8 Ball Pool™

4.7 (4M)
148.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for 8 Ball Pool™

4.74 out of 5
4M Ratings
1 year ago, fycgdcgccgffchhghgjghjjh
Games goated
Bro get this game earn rings from different titles earn millions level up and get cash and much more fun things login with face book to request coins from friends so you can play bigger in better ranks level up and get trophies and earn 1 dollar each time you rank up win more to go bet more cash and gamble with your coins and take risks at your own cost of course get lucky and earn up to millions by only the tap of your screen on the lucky wheel and scratch ticket will earn you up to half a million and open crates to get better cues, the spin of a wheel a scratch ticket and take your chances on the lucky shot to earn 500coins, 1000coins, a crate, or 1 dollar for your second chance on lucky shot earn up to 50k coins, 75k coins, 60 dollars, or an even better crate than the first one become millionaire’s billionaires and even trillionaire’s flex on your friends to see who’s better on the leader board and most definitely flex against other clubs in your ranked club personally I’d say this game comes with a cost of time and coins but it’s worth it TO FLEX INFRONT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD just to show that your better get it play it and win it you got this.
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1 year ago, castlebravo008
Fixed results with increasing number of bots
I’ve been playing this game for a few years now and have billions of coins without ever paying for new cues. In fact, have never paid a cent to play this game. That said, it’s become very evident that the vast majority of games you play are fixed. Skill is such a minor determining factor of who actually wins or loses for a material number of your games, and it’s only gotten worse over time. Over the last twelve games I’ve played, you can clearly tell that four have been computers, who all get to break and have a 100% chance of clearing the table before you have a shot. In other words, if you assume you have a zero percent chance of winning 33% of your games, you can max out at 67%. Since I win 65% of my games, I effectively beat 90+% of human opponents. That said, it is very frustrating to have to take a step back in coins every so often because of the number of bots you play. If the developers want to improve the game, it should be completely human interaction. I don’t take offense when I lose to a human player, but is very frustrating to lose millions of coins to a robot. When it happens 1 out of every 3 games, the frustration is amplified. For people who pay money to play, please heed my words that you’re wasting your time and money. Hone your skills and play for free as I do. In conclusion, if the number of bots continue to increase, my time playing this game will soon reach its end.
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2 years ago, LPDorr
Cheating issue
There’s no way to report players and it’s been issue after issue for a while. It’s quite obvious when someone lines up one of the most difficult shots you’ve seen over years and years of playing. I know of a few jailbroken editions of this game that provide a line extension so you can see where every single ball will go. Not being able to report these players just makes it so they can win time after time. Second, all breaks are supposed to be simulated and never the same as the last. 90% of the time in 9 ball, unless I break, I lose on that break. It doesn’t take much skill to use a specific break that works every single time. I’ve played for WELL over 10 years (before it even touched IOS and was only available on the miniclip website). The cheating issue and 9 ball issue are at an all time high now and I’m quite tired of it. I’ll get to 100k, 200k, whatever and then lose game after game due to the specific break. There’s also an issue in 8 ball where the ball can bounce off the back of the pocket or even go THROUGH the pocket! I’ve had this happen a few times and you quite literally can’t win unless the opponent puts in the 8 ball early. I’ve played for years because there haven’t been issues until recently. The game also turned to p2w (game pass) which is disgusting to me. “Oh you can get 5 scratchers for $2.99 or you can give us $5 and get the scratchers and a million other things, EVERY MONTH!” Fix the game that I used to love, PLEASE!
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3 years ago, theannoyedgal
Gifts won’t load to send or receive anything!!!!
For months I haven’t been able to get gifts to load! I’ve deleted and downloaded game repeatedly and tried everything I could think of to fix it! Nothing has worked! I’ve missed out on so much due to this mistake on your end! Also it’s impossible to simply write to you and let you know when there is an issue! Not to mention I’ve also been paying for this app weekly and got NOTHING out of it! There’s much to be done to make this app more successful and the first thing you should do is make it easier to let you know when someone is having an issue, second would be to make sure you somehow compensate players when there’s an error on your end, and also you should help make more sense of cue stick information all together. I truly hope you find a way to to make up for the MONTHS I’ve missed out on and definitely make it easier for players to let you know when something isn’t working! We should be able to go to settings and be able to click on a link to directly let you know and that way you can actually fix the issues! I’m sorry I’m im extremely disappointed that this has gone on this long and that I’ve wasted so much time trying to fix it on my own to no prevail and spent so much money on a game that’s constantly letting me down! And today I finally gave up and deleted my subscription!
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8 months ago, Chessie555
8-ball pool
As you clearly know already, your site becomes more attractive whenever you give players both more choices and more control. You’ve improved control over ordering where the emoticons appear in our list of emoticon choices since the last time I wrote a review, but for me at least I can still Hide and Unhide messages on my text message list, but for some time now I’ve been no longer able to sort them. They do move when I sort, but after I’ve finished re-sorting and exited that screen, they’re all back again in the same order as before I started. The routine works, but it looks like your not saving its products. Also, add more basic text messages, such as “Look out” or “Be careful” along with your thematic ones. As a club leader, I’d especially like to see some that could be used to help novice members play more effectively. And I still very much dislike the unrealistic outcome distributions produced by the spin wheel - as I’m sure you know, small rewards come up far more often than they ought to if it was an honest wheel with an equal probability of stopping in any segment. You must know about schedules of reinforcement, but you should create contingencies that are consistent with your graphics worlds.
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11 months ago, JReyAJDJ
This game is not like real pool at all.
I give this game 2 stars because its a little but better than the other billiard games i played. If you want to win, you have to spend money on this game. I haven't bought the pool pass in over a month. Last time i bought it i won 17times in a row. I havent bought it since, i can barely get 3 wins in a row now. If you want the advantage, spend your money on those ridiculous, tacky looking cues. Your guaranteed to make a ball on the break. If these stupid looking cues were made in real life you would not be able to play with them. Speaking of cues, unlocking them to get points, also depends on what city you play in, takes forever. Those boxes are random and stupid. And also as you progress you unlock cues, and then your stuck with them. I have over 20 cues i dont use, i should be able to sell them for in game money. The touch is so sensitive too. There have been many times im scrolling through the cities and it clicks the wrong ones. Also there have been many times when moving and aiming the cue stick and it hits the ball. The accuracy of hitting the cue ball and putting english on it is way off. You should remove all the lines that show where the ball is gonna go on every stage because in real pool you dont see no lines. This game is pure bullsh** and now i remember why i deleted it the first time.
