7 Minute Workout + Exercises

Health & Fitness
4.8 (115.8K)
149 MB
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Current version
Fast Builder Limited
Last update
10 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for 7 Minute Workout + Exercises

4.83 out of 5
115.8K Ratings
3 years ago, ghurgv
Best free workout app on the App Store
Once upon a time I was looking through the App Store for a workout app and I happen to come across this one. I didn’t think twice about purchasing it because it was free! Once I opened it and I was a little subdued… There weren’t that many options for workouts and it was a little bit laggy. Overtime I did the workouts but eventually I deleted the app. Now during quarantine I decided to try to do some more workouts. I read downloaded the app and was hugely surprised at the amazing changes the developer made. There are so many different workouts you can choose from! There’s music that goes along with it or you can import your own music! And you can save workouts to go back to them later!! Also every workout says how many calories u burn!This app is so good!! It even gives you a notification so you can stay on your fitness goals! You should definitely get this FREE app! There are no - yes I mean absolutely no - charges that the app gives you. It is absolutely utterly free. If you’re still not sure about getting this app just download it because it’s free and you can always delete it. This is hands-down the best free workout app you are going to find on the App Store. Convince me otherwise.
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4 months ago, globalwineguy
Best workout app I’ve tried; annoying updates
I’m not docking them any stars; still my favorite workout app, bar none. and they are hard at work updating the app, as they say. But the updates sometimes come with inexplicable changes, like when they eliminated the voice countdown at the end of each exercise. One improvement they made long ago was to lengthen the sets on the double sided exercises to 30 seconds each, instead of the too-short 15 seconds. but the one recent update reverted back to 15 seconds each side. (Has since been restored.) It would be nice if they actually specified the changes in the update history that they publish, instead of simply repeating the worthless statement about being hard at work improving the app. That said, the app is incredibly easy to follow with a wide range of different workouts so that you’ll never get bored. The instructional videos on how to perform each exercise are very complete and incredibly useful. And they finally got the music accompanying the workout to modify its volume so that the instructions and countdowns are still crystal clear. It remains my twice-weekly go-to cross training workout (3 sets).
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4 years ago, -lys!(:
The best
I sat around for weeks and told myself i was going to start going on daily walks outside/around my neighborhood. Everyday, i would have the same excuse that i didn’t have enough time. Finally, i started downloading a bunch of different “workout from home” apps hoping that would motivate me more to do something. All the others you had to pay for a subscription to even access half of the workouts and they aren’t very easy to navigate. Most of them, the workouts are either 1) not free 2) too hard to do 3) don’t explain how to do them well enough 4) don’t focus on the areas you specifically want to improve, or all of the above. 7minutes is by far the best workout app and so useful! It’s completely free, it targets what areas you want to work on, and let’s you choose what fitness level experience you are. Within the first few days my legs and abs were burning because the workouts were so effective! The app is so descriptive in what to do and easy to use. Best of all, it’s only seven minutes. So it’s a mental game that makes you feel like you have to do it because there’s no excuse for not having a free 7 minutes in the whole day where ever you’re at!
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3 years ago, vevdndnrn
How amazing this app is
It’s a great app I love it so much, it helps you so much it helps you get more in shape and it helps you lose weight depending on how fat you are, and you can lose weight just by watching a video and following all the exercises, they give you a 10 second break and sometimes you have to do 30 seconds of work outs or you have to do 20 seconds sometimes depending on which one you click, it’s a really great app I think you should try it I love it so much and I’m gonna use it all the time because it’s a helpful app, it’s great I love it so much and I’m pretty sure if I love it guys are gonna love it to, I don’t usually write reviews for apps but this one is so great I have to give them credit for whoever invented this they did a great job and I really thank you and hope you get paid for this review or whatever you do forget it a go review, I love this app so much and I’m gonna go back to work because it’s a really great app so yeah I love it so much and I hope you will love it to because if you download it I’ll promise you won’t be disappointed, when you use the app it’s going to help you really good so bye.
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5 months ago, ImThatGuy31
Great free app!
