5K Runner: couch potato to 5K

Health & Fitness
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User Reviews for 5K Runner: couch potato to 5K

4.9 out of 5
107.9K Ratings
1 year ago, BMore Steve
I can’t believe I’m a runner now!
I never write reviews. But felt the need to here. I am a 54 year old male. Hated the thought of running. Thought it was for the young, skinny types. While I had been walking, the thought of picking up the pace and running was the furthest from my mind. Then I hit 240 pounds and hated myself. I had tried this app in the past, but through a combination of apathy and low self esteem, I never made it. But something clicked one day, and I thought I’d give it another shot and see if I could make it all the way and run a 5k. I started in November of last year and found myself impressed with the simple and easy progression of the app. No pressure to kill yourself just get up, commit to a half hour or so and before you know it, you’re done. Then I started to see the pounds drop. Then I started to create playlists on my phone. Then I started buying gear. Then I signed up for a 5k. Then I actually RAN the 5k. I didn’t stop, I didn’t walk. I RAN a 5k! I didn’t come in last, but came in in the middle of the pack in my age group. I came home and signed up for another 5k. And another. I am collecting shirts, medals and realizing…holy crap. I’m a runner. This app got me there. No question. And now I’m training for a 10k. With a half marathon next and hopefully a marathon by this time next year. Try it. Stick with it. You might become a runner too.
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1 year ago, Mrobill1
If I can do it, YOU can do it
This app has carried me through several seasons of life & let me tell you, it’s a game changer. If you feel like you’re not a runner & the thought of running for more than a minute at a time scares the daylights out of you, this IS the app for you. I was always the slow kid in PE on those dreaded timed mile run days & continued to be that person into my thirties. One day I woke up & decided I needed to change my lifestyle. I was two babies into parenthood, weight wasn’t coming off, everything I ate stuck to me, I was tired, yada yada. I started this app in August & by October was running the full 5k. I could not believe it. I felt great. Holidays hit & I fell off the wagon. I did it again. Then I got pregnant & again, fell off the wagon. Once baby was 3 months, I did it again & maintained. One year later, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and fell off the wagon once again throughout half of my chemo regimen. But alas, I began the app again while having chemo. Then I took a short break for surgery, went back, & am about to start radiation. I’m still going strong & don’t plan to stop. If a run ragged mom of three young kids who is also in active treatment for cancer can do it, YOU can do it. Quit the excuses & just download the app and give it a try. You don’t fail unless you stop for good. YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS. Happy running!
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8 months ago, chase_whatmatters
Life changing running journey!
I started using a Couch to 5K app. I stuck with it for 8 weeks, running three times a week. The routine alternated between running one day, taking a break the next, and then running again. This app, combined with a treadmill, made a huge difference for me. It guides you through intervals of running and walking, beginning with a warm-up walk followed by one minute of running and one minute of walking. Over time, it gradually increases your running time. You'll be amazed at your progress! By week 8, I could run for five minutes straight, with a one-minute walk about five times. I'd pop in my AirPods, put on a TV show or some music, and let the app run in the background. It even gives you audio cues for when to run or walk, and throws in encouraging words like "good job". The only downside is that you need to stick to it. I made the mistake of taking about a month off and had to backtrack to week 6. While I was able to complete the 8 week run, I was sore due to jumping back into it too fast. While a treadmill isn't necessary, it helped me avoid pushing myself too hard. Years ago, I tried the same program without one and ended up with shin splints from overexerting myself. On the treadmill, I could control the speed – I'd walk at 2.5 mph and jog at a light, sustainable 4 mph.
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6 years ago, LiveHappy70
Extremely good
This app is great and really effective. The app (which is gorgeous) includes a program that combines walking and running and it increases the running on every workout. This worked great for me and it's how I got into running (40+ years young). The audio coach comes through the headphones and tells you when it's time to walk or run, so that you don't really have to do anything except listen and do what he says. I also love the motivational coaching that goes with it. The progress is just right, and really sets you up to making it to the end. I also enjoy their motivation thoughts on each workout and the great guidance through the app. All in all - a great great great app. Update - started running again after quitting for a year and the app still did its magic. Got me back into shape fairly easily. Actualdly it took me less than 4 weeks to do it instead of their advertized 8 weeks, but I think that this is because of muscle memory (and maybe a little bit of self belief which made me skip ahead whenever it felt right). it worked great the first time, and now but now my body was able to get back into it even easier. Happy this app is doing its magic again, and it’s time to continue to 10k!
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6 years ago, JuniperLemon
Absolutely Perfect
I’m in love with this app. I am a couch potato by nature who used to hate running with a PASSION. While I’m not overweight, I am definitely ‘under-fit’ and my endurance is quite pathetic. I am taking a health class that requires the students to come up with and implement their own fitness plan. In the pursuit of creating a workable fitness plan, I begrudgingly downloaded this app, knowing I needed to run but strongly disliking the idea. I did the first run and was amazed to find that I didn’t feel like I was going to throw up or die after it was done. I continued to run with the app, and gradually began to hate it less and less. (I might even be enjoying it *gasp*) Each new combination of running and walking is challenging yet balanced, and I’m finally starting to see results from running, unlike every other attempt I’ve made. I paid the $9.99 for full access to the whole app and so far it has been extremely worth it. I love the simplicity and workability of the app. I can usually find my way around an app fairly easily but it’s lovely to not have to guess or scratch my head trying to find what I’m looking for. 11 of 10 stars!
