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User Reviews for 7 Minute Workout

4.85 out of 5
11K Ratings
6 years ago, PUPPY LOVER 10,000
This app is amazing!
This is one of the best apps I’ve ever gotten! And I’m not just saying that! I use it all the time and I used to do it with my parents all the time, I’m never one to get inn-app-purchases and even with out them this app is a great workout, I do a few of these a day, and they really work up a sweat and have me gasping for air at the end. It’s not on-going nor too long breaks, you can pause it if you need a longer break or need to take a quick one in-between the exercise, but I thing 10 morning minutes is the perfect amount of time to get a sip of water and prepare for the next exercise. I think this workout is effective, and it’s super quick and fun with quite a bit of variety and quick breaks in between therefore, even without the subscriptions this is probably the best workout app to use (keep in mind, this is just my opinion) if you want to save time and money, work out, and throw in some variety then this is CERTAINLY the app for you! Cheers, FoxyPup9
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2 years ago, SLaneE
Love this App
I started doing the 7-Minute Exercise several years ago and used the timer on my phone to do the 30 seconds for each exercise. That was cumbersome. Then I found this app and haven’t been more pleased since it does everything but the exercise for me. The developer continually makes improvements in the app, including videos on how to do each exercise, a nice voice to tell me what’s up next, and several other exercise routines so I don’t get bored doing the same one. After doing these exercises in the morning, I’m sharper and have more energy all day long. I also go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. I’d recommend this app to anyone. Well done, guys!
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4 years ago, JewlsFun
New developers took away free add one
I love the concept and it helps me get my heart rate up every day without feel like I need to block out a large chunk of my day. BUT not too long ago it was bought back by the original developers and they took away all the free in app add on. Don’t get me wrong, there was always extras you could pay for; but I miss the old developers platform. The old app you had 2 free 7min workouts (a little variety is always nice) and a calendar that tracked what days you worked out, you could also tweak how long your exercise and rests in between were, making it possible to slowly progress you workout as you got stronger! Now you only have one 7min workout, no calendar or changing the base workout with out paying. It is a one time $2.99(each) for the several other workout options or you can pay $10 for everything. It’s just sad they took the only way I can continuously use this app.. at some point in order to progress my strength/endurance, I’ll have to find something different that can grow with me.
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4 years ago, TPASpeaks
Doesn’t sync with Apple Watch
I’ve been using another 7 minute workout app for the past 2 years every single day. When I bought my Apple Watch it wasn’t set up to work in tandem so I downloaded this app and paid the $49 lifetime upgrade only to find the Apple Watch app fails to sync with the phone app which means my workouts aren’t counting toward closing the rings. I like that with the upgrade you can customize your workouts but what’s the point if it doesn’t record the activity on your watch? If they can fix this bug I’ll give it 4 stars. If they want to get to 5 stars they will have to replace their 1980s computer generated voice that just sounds horrible and does nothing to motivate you. At least make the voice sound like Siri or something. The voice trying to sound motivating by saying things like “high five” and “you look like you could do it again” actually do the opposite of motivate. It’s demeaning to think a human would actually be motivated by such horrible replication of a human voice.
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7 years ago, PeeWee&Gumby
Changed my body!
I LOVE this app! It's so worth the money! I usually use this in addition to my running routine, and especially on the days I don't feel like working out. I enjoy that you can create your own workouts; my own made routines are usually what I use mostly. So far I've lost a total of 13 pounds using this app just because it makes it so easy and fun to get in a work out, without any excuses! I mean it's 7 minutes of your day! How neat is that?! I usually do 2-3 rounds of it but on the days I really just don't feel like doing anything at all, the 7 minute one round is usually good enough for me! Get this app!! You won't regret the $4 spent, promise!!
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7 years ago, HelenPGH
Great for Every Level
This app is so accessible that I've gotten my 60 year old parents and friends who hate exercise into it. The exercises are all very simple and require little set up. If you don't know the correct form, there are short explanation videos. I can do each of them, even when I'm having an off-day, but it's also fun to challenge myself and do more repetitions or add weights when I'm feeling strong. You can also blast music behind the instructions for motivation. 7 minutes is also such a doable amount of time, that I can never make excuses not to. I do it while I wait for my coffee to be finished, and it's a great start to the day.