I’ve gained some weight in recent years (due to an injury) and have been trying to start to get myself back into shape. This is really the first fitness app I’ve tried, but I haven’t had any real need to search for any others yet. This free app is fantastic and offers some nice features. There are roughly 7-10 pre-designed workout routines (in the free app), but then you can fully customize your own routine by picking from a wide variety of different exercises. It shows you a nice little animation of how to do each exercise with a link to videos of real people showing you the proper way to do it if necessary. It also has a running clock that counts you down as you do each exercise, and it lets you know when you are halfway done and when you r a huge the last 5 seconds. It also has a progress tracker. You enter your starting height + weight and it tells you your BMI. Then you can weight in weekly (or whenever) and track it. And last, there is a nice notification feature that reminds you to work out at your set time every day. Very happy with this app so far!
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3 years ago, Make Someone Smile Today 😊
Great App I’m not using anything else
This app is amazing. This is my very first time using it and all i have to say it that it is wonderful. It motivates you in the best way and makes it seem like the workout is two minutes long. I swear I blinked and I was already done. I love how they have the avatars doing the workouts so you can see exactly how you are supposed to be doing each exercise. The avatars help you so you can get in a great workout while doing each exercise correctly. I love how the app plays upbeat music to get you in a good mood. The music helps me a lot so I feel confident in myself and not talk down about myself. Like I said today is the first day of me using this app and I am so excited to learn so many new things that the app has in store for me on my journey. I would totally recommend this app to so many people and I’m so happy my friend recommended it to me. I WILL be using this everyday so I can stay motivated and happy. Especially with all the options of workouts I can choose from. I hope everyone can find this awesome app and feel just like I do at this very moment. Which is happy, motivated, and confident
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1 year ago, KatyaLA
Life-Changing App for Building Workout Routine
Absolutely love it and recommend to all my friends. I’ve been doing morning workouts with it for 111 days now, without a single day of break. For me the best part is that you can choose the difficulty level - when I just started and often felt like skipping a day I just looked for an easier workout and did stretching or lying-down legs one, etc. Also, love all the helpful filter like “no-jumps” or “standing only” - helps you find an appropriate set for a hotel room or avoid waking up downstairs neighbors, haha. Just one ask here. I see you guys keep adding more & more workouts, but somehow they don’t appear in “playlists”/groups sorted by difficulty (Beginer, Inrermediate, Advanced). So I have to go to “All” and then apply filters to find them. I didn’t know that at first and missed some really cool workouts, just doing old ones on repeat. Could you please update those lists once new workouts added? Thank you, thank you 🙏🏻
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2 years ago, Sunrise 🌅 sunshine ☀️
Details and Ratings
Hello 👋, if you are reading 📖 review this then that means you want to know more about this app. This app actually works, it’s not like the other workout 🏋️‍♀️ apps. For example, with the other apps you actually have to wait a least a week for it to show improvement, but with this app you don’t have to wait at all. After one ☝️ workout 🏋️‍♂️ there is improvement. The first one I did was a ab workout 🏋️ and I could definitely tell because, one my stomach got smaller, and two there where ab lines on my stomach. But before you do a workout MAKE SURE YOU STRETCH or……. Your body will hurt 😔 and you DON’T want that feeling. You can choose what kind out workout you want by scrolling to the top. There are different levels. So if you just started working out click beginner. If your used to it and have been doing for a few more then click intermediate. If you have been doing this for a few years click advanced. I hope this review really helps you. I also hope you this is enough information ℹ️ for you. P.S this review is authorized ✍️ by a 10 yr old ( about to be 11.) Bye ✌️
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2 years ago, Greg 777
Was great. Now super buggy and unusable
I’ve used this app for years, and I used to be a big fan. It had been at the core of my home exercise routine, especially since the pandemic. I even paid to get rid of ads! But in last few months, the app has been super buggy. It constantly freezes in the middle of workouts (which leaves you working out too long while waiting for the voice guidance). To make it worse, the frozen workouts don’t get applied to your Fitness tracking. You have to quit the app and start over. And it may just freeze again. Sometimes the app can even lock up the entire iPhone, requiring a hard restart. I’ve written to customer support and they know about the problem. There’s a conflict between the latest iOS versions and the latest app versions. I understand how app development works and the challenges of prioritization, roadmaps and limited resources, but it’s been long enough. This needs to be fixed ASAP! Dedicate a dev sprint to this and just get it done and out. Ask Apple to prioritize app review. You’re going to lose loyal users, and that kind of churn is hard to recover. Please get it done. I don’t want to but I’m looking at other exercise apps now because my favorite app isn’t usable 75 percent of the time.