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6 years ago, AshNicole09
Don’t buy lifetime...
First I will say I loved this app. The pacing is great and I can run a full 5k after doing the program. Sure it’s something you could do yourself without the app but I loved that I could just hit go and concentrate on my running instead of timing myself because I knew the app was going to tell me what to do. Now I paid the lifetime instead it the 3 months. That’s where I get disappointed. Silly me had hopes that paying the lifetime I could use other apps by the same company to continue to improve my running. Well, jokes on me. I downloaded 10k Runner to see and guess what: I could have just downloaded that app in the first place and did the 5k program I paid for FOR FREE before the 10k app made me pay. All in all I don’t regret spending the money on the app because that helped motivate me to keep using it but I wish I would have paid for 3 months instead of lifetime because that gets me nowhere. I don’t use the app anymore because I use a Fitbit and their app to track my runs now because it gives me my pace mile by mile. Which is another disappointment with this app. You have to figure your own pace at the end of your run and that will include your 5 minute warm ups and cool downs. In short: good app? Yes. Just don’t spend more than you need too.
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3 years ago, Jillyfromtheblock
Got me (mostly) to 5k
Pretty good app. I appreciate that it is hands-free and that I can listen to the coaching through my AirPods. Although, there isn’t really much coaching after the first couple of runs. After the first couple of runs, the “coach” basically just tells you when to run and walk. On the whole, I think that some more coaching would be beneficial. Especially regarding running form, mental toughness, etc. I think reminders to check running form would be greatly helpful to prevent injuries for new runners. The workout always starts and ends with a 5 minute warm up walk and cool down walk. Unfortunately, they include this distance at the end of your work out where it tells you how far you went. So, on my last run, it read that I had run 3.22 miles in 35 minutes. But that included warmup/cool down time. In reality, i went a TOTAL of 3.22 miles in 45 minutes, but ran 2.75 miles in 35 minutes. I worked an extra week on my own beyond the program to get up to actually running the full 3.1. I’m now at 3.1 in 37 minutes. All in all, it is definitely worth the price of 10 dollars and I did achieve my goal of running 5k. Now I can move my focus to improving speed 😊 hope this helps someone!
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3 years ago, RGruns
This app changed my life
I started this app in March 2020. At that point, I couldn’t even run for five minutes straight and I used to hate running. However, after each workout, I felt accomplished, not defeated and I would look forward to the next run. (I think that the fact that this app goes by time and not distance has a lot to do with it because I felt forced to find a pace that was sustainable for me.) I eventually made it to 5k and then started running 5k every other day for a month. Once I felt comfortable, I moved on to the 10K app and now I am working towards a half marathon! This app has given me so much confidence in myself and I have never felt stronger physically or mentally. Accomplishing something that I never thought I would be able to do is life changing and it has improved my mental health tremendously. Running has been a big part of my life now for a year and I look forward to continuing to progress and improve. This app is designed perfectly for those who simultaneously fear running but desire to become runners.
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5 years ago, nn52302
I went from hating the idea of running, to scheduling time to run every day
I knew that running was a great workout, but I didn’t have the endurance, motivation, discipline or athleticism needed to follow through with it. I researched different apps for a while and finally came across this one. It cost $10 to get the full features so I figured I might as well try it. I’m on week 7 day 1 (each of the 8 weeks consists of 3-4 weekly runs) and today I was able to run 20 minutes non-stop at a high speed without any difficulty. This is something that would have never been possible for me in the past. The app has allowed me to learn how to run in a way in which I actually enjoy the workout and feel strong and accomplished afterwards. I know I still have a long way to go, but this app has made such a difference in my daily routine and allowed me to finally enjoy running. I’m almost done with the 8 week program, and I’m even thinking about signing up for my first 5K. Don’t think twice, download this and start running.
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1 year ago, joliay
I Did It!!
I got this app because I had no idea where to start when it came to getting back in shape. I have tried and tried over the years and I always get discouraged and stop. When I got this app, I honestly expected much the same. I put off eve starting the journey for weeks. But now I’m four weeks in and I am honestly beaming with pride in myself, and I feel nothing but encouraged to keep at it. This app feeds you your runs in a way that feels so manageable and good. I finished day one and I was like “oh wow! I did it!” And every run after that, same thing. I did it! It’s a challenge, but never so hard that I feel discouraged or too out of shape to keep going. Even when the intervals go up, I feel a little nervous before I start but then! Hey! I did it! So seriously, if you feel like you want to get in shape and you have running goals, and you have no idea how to begin climbing that mountain, get this app. Yeah you have to pay for it but I promise it’s worth it. You can do it!!