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2 years ago, whocaresaboutadumbnickname
Easy to use and customize
This is the best 7-10 minute workout app I’ve find. Lots of variety in the types of workouts to choose from. Plus, you can build your own if you want. You can also customize the length of time you do each exercise and the amount of rest period in between each (default is 30 seconds exercise and 10-second rest period). I especially love the simple aids I’m the app. It provides a written description of each exercise as well as a short video to demonstrate it. Then when you’re actually doing the workout, there’s a little animation to remind you what the movement is. I find this very helpful since I’m not familiar with the names of all the exercises. Finally, the voice that leads you through the workout is very easy to listen to. It’s a calm and simple tone of voice with no music background. Other apps have hyper music and in-your-face vocals, which I find annoying and distracting. This is a great workout app, and I highly recommend it!
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1 year ago, Torpedo Tortuga
Fantastic start to the day
I’m a creature of habit. I so appreciate the basic 7 minute workout. I don’t need lots of bells and whistles. This 7 minutes is just right. It is brilliantly sequenced with a balance of upper body, lower body, and core work. I don’t get bored. It is a regular consistent wake up to my day. I love to tune up my body each morning with this app. One very minor improvement that I would suggest. On exercise 5, step ups, they should have you switch legs half way through like is done in the side plank. Then one leg doesn’t take all the work.
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7 years ago, meltmade
Great workout but it's super talky
Not sure why this is, but when this app detects that the phone is paired with a heart rate monitor, it starts narrating the most useless information and there is no way to turn it off. This is annoying when you want to listen to music because the voice is constantly talking over it. It does its best to try and detect that you've done something and keep track of repetitions, and it will count along. However the number it speaks doesn't always line up with reality, so you end up spending your time with a machine babbling out unstoppable nonsense numbers while you're keeping a real count in your head. It's annoying. You can change the accent, gender, pitch, and speed of the voice, but you can't turn it off. For now the app is much nicer to use without a heart rate monitor.
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3 years ago, the uge plus cap g
Nearly perfect!
This app is wonderfully simple and user-friendly. The only mystery, and I think this would be an easy fix on the developer side, is that the custom workout feature does not give you any vocal indication that the next exercise is up for that the time from the current exercise is complete? I created a custom workout using the exercises from the drop-down menu in the app. I would’ve thought that this feature would be automatic, similar to the other workouts in the app. Can this be implemented in an update? (I’ve also submitted this to feedback in the app) Otherwise great app and worth the money!
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6 years ago, VZAppHater
Perfect - Best way to start the day!
I’ve been using the 7-Minute workout app for about 4 years now. I am so glad I found this - it’s easy to use and was exactly what I was looking for. I start almost every day with this - first I start my coffee brewing, then do my 7 minutes. By the time I’m done, I can mix up my 2tbsp of apple cider vinegar w honey in filtered water and my coffee is ready! After that I’m ready to enjoy reading my Bible and plan out my day. Thank you to Wahoo Fitness for developing this and keeping it up to date with all of Apple’s updates.
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7 years ago, the Racq
So easy to use!
This is a great workout app, it takes all the excuses out of not finding time to work out. Just about everyone has seven minutes! I do wish there was an option with the customizable workout to have the "coach" tell you to switch sides with certain workouts like it does on the side lunge workout that is part of the original workout list. Also to customize each workout with its own time limit. So maybe 30 sec for one exercise but 45 sec for another. Those would make this app perfect for me! That said its still a great app that i would recommend to anyone.
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7 years ago, ptoxiq
Excellent HIIT personal coach
I am very satisfied with the customizations permitted by the fully unlocked version. I can tweak my 1 or 2 workouts to exactly what I want. That being said, I happily used the free version for months before paying for "all the things". 2-3x/wk, I use this app at lunch hour at my biz hours job. I have recommended to colleagues who are trying to start a basic exercise program. I am limited in how much free time I have (between home and work) and I find HIIT to be the most effective kind of exercise per time spent for my current goals.
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7 years ago, MalcolmXavier
Doctor recommended
When I was making excuses about not finding time for exercise, my doctor recommended this app. Hard to make an excuse that I don't have 7 minutes. It gives a good variety of exercises in an efficient interval training format to target various muscle groups and also gets my heart rate up. I like the simple clean interface. Focusing on the the large font countdown timer helps me power through to the end of the interval. I'm doing my future self a favor by enduring the exercise & this app makes it easy.