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10 months ago, JehSeaTroo
Last Workout App You Will Ever Buy
No more dealing with videos with intros or crappy music behind them. No more dealing with workouts that are either too easy or too advanced. Never repeat the same workout twice if you don’t want to. Voice over guidance so you don’t even need to look at the screen to know what workout is next warm up and cool downs built into the workout if you want them.. animated person to help show you the proper form.. 2 second tempo tracker and the ability to change circuits and set lengths instantly.. ability to skip a movement during an exercise if you don’t want to.. connects with all the main music apps and will auto play a designated playlist of your choice when you start a workout.. I could go on but this app is absolutely incredible. You can even program your own workouts, and it gives you the ability to do entire workouts with or without weights or equipment. So thankful for this incredible app!!
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4 years ago, Catsrulethewod
Amazing!!!! The best
This workout app is the best and works like no other. There are many great features and overall this app is the best. When I am typically trying to find a workout app that fits me and my schedule and what helps me it is hard there are a lot of apps that say you need to go on a diet and blah blah blah. Not this one there are simple 7 minute workouts that work like a charm!!! I have been doing three workout once a day every day and I already notice a difference! There are different levels of workouts as well so if your new you can take it easy and gradually get better and more advanced. This apps features are the best! There are a bunch of different workouts and they work. This app lets you track your progress and your weight change this app has helped me feel better and become more physically and visually healthy!!! 5 stars and would totally recommend this to anyone who is busy and is looking for an app to help them get started and see a difference!
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4 years ago, Gus Hummel
Exactly what it looks like, and somewhat better
I’ve been searching on my phone for quick, workouts that are designed for what you wanna get stronger, or weigh less, and almost all of those, you have to buy or there’s a free trial. With this app, you can get quick, free workouts, on the go, whenever you feel like it. I’ve lost 6 pounds with this app in less than 2 weeks. It’s not like those other apps where it spams you notifications and stresses you out when you can’t do it then, or just feel like relaxing. You need 0 equipment, you can do all of them at home, in your room, living room, kitchen, anywhere, at anytime. After every workout, your guaranteed to be satisfied and tired. Even on the beginner ones. Most beginner ones are easy, but definitely make you sweat, fell accomplished, and tired. 6/5 stars, and would highly recommended this to anybody who wants to gain muscle or lose weight, without going to the gym for 4 hours a day.
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3 years ago, DreamSeekAchieve
7minute workout
I’ve joined gyms before and the first thing they want to do is find out where you are with your exercise ability. From my personal experience every time, I have gone home with an upset stomach and/or so sore I could not move the next day. The 7 minute work out is perfect for someone that has not had a workout routine. You can do it any where and I choose to do it privately. I can make mistakes and not feel bad. I just know that I am doing something other than nothing. I will get better and better at all the exercises as I go along. 7 minute workout is more than a exercise for me. It is an accomplishment that I can say I completed in the morning or anytime of day for that matter. Dream of the body or health you want. Seek the tools that will get you there and achieve goals/dreams with a small easy tool that motivates you and helps keep you on track. That is what 7 minute workout is to me. Blessed that I found this app.
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4 years ago, ElliottWyatt
Very good and free! 🧘‍♀️🤸‍♀️ very good.
This app should really get more attention and credit. I love this app because you can do all the workouts free, and you can make your own! It also helps me a lot with working out because it reminds me when to workout and it makes me stronger and very good. The lady in the workouts is very nice too because she always tells me when I’m half way there and what the next exercise is. I used to never workout and always eat and yeah 🤷‍♀️. But thanks to this app (and to quarantine) I was able to get back in shape! It is also very helpful because it allows me to adjust my rest time in between exercises. It just gets me in the shape. If you are not using this app and have to use other apps that aren’t not free, idk WHAT you are doing! Very good app. Yeah, 10/10 would recommend it. Definitely. Very good. 👍👍👍👍👍
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4 months ago, RavenChild42
Less intimidating then most fitness apps
While I did like the older version better? I still really enjoy this app. I do like that it know has even more options for the length of workout and what you want to focus on. It really helps me stay motivated and make the decision to get moving when I can tell myself, “you just have to do 5-7min…that’s easy!” Not only does that amount of time often get my heart pumping and a full body workout, but I often end up then choosing a second workout because I’m already up and getting sweaty and I’m ready for more! I’ve been doing this 4-6 times in the morning a week for a few months, and along with a few healthier eating/drinking choices and adding in 20-40min of walking almost every day I’ve lost over 35 pounds and feel stronger and more toned. I love it!