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4 years ago, Babbs81
I used to think that this app was a 5 star app. This week it has gone down to a 3. After this last update everything worked fine, but, now it’s very frustrating to play. I like being competitive with my friends and in the club I’m in, but, this past week, when I win a game, I will get the winning coins in my player page, but, when I go to my friends page or my club page, there are no coins...Zero and it doesn’t matter how many games I win, it still says zero. Very frustrating when you like to compete with people. I have already been kicked out of a good club because I can’t increase my coins off of zero. So, I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, but, it is still the same way. And I live in the United States and it has me living in Canada now. There’s no way that I have found to change it back to the US. If this can’t be fixed, without me losing my level that I’m at and all my coins and money that I have, then I’m ready to delete the app and be done with it. I would hate to do that because I play it a lot and like the competition, but, if there is no competition there is no sense in playing anymore. Please try to fix this problem and I’ll change my rating back.
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6 years ago, ImaUserNoMore
Cheats you of time & money
Although this game can be enjoyable when working properly, it often has what it labels as “connection slow” issues. If you tap on a profile during this event, you will see the message “updating.” When this happens and it finishes its update, you could potentially be losing time leaving you no time to aim and shoot causing you to lose your turn. This has often caused players to lose the game & money if you pay for any additional coins. It makes it appear that your connection is slow but in reality the games’ network is overburdened. This is happening more frequently than when I first started playing. There are other minor issues which aren’t worth mentioning. But the so called “slow connection” issue is the worst and why I keep rating it with 3 stars. UPDATE: After reading some other reviews, I agree that there are bots especially when chat comments like Never Give Up are used when it makes no sense. I agree with seems that most players are in countries other than my own and skill levels not matched. I agree that it cheats you out of money and algorithyms used seem to cause you to lose. There seems to be lack of support but increase in glitches. What I don’t get is why it’s still labeled as the Editor’s Choice. Therefore I’m downgrading the rating to 2 stars.
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3 weeks ago, Terrest
8 Ball Pool
This game can be fun, sometimes. Most of the time it’s just an unpleasant experience when not only is the person who starts completely random, people hack the game and I see it all the time. The coins you earn are gambled into each match you play and it is incredibly easy to lose it all and not even in your control. The concept needs serious revision. The spin wheel is absolutely; blatantly rigged. It can’t get much worse and I play other games with similar concepts, none of which make it so obvious. Why not make a game mode where you’re not gambling coins and just playing for fun while still keeping the gambling for other people who actually want to play it? All that does is make the game far more irritating when losing, especially when it’s these people who hack and have the extra length on seeing where the ball goes. Absolutely ridiculous I get more enjoyment out of playing imessage 8 ball pool because there is one big difference: you can play for fun and not have to lose currency every time a loss occurs. Then you can pay actual money to get credits back just to lose them in a matter of 20 minutes. No thanks and to put it bluntly, do better. The best games are the ones the developers actually listen to the problems players are having and actively adjusts it to better the players experience.
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2 years ago, 2MuchTr0ub1e
Good, but…
I would give it 5 stars if they fix one bug and make a few changes. The bug is the chat order is not always saved. I have had numerous times that I see “updating” and then the chat order is lost, including some of the messages that I hid are no longer hidden. The most annoying thing I would like to see changed is the very annoying notifications that pop up during the game. There should be a setting to allow notifications always, only when not playing a game, or never. It would also be nice to have more proper language support. If my language is set to English and I’m playing someone that has their language set to Spanish, messages I send from my chat packs should display on my opponent’s device in Spanish and messages my opponent sends should display on my device in English. Cheaters have recently become a major nuisance, probably not the first time. I realize losers that resort to cheating because they can’t play will always be around and I realize that there’s always going to be someone better. I don’t like losing, but I accept it without a grudge when someone actually beats me. This is extremely frustrating when it’s some loser that has no skill. I’m sure the app could be improved to detect the cheating and prevent it.
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3 years ago, sean_sean2012
Coins disappearing
I don’t know what’s going on with this app but I log in and play a couple of 100 coin games and next thing I know I lost 10,000 what in the world I never made a large bet and I won most of the games. Idk how I went from 113,000 coins to 37,000…I played maybe 4 games of 9 ball 100 coin bet and than I see my coin value go down to 27,000 (mind boggling). I would never spend money on this app for coins if they just disappear, I don’t get it. I still can’t wrap my head around it, I love playing pool but this is ridiculous. Btw I did all the logout than log back in stuff but to no avail of course. Update: I figured out where the coins was going it was the recharging of the cue stick smh if you don’t want to be charged with recharging cues than use the basic cue stick. So that’s why I’m using for now, which means I am playing at a disadvantage (the fancier cue stick that have more power, aim, etc needs recharging a lot and some take a lot of coins smh) but I don’t mind because I like the challenge. I love the game and the graphics and feel of the game here is top notch, the only drawback is occasionally you lose games because ppl have better cue sticks and don’t miss no matter how bad they aim lol that’s the only flaw
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7 months ago, menttlesen
Just do it
It’s a solid application. If you haven’t seen what it’s about yet it’s worth your time for sure! If you are looking for a new game or tired of playing candy crush why haven’t you downloaded this yet?! This game will probably have you deleting other games you thought you enjoyed just taking up space on your phone. I am talking about a phone video game okay?! You gotta give it to whoever built it they knew what they were doing with this idea! it has a pace that is literally what you make it by how much time you spend interacting with the app. Which has its downsides since the less you play the more you “level down” so this game definitely requires your attention and time. It’s a never ending game and it’s very well made in its own little ways making it very addicting but also not as much as to say that it gets old for me I can always hop back onto it whenever I’ve only had it a couple years now so I didn’t play it back then but I’ve had it long enough now to know that it’s hard to just be completely burnt out or sick of it sure everything gets old at times but this one’s old faithful for me for sure
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5 months ago, tilly069
Miniclip disgusts!
Such a shame they’ve ruined this high quality game! #TRUTH. 2+ yr player worked diligently to gain higher ranks & saved coins, all to get drained with CONTINUOUS MIS-PAIRING on every single game to absurdly higher level players to lose over and over again. Zero customer service, no response to inquiries or glitches causing loss of high stakes games that were won, only to never receive winnings. This company doesn’t care one bit they’re just money hungry infusing multiple more ways to cheat you within a day of playing and winning here and there only then your coin balance is lost within a few games. So many traps set to get you to lose including no way to exit a high stakes game even before game is set before breaking. This company should not be able to rob people blind like they do. Unfair, continually disappointing, infuriating! There were many great reasons this used to be a QUALITY and FUN game—NO LONGER, they’ve completely ruined it. In fact they made it so much against the odds it’s no longer worth playing for more than an hour as they already turn you back to losing and unfair pairing! Deleting NOW without looking back. They lost good customers with us, our family, all our friends we’ve advised NOT to bother with any Miniclip games, especially 8 ball. Shame on you!! Respectfully, “Sick & Tired” ~DONE!”
