1970
I truly love this app! I have two bad knees and this app has given me the opportunity to still workout and not hurt my knees anymore. It’s quick easy and a great workout if you’re just starting out or starting back after an injury.
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6 years ago, mrslee12
Nice and quick Pilate
This is a great tool for someone who has a short amount of time, but needs a workout. I really like the features, however after the 2 day I’m not sure of the cost associated with the app. It seems that it’s about to charge me, but it doesn’t tell you when or how much. So I haven’t moved forward. Other the than that it’s pretty cool.
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2 months ago, Elywill
Easy and helpful
I am currently trying to get back into exercising regularly. I was overwhelmed by long hard work outs, worrying that I could not complete them or would be very sore. This app has helped me get back into a routine. I’ve really enjoyed it!!
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6 years ago, Apersonwithaanswer1
Starts off, not kidding around
The only thing that bugs me is the fact that so far, on the first day we do one side exercise but not the other. Also, don’t do the excercises as quick as the animations go. You will throw ur back out like that. Nice and slow. I wonder how far I’ll get before they make me pay or give me the option to pay.
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2 years ago, wlybean
Just what I needed
This is exactly what I need to get me to stay consistent with workouts. Targets an area, shows you how to do it, then gives it to you in short times. I love the baby steps to make the exercise less painful and more productive!
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3 years ago, Katydv
First day
Bought the full app. It seems effective in a no frills kind of way. Easy enough that I can expect to stick with it. It helps you keep track of what you have accomplished. I hope to make this a daily routine. If I can see results from 5 minutes of workout, I’ll be a happy mama! TBD
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4 years ago, Me391640174519472037446520194
Quick and quality workout!
So happy with this app! Completely user friendly and feels like a great work out. It has amped up my exercise routine which includes walking, light weight lifting and yoga. Don’t always have time to squeeze in the yoga but this is so quick and easy! 🙂
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4 years ago, Mysteriuos Lady
I love doing Pilates every morning
This is every helpful to Casey Snyder this super helpful to me Casey every morning and afternoon I feel like a different person this is every helpful app to me every morning and afternoon to remind myself to do it for my mind body weight also my soul that’s all I could think of
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4 years ago, fcyfy
4 stars
I have only tryd it for 1 day already this is my 2 day and so far I like it I recommend this app for eny one who is trying to lose weight but also get healthy and start being more active in ways you body would never had thought about before when you didn’t do this so yeah this works so far
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10 months ago, RNappWooRer
Nice if you don’t want a chatty instructor
My issue is for beginners that explanations are really important, and the exercises just start after the rest. Instead of pausing for time for you to read the explanation. It would be nice if during your pause phase it automatically read to you explanation of the next move, and then it started.
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