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1 month ago, Deb d1
Yesss! But…
One complaint - everything below is still correct but I’m getting really irritated by the constant reminders to enable notifications. A monthly reminder would be ok but a daily reminder is just obnoxious. And it should be based on my settings - if I’ve disabled workout reminders then there’s no need to enable notifications. Update: this is once again the BEST app for a quick workout now that the randomization features are back! This is my favorite workout app - lots of options for quick workouts. But my absolute favorite is the random workout, which keeps me from getting bored but also allows me to “shuffle the deck” if I don’t like the mix or need to adjust for an injury. I also like the handy buttons to focus on particular muscle groups or types of exercises (hiit, yoga, stretches, etc)
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4 years ago, DisappointedC2019
Effective and efficient
Really enjoying this app. My favorite aspect of using this app is I don’t have to come up with workout routine - because it’s already set! Like many people, Because my of work schedule I don’t have a whole lot of time to commit to an hour workout everyday (as much as I like too). So the work out routines provided by this app are perfect for a quick at home workout. I would say most of these workouts (at least for the free version) are more a beginner level so if you haven’t been consistent with working out and are really out of shape - I would highly recommend this app. Great restarter to get a routine going again and get yourself into decent shape. Been using it everyday for about a month now and although not a lot changes in my physical appearance - been feeling really good and I think that’s far more important.
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3 years ago, Astrolger
It’s different from other apps you tried, you need to see for yourself
Really great, I was doing long walks but, I’m trying to be productive With a project and I realize that I can just try to these short workouts when I break from the project and also the workout I did I felt it was thoughtfully plan, Iike the moment I thought it would be to hard for me it switches to another body part are method and makes it easier but keeps the intensity going. You really have to try it immediately after you download to be impressed by it and you feel, I had this app downloaded for a while but never use it because I compared to others I tried and thought it would be like the same experience but not also the newest update makes 6 stars and not 5 they will continue to improve the experience for you and the app
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7 months ago, Chrissy Tyson
7mins will have you sweating & feeling good
For the longest, I have been struggling with working out. I’m a mom of two boys, and my youngest is one year old. I have struggled with my belly pouch for the longest. I have always tried different workout apps, but after a week, I would quit. I have been using the 7Min workout, and I have to admit I am much happier; I’m feeling great after every workout, and I’m excited to work out. I love that I can set reminders for activities, I can customize it to my liking, and it tracks my progress; I actually like the 1:1 guidances I get to help show me how to do the workout, and most importantly, I can upgrade to get help with meal prep and more... If you are looking for training this is the app for you. I plan to upload my pictures soon to show before & after 🙏🏻
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3 years ago, seanpmcn
Best free workout app
A while ago, I tried various 7 minute workout apps and none of them worked for me. Too annoying, too impractical, too many intrusive ads. This app, on the other hand, is wonderful. The only ads are short and easy to exit out of. The workouts are easy to understand and require very little equipment (I don’t think anything but a yoga mat is needed). On top of that, the instructions are calm and straightforward. No videos of overly-peppy trainers. Just clear animated diagrams of the workouts. Vocal cues help keep me on track without being intrusive, and I could even keep music or podcasts on while doing the workouts. The categories help me find exactly what I need, including a “standing only” category that provides workouts with basically no setup beforehand.