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3 years ago, RSTexas13
This game cheats you out of wins!
I have spent a lot of time and money playing this games and it was fine for awhile but now it seems to have changed. I was just playing a game and cleared the table and hit the 8 ball in which since it was a tournament and I had made it to the semi finals should have put me in the final round but after shooting the 8 ball in it actually took the ball back out put it back on the table and let the other player shoot and after hitting there last 5 balls in they won the match! Ugh this really makes me want to delete the game. This is not the only problem that occurs either. It does stuff like this all the time. Today was just the icing on the cake peer say. It isn’t fair that people spend money on a game and get cheated out of winning. I not only have spent money but I have gotten at least10 other people to play it that also spend time and money on it. How do you expect people to get others to join if your game is going to cheat them. If this doesn’t get addressed then I will delete this app and find another that is fair to there followers. Pretty sure my friends will follow with no problem.
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4 years ago, Prettykool520
Fun way to pass time
I thoroughly enjoy this game for several reasons: firstly, it is simple enough to where one can explore the game and understand it quickly, making it less of a hassle than games with unnecessary features; I also enjoy the minimal placement of ads in this game, they are far in between and don’t irritate the user by appearing in the way of things. Additionally, the gameplay itself is entertaining as you get to play with other people around the world, and as you play you can unlock new cities as well as prizes and coins for winning. There are events in this game that run weekly, offering additional opportunities for prizes for players to win. There are even special mini games for players, such as a daily “Lucky Shot” and the ability to spin a wheel for prizes. And while there are numerous prizes available, the game remains challenging enough in that you may lose some of your earnings if you lose against an opponent. Overall, it’s a game worth playing! My only issue is with the slightly consistent request to purchase in game features—however, this alone doesn’t deter me from rating this game as excellent, as it is easy to close out of these requests.
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2 years ago, Mr.Corea
For Real!!!!!!
Ok so this is not a review I just wanted to say something to someone who might know the designers to the 8-Ball Pool game keep reading if you are a graphic designer to this game ok I know How you can make the game more enjoyable. Here’s the advancement ok you know when you play on a tournament 🏟 in the game any tournament well there is a button that allows you to watch the matches by following the game yeah I know you know but how about following the game and being the audience where you can watch who wins the game just for the players of the tournament 🏟 would be nice. You know what I’m talking about right so don’t forget who gave you this idea Eli Corea of The Freedom Field you can look me up in Utube I’m a musician but I love playing this game and if you want to donate some money for coming up with this idea because I know it’s brilliant go to Gofundme account and Donate money 💵 I would like a great vacation for this and some money would be nice but if anything at all if you guys can do this and I get to enjoy playing 8-Ball Pool would be great to enjoy with everyone all around the world 🌎 🌍 cause I know great minds think 🧐 🤔 alike. Thanks Peace
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4 years ago, Tsquiddly
I’ve played for years now. Every here and there when I get the chance and feel like playing. But I decided to do a little study on the games mechanics and assistance. You could win 20 games in a row in Las Vegas (10,000 buy-in) if you tried but as soon as you move beyond that, you’ll see that you’ll get a lot more “guest” player opponents. They will somehow hit the most impossible sloppy shots, always the perfect amount of power to line up their next shot and you won’t even get a chance to play. Now I know there are players who are just that good with a lot of time into the game... but I ran an algorithm on recorded game play based on the odds of winning with diff buy in amounts and a 2nd based on odds of winning (same buy ins)after making in game purchases - both with all shots made at full power for the baseline. Out of the 20 matches I did for each analysis, I’ve concluded that you’re approx 15-35% (depending on the price of the IGP and or quantity) more likely to win after making an in game purchase. Strictly playing without purchases at full power, the farther you progress in buy-in price, the game will shuffle through a few ways of how it reacts to your shots. You could attempt the same shot(Same angle too) 3 times and each time it would be different. If you read this far, do what you will with the info. That concludes my findings. Thanks
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4 years ago, Color Switch Player D
Fun & sometimes Rage inducing 😂
There are times where I absolutely hate the game because I keep losing to people with a higher skill level than me. The way they select your opponent is completely random, which on one note can be pretty fun. But then on another note, you got someone who is a skill level 16 (like me) playing up against a skill level 131 or even higher. (I have seen on the world leaderboard someone with a skill level of 972) Which can seem pretty unfair, but winning against them is not impossible, but it is really hard. I do like most of the concepts in the game. The fact that you can get a huge amount of cues in your collection is pretty sweet. With more cues, you have a ton of different advantages. And the general designs of some of the cues are really nice. When it comes to the games themselves, they are pretty simple, but you do have to make sure you aim correctly. Because sometimes when it seems like you have a perfect aim, it could actually go a bit lower or a bit higher than what you think, so just keep note of that. Overall it is a pretty fun game, but for those who tend to have a little gamer rage, this game can certainly get you a little mad when you get put up against someone that is super experienced.
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4 months ago, callesyoboi
Manipulative, fraud, rigged.
This game gives you just enough wins to keep you playing. Their strategy is too put all these ads in front of you so you buy more and more cues and tokens after losing. There is an algorithm in place to purposely hide the cue ball behind others to prevent you from winning. The game isnt luck based your win is decided from very the beginning. Skill will only get you so far. From time to time you get winning streaks and it keeps you playing but the game makes sure you lose that money so you want to get back up there. Mini clip is completely money hungry, just like every other childhood game. ‘Bundles’ and especially ‘Special deals’ are extremely advertised popping up in your face every second, a new battle pass every 2 weeks, brand new cues with extreme stats. It’s all a lie. Its only for money. It’s addicting in a bad way, you don’t have control over the game, they have control over you. The game will never return to its formal glory. The “higher ups” in the company have only one thing in mind, money. Your use experience doesn’t matter as customer service is a complete joke. And if you play the game on a regular basis you’ll understand what I’m saying. Leave the game. It’s a waste of time, money, effort, and it’s genuinely brain rot. My review might be deleted because it’s the harsh truth. But this game is toxic, don’t waste your time.
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1 year ago, A Zirkle
The animations and the Pop ups gotta go.