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2 years ago, ShastaDaisy007
Really Love It - but have a suggestion
I love this app, and the program itself. I’ve never enjoyed running and was very skeptical about starting this program to begin with. But I stuck with it and earned my 5K badge, and then decided to keep going! I’m 8 months in now and don’t plan to stop. I love the varying workouts so that it’s not just the same thing over and over again. I like looking back at previous times for the same workout and seeing how I’ve improved. I love that I can listen to music with the app while I run. And I love that the trainer updates me throughout the workout to keep me motivated. I recently got an Apple Watch and was thrilled that my app would link to my watch - but then was disappointed to find out that it doesn’t work beyond the initial 5K training. I would love it if you could update the app to work with my watch for the additional weekly sessions so that I don’t have to continue carrying my phone with me each time I run. Please!?! 🤞🏻
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1 year ago, thelaurenamyyyyy
I’ve never been a runner… until now!
I know everyone says this but even when I was young and fit, I hated running. Now I’m in my 30’s and I really needed an accessible form of exercise without all the obstacles of going to the gym. I downloaded this app and started mid week 2 because of the assessment which was probably a bit ambitious. I only have the final week left and I can’t believe the difference. My stamina is already so much better. I’m not winded nearly as easily and I’m able to walk miles and miles without my feet hurting. It’s hard to believe that a few weeks ago the idea of running for 5 minutes straight would have been beyond me, but it’s true. Yesterday I did ran for 20 minutes straight. This app helps me understand that it’s not just about speed, but even just DOING it can set you up for success and help you understand yourself better. Love it!
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3 years ago, GodzillaChomps
It got me to start running, but needs some updates
I tried running on and off again for years. This time I decided to use the 5K app. Here’s a list of pros and cons I’ve found so far: Pros - starts off very gently and eases you into running for longer periods of time - voice coach is supportive and helpful in reminding you about posture and being mindful about how you run (how fast, how hard your feet hit the ground, etc) - aural reminders and encouragement go a long way - warm up and cool down time is totally necessary - adjusts your next run based on how you felt about the one you just finished Cons - voice coaching stops after a while and like other reviewers said it would be nice to have a gentle reminder to tell us to be mindful of how we’re running - the time increments increase too rapidly after week 5 or 6, we should be able to control how many more minutes we can run for (I.e. 20 to 25 minutes is far too much of a stretch when I had only been increasing my time for two or three minutes at any other time) this makes it difficult to stick with the program - it focuses on the amount of time you spend running rather than how far you’ve gone. You may have unwittingly ran 5k before you finish week 8 Overall it’s a great app that I’ll keep using, but it is somewhat disappointing to read that you don’t have full access to the 10k app even though you paid for the 5k. As a self professed non-runner before this app, it did a great job getting me into running.
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2 weeks ago, 1a4b7c0d
Data Issues if you like using Apple’s Fitness App
I like the app as far as helping me pace and reminding me to get off the couch. The one thing that is driving me crazy though is the data it’s sending to my Apple Fitness app. I monitor my rings throughout the day and the data is SO skewed since I started using this app for workouts. The problem is that it sends over the full distance covered in a workout, including warm up and cooldown, but sends the time for the run intervals only, without the warm up and cooldown time. My Apple Fitness app thinks I’m running 2+ miles in the time of an athlete or someone twenty years younger than me!! Another feature that I don’t love: Since pairing with my Apple watch, the audio alerts during the run are coming through my watch. I want them coming through my headphones but there doesn’t seem to be an option for this. I run on a busy road and struggle to hear the alerts so I find myself looking at my watch repeatedly to make sure I didn’t miss instructions. The end of my first week’s free access is tomorrow and I’m thinking I’ll probably try a different app rather than continuing with this one.
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4 years ago, H8YU
Horrible glitch/lag.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app, I finished it all the way to 5k and repeated the 5k guide to keep building resistance. After that I lightly sprained my ankle and had to stop for about 2 weeks, when I started again from halfway the updated had kicked in and added optimized runs while also changing some of the walk/run ratios. I personally didn’t like this, I preferred the set schedule. I ran 3 times a week and it lined up perfectly with the app and now my days are all out of order. Not a huge deal but not my personal preference either. UPDATED REVIEW: After completing the 5k again I began repeating week 8 day 3 over and over every other day. Today it’s the second time that the app crashes horribly and I can’t use it. It’s very upsetting because I really do like the guidance of this app and I purchased the lifetime version so I should be able to use it as many times as possible. Some mornings it’s already hard for me to motivate myself to go out and run and it really makes it worse when I do get myself out there and the app isn’t working.
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3 years ago, Lappt
Overall pretty great! Watch out for what you pay for though!!
This app is a great version of the Couch to 5k program. It got be back to running after a >10 year break, no injury and very few aches and pains in the process. The loss of one star has to do with their payment structure. I purchased the Lifetime Premium thinking it applied to their other running apps as well, why would I purchase a lifetime membership for a program I’ll probably only do this one time as I progress on to longer distances? I really thought it applied to their other apps. I think they should be much more explicit in their explanation and pricing structure. I contacted customer support and basically just got a curt response simply stating there is no cross app purchase for memberships. They did not reply to my second message. Given this, I do not intend to use any of their other apps. Be sure you know what you’re paying for when you buy the in app purchases…
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5 years ago, chrissell021
Made me a runner!