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5 years ago, SarahBella2022
Only workout app that’s actually free😄
I love how simple the app is to use and I love that it’s free. All these other workout apps say that you’ll get the best results with their app. As long as you’re moving it doesn’t really matter. exercise is exercise. I’m just starting my work out goals using this app and I’m just so glad I don’t have to make an account and put a credit card on it for freaking workouts. This app is a really great way to get in shape and get fit even if it’s just on the side from your main workouts. I suggest using this app to build strength and endurance. If for nothing else use this app for staying healthy. I’m never really in the mood to get up and go to a gym but with this app I feel motivated to get up and get sweaty. (it lets you set reminders and alarms through the app to make it simple)
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5 years ago, Gabz648
Easy to do everyday (even for someone lazy like me)
I wanted to get fit on my terms by starting out slow and not intense. I’ve been neglecting my health due to people forcing me to workout and I wanted to do it with my own volition. This app helped me build a routine of working out everyday for workouts as short as 7 minutes only! It’s free, it has easy workouts for beginners, and it let me set up notifications to remind myself to workout. This left me no excuse to not workout and I have been doing this for over a month now. It has built me up to be more active and on the weekends I’ve been trying to do other workouts too like swimming or the elliptical. Great app that I recommend to everyone. Also as someone living in an apartment above other people, their no jumping workout is A+
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5 years ago, DrLBK
Perfect morning pick up!
I am a full-time professor with four boys, each who play soccer and are involved in many school activities. My time is limited. However, my self-care is critical. These seven minute workout give you options on which body part to work: the arms, the abs, cardio… It’s perfect for what I need in the morning when a quick workout is necessary. Some days, when time permits, I couple days with a 10 minute yoga stretch and meditation or a quick elliptical run or even a 10 minute arm workout on the bow flex. It’s a great complement with those items, and on days when I only have time for one, I am choosing the 7 minute workout! It really is full body, yet quick! It gets the blood pumping, the body moving, and the juices flowing. Perfect for this busy mama! Thank you!
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5 years ago, Madriley6
Great app so far!
Great app so far! It’s only my 3rd day using the app but so far I love it! The 7 minute workouts are perfect and you can even pick and choose the workouts you want to do which is what I need for the days that I have to sneak in my workout between the office and being the kids’ chauffeur. There’s a custom feature which allows you to build your own workout and save it. This is all for free! It also allows you to set reminders so you don’t forget to get that quick workout in at some point during the day. I am really impressed with this app. I’ve tried at least a dozen “free” workout apps over the years but this is the first that gives me access to all the tools I need to be successful in my fitness goals without trying to make me spend money.
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5 years ago, Lachinarican
I can do it!
So I am super over weight for a 5’3 Women and I never been the one to workout. But I stumbled upon this app thought I’d try it. I thought it would be easy because it’s only for seven minutes but the truth is those seven minutes was the hardest thing I’ve probably done in a long time but it was so worth it (just the first few times)in reality It’s really not that hard, it shows you step-by-step a few seconds before it actually starts and when you’re already halfway done it’ll let you know keep it up you’re already halfway done! which is an encouragement for me to not give up. I rate this five stars, especially for somebody that’s a beginner or somebody that works a lot of hours and really doesn’t have the time go to the gym. This app is great!!!... AND FREE 👌🏽💪🏽
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4 weeks ago, Nay Nia
Five Stars and Beyond!
I’ve been using this 7minute workout app for about five years, and now with the updated version I do not see the need to pay for a gym membership. Anyone can do this workout anywhere and at anytime. The best part about it is that you can fit your schedule by just doing 7 minutes or exercising for as long for as long as you’d like. Each 7 minute exercise is amazing effective. Trust me, each independent 7 minute workout is enough. I sometimes incorporate weights or some yoga moves. I Highly recommend this workout to everyone of all ages, from beginners to advanced. Just listen to your body and don’t overdue it if you’re new to the workout world.
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9 months ago, Coolsheri
Best workout ever!
I have had this app on my phone for a few years but didn’t even open it-until now. I tried another exercise program that was barely ok. So I decided to see what this app had to offer. Even in my mid-60’s, and nowhere near retirement, my work/home schedule is very crammed, and 7 minutes exercise per day should be doable-right?! From the first day, these 7 minute workouts challenged me! It’s so great to have muscles that did not previously make themselves known be complaining! I actually look forward to exercising for the first time in my life! Highly recommend this app. It’s a great price for a whole year of challenging moves. Bravo to the content creators!