Bro so if you have played this game before you know that there are lots of little animations (coins falling on the screen, boxes opening, prizes, etc). There is no way to quick skip through these little animations and prize screens. It takes up a lot of time honestly, an option to quick tap through those animations and little screens would be great. I been playing for probably 10+ years bow and it’s always been the same. It’s 2023. Time to adjust that. ALSO. If I wanted to buy the extra packs and spend IRL money, I would. Having them pop up one after another when I dismiss one is ridiculous bro I’ve had up to 6 or 7. You close one, one pops up. You close it. Another pops up. Is that not what the message center and mailbox is for? I don’t want your spam to get even more money out of me that’s a good way to make people unhappy and push them away. I’ve had enough of the ads and micro transactions marketing where you’re forced to see it and realize you have to spend money to get past a certain point. And you do have to spend money if you want to get anything decent or worth having which is fine but to keep begging for me to spend more money is ridiculous. I’d pay if I could disable that crap forever I seriously would. No option tho.
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1 year ago, noadvertisementsqueen
My Top 3 Issues
I love this game. If I get a new phone this one of the games I make sure to download. However, I gave it a 1 in hopes this encourages the programmers to fix the way the game works. 1) I keep getting pop ups and stuff to login to my FB account. If I don’t have a FB account then it’s annoying so I think that should be an option. When I do login then it’s like it starts over. Whatever money I had recently doesn’t transfer. And Vice versa. One time I logged in and I actually paid for some coins. I got a new phone and everything was gone because it logged me out. When I logged back in the coins weren’t how it was before. That’s ok because it was my mistake to login in the first place but also what’s the point of logging in when we can’t change our profile name or insert our own picture? We can’t do it as a guest so you would think we could do it while signed in. 2) another major issue is during one of the contest, it says we pay an entry fee of $5K and get $10K if we win so a totally profit of $5K. However, I noticed that it only gave us $9K so a profit of $4K. Why is that? 3) it’s hard to file a complaint. It’s hard to contact anyone. Before the Apple Store app didn’t allow me to write a review because of problems with my keyboard so I had to go to twitter in hopes someone notices my complaint. However, no one cares so no responded.
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6 years ago, P.D.347
This WAS a good game...
I've been playing this game for a couple of years now and have really, really, liked it. Until this week. Some ppl just can't leave well enough alone. The commercial content and coin collecting aspect of it had been tolerable until the latest changes. If you want to play slot machines, and trash talk with friends, then maybe you will get some enjoyment out of it. But for the pool purist, or someone interested in actually playing an accurate computer sim of the game, keep looking. This game is now catered to the kids... A pool stick that you have to continually pay credits to recharge? Ridiculous. So sad to see the end of my favorite ipad game... Hey guys at Miniclip, how about reinvesting in making the game actually better? Instead you're just constantly inventing different ways to get another few dollars out of everyone. Also, it's a little fishy how out of my thousands of daily spins, I seem to land on $100 about 80% of the time... and, I don't EVER recall winning anything other than a thousand bucks or so on a "Scratcher." I wouldn't play these at all if I weren't forced to, so if you're going to force ppl to play, you could at least make it fair. Oh, and enough with the bazillion different pool sticks! Geeeez!
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1 year ago, Workin'It
I love this game! But I am discontinuing playing due to the problem of being sent to games upon exiting the current game I have been playing. I have spent quite a bit of money on promotions, pool passes, piggy bank, etc. Due to this glitch I have lost in excess of $35 million coins. I have sent emails explaining the problem but Miniclip has made their position one of it all being my fault so too bad. Good luck to anyone else who has experienced this issue. I am currently looking for another application to continue enjoying playing pool on another site. I will also be taking several other players with me so we can continue having fun. After sending in my concern to the support team I open the game today to see they have added more of the locked games you have to pay a monthly fee to play. Along with this new arrangement the game now opens on Mumbai which costs you a fee of $7.5 million to play. On an iPad there is not a lot of room at the bottom to scroll so be VERY CAREFUL or you will wind up losing lots of coins. It is like they have intentionally rearranged to cause you to make mistakes.
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4 years ago, milpilot9138
Algorithm determines who will win
Full disclosure, I’ve only been playing this game for a few days (albeit, for about 7 hours each day — hey, I’m self-isolating :)), but I’ve already noticed the most annoying feature. First the good...great graphics, lots of choices of play, and you are able to upgrade cues fairly quickly if you play a lot. Now the bad...it seems it is sometimes predetermined who the computer wants to win the game. I have — on many, many occasions — been down to my last ball (or two) after running the table. I will hit the next shot in the pocket only to have the computer suspiciously make my ball roll farther than it normally would have and to place it in a position which I cannot finish the game. At first, I thought it was just me. But after many an experiment with using the exact amount of power to roll the ball towards the end of the game, I have found it is very consistently inconsistent towards the conclusion. It is almost that the computer algorithm wants to make it exciting towards the finish line. I DO NOT like games which the computer determines outcomes. If you are okay with this situation, then by all means, play this game. It is not bad other than this “algorithmic anomaly”. It is, though, the prime reason I WILL NEVER pay any actual money to purchase anything from game developers that do this to their games.
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9 months ago, zinneeman
The game I love is 8️⃣ 9️⃣ Ball
I started playing this game a long time ago. when it first came out, it was as nice and fun as it is now. However, now it’s a little bit different with money and wild and confusing. constantly gets in the way of you playing or doing what you want on the app. It keeps on trying to make you buy things or upgrade. Always into spending money to me. That’s just a little bit petty. It's because there’s a lot of kids here on the site. They could easily fall into the trap. It's an OK fun game, but I think it has to improve. Also, it is nice to be able to communicate a little with players. The game that you have to pick the pocket before you play, it doesn’t give you the Q stick on your hand, for you to be able to aim it. Hard to guess without the Q stick. What’s with this timer when you have to play in a calm way? The aim of the game is extremely sensitive. Why is there the money that you’re sitting there and you can’t collect a deposit into your account? What’s the purpose of that? I don’t get it every time I want to upgrade something I have to get it from my bank .