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1 year ago, s.dk
Simple, effective, customizable
I have been using this app for years - It provided a good but. It overwhelming set of prefab workouts with video instructions, and you can create your own customized set. For all of them you can also change duration, etc. I have it set to remind me every day, and I paid the very reasonable fee so that it also tracks my workouts. I have tried other 7 minute workout apps but this one is super useful without annoying voices or limitations
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5 years ago, Liz TheWiz
Great for getting back into working out!
I am an athlete that played collegiate sports so I would consider myself somewhat already fit. I once was able to do these exercises easily! However, I haven’t been working out like I used to (everyday for all four years of college; I graduated about 5years ago...). Anyway I love this workout because it’s quick but well enough to give my muscles a challenge back into intensity! Thank you, I plan to do this at least 3 days a week until I’m used to it!
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1 year ago, Tuche007
Only 7 minutes but works
I haven’t been exercising for such a long time. I needed some muscle and weight loss. I don’t know yet about weight loss but it sure works the muscles. I have been sweating and been out of breath. Just have the free version and doing regular workout. After one day, I woke up to sore muscles. I am very busy but committed to making that 7 minutes. 2 days completed, 28 to go! Who knows maybe I can stick with it for even longer.
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6 years ago, Coachman_P
Much neede
Soon to be 73 and like the workout. Haven't worked out for a couple of months and found this workout to be great for me. I used it several years ago but stopped when I went to a fitness center. Doing this at home allows me to get into my busy schedule much easier. I plan to do this the first week with one session a day building to three sessions a day. I'm a retired basketball coach and needed to get in better shape and feel this workout will do it.
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5 years ago, Gover8
When I started I was shocked that even the jumping jacks were challenging and on the knee ups it was more like ankle ups and slow at that. A month later, after doing this 5 or 6 times a week I completed the whole 7 minutes more or less correctly. Continuing each day I see progress. New goal (in another month or longer) is back-to-back workouts. I love that the thing required for this is a big ball for the wall sits.
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2 years ago, gayforlucifer
Great for Depression/Anxiety
I have major depressive disorder as well as generalized anxiety so not only do I struggle to leave the house, I struggle to find the energy to workout at all. This has been great because I know that I only have to put 7 minutes in and then if I have energy to keep going, I can do a couple more. Easy workouts with easy to understand instructions. I highly recommend.
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7 years ago, nmg2138
Perfect for working daily cardio into morning routine!
I don't have a lot of time, but seven minutes of working out each day is a commitment I can make to myself! A word to the wise, though: look up how to do unfamiliar moves before you start your workout. The app even has videos for each move apart from the live workout sequences, but I didn't realize at first and had to pause the workout to learn what "renegade rows" were.
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5 years ago, 7 minute devotee
Make it a Daily Ritual
I can’t even get dressed for the gym in 7 minutes but with this app, I’m done with my entire workout in 7 minutes! I’m fit and tone! What I save in commuting I make up for in a meditation bonus! The 7 minute app is effective because it removes common obstacles to getting started. Then the exercises actually do what you need them to do. Be strong. Be proud Be done with your daily workout in 7 minutes.
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1 year ago, NatashaSD89
Great for someone is trying to get back at it
If your a mom and feel like there’s never enough time, this is for you! I have more energy and end up getting more exercise in throughout the day after my 7 minutes. It’s so easy and doable! If you need to change things around to accommodate for aches and pains you can absolutely do it!!! 7 minutes means 0 excuses
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4 years ago, J Wilb
7 minutes to Healtthy
I’ve been using this app for years. Even when I don’t feel like exercising I say, “I can survive anything for 7 minutes.” I do the exercises and get it done. You might think 7 minutes isn’t enough but it is, after a few weeks I Noticed the change in my body but more importantly the change in my mind. I wanted to exercise. It is now part of my morning routine and I love it.
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9 months ago, brokenbones
Can’t beat the original
There’s nothing new about the 7-minute workout, but it’s time-tested and it really works. This app does everything you want and nothing you don’t. No subscriptions or paid content, just a few great variations on the classic 7-minute workout. If you want a simple but effective workout that combines HIIT and calisthenics, this is the app you want.