I have never run a single mile in my life that was not excruciating. I have recently made some serious strides towards becoming healthier including dropping from 240 lbs to an eventual goal weight of 160 (I’m currently 187). I started using this 5k app around 205 lbs and while I attribute most of my weight victories to my change in diet, this program has been incredible in keeping me active and pointed toward the goal of being healthier, not just weighing less. This is the first time I have EVER reviewed an app because I think THAT HIGHLY of this app. It is adding years to my life by setting attainable goals and helping me achieve them at a reasonable pace. I cannot believe that I am through 6 weeks of an 8 week training program!!! I have signed up for my very first 5k taking place just 5 days before my 36th birthday in just under 2 months. I never could’ve reached this goal as effectively and easily without this app!
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3 years ago, DaKing!
You bring the confidence, this app does the rest!
In the span of four months, I’ve gone from almost running through a 2 or 3 minute song to running a 5k two or three times a week! I’ve used plenty of running apps in the past, but this particular app spaces out your running so that, even if you don’t feel 100% ready to move to the next day, it’s just enough to push yourself without going too far. The increments that increase each day make it feel like you are progressing every time without going overboard. The one suggestion I would make would be that when I decide to run with my wife (who has also improved in her running) and use a previous day, it does eliminate the check marks used to mark your progression, as well as getting rid of any “customized runs” that had been generated. Overall, the perfect app to change your life.
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3 years ago, carly82091
Literal couch to 5k
I haven’t finished yet but I’m on schedule and only one week away. I seriously thought my body just couldn’t run. I assumed some people had “runners” bodies and some just didn’t, like me. When I started the first day I could hardly run a minute… here I am running 15-20 minutes without stopping and it feels GREAT! I’ve fallen in love with running. It’s such a wonderful release, me time, and great energy to start off the day. I already signed up for my first 5k and have running shoes on my Xmas list this year. I stayed exactly with the program, being honest with myself when a run was too difficult. The program would optimize my schedule and have me repeat a difficult run until I got there. Don’t feel discouraged repeating runs, no one program could ever work for every person. But you will get there!
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2 years ago, CompassKidd
Needs a lot to work
It’s a good start for new runners, but I found it’s lacking in the eighth week. The app is less about completing a 5K and more about building stamina. It starts with walking-running intervals (good) and ends your 5K journey with a 45 minute nonstop run (bad). At some point during the training, it should make more sense to measure how far you’re running. Which brings me to the next problem… All the bugs and incompatibly issues with Apple (even after going back and forth in emails with support). It almost never measures and records heart rate. It fails to tell the Apple watch that I’m working out so Apple is recording its own data as well as 5K’s so my KCAL and exercise time doubles after a run. Well— Almost doubles. Apple and 5K record different amounts of KCAL (maybe because 5K fails to differentiate between total and activate calories). And as a nitpick, I like leaving my phone at home to run. With just the watch, an accurate map isn’t recorded. Overall, it got me started on my 5K journey and I can recommend it as a timer for new runners. But I won’t be finishing the 5K journey with it.
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11 months ago, Keith80
Most Expensive App I Own
I’ve owed the app for a week, the duration of the free trial. I completed the questionnaire, and it started me on week two, no problem. After the first run, I thought about switching apps, but decided to continue using it because it had already tracked my first three runs, and I wanted to keep the data organized - I went ahead and let it charge me for three months. This morning, I was ready for run four, which is week 3 run 1, in my case. I thought I had started the correct run, but it seemed too easy when I was half way done. I couldn’t find a way to verify I was on the correct run, so I finished the run. Well, it was week 2 run 1 again. It had shifted all my previous runs to week 1, even though they were week 2 runs. Ugh. This is behavior I would expect from a free app, not the most expensive app I own. I’m definitely cancelling after three months - which I won’t need the app anymore anyway.
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6 years ago, Flymeii
Just what the doctor ordered (literally)
I am pre-diabetic which means if my weight gets away from me I could enter into diabetes. My doctor had recommended exercising which until now I’ve avoided. I knew I needed to start running and what I lacked was motivation. It’s too easy to cheat, cut corners and basically get out of a meaningful run or exercise if you lack discipline. I lack discipline, and won’t deny it. This simple app commits you to a specific goal each time you use. I would feel guilty cutting corners with this app and so I don’t. Each workout gives you a tangible and achievable goal. When you reach that goal you feel both physically as well as mentally fulfilled. So yes, 5 stars. I am doing the trial but will buy the unlimited $10 full app. It’s worth every penny. A copay to the doctor for one visit is 3x’s that so yeah pretty easy choice.