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2 years ago, Blaktron
Game is rigged
Been playing off and on for years, always thought it was pretty fair, maybe just myself to blame for silly mistakes, but then it got a bit too odd… I made ONE in game purchase and after that, it went all downhill. Started winning, got up to about 1.2M in coins, then that tapered off really quick. Started with a 67%+ win rate and had a streak of about 10+ losses, all by a sliver (ex. Final ball is placed in a way where I will scratch if I attempt it, my ball miraculously ends up behind another or has another ball impacting my next shot, OR, and this is my favorite, I hit the ball and no matter how much backspin I put on it, still rolls right into the pocket with the 8 ball). I didn’t believe the whole bots thing until recently, and now it’s abundantly clear because I have no idea how I always clear a table, then the bot has free range to the table and never scratches, even when they bounce off 3-4 walls (if I did that, it’s 100% gonna scratch) Most likely going to delete this game or only play the “practice” for general amusement from time to time. But when the coins run out, I’m gone. Also, let it be known that I went from 1.2M coins to about 20k almost over night. It was that bad of a freak losing streak. Like, unnervingly sus. Sketchy game. Can be fun for the casual player, but if you actually become invested, they do what they can to get your money
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2 years ago, A.C.E.1224
Computer players
Other than the minute long waits for the other “player” to respond and being beat by obvious computer opponents this game is great. If you start doing to well, they send some computer bot in to play you for a few games. You’ll know they are computer bots for a few reasons. A their timer never runs out. By this I mean their timer will run out and it will be a good 10 seconds before the line randomly moves and they shoot instantly and get a ball somehow around three of your balls. Sometimes you’ll hit a ball and it will hover in the pocket but doesn’t fall. The following shot, the cue ball doesn’t hit the ball at all but the ball falls. This only happens on the eight ball when playing a bot opponent. I’ve played a lot of pool in my years. I’ve watched a lot of pool pros in my days. I’ve never seen anyone pull of some of the crap you’ll see in this game. Some players are real humans and it is enjoyable to play with humans. They should stop using the bots and keep searching until they find a human match-up. Sometimes it will load you into a random match without selecting one. It put me into a 100K game today without having 100K. I lost and the game crashed. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing will work. Guess I will find a new game to waste my time with. Hopefully they figure out how to make this game work right someday.
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3 years ago, 365390246565684
Good game,EXCEPT
Get rid of Play someone new. When I have been playing new people all night the computer selects. Git rid of the penalty of playing someone twice in a week, when it’s the app that paired us up. VERY annoying. Give Me the 2 free spins I earned daily, doesn’t seem to know what level I am on. Better YET get rid of the bogus spinning wheel all together. It is purposefully rigged to only pay out a big amount after hundreds of spins, Nothing random about where it lands. Give us a good reason to have dozens of cue sticks. Maybe a tournament of like sticks or something. Give us a good reason to have 30+ cue sticks. All these things can be fixed if they wanted to. NOW for the biggie. And they probably can’t solve this one even if they tried. When the cue ball is against the rail or another ball, the cue should be limited by where it can strike the cue ball according to said balls position with the rail or other ball. Like in real pool. FIX That one and you would get all 5 stars from me. I have 14 billion coins, so those of you stop whining about game being rigged. It is though. I just got beat by the ? Avatar blue head with a level of 83 making one incredible bank shot after another, the last one a 3 Railer. It was fun to watch though.
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3 years ago, BStans
Editors choice? 😂
After playing this game pretty regularly for 1-2 months this is how I feel. It’s sad that this makes editors choice. It’s a game that is annoying with how hard they try to get you to spend money. The matchmaking is rigged against you at a certain point(I’ve played players lvl 100+ as a level 28.. 😂😑🙄). Cant play certain tables or else you’ll go bankrupt and have to buy more coins. But don’t worry, there is a wheel spin that you could win up to $2,000,000 🤩😂 Ive only ever won $150-$250(probably spun it 50+ times and it’s always one of two prizes out of like 18 possibilities so that’s rigged too). I also have a gripe with having to scroll to the lower level tables every time I want to play. I have to flip past 7 higher level tables that I’ve unlocked and can’t afford to play on every time I want to play a game. It also doesn’t cost much but it costs money to even play off line by yourself. It’s really obnoxious. It’s always trying to get $5-$15! From me for pool cues and coins. Aside from all of that it all functions pretty well when you’re in a game and it can be a good time shooting pool. I’m gonna look for a better app but this might be editors choice because it’s the only decent pool game 🤷🏼‍♂️ it’s the only one I’ve tried so far but from what I can tell, I wouldn’t get too excited about this.
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5 years ago, Masoon 88
Great, needs some work
They keep offering me a chance to review even though I already did. So here are some things I think could be improved. 1) Please add an "open all" for the prize box opening, it takes too long to open all of them, I just want to get back to game play. 2) Friend requests -I get friend requests from the players who have beaten me (almost solely), if I'm not set up to have friends, I should be able to block all requests. Currently I have to x each of them out and it's a nuisance. Plus I am sick of these petty sore winners wanting to jab at me just because they beat me, winning should be enough. 3) Special offers swipe down suddenly when you go to open boxes or select game play making players accidentally select purchases. Obviously I don't buy stuff that I accidentally select, but I think it's rude of the game maker to try that tactic. If they are doing it so that folks who are stupid, young or inexperienced enough to buy because they think they are obligated to, then that's sort of stealing. Other than those three things this game is great. It's cool to be sitting in Kentucky playing a woman in Indonesia, win or lose.
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3 years ago, Anthony Landon
Don’t spend money on this app!!!
This was one of the best games I’ve played, and have spent a lot of money on this app. Since the last update, I’ve lost ALOT of games because of issues and have had to spend more money to play. When changing to another players turn, the balls will randomly rearrange and will cost you a game. I’ve lost 5 games today while on the 8 ball on Moonlight because the balls rearrange when it changes to my turn again. This also happens when it says “ waiting for player to respond” and has happened on regular 9 ball as well. I’m not talking about just in game money, I’ve had to purchase more in game money because of the glitches in this game. I also had a3, 12 hour boxes left that weren’t open yet, and they have now changed to 4 hour boxes as of a few hours ago. I’m not sure if this is something because of the update, or if it’s a deliberate thing done for revenue, but either way, I’m done spending anything on this game. You’ve been warned. Great game, just don’t spend any money on it, and don’t expect consistency. I know I’m not the only one, this has started happening to actual friends that play this game. I will also add that the spins and scratch offs are rigged. Out of over 100 spins, there were only 4 spins that I won over $500. The scratch offs are the same way, they are a waste of money.