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5 years ago, BBBW dub
Best quick exercise app I’ve found
Most bang for your buck (even tho it’s free) for a quickie exercise that gets your heart pumping and stretches your core, and more. I’ve been using the 7 Minute app on and off when my exercise time is limited for 3 years now and find it very valuable to fill in the gaps. If you know a better app out there, let me know...I’ve tried a LOT and always come back to the 7 Minutes.
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4 years ago, Mightymossman
Great for seniors
It’s a perfect quick work out for this 81 year old senior. I do it five times a week along with my wife of 60, first thing in the morning. I have had a shoulder replacement and a knee replacement. I would recommend this work out to all you seniors out there sitting in your easy chair. Get out of that chair and do a seven minute workout. It will change your life.
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7 years ago, EmDaSavage
Great way of exercising
The need to stop having jump roping because some people do not have a jump rope and some people do not have a chair so they can't do the dips and step ups. But other than that it is a great way of exercising. They need a straddle up for the advanced people that can do the V ups very easily. They need to have a gymnastics one. The people that do not have money that want the advanced kits should not have to pay for it but other than that it is a really great way to exercise.
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4 years ago, FeministFreak
So simple, so hard!
Cool that even in my 60s can see progress so quickly after starting this. The first week is hard but only 7 minutes a day and then it gets easier and I feel so much stronger! Just don’t push yourself on the ones you can’t do well or for the whole time and you’ll build up to it. (Like I still do high knees walking instead of running in place.)
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5 years ago, Ssjsm
Excellent App!
I’m not the kind of lesson who goes to gyms. I have a small set of equipment at home that I use. This app is great for those days at home when I need a workout in a short amount of time and when I’m traveling. I can do these workouts in a hotel room, in the basement at my in-laws, etc. even though they are fast, my heart near the target zone and I can feel the muscle impacts the next day. I’m on the free version and love it.
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6 years ago, Meditationnewbie48
Easy to use
Love this easy to use app. Very straightforward exercises and in a very easy format to follow. I like the simple design, too. Not cluttered with a bunch of buttons icons or ads. Makes working out easier since it’s just 7 minutes! Love to add this on after runs or just when I’m too lazy to do a full work out. Even though the exercises are simple and short, I’m always out of breath by the end.
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7 years ago, nomad805
Cheap, fun & effective gym replacement
I'm a huge gym rat. Have been for 20+ years, going 5 days per week, spending 2+ hours per workout including drive time and incurring $50/month in membership. This 7-minute app effectively replaces all of that, saving me $600/year in gym fees and 390 hours in time if I factor in 30 minutes per app workout (two 7-minute workouts + showering). And best of all, their workouts are fun and easy!
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2 years ago, So much depends...
7 minute workout
In really like the 7 Minute Workout. It’s a quick way to get some exercise in, without spending a huge amount of time, which I seldom have in the morning. And HIIT has been shown to be very effective as an exercise method. I really like it, and I even ties into my Apple Watch. I just completed my 2,100th 7 Minute Workout last week!
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4 years ago, Mama5Mouths
Great new update
I have used this app on and off over the years to breakup my workouts. I consider this my foundation or back to basics. In our new lockdown mode I am recommending this for my husband! This app is great if you need structure- don’t want to think/plan your workout. I use a weight bench but I used a step stool before I bought the bench. Again- this is a core HIIT workout- a little goes a long way all day.
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4 years ago, Kindtree
Awesome workout!
I love this 7 Minute exercise app! I do three sets of them in a row and I feel so great afterwards. It’s an easy way to do a strength workout at home without having to go to the gym. I bought the alternative workout recently and now I alternate between the original and the alternative one. I really love them both. They work on strength in so many muscle groups. I highly recommend this app!
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6 years ago, ch0852
Great app for traveling
Or when you need a quick movement boost. I usually do this in hotels when I’m traveling for work and have been sitting all day. For some reason I’m not motivated to bring my entire workout attire, but I can bring the basics and do a couple rounds of this to get me through the weeks. I also used to do this during the day at work when I had a private office.
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5 years ago, Kimchee Chica
Quick and Easy
If you’re looking to get back in shape but don’t know how to start, this is a great way to do it! Making time isn’t always easy but we can all find just 7 minutes to give to ourselves every day. When you’re done, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and soon you’ll be motivated and ready to do even more for yourself and your health!