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4 years ago, mountaingoat fancysocks
A great little exercise app
I’ve used a few different free exercise apps for short workouts, and this one might be my favorite. It’s pretty no-nonsense, and the workouts are fun. They seem a bit less injurious than other apps. I like that you can choose your workout and set favorites - that is particularly motivating. Also, all the workouts I’ve done so far are really fun and well-balanced. Update: I had to take a break from running and cycling for eight weeks after a knee injury. The 7 Minute workouts came in handy, as they are adaptable and categorized in a way that is convenient for targeting certain areas while avoiding the injury. I have been adding weights to beginner workouts, too, which is enjoyable.
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7 months ago, wheresmywater2suck
Genuinely the best workout app
In the sea that is the Apple Store we are flooded with similar looking, similar functioning workout apps. This is the app you should get if you are looking for a free app! 7 Minute as simple as it is, doesn’t lock you behind a paywall for basic workout! It offers plans and deluxe workouts that you pay for, but the app is still maneuverable and lush with workouts without subscription! Idk I really like it when I went hunting for a workout app I downloaded so many and they all burned me, even one I really liked and thought would be perfect locked me out the next day. This app suits all my needs and will probably suit yours too.
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5 years ago, Ryan in pdx
Great app that doesn’t try to do too much
This is a simple app that guides you through a basic, no equipment necessary workout. There are preprogrammed routines for all levels of fitness. Unlike most of the other fitness apps I’ve tried this one doesn’t try to add any excessive features (diet trackers, maps etc). It’s a streamlined, straightforward approach that keeps me focused on what’s important, I.e. just do the work and don’t waste time stressing about finding the perfect routine. It’s quickly become my go-to workout app. I use it every morning to wake-up and then again at night on days that I don’t run or get to the gym for weight training. Congrats to the designers/coders and thanks much for your work.
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2 years ago, CottonT0p
I was skeptical like a few other reviewers had mentioned. First work out took away any doubt and skepticism I had. This has changed my life on so many levels. I hope my review gives you confidence that this app will get you in shape and on to a better you. I’ve used the free version for quite sometime now, but plan on going premium as I can’t imagine what else they have to offer. To the creators, a huge THANK YOU for helping me lose 25 lbs and change my lifestyle. I don’t have tons of money, especially for a gym membership (much less a personal trainer). This App is all of the above and more!!! Keep up the great work y’all! ❤️
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4 years ago, Lexi the first
Good and bad
I've had 7 minute workout for like 2 years now, and I've found some good and bad parts about it. One is that when you don't know how to do that workout you to the video and play it but it plays for like 15 seconds and doesn't really show you. Second is that when you tried to find a workout you have to scroll though for a bit to find, now I know the added something where you can like it but still. Now I like when you wanna do a workout it showed you if it's advanced or beginner. I also like how when you find one you life you can like it. One last thing, I like how you can make your own and you can choose the workout and if you want it 7 minutes or if you want it let 18 minutes or something.
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3 years ago, mcpotter
Much improved from when I first started using
I started using this at the beginning of quarantine because I no longer have gym access. I can definitely tell the developers have stepped their game up since the beginning. I couldn’t play my own music without issues at first, now I can with no problems. There are more advanced workouts then when I first downloaded. Only complaint is you have to use this app using either data or WiFi. I wish there was some way to download these exercises on the app because, for instance, there was a week where my state had an ice storm which knocked out all power across my area the full 7 days and I couldn’t use this app. Just a minor thing. Highly recommend this app.
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3 years ago, Snarkshift
Wow! Just what I needed! I can stick with this.
I am sitting out in a very rural area in 12” of snow, my hiking trails are impassable, road is solid ice with piled stuff along both sides so I can’t get out and walk. Have been fussing around with Silver Sneakers and My Fitness Pal stuff, just can’t get motivated or find stuff I want to do. This just popped up on me in App Store, looked interesting. I have done 2 workouts so far, and it’s amazing how much I feel I’ve worked in 14 min! Easy to follow, glad you added music, and I’m looking forward to trying more of them. I’m going to try to do several a day at different times, try to dump my covid (and laziness) chub. This is great and I feel like I can succeed with it.