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5 years ago, sarabi5
Great basic app for training new runners
This app really helped me feel comfortable moving from a non-runner to doing a 5k. Running has always been difficult for me both mentally and physically. I loved that it started out so simple—1.5 minute intervals of running and walking—and then worked up to running for much longer periods. I will say it seemed to jump quickly once you hit 15 minutes of running. After that, it increased your run time by about 5 minutes every time. The longest running period is 35 minutes, and without any other coaching during that time, it isn’t my favorite. I almost always lost motivation about 20 minutes in and started walking. So I switched to a new app that had coaching/encouragement for the full duration of a 5k. Overall though, the app is easy to use and the first 3/4 of the app are great! You can also play your music through the app, which is nice.
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5 years ago, DaisyMaisey<3
Surprised myself
I’m writing this as I just finished the last run. I downloaded this app because i was tired of my endurance and I had to get better at running. If I had to be honest, in the beginning for until week 3ish, I legit procrastinated so much. I couldn’t make it to 10 mins barely and I just put it off. Then one day I decided I had enough and began where I left off. If I missed a day in the week I would continue and make it up Sunday or Saturday or even Monday. I kept going straight week after week and since it’s winter, the sun sets early. I had to stop running but I continued. Finally I just realized that weeks of work and effort, that 35 mins, it wasn’t that hard. I believe that this app is amazing and it can do wonders. I surprised myself and I am most definitely going to download the next app. Thank you- Daisy
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4 years ago, Pecavi
Life Changer
I’ve always wanted to be a runner. I have friends who would tell me to stick to running because eventually I’ll start feeling an *allegedly* addictive runner’s high. For years I dreaded running at the gym. I’d run for a minute then walk for like 5 minutes then run again until I hit 30 minutes of cardio and then get on with my workouts, exhausted from the pathetic “run.” Finally, quarantine hit and I had to find ways to maintain fitness at home. Thus, I was introduced to couch to 5k. When I say it’s changed my life... it really has. Something about only having to run 3x a week and having a voice in my head that kindly let’s me know it’s time to start running and gently let’s me know “hey you can slow down now, good job!” It’s so comforting. It’s better than staring at a treadmill timer counting down for relief. I pop in my headphones, play good music, wave at my neighbors, and suddenly I’m running 10 minutes straight? And when I slow down to walk I catch my breath almost immediately?? My cardiovascular health has improved and I think I’ll actually be able to run a 5k by October!! Who knows? Maybe I’ll train for a 10k next. I can’t thank this app enough! I’m addicted to a really good hobby now :)
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4 years ago, out of shape old guy
Great app for out of shape old man
I work from a home office and sit almost all day. I realized I am in horrible physical condition. I decided to try this app. The first day was 6 one minute runs sandwiched between walking. I could barely get through them. To my delight though, that was the hardest day so far. I am now in my 5th week. I am running 18 minutes of 30 and feel like there is nothing to it. My distance is already approaching a 5K. My only suggestion for this app would be to have a little more interaction on the audio. A voice telling me my pace, or “you just completed one mile”, or “you have been running for four minutes only four more minutes until you walk “ would be great. It does tell you when you have reached half way which is nice for knowing when to turn around.
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2 years ago, Mrg617
Simple but effective
I never write reviews, but this app has truly helped me change my life. I’ve wanted to get back into running for ages but kept falling into the same trap: over-exertion followed by soreness for days and sometimes injury, and I’d give up. This app forces you to progress slowly and safely, while simultaneously being hugely motivating. It calibrates to you - there have been a couple runs I’ve had to do twice as the first attempt was too much - but always keeps you moving in the right direction. It’s exceedingly simple…it just gives you a program for each run and notifies you over your music when to walk or run. But for me, that’s all I need and I now look forward to each of my next runs and seeing my stamina consistently improve.
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7 years ago, Unkno-no
I had long thought I would never be able to run more then about a mile without re-triggering old debilitating knee, back and Achilles issues. In fact it had probably been close to 10 years that I had run over 1 mile, but with too limited time to go to the gym, with an ever expanding waist, and with two young boys needing me to have more energy, I gave this a shot- and it works. This program really does gradually and almost as painlessly as possible get you from couch shape to running a 5k without much problem whatsoever. It really is shocking. You start out slowly with light intermittent runs mixed with walking periods and gradually build up to fewer walking periods and longer runs, until next thinks you know, your running a 5k straight. The entire training period spanned just under 2 months for me. Each session is about 1/2 hour to 50 minutes with a 5 minute warmup and warm-down period respectively. My only complaint was that I never could figure out when the program would give the distance of the workout, whether that included the running or the running and walking. As a result I was never exactly sure how much time I was actually taking for my runs versus my runs and my walks. However, can't beat how gradually and painlessly the program gets you from couch to 5k!
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7 years ago, Much love :)
Great App!