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4 years ago, Unfair/rigged
I’ve been playing this game for a while, but after I write this review I’m deleting this app. First off why should you have to play a player 300 levels above you, you don’t stand a chance. Every time you think your doing good and might win a game, boom straight line shots that you know will go in don’t. The daily spins are rigged and will never give you more that 500 coins. Second once you get to about level 50, you never win, if you even get a shot at all the player your playing is going to win 90% of the time. All it want you to do is lose your coins so you have to buy more. I have never paid actual money for coins and never will. The clubs are so rigged it’s crazy, join a club and you will se yourself, if you don’t pay 8$ a week for pro membership you are playing against someone that plays Venice witch is 150million for a win and don’t have a chance in winning! It’s a money driven game and if you don’t pay for the membership or pay for coins it’s impossible to level up. And the rings are a joke. Now mini clip made it impossible to get any decent cues and forget about getting a legendary cue if you don’t pay you will never get one. Now you have cue trophies? And other rigged tiers you are trying to get it’s simply UNFAIR for new players.
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3 years ago, hot shoots
Hi my name is Durrell Midgette
I am looking for someone to play me in pool game. If you think you can handle it. I am always ready for a good game of pool. Anyone who wants to challenge me to a game of pool let me know if you think you can take me on in a pool game. It like the old saying you want to challenge me I am ready when you are. And. Wining isn’t. Everything. So anytime anywhere. On the pool game app. Just. Name it. So. Come on with the come on. If you think you can beat me. May the best pool player wins. So just let me know whoever is ready to play. So I will be ready when you are ready. For it. It’s always. On. May. The best man or woman. Takes the win let me know I will never ever. Give up. So if you’re ready. Winner takes. All. I am. Always ready for a good of. Pool. Who ever is ready for a good game of. Pool. Let me know. May the best pool player. Wins. We will see who is the best pool player. It like the old saying. Winner all. If you think you can handle me. In the 8pool. Game. I am always. Ready. So come on with the come on. I am always up for a great game of pool. May the best player wins. From. DURRELL. MIDGETTE
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4 months ago, Heather in United States
Cool but….
Love this game but … there’s a lot of glitches as the screen glitches out and sometimes if u get notifications from ur cell it cuts off the sound so u have to close and reopen it. I use a IPhone but it’s not just me as have asked other players and they too are having issues. Sometimes you can not get on a table as the random spinner just keeps spinning then u have to close it again!!! Have noticed a glitch here and there with ball placement and speed and has also failed to give you your wins . Not often but it has happened. Good things are live action and love playing players all over the world lots of fun. Though it would be nice to have more items you can buy with your coins as you want too much fake dollars to quite some things but you made it too hard to get much money unless you purchased more money to advance further in the game not everyone can afford to pay for the gifts , levels and coins. Some of us actually are using our real skills and knowledge to win . Yes it’s free to play but u can buy stuff to increase ur level . Other then that I still love to play as am rather addicted too it shamelessly lol !!!
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8 months ago, Bobhuma1982
I was enjoying it until I realized the game was rigged. And no, I’m not just a poor sport! I had been playing for a while when I realized I was running low on game tokens, and the app offered me a deal for a few bucks, so I figured, ok, why not? It was then, after I made a few purchases that I noticed I started loosing a lot more, and, surprise surprise, needing more tokens. Still, I figured, oh well, I’m just on a bad streak. One day after paying $14 to unlock one million or so coins, I started about a 20 straight game losing streak. So I actually started doing some tests. I had noticed I would miss simple shots by a pretty wide margin, so I actually got out a straight edge, and lined up my aiming vectors to go straight into the pocket. They missed by a HUGE margin. I did this test about 20 times and I would say 15 of them missed. Also, during this losing streak after I conveniently payed money, I noticed I would NEVER sink a ball while breaking, whereas before I would sink a ball about 75% of the time on the break. The spin feature is definitely rigged as well, it’s about as consistent as a pair of dice. There are actually a lot of forums on this topic if you look for them online, and many other examples as to how it’s rigged in order to get you to spend money. Bummer. I guess as usually, the only color that matters is green…
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2 years ago, SounderMN
It’s fun. But... it handicaps you unless you pay
The ads should be enough. Game play is good but after you win some games it starts to cheat against you. I suspect that may change if you give up your Facebook info ( no way I’m doing that) or pay money ( I might if I didn’t feel cheated). As others say, you will see that some players just smack it hard and win. If you really try, you can see how the cue ball or your object ball is “influenced” by game handicap. If you like to feel cheated, this is the game for you! Update... so I leave a 2 star review and now it won’t connect. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Update 2022- definitely cheats. I have paid occasionally and fared better. I played even though I know it cheats and I got up to 5M coins! I have a 53% win ratio. But then started losing and dropped to 600k. Scratching like crazy, make 7 in a row and then oddly snookered on the 8 ball. All kinds of strange things like missing a super easy shot or terrible bounces off the rail. Playing 100k games means I had to lose 45 more than I won or I would not have gone so far backward. That means if I played 100 games, I had to lose more than 70 of those. And yet my win ratio has remained the same. It just doesn’t make logical sense that my losses could suddenly pile up like that.
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4 years ago, gahhhhhj
No title
I dont like how the game loses connection and then it makes u lose your turn and the game. I have lost so many coins from this. And how it seems rigged and when i have earned millions of coins and then when i look at my score in the club, most of my coins are gone and i never get them back. Seems like lots of hackers. Its hard to ever get ahead. And you never win anything on the wheel. Its rigged too. And the scratchers are low ball all the time. We should be able to win high amounts of coins because its so hard to ever have enough to play higher stakes. And it doesn’t cost you anything to help us out. We should never have to spend real money on a game. I never have and never will. Also it takes forever to earn pool cash. It should be easier also. I do like the ten game tournaments. And i like having friends and clubs and the competition of the game. People can be stupid jerks but thats just people not the game. So its an ok game with alot of flaws that could be improved. Many things are unfair. Like u cannot watch a video ever and get a second spin. Cuz it glitches. And after all this, there is no way to send the review.......................
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2 weeks ago, cyz!
Luck, purchases, then skill
The basic interactions and mechanics of this game can be quite enjoyable. But it’s pretty much luck to win or loose. After playing this very long you get the feeling that in order to “improve” you need more techniques and cue powers that only come from $$. Not that I wanted to win all my games but I definitely felt like there were times when I could predict that I was going to win or loose - it just didn’t seem to depend too much whether I was playing well or not. So even though there are no ads, I feel like I’m being forced to spend $$ to continue playing. The game was fun but not the pressure to win to keep playing. Now in my latest run in with 8 Ball Pool I’m convinced they can identify former players who delete the app and “start over”. I’ve been playing for two days and had a power rating of 13 but the program was matching against players who had power ratings of 95 90 and 104!! After 2 of these folks ran the table on me so that I didn’t even soot once, I’m writing this to warn new players. Be prepared to spend $$ and be at least moderately serious about your game- which for me defeats the purpose of low stress casual entertainment. As for me I’m finished with it!! I love playing it but hate being manipulated/ bullied!!