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7 years ago, Gonzo17112
This app is just amazing! I love how it's automatic, no touching your phone during the workout! I suggest doing this for 30 days (don't skip days) see if it makes you a stronger person. This app is free which is pretty cool. It also has 2 free different workout versions to choose from! If you are looking for a workout that is free and you don't have to leave your home, try this app NOW
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5 years ago, Brazilnut13
Great full body quick workout!
In just a few minutes every day, I can get a great workout, anywhere in the world! Great for when you don’t have much time, or when you are traveling and still want to feel you did something active. I recommend it to all my friends who are struggling to find time or energy to do a bigger workout.
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5 years ago, ModelGirl08
Thank you so much.
This app is actually very good. I workout a lot but I sometimes don’t have enough time to do an entire 30-60 minute workout. This app uses strong yet easy and effective workouts and methods to help you get fit and lose weight in just 7 minutes! My only question is that why it doesn’t connect to the health app but otherwise amazing!
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2 years ago, MaLindaLou
Wonderful Value!
I am an actual user of this app and was not compensated for my review. Thank you so much for creating a wonderful work out app and training coach in one! I absolutely paid for the premium version b/c far cheaper than a lifetime gym membership would be. I love that I can create my own workouts and that it plays nicely with my music app.
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7 years ago, Reganah
Couldn't be easier!
Now there's no excuse not to get a quick workout in! The videos are great, but everyone knows these exercises! What's great about the app is that they organize them for you & you just hit 'start'. I can do through 3 to 4 of the 7-min workouts & really feel like a got a great workout in! My go-to apo when I'm in the gym and need to stay focused!
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7 years ago, Wildcatsarah234
Baby Steps to a Better Me!
Post-baby #2, I have been looking for a way to ease back into a workout routine on very limited time. This app has been inspirational! I try to do 7 minutes in the AM and PM. Although 14 minutes a day doesn't seem like much, it's so motivational knowing I have something I can use at home or anywhere/anytime... and very non-intimidating for this out of shape Mama! Thanks!
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4 years ago, randomunusedusername
Even better now it's back to the creator!
The app stagnated under Wahoo Andis better now. Being able to customize times is awesome and helpful for us that need a bit more rest time. I'vs been using it for years but finally upgraded to pro after the new features were added and I don't regret it.
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2 weeks ago, MeyeredinVegas
Easy to use
I’m on vacation and I am struggling with missing my usual morning workouts. So I downloaded this app for a quick 7 minute workout. It was simple and easy to use. I was working out within a couple minutes of the download. Thanks for keeping the app simple and quick to use.
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3 years ago, Melinda Kletzok
Starts me up!
This gets me up in the morning and started right with a very quick workout. I can’t find any reason not to do seven minutes. I usually end up doing some thing else as well because once started the motivation has momentum. This is a great work out, with a good mix of exercises.
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4 years ago, JoyP313
Best workout program
I’ve been using 7 min workout for years now. It a great whole body high intensity workout. I usually do 2 sets & follow with 3 sets of 3 more arm exercises & ab exercises. I can complete this in 30-40 minutes & burn 200 calories. I love that the app times each exercise. I can use it at home, at the gym or while traveling! I’m 65! If I can do it you can!
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7 years ago, Angie P from Houston TX
Really good!
I think it is really good and has great exercises and I believe in time I will see results! I'm out of shape from not working out for awhile but it really gets me sweating and heart pumping and showing how out of shape I am...exercises are a little hard now because I am out of shape but I'll know my endurance will improve if I stick with it...I'll be able to do with ease...I hope. Lol
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4 years ago, oscar.jose
Powerful Little Worklut
This is a great little workout that would supplement anyone’s normal training regimen. Some people complain that it doesn’t truly benefit you but I say, these 7 minutes of time invested are better than most other nonsensical 7 minute investments we gladly make (doing nothing, snacking, idling on the phone, etc.). Just do it!
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7 years ago, Shetra74
Great little workout!
My family and I are doing this workout every day. We alternate between the two free workouts. It's easy (well easily accessible on my phone) and it relies on your own ability to push yourself to go harder every time. It's only 7 minutes but it really helps, I've even got my teenager on board!
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