I started this program at my heaviest of 218 and I knew it was going to be hard to stay on track. Once I started with the daily routines- I didn't want to stop. It has only 3 workouts a week but most weeks I would repeat the workout again and do it 6 times a week! I was one of those people who always said "I can't run" but now I don't anymore! I definitely am not an avid runner( I would say more a jogger) but this app has really opened my eyes to the world of running. And I'm down 28 lbs so I am overjoyed! I am now up to running 3.5 miles without stopping! I can't wait to start doing the 10K app because I am training for a 10K in January! If anything, try this app out- it's only 8 weeks and 24 workouts in all! I definitely have recommended it to everyone who asks how I lost so much weight! :):)
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4 years ago, EttaLea
Unclear that it’s a SUBSCRIPTION
I’m not a fan of the subscription model for apps, in fact this was my only subscription when I just checked. I don’t remember it being a subscription, and of course there is no reminder until it shows up on your bill. Reading other reviews I can surmise that we must have gotten to the two-week point and then we were required to pony up. I only downloaded the app because it’s the one my partner chose, there are tons of 5k apps out there to choose from that don’t require a subscription. Apparently there’s a “lifetime” option that has its own caveats, buyer beware (and be sure to check out other reviews addressing this point). Does this app work? For me, it was couch to 3.22k, so that’s something. I didn’t even know I still had this app though, I paused running for the hottest part of summer and when I resumed it was with trail running and having no recollection of or need for this app. I give it two stars though because I did get to 3.22k after all.
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5 years ago, Toolchick101
App changed
I’ve had this app for 7 years now—it’s pretty good but finicky with juggling music controls since it doesn’t perform as well in the background. It’s perfect if I use my headset to change songs. Forces you to have your phone *off* silent (isn’t able to override system switch settings). Week five jumps an insane amount but matches the official progression. I’ve never been able to do it without repeating week four at least one entire time, usually two. So why the two star rating after years of enjoyment and use? Because the app is no longer allowing me to use all 8 weeks. Either I paid for it years ago but it doesn’t care since the update or it used to be free and now it’s not. Either way, this app isn’t worth the $8 price tag when others exist for $3 with the same options. It’s frustrating to open an app I’ve used for years to have it start prompting me every time to activate “premium” only to find out it dead ends during week 2.
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2 years ago, Rubria5
Great program for beginner runners!
I haven’t exercised regularly in years and I’ve never been a runner, but the Couch to 5K app has changed me. I’ve been running 3x a week for the last 3 weeks using the app and I’m running farther and faster already. This app will help increase your stamina and overall fitness if you follow the program. I really love the voice prompts that let you know when you’re halfway or give encouragement when you’re almost done. My favorite thing the app did was remind you at the beginning of the first couple runs to take it easy. That was such a helpful reminder to prevent injuring myself by pushing too hard. Overall I would recommend this app to any of my friends that are moderately active and want to start running.
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6 years ago, Julianstanley
Made me enjoy running
This is a good app with a nice, clean interface that makes it motivating and easy to use. I am a 21 year old guy in decent shape, and damnit I should be able to run. But, about three months ago, I would have been hard pressed to run a mile. I ran/walked a 5k with my co-workers in November 2017 and I finished in ~35 minutes and felt like throwing up (the average time for my age group was around 24 minutes). My girlfriend started using this app in May. I picked it up and did the first day May 16th. I got hooked really quick and decided to shell out the $10 to buy it—that was my biggest iOS purchase to date. 7 weeks later on July 21, I finished! Now I can do the 5k in around 23 minutes, and today (July 29th) I ran my first 10k. In a little over 2 months I went from disliking running a mile to kinda enjoying my 10k run. I think the app convinced me to take my time slowly add on distance, instead of running too hard and feeling exhausted and discouraged. Mileage will vary from person to person (pun not intended but I stand by it)—I think I was probably in a rather unique place to take advantage of this app—but I still think it will be well worth the money for most people in most situations. I highly recommend!
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7 years ago, Asdfjckskfnjd
Awesome app
I've finally mustered up enough motivation and determination to start working out again. I haven't ran in over 2+ years. I used to go to the gym regularly (2-4 x's a week depending on my work schedule) and lift/cardio. Needless to say, I'm very out of shape for not working out in such a long time. I've downloaded this app previously and really loved it. I decided to download it again and I'm really glad I did. I just completed 3 days in a row. This program really eases me into running again. I love that I can listen to music without switching back and forth and that it not only beeps but it also lets you know whether to run or walk. I don't ever buy apps but I honestly might buy the lifetime $10 just because this is my third time downloading it and I keep stopping after the free trial.
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2 years ago, Wynax
Covid side effects to 10k
This app is incredible and was the backbone of my running journey in the last year. Last May i was struck with covid and was down terrible. After i recovered i could barely walk up my stairs without being winded. I decided to start running and used this app. I was at rock bottom with endurance. I used this app everyday for my runs for an entire year and eventually got to the 10k program. Ran a 10k last month. Highly recommend. Only complaint is i think they expect you to progress faster than reality. Do not be afraid to do runs again. I was stuck on week 4 for about 3 weeks. I did not start week 5 until i felt like i was ready to. Take your time and you will be running in no time.