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3 years ago, cindyrsinger
I choose
I like that 7 Minute Workout doesn’t choose for me what I will do each day. It’s not necessary to have goals. I choose what I want to do. I was doing stationary bike for 20 minutes followed by rowing for 10 minutes and now I follow that with 7 minute workout. My goal is to move somewhat. I always pick beginner level. That’s where I’m at. I can’t do a full plank or regular push up. I googled how to modify these and that’s what I do. The count down is great, I figure I can do almost anything if I’m only doing it for 20 seconds. And if I’m sore or tired I just do the stretchy exercises. Even if you’re out of shape, like me, you can do this and what you can’t modify.
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3 years ago, Katrina😆
Can’t believe this is free !!
I just completed 2 7 minute workouts an maaan I feel it ! I didn’t think I would bc I do have a workout I do every morning but this works a lot more out so I’m very happy ! No ads beside the 5 second one before your workout which is perfect! Yu can listen to your own music (even have it all the way up like tend to do) and still hear the direction of the trainer voice yu pick perfectly ! Hands down best workout app I’ve ever seen free ! Must have if yu download promise yu won’t regret it ! Oh and it tells yu how many calories yu burned after each 7 minute workout which is just another really perk with this app ! To the developers thank yu so much !
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4 years ago, bookworms101
Good Workouts, not enough of them
I’ve been looking for a good workout app that was free, and I have been using this app for about a month. The workouts are not bad, however, they are very repetitive and there are about 2 different workouts per area that you would focus on. I do really like the fact that you can create your own workouts, but it would be even better if you could create your own exercises rather than having to use the app’s options. Apart from that, the workouts do get you moving and will give you a decent workout. I would recommend this for beginners-intermediate, as I am used to a bit more rigorous training and have to add on other workouts in addition to the app throughout my day.
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1 year ago, NanaPria
Simple and Fun
7 minutes is perfect to get me moving and makes me wish I had planned more time to work out each day. This app is the only way I’ve been able to make exercise a daily occurrence. Knowing the 7 minutes will get my blood moving and leaves me feeling a little winded and ready to take on the rest of the day. And it’s not intimidating to start. The workouts are easily adjusted to your preferred length, can be customized to have different types of exercises, and there’s only a very short ad before starting a workout (on the free version) that doesn’t impede your app usage like other apps.
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3 months ago, mjweber74
Excellent design and meaningful progress
So easy to fit in your schedule, and give you a real workout! These guys do such a great job designing the app to motivate you and give you challenges that are in your sweet spot… just the right amount of intensity to improve your Fitness, but not enough to hurt you. And you can also regulate your intensity with your fitness level. I’ve noticed so many improvements over the years, and so much more to offer now than it used to. I have no doubt they’ll continue improving it. You can target any body part you want and change things up how you like.
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1 year ago, Sillymomof5
Before work sweat
I have a busy schedule and work 12 hour shifts. I belong to a program that gives you exercises but they’re always 30 minutes or more long. I like that if I’m running behind, I can set this app to however, many minutes I need and target whatever body part I’m ready to burn. The exercises are challenging without the paid extra. I have not yet paid for any of the extra exercises, but I thought about it because they look like they would be scorchers. If you’re looking for something that will help you tone up or slim down. This is the app for you.
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4 years ago, Zukoforthewin
Only thing in a while that kept my motivation up!
This app is just the right thing if you’re looking to get started with workouts without feeling too demotivated but keeping the momentum going. The exercise demos are super helpful. The workout audio prompts make you feel you have a trainer watching you so you really push yourself. Barely any ads or membership pushes. You can customize how many circuits you wanna do (I would recommend starting with just one circuit) and can adjust the rest time between exercises. Best part? If you use the app consistently, they add more workout plans for free!! I never write reviews but this app is a total winner! ♥️
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2 years ago, Andy'sFan
I hate exercise. I especially hate workouts that feature people who are already fit and nag you on like you’re their kid who won’t get out of bed for school. You can be sitting on the couch eating Little Debbie’s and the video just keeps playing and their saying “ you’re so awesome, just one more!” (Ok, thanks- I really hated to leave just one more in the package anyway! 😂 I love this app because I don’t have to look at would be magazine models showing me how to burn off the laziness of the last 3 years. I highly recommend! It’s user friendly, customizable and you can use your own music!