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2 years ago, Mkmh923
I’ve been playing this for about a year now. Every match is supposed to be with someone around your skill level give or take up to 20. Their version of standard 8 ball is not the REAL RULES OF THE CURENT WORLD WE LIVE IN. On any break the 8 ball is sunk game is over. This is what happens on 9ball which you win but not 8 ball. If it’s sunk it’s reanimated onto the table again. Also when you break on in a game of 8 ball and both solid and stripes go down you should be given a choice of which one you want before you shoot again. Albeit if 1 goes in before the other then that’s what you will have to keep sinking in till the 8ball. Lastly standard 8ball ALL SHOTS ARE CALLED AND YOU CANT HIT YOUR BALL INTO OTHER PLAYERS BALL TO LET YOURS GO IN AND KEEP SHOOTING. Developers please if anything fix match ups. That’s the most unfair portion of this game. When you first start and you are a level 1 and you match me up with a 276. How is this even fair to new players. You think I want to play your game anymore. Also please fix the videos. There is NEVER ANY VIDEOS TO COLLECT FREE COINS. If non of these are fixed I will start a Blog about your game being unfairly matched and issues you haven’t fixed. I will be checking in game in 2 weeks. That’s the time before I take this blog online and let everyone know about how bad that it’s been developed. 2WEEKS PEOPLE ,2 WEEKS .
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3 years ago, Deedeeag
NO WAY TO REPORT CHEATING PLAYERS! Every person I’ve played with a ridiculously high win percentage (~60% and up) CHEATS and that’s why their percentage is so high. Why isn’t there a way to report the player for blatantly cheating during the match?! Also I’ve been playing this game for YEARS and the pop up’s in my face every 2 seconds are absolutely infuriating!!! There is no need for that, every single step of the way they designed it so that every action has a pop up screen, pop up ads etc IT’S NEVER ENDING. You have to X out of like 10 pop up screens/ ads just to get back to the game. What’s also infuriating is the fact that I NEVER GET TO BREAK. When I DO get to break no matter what method I use, no balls get potted usually. Keep in mind I have legendary level 2 cues so the “physics” just doesn’t make any sense. For every ONE game that they DO let me break, it’s followed by 20 games that I don’t break. This has wrecked my win percentage as well as my ability to win competitions/ event rings. If you’re not the one breaking, you can almost guarantee that you won’t even get to take a shot before the other person wins. So the fact that I only get to break about 20% of the time is really screwed up, they need to fix this. It should be exactly 50% of the time. Ridiculous app rigged for you to lose most of the time.
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7 years ago, Indyglf
Ok game
It’s an ok game. Usually just play to pass time while sitting around. Game constantly wants you to buy in app purchases, not going to happen. Why would anyone spend their money to buy coins not like you’re winning real money. Your never going to win any decent amount of coins on your free daily spin because of course they immediately give you a chance to buy another spin. I sometimes wonder if they even give you the little bit of coins you do win because the game hides your total amount when you spin so unless you remember to check your total before you spin you never know if you get the actual coins. Game has some annoying glitches as well, like when you put a ball right in front of a pocket and the app moves the ball back away from it. This happens every game. Another annoying glitch is if you hit your last ball in and the 8 ball in on the same shot it gives the win to your opponent this should not be the case especially when your last ball goes in long before the 8 ball drops. Of course the main goal of this game is to make the developers loads of money so they are going to do everything in their power to get you to spend more money. Have never made any in app purchases and never will.
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1 year ago, Sredman92
Good game but….
Here’s what you should know before playing this game…I love this game and it could be so much better.. but good luck winning when you are a level 19 and get matched with people level 100 and above. Most other games match you with people on or around your level so it makes it fair but this game matches you with ANYONE I mean EVERYONE I’ve even played a level 423 it’s insane!! how do you call that fair?? This most likely won’t get seen but something needs done with the algorithm or something because I’m tired of wanting to try and play a match with a winning if 10,000 coins or more and always lose bc someone is a 200+ times my level. So in order for me to play I have to play the matches with a winning of 100 (that’s when I’m even lucky to get someone around my level)so how am I supposed to build coins at all? Did I mention that was for just 8 ball matches? Yeah, no I gave up on 9 ball that’s a joke you will NEVER be matched with anyone below 100!! I’m a pretty decent online pool player and playing again at these levels is hard for me to even beat.. PLEASE PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE MATCHING SYSTEM! It’s horrible! I will update if anything changes but I really don’t see that happening.
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2 years ago, xxBeanieBaex
It Black-screened after a win and i lost 250,000 coins
I had over 250,000 coins saved when i left a game where i had won 20,000 coins in Los Vegas Fullhouse, the game started lagging while I was accepting my prizes from said game and apparently(can only assume at this point) it had made me auto join the most expensive game i could join at the time, the 500,000 Cair something game, without me ever seeing anything ever happen on my screen. It was frozen on the winner screen with the +xp boxes ect, than it just black screened and the game closed which would have been fine but when i logged back in I only 30,000 coins left in my account… I have an Iphone 12 so it is not an old phone by any means.. Other then that happening to me twice now, once when i first started playing in 2020 and now, I really love the game but i don’t know what to really do now. Sure i can save up the coins again but if it can make you auto join the most expensive game you can play after the game freezes and then it crashes before you can play said game… Well it’s not exactly skill based at that point.. maybe they could add a “are you sure” button before you start the game to keep the auto join from happening while it crashes or something like the 9ball where you choose/accept the amount before playing :(
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2 years ago, 55 of 66
Still can’t understand the cues
I’ve been playing the game for over a year, I had to start a second “guest” account on another device because it seems the option to create an account within 8 ball pools is gone (I’m not using Facebook or any other social media to log in, I don’t care for either company) and I have no way of finding my original password (if I even made one) on the first device, also I can’t seem to understand why the recharge’s are so vastly different for each cue, 100-9 million Game coins !? And also the fractional rating that goes with each cue, for example 30/8 makes no sense to me and the explanation in the game rules didn’t clarify it for me either. And a google search turned up nothing, which was a surprise to me actually. Also, the change made where the ad for free coins or cash now open the App Store, which I then have to close and then “x” the ad before getting back to the game, it’s more time then I’m willing to give it most of the time, so I play less than I used too. It would also be nice to change the chat order without having to hold and slide the phrase like it is now, it’s hard to organize when you have a lot of chat phrases and you can’t see and edit on one page. Other than that, I like the game it’s responsive to the touch great graphics.