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4 years ago, Gadgetude
Great App, but missing Apple Watch Support
This is a great app, but he need to keep my phone screen on while running (when I lock the phone, the app stops giving voice prompts) and lack of an Apple Watch App are frustrating. Having said that, the app itself is great. I used to run pretty regularly, but had a long break due to an injury. I tried to to start running again several times, but re-injured myself each time. This app focuses on how long to run as opposed to how far and prompting me when to start and stop. That is working exceptionally well for me. Previously I would target running a certain distance but would constantly have to fight to urge to speed up when nearing the end of a distance (where all of my re-injuries occurred) and I would often break into a more aggressive run despite knowing better. The interface is clear, easy to read and easy to use. The running plan has been perfect for me so far (I’m about 3/4 of the way through) and I would recommend the app anyone trying to get in shape for a 5K run or just wanting to run better. I just wish it had an Apple Watch App so I wouldn’t have to lug my phone around with me on the runs or could at least put it in shoulder or chest phone-holder rather than having to carry it in my hand.
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6 years ago, MrsMomma14
Love it!!
I haven’t made it all the way through do to personal reasons and life. But I love running with this app. Buzzer to run and walk. A “coach” voice letting you know “your awesome” “halfway there” “almost done” “great job”. Inspirational quotes to start your workout. You can listen to music. I listen to pandora and it still chimes in to keep you going. And a lock screen so you don’t accidentally skip an interval. I just love it. It’s totally worth paying for in my opinion and yes I’m a cheepo and never pay for apps but this is definitely worth it if you are looking to start out slow. And let me tell you I have never been a runner in my life and after 2 kids I’m ready to get back in shape. And this is definitely helping. Pick your own pace and don’t give up! 😘
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11 months ago, TEColl
Super easy and user friendly!
Despite this app being recommended by a runner friend, I have been blown away by how beginner-friendly it has been for my first, and second, dive into becoming a “runner.” The voice prompts/encouragement are friendly, not too frequent so they don’t interrupt your focus, and brief. I would classify myself as an intermittent/fair weather run/walker, and am currently using this app to train for my second 5k. I love how it customizes your overall track depending on how you rate the intensity of each run, and slowly builds the run/walk intervals. I honestly can say I anticipate using the program even after achieving my 5k goals (or consider the 10k version, although that’s a little much for me!).
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3 years ago, Joe Blitzer
Program is terrible but the app works fine
They gave up on having a program for actual beginners to instead have a program that they can claim can be done in eight weeks. Sure, if you say a workout was hard they will optimize your next one. And by optimize your next one I mean that they will just make you redo the one that you just said was too hard. The leaps that they expect you to make are pretty ridiculous if you’re actually a beginner and new to running or especially if you’re new to fitness all together. Day one was too hard for me and their response was for me to just keep trying to do it and hope that I get better. And to clarify, I believe, day one has you running for a total of six minutes and doing so in sixty second intervals. For someone who hadn’t run at all, that was impossible. And the way it’s structured, I just ran some and then walked and had no real way to measure if I was getting any better.
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3 years ago, KB0889
Bad runner, but love this app
To start, I am not a runner in the least. I have the physique of a runner, but zero lung or stamina capacity. This app has helped me with both as it is a run / walk internals app that starts at REALLY easy levels and allows a gradual increase. You can run up to three times a week or more if you want to hit your 5K goal faster. I love the way it signals you to start running or walking, let’s you know when you’re half way to turn around, and tells you when you’re in cool down stage. I also love the metrics it shows at the end with your route and calories burned. The app also allows you to rate each run so it can customize your next run based off of rating.
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4 years ago, Emmazingly5
Deleting Doesn’t work
Bought the app but never really used it. Tried it out so there are old history data I want to delete. Delete button doesn’t work. Can’t change email address to start a new account. Had my boyfriend get it too so we could start together but I guess I can’t get a fresh start 👎😫. Will change to 5 stars if these minor features are fixed. Otherwise I’d continue recommend this for newbie runners. Update: support is no help. Gave me basic FAQ directions which don’t help. Have sent screenshots and emails that they don’t respond to. Delete data button does not work. Won’t reset my account or respond to emails. 😡🤬 Update: They fixed it!!! So excited to start using this again. 5 ⭐️
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7 years ago, CCRuns
Disappointed after buying premium
This app is missing a pace and doesn't tell the distance as you are running, which I would find helpful and motivating. Also, I'm searching for extra features during my cool down I accidentally ended my workout by forwarding to the next segment. My time skipped and did not adjust so it appears on my log that I finished the same distance in a greater amount of time, when it was actually a less amount of time. My time and distance are important to me during training. There is no way to edit the logs to adjust for this mistake. I am deeply disappointed in the $10 spent. Also.... there are no analytics besides the history log, it would be nice for paying members to see some type of basic progression chart at the very minimum. However the training program itself is manageable and the prompts are nice so I gave it an "extra" star for this.
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3 years ago, mcgirt1008
Flawless for Beginners or Restarters
If you follow these routines exactly how they are drawn up for you, they will work 11/10 times. Even you you use to run a good bit, but fell off over the past few years, just stick to this 8 week program at first.. One issue I see with my friends is that they live in the past. They think that since they use to run 8 miles at a time in their 20’s, they can still do that after a 10 year break in their late 30’s.. they end up burning themselves out and quitting. This app really makes it enjoyable to get back to those 4-5 mile runs a few times a week. The great thing about this app is how you rate every run. So, if you think the run was too easy, the app automatically ups the entire program. If the run was perfect, it will stick to the program it originally wrote for you. If the run was too hard, it will soften the program it wrote for you. You also get a “personal trainer” for encouragement.. She doesn’t say a whole lot, but it seems she times her words of encouragement perfectly. Definitely worth a try
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2 years ago, StuverK
Love this app!