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5 years ago, Chrïß
I think it’s good
I think the workouts are good but I wish it was a little more organized for example the app is free you got and one day start to workout but for people who don’t know anything about exercising we don’t know where to start also wish it was more concentrated towards certain people with body types and goals and for different ages I literally use one workout which is the tabata which is the warm up workout I use that workout then go to another app for full and lower body workout cuz I don’t know what I should focus on so I just do everything I also use this app because the tabata is free while my other app you have to pay so I am grateful so developers your doing good but I think you can do better excited to see what you do next
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3 years ago, fi_gau
Listen to your podcasts while exercising!
Love the ability to listen to the workout instructions and my choice of audio at the same time. It's great. Good workouts too! My one request of the developers is to be able to Adjust two things : 1) I want to be able to pick which voice prompts I get (I don't need a voice telling me half way there, or counting down 3,2,1), but I do want them telling me the exercise, and to switch sides). 2) And I like the countdown 3,2,1, but I kinda want that just as beeps. 3) I'd like to be able to set the volume of the beeps separately from the volume of the voice.
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4 years ago, buttsnack poop ya yallanj
THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME ❤️❤️❤️❤️(pls add in app)
Iam only 11 and my mom told me “You should exercise so don’t get fat” so I go swimming with my family every week and I used to go to the gym but not anymore so I have been trying to get an app that is free and this app is legit! This app lets u crest custom workouts and calculates ur progress and BMI which is amazing! This app should be famous! I told my mom about it so I think she is gonna do it too! My stomach is a bit big and I want it to be a summer body forever and ever and can happen if I keep using this app which Iam now! But I was wondering if there could be some exercises for a split then an exercise while doing a split would be awesome 🤩
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3 years ago, Jag-Davis
Fun to get fit
I’ve had a hard time sticking to any exercise routine because they’ve all become boring. I love how this app allows you to choose your workouts each day, with levels from beginning to advanced. What’s more, there’s music included within the app to keep you motivated and make the time seem to fly by. Some of the exercises are new to me, so I also like that each workout gives you a list of which exercises are included and allows you the opportunity to see how to perform one here or there—all without ever leaving the app. I’m so excited for my next round!
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2 years ago, JayJayRiea
It really works!
I started my journey during 2020 to lose a lot of stomach fat and pudge. It totally turned my body around after just 3-4 months of consistency. I only worked out 3-4 times a week! Each time I would do one custom 7 min workout that I made based on my body goals. If I was feeling really ambitious that day I would do an extra 7 min workout on top of my custom one that the app already had made. I stopped because I looked good lol! However, I have more goals and my waistline started growing so I’m starting back up again! Get the app! I literally tell everyone about it.
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4 years ago, zblove18
I love this app.
The new update was really awesome because I love listening to music while I work out and it made it so easy. I also really like the app because you can choose your workout. I also really appreciate that you can make your own workouts. I mainly like the fact that the workouts are 7 minutes it helps me not give excuses to not workout. I can do it at home and In less than 10 minutes. I think that anyone who is considering getting this app should just go for it. It is free I less you want to pay for the premium. I use the free version and I have not needed anything more than that.
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1 month ago, Nikki01224
Love it
I’ve never been one to want to buy a gym membership cause I don’t know how long I will be going. But this is either free or pretty cheap depending what you want and they have so many different workouts. You pick what you want to target, or I mean full body is also an option. But you pick whatever and they have a workout made just for it. They list them beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Now obviously I haven’t gotten to advanced, but it keeps me in shape when I feel like wanting to be. The workouts really really target the areas in just minutes.
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4 years ago, MamaDee33
Easy for a first time mama
This app is great! I’ve had it on my phone for years and never got to using it...what the heck was I doing? I wasted time not using this great app! I’m a first time mommy now and it’s hard to fit in time to work out and of course I’m exhausted all the time but I know I can give myself 7 minutes at some point during the day! I work our using this app when baby goes down to sleep. Then it’s mommy time. I’m going to incorporate it throughout my day while the baby naps or even while he’s awake and playing next to me. It’s only 7 minutes...I can do that!!
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