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3 years ago, Pitthfekdfi
There is a reason this is 3/5. So a half star off for the rigged wheel, you need to get that junk randomized instead of the bull that it is. THE TWO AND A HALF STARS is because I scroll to play in Moscow and it accidentally puts me in a game that costs way more than that. I filed a complaint because I click the red back button and IT DOESN’T WORK. It backs me out of the game and takes me to the home screen. Then I go to click on moscow and it scrolls and BOOM IM IN CAIRO KASBAH. I lost 250,000 coins that I’ve been saving up playing this game for years and when I talked to support I couldn’t get my coins back cause “it’s too many coins” said support. My friend gave me half of her coins and I’ve been saving up to give them back but playing in Sydney and I was SCROLLING and while scrolling it clicked los vegas. I clicked that stupid red button again and I even completely closed the game even though I saw the main screen again and when I reopened it BOOM IM IN LOS VEGAS WHEN I REOPEN THE GAME. I’m lucky I actually won but I am honestly going to delete this app if it happens again and rerate it to a one star. I’ve loved this game for years and I have worked super hard in this app just to get 300,000 just to lose them all in one game because it clicked on it while I was scrolling and the RED BUTTON DOESNT WORK!!!!
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7 years ago, Katieball88
8 Ball Pool
By far the best game I’ve ever played. I started playing this game in 2011, stopped because I had forgot about it and then started it back up and everyday when I get off of work and get home I sit down and play to wind down and have a good time. I hardly ever win, (I mean my percentage is lower than 35%! Lol), but I still look forward to it everyday. I’m surprised that people have constantly stated that there is glitches and issues. I have played this game for years, across many different platforms and versions, NEVER HAVE I HAD ANY ISSUES, when the connection is having issues, it is my understanding that it is the internet connection of myself or my opponent, and in this kind of situation if you wait it out then you will become the winner at the end of time out. I assume that both parties are assumed winners and I think that is a great way to deal with any issues among players. I’m assuming that the people who complain are just sore losers, and can’t be ok with accepting a loss. I think it’s fun either way win or lose, but I do think that I should be better by now with all the time I have played haha.
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4 years ago, Finchman123
Big Bug
I’ve had this game for 6 years now and have played it on and off the entire time. There is a new bug I’ve noticed the past couple weeks that resulted in a warning that my account could be reset because the system thinks I’m hacking. The past three weeks I’ve noticed that any time I win a game, the coins I win don’t count toward the leaderboards. So for the past three weeks my account shows that I haven’t gained any winnings despite winning a few dozen games each week. I think because of this bug the app’s anti cheat software flagged my profile for going up roughly 10M coins but not showing any wins. Overall, this is a really fun game and a great way to pass the time (I mean, it has retained me as a player for 6 years). I would be really upset and probably never return to the game if I were to lose 6 years of progress including being level 150, have a collection power of 60, a gold tier VIP member, and 755M lifetime winnings due to a bug that is outside of my control. This is a very serious bug and needs to be fixed quickly or they will lose a long time player who has bought all of the premium season passes and plans to continue to do so.
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9 months ago, The World’s Best
Unrealistic and Unfortunate
I’m writing this review because I enjoy the game the different tables, pool cues, etc. however, I’ve been playing this game for quite sometime and begin to review analytics on this game. It’s been to my advantage and disadvantage. For instance, out of 50 games played against the competition, if you miss and you’re under 3 balls left on the table, no matter how lousy the competition was performing, they cleared the table a staggering 98% of the time. Anyone who has physically played this game knows that isn’t possible, however, I understand the developers must make it fun for the casual player in order to be successful. Another unrealistic feature is how every competitor can cut amazing. Especially if you continue to spend money and purchase multiple pool sticks. It would be nice to add to the “Practice Offline” feature the fundamentals and science to educate your audience. I know that’s a missed opportunity on the developers. Like other gaming platforms, billiards is a game of poise, confidence, stance, & knowledge. The developers have not taken the time to find a way remedy this challenge. It’s like saying all football or basketball players are equal in which clearly that’s not the case.
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7 years ago, LorenzoGThomas
This game is RIGGED
I gave it 2 stars because used to enjoy playing it. But once I started to jump on some of the deals (.99 cents - 1.99) things changed. I started getting cheated out of games. There is no way I will be able to explain all that has happened for people to get an understanding of what I mean. I just can’t understand the physical logic of how I can be “right next” to the 8 ball on the last shot (say bottom left pocket) and I would literally just “tap” that ball..I mean literally JUST TAP it and that cue ball would bounce 2 rails and scratch on me on the opposite end of the table...there was not that much power put into the shot for that to have happened and yet it has happened multiple times over and over and over...please understand me when I say I TAPPED that ball, I mean I moved that cue stick the shortest amount possible...no one will get it so I will stop trying to explain it... but I feel cheated here, game was fun, but there are tooooo many physical impossibilities I have seen and cheating is going on...then they put you up against higher rated players...like a 20 level would be placed up against a 125..I mean seriously? It’s like they are setting you up to lose all the time so you will spend more..after I leave this review I am deleting this rigged and cheat of a game
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4 years ago, babySamsMom
Game instability only gets worse w/time; WAY worse.
Same bugs/obvious algorithm cheats & player hacks are worse 5+ yrs later! Same glitches-worsened w/time. I experience SAME bizarre probs reported for yrs by the masses! PLUS, now seeing entirely new mutations of BS. Last 24 hrs of play-no matter if I win/lose; chg to new game@new/diff level of play-higher stakes, etc.,I am not given my turns at the break?! Even tried rebooting, etc.,zilch...Not once..game used to trade off :( not anymore?? 12+games-not given any of my many rightful turns to break Updates are now worthless waste of GIANT data gobbling inconveniences. ZERO fixes/improvements! Wthell is going on at miniclip? You seemed to have a very successful, fun & lucrative gig going. It’s slipping/slipped thru your hands. Your most devoted, longstanding & loyal patrons are bored with the lack of accountability. Truly disheartening/disappointing. No effective measures taken to correct CORE probs. No help given to rectify wrongdoing-loss of coins, game drops, time/clock hacking-sinking shots only to have ball(s) “pop” back out of pocket, loss of turn AND remaining balls in play are SCRAMBLED!?!?? Wld Love some actual remedies in the form of restoration of lost coinage/credits/vip levels/badge tiers that deliver on their promises?! Explanations welcomed-as is-this is just plain sad, it’s reflection of Y-O-U...
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