If you were looking for a slow start with the eventual goal of running, this is the app for you. Not only does it, baby you a little bit in the beginning with more walking than jogging, but you can tell it at the end of your workout, if it was too hard. If it was too hard, the program will automatically optimize your next run. I have started this app several times and have enjoyed it every time. Only complaint, is that when I play it on my iPad and I’m watching Netflix on the treadmill, when the narrator comes on a tell me to start walking or jogging, her voice is incredibly loud. Otherwise five out of five stars!
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4 years ago, Todoica
10/10 I highly recommend
Before this app, I would always give up on running because I wouldn’t make progress. I’m on the sixth week and this app is amazing. It’s very simple, nothing gucci but it is the only thing that has ever motivated me to run and to stay consistent on it. I see progress, and I’m excited to run every time. Running is not easy, but knowing that it is doable for me motivates me to give it my all. I wouldn’t last more than a minute running before this app but now I’m on 10 minutes straight without stopping. Don’t cheat yourself!! 🔥💪 (I also recommend Strava. I use both apps at the same time. Strava just to record my miles and keep a log.)
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6 years ago, A-real
Halfway there and still going!
Yesterday was week 4 day 3. When I started My pace was 2 mi in 30 min and the full 5k took 46. Yesterday the 2mi mark was 25 min and the 5k mark was 38. I’ve tried several of these couch to 5k apps before and have never made it past week 2. I either got lazy or the runs got too difficult too quickly and I became discouraged. Right now I’m pretty motivated to keep going! I was hesitant at first to pay because 9.99 is a bit steep. But it has been worth it and maybe since I paid I feel more obligated to follow through. The only downside to the app is that it doesn’t give cues while on in the background. I would also enjoy more words of encouragement during the run.
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4 years ago, Jbishop425
This is the first time I’ve ever written a review tour an app but I am so happy with it that I have to. I have always been active and lifted at the gym and gone got long walks but one day I decided I wanted to become a runner. I originally tried doing it myself... “ok, just run until this song is over” or “ok just run until you make it to that landmark” and I failed every time. This app literally changed everything for me. I enjoy seeing my progress and having it all logged for me. I’m getting so much better and I totally look forward to my running days now. The only thing I wish it did was tell me my pace. Other than that I have no complaints. Total game / life changer!
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7 years ago, Lizzy mom 2 g
Literally changed my life!!
I'm not exaggerating, my confidence has soared and I'm so happy! I did a family 5k and finished shaking and unable to breathe or get off the ground in 44 minutes.. but i got hit with the running bug, which was in April... I stuck with it 3 times a week, sometimes missing a day here or there, and repeating a few days, but I just recently ran my own personal 5k, and finished being very tired, but not as beat as my first one... and in only 35min! 9 minutes off my time! I'm down 8 more pounds since adding this into my daily routine, and I am now moving on to the 5k pacer app! More importantly than just smashing my time, I was able to RUN THE ENTIRE TIME! That is just crazy to me! Your body really gets conditioned to running! Whether you repeat days or weeks, or miss a day here or there, keep going! Trust the program! I'm so happy I did! And for the love of God... -stretch after running!! -do the 5min warm up walk! -go to a runners shoe store to get fitted for real runners shoes, I can't stress that enough! Knock on wood but doing all this I have never had any injury or anything beyond typical muscle soreness!
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4 years ago, Shyguy122577
Really does work
I just completed week 8, day 3 and now I’m officially a 5k runner. This app got me from the couch to 5k in 8 weeks. Is it easy? No... you have to push yourself and stick to it. But it does work. I still remember me feeling like I was about to die when I got to the 5 min runs. I just did 3.2 miles in 35 mins (a 5k is like 3.1 miles). One hint of advice. Most of the time, your body can handle the work, your mind just have to get out of the way. There were times I wanted to stop but I stayed focus and completed it. My first 5k is two weeks away. I’m ready Update: I have completed this, ran a few 5ks and moved on to the 10K app and ran my first 10K last year. You put the time and it does work.
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2 years ago, Kolsky
Ok. But poor integration with apple health & workouts
The app is generally ok for getting you running again. For the price it is very basic - It lets itself down with poor apple integration. • Heart rate is only sporadically monitored, which is probably why the app is unable to graph. If after immediately finishing a run you turn on a workout in IOS, the heart rate monitoring in the watch shows quadruple the number of measurement's. The lack of measurements in 5K means that calorie data is off. • The warmup and warmdown time are not measured at all. And no credit is given for that time in activity under workouts. The route tracking as advertised does not show on the iPhone app, nor anywhere else for that matter. The map screenshot should be removed from the App Store advertising.
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